Fall TV Preview

Scandal Sneak Peeks: Olivia Defies Her Dad, Then Pulls the Fitz 'Alarm' -- Plus: Cyrus' Snitch Hunt

Much secrecy has (as is tradition) surrounded the new season of Scandal (arriving Thursday at 10/9c) — yet, somewhat amazingly, ABC  has let loose with sneak peeks from a couple of the premiere’s more “interesting” moments.

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When last we tuned in, Olivia had been ambushed by the press, after apparently being outed as President Grant’s mistress. Luckily, she was ushered quickly into a nearby car, where B613 boss man Rowan — aka “Dad?!” — was waiting for his little girl.

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In this first clip, Olivia shoots down Dad’s plan to “fix” her mess, shedding a sliver of light on family history in the process. Press PLAY, then scroll down.

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Next, you’ve got Cyrus tempting hubby James with “scoop” (god bless him) in trade for intel on whomever might have leaked Olivia’s name to the hounds. Press PLAY, then vote (if you didn’t already) in this summer’s snitch poll.

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Lastly, Olivia takes — well, forces — a tete-a-tete with the leader of the free world, so that together they might handle their scandal. But did Liv cross a line in “pulling the fire alarm” to get this alone time? Press PLAY, then hit the comments with your thoughts.

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  1. Melinda says:

    We better not have another full season of this back and forth Liv and Fitz. Either they’re together or they’re not. I think she could do better than Fitz but that’s just me.

    • Gerald says:

      It’s not just you, I’m sick of the back and forth. I mean, after a while it gets tiresome and repetitive.

      • mrenee says:

        Totally. I expect it will be more of the same. Fitz declares his undying love; Mellie starts whinning and giving Fitz ultimatums; Cyrus manipulates whomever and the supposed powerhouse that is Olivia Pope, turns into a pathetic weakling, whose only option is to do the one thing Fitz has asked her not to do–conspire with some enemy and run like a whipped puppy. I hope she has a good reason to call Mellie into this….Can we finally fire Hal?

        • Doresha says:

          Ha.ha.ha. You may be right…it is a revolving door for them all..Hall on the other hand stopped using vizine.. Mellie is now squirting oil in his eyes…and oiling his chain as the song says..so he can see better. He can stay…..he is a love interest for Mellie. Or maybe she will have him to spy for her while she gets a another man to brighten up her day. Teddy has Hall looks…but he has the president’s “sympathy”..ha.ha.ha.

          • ebrown1206 says:

            Must say I always thought Teddy wasn’t Fitz’…now that would be scandal TV LOL Shonda would love nothing more than to make Tom scapegoat because fans like him. IMO if it turns out to be one of SS agents I’ll find that as implausible as Billy Chambers being fired from WH but none of the access codes were changed. That isn’t even within the realms of possibilities. Hell, get fired from a job and they wipe out your access to everything. No way he would be able to access VPs pass codes that would be reckless. Oh well its Shondaland.

          • ebrown1206 says:

            Just saw Hal on Castle ep2. So maybe he is leaving Scandal for new role. So that would mean he is the snitch.

        • Frida says:

          Hal , I think leak Olivia name.

      • karen ball says:

        Fitz needs to do what he promised Olivia and take care of things. He said he was divorcing Mellie regardless. Lets see if he stands by his word. Be a man and stop running back to Mellie. Im not sure I can watch anymore if this paddle game continues…just saying

      • Jaw says:

        This is the world of Shonda Rhime. because she want to introduce badly Jake, and she continue to destroy them. because Jake is the good guy for Olivia . This is not scandal this is soapy now..

    • Elizabeth says:

      This is shonda rhimes show. this will be jake timon season 3 . do not worry.

    • joho says:

      yes. she can do better than Fitz. I want to see her hook up with her knight in shining armor -CAPT Jake Ballard

    • The Other Woman says:

      The back and forth makes good tv, it keeps people watching. That being said, it is the reality of these sorts of relationships. Your heart says one thing your brain another. You want to do the right thing but you keep being pulled back together. Unfortunately I know this first hand. I’m the other woman. Although we always stayed friends (we’ve been together 13 yrs, the first yr as just friends fighting off our feelings for one another), the guilt used to overcome him each year around Christmas when he decided he was going “to be good”. The first 5 yrs, we were off and on so often, you needed a score card to keep track. Sometimes it was him, sometimes it was me. As time went on, it was mostly his guilt although guilt consumes us both. I don’t want to be in love with someone else’s husband. It was like getting dumped every few months. I’d be depressed and upset and couldn’t tell anyone why. I finally told him I couldn’t take it anymore and that he had to decide and stick to it. Things have been stable since then. Believe me there is a lot of realism to how the Olitz story is written which makes me believe that someone on that show has been the other woman. The story just comes from a perspective you don’t see and there are so many little subtleties that could only come from someone who’s been there.

