Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. Uncorks a Cool Cameo

BRETT DALTONABC’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. embarked on their second mission this Tuesday night — the messy repercussions of which necessitated a dressing-down by a rather furious boss.

With Skye now on board as a “consultant” — the same title one Tony Stark carries, we are reminded — the team sets off for Peru, where an 0-8-4 (object of unknown origin) has been discovered inside an Incan temple.

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Using the Dwarves, Fitz and Simmons ascertain that the device, embedded deep into a wall, predates the temple by a lotta years and is fueled by Tesseract technology. Outside, meanwhile, Ward and Melinda “Don’t Call Me The Cavalry” May fend off some MPs until their comandante Camilla, a onetime flame of Coulson’s, arrives. Shortly thereafter, rebels attack them all, forcing Coulson’s team, Comandante Reyes and a few of her men to retreat to “the bus” and get whisked away to “safety.”

Thing is, Ward and Coulson quickly realize, Reyes is there to hijack the bus and claim the 0-8-4 device, which is a powerful weapon. The MPs overtake Ward, May et al and tie up the lot of them in the cargo bay, while Coulson is kept nearby to verbally approve the change in flight pattern when needed.

Ward, Skye, May and Fitz-Simmons overcome their (clumsily) established differences in ranks and aptitude to collaborate and secure their freedom, then use the device to blow a hole in the plane hull, sucking out many of the enemy combatants, while Ward and Melinda handle any stragglers.

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It all proves to be an exercise in team unity Agents of SHIELD Nick Fury(though Skye is seen texting to Rising Tide that she is still “in”), and at episode’s end they congregate on the bus ramp to watch the Slingshot sent the 0-8-4 off to oblivion.

Then, just before the credits roll, we hear and see Nick Fury — Samuel. L Jackson reprising his Marvel movies role — chew out Coulson for totaling the bus and hearten to downgrade him to a Winnebago. “Talking to me about authority.”

Some other memorable and/or fun dialogue:

“That’s exactly what I’m imagining during this frown.” — A disappointed Ward

“The last one was a hammer.” — Coulson, on the last 0-8-4

“You took a bullet?” “-ish.” — Skye getting up to speed on Coulson’s brush with death

“It’s a magical place.” — Coulson’s “mantra” of sorts when asked about his time in “Tahiti”

“Do you need anything else before I go back and check on the device fueled by evil?”

“You’re having a midlife crisis!” “More an afterlife thing, really.”

What did you think of S.H.I.E.L.D. Week 2? And did Nick Fury’s appearance make you cheer?

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  1. Jimmy says:

    I liked this episode much more than the fist. I’ll definitely keep watching.

  2. I hope they can keep up this momentum with a cameo from two big Cinematic Universe characters in as many episodes. Can they even afford any of the Avengers? It might be nice to see Hawkeye or Black Widow, especially since they’re S.H.I.E.L.D agents themselves.

    • liz says:

      I’m sure they are all contractually obligated to show up at some point. And yes, I think Marvel/Disney/ABC can afford them. They’ve put a lot of money into it already, I dont think the extra million or so for a RDJ cameo will kill them lol

      • Khorrie says:

        Contracts for movies are not contracts for a TV show.

        • Christina says:

          Plus I think the main Avengers won’t be making an appearance, since they all think Coulsons dead…

          • Alichat says:

            This was my thought, unless down the road Fury reveals to the group that Coulson is alive. If I were the writers, I wouldn’t do that until after Coulson finds out the secret about “Haiti”

  3. analog says:

    we know what’s going to happen, Skye will eventually be converted to a full fledged SHIELD agent and will obviously betray Rising Tide in the end.

    • George says:

      Wrong this is a Joss Whedon show she (Skye) will be killed before she can tell the others about Rising tide

      • fakernator says:

        Skye will decide to ally with SHIELD, but not before Agent Simmons is killed. When she reveals the plan about the Rising Tide and her complicity, she is ostracized from the group and plays an ambiguous background role during future encounters with the team.

        • wordsmith says:

          No, I think Skye is on board for the long haul. Also, my money is on Fitz as the innocent marked for a sudden and heartbreaking death in a future season.

          • Alan says:

            i get the feeling the whedons will subvert the pattern and neither fitz, simmons or skye will be killed off since everyone expects them to, it would be the ultimate surprise.

