NCIS Recap: A Kiss Before Goodbye-ing -- What Grade Do You Give Cote de Pablo's Exit?

NCIS Ziva Last EpisodeIn the end, NCIS‘ Ziva David walked away from her badge not for fear of her future but to put her past behind her.

As Cote de Pablo‘s eight-year run came to an end this Tuesday night, it was revealed that at the start of the four-month time jump, Michael Weatherly‘s DiNozzo had made tracks for Israel to find his disappeared friend. There, he was met by both Mossad director Orli Elbaz (who’s probably not happy about Gibbs’ Captain Kirk ignorance) and Adam Eshel, both of whom assured the visitor they were on the same mission.

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How much Ziva’s welfare weighed on Tony’s mind was very evident through the first half-hour, first as he imagined her seated on the airplane next to him, then when Tony “saw” a young Ziva outside her childhood apartment. Across the hall, Tony and Adam chat up Dr. Deena Bashan, a childhood pal of Ziva’s, and she claims the women haven’t seen each other.

But soon enough, as Tony and Director Elbaz scrutinize security cam footage, they discover that Ziva and Deena had reunited, the day Ziva last texted Tony. Confronted with her whopper, Deena reveals that she was to be engaged to Ari Haswari, when Ziva killed her half-brother. Had any other NCIS agent come knocking, she may have played ball. NCIS Ziva Last Episode“But why should Ziva have the man she loves?”

Armed by Elbaz with the Mossad’s files on Ziva (as well as her Star of David necklace), Tony begins a months-long search that proves fruitless — or so he allows Gibba to believe, until it’s revealed that Ziva was at his side during that check-in with D.C. When Tony urges Ziva to come home, she roars, “You cannot beat down my door one moment and expect me to face my old life the next! You should not have come.”

Tony returns Ziva’s necklace to her, then observes, “You were looking back” as she went into hiding, visiting the place her mother was killed, her grandparents’ grave and ultimately the house where she was born. Ziva then relates her side of the guilt-ridden run-in with Dr. Bashan, saying, “How can I not think that for every man I killed there is someone out there crying? She was right, the center of all this pain is me. This is what I made myself.”

Tony brings out the “I WILL” list that Ziva made as a little girl and thought she had left buried: “The universeNCIS Ziva Last Episode is begging you to wipe the slate clean, and there’s plenty of room on the back of the list to start a new one. Maybe I can help you with that?”

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Later, Ziva buries an updated “I WILL” list by the olive trees, at which point Tony makes one final appeal: “You don’t have to do this alone…. Just come home. With me. I know you want to change; I can change with you.” With a kiss of her hand, he adds: “I’m fighting for you, Ziva.”

As the hour closes, we find ourselves at a small airport, at night — very Casablanca-like, as Weatherly tweeted some time ago — with Tony set to head back home. Alone. “What will I tell people?” “That you were right,” Ziva answers. “That I have to start over.” She says to tell Abby that she is doing this to make Gibbs proud (words she’ll appreciate). And if she doesn’t stand her ground, “I will be pulled back to where I started.” Tony invites her to call Gibbs personally, Past, Present, and Futurereminding that on the phone, “He’s a functional mute. A good listener.”

Before parting ways, Ziva starts, “Tony, you are so….” “Handsome? Funny?” Loved. They share a long, warm kiss, after which Tony walks away, shaking his head: “This is not easy… The hardest 180 of my life.” Tears stream down Ziva’s cheeks, and then a smile acknowledging a bittersweet affection, as Tony waves goodbye from the plane — where he starts his own “I WILL” list. And before the screen fades to black, we see Gibbs taking a call from the agent he visibly hates to lose.

Elsewhere in the episode, it is revealed — following a nifty bit of misdirection by way of a self-triggered explosion — that businessman/anti-terrorism advocate Tomás Mendez in fact is playing for the other, kill-happy side. And he’s about to take out another VIP when Gibbs — from the perch we saw him at in the Season 10 finale — shoots the cell phone trigger and Mendez… and apparently Fornell’s bum. But big bad Benham Parsa is still out there, Gibbs notes, “and he’s not alone.”

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  1. Pat D. says:


    Poor, poor Farnell. ROFL

    • Mike Hammer says:

      Fornell may have been shot in the ass— but NCIS shot itself in the head. Dead. Over.

      Beyond evident how much damage DePablo hissy quit did to an already tired show forcing mediocre writers to stumble and rummage around rewriting scripts for the premiere and season days before beginning production.
      ( Unless you believe that NCIS production staff/CBS Television purposely screwed this ratings winner at the very last moment by dumping DePablo so as to kill the show?)

      Jumped the shark with the non farewell— as clearly Harmon wanted nothing to do with sharing a scene with the actress who knifed him and the franchise in the back. Paucity of DePablo only emphasized how through all are with her— and her scene only accentuates just how limited an actress who hit the lottery and then pulled the pin on her career . ( Decent move was to have given advance notice to producers that this would be her final season; NOT leave everyone in the lurch.)

      Keep thinking that there is a leading man in Weatherly if he ever decides to demand no more Goof Ball Tony — AND think Harmon ought finally “promote” now middle aged agent to lead his won team and let Weatherly front the New Orleans gambit. Also would give NCIS chance to bring in some young blood for the demo, before the ratings collapse coming this season.

      Guess Hanks kid fell off the planet— or writers so embarassed by the 360 character turn around inanity that they simply forgot about him?

      How predictable writers named a woman — WITHOUT any military experience— as new Secretary of the Navy. Writers just like Obama: dumbass appointments based on “diversity” not knowledge— but , note, generic actress is a “RED HEAD” so figure by episode 4 she and Gibbs will flirt and by the 6th they will be “dating”.

      Was there ANYONE who did not know way in advance that Mendez was a bad guy— and that the old cell phone trick was the weapon??? AGAIN, just like Obama— for the producers the only “terrorists” are Americans. Evil conservatives and “Tea Party” murdering swine seeking to overthrow the government for fun and profit.

      If any of you amongst the dumbed down sheep who would know excellence if if bit you— try turning the channel over to NBC at 10 on Mondays and catch “The Blacklist”. Actually clever, exciting, grown up writing with a tour de force performance by Spader for the ages!
      EVERYTHING NCIS was once in the golden age of Bellisario.

      • Mike Hammer's Nemesis says:

        Y U MAD, THO?

      • kenya says:

        I was disappointed but OMG are u ok?

        • Mike Hammer says:

          OMG— Are you such a dumbed down ass as to have problems with more than tepid, personal opinion?

          • Lia says:

            No need to be rude. Of course, you are entitled to your opinion. That is a given (and the point of this blog). But there is little need to freak out on and be rude to others. Personally, I agree with you. It was by far one of the weakest episodes and good-byes. Doesn’t mean you have to call some one a “dumbed down ass” because they feel there is no reason to freak out on someone.

      • commentier says:

        Woah, buddy! It’s just a TV show. Gee.

      • Sue says:

        Deep breath, in through the nose, out through the mouth……

        • Mike Hammer says:

          ACTUALLY, to breathe properly it should NEVER be from the nose but up from the diaphram.

          • yup says:

            A tip: For your points to be taken seriously, it’s best if you come across as a sane logical human being, but lashing out at literally every person who comments on your comment shows that 1. you have way too much time on your hands 2. you are way too over-sensitive about this whole thing and so 3. you are being driven by rage in everything you say at the moment, thus making it easier to ignore your opinion, and therefore not helping original comment be heard or considered in the first place.

            Also, yes, you do breath in through your nose. You do not breathe in THROUGH your diaphram, you breathe in USING your diaphram, silly.

            My point: Your diaphram is a muscle, not an air passage.

            Thus, it is indeed used in the process of proper breathing, but as the muscular mechanism, not the passageway. You do indeed breath THROUGH your nose, or even moth. That’s how the oxygen gets IN to your lungs, Kay, thanks.

          • Huskygrl says:

            Yup – you are my new favorite person ever! Lol!

      • One of the dumbed down sheep... says:

        Good heavens Don Bellisario! You forgot to take your meds this evening!

        • Mike Hammer says:

          I have little doubt that the only Med Bellisario may be taking in , is the Mediterranean Sea aboard a yacht far in excess of your brain.

