Breaking Bad Finale Recap: 'Just Get Me Home, I'll Do the Rest' [Updated]

Breaking Bad FinaleBreaking Bad has gone dark one last time, and after seeing how Vince Gilligan & Co. chose to wrap Walter White’s journey, I say this with all of the sincerity in my being: 

Yeah, bitch!

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The amazing series ended with an equally impressive episode, which connected all of the flashforwards we’d seen and methodically led to the story’s conclusion. It gave us closure on everyone we cared about – and satisfyingly finished off the ones we really wanted to see put in the ground.

Though I’d like to keep talking about the show for as long as possible, we can’t put off the series finale recap forever. So let’s review the major developments of the final episode, “Felina.”

ROAD TRIP! | Just after leaving the bar in the previous episode, Walt finds an unlocked car and unsuccessfully tries to get it started using only a screwdriver. Police lights behind him cause him to utter a prayer of sorts: “Just get me home. I’ll do the rest.” The lights pass, and he finds the vehicle’s keys in the driver’s side visor. Walt drives off to the strains of a Marty Robbins cassette he finds in the glove compartment: “Tomorrow, a bullet may find me; tonight, nothing’s worse than this pain in my heart.”

He motors cross-country and stops to get gas and make a call once he’s reached the desert southwest. Walt pretends to be a New York Times reporter doing a story on Elliot and Gretchen Schwartz; a pleasant tone and the right questions help him learn where the Gray Matter founders are living these days, as well as when they’ll be back from a trip to New York. Once Walt hangs up, he takes off the watch Jesse gave him for his 51st birthday, lays it atop the pay phone and leaves. (Side note: Gilligan’s twofold story behind this gesture, revealed during this week’s Talking Bad, is a classic. Check it out if you haven’t.)

GUESS WHO? | The Schwartzes return to their posh home, and they’re so busy nattering on about ridiculously expensive New York restaurants that they don’t realize Walt is sitting in their courtyard… and entering their home… and picking up their knickknacks. “I really like your new house,” he tells Gretchen when she screams upon seeing him. Elliott anemically lunges forward with a kitchen knife, and I laugh at the tiredly amused tone of Walt’s voice as he says, “Elliott, if we’re going to go that way, you’re going to need a bigger knife.”

No, Walt’s not there to kill them. He instead asks them a favor: They will take the more than $9 million in cash he’s stacked on their coffee table, and they will put it in an irrevocable trust for Walter Jr. That way, the government won’t be able to prove it came from him, and therefore won’t be able to seize it. They shake on it, but you just know those two aren’t going to follow through – and so does Walt. Heisenberg does a Obi-Wan-like hand gesture, and two red dots from laser sights suddenly appear on Elliott and Gretchen’s chests. He informs the couple that “the two best hit men west of the Mississippi” are outside their home and will follow them to make sure that Walt’s kids get their rightful inheritance. Otherwise, “Pop! Darkness.” (Side note: Did you giggle, too, when Gretchen nearly soiled her Chanel at Walt’s “pop!”?) “Cheer up, beautiful people,” Walt says with disdain. “This is where you get to make it right.”

Outside, the two “hitmen” are revealed as Monsieurs Skinny Pete and Badger brandishing laser pointers. Ha! Not gonna lie: The guys’ appearance made me supremely happy. When Walt asks, they confirm that blue meth is still in circulation, but they’d assumed he was the one cooking it. Since Walt’s not, everyone in the car realizes, it’s gotta be Jesse.

And after a brief, golden-lit montage of a healthy, happy Jesse lovingly crafting a wooden box, we snap back to reality: Jesse is beat up, broken and still chained like Fido in Todd’s meth lab.

‘PLEASE DON’T MAKE ME WALK YOU THROUGH THIS’ | Then, in short order, we go from the events of this season’s premiere to the events of its finale. I’ll shorthand it for you: 52 in bacon, new car with a gun in the trunk and ricin retrieval at the Whites’ former home (complete with a flashback to the birthday party in the pilot).

Next we see Walt, he’s at a restaurant where Todd and Lydia are meeting. He crashes their table and begs for an audience with Uncle Jack and the gang; Walt has a “new method” of cooking that requires no methylamine, he says, and will show them how to do it for $1 million. She sends him on his way and then makes it clear to the very slow Todd that they will not be doing business with his former meth mentor. Lady Banjo Eyes then dumps the contents of a stevia packet into her tea, a move the camera follows with interest…

HIDING IN PLAIN SIGHT | Marie calls Skyler to warn her that Walt’s back in town and may come to see her. Skyler’s smoking and her face is blank as she thanks her sister – then the camera moves and we see that Walt has actually been in her kitchen, hidden from our view by a pole, the whole time. Nice reveal, Breaking Bad! “You look terrible,” she tells him. “Yeah, but I feel good,” he replies, adding that, “It’s over, and I needed a proper goodbye.”

He gives her the lotto ticket with the GPS coordinates on it – “That’s where they’ll find Hank and Steve Gomez,” he says, causing Skyler to start crying. He urges her to trade the information for a deal with the prosecutor. “You get yourself out of this.” But when she forbids him to say that what he’s done was for the family, he easily acquiesces. “I did it for me. I liked it. I was good at it. And I was really… I was alive.” (You might wanna put on some black and tuck a few tissues up your sleeve, because Bryan Cranston just killed it!) After a brief parting glance at both Flynn and Holly – neither of whom are aware he’s there — Walt leaves.

RETRIBUTION | Walt gains access to the Nazis’ compound, where he insists on parking at a certain angle next to the clubhouse. As the thugs check him for weapons and wires, we see he’s only carrying his wallet and a keyring remote for the car’s locks; it’s the same one we saw him use earlier as he rigged up some sort of auto gun thingee in the desert.

