Glee Season 5 Premiere Recap: All You Need Is Love! Love Is All You Need? [Updated]

Glee Season 5 Premiere Recap Klaine BeatlesI’m not one to quote Blaine Anderson — our relationship’s been all downhill since “Teenage Dream” — but the bowtie-wearin’ teen definitely got it right in Glee‘s Season 5 premiere when he responded to feral Kitty’s crazy query, “Can anyone still relate to the Beatles?” I mean, who among us didn’t nod our heads at his dumbstruck retort? “Pretty much the entire world.” Preach, Mr. Anderson, preach!

Of course, the positive John-Paul-George-and-Ringo vibes were the perfect, airy amuse-bouche to a Season 5 main course that we all know is going to get soooo heavy. Indeed, the absence of Finn Hudson — and this summer’s tragic death of series star Cory Monteith — hung heavy over the hour, like a cluster of storm clouds on the horizon during the sunniest of days. (Tell me I’m not the only one who wanted to curl into a ball with a box of Kleenex at the sight of Rachel singing “why he had to go, I don’t know.”)

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Alas, though, we won’t need our proverbial umbrellas until the Oct. 10 tribute episode, “The Quarterback” — check out Fox’s first promotional photo here, if you haven’t seen it — so with that in mind, let’s focus on the story of how Beatlemania came to McKinley High.

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Let’s break down the major plot points — and then jump into grading the week’s musical performances and recounting the best quotes. Here goes:

* Schue decided on giving New Directions a two-week assignment focused on the music of the Beatles. (I sure wish said assignment hadn’t included his perfunctory history lesson on the Fab Four though…those types of scenes make me a little sleepy, but maybe because I’m so old I’ve actually listened to vinyl Beatles records?)

* Blaine and Kurt got back together, but the former wasn’t satisfied with a facebook status update to “in a relationship.” He banded together all of the region’s competing show choirs for a massive song-and-dance proposal to “All You Need Is Love” — under the theory that the proposal should be “a cultural statement.” Burt drove Kurt to the event (Kurt already had figured out what was going down), though Papa Hummel noted his son didn’t look so thrilled as they got closer to the venue. “You look like I’m driving you to your execution,” were Burt’s exact words.) Kurt said yes — though his face looked a little less certain, no? Then again, with Rachel, Santana and a wordless Mercedes, plus almost everyone else from McKinley (and even Schue) in attendance, how could he have said “no”? This is why public proposals are a terrible idea — and, to be honest, kind of passive-aggressive (or maybe just aggressive-aggressive)! Also: Where was the supportive lesbian couple Blaine got so obsessed with last season? (That’s my burning question for the episode!)

* After a period of secrecy — and some stern words from Tina — Kitty and Artie went public with their love affair. But methinks that bitchy Cheerio Bree (flanked by neck-brace girl) means to cause trouble over her rival dating a dude with glasses, in a wheelchair, and sporting a different physique than Kitty’s uzh. (That said, I’m gonna say Artie’s new hair and stepped-up fashion had him looking hotter than in any prior season. GIT it, son!)

* Rachel stayed in contention for the Funny Girl role, but the director and leading man (Ringer‘s Ioan Gruffudd) questioned if she was seasoned enough for the gig. A sizzling performance at her place of work as a singing waitress, though, may have sealed the deal (even though, apparently, CLAIRE DANES is in the mix for the role, too — loved that detail!). We’ll have to wait and see.

* Sue snagged the role of McKinley principal from Figgins — through nefarious means, of course — then proceeded to torment her former boss while informing Will and Roz that their respective teams needed to win national championships if they didn’t want to incur her wrath. (Sue needs said teams to thrive to help turn her new interim post into a permanent one.)

* Sam, Ryder and Blaine offered their prom-date services to Tina as a way to curb her increasing rancorousness. (For the record, she chose Sam — for being the least gay and the least Asian, and therefore breaking any old habits of hers.)

Grades for This Week’s Musical Performances
Rachel, “Yesterday” | Grade: A+ (crikey, Lea Michele is SO FREAKIN TALENTED…and that fuchsia trenchcoat was SO FREAKIN GORGEOUS!)

Artie and Kitty, “Drive My Car” | Grade: C- (eh, seemed like just an excuse for a bumper-cars scene)

Kurt and Blaine, “Got to Get You Into My Life” | Grade: B+ (nice to hear Chris Colfer’s voice again, yes?)

Artie and Kitty, “You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away” | Grade: B+ (I didn’t think I’d dig these two, but suddenly…I do!)

