Sons of Anarchy Recap: 'I Didn't Even See That Coming' -- Plus: Relive That Bloody Ending!

Sons of Anarchy Toric DiesWarning: The following story contains spoilers from this Tuesday’s Sons of Anarchy. If you’ve yet to watch, avert your eyes now.

Not one, not two but four outlaws were offed before the final bike revved its engine on this week’s extra-graphic Sons of Anarchy — and we’re breaking down the events that led up to the hour’s unusually high body count.

First things first, Tig lives! The should-be-dead Son shows up very much alive at Jax’s house and explains that August is looking to have a meeting with the clearly stunned Sons’ leader. Before heading back out, Tig asks with some trepidation, “Am I good with you, Jax?” to which the latter responds, “Yeah, it’s all good, brother.”

“It wasn’t Trager’s time,” August later explains to Jax, who rightly defines this little stunt as an obvious “loyalty test.” Turns out, the crime boss is looking for a new business venture and proposes this: set him up with SAMCRO’s Irish gun distributors and Tig’s debt is paid — aka he can continue to live.

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Nero, meanwhile, is brought in for questioning over his dead Diosa employee, and after some interrogation by Eli, the semi-reformed O.G. suggests that the shady Marshal Toric — who’d been hanging at the brothel the night of the murder — be investigated as well. Evidence collected from Nero’s truck (and planted there by Toric) most definitely implicates him; however the sage ol’ sheriff believes Nero is innocent and releases him — for now — and starts looking into Toric. Once out of the station, Nero tells Gemma that he needs distance — but not from her, strictly the club. In fact, should he completely sever ties with SAMCRO, he wants her to stay by his side. (This sweet moment, for the record, is followed by the couple’s first exchange of ‘I love you.’)

Later, Wendy meets up with Gemma (again!) and reveals that Tara is still pushing for her to be named guardian of Abel and Thomas — a fact that does not sit well with the matriarch. However, the twist we’ve all been waiting for soon occurs, when Wendy visits Tara and her lawyer and says that, per Tara’s request, she’s fed Gemma all of the “dirt” they discussed. Uncer walks in on the conversation and, in a moment of pure love for Tara’s boys, vows to keep quiet about the rendezvous for the time being.

A San Bernardino SAMCO member soon shows up in Charming to tell Jax some bad news: his charter has voted down taking over their gun running. Desperate, Jax tells Chibs he’s going to end his ties with the Irish — a massive decision the Scottish SAMCRO staple calls into question.

“We have become the whipping boy for the IRA and the cartel,” Jax huffs angrily. “We’ve dwindled to six guys while RICO and that psycho Marshal circles us, just waiting for us to make the next bad move. Brother, nothing here works! I’m trying to change that. I’m trying to give us a future. And yes, if that means stepping outside the lines or making a couple calls on the fly, then that is exactly what I am gonna do.”

“Wow,” Chibs snarls. “Do you know who you sound like? The guy who used to sit in that seat.”

To the surprise of, well, no one, the remark does not sit will with the big bossman. “I’m not Clay,” Jax declares. “I never will be.”

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The Sons’ meeting with the Galen does not go as planned (aka it’s a total bust), and results in a scuffle and Jax telling he and his men that they are finished. In closing, he demands that the Irish keep their “hands off” his club. Undeterred, the now-enemies of the club show up at Oswald’s warehouse with the guns to pawn off — and instead, upon their arrival, they shoot and kill the two Sons on the scene. When Jax and Co. later arrive, they find the pair’s cuts on the ground — with their respective hands severed and piled on top! Guess they took Jax’s “hands off” demands a little too literally…? (RIP V-Lin and Phil.)

A vengeance-seeking (and Clay-like) Jax orders his men to head to the home of some white supremacists who, at the start of the episode, attacked Unser on the Sons’ turf. (Reformed “Nazi” Darby helps lead them to the abode.) With the Irish’s machine guns in hand, the men roll up on the house and essentially massacre the whole lot of them. Once all is said and done, Jax instructs them to “make it look like an internal beef,” stash the guns inside and then burn it down.

And lest we forget about the goings-on of Clay, Toric and Otto back in the prison… After Clay once again refuses to turn on the club, Toric brings a barely-hanging-on Otto into the mix, telling Clay that he could soon find himself in a similar situation. However, the fallen SAMCRO king instead uses this opportunity to slip his old brother a knife that’s meant to end his misery once and for all.

“No more, brother,” he whispers to Otto.

