Breaking Bad Finale Recap: 'Just Get Me Home, I'll Do the Rest' [Updated]

Breaking Bad FinaleBreaking Bad has gone dark one last time, and after seeing how Vince Gilligan & Co. chose to wrap Walter White’s journey, I say this with all of the sincerity in my being: 

Yeah, bitch!

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The amazing series ended with an equally impressive episode, which connected all of the flashforwards we’d seen and methodically led to the story’s conclusion. It gave us closure on everyone we cared about – and satisfyingly finished off the ones we really wanted to see put in the ground.

Though I’d like to keep talking about the show for as long as possible, we can’t put off the series finale recap forever. So let’s review the major developments of the final episode, “Felina.”

ROAD TRIP! | Just after leaving the bar in the previous episode, Walt finds an unlocked car and unsuccessfully tries to get it started using only a screwdriver. Police lights behind him cause him to utter a prayer of sorts: “Just get me home. I’ll do the rest.” The lights pass, and he finds the vehicle’s keys in the driver’s side visor. Walt drives off to the strains of a Marty Robbins cassette he finds in the glove compartment: “Tomorrow, a bullet may find me; tonight, nothing’s worse than this pain in my heart.”

He motors cross-country and stops to get gas and make a call once he’s reached the desert southwest. Walt pretends to be a New York Times reporter doing a story on Elliot and Gretchen Schwartz; a pleasant tone and the right questions help him learn where the Gray Matter founders are living these days, as well as when they’ll be back from a trip to New York. Once Walt hangs up, he takes off the watch Jesse gave him for his 51st birthday, lays it atop the pay phone and leaves. (Side note: Gilligan’s twofold story behind this gesture, revealed during this week’s Talking Bad, is a classic. Check it out if you haven’t.)

GUESS WHO? | The Schwartzes return to their posh home, and they’re so busy nattering on about ridiculously expensive New York restaurants that they don’t realize Walt is sitting in their courtyard… and entering their home… and picking up their knickknacks. “I really like your new house,” he tells Gretchen when she screams upon seeing him. Elliott anemically lunges forward with a kitchen knife, and I laugh at the tiredly amused tone of Walt’s voice as he says, “Elliott, if we’re going to go that way, you’re going to need a bigger knife.”

No, Walt’s not there to kill them. He instead asks them a favor: They will take the more than $9 million in cash he’s stacked on their coffee table, and they will put it in an irrevocable trust for Walter Jr. That way, the government won’t be able to prove it came from him, and therefore won’t be able to seize it. They shake on it, but you just know those two aren’t going to follow through – and so does Walt. Heisenberg does a Obi-Wan-like hand gesture, and two red dots from laser sights suddenly appear on Elliott and Gretchen’s chests. He informs the couple that “the two best hit men west of the Mississippi” are outside their home and will follow them to make sure that Walt’s kids get their rightful inheritance. Otherwise, “Pop! Darkness.” (Side note: Did you giggle, too, when Gretchen nearly soiled her Chanel at Walt’s “pop!”?) “Cheer up, beautiful people,” Walt says with disdain. “This is where you get to make it right.”

Outside, the two “hitmen” are revealed as Monsieurs Skinny Pete and Badger brandishing laser pointers. Ha! Not gonna lie: The guys’ appearance made me supremely happy. When Walt asks, they confirm that blue meth is still in circulation, but they’d assumed he was the one cooking it. Since Walt’s not, everyone in the car realizes, it’s gotta be Jesse.

And after a brief, golden-lit montage of a healthy, happy Jesse lovingly crafting a wooden box, we snap back to reality: Jesse is beat up, broken and still chained like Fido in Todd’s meth lab.

‘PLEASE DON’T MAKE ME WALK YOU THROUGH THIS’ | Then, in short order, we go from the events of this season’s premiere to the events of its finale. I’ll shorthand it for you: 52 in bacon, new car with a gun in the trunk and ricin retrieval at the Whites’ former home (complete with a flashback to the birthday party in the pilot).

Next we see Walt, he’s at a restaurant where Todd and Lydia are meeting. He crashes their table and begs for an audience with Uncle Jack and the gang; Walt has a “new method” of cooking that requires no methylamine, he says, and will show them how to do it for $1 million. She sends him on his way and then makes it clear to the very slow Todd that they will not be doing business with his former meth mentor. Lady Banjo Eyes then dumps the contents of a stevia packet into her tea, a move the camera follows with interest…

HIDING IN PLAIN SIGHT | Marie calls Skyler to warn her that Walt’s back in town and may come to see her. Skyler’s smoking and her face is blank as she thanks her sister – then the camera moves and we see that Walt has actually been in her kitchen, hidden from our view by a pole, the whole time. Nice reveal, Breaking Bad! “You look terrible,” she tells him. “Yeah, but I feel good,” he replies, adding that, “It’s over, and I needed a proper goodbye.”

He gives her the lotto ticket with the GPS coordinates on it – “That’s where they’ll find Hank and Steve Gomez,” he says, causing Skyler to start crying. He urges her to trade the information for a deal with the prosecutor. “You get yourself out of this.” But when she forbids him to say that what he’s done was for the family, he easily acquiesces. “I did it for me. I liked it. I was good at it. And I was really… I was alive.” (You might wanna put on some black and tuck a few tissues up your sleeve, because Bryan Cranston just killed it!) After a brief parting glance at both Flynn and Holly – neither of whom are aware he’s there — Walt leaves.

RETRIBUTION | Walt gains access to the Nazis’ compound, where he insists on parking at a certain angle next to the clubhouse. As the thugs check him for weapons and wires, we see he’s only carrying his wallet and a keyring remote for the car’s locks; it’s the same one we saw him use earlier as he rigged up some sort of auto gun thingee in the desert.