Blaine & Almost Everyone, “Help” | Grade: B-

Rachel (with a little help from her friend Santana), “Hard Day’s Night” | Grade: A (the choreography on this one was fantastic…and slow cap for the camera operators and editors, too!)

Blaine, Sam, Ryder and Jake, “I Saw Her Standing There” | Grade: B

Blaine, “All You Need Is Love”/”He Loves You” | Grade: A- (really beautifully staged, even if the sentiment of a high-school student proposing marriage — only days after reuniting with his ex — gives me a serious case of the icks)

Week’s Best Quotes
“Tina broke up with you. So did Brittany and Sugar and the girl in the wheelchair with the disturbingly massive boobs.” –Kitty to Artie

“What if we go out, but do it on the down-low — you know, like secretly gay conservatives do?” –Kitty, lobbying Artie to keep their romance a secret

“I’m Goldie — of course.” –Kurt, responding to Blaine’s contention that their relationship could last like Kurt Russell and Goldie Hawn

“Jesus said it best: The end justifies the means.” –Sue (who may need a refresher on the Bible), talking about her take-down of Figgins

“Oh, God. It’s those McKinley nerds.” –the head of the Haverbrook School for the Deaf show choir, reacting to New Directions showing up at their rehearsal

“You’ll be forced to build creepy relationships with teenagers on your own time.” –Sue, threatening Schue with unemployment if New Directions doesn’t win at Nationals

“Janitor Figgins, I think, has a quiet dignity to it.” –Sue, taunting the ousted former McKinley principal

“That’s just a five-gallon bucket of expired, Grade D meat slurry.” –Sue, describing the McKinley taco filling she was about to dump on Figgins’ freshly cleaned floor

And with that, I turn it over to you. What did you think of “Love, Love, Love”? Sound off in the comments, then vote in our poll!

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  1. Lisa says:

    RIP Kurt Hummel. But thank you TV Line for being probably the only ones with guts to say this. Episode was complete bs.

  2. Penny says:

    Honestly at the point where I hope a meteor falls on Lima, OH so I don’t have to deal with any more of those stupid plot lines.

  3. Naylia says:

    “Kurt said yes — though his face looked a little less certain, no? Then again, with Rachel, Santana and a wordless Mercedes, plus almost everyone else from McKinley (and even Schue) in attendance, how could he have said “no”? This is why public proposals are a terrible idea — and, to be honest, kind of passive-aggressive (or maybe just aggressive-aggressive)!”
    My, the butthurt! The reaching is stupendous. I guess the way Kurt was about to start crying and choking from emotion when he said yes, and then hurling himself at Blaine, kissing him and holding him for dear life, and enjoying the look of the ring on his finger is what passes for “less certain” and “aggressively publicly pressured” in these quarters. But I bet if it were someone not called Blaine proposing, we’d get hallelujahs and osannas. Yes, Kurt could’ve said no as Burt clearly indicated (as he did in the Christmas episode which people willfully rewrote in their heads in similar fashion) – but he didn’t. Deal with it.

    • jazzcolfer says:

      Are you joking? Remember when everyone was against the finchel proposal, yet they were the core couple of the show? At least they were in a relationship for a long time and no one in the couple had cheated with someone on facebook? So what is happening is the exact opposite of what you are saying. Some people love that dumb proposal because it’s all about blaine. blaine stans can’t understand that if it was bad for one couple, it is even more stupid for kids that weren’t together up until a few days because one of them cheated. So no one had ever and would applaud no matter who the kids are, only blaine stans are applauding in this case, god knows why.

      • Angel says:

        Rachel almost did cheat on Finn with Puck when she found out about Finn and Santana sleeping together. It made Finn break up with her for a time, because Quinn did the same thing to him with Puck. So Finchel had some drama, and their relationship was never smooth sailing. They were the core couple and heart of the show, I do agree with you there. I also agree that they made the proposal more about Blaine than his love for Kurt, which is not what a marriage proposal should be about.

        • noblee says:

          But Rachel and Finn got back together and were togehter 6-8 months before Finn proposed not one to 2 days. And making out with someone is bad but she didn’t have sex with Puck. Plus Rachel actually ah to take time and win back Finn’s trust and did not go crushing on other guys while trying to show him he could trust her. In the end it was Finn who came back to Rachel so it was all left to Finn to decide if/whine he trusted her again.