          • CurtisFromAnaheim says:

            Yacht huh, but thank god you got to type all the emotional struggles u are feeling before you take your fantastic journey, it’s people like you that should be dropped off in a raft in the mediterranean sea. LOL NCIS is tv k thanks. MR MC HAMMER!

      • Meg says:

        For the record, a 360 turn would mean nothing changed because 360 is a full circle. The phrase you’re looking for is a 180.

        • Mike Hammer says:

          Einstein, a complete and total turnabout— as with the complete and total turnabout in Hank’s kid “character” is 360 degrees; not a 180 which would only have been half way. We are not talking destination, like nailing your foot to the floor, but complete personality change.

          • DL says:

            Mike, in this you’re incorrect. A 180 means a total turnabout–an about-face from the previous direction. If you were heading north before, now you’re heading south. You’re going in the opposite direction. A 360 just brings you back to where you started. Look it up. Google is your friend.

          • No, it really doesn’t work like that. If you turn 360 degrees, you end up facing the same way. Simple fact of mathematics. Talking about a 360 turn doesn’t make it some massive turnaround, it just makes you look a bit ignorant. Though I think you did that already so…

      • Jim says:

        Since the government is shut down, you needed to spew your idiotic ramblings here?

      • Jeox says:

        Mike, I might be a little bit in love with you! “Hissy quit”! ROFL!

        • Mike Hammer says:

          Mike returns the notion for any beautiful dame with a brain, a sense of humor and a .25 Colt Pocket Automatic. Your’re a good man, sister. See you in dreamland!

      • Judy Wilson says:

        I don’t know what you watched, or if you have even been watching NCIS through the years, but you are WAY OFF BASE!! This was well done, leaving openings for guest appearances to make the show interesting. Those of us who have been watching this show from the beginning, looked forward to that goodbye kiss AND the phone call to Gibbs and we look forward to future shows – that the writers ALWAYS keep interesting. You obviously to do not like the show, so, go watch something you like and comment on it. :-(

        • Good comment. Writers are keeping this open and interesting. Everything ties together with the characters as they have developed. I do wish Ziva did not leave but she was not killed off and can come back.
          It is hard to keep from noticing that the characters are aging without changing jobs. I’m OK with that because it is not real life and life can freeze in time in TV land.

        • Mike Hammer says:

          PLEASE, do you really need a review of the endless plots that were NEVER tied up— story lines abandoned over the years?
          Simply from a basic business point of view, do you really think NCIS producers/CBS Television are going to invite back the actress who walked out days before principle photography for a new season was set to begin?
          Have you any idea of the beaucoup $$$$ DePablo cost the companies??

          But don’t believe me— simply reflect on how the end was handled. Show was about Tony search, NOT Ziva personal journey.
          Note, Harmon— star and a Producer— would not even do a farewell scene with Depablo! Nor did the production staff/writers waste any additional screen time for DePablo— NO goodbye to Ducky. NO goodbye to ABBY. Paucity of screentime her kiss off from the staff.

          I used to like the show immensely before Bellisario out and the mundanity, mediocrity and poltical correctness seeped in. SERIOUSLY, you really think they handled this with excellence and immagination???

          Proof will out when you never see DePablo on NCIS ever again. Get over it, move on. The producers certainly have.

        • rose says:

          amen to that i totally agree – i have watched NCIS from the start an i watch all the re-runs I love the show but iam so glad they didn’t kill off Ziva that way she can make suprise visit’s just like Mike Frank’s i really liked him but they killed him off if some people don’t like the show then keep quite an go watch some stupid reality crappy show (which i totally dispise)

        • wow judy i completely agree with u :O

      • DL says:

        I’m laughing that you’re touting the Blacklist so highly. Spader’s great, but everything else about the show feels like it falls just short. The female lead is very inconsistent, the plot is convoluted and fairly ridiculous, and it feels like the writers are planning to string along the mysteries of the show indefinitely (in two episodes, we’ve received zero answers–only more questions).

        • Mike Hammer says:

          The Blacklist one of the stand out hit shows and ratings winners of the new season.
          Did not state that it was the best thing since Ben Casey— but simply urged those tired of poor writing to check the show out AND the boffo performance of Spader.
          MAKE UP YOUR OWN MIND— just a suggestion.

      • Jovi says:

        I’m glad she’s gone. The problem for me is that these writers do a lousy job writing women’s roles [except Abby]. They’ve made every woman on the show either bland [Sasha Alexander] or unlikable [Lauren Holly, Jamie Lee Curtis etc.].

      • Zayne says:

        I’ve never understood the appeal and ratings of this show so I’m so fine with its ratings collapsing.

      • C. D. W. says:

        I would agree with a lot of what you wrote, however I am still devoted to NCIS it is a show that has made Tuesday Night a must night for TV for many years, so I am still going to watch plus there is the fact that I love Gibbs Formidable character and of course I am a red Head!! I though they did a lousy job with Zeva’s departure made this Femme Fatale look like a whimp which is not at all the Zeva we came to love. Like every other show out there they have their ups and downs but it is still a decent hour of TV, from Gibbs, Abby, Tony etc all the way down to Parnell this cast has always been a great fit, would love to have seen Zeva go back to her roots rejoin the Massad & have some occasional spots where she still interacted with NCIS from time to time, does anyone have any input on why she really left the show? A tad stupid this could be a career breaker when you catch a show like this you like her as part of the team not as the single individual without the group she may have a tough time of it. The kiss was good but I never thought she and Tony were a great romantic fit their characters have always been at opposite ends of the spectrum. I liked her better with the Massad agent that she actually killed or did she?? Anyway, think you are right about the Blacklist it will be one to watch Spader is always a great character actor, not too sure about the “Hostages” and one small conjecture why not leave our President out of this, whether or not you vote for him or even like him he is the President and as such deserves respect.

        • Mike Hammer says:

          BINGO!!! “…. made femme fatale look like a wimp…” — just one of the more glaring examples of just how far the writing has fallen and the political correctness has infected NCIS. By the way, when was the last time you heard Gibbs utter the classic John Wayne line: “Never apologize. Sign of weakness.”?

          As for the President, one can respect the office and NOT the man/woman.
          TRUTH is not disrespect— as administration has always been more concerned with political correctness rather than excellence. ( i.e. Hillary at State)

      • tvdiva says:

        Wow. Back away from the TV if it makes you this upset. It is just a TV show. And Cote has the right, just like everyone else in the universe to do what makes her happy. She is not the TV show and if NCIS cannot survive actors leaving for whatever reasons, then they need to get new showrunners.

        • Well said, tvdiva. Mike sounds like he is practically frothing at the mouth. I’d be worried except I’m too busy being amused at a character leaving a show being cause for EXCESSIVE ALL CAPS, random non sequitur political ranting, etc.

      • Meg says:

        LMAO at your stupidity.
        Mark Harmon and the rest of the cast didn’t film a scene with Cote de Pablo because of limited air time. They did have a case to solve and any Cote scenes were tied heavily to Tony and the Tiva issue.
        I know for a fact and have the seen the pictures that Mark Harmon attended the filming of Cote’s final scene (at the airport). Mark and Cote are great friends. In fact by all appearances (and I know quite a bit of the behind the scenes stuff) Mark is closer to Cote than to any of the other cast and crew.
        So you really shouldn’t spout off about things that you know absolutely nothing about!

      • Margie O says:

        You sound like a complete psycho. An obvious woman hater. An obvious tea bagger. You need serious psychological help. I’m not name-calling or being mean, I am saying you have a frightening mental illness that is really scary. I am worried you will beat up a woman next time you get made at a tv show that shows you a commercial you disagree with. Please see a therapist immediately.

        • CC says:

          You’re awesome, Margie. Mike, keep your political opinions on a political forum. This is a TV site for TV shows, not how much you hate Obama and blame him for whatever you like to blame him for…which is obviously everything because you bring him and his administration up on a recap of an episode of a show.

      • Tre says:

        Incoherent, silly plot. Harmon just ” mailing it in” for years now. DiNozzo portrayed as a buffoon which no professional organization would keep around. Abby looks ridiculous, like “Whatever Happened To Baby Jane.” Kate was a better character than Ziva.

      • JJJones says:

        Whoa there sparky….whatcha been drinkin? or smokin?
        whatever it is ya better stop now.
        jeesh !!