Jack quickly dismisses Walt’s new method and orders him killed, but Walt denounces Jack as welching on his agreement to kill Jesse. Jack scoffs at Jack’s insistence that Jesse is a “partner” in their meth operation; to prove it, he has Todd fetch Pinkman from the lab. (Side note: The dejected way Aaron Paul shuffles hurriedly after Todd speaks volumes about Jesse’s spirit at this point, no?) Once Jesse is in the clubhouse, Walt launches himself at his former protégé, covering the younger man’s body as they hit the floor. You think at first he’s angry, but he’s really activating the car’s remote: An automatic machine gun starts strafing the entire building with bullets, hitting everyone except Todd and Jesse. Yep, you read that right: Walt takes a bullet in his abdomen.

Todd is dumbfounded by what’s happened; his daze allows Jesse to come up behind him and strangle him with his wrist irons. (Side note: Yesssssss.) Meanwhile, Walt grabs a gun from the ground and aims it at Uncle Jack, who’s dying but not gone yet. If Walt wants to know where his money is, Jack reasons, he shouldn’t kill him. “You pull that trigger, you’ll never –” but the slimeball never finishes his thought, because Walt turns his head into hamburger.

I DID IT MY WAY | So it’s just Walt and Jesse standing, looking at each other, and Walt kicks the gun over to Pinkman. Jesse aims it at him, bewildered, and Walt tells him, “Do it. You want this.” But Jesse gets his former teacher to admit that he wants to die; after noticing that Walt is bleeding from the belly, Jesse says, “Then do it yourself” and walks out. He jumps in a car and speeds out of the compound, crying and laughing and yelling all at the same time. Though I don’t think Jesse will ever have a normal life and I fear for his mental state, I’m not sad that he survives the series. (Agree? Disagree? That’s what the comments section is for.)

Meanwhile, Lydia calls Todd’s cell (he’s changed his ringtone to “Lydia, the Tattooed Lady,” which is awesome), and Walt picks up. It’s clear that she’d ordered the gang to kill Heisenberg; she’s surprised when he’s alive… and even more surprised when he announces that he slipped ricin in her stevia packet at the restaurant. So that flu-like feeling she’s having right now? It’s going to get a heck of a lot worse. I guess those sugar substitutes really do kill!

His business concluded, Walt strolls through the lab and looks fondly on its implements. Cop cars arrive in the background, but he isn’t worried. And as he collapses onto the ground and the camera ascends toward the rafters, it’s clear that Walter White – now penniless, family-less and lifeless — is at peace for perhaps the first time since we met him.

Now it’s your turn. Grade the episode via the poll below, then back up your choice in the comments!

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    • RockGolf says:

      Hey, Dexter. Hey, Sopranos!
      THIS is how you do a finale.

      • M3rc Nate says:

        Amen. I loved it. I was (wrongfully i see now) expecting/wanting a big kinda Tony Montana shoot out where he gets revenge…but hes Walt! Hes gotta do his M60 slaughtering in a “not really him holding the gun, ingenious, technical” way.

        • Brandon Shusteric says:

          when you think about it, he kinda did go Scarface. When it’s shown earlier in the series, it sorta foreshadows the inevitable end. Which bring me to the end: if you’ve ever watched scarface, you can see the similarities. Now, I believe they are very discrete with the reference In the end. But the most notable part I suppose is the ending scene. Walt has just died, and the screen floats up. Now I know a lot of shows/movies have done this, but I believe this is what they were referencing. In the end of Scarface, Tony finds a similar fate, greed brought him to this point, and lies dead in a pool While playing a song/instrumental specially for Scarface. Now in the ending of BB, Walter who, brought to this point by greed but however finding peace, lies dead, not necessarily in a pool, but in his environment. However he died happy. But what I think ties the two together, the world was essentially Walter’s. He was the king. If you didn’t get the reference, “The World is Yours” is famous in Scarface.

      • David Flowers says:

        Amen on the Dexter comment! Job well done…what can Vince Gilligan & Crew possibly do as an encore? Seeing pre-Walt White Saul Goodman will be fun…but good luck matching your dramatic handiwork. Oh yeah: “Burn Notice” had a decent series ender…not as good as BB but a helluva lot better than Dexter. Perhaps Dex should hunt down the writing staff and kill them off as a show of good faith to his loyal viewers.

        • bob says:

          haha I’m prob the only person who liked the dexter ending. The BB ending was a let down in my opinion, only because I predicted this exact ending 5 episodes ago. Was too predictable in my opinion whereas the Dexter one I wouldn’t have ever picked.

          • MrTemecula says:

            You predicted Walt was going to mount an M-60 in his trunk and remotely activate it five episodes ago? Your powers are impressive.

      • Lu says:

        Also…for Lost!

      • Felix Catt says:

        Yeah,I suspected the target would be Uncle Jack and associates,and that he would need heavy duty fire power in the form of an M60.Being a gadget freak,I really liked the setup with the machine gun in the trunk of the Caddie.

        • slh777 says:

          you think a garage door opener could support the weight, let alone recoil, of the m60? Fantasy time finale, and a just-so story to boot: any one of the gang could easily not have been in the field of fire, starting with the guy outside.

          • Sam says:

            They tested a similar (possibly the same but I can’t be sure) mechanism on Mythbusters with success.

        • pietjan says:

          haha facking nerd

      • lol Sopranos was a bad ending? lol it is THE perfect ending because it is NOT spoon-fed, which Breaking Bad’s finale is.