      • The Other Woman #2 says:

        I couldn’t have put it better myself – as someone who was “The Other Woman” for 13 1/2 years, the back and forth pull is DEAD ON!!! The only people who don’t like it, or can’t understand it, are those that have never experienced it. The obvious turmoil that Fitz and Olivia are in is real…..VERY REAL!!!

    • okah says:

      throw a keen eye at Fitz and live; the back and forth thing, you see must real life relationships that have class issues and hard decisions to make in that regard. I love these two and the back and forth thing is part of the beauty of the plot,

  2. Scandalfan23 says:

    The most interesting clip is the one with Rowan aka Dad and Olivia. Can’t wait to explore their history and learn more about Olivia’s past!

  3. BJ says:

    The person that snitched out Liv and Fitz is Tom or Huck.

    • ebrown1206 says:

      Seems like it might be Tom. I’d like to think it was twitching Hal but that is to obvious. Tom is a favorite and a confidant of Fitz so stands to reason SR would want to have him screw over Fitz. She’s done so much to make the fans dislike Fitz in her quest to elevate Jake. Who is left to be loyal to Fitz? Just BS show…

    • Frida says:

      Maybe Tom , Maybe Hal, because Hal loves Melie

    • JB says:

      I totally think it’s Senator Davis. He already figured it out. We know he’s a democrat. I bet he’s running for President. I think he’s the person with the most to gain.

      • ebrown1206 says:

        I would believe Gov Weston before Edison. Edison loves Olivia…don’t see him hurting her to bring down Fitz. But, that would be a shocker as I wouldn’t think he would sink so low.

  4. Jessica says:

    Sorry but there is NO BETTER THAN FITZ…get real!!! Olivia & fitz are soulmates you don’t just get over your soulmate no matter how many obstacles or people(Cyrus,Mellie,Jake,Rowan) tries to block. They will always find a way back to each other she will never be truly happy with anyone else and he will never be happy with anyone else aswell.

    • Tracey says:

      Jessica, I agree with you 100% OLITZ 4-EVER!!!!

      • ebrown1206 says:

        I’m all in for Olitz!!! But if we’re forced to watch Olake I’m switching my viewing to something else. Sorry but that was the worst. Even the kissing was lacking.

        • mmel says:

          I completely agree with you, life is too short to give on hour of my time to something I despise. So like you I say force Olake down my throat , I walk away without looking back. I am sure it may not hurt their ratings but for me entertainment is suppose to entertain me, not make me nauseous.

    • Sara says:

      He flat out murdered someone!

    • Jeff says:

      Yes , but not for Shonda Rhimes , but she forgot the power of the fans . because Scandal is a soap opera . she can do better with a presidential divorce. No love triangle this is soapy. people scandal is a soap. Do not worry, she will continue to shutdown Fitz character.

  5. Ashley says:

    What show have you been watching???? Tom would never snitch on fitz and Olivia are you confusing Tom with that other SS agent Hal? The ont who was feeding information to the first lady about Fitz&Olivia.

    • ebrown1206 says:

      I would like to think its Hal as he needs to be guarding Baby Teddy on the playground where little kids can kick sand in his snitching/twitching face. But that would be easy because it would be expected which is why I think if it is an SS agent it would be Tom. Hope not, cause that truly makes me sad.

  6. Alichat says:

    I was wondering if the person who leaked Liv’s name was Hal, the secret service agent. He’s too close to Mellie. Love the scene with Cyrus and James.

  7. Sheneka says:

    I’m thinking the snitch is Edison or Hal.

    • meah says:

      Thank u,I dunno why people Rule out Edison,to me he’s my number 1 suspect.
      I want jake/olivia to get back together this season,I love scott foley.
      Olitz fans shudnt worry,because everyone knows they are the endgame,so y’all shouldn’t be insecure and pissed when they try to tease olake.

