Revenge Premiere Post Mortem: New Showrunner Answers Burning Qs, Previews What's to Come

REVENGE SEASON 3Revenge entered Season 3 Sunday night with a new showrunner (goodbye Mike Kelley, hello Sunil Nayar!), a new agenda (goodbye The Initiative, hello Emily’s primary mission!), and a ton of burning questions (What happened to Charlotte’s baby? What’s really going on between Victoria and Patrick? Will Conrad get a second opinion?)

Below, Nayar tackles all of those queries, and also previews what’s ahead for Nolan (love!), Aiden (war!), Conrad (soul-searching!) and much more.

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TVLINE | The dynamic between Nolan and Emily seemed noticeably warmer in the premiere. Was it important for you to remind the audience that these two people are friends?
Absolutely. They’re the core friendship of the show. He’s the one who was tasked by her father to protect who she was, and now she’s the one who’s tasked to help him grow into who he can be. Their dynamic is one of the things we’re exploring as the season goes on — and not just them as sort of Batman and Robin. But as real friends.

TVLINE | Nolan mentioned he was putting his cyber-hacking days behind him, so what can we expect from him in terms of helping Emily?
You can expect a little bit more of a hands-on Nolan. And, of course, electronics are his addiction. So although he swears it off, we’re going to see, in an enjoyable way, if he’s able to keep swearing it off.

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TVLINE | But NolCorp is done, right? No more Manhattan commute for him?
NolCorp is gone. It’s a moment of renaissance for him, really. It’s an opportunity for him to be kind of the billionaire he wants to be, as opposed to the person who’s got to be stuck in an office dealing with all of the crises of last year. We just want Nolan to enjoy his life before he begins his next endeavor. And you will sort of see how he’s taking steps with his next endeavor in the first half of the season. But for the moment, he’s just happy to be home, happy to be in the Hamptons, and happy to be back with Emily.

TVLINE | What about romance for him this season?
There’s love down the pike for him, absolutely.

TVLINE | With a man? Woman?
I’m going to keep that under my vest at the moment, but I will just say it’s going to be a wonderful surprise and it’s an amazing relationship. The chemistry Nolan has with the person he’s with is electric.

TVLINE | Is it with a character we’ve met before?
It’s a character you will have met by the time he starts his relationship.

CHRISTA B. ALLEN, MADELEINE STOWETVLINE | Talk to me about the decision to have Charlotte lose her baby?
It would have been really hard to pick up with Charlotte six months pregnant and try to think of stories that would come from that. We wanted her to mature a lot [this season]. As you saw in the premiere, she’s a very different Charlotte.

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TVLINE | She has bangs now.
She’s got bangs! [Laughs] It was our desire to grow her up. She was so great the first couple seasons, but she was very much the daughter of the Grayson family. And with Declan gone, she has a chance now to become the woman we wanted her to be. The stress of what happened with Declan is what led to her miscarriage, which led to her leaving high school and going to Europe to find herself. So when she comes back, she understands what it is to lose people. What it is to love people. And what it is she wants in her life – to be independent. That last scene we had with Victoria and Charlotte where she basically says she’s moving out was a big step for her, because we didn’t want her to be trapped in Grayson Manor. We’re going to see a very different, very independent Charlotte. And one I don’t think we could’ve seen if she had a baby going into this season.

TVLINE | The miscarriage wasn’t made implicitly clear. All we knew was that she lost the baby, leaving open the possibility that she terminated the pregnancy.
She miscarried. We weren’t intending to imply that she had an abortion at all.

TVLINE | Have Charlotte and Patrick met before? He instantly knew who she was.
He and Victoria started up a relationship [during the time jump]. And Victoria has shared her life with him. He’s aware of who her children are and, in a very sweet way, has been looking forward to meeting his siblings. He was prepared to meet Charlotte, but certainly not under the circumstances that he did. We see Charlotte taking a step towards becoming Victoria in the way that she treats him.