        Sorry to break it to you, but some people like to think. Quite clear which side you’re in ;)

        • Don’t tell me discontent with the Sopranos ending is new to you. I don’t feel “spoon-fed” by Breaking Bad’s ending, I feel satisfied. It was the end of a story. Not to say stories that have endings open for interpretation are in itself bad, but execution is everything. Closure. The Sopranos didn’t leave you wondering what happened. Nothing happened and then it was over. People thought their cable went out on them. That is the complete lack of an ending. That’s why people were pissed and unsatisfied. It’s like a book missing the last page or so. It’s like if Breaking Bad ended in the previous episode when Walt picks up the phone and you don’t even know who he’s calling.
          There were many things still left open for interpretation with Breaking Bad, like what will happen to Jesse, how the family would react to Walt’s death and how the police/media will tell the public what happened, where is the 70 million dollars, what’s Saul’s life like now, what will happen to Lydia’s daughter, what will happen with Mike’s granddaughter, what will happen to Brock… just to name a few things. I even wonder about what Ted Benneke is up to.

          • Celeste says:

            Actually, anyone with half a brain knew that Tony was hit. The guy in the Member’s Only jacket shoots Tony, and he dies. We are seeing the whole thing from Tony’s perspective; that’s why, once he’s shot, he no longer exists (fade to black), and nothing exists for us any longer. It was a superb ending. Although I loved BB’s ending as well–2 different ways of wrapping things up, but equally as effective.

          • First, what Celeste said.

            Anybody with half a brain knows that TOny is hit. You say that the scene is like the same when Walt hangs up the phone.

            No. There are plenty of leads to think as to what happened. Again, you are too lazy to think and you want it spoon-fed. Breaking Bad is a nice finale, but it is spoon fed, there is literally no questions as to what happened in the end. Complete opposite with the Sopranos, where the ending is just great.

            Sorry to break it to you, but again, some people DO like to think.

        • frank says:

          I agree. I found the BB ending to be such a let down because it was far far too predictable.

          • butdudeshesaid says:

            Hahaha. “Some people like to think.” Yeah, you sure would like to think. As in, you don’t. The truth is that you are disappointed that there is nothing left for you to think about, and hencecall it predictable. The fact that everything is so “felina” is what upsets you. As time goes on you will appreciate that BB was a fantastic show, and gave us all the closure you hope for in a great show. In fact, the last 3 episodes rank up there with anything ever put onscreen as far as dialogue, writing, music, and camera work.

            Some people DO, in fact like to think. And those ones think BB killed it.

      • meeb says:

        Dexter in no way deserves to even be mentioned in the same sentence as the Sopranos…

      • Wally says:

        sopranos was one of the best finales in history, only people who did not understand it, didnt like it

        • IMHO says:

          I understood the Sopranos ending and I didn’t like it.
          The Dexter ending was just lousy too and Lost was so bad I’ve already forgotten it.
          Breaking Bad had a good ending.

      • Valerie Tower says:

        Yes it is!

    • Ellue says:

      Why Jimmy Kimmel in Talking Bad after Finale? So
      unfair to Jimmy Fallon who really promoted the show and the cast and Finale! So gifted and creative!! Wrong Jimmy sitting there w nothing to say and why?!
      Finale could also have a continuation if they get Walt to a hospital in time and he survives!! …a wish for a more open ended twist to ending w a beginning!

      • Williwasnt says:

        Fallon’s got a week of shows to work on, doubt he’d have been able to take off just to fly to LA and be on another talk show.

      • cathy bowden says:

        as a nurse that has worked trauma, i can promise there was no way he was surviving that bullet wound. too much blood loss and and damage from the bullet. the exit hole from a m60 would have been the size of a softball or grapefruit.

        • Gefilte says:

          Agreed about the severity of the wound, which was really my only quibble with the ending. There’s no way a person shot like that could calmly walk around the clubhouse and across the parking lot to the meth lab over the course of several minutes as he did with a wound that serious. It’s doubtful he would have even been able to stand up after taking that shot, and certainly he wouldn’t have been able to stand up so nonchalantly without trembling. Keep in mind, in that final scene, he’s not just the victim of a very serious gunshot wound, he’s a feeble and incredibly weakened cancer patient who was already knocking on death’s door when he got shot.

          Anyway, aside from that minor quibble, the finale was spectacular.

          • Chris says:

            I agree that a round fired from an M-60 would not be survivable due to the size of the wound. I’m a paramedic who has seen many GSWs. However for all we know Walt was hit by a fragment that ricocheted or a piece of some other debris. I also agree with you that this is a minor nit pick and not a deal breaker for an awesome show.

          • Mo says:

            I guessed he had been hit by a shot that ricocheted because he seemed to be pretty well beneath the line of fire on the wall. That was actually my assumption even before he stood up and before he revealed he had been shot.

          • Andrew says:

            I’ve been hit with 7.62mm rounds, trust me, there is no way he would be up and calmly walking, it knocks you on your ass, Lost about 20 feet of intestine and my spleen, collapsed lung.

          • frank says:

            yeah breaking bad isn’t a realistic show incase you haven’t realised. That’s one thing myself don’t really like about the show, it’s really ‘hollywood’ / overdramatised / unrealistic. It’s the shows style I guess.

          • Justin says:

            He got hit with shrapnel or a ricochet bullet. He was well below the line of fire.

          • Dwayne says:

            He’s definitely not “well below the line of fire.” Car trunks are not that tall.

          • tat2betty says:

            I think anyone who thinks bb is all hollywood and could never really happen is probably not very open minded..this kinda thing is happening all over the world..and probably always will.

        • Shawn says:

          no it would not be the size of a soft ball or grape fruit. it is a 147 grain FMJ 30 caliber bullet. you may be a nurse but you are not a expert on terminal ballsitic

          • Jurk says:

            this guy is spot on. a .30 from an m60, in FMJ, will punch a nice clean hole, and if fired at relatively close range, an exit wound about the same as the entry.. been there done that! grtz bolo

        • lina says:

          But he’s the devil, he can get out of anything…

        • lina says:

          But he’s the devil, he can get out of anything…

        • Jurk says:

          its ridicoulous

      • Amy says:

        Kimmel was hosting a Q & A at the finale party. Conan, Kimmel and Fallon have all been huge fan boys for the series. And he probably had a lot to say, but thought it would probably be a better idea to let the actual people involved with the show talk.