      • Elizabeth says:

        Olivia and Jake will be together, this is Shonda plans. because Fitz is so bad now.. the back nine episodes on season 2 she destroyed the character to elevate Jake. Because jake (oe Scott ) is the guy to shine on season 3 but , I do not think it will be.. . I love the scandalous love between Fitz and Olivia and I am not there for love triangle or Jake.

      • ebrown1206 says:

        I frankly don’t mind Olivia being with someone. I personally have issue with Jake being that someone. Sorry but I’m totally turned off by Jake and the fact that SR had to destroy Fitz to make Jake look like the hero–worst storyline possible. For my part, I had no previous reference to Scott Foley. Do not recall him in anything I’ve watched so he was new to me. That being said, I didn’t like Jake from the first scene and it went down hill from there. Now until I started seeing Foley’s tweets I had no issue with him but frankly I’m now not a Foley fan, but thats just me. I do agree that we’ll see a lot of him and Olivia together in season 3 so for me I’ll just FF thru those scenes.

  8. TVPeong says:

    I think it’s the other fixer, who was played by John Barrowman. He has the most to gain if Olivia is taken down. Either him or Billy Chambers

  9. Nicole says:

    I guessing it going to be Hal if it is SS agent. He seemed to be on Mellie’s side and disapproving of Fitz affair.

  10. The snitch is either SSA Hal who was sympathetic to Mellie or Senator Davis who is bitter and has an ax to grind.

  11. Sarah says:

    It’s Hal, however, it would shock me if it was Tom.

  12. Donna says:

    I’ll be tuning in as a die hard Olitz fan – they have such wonderful chemistry. Will be interesting to see who the snitch is and what twists and turns start up in the new season but I didn’t like the Olake storyline so if they go down this avenue I don’t think I’ll be tuning in.

    • James says:

      Me too. Olivia and Jake I won’t be there for that. I do not have time for that storyline. Scandal is scandalous with Olivia and Fitz. and I want to know the past of Olivia and I think Olivia has the same daddy issues like Fitz . I won’t be surprised is fitz leaks Olivia name, because this is Shonda show. but I prefer to believe it : Tom or Hal ..

  13. Taelor says:

    What is the Providence Key?!

    • Alice says:

      Certain individuals vital to the functioning of the government are given priority in the event of a massive nuclear attack (or something like that) to be evacuated with the President to a secure location. (There was a West Wing episode where Josh found out that he was the only one of his friends who was going to be “in the bunker”- not his assistant, or any communications staff). It sounds like Fitz somehow worked some magic got Olivia a key so that she would be saved in the event of an attack- even though strategically speaking, she’s not essential staff and should not have been given one. I guess the idea was, she’d use it, live, and well, if people were mad about it, at least she’s alive. Sounds like there is some scenario in the premiere where Liv used her key to get into a bunker with Fitz- but now they know about it, and she won’t be re-issued the new codes because she doesn’t work at the WH anymore.

  14. stevie says:

    the show only works when fitz and liv are trying to destroy eachother.
    whenever they are together it’s creepy and wrong, and liv comes over like a whiny, subservient love fool with no self esteem.

    • Lisbeth says:

      Because Shonda Rhimes wrote this story , and now Fitz and Olivia are weaks . whatever happens , the show was a success because of them. Now Jkake wil be the good and amazing guy for Olivia . because Scot Foley is a Shonda Rhime friend and she want him to shine now on Tv.

  15. Marcinho11 says:

    I’m predicting for this show to go downhill. Season 2 was its peak.

  16. Lisbeth says:

    Do not worry the show wil become a sopa opera with a love triangle. Jake , Olivia and Fitz. and Shonda will continue to destroy Fitz and Olivia character. Jake wil be the hero. there is so mayn good show now . Blacklist , Hostages the good wife.

    • ebrown1206 says:

      Agree. I walked away from Grey’s Anatomy shortly after 3rd season because it became out-and-out silly with Denny/Izzy arc and ghost sex. The constant breaking up between Derek and Meredith and some of the same crap we’re seeing with Olivia and Fitz. Just not here for that. As you said, lots of great shows: Orphan Black, Orange Is The New Black, Blacklist, Sleepy Hallow… Heck, I didn’t watch Breaking Bad so I have 5 seasons of that to catch up on. Started watching couple of weeks ago and truly I’m stoked so no worries if Scandal manages to turn off a true lover of the show.