Jack quickly dismisses Walt’s new method and orders him killed, but Walt denounces Jack as welching on his agreement to kill Jesse. Jack scoffs at Jack’s insistence that Jesse is a “partner” in their meth operation; to prove it, he has Todd fetch Pinkman from the lab. (Side note: The dejected way Aaron Paul shuffles hurriedly after Todd speaks volumes about Jesse’s spirit at this point, no?) Once Jesse is in the clubhouse, Walt launches himself at his former protégé, covering the younger man’s body as they hit the floor. You think at first he’s angry, but he’s really activating the car’s remote: An automatic machine gun starts strafing the entire building with bullets, hitting everyone except Todd and Jesse. Yep, you read that right: Walt takes a bullet in his abdomen.

Todd is dumbfounded by what’s happened; his daze allows Jesse to come up behind him and strangle him with his wrist irons. (Side note: Yesssssss.) Meanwhile, Walt grabs a gun from the ground and aims it at Uncle Jack, who’s dying but not gone yet. If Walt wants to know where his money is, Jack reasons, he shouldn’t kill him. “You pull that trigger, you’ll never –” but the slimeball never finishes his thought, because Walt turns his head into hamburger.

I DID IT MY WAY | So it’s just Walt and Jesse standing, looking at each other, and Walt kicks the gun over to Pinkman. Jesse aims it at him, bewildered, and Walt tells him, “Do it. You want this.” But Jesse gets his former teacher to admit that he wants to die; after noticing that Walt is bleeding from the belly, Jesse says, “Then do it yourself” and walks out. He jumps in a car and speeds out of the compound, crying and laughing and yelling all at the same time. Though I don’t think Jesse will ever have a normal life and I fear for his mental state, I’m not sad that he survives the series. (Agree? Disagree? That’s what the comments section is for.)

Meanwhile, Lydia calls Todd’s cell (he’s changed his ringtone to “Lydia, the Tattooed Lady,” which is awesome), and Walt picks up. It’s clear that she’d ordered the gang to kill Heisenberg; she’s surprised when he’s alive… and even more surprised when he announces that he slipped ricin in her stevia packet at the restaurant. So that flu-like feeling she’s having right now? It’s going to get a heck of a lot worse. I guess those sugar substitutes really do kill!

His business concluded, Walt strolls through the lab and looks fondly on its implements. Cop cars arrive in the background, but he isn’t worried. And as he collapses onto the ground and the camera ascends toward the rafters, it’s clear that Walter White – now penniless, family-less and lifeless — is at peace for perhaps the first time since we met him.

Now it’s your turn. Grade the episode via the poll below, then back up your choice in the comments!

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  1. BillyB says:

    I feel they could have better conveyed Walt’s condition at the end.

  2. Melissa says:

    I LOVED BB’s finale – it was perfect in every way. But regarding Dexter, those who hated it, I truly believe did not understand the show. There could be no happy ending for him, just like there could be no happy ending for Walt. If either character rode off into the sunset, there would be out crys. Walt’s “punishment” was death & Dexter’s is a life alone.

  3. Rick Darrow says:

    Normally I would say that Jessie’s mental state going forward would land him thinking of suicide all the time, however I strongly believe the only thing that kept him going (as the Nazi’s prisoner) was keeping Brock alive. This mean, to me, that he goes and becomes a huge part of Brock’s life. This is not to say he will live happily ever after, but Brock will continue to keep Jessie going.

  4. Megan says:

    I don’t understand the complaints that it wasn’t super suspenseful and there were no twists so it wasn’t good. Jesse is free, Walt’s original goal is going to be realized, Todd and co. are gone. Those are all things that every fan agreed they wanted to happen. But people just ain’t happy if they don’t have something to gripe about. No, there were no edge of the seat moments or questions about what would happen next but that’s OK. In the end, everyone got what they deserved and everything was as it should have been. That – not one last insane twist – is what makes a great finale.

  5. lost says:

    Totally fine with the ending. Totally joins to the good endings Lost or Six Feet Under had. Dexter’s ending was terrible. Breaking Bad did it right.

  6. Angel says:

    I thought the ending fit. I was hoping Walt won’t die, but his cancer was back, he was going to die whether the bullet hit him or not. He knew that, and tried to make things somewhat right before he left the world. He was a criminal, and he may have enjoyed his activities, and told Skylar he did it for himself in the end, but I think deep down, he never lost sight of making sure his family was taken of and ok. So yes he deserved to go out like he did, but at least he tried to make things right in some way in the end. I was particularly glad that Jesse got to be free, and that he got to kill Todd. Jesse needed to get revenge on that little punk! Overall the show and it’s ending were great! I wish they could’ve done a few more seasons, there could’ve been more story to tell. The only thing I wish they show wouldn’t have done was kill off Mike and Hank, those were the most disappointing things in the show for me.

  7. sara says:

    Would someone please tell me how the police arrived so quickly at the neo-nazi compound? But – – – -LOVED the ending and loved the series! Thank you Breaking Bad and Vince (Gilligan – – –
    why the parenthesis in the opening credits?

  8. BobP says:

    For those asking about Walt and Grey Matter… it was explained… Walt needed money and sold all his rights to Elliot & Gretchen for $5000 before the company took off.

    My question is – how is Jesse free? He was found with all that drug money and somewhere in the compound is that DVD with his confession.

    • dysturbed says:

      Jack probably destroyed it after they watched it, since it also implicated Todd.

    • As far as the drug money, he was being quietly held by DEA agents, and then captured by Jack’s crew. He was being sought for his connection to Walt and for he possession of the drug money (this was mentioned in an offhand comment), but he had been bailed out and then the series of events led to him being held captive.

    • bk says:

      Ah, but what was never explained about Gray Matter (that’s the more-typical American spelling) is the all-important “Why”?

      Walt not remaining a part of Gray Matter — not getting to be one of the insanely rich “beautiful people” like Gretchen and Elliot — is the ultimate (though not proximate) cause for Walt “breaking bad”.