      • Dante says:

        The one constant about a Joss Whedon show is that a character’s plotline can look to be taken an obvious route, then without warning head in a mind-bending direction you never even considered.

  4. Stephon J says:

    I Loved it. Agent May is a scene stealer. Skye makes me wanna never trust a hacker. And I was shocked to see Nick Furry at the very end. Best episode so far.

  5. Gabriel Anthony says:

    I had a nerdgasmm

  6. mari says:

    I don’t mind predictable as long as it is fun to watch and well writte. Shield does fufill this for me so I will keep watching

  7. Mike R. says:

    They won me over this week. Still not a fan of Agent Ward, but I love the other characters, and I thought the story was interesting this week, and I’m looking forward to more.

    • Drew says:

      I’m not a fan of the actor playing Ward either. He had some great lines that he didn’t deliver the way Whedon’s characters usually do. For some reason i kept wishing John Barrowman was playing him.

    • luli says:

      I felt the same as you up until this episode… on the first one I didn’t like him at all, and even at the beginning of the second one I was sick of him, but by the end I started to like him..

    • Lisa London says:

      Agent Ward seems to be the ‘straight man’ protagonist, the main character that defines ‘normal’ so that we understand when plot/other characters deviate or become extraordinary. Most fictions have one, nothing wrong with that. The actor was a little flat in episode one but he’s growing on me.

  8. Rick B. says:

    It’s funny, I took the text “I’m in” to mean she had successfully infiltrated SHIELD and not that she was still in Rising Tide. Well we will see what happens.

    • Big Mike says:

      I read it the exact same way.

    • Joe Smith says:

      That was my take on it too. Pretty sure whe was being as public as she was specifically to GET S.H.I.E.L.D.’s attention so she could get taken in. The question is WHY? Whatever her agenda is, it’s nothing obvious, and THAT is the hallmark of a Whedon series.

    • Lisa London says:

      I had the same thought.

    • Alan says:

      thats what i got from it, seemed rather obvious thats what it meant.

    • murley says:

      Same here. “in” as in “infiltrated”. It certainly makes things more interesting. The actors and characters are starting to gel more although ward still feels a little flat. It is hard to get the straight man right so I am willing to give him time to figure it out. Love Melinda May and Fitz-Simmons.

  9. iMember says:

    Given Emily VanCamp’s role in the new Captain America as Agent Sharon and a SHIELD agent,, do you think we might see her make a guest appearance on SHIELD or is her schedule on Revenge just waaaay too tight? I’d love to see her make a guest appearance, because I love her on Revenge (love the show too!) and I love that’s she’s climbing the ladder of success. She deserves it!

    • Andy says:

      She could probably make a guest appearance, but I don’t see her doing so until after Winter Soldier comes out. TPTB would want to have the masses know who her character is before the possible guest appearance.

    • wordsmith says:

      It definitely helps that her day job is also a part of the ABC/Disney empire.

    • Alan says:

      probably around the time winter soldier comes out. it would be cool if she passed through the show to get help from the team for something which could have an effect on the plot of the movie but in a subtle way so people who only watch the films wont feel locked out.

  10. ben says:

    Awesome that Nick Fury turned up. Really, the art of high profile cameo needs to be something that happens in this show for it to truly work.

    I’d like to see Moon Knight turn up at some point.

    • Tookie Clothespin says:

      I just got done saying the exact same thing to my wife about Moon Knight. I understand why they can’t and won’t have the Avengers, Spider Man, The X Men, and other big name characters in the show. But, Marvel has created enough characters that they are never going to make a movie or do anything else with, such as Moon Knight, Darkhawk, Rage, etc that they shouldn’t have to resort to creating new ones that have the exact same powers. It’s an ABC/Disney/Marvel owned show so I woudl think that they could get permission pretty quickly. It would be a nice nod to those that already know about these characters and could generate new interest in those characters for those that don’t.

  11. ceylan says:

    SLJ totally made up for the very awkwardly set Sky-Ward flirtation

    • Connie says:

      I agree! I couldn’t help but cringe and think “man, I really hope the writers won’t couple them up” during the weirdness that was the flirtation.

