New Spoiler Alert!: Rating the Breaking Bad Finale and Grey's Premiere! Plus: Fall's 1st Cancellation

It’s a good thing TVLine’s Michael Ausiello and Matt Mitovich talk fast, because, as Mike puts it, “Last week, like 600 shows came back.” So they have a lot to discuss in the latest episode of Spoiler Alert!

PHOTOS | Fall TV Spoiler Spectacular: Exclusive Scoop and Images on 45 Returning Favorites 

First, the tag team debate whether Breaking Bad’s series finale was “too neat” and Grey’s Anatomy’s season premiere was too long. Then, they preview Grey’s “very fun” 200th episode and Once Upon a Time’s Emma/Peter Pan showdown, share their picks for fall’s first cancellation and turn to Christine Baranski for some Good Wife scoop!

So what are you waiting for? Press PLAY, then join the conversation in the comments section!

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  1. wordsmith says:

    I agree about the Masters of Sex premiere – really loved Lizzy Caplan. Though I feel like Masters has just as much evolving to do as a character as she does – he’s kind of a complete ass.

    • carrionne says:

      I think the point is that he would always be somehwta of an ass, however he changed in the series. Kind of like Sheldon becoming more considerate and understanding things like sarcasm but remaining insulting and oblivious to most things.

  2. wordsmith says:

    Wow – an ACTUAL clip playing over the credits? What is the world coming to?

  3. FYI, Jesse Plemons plays Todd on Breaking Bad. He was Landry on FNL. As for the series finale of Breaking Bad, I agree that I give it an A- but it’s one of the best series finales I’ve ever seen and it was even better than LOST and The Sopranos among others. For the Fall TV winners, losers and tough sells. WINNERS so far: The Blacklist, Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD, Sleepy Hollow, The Crazy Ones and The Michael J. Fox Show (did good in its hour long premiere). LOSERS so far: Betrayal, Lucky 7 and Dads. TOUGH SELLS so far: Hostages, The Goldbergs, Trophy Wife, Back in the Game, Mom and Brooklyn Nine Nine (ratings still decent for the Andy Samberg led sitcom).

    • Bryan Caron says:

      Flacco: I agree with all of your Winners, though I would put Lucky 7 in the tough sell category, as I wasn’t that impressed with the premiere, but wasn’t completely disappointed in it either (haven’t watched the second episode yet), and I haven’t watched Betrayal yet, so I can’t say. But good calls on the rest f the Tough Sells… have to give them all at least one more look before deciding.

      • Rachael says:

        Personally, I’m devastated that Lucky 7 is doing so badly. There a lot of great new shows this season, but Lucky 7 tops my list — it’s quirky, snappy, often funny, has a good level of suspense, and just two episodes in I’m completely invested in the characters (except the ex-convict brother, who creeps me out big time… but I’m betting he’ll get what’s coming to him). Best of all, it’s one of the few shows my husband and I can agree on and watch together — Suits, Homeland, and GoT being the other exceptions. I know we should probably stop watching now since the odds of it surviving are terrible, but I’m going to hope against hope and stick with it for as many episodes as we get!
        (The only thing that does distract me about the show is that I can’t decide if the main character Matt looks more like Neil Cafferty, Josh Duhamel, or Steve/Jimmy from Shameless… or if he’s the weird love child of the three of them.)

    • GregK says:

      Although I too was hoping for something startling on BB, but later realized it was not the ending but the journey. The show was supreme in all facets of acting, directing, pathos, etc that it could have almost been about a used car dealer. Vince Gilligan and Bryan Cranston were of course the brilliant gems and keys to the series.

    • kat says:

      Everyone knows Jesse Plemons was Landry on FNL and Todd on Breaking Bad. It’s a thing that people do all the time, calling people by the name of their first or most famous character. That’s why Ausiello made the comment about it in the video. I am psyched because both top votes for cancellation and Dads are in my Dead pool top 5.

  4. maya says:

    I seriously hope we’ll see more of Rumple. All his scenes in the premiere were incredible. Glad to learn Belle will help find the light, cause he sure is in a very Dark place right now, as you said (Robert Carlyle is just amazing).
    I actually liked that Breaking Bad was tied up neatly. And I bet Jessie is now a carpenter, making wood boxes.