  4. Cat says:

    I was so hoping Kurt would say no. It’s not realistic to me at all that they just get back together. There is still obvious trust Blaine has to regain from Kurt, to jump into proposing right away. Jeez date a bit. Blaine screwed up and blames Kurt for it basically.

    People were so against Finn/Rachel getting engaged, but okay with these two? It was just done horribly, and I doubt I’ll watch past episode 3. I know it’s a tv show but seriously? None of these so called adults spoke up about it? I do my best to suspend disbelief but this just pushed it too far.

  5. Hg24 says:

    I was bored and when I wasn’t bored I offended or watching the beautiful Lea Michele. Glee began to lose it’s touch in season three but the original cast kept it together and still delivered performances I could connect to. Season four just made it lose all it’s magic and it seems season five will be cementing that. The Kurt/Blaine engagement was hipocrisy at it’s finest. How was everyone ok with Blaine proposing after being back together for less than 24 hours when they all shat on (rightfully so as well) Finn/Rachel? Why did Tina need a bunch of males to come to her rescue? Why does Sue keep doing the same old schtick? Lea and Naya make it hard for me to leave this show but after the Cory tribute I think it’ll be time to tune out and catch their scenes later. I can’t even find the energy to get that angry anymore because I’m so painfully bored.

  6. Erika says:

    All You Need Is Love originally contained the small ‘She Loves You’ motive. The way it was done on the episode tonight wasn’t a mashup, just a faithful cover.

  7. Jake says:

    I think I’m gonna stick with my original plan of watching the first 3 episodes of this season and then ending my time with Glee. There were moments of the episode I enjoyed (mostly having to do with Rachel) but most of it felt boring to me, even with Beatles music.

  8. sophie says:

    I’ve never really liked Rachel, but Lea Michelle made me cry with Yesterday. I have so much respect for her, she is inspiring.

  9. Merissa says:

    Yeah, I nearly died when Lea Michele was singing “Yesterday”. Couldn’t control the sobs…It’s sure going to be an emotional roller coaster the next couple of weeks :(

  10. Bryn says:

    That episode was just bad. I thought I’d give it try this season, but tuning out seems best. Lea and Naya were the best part but sitting through the whole ep just to see them for 10 minutes, no thanks!! Also, there is such a noticeable hole without Cory, and they didn’t even mention where Finn was…….ooooooookay. :/

  11. Elyse says:

    i just can’t get into Glee this season :( but i’ll give it until hiatus to decide for sure if i’m gonna drop it or not.

  12. Noel says:

    This episode made me feel like I was tripping balls. No mention of why all these people suddenly changed their mind about Kurt and Blaine getting engaged, notably Burt who was a 100% against it and Kurt himself. Then Rachel and Santana are in NYC then Lima then NYC, but these are the same people who couldnt afford tickets home to see family for thanksgiving. Then Kurt and Adam breaking up. I didnt ship them but even that left me puzzled. If Kurts been in Lima all this time when did everything with Adam happen?

    It was just too unrealistic for a show that touted realism as it reasoning for getting rid of half the cast these last two seasons.

    The writers for this show need a beta and maybe someone to help them set up critiquing sessions because there were so many confusing to outright bizarre things about this episode it was distracting.

  13. Ahh…so much hate in all the comments. I agree for something was off in premiere..maybe due to Cory. Always love Rachel and Santana scenes, and the evolution of their friendship. I am OK with Klaine proposal, the scene was very well done. Both will turn 20 soon, so it wont be a teenage marriage. And its just a proposal…jeez…people calm down..its not like they are getting married next week. Plus, Finchel were only 18 at the time of “wedding”, but I feel Klaine will not be getting married anytime soon..maybe at the end of season.

    • fr says:

      First Blaine is at most 18 and Kurt 19. They protested Finchel’s engagement and the parents actually tried to stop it. So hypocrite all over the place. Geez at least Finn and Rachel were a couple for at months.

  14. Hannah says:

    “Kurt said yes — though his face looked a little less certain, no? Then again, with Rachel, Santana and a wordless Mercedes, plus almost everyone else from McKinley (and even Schue) in attendance, how could he have said “no”? ”

    I’m actually hoping they’re working up to a storyline concerning this for him this season. He seemed conflicted enough beforehand that its possible imo. This whole storyline, from Blaine thinking that making a cultural statement should have anything to do with the decision to propose, to the neck-breaking 180 everyone else involved underwent, is just ridiculous.