      • fran says:

        if you don’t like it why did u watch it and make this long winded comment. Not everyone enjoys the same thing on the idiot box. Your remarks only makes You look bad and grumpy.
        I like to be entertained and I also like science and nature, but I sure as heck don’t make nasty remarks about what other people watch. you have no right to judge others

      • Rosa says:

        THIS LAST SHOW STUNK! Just plain tired scripting. In the beginning it was SO good, but now it just seems like their grasping at straws to find anything to help draw its viewers in and a poor attempt at that. And your loss of Ziva’s character has created a void into the show of NCIS. So continue the show, and you’ll just leave a bad taste in our mouth of what the show has become. Sorry and disappointed, Seattle mother and daughter.

      • Joe Landry says:

        Yo, Mr. Fake Mike Hammer,
        You’ve got some serious anger issues buddy. Were you often denied access to your sandbox as a kid by your parents? Your rude, arrogant and often tasteless remarks to comments responding to your post who happened to disagree with you indicates that you have the mentality of a child who doesn’t like it when he can’t get his way. I, too thought that the Ziva departure should have been scripted differently. On promos run by CBS on these first few season opening episodes one got the impression that Cote De Pablo would be seen a great deal. Instead she did not make her first on-screen appearance until midway through the 2nd episode.
        Yes, I was hoping that, like you, the NCIS script-writers had included more of Ziva as part of her departure from the team, (and Ms. De Pablo as a valuable actress from the show). Still dude there’s no excuse for your idiotic rants aimed back at people who, indicating more intelligence, taste, and maturity than you did happened to disagree with you.

        Now, go back to your designated, teacher-enforced time-out, brat!

      • J.C. McReynolds says:

        You are full of it! Just because your post is lengthy and stupidly full of political comments.
        Do you and your Repub retards go to church and interrupt the preacher’s sermon with an insult to Obama or the Dem party ?
        In all discussions, bar none, you and your ilk have to interject politics. What a bunch of Jerks!

        • Rosemary says:

          JC why do you idiots always bring up politics when you are criticized. Calling Republicans retards because they go to “church”, is idiotic. It seems you are the jerk, and evidently a Obama lover, and a democrat. Stick to the subject. Did You like Ziva’s departure, or not? It is only a TV show.

      • CBS DID NOT dump Cote De Pablo she left. She was the highest paid on the show and CBS told her they would pay her more to stay. I read she was getting $100,000 an episode and they went higher but it was her decision to leave. NCIS is the best show out there, to me, with Criminal Minds second and NCIS:Los Angeles third tied with Covert Affairs. It sounds like you need to just turn the channel no one’s forcing you to watch it.

      • sandra wald says:

        this guy is stupid let him change the channel we don’t need him.

      • sof says:

        The most important thing about this show is family. That is what they try and show us… Family is important, there are obstacles and love life that end up in flames but the overall picture is family… I just did not like the ending for tony and ziva… Ziva proved herself an innocent person and they all have terrible secrets… you have your opinion and I have mine but that’s what made it interesting, those obstacles they doge but that was not the right ending for Ziva! Or the NCIS family…. and most of you who watch this show know this…. I am certain of this

    • Jerri says:

      Reminded me of when McKay got shot in the ass on Stargate Atlantis. Poor Fornell

    • Bruce says:

      So Cote is pregnant in real life, maybe we can see Zeva pregnant with Tony’s love child. Could make for an interesting sub-plot with Zeva raising Tony’s child in israel.

      • Marissa says:

        Where did you hear that Cote is pregnant? Diane Neal posted some pix with her recently and she doesn’t look pregnant at all. As for your plot idea, what a nightmare that would be.

  2. Mary says:

    Cote exit was amazing, but the ending was awful. After all we see they feel for each other, HOW DO YOU WALK AWAY SMILING, especially after a kiss? A first “real” kiss I might add.

    • Julie says:

      Real one that we saw anyway. Remember the mysterious summer after Gibbs “retired.”

    • I theorized about the ending, and kept my expectations low. this was FAR LOWER than I ever expected. a complete insult to all of the actors. horrible. i am in shock. absolute shock.

      • faithgwa says:

        I can’t believe Ziva is gone. I can’t believe how they ended it. Ziva and Tony can’t kiss like that and then just quit. And then what made it worse… Was the previews for the next episode.. like everyone is moving on like Ziva doesn’t exist.

      • Kate says:

        I honestly can’t understand what people are upset about. I thought this was a fantastic send off for Ziva. I think it’s right for her after so much tragedy that she needs to get out now and give herself a new start. With what the show had to work with I think they did a FANTASTIC job. I felt they bent over backwards to please fans and this is the response they get? Just…. ugh.

        Michael Weatherly was brilliant!!! He really brought it in this episode. I also thought Gibbs was fantastic too. I LOVED the fight scene. I can’t wait to see what happens in season 11 now. Looking forward to more action and humor and to see how the team regroups and moves forward.

        • I’m fairly sure there’s a small but vocal section of the fandom who wouldn’t have been happy with anything less than a spinoff called the Tony and Ziva show which involved eleven seasons of them having lots of sex, cute ninja baby assassins, and solving crimes on the side. Nothing was ever going to be good enough.

        • nicki says:

          I really liked it too. Have to admit I wasn’t sure what Ziva was going on about with her reasons for not returning and I was sad they couldn’t be together but otherwise it was nice.

      • NCIS FAN says:

        I feel exactly the same. It seems they changed Ziva’s character entirely for the last episode. Where was the tough Ziva I loved and was hoping to get a little more of on her last episode?

        • John 1138 says:

          Well the writers went with burnout, she’d killed her quota and found in herself the need to stop before there was nothing left.

          Fit with her backstory.

      • Christine says:

        The first two episodes Season 11 have just aired in the UK – absolute rubbish. As a major fan for years I am so disappointed at how it all ended between Tony and Ziva. Surely the writers could have come up with something better than that. It was as if they had scribbled something together on the back of an old envelope and said “there … that will do”. Shame shame shame.

    • Jim says:

      If Tony went all that way & it took all that effort to find her, he better have gotten more than one kiss!

    • Dmac says:

      Umm,because he was happy. He knows she is doing what she needs to do and it wasn’t a kiss goodbye. Honestly, nothing they would of done would have satisfied you Ziva fans. Perhaps if Tony has a Xiva shrine in his cubicle you will be happy.

    • Because cgi is not yet good enough to create a Cote clone for Michael to act with now she’s left.

      It’s TV. People leave. That’s life. They had to figure out a way to do it and throw the rabid Tiva shippers a bone at the same time.

  3. TarheelPixie says:

    Bittersweet. Sad to see her go, hope she can return occasionally (doubtful) but I am really looking forward to Tony being able to move forward with his life.

    • Kim R says:

      I agree. I think they wrote it perfectly. It kept doors open but let Ziva remain herself and after all the trauma of her life, it was time for her. They wrote Tony’s search for her and his fight for her so in character for him as well including him being able to say goodbye at the airport. You know that saying “If you love something set it free….”. Grown up love. :) And on the other side of the pond….Fornell got shot in the butt. I mean..come on! :) I, for one, am looking very much forward to what NCIS will bring us next. I’m confident it will be excellent. :)

  4. Mallie B. says:

    I find it hilarious that the plot of tonight’s NCIS is basically the same as last night’s The Blacklist. How’s that for a coincidence.

    • Rook says:

      And I thought The Blacklist did it better.

      • Tahonia says:

        I hate to say anything bad about NCIS, but I tend to agree with your assessment of the blacklist’s treatment of the traitor storyline. Blacklist is turning out to be as good as it promised to be. I however, will never turn my back on NCIS for S.H.I.E.L.D.

  5. skip says:

    We are all gonna miss Ziva. But will miss Cote even more.

    • yes, she's gone says:

      Not all of us are going to miss z. Some of us are happy she’s finally gone.

      • Jovi says:

        That’s a masterpiece of understatement. I wish they would bring in Tea Leoni as a non NCIS love interest for Gibbs. And maybe get Some romance into Abby’s or McGee’s lives.

  6. Ange says:

    I liked the Ziva scenes we got, but there were not enough of them. I know there was a time crunch, but I really wanted to see her say goodbye to the whole team. Michael and Cote did an excellent job with what they were given though. The show won’t be the same.

  7. ange says:

    I am so happy to have her move on. I would not have liked she and Tony together. Loved her character, Cote is a wonderful actress but she and Tony together I would not have liked.