  12. Alichat says:

    Had a Serenity flashback during the Incan temple fight. For a split second, I thought Sean Maher was pulling a cameo! Enjoyed the energy of this episode, and I hope there is a better twist to Skye than her still being Rising Tide. Loved Jackson’s camero and Fury’s longing look at the bar was the best!

    • Alichat says:

      uh…Jackson’s cameo….butter. fingers.

    • Knowing how Whedon loves to use “his” actors I don’t doubt that we’ll be seeing not only Maher but also at least a few other Whedonverse alum over the course of the show. (I mean we’ve already had two we’re only on the second episode)

      • liz says:

        there weren’t any in this episode though. But I’m sure we will at some point – but thats the fun part for long long long time fans of Whedon; spot the actor!

    • wordsmith says:

      Assuming you’re talking about the “knockout grenade on a stick” that Ward breaks out. I always thought that gadget was way too cool to use just once.

  13. I’m always hooked on Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD and my favorite character from the series is without a doubt Jemma Simmons (the bio-chemist).

    • Omar says:

      She’s my favorite too! :)

    • wordsmith says:

      She’s got that undeniable Kaylee/Willow sunniness.
      Best line delivery of the pilot: “It’s practically dripping with gamma radiation… And now it’s *actually* dripping… Fun!”

    • Christina says:

      Simmons is definitely my favorite too! How long until we can get a Fitz-Simmons hook-up though? Those two are hilarious and adorable together.

      • wordsmith says:

        Eew – not sure how I feel about that. They’re like one person. It would be like… well, actually now that I think about it, maybe not so weird in that case. But only as a casual thing, not a serious romantic plotline.

  14. BGM says:

    Much tighter and faster-paced than the pilot. The Skye/Ward flirtation is a total snooze for me, but other than that I was quite engaged for the whole episode. I just can’t help wondering if Fitz or Simmons will get Jossed eventually.

  15. Jenna says:

    I was actually really disappointed by this episode. It seemed rather messy – and to use Matt’s word – clumsy. I found myself bored in the middle. I hope they delve sooner rather than later into what happened to Coulsen and maybe some more background on the other characters. I really want to like this show – I love the Marvel-verse – but it just hasn’t done it for me yet.

    • joe says:

      I completely agree with you. The characters stink. Seems like if you’re a superhero show or sci fi/fantasy shows these days, it’s automatically great. Such low standards. Sleepy Hollow has been much better so far than this show.

    • Tab says:

      I agree with you too. The characters don’t seem to work well together, there is no chemistry between the actors at all. I gave the second episode a shot, but it just did not grab me. I had high hopes for this show given all the hype it had going for it, but I won’t be back. I’ll stick to Sleepy Hollow and The Blacklist.

  16. StevenD says:

    Enjoyed the show. Nice to see them working things out. Anxious to see where this goes. Been a fan of Joss’ for a long time and he always delivers.

  17. Greg Eckes says:

    To me, Coulson has a bit of Hannibal from The A-Team in him.
    Fitz and Simmons are the characters that I am most interested in. Their dynamic is very subtle and underplayed as to its identity.
    The one character I don’t really like is Ward. And that flirting between Ward and Skye is boring because its been done all before.

    But overall, its a nice show.

  18. John says:

    Awesome! Can’t wait for next week.

  19. Christian says:

    I totally think Coulson is an LMD, from the little comments dropped in both episodes. More so fromt he I’ll downgrade you to a winnebago…could be applied to him directly….I am just guessing they won’t drop that one yet….Another awesome episode, seeing Fury helped to solidify the movie connections.

    • Vanessa says:

      mind telling us what an LMD is?

    • Nicole says:

      I totally agree I think hes a LMD! at least they retained his sense of humor. and to answer the question, a LMD is a Life Model Decoy–a android replacement/replica of a real life person.

    • Rose says:

      I think the LMD would be an easy out. I hope there’s something more imaginative and maybe a little dark about Coulson’s resurrection. Also, would an LMD bruise and bleed?

    • John says:

      The rote way he delivers that “Tahiti” line is a signal of some sort, word for word repeats: quite possibly this and then there was that ‘he can’t ever know’ or some such aside in the pilot in reference to his Tahiti Time.