  15. Christy says:

    I think I’m going to start watching the NY clips only. I hope they are online. I can’t take much more of McKinley even though I would like to enjoy the show, as a whole, the way I did before season 4. Artie/Kitty was the only thing I sort of liked, but that will be over soon. Lea and Naya were the best part of the episode, by far. I don’t know why we don’t get more Rachel/Santana, they are electric on screen! The diner stuff was so much.

  16. Lori says:

    Yesterday was amazing and every Rachel/Santana scene was perfection. I especially appreciated how funny they were. Regarding the Klaine proposal I really hope the plan is to do exactly what they did with Finchel and show what a bad idea teen engagements are.

  17. K says:

    I hated this episode. After watching it it left me feeling really …. I don’t know sad? I can’t say disappointed because I wasn’t expecting much anyway, but it definitely didn’t redeem itself from my expectations.

    Lea Michele was fantastic, and the NY scenes with her and Santana were the highlights for me. I actually liked Kitty/Artie and found that it was uplifting for what Glee intended with the more cheerful storylines. But the entire proposal thing was just… no. I would have been fine if Kurt & Blaine had just got back together or talked things out properly and then got back together, but then we had to have Blaine go ahead with his stupid proposal (which seemed more like a response to current politics than a ‘hey, I think Kurt and I are mature and ready enough for this! — which, due to the fact they just got back together, they clearly aren’t ready). I feel as if so many characters were just used as props for that — Sebastian’s snark and usual humour was gone (although it was great to see him again and I’d love if they did a storyline of him building the warblers back up with the rest of the group), Adam was mentioned only in passing and there’s no real closure on that from when we last saw him and Kurt.

    Oh, Kurt. Chris’s acting was perfect in showing the conflict that character was feeling. I wanted him to say no, just because he shouldn’t have to get engaged due to a) being pressured to and b) because he feels, at twenty, he won’t get anything better. They should have left it with Kurt & Blaine getting back together, because it was painful to see a character that I’ve loved since season one appear … trapped in something he doesn’t really want just yet. As I say, wonderful acting – terrible story writing.

    I’ll be watching until the tribute, and then I think I’ll be bidding my goodbyes. This show isn’t the show I fell in love with anymore, and I don’t even think I can stick watching it for much longer.

  18. Emma says:

    If Blaine, could just once, take responsibility for cheating without trying to place the blame on Kurt he might not be so unbearable. Or if he could manage his desperate need for attention. So I guess he’ll never be unbearable.

    • Carrie_me_Tina says:

      Blaine has been apologizing to Kurt – and everyone else who would listen – for the past months SO MANY TIMES I hope I never hear about it again.
      On the other hand, Kurt has never acknowledged the fact that he may have been less than a perfect boyfriend. During that picnic I was hoping that after Blaine promises to never cheat again (lol, yeah right), Kurt would say smh like “and I promise to never ignore you like that again.” But of course he didn’t. St.Kurt of Lima indeed…

      Still, the proposal scene was absolutely lovely.

      • Emma says:

        I do remember him trying to apologize but it doesnt count if your apology amounts to “sorry but its your fault”. Thats not an apology. Thats placing the blame for your actions onto someone else.

      • get over it says:

        Kurt didn’t answer on phone call, boo who Blaine. Kurt doesn’t owe Blaine an apology.

  19. Irene says:

    I too was sad to see my favorite tv show go. I felt like the entire hour was all about Blaine. I just don’t think anyone cares because the entire storyline has been boring. is this what the young gay community is being taught? Marry young? Dear writers: Stop with the marriage right out of high school plots! Ugh! Gay, straight…we dont care, they are dumb! Give us stuff we can relate to. We hate Rachel, but we get her. We loved Finn and we cheered for him. We loved the original cast members as their characters developed. The writers have done very little to develop the new cast to even make them interesting. So we are left in the end with nothing now. Introducing two more alternative lifestyle characters and a girlfriend for Sam will not replace what we felt for Finn. The music may be better but we know based upon S3 and S4 that the story lines will not connect us. Give us good story lines, a few more good actors that we can relate to who can sing and have good chemistry and maybe Glee will see a turnaround; otherwise, this show will sadly be nothing but a memory. Sadly, I am still crying for Finn and for Glee…

  20. Fernanda says:

    no one ask for Finn, at least one scene with someone trying to call him.. so sad.. the main event for the season is not the klaine wedding is the third episode

  21. Lisa Benwitz says:

    I’m not a person who believes that every “teen” character on a show highly watched by young people needs to be a positive role model. However, that being said, Ryan Murphy goes out of his way to preach at and even lecture us at every opportunity about so many things that I just can’t see how teen proposal/engagements are a good idea, whether it was Finn and Rachel then or Kurt and Blaine now… I really hope that the plot will show how the excitement over the legalization of gay marriage combined with getting back together combined with the public proposal made Kurt and Blaine get carried away and realize that they have their entire lives ahead of them… as well as re-establishing a good and healthy relationship. Ryan Murphy has his hands in so many pies (as it were) that I feel he has neglected “Glee” over the past few years… it’s so sad that it’s deteriorated the way it has. Yet I still keep watching… so I guess he’s still getting something right.