        • Tam Shan says:

          The two primary actors have moved on to new projects. Cranston currently appears in a stage play in which he portrays LBJ called : All The Way , at the American Rep.Theater in Boston. He is receiving rave reviews . Paul started a new movie the day after BB wrapped. They have well and truly moved on as all professional actors must do to keep their careers alive and thriving. Only the hacks hang around doing retrospectives after the series is completed.

      • Celeste says:

        I couldn’t even watch when I saw that idiot Kimmel on the dais–he is so far less funny than he thinks he is. What did he have to do with the show? Ugh. We don’t need his bubble-headed take. Go away, Kimmel–you suck.

        • Ngc414 says:

          I thought the same thing. I have no idea why kimmel even has a career. It ruined it for me just seeing him sit there and make a random stupid comment.

    • Sarah says:

      Gee, thanks for the spoiler headline which is clearly visible on Google.

      There is a world outside of the US, you know.

      • There is! But they don’t know that! American ethnocentrism at its finest!

        • Kelsey says:

          …It’s a US tv show.

        • Kill_Eurotrash says:

          You are both idiots. You type in Breaking Bad into google and are surprised to see a spoiler title? It is YOUR FAULT and nobody else after you sought information. And then you what to whine about America where the show is filmed and actually aired first…

          Why are you even watching an American show? FO!

      • Ana says:

        World outside US?! Lolol. No one currrr.
        Maybe don’t watch our shows or go googling them, loser.

      • Mo says:

        This site’s urls & recap page titles have had major spoilers embedded since forever. It sucks if you want to be completely spoiler-free, but if that’s what you want why google the show before you’ve seen it? Plus, I for one would have been shocked if Walt HAD survived the finale, so finding out “Walt Dies” is less a spoiler & more an expected outcome. The only thing I wondered was whether it would be because of the bad guys, the cancer, or himself.

        • Sarah says:

          I was checking times for when the show starts here in Australia. It’s just poor form for this website’s idiot owner to post a massive spoiler in their headline and URL. No responsible news and/or entertainment site has done such a thing, so why couldn’t this jerk-off contain his adolescent enthusiasm to do so?

          Sure, taking Walt’s circumstances into account, his survival was always going to be extremely unlikely (though some people, such as myself, were still predicting plausible enough scenarios where Walt did survive). But given the fanfare of this article’s headline, I doubt very much that Walt’s demise is an incidental accompaniment to the rest of the show’s plot. In other words, I doubt he slips out quietly as a result of his cancer.

          • Mo says:

            Ah, okay. Still, if I knew the finale had already aired in at least part of the US (maybe you didn’t) I would have probably done a more specific google search to avoid spoilers. I understand how frustrating it is… once I had a blockbuster movie’s ending spoiled for me when searching for help with a video game because someone who was at a sneak preview posted it in the title of their post, then spammed it on every board of multiple gaming websites!

          • Wes says:

            “Breaking bad show times” doesn’t yield any spoilers. I guess that’s too much complex thought for you, though.

      • Bruce X says:

        If you didn’t want to read a spoiler, why the heck are you googling info on the final episode??

      • Laura says:

        LOL! If you clicked on the recap you clearly wanted to be spoiled. You can’t blame others for that.

        • Sarah says:

          I didn’t click on anything. The headline “Walter dies…” came up during a Google search.

          • tripoli says:

            Don’t waste your breath Sarah. You won’t find too many people around here that are kind or sympathetc to you being spoiled. I for one completely agree with your original post and am sorry that you got info on the finale that you didn’t want.

          • James says:

            I agree Sarah, I simply typed “breaking bad” into google and the spoiler came up in the heading 7 results down. It may be a predictable ending but I would have liked to have found out by actually watching it…I didn’t type the season in my search on purpose to avoid spoilers. Frustrating.

          • Amy says:

            I have never understood why the URL needs to contact spoilers. And it’s not just from googling you can see it. If someone posts the link on twitter or FB, it’s write there. Even though you know Walt dies you should still watch!!

          • Amanda says:

            Methinks that one should know better than to Google “Breaking Bad” the day of its finale.

      • Why are you online searching Breaking Bad in the first place if you haven’t seen the finale and you plan on watching it later?

        • Rob says:

          This article is actually on the sidebar of “fresh on the web” links at, so anyone just casually looking at buzzfeed who happens to see the links on the right side of the page gets to see this stupid title “Breaking Bad Finale: Walt dies”.

          • Mike says:

            If you’re dumb enough to ever have “Buzz Feed” in front of you, you deserve to have shows spoiled. It’s a major television event and it makes the news. It’s in the news, the finale has aired and passed, and you expect news spam like that to protect you from spoilers?

            Why didn’t you just watch the frickin’ finale?

      • Nichole says:

        to me it didn’t seem clear that he died or not, he looked at peace, but did he really die or just fall to the ground from being weak?? either way, excellent finale ep, nicely tied up with a bow on top and the real fate of Mr White left to the fans to take either way, least I thought so lol

        PS – I live outside of the US, sometimes will read re-caps if I really want to know what’s happened before watching the show, but why on earth would you be doing a google search if you didn’t want information on what went down??

      • rockgolf says:

        Um, the headline was in German. “Walt dies” is German for “Walt the”.
        (Hey it worked for Sideshow Bob.)