      If Walt had stayed with Gray Matter he would have never needed to “break bad” with meth to try (as certainly was his original intent) to make enough of a stash (by his initial calculation, $737,000) to leave his family when he got his cancer diagnosis.

      It’s the true “original sin” of the whole show, and why, or exactly how, Walt fell out with Gretchen and Elliot is never explained.

      • He didn’t fall out though. If he had fallen out with Gretchen and Elliot, he never would have been invited to Elliot’s birthday. They never would have offered him a position in the company. They never would have tried to pay for his cancer treatment. I believe why he needed the money is explained early on in the series, but I have to rewatch to see if that’s true or not.

        • D. Passenger says:

          Wasn’t it to buy the house? I remember a flashback of when Skyler and Walt first saw their house and Walt wasn’t crazy about it, he thought they could do better.

          • Oh yeah, she was pregnant with Walt Jr and they needed a house, and he figured his opportunities were limitless so he wasn’t really worried about what the future held. He said something that they could always get a better house later.

      • Justin says:

        The actress who plays Gretchen has said the Gilligan told her that after Walt met Gretchen’s extremely rich family he broke off their engagement and left her. He later sold his shares for a measly sum to buy that house in ABQ.

  9. ryan says:

    Nice spoilers in the url, thanks a lot.

  10. Morpeth says:

    Am I the only one that didn’t care for this finale at all? Sure we got some closure on events but it was very sloppy. The scene with Elliot and his wife was great, but what is to stop the two crackheads from going back right after he drops them off at home to steal the nine million they saw sitting there?

    Walt becomes MacGuyver and builds his gun turret thing. I know he is mechanically inclined since he installed his water heater and also built his meth lab, but that was just a bit much i think. Then there is the fact that he somehow KNOWS that he is going to meet the bad guys all in one room, in a single story building, and just happens to make the spread of the guns bullets the EXACT size of the building?

    Jesse doesn’t call him a bitch when he tells him to kill himself basically. That is more a personal complaint than anything considering it is Jesse’s trademark on the show.

    There are many other problems I had with this but you get the point. Considering how phenomenal Breaking Bad has been as a show, I really felt let down by all the plot holes. Maybe I am just too picky but the series in general had so few mistakes like these that it saddens me they put so many of them into the final episode

    • PCollen says:

      I agree. I felt there was a big disconnect in the finale. Things came together too quickly and conveniently, compared to all the other episodes. Still, I thought it was great that it left no questions except perhaps was Skylar able to cut a deal with the cops by providing the location of Hanks body and get off ?

    • 1) If you think that Badger and Skinny Pete would steal the money, then you don’t know much about their characters. They’re not thieves, and they respect Walter White. Even if they were thieves, they wouldn’t steal Walt’s money. But their characters have been very well fleshed out over the series, and had you paid attention you’d know they weren’t the thieving types. Also, the Schwartzes are more than likely to beef up security at their place after their encounter with Walt.
      2) He’s rigged various bombs and mechanical devices throughout the course of the series, why is it unbelievable that he could rig a machine gun in the trunk of a car? If anything, the fact that he has set up an incendiary device that was triggered by sound in season 4 shows that he could pull this off. Also, the gang is always showing up together, anytime Walt has met with them (in the clubhouse) they were always together. The fact that he’s been there shows that he knew where they would meet.
      So there’s two plot holes that actually don’t exist. Got more?

      • Admiral Crunch says:

        Plus, getting the spread right was not luck; Walt could adjust that by adjusting his car’s distance from the building – simple geometry.

      • Admiral Crunch says:

        If you mean the bomb in Hector’s chair, it wasn’t triggered by sound. That wouldn’t be very reliable. I believe there was a wire running from the bell to trigger it. Pressing the button on the bell was meant to close the circuit.

    • cs2870 says:

      Sure there are some things you might have to stretch, sometimes you have to just disconnect and enjoy the show. It’s fiction after all. I guess if we called it “science” fiction people wouldn’t be so picky. I imagine all the bullets didn’t hit the building. Didn’t have to, he had a lot of them. If he knows the angle that his device covers, and about how wide the building is, the only thing left to calculate is how far to park, and didn’t have to be exact. It’s not rocket science, especially for a genius chemist.

  11. DM says:

    To date the best ending that I saw was Star Trek DS 9-which wrapped up the series
    and gave every character a great end-off. To that I will last nights BB finale.
    It was beyond excellent-it will serve as the way to end a drama show-period.
    Walt dying in the meth lab while echoing the shot of Jack lying on the ground in Lost is
    similar but is far better than the convoluted mess that Lost became. BB was able to keep
    all the strands of the story together. Lost had too many strands to keep track of.
    The cast of BB was superb and I wonder how The Walking Dead ,Mad Men and Hell
    on Wheels will end. Will Rick walk out of the shower telling his wife about a bad dream
    only to be attacked by zombies??? Only kidding but BB has raised the bar very high.
    I have watched BB from episode 1 and it has always engaged me-never stupid or
    boring-or a clown act.

  12. PCollen says:

    So, evidently Walt found the money stolen from him by Jack and the gang without Jack’s help, or anyone else’s ? I was surprised when he said that the amount he was leaving to his family was over 9 million, given that he had about 1 million left to him by Jack after Hank was killed and the money dug up.

  13. Edward says:

    I loved when Walt shot uncle Jack in the head in mid sentence. Just like Jack shot Hank in the head mid sentence. It made it that much more just!

  14. Dan says:

    Vince Gilligan & writers were ingenious in every detail (subtle or otherwise). After smartly tying up all the loose ends even last scenes Walt walking about the machines that made him feel alive was so well scripted. As his bloody hand slides slowly down the polished chrome and you can see the flashing lights arriving… Walt falls into a well deserved and peaceful rest… like a fitting ‘Breaking Bad’ eulogy… and peace to all loyal viewers!!