      • wordsmith says:

        Yeah, those two clues definitely hint at there being something very dark and significant behind Coulson’s return.

  20. Joey says:

    The episode was really good. so happy to see Nick Fury at the end of the episode. I can’t wait for the next episode.

  21. James D says:

    i liked it a lot, it shows a lot of promise. they need to tighten up the writing a little bit, but other than that it was a good episode. Ward was far more interesting this go around than the pilot, i also love that they name big marvel characters by name like dropping captain America and Hydra (not a character per-say), not all shows would do that so its nice to see, hope to see lots more cameos and marvel characters in the future. it would be so awesome if they could finagle a way of getting Edward Norton back to play banner for a guest spot, yes i know Mark Ruffalo is technically Hulk but it would be a cool wink and a nod to bring Norton back, it will never happen but a guy can dream ;)

  22. Michelle says:

    Seeing Fury made me scream out loud. Oh ad I liked the rest of it too. Ward is still a bit wooden, but I’m giving Joss a LONG leash with this. :)

  23. Keith G says:

    Great show! The cast is really starting to jell. Reminds me of how well the casts of “Buffy” and “Firefly” worked together.

  24. Elle says:

    Anyone else got the funny feeling that maybe Skye is working for Tony?

    • wordsmith says:

      We do know from Avengers that Tony’s not exactly a fan of SHIELD keeping secrets from the world. It’s an interesting thought to consider that he might be behind The Rising Tide, though they’d have to work pretty hard to sell it.

    • Alan says:

      im betting on hydra. they were heavily referenced during this episode in a way that scream “this is totally not important, dont remember any of this” and im always on the look out for stuff like that. and the word hydra is water related as is rising tide so im basically seeing everything as miniscule connections that back up my crazy theory.

      • wordsmith says:

        It does fit with Hydra’s whole “cut off one head and two take its place” mantra. Not sure they’d go that way, but it could work.

  25. liz says:

    absolutely fantastic episode! I’m so pleased with how this series is taking shape. Tons of in-jokes for us nerds (to the MCU, Terminator, Harry Potter, Star Wars, etc) but not overwhelming that non fangirls/boys can’t watch.
    I’m just so excited to go on this ride. And that ending cameo was THE BEST THING

  26. Omar says:

    Loved it! I really like the characters! SLJ cameo = epic! LOL

  27. Jason says:

    It was good not great. You nerds seriously need to chill out a bit. Saying its the best episode. Easy !!! Lets give it a chance to go on. I agree stop the romance. And keep the action going

    • Babygate says:

      So agreed! This show is written and executed in such a way that only comic book nerds can really love it. The casual viewer can see the plot holes, bad casting and mediocre writing a mile away.

  28. DarkDefender says:

    I really enjoyed the action this week… And the gadgets… And Fury… And I am convinced after 2 episodes we will get a second season and that Coulson is definitely an LMD. I also think the Fitz/Simmons dynamic is awesome.

    Now let’s get Nathan Fillion in as a villain of the week (3Ep arc probably asking too much?)

    Joss, make this happen – STAT.

  29. Tom hazel says:

    I lived it. A lot faster pace than last episode. I agree that I’m not a dan of Ward. He’s like a Captain America of the team without having us car for him first. It would be great if he turns out to be an android. There were only a couple scenes that annoyed me. The first was when “female commandant ” walked into coulsons office in a dress them next she’s wearing pants? Where did that come from ? Secondly, the whole thing about plugging the hole with a life raft. Seriously ! Do they really think that would work? It would totally have been suck right out a hole that size.

    Overall, we’re watching, loving it and scrutinizing everything. Josh has to be careful and consistent. It would be great if the female tech was a “she-hulk ” – wishful thinking. Go Josh Go.

  30. yikes says:

    Anyone else find themselves hoping Agent Constipation-Face Ward would catch a bullet in the brain? Hey, this is Joss, it could happen. Honestly though, I have no idea how this actor got that job. How many talented people wanted to be on this show during this past development season?

  31. Nichole says:

    Have to admit to not having seen the movies, so some of the back story sort of stuff is lost on me, but love the writing, those one liners are fantastic, especially last week with Cobie Smulders comment on Thor’s arms lol. This sort of show (based on comics that is, am either hit or miss with most other Syfy type shows) isn’t usually my sort of thing, but am enjoying this one and hope it continues on this standard :) Tied at the moment for second favourite new show with Sleepy Hollow, The Blacklist is first, love me some James Spader sass :P

  32. Evan says:

    Can someone answer this question for me: Does Maria Hill outrank Coulson?????

