Are You Nuts About CBS' The Crazy Ones?

the-crazy-ones-300Think of The Crazy OnesSimon Roberts as the anti-Don Draper.

In CBS’ new comedy — which debuted Thursday at 9/8c — Robin Williams returns to the small screen as Simon Roberts, the maniacally brilliant head of the Roberts & Roberts advertising agency. Joined by his partner (and daughter) Sydney (Buffy the Vampire Slayer herself, Sarah Michelle Gellar), Simon makes some risky moves in order to keep McDonald’s — the agency’s biggest account — on board.

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Simon lives by one rule: “Leap, and the net will appear.” In his prime, that philosophy worked, helping him build a reputation as a charming — albeit crazy — genius. But Simon’s wacky appeal is wearing thin with executives, and Sydney prides herself on being the voice of reason that will keep her dad’s agency afloat.

But when their relationship with McDonald’s looks like it may soon end, Simon and Sydney prove they’re both a little crazy. Just how far are they willing to go for a client? As far as convincing pop star Kelly Clarkson (who appears in a sassy guest role) to sing the advertising tune for McDonald’s newest campaign — even if it means crashing a birthday party, getting up on a table and belting out the fast food chain’s classic ’80s jingle in order to win her over.

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An affable bunch of co-workers rounds out the Roberts & Roberts team, including womanizer Zachary (James Wolk, Mad Men), deadpan Andrew (Hamish Linklater, The New Adventures of Old Christine) and lovably dim-witted Lauren (Amanda Setton, The Mindy Project).

The Crazy Ones isn’t without its quirks, namely the screwball humor upon which Williams so often relies. But it’s also a feel-good comedy with plenty of heart, which could be a welcome change to CBS’ laugh-track-heavy line-up.

That’s what we think, but what’s your take? Grade The Crazy Ones via the poll below, then hit the comments to back up your choice!

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  1. Esaul says:

    Absolutely loved it.

  2. Dick Whitman says:


  3. TV Gord says:

    I liked it. It will take more than one episode to decide how good it’s going to be, but I’m over being sick of Robin Williams (he laid low long enough, I guess; as long as he never says, “don’t be afraid” or any other his other go-to phrases, I’ll be okay. I love Sarah Michelle Geller (I sat through an entire season of Ringer for her). James Wolk is multi-talented, and I love Hamish Linklater’s dry humor.

    Keep up the good work of the pilot, and I’m in!

  4. Let’s face it, Simon Roberts is no Don Draper but Robin Williams’ return to TV for more than three decades has what it takes to make The Crazy Ones one of the breakout sitcoms of the Fall TV season. I give Crazy Ones an outstanding grade of A.

  5. Eddie says:

    “CBS sitcom + Robin Williams” is simply a formula for nothing better than complete garbage.

  6. Dani says:

    It was good. It’s a funny show. David E. Kelley always needs a little bit of time with it’s shows. “Boston Legal” became brilliant near the end of the 1st season. “Ally McBeal” also took a while. I’m sure as soon as Kelley found the right formula this show will kick some a$$. The cast is awesome and it’s already fun to watch. Isn’t much that can go wrong here IMO.

  7. Sandy tomkins says:

    Robin Williams is superb in the new show Crazy Ones! Loved it! Great acting by all. Funny and sensitive. This one will be on my weekly list.

  8. Greg Eckes says:

    For this show, I think there is one rule that should be followed. DON’T FORCE THE HUMOR. I can sense a heart with this show and if the humor comes naturally, it can develop into a good show.

  9. Canadian Viewer says:

    I felt like I watched a very long McDonald’s commercial. I hope the series format is not 30-minute spots for real-life companies. I do enjoy Williams and Geller, however, and loved seeing (and hearing) Kelly Clarkson.

  10. TVAddict says:

    I freaking loved it….only because of the amazing Kelly Clarkson. Without her I can’t imagine enjoying this show.