TVLINE | Let’s talk about Patrick and Victoria — what’s the deal there? She seems to have an extreme attachment to him.
[Laughs] What we’re seeing is that there is an intimacy and almost an openness Victoria has with Patrick that we’ve never seen her have with anybody, especially not with her [other] children. Her life is so fraught with the history that she shares with these people. With Patrick, there’s almost a clean slate. So we’re seeing a Victoria who is almost vulnerable. And with that vulnerability comes a kind of proximity that I think when people see it it is surprising. And it is a little bit dark and wonderful. But certainly there’s no element of incestuousness to it.

TVLINE | You also erased Conrad’s political career. Why?
Part of it was we didn’t want to trap Conrad in Albany all season. But we also wanted to set up a storyline where we see how wonderful Emily is at her takedowns. He didn’t just get taken out of the governorship — he believes he has [Huntington’s] disease. This was a bit of a nod to the pilot where she did the same thing to Conrad, but we took it a step further and made sure it had psychological and physical ramifications that will cause him to examine who he is and who he wants to be. So, in tandem with bringing him back to the Hamptons, where we certainly wanted him, we wanted to make sure that we [embarked] on a storyline that allowed us to get to know this man a little better that we have.

TVLINE | Is he going to get a second opinion?
[Laughs] No. He doesn’t get a second opinion at this point in time. But you’ll understand as we go forward why that is the case.

TVLINE | Let’s talk about Aiden’s decision to join forces with Victoria against Emily — he meant that, yes?

TVLINE | He’s not secretly working with Emily?
He will state at the beginning of Episode 2 exactly what his opinions are about Emily, and you will see what he’s planning to do.

TVLINE | Emily and Daniel’s wedding – will that be the fall finale?
Yes. That’s our big December cliffhanger.

TVLINE | Will it end with the shooting? Or will we get a little bit of information beyond the shooting.
You may get a little bit of information beyond the shooting.

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  1. iMember says:

    Loving what I easy here!! They really know what they want out of this season and where they are going. Fantastic premiere, and I can’t wait to see more!! This is the Revenge we love.

  2. Mika02 says:

    So many things I don’t understand and I hope they clear up. Why doesn’t Charlotte hate Conrad, Where did there fortune go to and why is Aiden mad at Emily

    • Mika02 says:

      Ohh and I hope Patrick will be Nolan’s love interest. Otherwise I hope the girl will be awesome.

      • dude says:

        I was thinking the same thing! Patrick and Nolan would be an ah-mazing couple.

      • abz says:

        The second I read “you will have met him”, I instantly thought Nolan and Patrick. That certainly would be interesting.

        • Anna says:

          There’s no “him”. He talked about a character so where did you fetch that idea of Nolan’s new interest being a man. Besides, given the structure of the sentence, it’s obvious the said character hasn’t been introduced to the viewers YET.

          • abz says:

            My mistake. I wrote “him” because I with thinking it might be Patrick. When Matt asked whether we met them before, it seemed like a question referring to characters of the past two seasons. So I think it’s still a possibility that the character could be Patrick because he said “a character you will have met by the time he starts his relationship” and we just met Patrick this past episode. Anyway, whatever, as long as whoever the character is isn’t another Padma, it should be fine,

    • arianeb says:

      The fortune was lost last season. They put all their money in a charity that was wiped clean by “Carrion”. Aiden knows this, since he is the one that triggered it.

    • Natalie says:

      Agreed. Charlotte has so many reasons to hate her parents yet she keeps coming back around to the.

    • Alichat says:

      Yeah….Charlotte’s love of her dad and Aiden were puzzling to me. I know Aiden is hurt that his revengenda didn’t work out, and Emily wouldn’t take off with him, but this seems extreme knowing what he knows about the Greysons. Plus, we were lead to believe in the finale that Daniel shot Aiden (the fight in Emily’s house, Daniel showing up to the election party with blood on his shirt.) So, will we find out what happened between Daniel and Aiden? And I don’t understand why Charlotte doesn’t blame her father for Declan’s death and her miscarriage. I mean, Daniel found out in the finale that Conrad was responsible for the bomb at the office, which killed Declan…..that Conrad is the Initiative. Why would Daniel keep that from Charlotte? They both had the same disdain for their family right? And that brings another question, why is Daniel so buddy-buddy with his dad knowing that he blew up the building and caused Charlotte all this pain?

      • Kat says:

        But after that Aiden was arrested at the Canadian border.