  33. Nellie C. says:

    While this episode was better than the pilot, it’s still at best mediocre. The plotting is so predictable, the acting continues to be cringe-worthy (aside from Coulson), the characters are still annoying, and the cast has little chemistry. I’m just not feeling it, which surprises me given how much money I spend on Marvel books every month and much I love the MCU.

    However, things picked up for the fight scene, and I felt that was the strongest part of the episode. I wish the show was just a Coulson show, though — he’s easily the best part. I’ll stick it out through sweeps; I really hope the show improves. I want to love it!

  34. Allen says:

    Difficult to recall a series THIS much improved from its pilot. SO happy I didn’t tune it out after the first episode Just. Wow.

  35. magreeda says:

    No offense, but come on. You can love this show because you love Whedon or MCU or Coulson or whatever, but anyone saying that this episode was an objectively good episode of TV is lying, even if they’re lying to themselves. Like the pilot, this episode was cliched, clunky and lacked decent acting or character chemistry. And the hammy ‘team unity’ subplot was like the worst thing about The Avengers’ third act but a million times worse.

    • There is no such thing as “objectively good” TV. It’s opinion, which by it’s very nature is subjective.

      • magreeda says:

        I disagree. There a something that can be quantified as good and be measured/agreed upon when it comes to TV or else we wouldn’t do things like give out awards for it. That said, it is a different measurement than something that is simply enjoyable — enjoyablility is what is subjective. So enjoy it all you want but anyone who argues that this show so far as shown any technical proficiency in the things that make TV good (well-constructed plots, well-written dialogue, persuasive characterization, etc) is getting the two mixed up.

        • John says:

          Awards are simply the collected opinion of a particular, often very insular and self-referencing, group. I’ve seen many an award go to complete and utter crap.

  36. I love Fitz-Simmons — they are adorable.

  37. Eli says:

    Great episode, much better than the pilot. So in love with this show already.

    Btw, am I the only one who would much rather see Fitz and Simmons stay platonic? It seems completely boring to me to ship them…

    • liz says:

      Agreed! I prefer the platonic brother/sister relationship for Fitz Simmons than anything romantic

      • wordsmith says:

        I think it would be kind of funny if it just matter-of-factly turns out at some point that they’ve been hooking up all along, but I agree that they shouldn’t be a serious ‘ship-worthy couple.

  38. Alice says:

    An improvement over the pilot. Fitz and Simmons are more distinct, I like this. I worry about Coulson- in the films, it was OK that every line he had was delivered the same way- because he was only in 5-10 minutes tops. Just two episodes in and “Oh, I’m going to say this mind blowing statement really blase and casual to indicate that I have seen so many even more amazing things that it’s no big deal/I am perpetually unphased because I’m just that cool” attitude is getting on my nerves. I want some dimensionality- would it kill them for him to sound worried, confused, angry? He’s like Yoda right now- another character best in small doses. If this show makes Coulson annoying, I will stop watching.

  39. Kay says:

    Fitz-Simmons were way better and clearer in this one, and the episode was great too. Very enjoyable. Of course, nothing beats Melinda May, who was much more prominent in this one too. I still haven’t warmed up a lot to Skye, though. The pilot being so much about her, was one of its issues (to me, at least).

  40. Nate says:

    Question to joss whedon: so how long till a fan favorite goes evil and dies ( I.e. Cordelia) or one fan favorite dies and another goes evil (I.e. Tara & Willow)

  41. I really like how they keep referencing the movies. Also enjoy the one liners. As for Sam Jackson’s cameo, it seemed more of a comedy bit.But I hope he gets more then a cameo next time.

  42. maltru says:

    “There was a mother effing tesseract device on my mother effing plane?” Oh, SLJ, I <3 you, and wish they would've let you say this.

  43. Mikael says:

    This episode was even better than the pilot. I like that the show feels like a comic book come to life. The whole temple fight reminded me of something like Indiana Jones. Ward is definitely the weak link, but I want to believe that Joss saw something of value in that actor. It might be the way he was told to play the character at first, and hopefully he opens up and can show his range. Joss shows get better as they go on, so I’m eagerly anticipating this season.