      Also…bring back Olivia from Season 1…strong focused Olivia, kick ass Olivia, smart Olivia that with OPA worked on some great cases.

    • mrenee says:

      Too bad, isn’t it? This show had such promise and it couldn’t have been hotter. The back nine were a bust and the finale killed them. The fandom that I enjoyed so much have all but turned on each other. More arguments about leaks, marriages, pregancies and other things that should have no bearing on the show–than real discussions about Olivia’s pedigree, steps that we could take to relieve our eyes of the burning that Mellie and Fitz caused in the last 5 minutes, the perverted daddy, etc.

      I hope Shonda can recover. Instead of watching this foolish PR blitz this summer, with all kinds of narrative changing nonsense, taking clips off YouTube, is she or isn’t she (okay, this one proved rather effective, though) etc., I would have enjoyed chatting with my newfound internet friends about the possibilites of a divorced Fitz, and interracial White House, a pissed-off Mellie and/or James; nutty Quinn and OPA.

      But….there is so much good TV, that if this season is also a bust, so be it. Shonda is supposed to be a pro. Let’s hope she opts out of the predicatable triangle and goes for something more compelling.

  17. CLARE says:

    Olivia and Fitz will never be together people. . why they introduce Jake and we the fans have to believe in this new love story after this crazy and amazing love between Olivia and Fitz in season 1 and season 2. NO, NO AND NO.

  18. Dee says:

    I’ve had it with Fitz/Olivia. He’s a scumbag who murdered his friend with his own two hands just to save his presidency from a scandal. Scum. Bag. I was so into these two together when the show started, I really wanted them together, but now……. no. Olivia can do so much better than a man who would do that. (Yes I understand, presidents order people killed all the time, but there’s something extra scummy about a man who would use his own two hands to kill a friend in order to cover his own ass. scum.my). Frankly, I was really disappointed Olivia stayed with him after she found out about that. I know this show isn’t about black and white (since Washington is rarely ever black and white), but Fitz’s doing that is crossing a line I thought Olivia could never forgive. Guess she’s not the person I thought she was either. Oh well, I’ll continue to watch anyway because the writing’s just been so damn good and I love a show that surprises me. PS – I dont know that Jake’s the one for her either…but then again…………. is there a moral man in Washington to be found?
    And will he leave after the government shuts down? Kidding. Ha!

    • ebrown1206 says:

      Are we watching the same show? Olivia didn’t find out about Fitz killing Verna until last 5-10mins of finale and she broke off the relationship a few scenes later in their final WH meeting. That being said, the “friend” that Fitz killed with his bare hands is the same “friend” that rigged a national election (without Fitz’ knowledge) and same “friend” that hired someone to assassinate him and ultimately murder an innocent mother of two little kids. Facts that always gets lost in the discussion about Fitz killing Verna but that is how SR designed it so that she could destroy Fitz because fans were taking over her show and as she said she needed to take back her show from fans.

      Verna is dead but her death was expedited by her own personal greed, so lets not forget and make it seem that Verna was not culpable in a lot of wrong doing–murder included. IMO murder is murder, whether you use your hands, a gun or hit man/woman to do it–you are a murderer (Cyrus fits this bill as well). Personally, I think Fitz killed Verna to protect more than his presidency–remember, he was not involved in rigging and in fact didn’t know about Defiance until Verna told him while on her death bed. As Fitz said to Verna “you didn’t have to have me killed”–this is his “friend”…I think at that point, that term no longer fit. Anyway, Fitz knew that if Verna told the DA about Defiance and what she had done Liv, Mellie, Hollis and Cyrus would all go to prison in addition to bringing down the republic. Remember, Fitz got off his damn deathbed to save Mellie’s ass from going to prison for committing a treasonous act by signing his name on a document that would defraud the country. Regardless of how he felt about Mellie he didn’t want her in prison. Not the mother of his children (even the one she had medically induced for her own selfish needs). Fitz was the good guy that SR turned bad for reasons I still do not understand but oh well, it is what it is. She has successfully turned fans against him with this one act while they look at Jake as a hero and Mellie as a strong woman in love (gag). Oh well, I could go on and on about this show LOL…

      My final thoughts on this, the whole “white hat” BS that Shonda has perpetrated is just that, BS. There isn’t a moral cast member on the show so lets keep it all in perspective. I respect that we all have our redlines and maybe for you its Fitz’ crime but how do you distinguish that from the others? Just my two cents.