  8. steve says:

    She is apart of NCIS The Entire team should of got to say goodbye to her not just Tony

  9. nas says:

    What a colossal disappointment. I know they had to put this one together quickly, but these are high level writers. They should be better at it. Completely unfulfilling after 8 years of being attached to a character. What a slap in the face to Ziva fans, and Tiva fans for that mater. To act like that was a “gift” to fans of the pairing the show so pushed for buzz is just incomprehensible. Wow, that was bad. If CdP left partly because she was unhappy with the writing, I wouldn’t blame her after seing that.

    • Stacey says:

      They did have to come with a way to weave her exit in the four month plan for last season’s cliffhanger. And why she can’t come back. And had to be quick about it, since they had to throw out their original plan since of the late notice. I think it goes with Ziva’s life as it is now. Doesn’t mean it can’t mean she won’t come back for Tony (the man she loves) at a later date.

    • I agree 1000%. She had four scenes. this is a travesty to everyone who loves her character. Her reason for leaving was ridiculous. there was no gift.

      • Stacey says:

        We don’t know how much time Cote gave them or CBS allowed because it would mean paying her extra. And since it’s likely the whole issue of leaving was over money. I would have liked more time. But if it made sense. We saw how devoted Tony was into finding her. But it doesn’t mean she can’t come back. Tony has to go as a character. Would have loved a little more commitment between the two. But it might happen later… We know they have a habit of skyping and texting… They could always reveal that they did more before we saw them. We really don’t know how long he was with her… It’s fan fiction worthy, but maybe one day they will fill Ziva’s “I will” wish for a boy and a girl.

        • ben says:

          It has been absolutely categorically clear from both Cote and the network that her leaving had absolutely nothing to do with money.

          • Stacey says:

            Actually by only the network. Cote made it clear in her interview last week with Tvguide that there is more than meets the eye with her departure. Something is mysterious. CBS said they offered a lot of money, doesn’t mean it was enough. CBS has a reputation for being hardcore with females over money, so it’s in there interest to show that it wasn’t money. Cote made the final decision, but they did leave it until a week before the premiere was to start filming. Something is up. We might never know fully!

          • BJ says:

            And yet some refuse to believe.

        • It was nothing to do with money at all. More likely over contract length and working hours. COte BUSTED HER BUTT for 8 years for this show. she had longer hours than ANYONE. they did her terribly, terribly wrong. and the characters? THis is a horror movie. the characers have been destroyed.

          • Ashley says:

            Seriously?? They let her come back film an ending that she herself said she liked and they did her terribly wrong?? I thought Tony’s character was really great in this episode and has room to grow from here on out. You didn’t like the ending, but by your posts on here you probably wouldn’t have liked any ending for Ziva. That is fine you didn’t want her to leave the show but stuff happens in real life and characters leave shows.

          • Tony was absolutely stellar. for the character this was a complete betrayal. I don’t know or care why she left, all I know is she made it clear it was NOT her plan to leave. this parting is a slap in the face. they all deserved so much more.

          • Kate says:

            Cote did not have longer hours than anyone. How the hell did you come to that conclusion?

          • Huskygrl says:

            I have to point out that the characters were slowly being destroyed not by Ziva leaving, but slowly over all the years when the whole show was forced (by CdP perhaps?) to become to blindly Ziva-centric. Tony had to become a buffoon, Abbie and McGee got sidelined and Gibbs only existed to play daddy to super Ziva. Now maybe the show can get back to utilizing ALL the amazing talent and diversify the stories again. Frankly if I put TEN years hard work into a show and the late comer came in demanding any more time, attention or money I wouldn’t be the least bit sad to see her go, and I wouldn’t be very anxious to work with her in her swan song either. Ziva did not make this show great, and now maybe we can focus on ALL the members of the cast that did!

          • as524 says:

            Would really love to see you prove most of what you spew….

            She DID NOT have longer hours than anyone on the show.

        • I’ve yet to see anything from any credible source that suggests it was remotely about money. In fact, credible sources say quite the reverse. The only people who claim it’s about money are anonymous sources quoted by papers like the National Enquirer. Um. Yeah, that’s so not credible it’s comic.

      • Pennagirl65 says:

        CdP didn’t give people (writers) a lot of time to give her an exit plan that would be satisfactory. The Gibbs looking through a rifle sight at the cliffhanger was the storyline the writers were working on. A few short weeks before the start of filming CdP quits…and they had to come up with something, short notice and finish out the storyline. CdP came back for only a few scenes, she allowed that. Would you all prefer that she was killed off screen or just didn’t come back at all to tie up the storyline? The writers did the best they could given the circumstances.

    • Marissa says:

      We all deserved more, no?

    • gatorgal says:

      My complaint was the big build-up, how the TIVA fans were going to be amazed, get eveything they wanted, etc. This didn’t even come close and they ruined it by giving a sneak peek of the main TIVA scene. After all of that angst the next scene is calm collected accepting leaving at the airport? I supposed they left it for us to fill in the missing details the way each fan wants it, but come on! A two episode farewell to Cote/Ziva and she had about 10 minutes screen time. I was totally uninterested in the other story line and wait…aren’t they all still in danger, including Ziva? Well, I guess since she is no longer NCIS tough toenails. And it took Tony 4 months to find her and they spend at the most three/four days together. Major frak up.

  10. Some of the content was BEAUTIFUL! MW and CdP did incredible, touching work. and then the end. WORST ENDING EVER. They would NEVER walk away from each other like that. not EVER. I am SO disappointed. this did not do justice to a beautiful, complex character and relationship. not by a mile. I know they didn’t have the time to do it, it’s not their fault. CBS screwed the pooch in contract negotiations. the show is ruined for me, forever.

    • Ash says:

      How exactly would you want them to end it? She was leaving the show, Michael Weatherly was staying. Logically they couldn’t really ever be together or the character of Tony would be in a stagnant relationship with a character we never get to see.

      • this ending should NEVER have happened. ever. this is an insult to 8 years of extraordinary writing, acting, and character development. She got less than 15 minutes to wrap it up. it is so much worsse than I ever imagined.

        • Ash says:

          The writers basically had no notice that she was leaving, had probably developed a story line plot for the entire season that involved her that had to be scrapped and had to start all over. We are lucky that she agreed and they let her come back and film the scenes. Plus, most characters who leave NCIS get killed off. This at least leaves the door open for her to return for the series finale.

        • Marissa says:

          Agreed. I think I would have bought it better if Tony and she had spoken off screen rather than the forced thing and then just abruptly ending. I’m not a fan of the pairing but if even I was irritated…

        • as524 says:

          Character development for ziva didn’t even BEGIN til PPF when they finally broke the whole cartoon super hero mold & turned her into a real person. Beyond that the character got both episodes, the B story in the SP & definitely the A story in PPF. Sorry, the character did NOT NEED 120 minutes to be written off. There wasn’t that much left open to her ‘story’

        • as524 says:

          Lucy you really need to prove your claims….’stellar reputation and all that….Cote did mes the cast and crew over….face it.

      • Annie says:

        I wish they would have recast the role like they do on soap operas. Yes, I would have missed the actress, but I would rather see the Ziva character stay on the show. It would be large shoes to fill, but I would rather see the character recast than the last two episodes that just aired.

    • yes, she's gone says:

      There was no relationship, only in your tiva mind. She wasn’t a complex character, she was an abusive, self centered witch.

    • Tory says:

      The problem is that you ALWAYS complain. Nothing seems to please you unless it’s a full out sex scene complete with babies accompanying the two to work later. Next will be Gibbs and Abby babysitting and McGee wondering when he will be so lucky as to have this in his life.

      Sometimes we just gotta let go of our preconceived notions ad enjoy the story that is provided. Cote never said or implied that CBS or anyone at the show did her wrong. She could’ve decided that,she and her boyfriend needed time together or who knows, maybe she got up and said I can’t face the work anymore.

      I would appreciate a more balanced response from you and your friends agentscully. Spewing hatred everywhere isn’t good. Show appreciation for the fact that we got a chance to say goodbye. They could’ve decided to just say Ziva didnt want to come back or that she had decided to make babies with Adam instead. Then you would’ve really been steaming.

      I thought it was a pretty good ending to,a relationship that had varied acceptance among the fans.