      • Lou says:

        Not one that matters

      • Austin Jim says:

        You shouldn’t have googled it. I went the entire day without doing a search for the finale, so I wasn’t spoiled. You should have done the same thing. Btw, everyone should have known Walt was going to die. The question was how he would die….by cancer or bullet? The headline didn’t spell that out.

      • Mike says:

        So you Googled something/anything “Breaking Bad” after the finale aired and before you saw it?

        What did you expect? That IS your fault. It’s common sense that the final outcome would be widely discussed on the web after the finale wslas aired. And you’re mad that seven search results down,there was a spoiler? Who does that?

    • Henry says:

      And Jessie is off the road into Need for speed!

    • Chris D says:

      Walt obviously wasn’t hit by a bullet, he was lying on the floor beneath the firing zone. There was a stupid amount of debris flying about, the director made a point of showing that. So Walt was hit by something else, if he was hit by a bullet from an M60 he would have been wiped out immediately.
      No real surprises in the last episode, it wrapped it’s self up very tidily and was brilliant to watch. Walt ends up the good guy.

    • Whatever says:

      I agree Adam

    • Patrick says:

      ASSHOLES thanks for spoiling the end with your google search title.

    • Shannon kettering says:

      I loved it! I cried! I thought it was perfect. I was completely satisfied except for one or two small things… I wish they would of given Betsy Brandt a little more screen time to mourn her husband that was killed. I wish she would of screamed and curled up in a ball into a corner… Instead she was looking into space which is a look we see from Skylar a lot for being so fed up… Can u blame her? Second, I am soooo happy Jesse got to get away but instead of answering Lydia’s call and reiterating the fact that she was poisoned , I wish he had Had a bag full of money he took from the trunk of his car and threw it at him… Maybe two hundred thousand that he talked about earlier?? Cuz god knows… Jesse deserved a whole lot more!:)

  1. K. says:

    That was awesome! Thank you!

  2. Pat D. says:

    Meh, slightly disappointing and anticlimactic after the excellence of the other episodes this half-season. Still, 1000 times better than the Dexter disaster.

    I wonder, are we to expect that walt survives (for as much time as the cancer lets him, I mean)?

  3. alim says:

    so does he die or not, my stream cut off at the last min

    • Drew says:

      Hat sucks, but yes, Walt died.

      • alim says:

        thanks you

        • Pat D. says:

          Ummm, I don’t think there was any conclusive proof that he died in the last scene…he just collapsed, and the police found him like 2 seconds later.

          • Big Mike says:

            If there were any doubts, Talking Bad erased them.

          • Gefilte says:

            He’s a Stage IV cancer patient who was already pretty close to death anyway who just took a pretty nasty gun shot to the abdomen. Of course he died.

          • Pat D. says:

            @Gefilte In reality, he probably shouldn’t have had that much strength, this late into terminal cancer, to pull off what he did, so even with that ending (and not seeing the after show), I gave him a *chance* at surviving (being a fictional TV series, after all), even though he would most likely die anyways a short time later.

            Its not like he was lying on that floor for hours after collapsing—the cops found him literally like 20 seconds after he hit the floor. And, one could make the argument that surviving, and dying in prison, is just as much a punishment as dying in the lab on the floor.

            But, this has all been cleared up with the aftershow, with Walt dying on the floor. No problem with that ending at all.

    • Pat D. says:

      Not sure…and also not sure that it matters—if he did survive, he will certainly die shortly from the cancer, probably in prison.

  4. Drew says:

    Amazing ending to an amazing show. I’m so happy right now that they ended it right but terribly sad that it’s all over.

  5. Tom says:

    EPIC Ending. Perfect in every way. Thank you so much.

  6. kates2424 says:

    Epic. Perfect finale.

  7. Jss0058 says:

    As an individual episode it wasn’t the best but as a way to wrap up the show it definitely worked. Was very satisfied

    • Jodi says:

      Exactly my thoughts!

    • Guest me says:

      I agree, this wasn’t a mind blowing episode that lets say…the season four finale was…. However, the series finale did tie up every loose end nicely and I Feel each character deserved the outcome they were given. Im sure some people will complain about the series finale lacking intensity, but they should appreciate instead that the writers focused on details and closing every loose end so we wouldn’t be disappointed in a finale that didn’t give closure and intended to be interpreted by the viewer… This is a show where everyone who complained about how could a pizza be flung on a roof as a whole if pizzas are sliced were answered episodes later that they don’t cut the pizza by passing the savings on to you.

      • Guest me says:

        I meant to add at the end of my post is that if the writers addressed a small detail relating to how the pizza could fly on the roof , you know they would properly address any significant detail in a story line. I loved how Walter finally admitted he did this for himself to his wife. He died knowing he was the best at something and was now infamous for his actions and still left his children with millions! I thought it was a quiet perfect ending to a amazing television series.

      • TJ says:

        The only loose end that they didn’t tie up was Hule. What happened to him?? Since he was told never to leave until Hank came back, and since Hank is dead…

      • bk says:

        Great show (best ever, better even than The Wire or Sopranos, IMHO) and wonderful finale titled “Felina”. Which is the name of the Mexican girl in the El Paso cantina the song protagonist falls.for and ultimately returns and dies for in Marty Robbins’ song that Walt plays on the cassette in the stolen NH vehicle. As fantastic a typical BB detail at the beginning of the episode as Badfinger’s Baby Blue (“Guess I got what I deserved”) playing at the end.

        But they did not tie up every loose end. In fact, they left hanging the biggest, most important one of all — why, exactly, did Walt leave Gray Matter (and Gretchen)? If Walt had remained as one of Gray Matter’s founders, he would have been a multi-millionaire like the “beautiful people” Elliot and Gretchen, and would have never needed to “break bad” to try to make some money in meth for his family when he got his terminal cancer diagnosis.