Sons of Anarchy Otto DiesThe Marshal later returns to Otto’s bedside and gives him one more chance to rat on Clay — something Otto seems to consider as he immediately begins to write out his confessions. However, the eyeless-tongueless wonder has no intention of turning and, before Toric has time to react, Otto stabs him three very-hard-and-extremely-bloody times.

“Wow,” a dying Toric states. “I didn’t even see that coming.”

After Otto finishes off Toric by slitting his throat, he’s gunned down by the police. All that remains of the encounter is one extremely  bloody infirmary.

Were you surprised to see Toric offed so early? Or happy to see Otto finally put out of his misery? Do you think Jax has become Clay? Weigh in below!

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  1. Pat D. says:

    GO OTTO!!!!

    Seriously though, kudos to Donal for playing such an awesome baddie for as long as he did. Would’ve liked to see him survive to the end of the season, tho.

  2. rachelle says:

    CRAZY episode! Otto had me pissed off, but he definitely redeemed himself at the end there. I was very happy to see Toric go. He was sick! This episode was just freaking fantastic!

  3. Regina says:

    great episode! sorry to see the prospects go, though…

  4. Frank says:

    yea, i didnt see it coming either! literally jumped off the sofa after watching toric get offed. happy to see him go, and even happier that otto was the one who did it.

  5. AshleyRae says:

    Although kurt sutter said that jax’s leadership role will be a mix of both J.T and Clay….jax is so far turning into clay chibbs was spot on. Hahahaha thank god for otto i HATE toric gald the bastard is dead! Roosevelt knew that nero was set up by him. Gemma will do anything to keep those boys around. To bad for filthy phil and the prospect. Awesome ep!

    • A.B. says:

      I think Gemma doing something stupid for those boys is what the plan is. That way she paints herself in a bad light and makes it easier to be dismissed as a suitable guardian for those boys. And Tara wins. She’s starting to play the game as Gemma would. Tara can’t come out and attack Gemma head on she will beat her every time. Tara has to play it underhanded which she finally is doing.

  6. Rick says:

    Glad to see Otto finally put out of his misery. It was good to see he didn’t go out like he came I to this season. Even happier to see Toric go. That guy was a psycho. I was pleasantly surprised to see him go so early on. Usually we have to wait until the end of the season (Pope,) several seasons (Agent Stahl,) or lest we forget Ethan Zobelle, who just plain got away. Sutter is such a good storyteller, that he could make a even Buddhist monk want to watch some of these people die bloody. Can’t wait till next week.

  7. V says:

    Phil want a prospect. He was a full member. Evidence of his cut.

  8. Tony says:

    Otto going out as he is… A Bad-Ass.

  9. Winter says:

    Seriously this was the biker equivalent of the red wedding! And yeah Phil was no prospect he was a full member.

  10. Stinky Feet Lover says:

    That fat nerd looking Phil never looked like he belong anyway. Seemed soooo outta place!!

  11. Eliza says:

    I was thrilled to see Toric go bye-bye. He was getting a bit too ridiculous for me. Otto’s time was up as well. I’m to the point where I want Tara, her sons, Uncer, Nero & Chibs to jump onto a bus & all run away together. Haha. But seriously those are the peeps I still care about at this point.

  12. James D says:

    there is no one like Sutter in the buisness, I honestly didn’t see that coming number one, and two not only is the guy an amazing writer but he is a very talented actor Otto was one of the more fascinating characters on tv so mad props to him for that little bait and switch. as far as i’m concerned Donal deserves an emmy for that performance it was only four episodes but he was an amazing baddie. it’s going to really suck not having this show on tv anymore after next season.

  13. soa fan says:

    I was really expecting tig and juice to be the cuts burning at the end of last week. Poor Phil he was starting to grow on me a very loyal son. As for toric he really shouldve been in it to the end but he had other business ventures with Vikings season 2. As for jax he is definitely getting corrupt, and probably my least favorite living son currently. I DONT think you’ll be seeing chibbs as VP much longer. And what of Bobby’s ventures where does that strike into the MC.

  14. Melissa says:

    Was sad Filthy Phil was taken out. He’d grown on me, barnacle like. Totally cheered when Otto slashed Toric’s throat. Knew he’d go out in a blaze of glory. I’m loving the about face on Gemma by Wendy & Tara. Ballsy move, hope it pays off. Unser loves those little boys and knows Gemma would destroy them. Jax is slowly unraveling, becoming what he hates most, Clay. This is the most epic season of SoA and the wait for next weeks ep to air is physically painful! I’ll be useless when it all finishes next season!

  15. Liz says:

    Awesome episode! So glad Tig is still alive. Like Jax said, there are only six members. Well, now that Phil was killed, they have five and some prospects. Not much of a club left. I am so glad that Otto was finally put out of his misery and that he took down that psycho Toric in a final blaze of glory!

