Glee Exclusive: Sue Dishes Will's Sex Life, Trash-Talks His Ex Terri in Lost Season 4 Clip

When Sue Sylvester waxed poetic about Will Schuester’s nether-regions in Glee‘s Season 4 premiere, the results ended up on the cutting-room floor. And that meant you didn’t get to hear zingers like, “There’s no mistaking the healthful glow of a man no longer aching from a set of ice-blue clackers.” (¡!)

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Now, though, that uncomfortable conversation has found its way on to the Glee Season 4 DVD (in stores Tuesday) — and TVLine has your exclusive first look!

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Press play below for the full discussion of Emma’s fragile pelvis, Will’s enthusiastic lovemaking and the general distastefulness of gone (but hardly forgotten) Terri. Will you be picking up Glee Season 4 this week? Sound off below!

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  1. T25 says:

    S4 was the destruction of Finn and Finchel, why would I want to relive that crap season? Not thanks! This will be the first Glee DVD Box Set I don’t buy. The best part of the DVD is the missing scenes that you can watch on youtube along with the NY features. Otherwise S4 was a disaster/train wreck of untalented boring Newbies and Blaine focused SL’s (if you can even call them SL’) with very small parts of Rachel, Finn and Santana. Not worth the money!

    • Cammie says:

      And yet you made sure you were the first to leave a post- TROLL Go feel bad about your loser self someplace else. We are tired of you!

      • Mena says:

        It was asked if we would by season 4 DVDs. A simple question and a simple answer with the reasons why. We have the right to voice our opinions, whether they are positive or negative of Glee. As for buying DVDS of season 4. I won’t either. For the same reasons. Glee sucked season 4. Why should I buy that stuff?

      • Cheri says:

        Season 4 was not memorable or even something I’d want to relive. NY with Santana, Kurt and Rachel seems more pleasing. But, last year ruined Glee for me, so episode 3 will be my last. I choose to say goodbye to Finn and Cory. Then, goodbye Glee. It just isn’t what I want to see anymore. I will definitely miss Finn.

      • I like season 4 says:

        Chill out. T25 doesn’t like season 4 that’s his/her opinion. No need to call them a troll and loser, that’s immature. I mean a questions was asked at the end of this article, they answered it.

    • I agree says:

      So true T25! Such a wasted season.

    • Alice says:

      At least you had some sort of Finchel at all most of the rest of the vets were gone completely :(

    • E says:

      destruction of finn and finchel when they still slobbered all over one another and had multiple conversations and interactions. meanwhile… bram.

    • dude says:

      Yeah because the show is called Finchel…oh wait, it’s not.

  2. E says:


  3. alistaircrane says:

    I miss Terri. She was my favourite character. I stopped watching Glee when she was fired.

    • dude says:

      She was hilarious but it was the right decision. Once her and Will fizzled out she had no purpose on the show and keeping her around was a waste of her talent.

      • alistaircrane says:

        If they were creative, they could have found a way to utilize her. Perhaps as the school’s receptionist? She already had experience there as a nurse.

  4. Fernanda says:

    this special features shows how the writers forgot that Will and Sue were the most important thing of the show. Season 4 is all about Blaine cheating, Blaine getting all the solos, Blaine’s butt close ups, BLAM (Blaine and Sam). Finn was and always be the heart and soul of the show, even if he is gone for good. :(

    • Sil says:

      You forgot to mention Blaine’s hairgel, Blaine’s 1 chest hair, Blaine’s sadness after he cheated on Kurt, then his drooling over Sam, the season of Blee is over Yeah! But, Glee is over for me as well. Glee cannot overcome the muck of season 4 IMO. I will definitely miss Finn, but not Glee. Finn’s farewell tribute will be the hardest thing to watch. So sad.

  5. Deborah Duckworth says:

    I thought season four was good. Although the writing was disjointed there were some very good episodes. I liked the newbies but the writing needs to be more sustained not random short stories that are dropped quickly.

  6. ElizabethAnn says:

    Love Glee. Have always hated the character of Sue. With all the bullying going on, her mean comments should have no place on national tv. Shame on the Glee producers for allowing this character to say and do what she does.