        Being cut out of Gray Matter’s riches (or leaving the company behind before those riches were manifest, as the show alludes to) is the true “original sin” that leads to Walt breaking bad. But why? We never find out.

    • Joe says:

      Plot wise they get an A for how they wrapped it all up. Emotion wise? Maybe a C at best. Everything felt emotionally distant and closed off and after watching Talking Bad I don’t think that is what was intended. Walt and Skylar had some more words to say to one another & Walt and Jesse also should’ve said some final words. Plot wise there was closure. Emotion wise, they left a lot on the table in my opinion that could have tipped this finale into one of the best ever. Best ever I’ve seen is Six Feet Under. No one has ever ended a series with that kind of impact in my lifetime.

      • Dick Whitman says:

        “Emotion wise”? Have you ever lived in the real life? And stop comparing finales please.

        • Guest me says:

          I agree whitman in response to joe’s response. Actions are more powerful than words sometimes! What is more powerful than a former partner after a shutout tossing you a gun and asking you to “do what you want “! What other final words would a viewer need?!!!!

          • Dick Whitman says:

            I guess he wanted to see Walt apologizing to Jesse for every single thing he’s done to him, have a 3 hour conversation about why he did those things and try to justify himself, because that’s what happens in real life.

        • Joe says:

          Wow. What are you so angry about? You must be a real peach to have a conversation “in real life” with? I truly hope everyone agrees with every thought you have, sweetie!

      • BD says:

        That is correct, Six Feet Under still has the best emotional impact for a series ending finale… by far

        • Lyn says:

          Hard to avoid comparing finales … one for a similarly violent, nihilistic show with a compelling anti-hero — “The Shield” — really was the all-time best of its type, IMHO. The BB finale was a bit pat but covered the bases well for its fans, I thought.Can’t please everyone!

  8. jenilee says:

    Wish the whole episode was like the last 15 mins. Was anyone else bored until then?

  9. Big Mike says:

    My only complaint? Jesse should’ve gotten away with the money.

    • Toddie says:

      No way, don’t you remember he wanted nothing to do with the dirty money? (throwing it out of his car)..He’s free now to carry on with his life and put it all in the past

      • Tam Shan says:

        As Jesse goes speeding away, he turns to look back in the direction of Walt’s final resting place and is T-boned by a semi-trailer hauling azz through a green light. Jesse’s ride is finally over- literally and figuratively. Nothing left but the melting remains of the million blue popsicles strewn across the road from the smashed back door of the semi.

  10. John says:

    Aww. Why didn’t he become a lumberjack and join Dexter in self isolation?

  11. michelle says:

    If only Dexter had a finale like this. Deb deserved freedom like Jesse.

  12. Danny says:

    Brilliant ending. All hail!

  13. Eric says:

    Everything I needed in a finale. Fantastic end to one of the best series ever produced.

  14. This was one of the best series finales I’ve ever seen, even better than LOST in my opinion. Thanks for making Breaking Bad one of the best TV dramas ever since its debut in 2008. I give the entire series and the final episode of Breaking Bad an A+.

  15. jovanka says:

    Perfect ending to a brilliant show.

  16. yankeesrj12 says:

    If you didn’t love that finale, you didn’t understand this show. Near perfect!

  17. ihatespammers says:

    It was a good finale, but I found it to be VERY stupid for EW to be live tweeting spoilers on their main Twitter account. There was only one warning that you would be spoiling it for those not on East coast time and that was mere minutes before the show began.

    Just found it to be very reckless of EW to do, especially since EW has almost 2.7million followers and obviously not all of them are on the same time zone…

    • ihatespammers says:

      And by “you” I meant for EW, not TVline…

    • dysturbed says:

      Instead of posting the same thing on site after site, why not take responsibility for your poor decision to go to any sociai media site knowing that people and websites tend to post things as they happen, and not just for sports.

  18. Cassandra says:

    Note to television writers, this is how to end a show.

  19. MsBrewski says:

    Sitting alone in my apartment, I applauded when Jesse put that chain around Todd’s neck.

    • Jon Petroff says:

      Right there with you.

    • Melissa says:

      Why do people complain that the writers ended it in a way that is satisfying to the viewer? I don’t understand. It was brilliantly masterminded, solved all the questions one would need to know, Walt died by his own hand, literally and figuratively. I applauded like a mad woman when Jesse was able to be the one to take out Todd. This show was a story of Walt’s journey. We saw it from A to Z. I loved that seeing Jesse in the ruins of a man that he had become, led Walt to decide to save him from his ambush. And that Walt took Jack out mid sentence, to the head, exactly how Jack did to Hank. It wasn’t as action packed as other episodes might have been, but it was a slow burn. It was a story. And it was satisfying to the last bit. I feel at peace.

      • Guest me says:

        I thought the series wrapped up perfectly as well. Every question was answered and no stone was left unturned. I think some people might complain based on they were expecting explosions, fire, and any other intensities that thought were to be expected in the finale. The finale brought every character to a place that was coming to them, even if it wasn’t death. Jeese who was a moral compass, still committed many illegal acts and will be haunted by him and suffered greatly from,skyler agreed to aid in many illegal acts will have to deal with the outcome of explaining to her children of their dad eventually, saul should had denied walter as a client before he was threatened, then eventually had to give up his lucrative life as a criminal defense attorney, even Marie.. Who was hated in the first two seasons then liked towards the end will have to suffer over the death over her husband who didn’t follow orders by unlawfully following “Heisenberg”. Walter tried to use his sickness as a excuss to compensate for his actions, and finally admitted andthis was all about him and aslo received the notoriety he thought he diserved by unknowlengly exploiting every person around them of their weaknesses! I thought the finale was a amazing end to a brilliant show!