        • Alichat says:

          Aiden was arrested at the Canadian border, and then released (because Nolan was framed) from jail. He then went to Emily’s house, where he got into the fight with Daniel. The episode ended with the audience wondering if Daniel had shot Aiden.

    • Kat says:

      Aiden is mad at Emily because she would give up her quest for revenge for Jack, but not for him.

    • Kay says:

      I posted this as a response below but figured it would be more helpful listed higher up. I forget if it was Barry (Aiden) or Emily that did an interview, but they said Aiden has lost everything and has nothing left to lose so he dedicates his life to Emily’s vendetta and will do anything to get her the justice she wants. He is definitely still working against Victoria

      • Anna says:

        It was Barry Sloane. He even stated that Aiden loves Emily beyond himself. As for Van Camp, she’s acknowledged Jack and Aiden as Ems’s 2 true loves, the first one being a sweet innocent one a la Dawson&Joey while Aiden is the man who understands and loves all parts of her: the bad, the good and the in-betweens.

        • Nosey says:

          Although writers and characters say she loves Aiden, I don’t see it. I noticed she turns to him only after being rejected by Jack. I don’t see the spark in her eye w/ Aiden but I see it w/ Jack. Their is more passion when she kisses Jack and I don’t see the passion w/ Aiden. She may be Aiden’s one true love but he is not hers. If the writers are saying Aiden is a true love, they need to convince the viewers in the plot b/c I just don’t see it. I see them more as coworkers not lovers, or a friends w/ benefits.

  3. Dave says:

    You don’t fool me, Sunil. You can say what you want here, play with words and all, but we all KNOW Aidan is going to end up working for Emily against Victoria and their “alliance” will be fake.

    • Andrew says:

      Uhm, yeah. I definitely agree. There’s no way Aiden does a 180 with his character like that. He had such a puppy dog love for her last season finale, Aiden can’t just go against her like that, but I am all for that if that’s TRULY the case here. It was an alright premiere. I’ll give it a few more episodes…

    • Dorothy says:

      I don’t think Aidan’s working with Emily, but that doesn’t mean he’s plotting against her. I can see him setting this up as his way of trying to get rid of the Graysons FOR Emily, so she can move on. Preferably with him. I doubt he’ll succeed- since Emily needs to be the one to do it in my opinions, but I definitely don’t buy the idea that over the summer he turned on Emily. That’s character weakness of Jack proportions, and one whinging baby man on the show is more than enough.

    • DeeKayTee says:

      Yes, because if he REALLY wanted to take down Emily all he would have to do is reveal her true identity. #gameover

    • Natalie says:

      It better be a fake alliance. If not I will cry so hard because I loved Aiden & Emily together.

    • abz says:

      Agreed, this is Toby and Pretty Little Liars all over again.

  4. michelle says:

    Really liked the premiere! Hope it can continue. Wont lie, i was looking forward to see Victoria be a crazy grandparent.

  5. Valerie says:

    Not one question about Jack? Strange, seeing as how it would appear that it’s his ultimatum that causes Emily to set her wedding date and speed up her timetable. But yeah, I’m sure Charlotte’s bangs were much more important.

    • jerrired says:

      Yeah I wanted a Jack question too, because I’m curious if Jack meant what he said to Emily or if it’s just his anger. Normally I would say anger but unsure because the writers may have abandoned hope for a Jack-Emily happy ending and now only focusing on a love triangle (if you can call it that) between Aiden, Em and Daniel. So I really wish that question was asked!

    • dude says:

      Charlotte’s bangs were the plot twist of the series! NOTHING IS THE SAME!

  6. Wrstlgirl says:

    Why is Aiden hating on Emily? Did I miss something?

  7. John says:

    Anyone else thinking Nolan’s new romance will be with Patrick???

  8. Dani says:

    I hope too that Nolan’s new romance turns out to be Patrick, There are just too many males on the show to not have him with a man at this point. And Patrick seems to be the logical option.
    I agree with others that Aiden ends up working with Emily against Victoria.

  9. Joe says:

    I want Emily and Daniel to stay together.

    • We need Daniel and Emily together forever! they are end game!