  5. Ally Oop says:

    For me, this season’s best new shows so far are Blacklist, Sleepy Hollow and Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD (in that order) with honourable mentions to The Goldbergs and Crazy Ones. I sampled Lucky 7, Betrayel, Mom, Trophy Wife, Package Deal, Back in the Game and Michael J. Fox Show but thus far I’ve dropped Mom, Michael J. Fox and Package Deal with the others remaining bubble shows. I’m still waiting for The Originals, Tomorrow People, Reign and Almost Human to premiere.

    I felt Grey’s was kind of lackluster and when you said there’s still something on the horizon for Christina and Owen I groaned in annoyance because I so want them to be over–wondering now if that short scene between Owen and Leah might be a hint at that upcoming romance you mentioned for Leah. I don’t think Alex and Jo have enough chemistry–I kind of find myself really disliking Jo for that matter. I found that Shonda killing off Heather was both unnecessary and repetitive–I get that Heather had to be written off but her death was a tad ridiculous a la Lexie Grey.

    Revenge’s premiere was good although a letdown from the finale’s great cliffhangers. We never got to see that first conversation between Victoria and Patrick, Nolan in jail, Charlotte losing her baby or any arguments between Conrad and any of his family.

    Best returning show so far for me was actually a Canadian one, Blackstone, which has not yet found its way south to the States.

    • DL says:

      Whoa, I’m flabbergasted that you liked The Goldbergs better than both Mom and The Michael J. Fox show. I found the latter two to be vastly preferable to Goldbergs. Just goes to show, different strokes for different folks.

  6. Liza180 says:

    I enjoyed the breaking bad finale, but I agree it was a little TOO clean. Still, it was satisfying. I tried to get into Sleepy Hollow, but the show is not that great. Maybe its the lead actress…but she and Ichabod have no chemistry. I do like The Goldbergs and Trophy Wife.

    • jenferner8 says:

      I thought they had good chemistry, platonic, but good. I’m glad the show isn’t trying to throw them together romantically which is typical of so many shows. She’s not typical lead stereotype, thankfully.She seems to have a mind of her own.

  7. Doug H says:

    Everytime I watch one of these Michael-Matt discussion videos, I think back to the old TV Guide podcasts I was a subscriber to years ago… It was those things that hooked me up with some great TV in the mid -2000’s…

  8. Leah says:

    I adored The Good Wife premiere. That direction was amazing. That was an episode I could watch a million times, and on the millionth time, find something I missed before. I’m SO excited for this season.

  9. Mel says:

    Michael, someone forgot to take the tags off your couch!

  10. Kris says:

    I can’t listen to the video at work so i turned on the captions. They were confusing and hilarious. i’ll watch it with sound later to really understand what y’all were talking about. lol.

  11. Kim R says:

    Again….I’m pretty sure Christine Baranski was a little tipsy in that red carpet interview. :) Loved The Good Wife. So well done.

  12. Jon says:

    I’m really like the new Spoiler Alerts of the season. No guest stars, no painful to watch skits, etc. Please keep it TVLine staff only. It’s more informative, intelligent and enjoyable.

  13. Rachel says:

    First time Spoiler Alert watcher, and I gotta say, I enjoyed it. I especially loved the part about Once and the scoop involving Rumple and Belle. Those two are my favorite couple on the show (and maybe even television in general). I also appreciated what you said about Once’s ratings. I definitely think the greater focus should be on finale ratings because so much can change over the course of a season, and there have been so many numbers in between. I think Once did great ratings-wise and I hope they continue to improve.

  14. margaretames says:

    I know I’m in the bottom of the boat here, but I loved Betrayal! I want to see those two guy going at it in court. Please don’t cancel it until they get through the court scenes,,.

  15. margaretames says:

    I typed my first comment before I read the other comments. A large portion of the shows were about people fooling around on their significant other. I honestly felt Betrayal had it all over those other shows. Can’t wait for the courtroom scenes. Please give it time to pick up a few new viewers.

  16. Abby says:

    There have been way too many times where I’ve gotten into a show only to see it cancelled before Christmas, and plotlines completely hang in the air. As a result, I wait until they get full-season orders now before I dig in. I just need too much closure.