  19. Jennifer says:

    Dear Shonda & Writers,

    Please pay attention to your viewers. I’m not saying write exclusively for their pleasure but ignoring some of their complaints will get you canceled. The same strong story line (Olitz) that many people have fallen in love with can, if not handled smartly with respect for the supporters, end badly with viewers tuning out.

    If you take away the Olitz fans, is your show #1?

    The breaking up and back and forth has become tedious, childish, and too silly. Do not insult grown folks.

    Even some of the dialogue has become just too silly, “I’m their gladiator, they need me.” Ugggh, this was just a very silly, stupid line delivered at an important moment in the show.

    Please do not push Jake Ballard/Oliva Pope love story down our throats. He has ZERO chemistry with KW. It shows. Even Alonzo in the Access Hollywood interview with Scott Foley told him, when they showed his kiss with Kerry Washington, that it was LACKING! What does that tell you when a MAN tells another man he needs to step his game up.

    Plus Scott Foley lacks respect for the fandom. I can’t support a TV couple when one of it’s actors incites and insults the fans.

    Personally, I’d like to see Oliva move on to a SINGLE, complicated, handsome man who they have passionate, torrid love scenes and a deep complicated love. BUT NO JAKE BALLARD.

    • ebrown1206 says:

      Jennifer, this is well written and I co-sign 100%. I too am not opposed to Olivia having a relationship beyond Fitz. Just make it someone that she truly has chemistry with where we can truly see passion and a connection that lets you know they connect within their souls–oh wait, thats Fitz. Oh well, there must be someone else out there that can step up to the task.

      Alfonso was so right about Foley’s kissing skills. When that scene happened I tweeted that if we had to watch these two hook up Scott needed to hit the gym and get his body in shape and get a spray tan. Most importantly, someone needed to teach him how to kiss because those dry as kisses he was laying on Olivia were a true turnoff. That was the worst excuse for a kiss I’ve seen on TV and he was kissed her with intent of making her clear her mind of someone she loved? We need someone believable to play that role.

      Anyway, great letter Jennifer. Too bad SR & them damn writers won’t see it. LOL

    • I remember when I watched the first episode of Scandal. I sat straight up in my chair and barely blinked the entire hour. Shonda Rhimes took me on a roller coaster ride that was so thrilling, I was instantly addicted to a TV show for the first time in my life. I think the words used were important in order to help me understand each character. I immediately understood that Abby was lacking compassion, Quinn was in a baffled state, Huck was very dark, Harrison was street wise, Stephen was a legal genius, and Olivia was a smart, sassy, and powerful woman. The words made the show for me. The shory-lines are phenomenal, and I am amazed at every viewing. Hey, I am on a ride that takes me to unbelievable, adventurous, and emotional places each week. I have even questioned my own beliefs and pondered over deep moral issues when considering the relationship between Fitz and Olivia. I re-watch the episodes just for the enjoyment of seeing it again and again. In my opinion, Scandal is one of the most intelligently written shows on television. So, I say, Shonda Rhimes and Scandal writers, “TAKE ME AWAY!”

  20. Frankie says:

    Its never who we think it is! They are putting out the second clip to make people think its a secret agent hence Hal or Tom but it will someone we least expect remember the interviews when they said the person will shock you. So I vote either someone Olivia works with or Fitz himself.

  21. Judi Lynn says:

    So, what about this……….one of the Grant kids – Jerry or Karen- leaked the info their secret service coverage. They are simply tired of their parents fighting, tired of being pushed aside, confused over their mother living at Blair House so they confess to their SS agent that “Olivia” is responsible for the problems.

    • ebrown1206 says:

      LOL…damn kids. You give them life and they turn on you LOL. I’d hang with that logic only Teddy is the only one that has witnessed everything and he isn’t talking because daddy is the only one that touches him without reaching for the purell afterwards. Plus, baby Teddy is too cute to be a snitch, though he probably knows that Hal is his biological dad–blink Hal. Have Karen and Jerry been to the WH since Mellie shipped them off to boarding school?