      • Katherine215 says:

        Didn’t TVLine post an article here at one point saying that Emily doesn’t love Daniel and he’s just a tool for her?

        • Natalie says:

          I know right. I don’t understand these people who want Emily and Daniel together. She obviously has no feelings for him at all and if using him in her revenge plan. He is so boring and one dimensional. He just blindly follows his father and gets everything handed to him.

          • Alichat says:


          • CHICHI BLESSINGS says:

            I disagree i think Emily and Daniel have the most chemistry besides this is a series and things change. Emily might just develop real feelings for Daniel. Anything is possible. Just saying!

          • Nosey says:

            At this point in the story, I see no chemistry between her and Daniel. I thought it was bad writing to put them back together so she can use him again. Although I don’t like the two of them together, it would have been better if she actually fell in love w/ him and if he fell in love w/ her as Amanda Clarke. I like the fact that them dating gets under Victoria’s skin, and Conrad cannot see through her like Victoria can. If they added the true love in addition to that getting under Victoria’s skin, that would have been better. I can’t see her falling in love w/ Daniel at all. I see no chemistry nor passion between the two of them. I only see the chemistry and passion between her and Jack. Only thing is I’m not sure if Jack loves her, it maybe that he just doesn’t trust her, he kisses her like he loves her but he still tends to put up that wall.

  10. Jake says:

    It seems like they have made jack the odd man out– no family, no real connection to anyone.

  11. Joe says:

    Daniel and Emily should stay together, they are perfect for each other. Someone should have a happy ending.

  12. Quinn Mallory says:

    The show just conveniently got rid of the Nolan in jail storyline, Charlotte’s baby, Jack’s son Carl, Ashley, Conrad’s political career all in one episode (or one line of dialog). A little bit sloppy in some ways, but after the mess that was season 2 overall, perhaps this is a step in the right direction.

    • Erin C says:

      Carl is still around….

      • Quinn Mallory says:

        Jack said that he dropped off Carl with some extended family. So Jack can run around without having to worry about his son this season.

        • jen says:

          Sounded more like Jack and Carl were visiting extended family over the summer. I think Carl is back in town with Jack.

        • Dorothy says:

          He didn’t say he left him there. Just that Emily couldn’t contact him over the summer because he took the kid to visit relatives.

    • Santana says:

      I loved that they got rid of so many of those storylines, season 2 nearly made me stop watching the show, it’s like they just fixed the entire thing and are trying to get back to basics. I love how they just eliminated the Initiative and all of that mess in like 2 scenes.

  13. jesse says:

    WOW!!! Conrad is not really sick :)
    I’m glad because any Victoria and Conrad’s scenes are always entertaining!

  14. Michael says:

    A few theories:

    Conrad KNOWS he’s not dying; he said to Victoria that neither of them were going anywhere so I’m guessing he knows he’s not ill. That’s supported by Sunil’s remark that Connie’s not going to get a second opinion.

    I was hoping Charlotte would have had the miscarriage (or ‘miscarriage’) when she was overseas and in reality had given birth to her baby, left him there and then he can be brought on in the 2027 revival of ‘Revenge’ on TNT.

    I agree that tying a baby to Charlotte now would have given her fewer options. But it’s tough knowing that Jack has lost his father, wife, brother and, now, niece or nephew.

    Overall, this premiere was a winner; it got the show back on track.

    I still think Aiden is in cahoots with Emily.

    As for who the shooter is, I think it’s a man…but I could also see the shooter being the most obvious choice — Queen Victoria.

    • Anne says:

      Nah she would never say I’m sorry to Victoria. I afraid it’s Charlotte or Daniel. It has to be a ‘Grayson’.

      • Alichat says:

        Yeah….the apology seemed quite heartfelt, so I was thinking Charlotte, especially after she went all “Victoria” on Patrick. Or maybe it’s Jack? She would never apologize to Victoria or Conrad. If it was Aiden, I think she would be angry, and I think she’d be defiant with Daniel.

    • dee123 says:

      No way Victoria would take the easy way out by shooting her if she finds out what Emily has done. She’d want her to suffer and for it to be painful.