    • you have no taste and she was only there for this episode

      • Jane says:

        What is with your nasty retorts to everyone who has a difference of opinion? I liked the show but can acknowledge it isn’t a show everyone is going to like. How about showing a little bit of maturity and if you don’t like what someone is saying just ignore them. At least explain why you like the show instead of responding with childish insults.

        • dsm says:

          She’s a troll plain and simple. Bad grammar, spelling mistakes and an awful attitude! Don’t feed the trolls!

          • not a troll but your a grammar Nazi an awful attitude is someone who watchs a show and then states that they don’t like the show in a rude way i’m just doing what these people are doing to this show

  11. David says:

    Both Robin and Sarah are funny. This was the wrong show to reintroduce their talents. David Kelley’s brand of humor doesn’t mesh with theirs well.

  12. I Heart Damon Salvatore says:

    Aside from Big Bang Theory reruns, I don’t really do CBS comedies. But, I came for Buffy — I mean, “Sarah” and I will be sticking around. I liked the vibe and think it has a lot of potential.

  13. Lili says:

    I’ll only watch because of James Wolk. #honestly

  14. dude says:

    I really enjoyed it but I don’t know if it speaks highly to the show that the best part of the pilot was Kelly Clarkson. I was kind of hoping she’d just get her own show.

  15. Len Roberts says:

    Having Robin Williams back on TV is great and considering SMG was once “banned” from McD’s for her Burger Kink commercials I thought them McDonald’s in the pilot was hilarious (especially since by all reports McD’s wasn’t involved in the show.

    • Alichat says:

      I was laughing about that as well! I have been wondering if they chose McDonald’s as the big client intentionally because of her history with them.

  16. mdbchud says:

    Amen on James Wolk. Will watch practically anything with him in it.

  17. Kristina says:

    Funny! I think it will get better as it goes, too.

  18. rowan77 says:

    If CBS gives it time, I think the cast will gel, right now it feels like Robin Williams and James Wolk click, but everyone else isn’t quite working together as a unit yet. That’s pretty normal for David E Kelley shows, so I’ll watch a few more episodes and see how they do now that the season has started.

  19. James D says:

    i loved it. it will take a few episodes to really find its niche but i’m a huge Robin Williams fan and was pleasantly surprised by Wolk and SMG (Loved Buffy, but her recent stuff have been less than stellar) drive through loving will now be in my head for the next month, what can I say its catchy :)

  20. MichelleR. says:

    Did the lampshade the fact that McDonald’s sued SMG when she was a child?

  21. Karrie says:

    The show was dreadrul and I won’t be tuning back in to see anymore of this drivel.

  22. JeffDJ says:

    Really enjoyed it. Loved Kelly Clarkson’s guest spot too!

  23. Leah says:

    Didn’t laugh once. Won’t be watching anymore.

  24. Eric says:

    Wow. When I first heard of this pilot, I was really excited. Then, as time went on, I began to adjust my expectations. But now, after seeing the pilot, I see that I was right the first time. I found this show hilarious. The cast is amazing too: Robin Williams, Sarah Michelle Gellar and Hamish Linklater, among others, are all very funny people. But this pilot’s MVP was James Wolk. The only comedy I’ve ever seen him in was Happy Endings, and I didn’t find him all that funny in that show. On The Crazy Ones, however, he was hilarious! When he and Robin sang “Drive-Thru Lovin'”, I was lovin’ it. The show is the first CBS comedy in a long time that I’ve actually enjoyed, so you can bet I’ll be back for more next week.

  25. I like this show I can see it getting picked up anyone who doesn’t like this show is clearly insane with no taste

  26. cjeffery7 says:

    can kelly clarkson become a series regular? i’ll settle for a recurring character who comes back again and again to torment SMG. it didn’t blow me away, and i sometimes get weary of robin williams’ non-stop bits (though thats obviously what his character is supposed to do), but i’ll definitely come back next week. it was enjoyable.

    also thank you Jenna Michelle for your highly intellectual responses to people who didnt like the show. you disagree with them. we get it.