    • bk says:

      In the end, Walt wins, and for that I’m glad.

      Great ending to a great show, but I’ll say once again that not only were all the loose ends not tied up (I don’t think that would be possible — things go on for everyone still alive, like Jesse and Marie and Skyler, to say nothing of people like Huell) but the biggest one of all was never resolved:

      We never find out why Walt was cut out of Gray Matter.

      Yes, he took $5,000 to leave, but we never know why that happened. Elliot and Walt were, at the beginning, great friends, and it seems Gretchen had been the love of Walt’s life.

      But why did they all break up, leaving Walt with essentially nothing instead of millions? And then Walt ends up with Skyler instead of Gretchen (we also never know how that happened) and as a poorly-paid HS chemistry teacher.

      That’s the “original sin” of the whole show, the ultimate reason Walt “broke bad”. And we never know why or how it happened.

    • Dan says:

      Sorry i really should have said loose scoundrels and not loose ends. You’re right about there being several other scoundrels (Huell for one) though i don’t think they would’ve been a danger to Skyler or her family. Also, i wouldn’t have trusted Elliot and Gretchen as far as i could throw them… even with the red dot on their chest for the rest of their lives. I think Walt ‘broke bad’ … yes, because he was poorly paid and needed the money but also because he needed that excitement after getting his death sentence. >>> You gotta remember what walking the edge did for him (in bed) when Holly was conceived?

  15. QuietArashi says:

    Too many loose ends from a show whose hype promised tying up the loose ends; and in doing the “polar opposite” (and, ironically enough, didn’t Vince Gilligan purport — in the hyped-up weeks leading up to Felini — that the ending would present itself as “polarizing”?) in creating more loose ends; here are some of ’em:

    • One or a few of you brought this one up, brilliantly: how could White/Heisenberg have been so sure that Lydia would’ve used that last pack of stevia, which — we must admit — she did en up using. Another few of youse — and this is equally brilliant — asked why White TOLD Lyvia about the ricin/stevia? Brock was successfully treated for it (despite Walt’s “measured” ricin quantities) . . . why can’t Lyvia?

    Grey “area” indeed. So post-Walt visit to Eliot and his ex’ is a dead and FOUND Walt. This might change things (not to mention the trust fund instructions given to them) by the finicky (“if I want pizza . . .”; remember that line from last night? Scriptwriter helping this finale shoot itself nicely in the foot) Grey Matter thieves. Can we guarantee they’ll be altruistic enough to give Flynn and his sister the millions? Despite being threatened?

    Speaking of thieves . . . So what about Marie’s loose end as a shoplifter? Add the aforementioned Grey Matterians . . . And you get a sub-theme of the show, “thieves get away with it?” Yeah. Certainly stole 75 minutes of time I’ll never get back.

    Am not convinced Walt was NOT going to kill Jesse. C’mon, now. Those of you trolling ( :) ) THIS one at some point probably also said, “Walt’s like a FATHER to Pinkman.” Admit it.

    Anyway, the Ocean park seal-clapping-ERRRRRR-ERRRRR lot of those going “perfect!” “A+ ending! “Scriptwriters, take note!” lot trying to accord, “like it! LIKE IT DARNIT!!!! IT’S GOOD!!!!” Well. That kind of rhetoric shares something with how this final episode was laid out contrived and all.

    One of youse said something along the lines of how this finale didn’t have the same twist and turns and cleverness of episodes from the entire series . . . and you’re right. That is theme of what is wrong with this last episode.

    The Sopranos final episode still rules in TV anti-hero fare of the 21st century. Period. These shows are not something you watch while being enthralled and wowed at TV ads, you know (well, of course — unless you watched The Sopranos on A&E instead of HBO, in which case, I give my condolences — with the commercial-free advantage that The Sopranos had on HBO), you now?

    Loose ends, more holes in the ending’s script than there were holes in the Neo-Nazi’s pool room after being treated by Walt’s M-60 contraption (which WAS one of the cooler things in the show, admittedly).


    • 1. Walt knew Lydia would use that pack of Stevia because she always sat at that exact table in every meeting that was shown at that restaurant during her time on the series. She always used Stevia in her tea. Walt put ricin in a Stevia packet, removed all the other Stevia packets from “her” table, and left the one ricin-filled Stevia packet. As he said in the episode, Lydia is a creature of habit. She met Walt at that restaurant every Tuesday morning at 10:00 a.m. It isn’t a stretch at all. Next, Walt told Lydia about the ricin because by the times symptoms manifest, there isn’t a way to treat the poison. Brock WASN’T poisoned with ricin, he was poisoned with Lily of the Valley; that wasn’t fatal. Ricin is. Any treatment Lydia seeks is going to be fruitless.

      2. I have no idea what you’re getting at with the pizza comment as an example of them being finicky. Elliot was saying that if you want pizza, you go to a pizza place, and if you want Thai food, you go to a Thai place; comparing the two in quality is pointless, because they’re completely different types of food. Further, Walt knew Gretchen and Elliot would set the irrevocable trust up for Junior because of the threat he put in their minds. They don’t know Badger and Skinny Pete were the “assassins.” These are civilians, far-removed from a life of crime. The terror on their faces, first when they saw Walt initially and then again when the beams came through their window demonstrate that they aren’t going to do anything to risk being harmed. Walt told them, if Flynn isn’t given the money, they would be killed by two of the best hitman in the region. It doesn’t matter that Walt died; how do they know he didn’t have a partner or someone managing his affairs after his death to ensure that the hitmen didn’t follow through on the job? The Schwartzes are not going to take that chance.

      3. What about Marie’s shoplifting? What’s your point? And what did Gretchen and Elliot steal? They bought Walt out of the company in it’s early days, but the price at the time was probably reasonable. It wasn’t until after he left that they became wildly successful, and by that point, they owed him nothing.