    • The Other Woman says:

      Jerry and Karen don’t exist. How could they witness anything? They are one of the most ridiculous aspects of this show. Mellie and Fitz have two kids that have never been seen. Is it because it makes it more convenient to accept the romance between Olivia and Fitz when you don’t see the children?

  22. Laura says:


  23. Nidavani says:

    My issues with scandal, people knows what it coming before it coming and what soap do .Like Rowan was Olivia dad. People on the web knew that. it was not a big deal for us. and I won’t be very shock at all, It Fitz or Hal or Tom leak Olivia name because this is Shondaland. Scandal is a Soap. jake , Olivia , it is soap.

    • mmel says:

      I never felt Scandal was a soap until the back nine and Jake was introduced, it just felt like he was introduced just to create a triangle. I try to like the character on his own merit but I couldn’t, I just found him really creepy. I still thought nothing of it because even though Charlie is creepy I could deal with him. What killed the whole arc, eventually the whole show was Jake turning out to be Olivia’s hero and her kissing him at the end. I just could not believe that Jake of all people would be the only hero in the whole show because they want him with Olivia.
      The lack of chemistry between the actors doesn’t matter to me, what matter is that I am being told by these writers that Jake is the guy for Olivia and I am supposed to like him. Fitz’s character was destroyed for only one purpose to make sure that Jake’s is likable, to me that is blatant manipulation. I understand every writer manipulates how you feel about a character when they write that is what makes them good writers, but to be so blatant about it is insulting.

  24. bobbie says:

    None of the men in the show so far is suitable for Olivia. She deserves better. Someone strong enough to let her relax, and not have to worry about *his* problems.

  25. Onea Davis says:

    I’d really like to see Olivia and Fitz be together and he run for re-election. THAT would be something to see. If Cyrus (high ranking Republican) and James can kiss in the West Wing hallway….

  26. Lp says:

    I love the show is personally think Fitz and liv should be together it is so clear that they love each other and I hope they do stop all the back and forth…. And they’re may not be any noble people on the show but is there really any noble people anywhere anymore…. Paying attention to the tv shows will actually help people understand what’s really going on in the world… Behind the love scenes there are actual facts on TV covered up by entertainment…. Anyways like I said love the show… It’s keeps me on the edge of my chair waiting for the next episode to come on… I do not agree with adultery however that’s how most of our relationship start anyway. I hope mellie and Fitz get a divorce and let liv and Fitz be together

  27. Lizann100 says:

    A lot of fans are excited about Season 3. I am apprehensive. I have been a fan and Gladiator since Seaon 1 Episode 1 Day 1. I have gotten relatives, friends and coworkers hooked. I didn’t even used to watch regular TV programming for years. But I did watch this show because it was sharp, smart and fast paced. But let’s be clear. the main draw for me was the unbelievable chemistry between the characters Olivia and Fitz. To be even clearer, I am a diehard OLITZ shipper. That being said, I enjoyed all of the other characters and plot lines… as long as they stayed in their lane. Jake didn’t really bother me, because there was no way he could be considered as a real threat to OLITZ. He didn’t have the proper equipment, nor anything even close to the Fitz level of heat with Olivia. But he was placed under contract. Is Emmy winner Dan B under contract yet? Dan’s character would seem to have a much longer life expectancy, if the show is to return to its sharp smart roots. The show attracted intelligent fans because it challenged the norm, and operated outside of the usual boundaries. People found themselves rooting for OLITZ, in spite of the adultery. They were along for the ride. But we have gone from a thrill a minute fireball roller coaster to a ridiculous tea cup ride. Olivia is now an indecisive, confused, easily duped dithering idiot who let’s others influence who she will and won’t be with? Mellie has become the only woman on the show with backbone now? The President is letting all kind of…unnecessary mess happen without shutting it down? And now with the opening of Season 3, Olivia is suppose to activate an end of the world fail safe… just because she was outed? Oh and it bears repeating, they are doubling down on Jake… really. Like I said apprehensive. Not really ready for seeing what so far looks to be a disappointing disintegration into mediocrity and eventually cancellation. I hope I am wrong and it will not come to that

  28. I love James. He wants so badly to be the next ‘Anderson Cooper’ that he gets blind-sided and compromises his own integrity when his husband manipulates him.