      • Jeox says:

        I completely agree with you on this, Tory – and the show is culpable to a certain extent by catering precisely to these fans over the past 3 or 4 years and ignoring a lot of the rest of their fanbase in the process. “A relationship that had varied acceptance among the fans” is an excellent way of describing Tiva. The Tiva fans always claim that everyone watches for Tiva and for Ziva but for me at least, I’ve been watching *despite* that for the past few years, and at times I haven’t even bothered watching at all when I heard an episode was yet again all about Ziva, or there was a massive Tiva anvil in it, or both.
        I actually really enjoyed her exit – it did what I thought an episode of NCIS would never do – make me sympathize with Ziva, and wish her well. If they’d written her like this all along, it would have been a more interesting show, and I would have engaged with the character more. As it is, I’m heartily relieved that she’s gone, and I think the show treated both her and the actress with more respect that I suspect either of them deserved, bearing in mind that the actress bailed on the show a few days before shooting was due to begin. That must have put the writing and production team and her fellow cast members in a difficult place, but they handled it very well all things considered.

    • as524 says:

      Well geez – considering that you weren’t going to be happy with anything BUT canon tiva in an active relationship, this was no huge surprise, Luc….

      Beyond that, they did a great job with this ep. They managed to balance the actual tiva scenes in order to please ALL the bases of their fans. & they actually took a HUGE step in redeeming ziva from the cold, kick butt ninja assassin to a real person who suddenly sees what she’s done over the years & knows that it affected other people.

      GG also did a great job in tying this back to the gratuitious tiva scene in Swan Song where it looked like ziva was oh so distraught by Franks’s death. Perhaps this was the start of her breakdown.

      As always when one is shattered by what one has become, the human soul searches for home & ziva returned to hers. Hope she has a happy, non-DC related life.

    • I can’t imagine what you expected. CdP was leaving. MW was staying. How on earth did you expect this to have a happy ending?!? How were they supposed to NOT walk away from each other?

      Seriously, it’s a TV show. Grow up.

  11. Sarah says:

    Sorry was Cote leaving or Michael? Because this was the Tony show. I love him and his relationship with Ziva, but couldn’t we have followed HER journey instead? Completely disappointing. But I am hopeful that Ziva makes another appearance before the show ends for good.

    • Dmac says:

      She dictated her terms if filming and how much time she wanted to be there. This was her decision and they had to work around it.

  12. David says:

    its all downhill from here this show will never be the same I will miss Ziva I have watched the show since the beginning and I remember when Ziva came to NCIS and now she can they just kiss each other goodbye? what does ziva and tony move on? I dont want ziva and tony to move on. This show will not be number 1 for much longer without Ziva its all over

    • Marissa says:

      How could they not? With Cote leaving the show, that made Tiva dead in the water.

      • yes, she's gone says:

        tiva has never been anything but dead in the water. When third parties have to remark that they were made for each other, when fans have to watch the show stop so an anvil can fall, when Micheal looks uncomfortable and cote always looks angry, there is no chemistry.

    • Linda Stevens says:

      My exact feelings. I just a few moments ago, made the comment that the show will never be the same. I have no idea why Cote left the program, but my guess is that bossman Harmon had something to do with it. You don’t piss off the “great white”! The whole thing sucks! I have trouble even watching the reruns. They make me want to puke. I’m an old lady and I always said I only wanted 2 thinks to happen before I move on. Kind of a Bucket List. 1. I wanted to live to see all the episodes of Harry Potter. Check that one off. 2. See Tony and ZIva get togetherand leave together. Whoops! missed that one. They need to get a woman on there for Tony and Gibbs, before the series “females out”!

      • Marissa says:

        That’s some wild conjecture, especially in the face of the facts that she left due to personal reasons. So what are you saying, that Mark Harmon, the sweetest, nicest, classiest man in Hollywood, bar none, had some impact on Cote leaving the show? *rolls eyes* Watch, don’t watch, statistics have proven that Cote’s change of job has had no notable impact on the ratings. I’m so sorry your life list won’t be complete. Maybe you might want to have some real-world life goals instead of fictional ones you have no control over.

  13. David says:

    this was no gift to the fans

  14. David says:

    I will miss ziva she was the best

  15. David says:

    I hope she comes back because this wasnt a conclusion

  16. Joni says:

    To paraphrase Sally Field “I liked it. I really really liked it. I think it was Cote’s best performance of the series. Strong and determined but softer than I ever remember seeing her. I liked that the kiss was a sweet one of parting rather than passion.
    GUNNY GIBBS is back! Loved the “by his truck” scene.
    The Tony we saw tonight is my favorite. Intensely loyal and caring. He’s a true friend. Isn’t his Rule #1: “I don’t sit on the sidelines when my people are in trouble” ?
    Adored the return of caring but adult Abby. Loved that McGee was so involved.
    Gibbs & Fornell – pure magic.

  17. Carmen says:

    Was anyone else waiting for the ‘We’ll always have Paris’ line from Tony?

    • Ange says:

      Yes! I’m surprised it wasn’t in there.

    • kate says:

      haha yes!

    • there is a list 50 feet long of things they should have said but did not.

      • as524 says:

        Yes we know…it’s all about the way tiva fans think this should have played out as the great romance payoff & who cares about the rest of the fans of this show or the character of Tony.

    • Sue says:

      THAT’s what was missing!!! LOL!

    • RITK says:

      Yes! Oh…that was the inly thing that would have made it better.

      But, like the rest of the show…they left a lot unsaid between the two. Which has always been the way it was. Which is also WHY what WAS said was so important. Look…anyone who doesn’t realize that the Tony & Ziva made the most of the little time they had together has to be clueless or a moron. It’s the fact that he even *found* her that speaks volumes to their connection and devotion to each other. Also, who knows when he actually found her. Maybe they had a week before he chacked in? But they spent what time they did have together alone & in a safe place.

      I love that the writers showed the ‘little girl’ in Ziva. The soft part…the part that she fought to hide for years because with that side hurt too much. The part that both Gibbs & Tony saw, despite all the walls and the part that helped them love her all the more. (Also, in my opinion, a part that some fans saw that others didn’t – which could have made the difference between liking the complex character or not?)

      The character Ziva went through so much…and so much pain as a child. Seeing the things she did, DOING the things she did for her job…it does damage. CdP did an amazing job of showing that ‘Big Girl Ziva’ was finally dealing with the demons that ‘Little Girl Ziva’ had seen…and in her own eyes had become. Ziva had to do this for HERSELF. Her father’s death and then her being in danger once again because of him…she was done! But…she loves Tony. And Tony her. But, like adults, they came to a decision that as hard as it was…Tony had to give Ziva the time she needed to heal.

      Boy did the actors bring it! It’s because of what the did say onscreen that anyone who truly knows and understands the characters can see what happened off screen. And yes, they will always have Paris…and the Casablanca goodbye that was so fitting for them…and each other. Ziva giving him her necklace was big. Tony loving her enough to leave her…when she was obviously heartbroken over it to…THAT speaks volumes to the love they share and what they shared together. Sometimes you don’t need a full blown, clothes ripping sex-scene to fill in the gaps. And if you do…well…you are watching the wrong show.

      Now, who knows. And as for CdP…who knows there either. But maybe like her on-screen character, she burned out. It happens! In a lot of jobs…but especially Hollywood. CdP happens to be a very private person. I respect that. I also respect that she could have just walked away…but instead she came back to give us as much closure as possible. And with the way they left it…there are so many possible ways for the character of Ziva to come back – if the timing is ever right.

      Finally…there was NO WAY EVER that this episode was going to make everyone happy. Why? Because someone, somewhere, will always complain about something. Be happy for what you got…which *was* a gift to *all* the fans. To the Ziva Haters, she’s gone. Now shut up. To the Tiva fans, finally you saw proof that there was something there. And on more than one occasion in this episode you heard people say that Ziva did love Tony. Ziva herself said it outloud. So be happy with what you got…and now stop complaining. Like I tell my kids, “you get what you get and you don’t have a fit”.

      Thank you to all the cast & crew that made last night’s episode possible. It really was a great show. And thank you to the writers for bringing it back to Gibbs…the backbone of the show. Him answering that phone was heartbreaking. And a wonderful ending. His “little girl” is growing up. And thanks to Tony…at least she checked in with her “dad”.

      Now bring on Season 11!