  16. angelwings says:

    At this point I can’t wait to see Tara, Wendy, Nero, Gemma and Clay DEAD! Can’t tolerate any of them anymore.

    • Pat D. says:

      Gemma and Clay, yeah, although Kurt *seems* to be setting Clay up for a return to power at some point in the future—or at least an attempt to.

      I love Tara—she really is the most realistic of all the characters—who wouldnt be trying everything in their power to get her kids away from the constant danger that comes with being around this club?

      Also, OT, the guy who plays the leader of the Irish contacts here in the states does a very good job of playing a sneering, dripping evil villain. Never mentioned that before. He deserves much respect.

  17. Aleksa says:

    I audibly gasped when they shot Phil. Kind of bummed, I liked him.

  18. Elaine says:

    Tig lives! Although Gemma is being set up right now. I predict in the end Nero,Gemma and the grandsons will be shown living on a farm with Nero’s son as this was his ultimate goal when Nero’s story line began on the show. Someone should end up happy in the end.

  19. BrianR says:

    The way things are going Jax and Tara may be the only one left alive so heck they may get a happy? ending after all.

  20. Teresa says:

    It is good to see the show leaning back to the biker world. for a while I was begining to believe it was becoming the little havana show. thanks Kurt for getting things back on track.
    I will miss otto though. maybe Kurt can come back as his handsome self and be a new member of the club. He is to tallented of and actor to stop now.

  21. I was so happy Roosevelt saw through Toric’s planting evidence ploy. Finally, a cop on TV that doesn’t suck!

    • Pat D. says:

      It was kind of a repeat of Sheriff Hale in season 2 who went from trying to “crush the club” to going after the greater evil, so nothing new there.

    • AshleyRae says:

      Same here about roosevelt while watching i was telling myself please let this dude see that he was set up………as much as he can’t stand SAMCRO he wasn’t gonna let nero whose partner up w/them be charged.

  22. Ashley Stahle says:

    Ready for the charges to be dropped on tara now that Toric is dead. He’s the one that pushed for them to begin with. Thinking she was charged because he told someone he could get her to turn. Then she can get the boys out herself. And maybe Gemma is realizing the why behind Taras actions after her little chat with Nero…….

  23. Spoiler police says:

    Nice of you to start your article with a spoiler alert but just so you know when you Google “sons of anarchy” this article comes up with the title “‘Sons of Anarchy’: Otto and Lee Toric Die — Recap – TVLine”. That’s kind of out there spoiling it for everybody who might search those words without having seen the episode… Oh well not my problem.

  24. soa fan says:

    Hahahaha so true spoiler police

  25. Pav says:

    Lee Toric was another vivid villain of Soa, and we have to admit, that surpisingly series has not to many of them. Zobel and Stahl were the last of proper bad guys (Pope didnt have it). Lee Toric died to soon, and he will be missed. It’s a pity, he was very interesting character, and he should be main antagonist of season six.

  26. John says:

    Guess I’m the only one who didn’t think Toric deserved to go out like that. Otto brutally murdered his sister as a statement, no matter how much you hated Toric he didn’t deserve to die the same way at the hands of the same man. I guess I was hoping he’d make it to the end and have a showdown with Jax himself.

    • Faster says:

      I agree with you, sad to see him go although it is all-in-all good for our main characters. But he was by far one of the show’s top villains in my opinion, so unpredictable and insane. Did he deserve it? Maybe not, but he was pretty willing to do whatever it took to get his form of justice, so he had it coming either way. I knew when Clay gave him the knife that Otto wouldn’t just commit suicide without taking someone down with him – wherever Otto is a bloodbath is sure to follow – but I was secretly hoping he wouldn’t die. Oh well. Awesome episode and awesome season so far.

    • Kim H says:

      Don’t think that hooker he killed would think he didn’t deserve to go out like that.

  27. Bob says:

    I read the reason Sutter offed Toric was the actor was committed to shooting another series, “Vikings”. Looking forward to him being another villain on that show too. He was also on the last two seasons of the recently cancelled “Copper”.

  28. Thomas says:

    Sad that Toric’s offing was due to another commitment for the actor. Same sudden offing was done with Kozik’s actor. He let him go to the other show and it went under before it even started.

  29. Frank Kearns says:

    Great episode. Otto is the man for offing that Toric loon. Anyone tell me what O.G. Means when talking about Nero?

  30. A. Batson says:

    Was glad to see Otto go out on HIS terms. Too bad they offed Filthy Phil so soon. Was starting to grow on me!