  22. Hannah says:

    The Klaine engagement storyline was the stupidest thing. The fact that Kurt said yes has just DESTROYED his character. And Blaine totally ruined AYNIL.
    The Wildebrams stuff was cute, but I don’t see the point in getting invested in that couple.
    The only good things about this episode was Yesterday and Hard Day’s Night, so basically only the NY stuff.
    This episode gets a 3/10 for me.

  23. edmir says:

    I just…

    He’s not that bad. I get that some of you want what’s best for Kurt etc. But tearing one of his scene partners so much?

    Kurt isn’t even the one who suffers most from character assassination. In fact you have what’s most important and that’s consistency.
    Accepting the proposal was IN character surely. (did you watch when Rachel asked him what he would do in s3?)

    And Blaine. Bless him. He has so much more to give I can just tell.

  24. Brian says:

    Did I miss something, or didn’t Ryder say he was leaving Glee club after regionals? But he was there with the group with no explanation…did something get left on the cutting room floor in editing this episode??

  25. Lou says:

    Corey’s absence was glaring. I thought Rachel should havevgotten a text from Finn or something to acknowledge him. Yesterday made me cry.

    About Klaine, its not like no one ever in the history of humankind knows in their heart that their first love is the real deal, marries them, and is basically happy about it. It may be rare in this day and age of disposable relationships but it still happens and it’s not unhealthy. Sometimes when you know, you know, so why pretend otherwise for the sake of variety? I thought the proposal was sweet and surprisingly in character and it doesn’t mean they get married tomorrow. It means they are committed to each other and plan on getting married when school doesn’t interfere and they are ready to move forward as a married couple.

  26. Carrie_me_Tina says:

    Lol, – Haters’ Central.

    Calm down, people.

    It just a tv show.

    Those are fictional characters.

    Nobody got actually hurt during the making of this episode (or forced to marry anyone against their wil).

    Don’t like it? Don’t watch it. It’s that simple.

    • jazzcolfer says:

      How don’t you follow your own advise? If you think is hater’ central, why don’t you stop coming or you can just stop reading the comments? I mean, usually when they are a comment section it’s for people to leave an opinion god or bad on a tv show and these fictional characters they either love or dislike. Just because these comments don’t suit you, doesn’t mean they are invalid and made by haters.

  27. Robert says:

    So Kitty thinks the Beatles are irrelevant and doubts anyone even cares about that “band from the 40s,” but then she knows the lyrics to all the songs and sings along with joy? Huh? How does that work?

    • pfoggy says:

      The same way that apparently broadway producers put up marquees on theaters for shows that haven’t even cast their leads and are 6-12 months from opening and apparently in NY you can walk out on your waitress job in the middle of the shift because you feel like it.

      It’s call crappy writing…

  28. ANNA says:


  29. Shelley says:

    This show is over. Episode 3 will be it for me. It’s so sad now, and there is no spark, no joy without Cory/Finn. He was missed last season while in treatment, the decline in show quality was immediately clear as S4 slogged on w/o him.
    That he will not return is unbearable … and renders the show … impotent … as its original intent, its center & focal point has vanished. The show also died that day.

    • MC says:

      Absolutely. The original plan was for Cory (Finn) to be a big part of this season. I sympathize with the writers because they have to make something out of nothing now. The writers also are hampered by “newbies” who are not as talented as the original cast. I think this is why Blaine is very much the focus in Lima. The writers trust him (Darren Criss) more than the newbies to carry the Lima part of the show.

      • bore says:

        Cory’s absent this season doesn’t explain why they pushed the bland Blaine last season. They could have been giving us Artie who can actually sing well or more NY with acotr and singer who are good.