        • Guest me says:

          Sorry…I meant to write…..and finally admitted to his wife that his actions were all for him…opps! Lol

        • bk says:

          Great ending to a great show.

          However, as I replied to a commenter above, every question was certainly not answered.

          The biggest, most important of all was never resolved:

          Why did Walt lose out on Gray Matter?

          If Walt stays with Gray Matter he becomes one of the insanely rich “beautiful people” like Elliot and Gretchen, and never needs to “break bad” with meth.

          That’s the “original sin” of the entire show, and we never find out why (or exactly how) it happened.

          • Majid Andary says:

            Walt explains in one of the episodes to Jesse that he sold his share of the company to Elliot and Gretchen because he was broke and desperately needed the money to pay for his rent. I can’t recall which episode number it was but i know that it was the episode where Walter White says ‘I’m in the empire business’.

    • Andrea says:

      I totally screamed and yelled “YES”!!!!!!!!

  20. rowan says:

    My favorite part was Walt finally admitting that he didn’t cook and sell meth for his family, he did it for himself. I think it’s what the general audience was waiting for and it took away his last redeeming quality, honestly.

    I thought the finale was incredible. It tied up all the loose ends.

  21. S says:

    Why does everyone have to cont to hate on Dexter? Both shows were amazing but lets be honest… The Breaking Bad ender was pretty predictable so to say its any better than Dexter is ridiculous

    • Kat says:

      Predictable doesn’t equal bad (not that I think it was completely predictable). A predictable ending that makes sense is better than and out of left field ending created for the purposes of shock factor (a la The Killing season 3 or Dexter). The ending feels right, and that’s good enough for me.

    • Cody says:

      It might have been mildly predictable in terms of who lives and who doesn’t, but the sheer genius within the script’s lines and the way everything happened is what made it amazing.

      I even told some of my friends it was somewhat less thrilling than what I thought it’d be (with the exception of the perfect scene where Walt takes out all of the Nazi’s), but it was ended right. Everything was the perfect way for them to go out. Jesse killing Todd, Walt in the lab, and Walt Jr. being set for the rest of his life.

      • Jalen says:

        One of the things I loved about this show from the jump is exactly what you said. You may be able to predict things, but the way they happen are so incredible and originally done that I’m still so intrigued. When something is typical and dull like for example, the guy gets the girl at the end, you see it coming or you’re just like, “Yeah, yeah.” Whenever I watched this show, I knew things were going to happen because they set it up but they are so intense that I find myself instead of saying, “Yeah, saw that coming,” I’m more like, “No… Tell me that’s not gonna happen right now!!”

  22. liz says:

    Wrapped everything up a little too neatly for me. No great surprises. Felt very safe. But I still enjoyed it and liked that everything was all cleared up

    • Theresa says:

      That sums up how I feel. I anticipated a much darker ending, but I understand the choices they made for wrapping up the show/storylines.

  23. Tony says:

    As fitting an ending a show could get. Walt dies regardless of whether its on that floor or in prison. Jesse (possibly) gets that fresh start he’s wanted. Walt watching Flynn get off the school bus was further heartbreaking. He seemed to resign himself to the fact that his son was completely done with him and that there was no point in pushing the issue.

  24. Cate Amos says:

    I’ve never seen a more fitting finale. I hope Jesse has the chance to live his dream.

  25. cj says:

    Wow. So team Walt. A bit sad when he died and I knew it was finally over.

  26. Abby says:

    You didn’t even mention the most important part about Walt’s death–where he died. In the meth lab. Obviously the inclusion of the song “El Paso” in the episode shows that theories about that were right, and that’s what “Felina” was referring to. Looks to me like his cooking, his “life’s work”…that’s who his “Felina” was in the end.

    • Jason says:

      @FansBreakingBad: The title of #BreakingBad’s final episode is

    • herp herp says:

      Obviously not.



      • That’s one of many explanations though. The Fe-Li-Na explanation could be a possibility, and the strongest possibility is the El Paso tie in since it was actually played during the episode with a character dying in the arms of his love Felina (Walt dies with his love, the lab). Finale=Felina is too simplistic for a show that revolved around symbolism.

    • abbvest says:

      Okay, well to be clear, Felina can obviously reference numerous things. But the El Paso tie-in was definitely done on purpose–Walt even sang the song out loud at one point.

      • bk says:





        Is maybe an interesting notion, but “Felina” is the name of the Mexican girl in the cantina in El Paso that the Marty Robbins song’s protagonist kills and returns to die for.

        The song on the Mary Robbins cassette that’s seen and played at the beginning in the stolen Volvo in NH. Pretty obvious that’s what the finale title refers to, at least directly.

  27. Elaine says:

    Lesson #1 in how to end a series.

  28. Very fitting finale. Makes me re-think Stevia…LOL

  29. christina says:

    everything i could have ever wanted. thank you vince gilligan.

  30. DanielleZ says:

    Awesome ending to a great series.

  31. Goat Girl says:

    Brilliant finale for a brilliant series.

  32. Kre says:

    Perfect Ending to a GREAT show.
    But what about Huell??

  33. Britta Unfiltered says:

    More people survived than I expected to. Overall it was an extremely satisfying series finale. It was mostly satisfying to see Jesse take out Todd. And Jesse got to live! Yay! I was not expecting that, nor was I expecting Walt’s final sacrifice of saving Jesse. The final shot of the episode was exactly the shot I expected it to be, which was a copy of the shot from the end of Crawl Space. I’ve been saying for the last couple of years that the show would end with that exact same camera move showing Walt in the crawl space, but this time it would be Walt dead in the desert. So I feel vindicated I got that right at least.

  34. CJ says:

    Wonderfully crafted. A very satisfying ending.