  29. Angie says:

    God, I hope this season can live up to season’s 2 amazingness.

    And Olitz fans need to stop being so tripped out by Jake. Because of the lack of chemistry and because there isn’t much of a Wow factor with him, how can ya’ll be so threatened by him. It would be different if he was this exciting and popular character, but he’s just there. Remember him and Liv’s love scene? How more bland could it have been? And we all know this show is all about it’s OMG! moments and we sure as hell know Jake isn’t the one to bring those moments, so I don’t get why fans are so bothered by him. All he is is just a distraction for Olitz for now. The way some of you are acting you would think Denzel was playing Jake. To be honest, you would think Olitiz fans would be jumping for joy that it’s Scott Foley in this part instead of an actor that’s more bad ass.

    As for Fitz, yeah, he’s been thrown under the bus, but it just seems like because they know they can get away with messing up his character, and the fans will still love the Fitz character, so they use his character the most for the OMG! moments (Killing Verna, Closetgate and it’s aftermath, The spying, etc.).

    • mmel says:

      I love what you say and I agree up to a point, Jake is not a threat to Olitz at all, but the writers are. They are determined to make Fitz the bad guy and Jake the good guy (Fitz can only get a way with so much, even with me). Let’s face it people are easily manipulated and to top the fact that many people hated the adultery and don’t see it as we see it, they will take a dog over Fitz.
      I have no problem with Scott Foley (he is only doing his job, I just wish he were less defensive ), but like a lot of people who watch Scandal, I don’t watch television but I gave this show a good 11/2 year of life (at least one hour each Thursday), the only DVD of a TV show that I have ever bought was Scandal ( the first season) because I thought the writers had a story to tell and I wanted to see it to its completion. The fact that they have turned it into a quadrangle just makes me feel like a fool to have giving them that chance, especially when everyone was saying how awful it was before even seeing it and I had to defend it and asked people to give it a chance.

  30. Angie says:

    My thing is, why if the writers are so determined to ruin the Fitz character and prop up Jake, why is it that it’s Fitz that still gets the most buzzworthyish type of moments, while you don’t see anyone really batting an eye over anything Jake is doing. It’s like Fitz does these messed up things, but he still gets these emotional monologues to say to Liv that make alot women swoon and of course he’s the one that gets the HOT love scenes. Even with the obvious propping, Jake doesn’t compete with any of that, IMO. And this is the reason why there are those “Give Scott Foley and his character Jake a chance” articles popping up and that is why Shonda seems to be rewriting his story. They know alot of viewers don’t like him.

    I just don’t see how on a show that’s called Scandal, Jake can really make much noise. His character (so far) just ain’t that interesting. His character is so blah, i’m worried it’s going to be his upcoming plot that going to begin the backlash towards the show. I hope Shonda proves us wrong and there’s some good writing behind his character this time around. But I don’t know, visit any tv forum and you see that viewers hate triangles, so i’m worried about the fallout from this.

  31. ELISABETH says:


  32. Diane says:

    I think it’s Hank the WH dog. That’s the way the storylines go now. It could be literally anybody for any reason, just for shock value. Loved the writing till the back 9 which had so many holes I lost count. If you don’t pay too close attention & just want to be entertained I think S3 will be great, there’s loads of people that loved the back 9. I was disappointed with the plot holes & shock value, even though some of the writhing was still great, like the monologues & double entendres with every character. Not bothered by Jake & willing to see where the show goes before condemning it for good :) I have to say I admire Scott Foley for the way he is handling himself, even though I know a lot of fans don’t agree. I get his sense of humour & it must be really hard to get bombarded with hate all day long for doing your job. Twitter is immediate & some people should think before they press that button. IJS :)

  33. ELISA says:

    I do not have admiration for Foley at all , good actor do not tweet like he does. I really think this guy is insecure. but whatever happens now in Scandal, it will be soapy

  34. Nkeene7@gmail.com says:

    I have never comment on one of these sites before but…. Obsessed with the show is an understatement !!! Jake come on people really , the chemistry that Olivia and Fitz have on screen together …good luck finding that with someone else !!!!! The passion between each other , you can feel it burning through the TV !!!!!