    • I think it’s Daniel, discovering Emily lied to him :D
      I think you would say “I’m sorry” to everyone who is pointing a gun on you….

      • Nosey says:

        I would also say I’m sorry if someone pointed a gun @ me so it could be anyone shooting her. I still have a hard time believing it is a main character, the 1st season leads me to believe it could be a character not introduced, and what have seen so far in the 3rd season leads me to believe it could be dream

  15. kelly says:

    I agree that Aiden has to be manipulating Victoria and isn’t really out to get Emily. If he really wanted to hurt Emily, he could just tell Victoria that Emily is really Amanda Clark. That seems highly unlikely since the premise of the show is that no one (except for a very few people) know who Emily really is or what she is really doing. They have to stretch that out for as long as they can.

  16. Cassandra says:

    I have a nagging feeling that it will be Charlotte who shoots Emily on her wedding night. There’s only a few people she would genuinely apologize to and with her new feistiness I can see her on the other end of that shooting. The scene where Emily and Victoria work together to get rid of Ashley was by far my favorite scene of the whole episode. It’d would be interesting to see these to enemies work together more often.

  17. allen says:

    Found the first episode, choppy. Two things : (1) Ashley blakcmailed Emily and she took her down, however Jack threatened her, but she didn’t do anything against him.
    (2) In only one episode, they wanted to wash up season 2 : Norlcorp, The Initiative, Grayson Global, Carrion, Governor Conrad, Charlotte pregnancy, but the Graysons didn’t get back their money, and we know Carrion, Nolan, Aiden did this mess. The showrunner want all of them back in the Hamptons jobless, hopeless and penniless to endure Emily’s offenses and manipulations.

    • Marc says:

      Emily would never do anything to hurt Jack since she loves him. Ashley was merely a means of being introduced to the Greysons in the first place so she hardly cared what happened to her.

      • allen says:

        That’s non sense! All people she loves she wants to protect them even when they hurt her, and every person she hates, she wants to break them when they hurt her.

        • Of course, that’s love, I totally understand her.
          Jack does not hurt her in the way Victoria did. That’s not the same thing…
          You can have a argument with some friends, but it’s ok. You would hesitate to break them down because of your friendship. While if some people are your enemies…you want to offense them! No doubt! Even “Amanda” did not betray Emily, revealing her secret, when she was angry with her. Friends have some limits. Enemies do not.

          Anyways, I think Emily admits her friends can have some good reasons to be furious. That’s why she does not break them. You do not hurt people you care about.

          • allen says:

            Too many excuses just for Emily. She’s so good, so nice, so beautiful, so rich, so adorable, so wonderful, so clever, so in pain, so right, so lovable, so understandable, so unique, so talented… Come on evil can be so beautiful! She has the right to hurt people, but people mustn’t hurt her; she has the right to act like a spoiler girl, because she has been throught a lot. Jack must love her, because she loves him. Aiden mustn’t turn the heat on her, because she is the victim. Let me balance things with the anti-hero, Victoria. She was abused by her stepfather, at the age of 15, she was impregnanted, her mother forced her to shot her dead lover, her mother kicked her out of the house. Who can find one excuse for Victoria boderline behaviors? Sorry guys, you are too partisans.

    • Nosey says:

      The difference is she loves Jack. Ashely is blackmailing her for money, b/c she still loves Jack. Jack doesn’t won’t anyone else hurt, Jack gets the short end b/c of her, and he is the target and in the crossfire. She knows this so she will not do anything to him. Also, Fauxmanda threatened her as well and she did not do anything. The is a big difference between Ashley and Jack blackmail. Plus she obviously wants to be w/ Jack, which is probably why she hasn’t got this done b/c he is her distraction.

  18. ” be trapped in Grayson manner” MANOR :)

  19. Chris says:

    I don’t like where this is going. For some reason I feel like they’ve just wiped out everything that happened last season. I don’t like how Aidan, Jack, and Charlotte are all turning into cold vindictive people. When jack kissed Emily and was like, i don’t feel anything, I feel like that was just to mean and out of character. I hate how Charlotte was made pregnant just for it to be written out, they should at least make it more dramatic or something. For some reason I don’t see this show lasting. Hopefully I’m proven wrong though.