  30. missyw says:

    I watched the premiere but I almost cried several times thinking about Cory. His death was the final blow to the Glee I use to love. S4 was bad but at least I still had hope that Finn and Finchel would have their happily ever after. The Klaine engagement seems rushed and a poor substitute. (It was also sad to see the talented Matthew Morrison standing with all the kids watching Blaine propose. He is a good actor with a very good singing voice yet he rarely sings.) I am sorry but Glee without Cory has no glee for me.

  31. sonia says:

    Best part about glee for me is lea michele loved yesterday.blaine and the new kids suck!

  32. Nikki says:

    Just read through a bunch of the comments and am amazed that there are this many people who apparently hate the show or some aspects of it – yet come here to read the recaps and complain about it.

    I was worried about the proposal since public proposals come with so much pressure and Kurt was already not sure about it – but loved Blaine’s speech. I thought it was really heartfelt and can see why Kurt would have said yes. Blaine really did what he could to make it special for him.

    I’m worried about Artie and Kitty actually – I still don’t know Kitty’s true intentions.

    Anyway – people should lighten up and if you really don’t like it – just don’t watch!

    • Becks says:

      Oh, don’t you know? TVline is where the butthurt Blaine haters come to congregate. They’re all just upset that TVline and Slezak are literally the only mainstream media outlet that doesn’t like Blaine. Like every other review place has positive reviews and comments about the episode with only the tiniest bit of apprehension about the public nature of the proposal.

      • Bee says:

        You are a typical Blaine fan who thinks he can do no wrong. Too bad they tried to make him the star of the show but ratings just keep falling. He is no leading man! And many of your media sites are paid by Fox or by the actors PR company to give positive comments. Don’t be naive. It’ all a business.

  33. D. Passenger says:

    As happy as her face looked, it looked like Lea’s tears were real when Kurt said yes. What a great actress and strong woman.

  34. Can’t anyone just enjoy the show?? Gosh. And just to say, this whole talk about it now being the klaine show is just disgusting. What the hell did you think was going to happen???????? Finn is gone!!! Finches is dead, Brittana is dead and wemma is married!!!! Season 4 ended with blaine holding a ring behind his back!!!!! Of course this episode is going to be about KLAINE!!!! And what is sooooo wrong with that?!?!!! When it’s the finches show in which they used to kiss every 10 minutes where were the complaints?!!!
    It just irks me that people now blame blaine for hogging the show and whatnot! All that was talked about last season was klaine breaking up and never getting back together! Now they’re together and everyone’s upset??? Can’t this one episode be special for klaine??? And while they are young, you CANNOT compare it with when finchel got engaged cus everybody knows that level of maturity with klaine has been higher than finchel’s ever since season 2!!! This couple has been through A LOT! Of course everybody supports them getting hitched even if its not now! And even though it seems like more of a political statement for blaine who told you that that’s not the angle the writers are working on?!! The fact that theyre getting married so soon after just getting back together might have been panned you know!!! and while kurt did have doubts, even with the fact that blaines motives might not be completely love related, that speech and the proposal was all the assurance that even if they didnt get married for another 10 years, yes was the right answer! Seriously , people need to give glee some credit, especially after what happened this summer. The saddest episode is coming up in a little more than a week. Give them a break. They need some happy. Gosh…

  35. Erin says:

    Can all the Blaine/Klaine haters please go back to ONTD and keep their repetitive hate there. It’s pathetic how you people keep whining on these articles and it gets worse every season

  36. Wendy says:

    Wow! I still love Glee, but I just think the writers messed up somewhere down the line and lost focus. I really don’t want Glee to be about anything but singing. If the writers can’t get this right, then please end the show. Most people don’t care so much about Blaine because he wasn’t an original cast member. Kurt was, but Kurt wasn’t pushing the marriage proposal. If I am not mistaken, I didn’t read about any Kurt haters in these posts. We like Kurt. People didn’t like Rachel cuz originally, she was annoying and a bit over the top for a diva. They changed her character a bit a season or two ago. The other reason for the hate is because a lot of people liked Quinn, Santana, Artie, Puck, Brittany, Mercedes, Mike and Tina – all from season 1 and they have all been made to be either supporting characters or just have occasional roles on the show. Surely the writers could have created more for them. Plus lets not forget how they introduced all new characters but failed to fully develop them. Instead they chose to focus on one character over the others. So no one knew what the deal was. I like Blaine. I just think others should sing and get stories developed around them too. It would be nice to have balance. I am just saying that it is a bit too obvious and since he was not an original, the loyalt isn’t as strong. Sorry guys. It’s true!