      4. Your grammar makes your last “point,” or whatever you want to call it, very unclear. Walt likely planned on killing Jesse, however; he removed the watch that Jesse gave him for his 51st birthday at the gas station after using the pay phone, presumably because he wanted to rid himself of the reminder of his former partner. He knew that Jesse was still alive because of the quality of the meth on the street, and he was clearly angry when he learned this. I believe he intended to kill Jesse along with the Nazis, as he believed that Jack and Jesse had partnered up to cook meth; upon seeing Jesse, and realizing that he had been a captive of Jack and his gang, the depth of the suffering Jesse experienced hit Walt. There was a moment where Walt contemplated whether or not to tackle Jesse to the ground, thus saving his life. After saving him, Walt gave Jesse the gun and told Jesse to shoot him; to me, this seemed like an attempt to give Jesse a type of catharsis. He finally recognized the role he played in the destruction of Jesse Pinkman, and realized it would be appropriate for Jesse to ultimately “destroy” his life, albeit more literally and conclusively. So, yes; Walt intended to kill Jesse, then changed his mind.

      • QuietArashi says:

        . . . Lydia is a creature of habit . . . </blockquote.

        Wasn't it YOU who (or someone else) who said exactly this, earlier? I'm responding to that. So, there, i.e., still unconvinced by your re-run.

        Walt likely planned on killing Jesse, however; he removed the watch that Jesse gave him for his 51st birthday at the gas station after using the pay phone, presumably because he wanted to rid himself of the reminder of his former partner.

        If you watched the Talking Bad immediately following the finale, Gilligan gives the answer (from his point-of-view, actually).

        So, yes; Walt intended to kill Jesse, then changed his mind.

        Mmmm. Sada no. In fact, I’m even LESS convinced after reading your phone book on this issue.

        Look. The last episode could be better. And you, and others like you, know it. You just WANT it to be the finest last episode ever. Yawn.

    • word says:

      Do you know what a plot-hole is?

      Lydia always uses Stevia and always sits at that table at 10 AM. There was one packet of it left which Walt had doctored. She would use that one. I rewatched that scene and they make it very clear there is only one packet of Stevia on her table when she gets her tea and Walt was there first.

      Brock wasn’t poisoned with ricin. He was poisoned with Lily of the Valley, which as far as the show is concerned is a treatable toxin. This was a very major plot point at the time. Did you watch Breaking Bad before this season? Maybe ricin poisoning is treatable in real life but as far as the show is concerned it isn’t,

      We can’t be guaranteed Gretchen and Elliot will come through but Walt knows this so it isn’t a plot hole. He says “no matter what happens to me tomorrow. they’ll be out there”. Walt knows they’d be very unlikely to follow through with the trust when they find out he is dead. The fake hitmen isn’t a perfect plan but it isn’t a plot hole.

      For all we know Marie is still shoplifting when she wants to feel alive. Who cares? This isn’t her story. There was not a pending trial for shoplifting or a victim of Marie’s looking for revenge.It is a character trait she has, not a “loose end”

      There are plenty of problems with the finale but making up fake plot holes doesn’t help your case.

      • QuietArashi says:

        I’d rather be . . . well . . . whatever you’re trying to call me instead of being someone so easily convinced (pun intended — “vince”). The plausibility we came to know and love in this series got shot up by an M-60, also, with last night’s final ep. “Knew she was a creature of habit.” “Intended to kill Jesse.” I mean, really. It all sounds so contrived; can hear the scriptwriters, “see? See? THESE guys bought it, even though we rushed it all.”

        • How is that contrived? Lydia asks Walt how he knew they’d be there, and he even says that it was the same when they would meet: 10 am every Tuesday. How is that contrived? We saw the meetings with Walt and with Todd, and they appeared in the same coffee place, at the same table. Why does it seem contrived that it would be on the same day at the same time? Walt was visible upset when he realized that Jesse was cooking, and he was still upset when he told Jack that Jesse and Jack had partnered up to make meth. He was trying to get Jesse out there so he could kill them all. When he realized that Jesse had been held captive since he was taken by the gang he decided to save Jesse. How is that contrived? That’s logical. You just seem bent on hating the finale without any real logical reason for your ire.

          • QuietArashi says:

            You know. If this was a mid-season episode, Gilligan would’ve made Lyvia suspicious. Contrived.

          • Once again you’re reaching to hate the finale for no reason. This is a situation that never would have happened in a mid-season finale. And what did she have to be suspicious of? She didn’t see him put anything in her drink, and he didn’t. His explanation of how he found them was plausible because it was the truth. You really need to stop.

          • cs2870 says:

            I’m pretty sure some of these people would write a fuming, vicious, HATE letter to Orville Redenbacher because one kernel of corn didn’t pop, or because it popped but just wasn’t quite as fluffy as the others.

          • Ruru says:

            He’s trolling and trying to aggravate people. he’s not making sense, so let’s just ignore him…

    • QuietArashi says:

      Funny. If I’m so off the mark here, then, why all the “hey, crowd, this guy’s wrong. Don’t listen to him.” If I’m so wrong, then, others (the majority) should notice the folly. “. . . . doth protest too much, methinks” as Shakespeare might tell you (Vince Gilligan could’ve used Shakespeare’s spirit to help him end this series).

      :) . Participate; don’t hate. :)

    • Celeste says:

      Walt didn’t USE ricin to poison Brock, he used a Lily of the Valley plant, which is poisonous. That’s the only way he recovered. Even if a doctor KNOWS you’ve been poisoned with ricin, there is NOTHING they can do–nothing.

    • QuietArashi says:

      Go look up Ross Douthat’s “Walter White’s Dream” (October 1, 2013, 1:17 PM) piece from The New York Times. Looks like “Bad ending for Breaking Bad” sentiment is becoming a lit-tle more institutionalized (e.g., “uh. Trolls? OK. You keep on with that.”).