  27. Zach says:

    I’m not nuts about the show. I’m batty, bonkers, crazy, loopy, loony, hazy. chaotic, neurotic, peculiar and amazing. Demented, deranged, particularly strange. Frantic, raving, flaky, shaky, making me insane! Please get my reference. Here’s a hint: Monk and NPH.

  28. Tiffany says:

    Loved it

  29. This is definitely a show that has some kinks to work out, but the cast is talented, the premise is pretty solid and shouldn’t grow tired. I don’t see Robin Williams as too crazily irritating to the point where I don’t find any of this to not be realistic (which is what I was worried about).

  30. the show was good i believe it will take a little more time till it has great episodes but knowing how great robin williams is and aswell as SMG it shouldn’t take long

  31. Joey says:

    I liked it a lot, it was really good and funny. Robin Williams, James Wolk, and Kelly Clarkson did great in the episode. I’ll watch the show every week.

  32. LynnH says:

    Was Barry Maniliow’s name mentioned? I must have missed it. Loved James Wolk, Hamish and Kelly. Normally I love Sarah (I thought she was great in Ringer) but not so much here. She may grow into the role, though. Robin Williams unleashed is not something I enjoy. Oh well. A lot of it seemed very cliche. I may or may not watch again.

  33. AJ says:

    I feel like “Jenna Michelle” is actually Sarah Michelle Gellar.
    Who the hell is so passionate about The Crazy Ones after 1 episode?
    You crazy girl.

  34. Ace says:

    Wow, that was just horrible. If it didn’t have so many big names attached to it, it would probably be canceled already.

  35. Erika says:

    I just couldn’t stop laughing. As long as that keeps happening, I’ll keep watching.

  36. Josh Emerson says:

    I loved the pilot mainly for Kelly Clarkson and James Wolk. I will give the show another chance next week without Kelly to see if I like it enough to continue watching.

  37. tracyg36 says:

    I thought SMG was bitchy and an ill-fit to this sitcom. I love Robin Williams, though, but I don’t think I’ll be watching this.

  38. Bob says:

    It often takes a few episodes to develop the characters, sharpen the writing, etc.

  39. DL says:

    Have to say, one of my favorite parts was all the reaction shots of Amanda Setton. She’s hysterical, even when she doesn’t have a line.

  40. Susan says:

    Lots of potential here: an intelligent comedy, with a great cast. We are watching…..

  41. Kim R says:

    Okay Jenna…get ready…. :). Robin Williams started to kind of annoy me when he would appear on talk shows and pretty much go into a manic episode. So over the years I’ve just avoided episodes he would appear on. That said, I do think he is a great actor. I only watched until the boxing scene at the beginning and then I switched channels. Maybe I should give it a chance, it seems to have good feedback here. I really don’t want to see manic Robin. Been there, done that. :)

    • lol ok I don’t attack every comment I understand that I did the same with johnny depp

      my issue is with those I feel left really dumb comments

      like stating your not gonna watch something is kinda dumb instead just don’t watch it

  42. tara17 says:

    Loved the show, the bits with Kelly Clarkson were hilarious (thanks to her and also the entire cast).

  43. Marcinho11 says:

    James Wolk is so handsome! And very tall too!

  44. Pheeb says:

    I only started watching for SMG, but I actually found it nice and enjoyable. I’ll watch again!

  45. Jess says:


  46. Doug H says:

    Now that DEK has a show on CBS, it will be a success… Loved the RW riffs… A solid winner…

  47. Julia Murray says:

    It was okay. It just seemed like the writers didn’t know if it was supposed to be Robin Williams-type crazy or Full House sort of family comedy complete with ‘awww’ moments. Every couple of minutes it would seem like Robin Williams was starting to ramp up to launch a ‘Good Morning Vietnam’ style manic comedy jag…and then he’d suddenly jerk to a stop and calm down, usually because Sarah Michelle Gellar’s character was talking to him like he was standing on one foot on a ledge shooting hoops.

  48. M says:

    All I saw was Jerry Dantana and I had a seizure.

  49. Robin says:

    It was pretty darn hilarious at times! I hope they can keep it up and it doesn’t get to be too much. I really like the cast!