  18. Anke Ivey says:

    I saw the ending as the producers leaving it open for her to come back at some point in the future. From some of the lines, it seemed like she may be going deep under cover – so deep, even Gibbs isn’t in on it – so that in a possible return her absence would be easily explained. And maybe that’s just wishful thinking on my part :-)

    • Joni says:

      I saw it as a person who totally wanted a fresh start – no more Mossad, no more NCIS – a life totally different than the one she’d been in for so long that she no longer remembered how to live any other way.
      Takes a brave person to walk away from what they know and into the unknown.

  19. kate says:

    when this show finally ends, I hope we have a flash forward where Ziva and Tony are happy together somewhere.

  20. Stacey says:

    It was very Casablanca. With the possibility of a future. I wanted to Tony to put on his “I Will” List, bring Ziva back to me. Given the time frame they had, and they had to tie in the four months from the cliffhanger. And set up the season plan given they had to throw out their original plans… Cote and Michael did a fantastic job. I would like to think more happened behind closed door, before the kiss we saw. They didn’t clarify how long he was there for. McGee said he hadn’t been answering for awhile… Maybe they will give Ziva her wish for a boy and girl one day! I think the ending was right in terms of Ziva. It really does go back to Ari. I would have liked to have seen the call to Gibbs…

    Please one day come back Cote!

  21. Lisa says:

    I loved it in spite of how heartbreaking I thought it was. I will miss the Tony/Ziva relationship and I don’t mean their maybe romantic connection. They were so much more than that.

    *Tony does not say “I can change you.” He says “I can change With you.”

    Poor Fornell-shot in the ass.

    I thought Tony & Ziva good-bye scene was beautiful. It made me cry. Between their good-bye and Gibbs taking the phone call from “Ziver” I needed a tissue.

    • Kim R says:

      Yup….tissues indeed. When Gibbs said “Ziver”…. They did such a good job with everything and the comic relief of Fornell’s unfortunate injury! :) Love the show. :)

  22. me says:

    I don’t know if i’ll watch the show again… don’t want to see Tony with another girl… don’t want this story to end… no more interest without her even if Michael is MY best male actor since dark angel.

  23. Gina says:

    good acting by both MW and CdP for the final Ziva parting. I was VERY happy not to have to see another favorite character sacrificed for the ending of the Ziva period as was the case with Kate. I don’t believe that CdP will be back on the show as I’m sure that she’ll move on with her career. Hopefully we’ll see our mainstay characters develop in different ways. Lots of stories left there with lots of talent from our NCIS favorite actors.

  24. Bob says:

    By the way her scenes were shot, it looked like they were hiding the fact that Cote is pregnant. Maybe she returns to NCIS in a couple years if its still on the air.

    • Stacey says:

      I don’t think. I think she would have revealed if she was pregnant and that was why she was leaving. It really does sound she doesn’t really want to leave, but it happened. Money related most likely. And why they only had Cote for a short time to film!

      • Daniela Ruah on NCIS LA is heavily pregnant and still on the show. NO reason why Cote would have left the show for pregnancy.

        • as524 says:

          Unless she preferred to leave.

        • Darlene says:

          Cote is not Daneila Ruah. Why hold her to Daneila’s standards?

          Some women quit their jobs, do some nesting before the birth, and stay home for a time, or indefinately, to care for their children. Others, like one of my friends, work right up to when their child is born and return to work two weeks after giving birth. Their choice based on their circumstances and belief systems.

          I don’t think Cote is pregnant, but if she is, I don’t think she should allow anyone – not networks, or producers, or fans determine for her how she should live her life in those circumstances.

          • BJ says:

            Some women have complications in their pregnancies that could impact their child’s life or their own. Others have problematic morning sickness. There are as many reasons for someone quitting during a pregnancy as not.

        • as524 says:

          heavily pregnant??? Have you SEEN the pics of her from the life tweet? She is definitely NOT heavily pregnant…plus she just announced it. logic and evicence just killed another one of your rants

    • kenya says:

      She is pregnant? I haven’t heard nothing about that.

    • Ashley says:

      I don’t think she was pregnant but I think maybe she was considering it and the producers weren’t willing to write it into the story or give her time off. It might explain why CBS said they offered her money and she walked away.

      • Joni says:

        It seems that at least twice a season since she 1st joined the cast there have been “she looks pregnant” comments. She didn’t look pregnant to me. She just looked like a woman does when she wears her shirt un-tucked.

    • kate says:

      I’ve thought this too, multiple times, but it’s just the clothes they put her in. of course, she never left before, so who knows, lol.

    • Ange says:

      I, too, believe she is pregnant. She left for personal reasons, will not discuss why and said, when interviewed by TV Guide, it was not something with much thought that it was spur of the moment decision. She also said she left on her own terms. There is always the possibility she wanted this to remain personal because I believe Sasha Alexander left to start a family and well she wanted to keep her reason for leaving personal. She’s been with her boyfriend for some time so if they are expecting and want it to be an intimate thing between the two of them, BRAVO. Not every celebrity wants their name in tabloid headlines

  25. kenya says:

    I’m going crazy here but how in the name of god we went from 2 episodes to 1 to less than 20 minutes of Ziva?
    After 8 years that’s all we deserve?
    Please someone tell me I’m not the only one who feels disappointed by this episode.
    I know they didn’t have much time but seriously between the case and tony looking for her we got less than 20 minute of Ziva.
    this was her last episode right not tony.
    If you’re not a tiva fan you’re screwed.
    Thank you NCIS, Thank you.

  26. Guest says:

    I haven’t watch it yet, but the good-bye kiss made from a great to awesome vote.

    It was about time

  27. Marissa says:

    It was horrifying. Bypassing the Ziva ending storyline (I’ll cover that in another comment) this episode was a mess. It may have made sense to GG, but it certainly was muddled and confused. Screenwriting 101 could have done better, The transitions were awkward. My screenwriting prof would have laughed any one of us out of his class if we tried to present this as a cohesive episode.

  28. Andrea says:

    I thought the fact that the Him was Gibbs was hokey as heck. Eli or Ari i could buy, but the fact that the Him was Gibbs seem like another attempt to make Ziva “oh so extra special.” It also seemed strange given that Ziva had no scenes with Gibbs.

    The Tony/Ziva stuff was pretty standard, I thought. It gives the Tiva fans a kiss. It doesn’t firmly tie Tony in any way so the writers aren’t constrained with what they can do with his character, and it leaves all options open for the future. Seemed to cover a lot of bases with limited time and material.

    Mmmmm….bacon! Love Fornell!

    • tahonia2 says:

      I think it kind of took Tony aback, because he had been thinking that “him” was Tony, not Gibbs. O I think that helped Tony turn his 180, even though it was hard. He was only taking that friend’s word about “Why shouldZiva have the man she loves” to base that he really was most important to Ziva. She loves him, but not in the best way that Tony needs, now at least. She gave him her necklace, so she’ll be back. I was also irritated that Tony didn’t yell at that friend also about how Ari had ended Kate’s life… Instead he just walks away.

  29. The entire episode of Ziva’s farewell brought me to tears. :-(

  30. Marissa says:

    I’m no huge Ziva fan, but it really seems like she (and CDP, by extension) got major short shrift by the producers. For the vaunted Ziva farewell, she was barely mentioned and didn’t even show up until over halfway through the episode. I realize Gary, Scott, and Gina were under immense pressure, but the lack of Ziva and the (lack of) heavily promoed Tiva payoff had me scratching my head. Was a bit of tongue and then Tony strolling off really what the Tiva fans wanted?

    • Stacey says:

      She was very much mentioned. Tony spent months searching for her and mentioning her all over the place. I think Gibbs sensed that Ziva was letting go…Since she stayed so invisible when she had to know they were looking for her.. But they still had a storyline to conclude. And given we don’t know how much time Cote gave them or they were given, I think they came up with some realistic given the parameters. They didn’t kill her off. There is always a chance she can come back.

      • Marissa says:

        She gave them the entire episode. It was the writers who chose to give her some 12 minutes or so of material.

        • Stacey says:

          I meant the filming. It takes more than one day to film a episode. And it requires them to pay her, and if she left over money. CBS might have been stingy, so she came back and they had to fit it into the storyline given they had to scrap the original plan. We don’t know how long she was required. They probably would have wanted her much more than what they had…

        • Pennagirl65 says:

          The writers had a cliffhanger to finish. CdP quit right before filming and was working without a contract. So we got the time that we could from CdP…she didn’t give the writers or producers a lot of time to finish (i.e. more screen time) Ziva’s story. She shorted the team that created the character. We were fortunate to get what we got as far as the character Ziva’s exit.