      One of my favorite parts of the column is from a quote from none other than the great Emily Nussbaum:

      [But] if this episode in fact took place in reality, it was troubling, and yes, disappointing, if only because the story ended by confirming Walt’s most grandiose notions: that he is, in fact, all-powerful, the smartest guy in the room, the one who knocks. Anyone other than Walt becomes a mere reflection of this journey to redemption . . .

      I find this sensible; and I’m a guy who wanted White to live. Nussbaum’s argument is sound.

  16. Justin says:

    Walt save Jessie’s ass once again and once again Jessie acts like an Emo teenager and storms off.
    It was a good finale but damn I wish Jessie would have been killed.

    • QuietArashi says:

      Amen, brotha’.

      But, you know why he survived, right? Because weed-user goooooood. Potential to go back to substance abuse (and tell me Jesse wasn’t going to look to get a hit once he hit his destination?). Where’s Frank Castle when you need him (not necessarily talking about the PunisherMAX Frank Castle, by the way)?

      By all rights . . . if White died, then, Pinkman needed to.

      Part of what would’ve made for a better ending was for Walt using some of that $80 mill’ to have Saul get him to a guy or a guy who knows a guy who could conduct a corporate takeover of Grey Matter. The ultimate money launderer.

      This last episode wasn’t horrendous. But, if you’re true to yourself, you KNOW that this is not the “A+!!!!!” “PERFECT ending!!!!!” “screenwriters, take note!!!!” smashing ending that Breaking Bad deserved.

    • Jesse has been held captive for near a year as a slave cooking meth while the girl that he loved had been murdered in front of him because Walt handed him over to the gang to be killed. On top of that, he found out that Walt watched Jane die and didn’t try in the least to help her. Every time Jesse tried to get out of the business and clean up, Walt brought him back in and demeaned and belittled and used him to keep Jesse under his thumb. I think Jesse had the right to storm off.

  17. Michael says:

    Great finale; great finale recap/review by Kim Roots!

  18. Anil says:

    I did it for me, I liked it, I was good at it…I was alive!
    Cheers to those who wrote this & Cranston for saying it just right making BB the best tv show ever for me. Can’t wait for Vince’s next.

  19. Barinder Atwal says:

    Excellent finale which fit the overall tone of the show like a glove.
    My huge fear before watching the finale was that Junior or Holly would come to harm as that really would have been tough to watch. Thankfully those concerns were ultimately redundant.
    It seemed to me that Walt did make amends but did so in such an unrepentent manner i.e. finally admitting to Skylar what we all knew anyway, that this was all about him and his ego. He retained some of Walt in terms of ensuring he provided for his family, saving Jesse, not giving a crap about where the rest of the money was before plugging Jack, but it seemed to me that Heisenberg had prevailed from the ending when he lovingly marvelled at his creation in his final moments and seemingly died with no regrets (except for possibly his fractured relationship with family and possibly Hank’s death). Baby Blue was an incredible touch as Walt’s swansong and so apt.

    I think there certainly remain some loose ends e.g. what happened to the other $70 mil (though I am guessing that is just seized by the feds as drug money and builds the case for Skylar being exonerated), what is in store of Jesse (and possibly Brock) I think in relation to the latter, Jesse is such a broken man, perhaps being able to care for Brock and raise him would have been his redemption and given him a reason to live and motivation to continue. And of course if Huell was still in that hotel room :-)

    I think Junior would have accepted the money from Gretchen and Elliot because ultimately his desire to provide for his family with his father gone would have probably won out over any reservations about accepting the money. Sure that Elliot and Gretchen would have made the gift seem legitimate as well, for fear of the ‘hitmen’ doing them in. There was very much a vibe coming off Walt of ‘you really do not wanna f**k with me and you had better do what I say’ when he was in their home telling them what they were to do with the cash. I also thought it was brilliant how he was so nonchanlant when he entered their house whilst they were nattering away about their boring sounding evening.

    I did not expect Walter to storm the compound blasting away at the Nazi crew. That would have not fit him at all and would have been ridiculously cliche. He was after all a very methodical and cerebral man so personally I loved the ‘remote controlled gun’ he used to take them out (and as it turned out himself) Though I cannot believe those Nazi’s did not check out the trunk of the car. Stupidity on their part which cost them.
    To borrow a line from Jesse I shouted out a very hearty ‘Yeah bitch!!’ when he choked the life out of that piece of crap Todd or when Lydia learned she was about to die a very painful, ricin laced death from Walt.

    Overall, I was appeased by the finale and will look back on this show with a large degree of fondness. Good luck to any show trying to top this. Was hit with an overwhelming feeling of sadness after this episode and the final episode of Talking Bad realising it was finished.

  20. Valerie Tower says:

    Wonderful, fabulous, well thought out ending. Thank you Vince for wrapping up everything.
    My heart broke as much reading this review as it did watching the episode. So sad it is over :-( R.I.P. Breaking Bad. I sure will miss you.

  21. JJ says:

    I liked it. It was a very good end to a very good TV show and yes perhaps the best ever dramatic television series. The only thing I didn’t get is why Jesse lived. All through the series Jesse would have died over and over again if not for Walt rescuing him time and time again. Prolly the only reason Vince let him live was to introduce Aaron Paul’s new series which continues Pinkman’s sorry life.

  22. Silas says:

    satisfying ending to an amazing show. for all you people who are nitpicking/comparing to other shows i say just enjoy it for what t is. I mean god forbid we don’t have some loose threads to ponder or esoteric bs to figure out and understand. this show was amazing!