  35. Britta Unfiltered says:

    Also, how great was it we got to see Skinny Pete and Badger one final time? I felt like that was a gift given to us from Vince Gilligan. I’m Skinny Pete, yo! I was watching a Community rerun on Comedy Central recently, and saw Badger in it. That was most exciting. He was a coffee delivery guy or something like that.

  36. polychenko says:

    Lazy finale – chewing gum for the eyes. Writers succumbed and gave the fans a pat on the back. Every ambiguity resolved, motives needlessly explained. It demeaned the depth of the characters and the story.

  37. Amy says:

    Amazing, perfect ending to Walt’s story!!

  38. Jess says:

    Did you miss the part where Walt jumped on and saved Jesse and took the bullet for him? IMO that last scene with Walt and Jesse was the best scene. And letting Jesse kill Todd was very satisfying.

  39. Mandy says:


  40. Ralph Waldo says:

    What a slow, repetitious finale. The segment with his former partners was intriguing, but everything else was so, so common. None of the inventiveness that was the series hallmark. The end was like a B-western. Automatic machine gun kills all but Todd? Boy that was tense man against machine moment. The machine gun replace imagination. It killed off all the bad guys in 20 seconds instead of writing a tense, gripping script. Then Todd’s death was such standard-fare. It didn’t do justice to evil in his character. Letting Jessie off was welcomed, but what about Skylar. She became just as despicable as Walt. She went along knowing full well what Walt was doing and was a willing accessory after the fact . Remember her urging Walt to kill Jessie. Why does she live happily ever after?
    What a let down after five years of a drama that matches The Wire and Six Feet Under for greatness.

    • JP says:

      I agree. I love the show and parts of the finale had real depth. The last 15 minutes, however, felt a bit bad action movieish to me and how far down the rabbit whole the Jesse story line went felt a bit like torture porn. Also, did we really need the conversation with Lydia on the phone? Even if you missed what was going to happen to her the minute she walked in and we saw Walt sitting with her back turned, The close up on the tea and the white powder couldn’t have been more clear. The audience is smart, we don’t have to be spoon fed everything.

      Anyhow these types of questions aside (like would they really keep the lab out in the open next to the base? Especially since cops monitor white supremacist groups who control prison drug trades?) Breaking Bad is an amazing show and I will miss it.

    • KenM says:

      You must have not the same episode that I did. Anyone watching knew that “Chekov’s (machine ) Gun” was coming. The set-up for it and the separation of Walt from the trigger was what made it suspenseful and ultimately cathartic. A less imaginative show would have Walt burning down the lab and everyone near it. The more poetic final beat of Walt collapsing to his death next to his “masterpiece” was the kind of nuanced character moment viewers of the show have come to expect.

    • Ash says:

      BB’s always been pulpy and I love it for that but the Nazi killing spree scene was too much. All the tertiary characters were killed off immediately. Todd and Jack lived so Jesse and Walt could kill off their respective nemesis in the most satisfying fashion for viewers. Oh and of course Walt was grazed by a bullet so he could live long enough to have that final scene with Jesse. I was definitely prepared for Walt to go out in a blaze of glory amidst a bunch of OTT antics and yet still felt it was ridiculous.

      I don’t think the finale will really alter my overall view of the show though. I didn’t like the Wire’s finale nor The Soprano’s (initially at least) but still feel they’re 2 of the best series to ever air – along with Breaking Bad.

  41. Beth says:

    Loved it! The only way it could really end. I felt in my mind, if Walt couldn’t redeem himself with his actual son, he was able to by sacrificing himself for his implied surrogant son Jesse. When Jesse drove away into the night I loved Vince Gilligan even more. I am also glad he gave Marie closure by telling skylar where Hank was.

  42. maryploppins says:

    It was everything I could’ve asked for in a series finale. Very satisfying. I’m just so sad it’s over. :(

    • Dez says:

      I loved the fact that the finale was methodically paced. They did not try to turn it into an hour long action/shoot-em movie. They stayed true to their character driven story telling. The most powerful scene (in my opinion) was Walter telling Skylar “I did it for me. I loved it. I was alive.” This is how a show should end. My all time favorite series finale is ‘Six Feet Under’, but this is a close second.

  43. Kimberly skipped the most important part. Walter finally admitted he didn’t do it for the money for his family. He did it for the power and he enjoyed it.

  44. Lu says:

    I liked it! Not only he was able to finally tell Skyler “I was doing it for me! (Sure, it started as for his family but, his dark side won..and he was no longer doing it for his family, just for him). He also helped Jesse to scape (It seems to me that faces they both showed was like: Is all in the past, right?). He helped discover the meth lab and method he once designed and, also, he died with what he trully loved and also, th thing and place that destroyed him. he died alone because of that.

  45. Vince Gilligan said it perfectly, he died with ‘his precious’ his meth lab

    • KenM says:

      Also, in the parlance of the two songs that bookended the episode, it was his “Felina” (beside whom he dies a la “El Paso”) and his “Baby Blue”.

  46. David4 says:


  47. Art Brodsky says:

    My question is — what would have happened if Walt hadn’t been shot during his machine gun attack? He couldn’t have foreseen that. What was the original plan?

    • Tom says:

      He would of cooked one last batch and had a taste himself.

    • JP says:

      I believe it was the plan. He only hit the grown to save Jesse. That was the pause. He was deciding wether or not to save him or let him die. Then he saw what they had done to him and decided that Jesse had suffered enough.

    • tommy says:

      Walt knew he was not coming back. I think the plan all along was for Walt to die in the shootout along with the Nazis. Maybe I’m wrong but to me that felt like the most fascinating part about watching him save Jesse is that the split-second decision was out of left field for him. What I saw is that he had not even been planning to get down, but immediately instinctively did so to protect Jesse.

    • JT says:

      He told Skyler that the cops would come to him, alive or dead.