  31. JaKe says:

    If that is the last we ever see of Ziva and it was a final goodbye, then it was incredibly disappointing. If the point was to leave the door open for Ziva to possibly return after she finds herself, then it was a good see you later. I’m sure it was incredibly difficult to write, on short notice, something that did justice to the character as a farewell and still left room for her to return if that ever works out. It seems like the episode leaned more toward her possibly coming back and then her and Tony having to face the whole “we pretty much admitted we love each other but now we work together again” awkwardness.

    Despite Ziva David being my favorite character, I thought I was willing to give a Ziva-less NCIS a chance. After tonight, I have to say the episode left me feeling like I really don’t want to watch the show again unless Cote de Pablo does come back. I guess I’m just too much of a happily ever after type and I need to stick with Disney movies. I hated the end of Casablanca and I hated this ending. I don’t want to forever think of a beloved character in such an unhappy state and don’t want to watch Tony move on with someone else after that.

    • Gigi says:

      THIS!!! I was perfectly willing to give NCIS a chance after Ziva’s exit. However, at the end of this episode, I felt absolutely empty and no longer care what happens to this team. This so-called gift of an ending suuuuuuuuuuuuuuucked…rocks!! If NCIS makes it to another season, I will be surprised. If it makes it to season 13, I will be shocked. They haven’t just jumped the shark. They landed in another shark’s mouth.

  32. Easy F.
    the actors were SPECTACULAR, especially Michael Weatherly. he tore my heart out.
    but the resolution? THere is no way. NO WAY. it was absurd. I am gobsmacked.
    this is a travesty against the characters, the show, and the devoted fans.
    the haters will be thrilled.

    • as524 says:

      & that’s what it all boils down to for you , doesn’t it? the idea that they didn’t give you absolutely a canon love story going on even into the future. The idea that ziva is, gasp, human & is finally facing the fallout from the many murders she committed over the years.

      It doesn’t matter that they finally destroyed the wonder woman mossad princess barbie & finally gave us just ziva. It doesn’t matter that the tragic ‘victim’ of Eli, the long neglected daughter was finally shown to have been loved as a child & having pretty much an affluent upbringing.

      What matters is that they went after pleasing ALL of their fans instead of just those that wanted the kick butt ninja & tony falling at her feet professing his love.

      Well too bad…

      I say – great job to the writers for actually thinking of your WHOLE audience instead of just the volatile shippers & great job in taking steps to FINALLY humanize ziva

      • pat says:

        This is a really interesting way to look at the wrap up, and it causes me to think. I will rewatch the episode with the more “humanized” Ziva in mind this time and see if it has more impact for me. I am not a Tiva shipper, but thought the “farewell” was a little hollow. Though the acting was excellent!

      • Lia says:

        Ziva faced the murders she committed in about, oh, season SEVEN of NCIS. And since her time in Somalia, they have been humanizing her. The episode, to me, wasn’t about Tiva, or a ninja, but about the Ziva David that we have gotten to know. And that means a strong woman who doesn’t look back. She faces the music, and keeps fighting her battles, embracing all of her scars. Including the ones she created.
        I think the writers did a terrible job on “humanizing” Ziva. A human does not mean someone who allows themselves to break down. In fact, most people don’t. And I firmly believe that they should have given Ziva more than fifteen minutes of air-time after eight years.
        But in the end, it isn’t about the shippers. It’s about the strong woman we have come to love and the weak good-bye we received. It’s about Ziva David. And I’m sorry that the writers couldn’t see that.

  33. Joe says:

    Jumbled mess of an episode and an awful way to end the Ziva character and even worse way to end Tiva…this was the way NCIS says thank you to fans for their loyalty? Wow…this show had a great run but it really not very good now. Done watching this once great show. It promises and teases but does not deliver!

  34. Diane says:

    I thought the episode was okay. Have to say I think their kiss was a disappointment. Tony’s, “the hardest 180” line was a great one though. Fornell was funny and Gibbs kicked butt.

  35. I’m sorry but all the character advances for Ziva got thrown out and she returned to season three Ziva . An insult to the fans and crap writing how does an American get to stay in Israel and she still feels guilty for Ari yet she stays for Gibbs ugh it can’t be both sorry makes no sense. She loves Tony but is still trying to forgive herself ? All the character development and tiva greatness of season ten now makes little sense heck I would have rather had her go off to get those who we’re threatening her family at least that would have made sense and in keeping with newer improved Ziva. Not happy and upset with their idea of a good send off for the character. It also undermined Tony because he lied to Gibbs totally out of character for him.

    • as524 says:

      If she had still been S3 ziva, then there would have been NO remorse or feeling that she actually hurt people when she shot & killed her targets.

      This was ziva, a little lost, looking to find herself & what she really wants from life for herself.

  36. John says:

    Better way to end the ep would’ve been to kill Ziva right in front if tony.

  37. Samantha Rose says:

    It’s sad to me that this show has fallen so far. NCIS had some great years, but I am wondering if those years aren’t over now. This doesn’t even have anything to do with Ziva; the episodes just haven’t been grabbing me like they used to. NCIS LA has been much better than its mother ship for the last couple of years.

  38. ilovefootball2525 says:

    I got over Kate leaving, I’ll get over Ziva leaving. I want the show to get back to the business of solving military murders.

  39. Concanbest says:

    I have been an NCIS fan from the beginning and have admired the artistic writing of this show for many years. I was disappointed in the way this episode ended…not sure what I expected, but not this. I have always felt the writers of NCIS to be intelligent with their character development and clever with their dialog. After 8 awesome seasons of Ziva’s storyline being interwoven with everyone else’s on the show, it’s disappointing that CBS wrapped it up this way. I think they knew before last season started (or at least by January 2013) that she wasn’t coming back and should have written a better and more satisfying ending to her story. They had plenty of time to end it properly and failed miserably. Big disappointment. HUGE!

    • Kendall says:

      Thank god I’m not the only one who thinks that.

    • Dmac says:

      CBS didn’t wrap anything up, this was Cote’s request she let them know how long she would give them filming wise and was very happy how it ended.. Her words look them up. You Ziva fans can blame the network all you want, she said it wasn’t about the money but yet you insist it is, she said it was for personal reasons but you insist the network was wouldn’t give her the hours she wanted as if she can dictate that. If Mark Harmon the star of the show can’t do that than she sure intge hell can’t. She says this was her decision but you all read between the lines and made up some half ass backstory where she was the innocent victim. When is it going to sync in she wanted to leave, you care more about her character than she does. If you don’t agree take it up with her. Grow up get a life and quit your whining. There isn’t any bad guys in this story except in your mind. Time to move on she is gone and she can have the personal life she wanted. End of story.

  40. Kendall says:

    I’m so disappointed by this episode!!!
    CBS ruined the entire episode for me they spoiled every good scenes that tony and ziva had
    Cote and Michael Wow that last scene with Cote crying, I was crying with her.
    Thanks Cote for 8 wonderful years!!!

  41. AmberM says:

    If this is the final Ziva farewell then it was horrible. To write a character off and have them be in a downward spiral and obviously depressed is a terrible way to leave it. Ziva deserved it to be a happy ever after at least for the send off. If they plan on bringing her back in the future then it is great because they left it wide open with lots of great options!!!

    • AmberM says:

      I give the acting by Cote and Michael an A+ buy the writing a C. Writing off a character with without any actual finish was disappointing. The story of Ziva doesn’t feel complete at all. It leaves me wondering what is next for that character and that’s not what a farewell should do.

      • Lia says:

        I can’t even, in good conscience, call this a farewell. It had all the hallmarks of a To be continued…and it was pathetic. A total insult to fans of Ziva.

        • Stacey says:

          Not if the indeed a future. They couldn’t tie tightly all threads if Cote one day comes back. This way there is a chance she could come back. Help out the team. Or to reunite with Tony. Maybe introduce him to his twin daughter Leah (for Leroy) and son Eli Anthony (for her father and her son’s father/grandfather). They want her to come back one day, so they left a door open. I believe Tony and Ziva had more intimacy before they parted, who know how long they had. He went from bearded to clean shaven, so it might have been days. And after that orchard scene, no way could have stayed away from each other and that kiss was too for only for the first. So who knows.