  23. njartist says:

    I wanted to add this observation-Walt may be at peace but what a mess he has left behind. Skyler & Marie are both widows and estranged . Junior is full of anger towards Walt and will need decades of therapy In fact so will both his mother and aunt. Skyler saw Walt de-evolve into a monster only to become Walt at the last minute. Now she has not only lost her home, her husband but to a degree Walt Jr as well because of his anger towards Walt. Holly will never know her father. Jesse -who knows what happens to him. Does he have any money to begin again? How messed up is his head? Now that Saul is gone who will introduce him to someone who give him a new id? Walt & Hank dead-their families destroyed -also Hank’s partner. If I remember correctly what cost Walt this position at Gray Matter was his ego and sense of entitlement. That is what brought him down in the end. He wanted attention for something that he had accomplished that would bring him recognition. It did not matter what that was as long Walter White would be remembered not just as a high school chemistry teacher . Pride before the fall. His anger towards his early death sentence and the fact that he was cast aside fueled his rise to becoming the biggest meth kingpin in the Southwest. I am sure that at first he did see meth as a way to provide for his family but as he went along his ego took over.He finally admitted to Skyler that he was good at it & that he enjoyed it. Walt at the end was not a hero but a loser. He lost the respect and love of Walt Jr and that cut him to the bone. I think that it was the main reason that he saved Jesse-at least one of his sons may think well of him.

    I wonder if Saul was really a lawyer or did he fake his credentials and being smart
    was able to pull it off?? Would he really walk away from a law practice or could he cover his tracks?? Nebraska -no offense he would have been better off going further North since he was a recognized figure because of his ads. In the show Damages there was a lawyer
    who faked his credentials and was able to pull it off for a very long time. I think that Martin Short was the actor .

    • I guess you could kind of say that Walt’s ego lost him his position at Gray Matters. He left Gretchen after meeting her wealthy parents (based on what Vince Gilligan told the actress, I don’t know if it’s mentioned in the series) and he left the company to get the buyout on his stock so he could pay for the house since Skyler was pregnant with Walt Jr. and he thought he could always get a great position with a lot of money.
      As far as Saul, I think he was the real deal. I don’t think he could get away with it depending on the types of criminals he represents. I think people would have looked into it a long time ago to try and expose him. I think because he was so involved with Walt’s business, he couldn’t possibly get away with confidentiality.

  24. Erik says:

    Thank you so much for putting the spoiler in the title, that way it popped up on google and ruined things for me without me even searching for Breaking Bad. Idiot.

    • Celeste says:

      Don’t go anywhere near the Internet if you haven’t watched the finale of a huge show like this–you WILL be spoiled. How long would you have people wait to write about it? A day? A week? Get off your lazy butt and watch it.

  25. Ramon says:

    I like it but one thing irks me they should have made the last scene be of what happens to Jesse, is driving like a bat out of hell moments later the cops are at the compound did they pull him over ? Did he get away ? You don’t know

    • Does it matter what happened to Jesse? The show started with Jesse and Walt’s first meeting concerning meth, the show ended with them parting ways for the last time concerning meth. The show started on Walt’s birthday and ended two years later on his birthday. I don’t think they needed to go beyond that, they ended one story. Following Jesse would have been the start of another story.

  26. Papa J Smoove says:

    Thanks for putting a spoiler in the web link so it shows up in the Google search.

  27. J says:

    Did he really die tho?? I think he survived and he’s in a prison cell waiting for Jesse and Flynn to come visit.

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  29. ihateyoutvline says:

    Thanks for spoiling it for me in the header. Way to go.

  30. Conor says:

    Hey Kimberly Roots, thanks for leaving that big spoiler in the title of the search results so that it can kick me in the teeth when I search online to see where I can watch the last episodes. #hatecha #killyourself

  31. muul says:

    for me the finale it not fair for walt, y’all know what walter done, he save jesse, he kills many bad guys, he earn milions dollar for his family, all of good things he done it for his family even he did it in bad way, but all the ones he loves hate him. and pride nothing

  32. Tamisl says:

    I think they could continue! Will there be a new season? We don’t know that Walt was dead. He could mastermind his way past the DEA, and Jesse is still alive! There is plenty of branches to start a new season!

  33. Dolly says:

    Are we sure Walt is dead? Maybe an ambulance took him to the hospital? Maybe a new series of him in court then jail with Jesse still making the blue stuff..never know…

  34. M.A. Palmer says:

    This was the most overrated finale in TV history. So predictable. The only surprise was how Walt got revenge (with a gun instead of a bomb). The reason most people love BB’s ending and hate Dexter’s, is that TV viewers are generally not open to interpretation. Spoon-feed us a happy ending….Just wrap a pretty bow around it. Or have an epic Ramboesque shootout. Yea…who wants to think independently and get all symbolic?

  35. Jason W says:

    1) What was happy about that ending? Inevitable, yes. Happy, no.
    2) Breaking Bad was never about being open to interpretation, it was a very literal show that always told you how it was. The interpretation came in the form of character study. The ending was in line with the rest of the series.
    3) People hated Dexter’s ending because it didn’t fit the series. That a serial killer would get away and not meet some sort of justice is counter-intuitive. It’s also not something that is meant for interpretation. Showtime told the writers and producers of Dexter that they could not kill Dexter off (which was their original intention). That was the sellout ending.

    People want to think independently and symbolically, however if the series does not really use symbolism and lives in realism then they should not expect symbolism.

  36. JP says:

    Ok so here’s one thing that I haven’t seen anyone in the comments talk about. Walt jumps on top of Jesse and they’re lying on the ground right? How in the hell does Walt get shot then? I mean don’t get me wrong I did kind of love the ending, but it does not make sense at all. You can easily tell where the bullets all went from the wall on the outside of the building. All of the holes were in a straight line (sort of). The m60 wasn’t pointing down at all, just straight foward, not to mention Walt was laying on his stomach on top of Jesse, but when he stands up, you see the gunshot appears to have came from the front. it would have only been able to hit Walt from the side. If anyone can make sense of this, please do.