    • carla says:

      Why do you think they hired a new show-runner?! Its because the Initiative, the pregnancy and Aiden and Ems relationship were handled badly in season 2. They got away from what season 1 was about: Revenge against every person that had something to do with framing her father.

    • Nosey says:

      Aidan and Charlotte have always been vindictive. I’m not sure if I can say Jack is vindictive, I thought he meant what he said. I thought he was caught in the moment when he kissed her, and genuinely did not have feelings for her. I can see him not having feelings for her, he has to get to know her, he made a mistake before marrying who he thought was Amanda Clark and his baby mama, without really getting to know her. He needs to get to know her, she actually needs to get to know him. As much as I want Jack and her together, I can see the two fall out of love together. The two fell in love w/ the pure side of each but not sure if either will fall in love w/ the vengeful side.

  20. Chris says:

    And why is Aidan hating on Emily? I’m forgetting about something? Why wouldn’t he just tell Victoria who she really was?

  21. roderk says:

    For me Charlotte shot Emily,
    This Patrick isn’t trye Patrick
    Daniel isn’t Conrad’s son but the son of an old boyfriend of victoria.

  22. David says:

    About the lost fotune. the whole initiative plot and buying companies that would reap the rewards of the terrorist attack (blackout). Season 2 finale Conrad even told Victoria that “they stood to triple their previous networth”.. So don’t get why that didn’t happen. I know the initiative story line is out – but the attack still happened, those companies still should have been making the money. Doesn’t make sense.

    • allen says:

      1- Agree! Why are they penniless? Something doesn’t fit. They released Nolan, but they didn’t ask him to return the money, weird! However Graysons know who stole their money
      2- I found all the Graysons (V,C,D) in that premier naive and stupid; and I asked myself did they really framed David Clarke, because the 18-year-old plot was so brilliant, that now I doubt they did it.
      3- They even didn’t ask a second medical opinion and accepted very quickly an unknown doctor diagnosis. They have to call Dr House!
      4- Aiden, out of the blue, in the middle of the night show up in Victoria balcony bedroom as if he used to sleep there.
      5- I’m really puzzled.

      • allen says:

        After all I wrote, I am pretty sure the Grayson family is playing out Emily. They can’t be so stupid.

      • 1. Watch season 2 again?
        2. They ‘ve always been stupid. No surprise. I don’t think they framed David Clarke. Conrad obeyed someone else…
        3. Maybe he did, because he comes back to his house and he’s like “we won’t move out’ because I’m fine. And why woudn’t they trust this doctor? They’re all unknowns persons. Actually I don’t think people often use to ask a second medical opinion…
        4. That’s part of the show. I won’t complaint against it. Theatrical. She though he was Patrick.
        5. Me too! Why can’t I see Justin Hartley naked? Where did he leave? I want to see more of him!

        • allen says:

          1- Yeah, I can understand why you don’t ask a second medical opinion if a doctor told you that you have a flu, but that’s not the case here. That’s why I still think the Graysons are very very very stupid;
          2- Someone bug a doctor personal computer and you have a death ailment. And no more complementary exams ahead. The results came very quickly, no IRM maybe only a blood test.
          3- Someone poisonned you and out of the blue you have a degenarative illness.
          3- I’ve watched season 2 many times and my questions still the same: I don’t believe in that bankruptcy. +$3billions vanished and the Graysons are so wonderfully calm with that (no inqueries). And, Charlotte had enough money to travel 6 months in Europe;
          4- Conrad Grayson ran an hedge funds and he put all his family money in a foundation; How can we call that: crazy, idiot, genius or incompetent.
          4- Emily’s plots seem so ingenius, because all her antagonists and lovers are idiots, and worst than that.
          5- They bring back Aiden to add cleverness in that fold. Graysons are so stupid that they welcomed, the man who bankrupted them, in their pool house.
          6- Another thing bother me: CCTV security in that manor is partisan; it works only for Emily not for the Graysons. Emily will have a harsh conversation with Aiden in the pool house and all cameras and mics seems sleeping.
          7- At the end, I asked myself are Graysons really stupid or are they playing stupid?