  42. Lia says:

    Didn’t the writers promise to discuss Paris? And weren’t we all led on to believe that by the time Past, Present, and Future was over, we would have closure and even a better understanding of Ziva? That absolutely did not happen. Cote de Pablo gave eight years of her life and talent to NCIS, her costars, and her fans. The respect they gave her, and her character, was less than zero.
    “I will let go of the badge.” Are you kidding? Every single time we have seen Ziva crack, it is the badge, her family, that keeps her from breaking. She is giving that up? I don’t think so. Not the Ziva we know. “That little girl was strong enough to walk away from my father.” Again, really? Ziva David may be the strongest woman on television. It is totally out of character for her to regret who she is. Who her life made her. And isn’t this what Tony got across last season? That everything she went through made her the woman he loved?
    Aside from that, the good-bye was atrocious. Tony left with the line “this is the hardest 180 of my life. Even a goofy adult wouldn’t make a joke about leaving the woman he loved with her demons.
    Another thing: Ari’s love interest? Really? Why even bother? That was obviously not thought out. Ari was a mole. He was evil, and he was an operative. If he had loved, he would have surely brought that up with Gibbs in one of there many unfortunate meetings. Ari killed Catlin Todd. That’s the bottom line. Kate was strong, she was special, she was irreplaceable. Catlin Todd was loved. And Ari did not know what that meant. Ziva did not replace Kate. She found her place on Gibbs team in a very different manner, coming from a very different background. But Ziva owed it to Kate, to Gibbs, to Jenny, to Tony and McGee and Abby, and to all the people that Ari had hurt, to stop him. And she did not look back
    In fact, Ziva David never looks back. That is one of her amazing strengths. Tony knew that. He even mad a comment about how he had to be “one step ahead” and “look forward” but then found that Ziva was “going back”. Ziva is a warrior. That is what I will always love of her. She carried herself like a fighter. And the fighter we got to know would not have broken because another wall came crashing down. And the family she gained in the last eight years would not have let her.
    The writers turned their backs on Ziva. They turned their backs on the fans. The thing is, they themselves said it so many years ago, “Ziva David is irreplaceable.” And Tony said, “I guess I couldn’t live without you.” But what we received to prove these points was a far cry from a “gift”. We have tuned in and gotten to know her for eight years. We have showed up each Tuesday and loved the NCIS family. We expected them to do the same.
    I showed up. Where were they?

    • Tempestta says:

      I agree with everything you said 1000000%!!!

    • Amanda says:

      Could not have said it better. This episode, to me, seemed like just a quick adios to Ziva with a focus on setting up their larger arc or furthering their stories for the season. Focus being on Tony’s journey. Ziva’s story was a sad, quick afterthought. At least to me. Very disappointed after the HUGE build-up CBS did about saying farewell to Ziva. More like “let yourself out and don’t let the door hit you on the way out.”

    • Yanet says:

      Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.
      It’s irritating when a fan knows better a character than the writer.

      • Dmac says:

        And yet you don’t. Why don’t you head over to fan fiction and crate your own Tony Ziva story and leave NCIS to the grownups. This was t the Ziva show and you need to stop, it is over she wanted to move in and so should you.

        • Lia says:

          The sad thing is, I’ve read better fanfictions than the episode. And no one is saying Ziva should stay. She wanted to move on, I except that. She (Cote) showed remarkable class in the interview that they recently did. And I’m not claiming to know her better than her (Ziva’s) creators. I would never even try to claim that I have created such a strong character. But I do think that I know her. And I think that most fans, at least in some way, feel as if they know her, too. And the Ziva we saw last night is most definitely not the warrior we have gotten to know and love. That was my point.
          My point aside, your comment of “leaving NCIS to the grownups” is unnecessary. No, it wasn’t “the Ziva show”, but it was a show about a family, and I felt that a member of that family wasn’t given the farewell she deserved. It’s not an immature feeling. I am sorry if I, at any point, did come across as immature. That was certainly not my intention. My intention was to simply prove that, out of all the promises they made, they completely under-delivered, and had a weak episode, a weak farewell, and a lack of respect for a long-time character and several long-time fans.

    • Sandra says:

      Well said.

    • Tory says:

      Actually I do t think the writers promised to say anything about Paris, it was just a supposition from one of the reporters.

  43. Susan says:

    After watching NCIS since the beginning, we made the decision to switch to another show, this season (Agents of SHIELD). From everything that I’ve read here, we made a wise decision~

  44. Tempestta says:

    This was disappointing. I have been a fan of the show for all the years it has been on the air but was once again left frustrated by the way a CBS show wrote off a female character. And for those of you who think money was not involved you are probably wrong. If you do you look into it you will find that CBS has a long and consistent history of paying their male leads more than their females. As a female in a industry where males tend to get the bigger promotions and earn more for an equal promotion, I can tell you that this really gets to you. Cote has had more stunts than anyone else on this show and been hurt the most. I realize that she is not one of the original cast but by this point she should have been making what the boys make. Yes CBS said they offered her money and more money, but they never said they offered her what the boys were making. As for recent comments she and others have made, I believe that they are trying to leave the door open for a cameo at the end, or perhaps a criminal minds type situation where the character can come back. Also I do know that because she did come back to close out her character ( if that is what they would like to call the 15 mins we had) she might have something in that agreement that does not allow her to say what happened. We have seen other actors on other shows be put in the same situation so they pretty cryptic after they left. Of course the network is going to spin it like they did all they could. But really, come on CBS, you have never been known for that.
    As to the future of NCIS I don’t know if I will watch anymore. For the characters to have growth Tony just can’t start sleeping around again and be attracted to the next agent that walks in the door. And while I was a Tiva fan that is not what is going to prevent me from watching… All the actors had such good chemistry together. And despite what people will say about how great this guest actors was or that one, it doesn’t mean that they have real chemistry on screen. I love Jamie Lee Curtis but as a romantic interest for Gibbs, it just was not there. One last thing… as someone mentioned above, why did Ziva only have scenes with Tony?! That character had a greate dynamic with every other main character. And with the place that Ziva was at it does not make sense that she wouldn’t have those goodbyes with Abby and Ducky and everyone:(. We as loyal viewers deserved better. If the writers needed more time to write her off in a respectable manner they could have had her just messaging with the team the first few episodes and had her exit episodes later in the fall.

    • tvshows305 says:

      I agree.. it was too abrupt…. I haven’t watched the show since Ziva said goodbye to Tony… I just don’t think it was the right ending for those two…. it was too much in one episode and it would not be right without her

  45. BJ says:

    CBS spoiled so much that I think it was rather anticlimactic for many.

  46. tejasjulia says:

    Looking forward to the rest of the season!

  47. Sara says:

    So, I definitely have mixed feelings about the whole Ziva thing. But is anyone else disturbed that Fornell was cutting his bacon? Do people really do that?

    • Maria says:

      Yep. My husband noticed that too and wondered what was up. It was pretty much the only moment in the episode that grabbed his attention…

  48. james says:

    It was alright. I like Cote De Pablo and Ziva, but she isn’t what makes the show. The best character on the show is Tony in my opinion. It sucks to see a character leave after 8 years, but then again it was her decision. I hope she does well else where, but i think it was a bad move for her career. Pretty sure NCIS only had a few more seasons with her so I think she could’ve made it a few more years. All in all I wish they did more for her farewell. It just didn’t give all that good of a reason for her departure. I’ll still watch every episode of NCIS until it finishes or until DiNozo is no longer there.

  49. Cookie says:

    People should not be surprised by the letdown. Gary Glasberg has a habit of talking up everything he does…and then it usually falls short of expectations. Even after all his “THIS WILL BE AN AWESOME EPISODE OF TIVA/ZIVA,” it wasn’t. It was lukewarm and wishy-washy like the rest of the show.

    Anyway, good luck to Cote. Hope to see her in the series finale.

  50. Chris (from Raleigh) says:

    I think had Cote decided to leave earlier in the summer they could have made this 2-part ep a 3 parter and use that episode to have the team look for Ziva and everyone says goodbye. Now I believe she comes back in NCIS’s final season (helping Gibbs and Co.) getting the last bad person. I was a little dissapointed they did not give her a montage for her years either.