  37. George says:

    Amc thank you for this amazing show that i wish never ended. All the actors did such a cunfincing job in They’re roll that i still feel as if it were all real . It sadens me that it ends that hank dies even tho deep inside i wanted his death for the mear safty of walt course. Mikes death impacted me as well he shouldve died with his family, but he crossed walt so it makes sense , but man was mike an interesting character. Theres more i want to say but its hard to type on my ps4 lol. Oooo nd jesse dieing wouldnt of worked out if u ask me. Im sure he has learned from all’ this and moves on “BIIIITCH” ty again R.I.P walt we all miss the great hieseburg and his blue dimond;)

  38. michael tonge says:

    This first season was fantastic! Then after thar everyone season gets dumber with walt getting stupider angrier and allot more greedy and making dumb mistakes for his and his benefit im happy he died and i gave this series a ok only because the first 2 seasons were awesome

  39. Parmesh says:

    after all the running and chasing, Walt died. Not a good ending especially when the money that he gathered after so many dangers is not going to his family. To be hones, I have not yet watched the ending. Still at season 2. Saw in the youtube that Skyler gave away all the money to Ted(depicted as ending).

  40. Thomas verdun says:

    I have just managed to see the final seasons of my favourite show… Wow what a great way to go, Walt became a monster lost in his own ego and the product of his lack of courage with the Swartz clan it was huge driving force in his life.
    I will miss the characters, some of whom became close, others despicable, so glad that Jesse kept his life however one would hope that the sequel better call Saul exposes a better life for the battered soul….
    Well done to Vince there should be more TV like this, intelligent, entertaining and believable….

  41. Overall, the show was a great ride. But I had three major issues with the show.

    1. Jesse didn’t deserve what he got at the end. The torture. The slavery. The trauma when they killed his girl with the kid. Didn’t feel that was justified in terms of what his character had done, ’cause at his core, Jesse was a good guy and 99.9% of the time always tried to do right considering his circumstances.

    2. Hank dying. That I also had major issues with. He didn’t deserve that. For various reasons. But especially from those a-holes who killed him. That being said, I can accept this…but…

    3. The way Walt died. Yes, I’m glad he died. That’s the only way I would’ve felt justified with the show’s journey. But he deserved to suffer more. He caused so much destruction and chaos directly and indirectly. He deserved what Jesse got I would argue. He got off too easy in the end in my eyes. He’d become a monster, and should’ve died in a monstrous way.

  42. Harmonica07 says:

    I wanted Jesse to get it too for being such a whiny rat. Especially since he went to the DA. Hank, of all places and people, who wouldn’t have been able to even chase down Walt if it wasn’t for Walt’s money. He paid for Hank to be able to walk again. Still NO appreciation for Walt. (Yet another person who was able to benefit from this ‘dirty’ money that noone wants anything to do with) Walt looked after Jesse the whole series and look at how he repays him by going to the DA. Afterall, Brock is still alive. I’m glad the kids got the money and Walt wasn’t stupid enough to leave it to Skylar. Who, BTW, has been bugging me with her self righteousness for several seasons. (She cooked the books for her boss, is an adulterer and then ordered hit men to take care of her boss, the man she cheated on Walt with. All b/c she was going to be charged w/extorting money and tax evasion from IRS. All the while using Walt’s money that HE earned to cover her own ass. Which made him in turn have to stay ‘in the business’ to make up the money she took w/out his knowledge in the first place. Now she’s going to persecute and go against Walt??How is she better in her mind than Walt?? She bugs the crap out of me!! I wish Mr. Gilligan would make one final episode where Jesse AND Skylar get it! Just for their hypocritical, self righteos, unappreciative selves.

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  44. So done right now says:

    Do you realize that goes on google ? I saw “FINAL EPISODE WALT DIES” on google, and I didn’t even type words like “finale” or “ending” or things like that. I typed “I don’t understand Breaking Bad”. But thanks, I’m just starting season three and this is all I need.

    Please watch your spoilers. Just because the show ended in 2013 doesn’t mean every one who ever wants to watch it already has.

  45. chans says:

    Perfect series. perfect finale. I love the metaphor in this series. Walt said that his meth lab is where he felt the most aive, he died where he felt the most alive. Best ever.

  46. Manny says:

    Walt shouldn’t have died he was too good of a man

  47. David French says:

    The song Baby Blue was apropos. But if you read about Badfinger and what happened to the man who wrote and sang the song and his bass player friend, it is haunting.

  48. David French says:

    The Badfinger song, Baby Blue was perfect for the finale ending. If you read about what happened to the singer Pete Hamm and his bass player, Tom Evans and the group, it makes the ending haunting.

  49. Edward Maldonado says:

    I watched this series on Netflix and I kinda regret not watching from the beginning. I was (am) into The Walking Dead. Breaking Bad is the best series ever!

  50. neal says:

    First off the episodes in the 5 seasons of Breaking bad series wasn’t all that bad.. I give it a B+ overall. Reason why is cuz, The ending to me sucked. Does Walt Jr get the money? does Jesse get away?, I mean the cops arrive a min after Jesse leaves. What happens to skyler? Did the lottery ticket to the bodies give her a get out of jail free card? Why did they make Walt die, why not save jesse, find the barrels of millions and the both drive off into the night.. Another alternative is Why not blast jesse in the face for being a rat.. After everyone was dead.. Also what EVER happens to the big black security guy that protected Saul..? Haull? Did he Just sit in that room forever? Now away from the last episode, I found the bombing of Gus ridiculous I mean come on, standing and adjusting your tie while half your face is blew off? Another thing is after jesse got his cut of 5 million why didn’t he just goto Alaska with Andrea and Brock… Ugh and what’s the point of putting the watch on top of the pay phone after getting the Schwartz New address…