    • Alichat says:

      I understand why the Greyson’s are cash strapped…which is really what it is. They said they put all of their money in the Amanda Clarke Foundation, which was cleaned out by the Carrion program. They have properties and valuables, but nothing to support those things except Conrad’s paycheck. What I don’t understand is if Nolan planted a bug that tracked all the transactions performed by Carrion, therefore leading to the ‘Initiative”….because that’s who did all this…..then why isn’t Conrad in jail? I don’t fully understand how Nolan was cleared and yet Conrad is still an upstanding citizen?

      • allen says:

        Why Aiden isn’t in jail?

        • Alichat says:

          If I’m remembering correctly, he was released when Nolan was arrested. Once the police got that video from Padma saying Nolan is the Initiative, they released Aiden. Apparently that was all they needed to let him go.

  23. saeh says:

    Margot needs to go go!!! She’s annoying from head to toe.

    • knotc says:

      Agree–i’m really interested to see what they do with her and Daniel, but i don’t like her already.

    • allen says:

      Emily needs female competitor. We will see how she reacts?
      Why Emily was so reluctant to state a date for her wedding after 6 months living with Daniel? Wasn’t her plan all along to marry the guy? Maybe she wanted her two boyfriends to be witnesses. Daniel won, because living with her in the city was his intention since S1.
      I noticed, when a man push Emily away, she’s chasing him (Jack).

  24. Tee says:

    I appreciate them tidying up the messy plot bits from the last season but wish the take-down stuff hadn’t been so sloppy. Like the revelation of the press knowing about Conrad and barely a second later Emily’s all, WELP CONRAD BETTER RESIGN I GUESS. Victoria deserves a little more subtlety!

  25. dsm says:

    The only thing that really caught my attention in this episode (other than Charlotte’s bangs…lol) was Karinne Vanasse from Pan Am! Such a beautiful lady. Could she become Nolan’s love interest down the line? Or is her character meant to get in t the way of Emily/Daniel?

  26. Rose says:

    really hate it if aiden is “really” against emily….

    • Kay says:

      Nah, one of them did an interview saying Aiden has lost everything and has nothing left to lose, so he dedicates his life to helping Em.

  27. Lucy says:

    Hey, Michael… you’ve normally got impeccable grammar, so I assume “Grayson manner” in the Charlotte-has-bangs answer is just from sheer premiere-related exhaustion? ;)

  28. Matt says:

    I liked the premiere. Not 100% sure on the whole Aiden/Victoria against Emily thing, but we will see how it pans out…
    As for who shoots Emily, I hadn’t even thought of Charlotte as the culprit until reading these posts… Now it seems the only logical suggestion.
    Really want Nolan and Patrick to be a thing… Would be good to see Nolan in a happy relationship for once…
    Genuinely excited to see next weeks episode now :D

  29. Kella says:

    Aiden is not against Em, just working but with her secretly. Adien (or Jack?) fake shoots Em as party of their plot. Unless it is in slow motion, it takes an awful long time for her to bleed. You can see the bullets holes in the dress and there is no blood till she is almost in the water.

  30. mc says:

    Please help me out here: how did Nolan get out of jail? Weren’t the charges and evidence (the Padma video) against him strong?

  31. james says:

    Nolan and Patrick are totally gonna hook up, aren’t they?

  32. Andrea Murray says:

    Is there another season? Jack won’t let her carry on with her plan after the summer unless he has another reason for hating the graysons or if he dies or is out of the picture. I think it could be daniel who shoots Emily but I think it might be all set up so that Emily can disappear. She might see it coming and prepare and hope they shoot her in the head. It won’t be Charlotte, don’t know why but I don’t think so. It wouldn’t really be shocking enough. It also might be after the grayson get their come uppance. I reckon it’s either Daniel ( betrayal) or The Victoria ( pure hatred) or Its the other chick that has left and is not in this season. It could also be Conrad. It’s not jack it’s not charlotte and I’m kinda not believing its Daniel either. So that leaves the real bad evil to core ones!

  33. lizzybaby says:

    in episode 3 at the end aiden is secretly working with emily :))))

  34. jasmine says:

    There’s already amazing chemistry between patrick and nolan although its not sexual “yet” but is going to be awesome

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