    • irishrose4583 says:

      I remember watching the beginning of Fringe and saying how ANna Torv was wooden and terrible and I stopped watching for 2 seasons. However later i realized that was the way she was supposed to be played that first season b/c thats how her character was; closed off and icy;and the actress showed AMAZING range later as her character grew. lets give joss and the actor some credit maybe hes supposed to be played like that for some reason

  44. Babygate says:

    I watched the premiere live and quickly realized that the quality did not warrant such commitment. The second episode was worst. That Peru setting felt staged and phony which of course it was. But its not supposed to be that obvious. Fitz-Simmons are not cute with their tech-speak. And they speak for too long with their accents gibberish that only scientists, which I’m not, can understand. Ming-Na is terribly underutilized. And the mysterious vibe got old already. I think she can be the best character but I wouldn’t know because she barely speaks. Last week I liked Skye the best. This week I’m wondering what the heck she’s doing there. She seems to have no skills or purpose. Maybe Coulter just wants to keep an eye on her. The previews for next week show some action so let’s see if her utility changes. Overall, this falls completely flat. The stories are not dynamic or engaging. It feels like a bad cable procedural. Like something you would see on SyFy. They combined the hi tech of the little nanobots which are cute with the premise that some ancient weapon that looked like it was manufactured in Germany was stuck to an ancient Inca wall. Do they not see where that could go wrong if not properly executed? Which of course, they didn’t. If they don’t turn this around, ABC is looking at the next V.

  45. Dubya says:

    I’m more inclined to think the Coulson going up against Loki was a LMD. It would make more semse to send one up against a god. The referemce to Tahiti may have been where he was when the Alien War broke out.
    Overall I think the show is good not too many slow parts in it I’m okay with a bit of romance unless it becomes the underlying theme this is after all a show about imagination and action. That needs to be the focus and it can compete.

  46. angelstorm says:

    SUCH a good episode – MUCH better than the first in my opinion – definitely excited for the next one now !

  47. Good grief this episode sucked. I can give a pass to the cheesy pseudo-physics because it’s comic-booky, but the generally flat and formulaic dialogue is not what I expected of a Whedon property (yes, I realize he probably wasn’t much involved with this ep). It was generally painful with a few gems thrown in just to keep us off-balance, and the storyline was so trite an elementary school kid could have whipped it out of thin air and may have for all I know.

    Coulson’s character is too bombastic in a way that feels less like his character and more like a prop. Skye and Fitz-Simmons are the only ones I like right now, and the latter were totally flat this go-around. The action sequences were hokey in the extreme. The plot twists were fairly obvious though I can forgive that. But the horribly projected heart-to-heart that becomes the glue for the team and the ticket to their salvation? OMG. There are children’s stories more sophisticated than that. I can look past a stock plot if you give me some really fun stuff along the way. Fun comic book stuff, not something I could have gotten from a USA show.

    SLJ at the end was really fun though.

    I really want to like this show. I really want it to succeed. I’m a comic book geek and it’s depressing to see such a grand effort fail so badly when it has such rich potential. Please fix this, ABC. Please?

  48. Steve F. says:

    Hey, no mention of the “We have to kill the fish tank” line? LOVED the Samuel L. Jackson cameo, though the mention of the Winnebago made me think of Breaking Bad for some reason.

    I agree about keeping Fitz and Simmons more of a platonic relationship… those two act more like a brother and sister at times.

    Please don’t let Skye turn (though this being a Joss Whedon deal, you almost expect it).

    Lots of promise… I’m still in for the long haul.

  49. Bill says:

    I like this show and will continue to watch, but I feel without any REAL superheroes or villains the show will suffer. The writers mentioned they didn’t want a “Villain of the week” like Arrow but they need one every few eps to keep the comic book geeks like myself from checking it out. Without them might as well just rename the show

  50. Justin Burnell says:

    Reblogged this on thehiltonburnellfiles and commented:
    Samuel L. Jackson’s appearance on that show has me like “Holy sh*t”. Nick Fury is on The Avengers where Sam played that role for the movie.