Glee in Season 5: Dream Plot Developments for 13 Key Characters -- Rachel, Santana and More!

Glee kicks off Season 5 tonight (9/8c on Fox) with the first of two Beatles-themed episodes, and then — following what’s certain to be a heartwrenching farewell to Finn Hudson on Oct. 10 — takes a brief hiatus while the show’s cast and crew figures out its path following the untimely passing of Cory Monteith.

With so much in flux, we thought we’d do a little brainstorming of our own regarding what types of story arcs we’d like to see for 13 key characters — from Rachel and Kurt to Tina and Ryder and, naturally, Beiste.

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So click through the gallery below to get a look at our dream plot developments, then hit the comments and share your own hopes for Season 5. And to stay up to date on all our Glee news, exclusives and commentary, follow us on Twitter @TVLine!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. English says:

    Why do people always forget that Tina had a solo when they performed MIchael Jackson for Regional… She sang the majority of the song…. doesnt that count as a solo? (Especially since she and Quinn were the only girls during that performance because Rachel was suspended)

    • Josh says:

      That one was a group number really. Mike, Kurt and Quinn all had solos in the song. I think Tina just deserves a real spotlight moment (ala Rachel’s Its All Coming Back To Me Now) after being sidelined for the best part of four years.

    • meh says:

      Tina is a brat and not in a funny way like they wrote Rachel or Santana. Plus Jenna can sing but her acting is still weak.

      • Mena says:

        She is an accomplished stage actress. And a thousand times better than some on Glee right now. She has been overlooked for 4 years, where storylines and arcs were given to other characters with less qualifications and abilities than Jenna. I hope now as a senior that she gets her time in the sun, so to speak. Not a random chick who pines over Blaine.

    • Linda says:

      Tina had a solo at the most recent regionals – Gangham Style

  2. ggny says:

    I would like to see Puck and Mike be around a bit more to help with ND in the wake of Cory death. Would be nice to see them guys back to take his place

  3. Tess says:

    100% agree with Rachel. I hope she finds new friends and focuses on school and broadway.

  4. Lalalala says:

    Blam!!!! Platonic or not, they were the only thing I enjoyed from last season

    • BB says:

      Completely agree! Blam <3

    • Sue says:

      wow you must have really hated the show then cause they were boring and stupid.

    • Alek says:

      I don’t like Blam. I think it ruined S4. Less Blaine and Sam would be very nice this season.

      • Mena says:

        Agreed. The cartoon characterizations of them were ridiculous and boring. I’d soon never see them again. My opinion. If they do end McKinley with a midseason graduation of the seniors and then move onto NY from then on, I’d be elated. I might watch Glee more often again.

      • Anne says:

        Agree, talk about boring and over-rated.

      • Steph says:

        Agree!! I liked Blaine initially, but Kurt not sexy? No one remembered “4 Minutes” /sigh The whole Blam thing was boring and inane; Blaine is likeable but shallow and Sam is vapid (and he needs a shampoo & haircut, though maybe it’s just the long hair looks dirty?). The talent pool in Lima is shallow and, with Artie & Blaine going to NYC…and Tina to NC? it’ll evaporate, except for the teachers. NYC, esp with Kurt, Rachel & Santana is the way to go. MUCH deeper talent pool. Rachel has had decent opps, but Kurt’s storylines for the first half of s4 were non-existent. He is much too talented to waste like that. Santana adds a wonderful spice to everything & she’s an amazing singer and decent actress. It’s really great to see Artie getting some good screen/story time in s4 and now. He’s been under-utilized for long time. He’s my next favorite after Kurt. I desperately hope they either kill off the Lima side or do a true spin-off (not going to happen). IF they did a spin-off, I could possibly enjoy the Lima side, rather than fast-forwarding through it (after the first viewing) to get to the NYC side, which has a richer story and character development potential. The top performers, for me are Chris Colfer, Lea Michele and Kevin McHale / Darren Criss, though I very much enjoy Amber Riley, Jenna Ushkowitz and Harry Shum (and Dianna Agron). I liked Mark Salling to balance the others, too. The original cast are a magical combination of different voices and styles, which blended together so well in the stories and ensembles, to make a rich performance and vocal tapestry. The new characters are vanilla and boring. The new actors are moderately talented, though not exceptionally -and mostly with vocals, not acting. No hate intended for anyone. I love Glee, but do NOT like the Blaine-heavy imbalance. He is a limited character, with a conventionally handsome look and voice, but no real depth. By over using Blaine, Glee has actually made me disregard and (to a certain extent) dislike him. When I say that, I repeat: I am not hating; I admire all of the originals a great deal. But Glee was at its best when it was more balanced.

    • Andy says:

      Completely agree!!! They were the only reason I watched the show since Santana appeared in NY. I despise her character to such an extent that I couldn`t enjoy Rachel and Kurt anymore.

    • Susan says:

      I despised Blam; they were boring and Blaine’s crushing on his straight BFF after already cheating (sex) on his boyfriend (pardon, former boyfriend) AFTER having accused said boyfriend of cheating by texting (NOT even sexting) is hypocritical. The fact that all of the ND (most of whom had done the same) shunned Kurt for the alleged cheating was maddening. Ironically, I like the Hevans combination in fanfics (Kurtbastian even more). If they want Sebastian to come to NYC and sweep Kurt off his feet, well, turn-about’s fair play. But I really wouldn’t want Kurt to stoop to that. Please do not bring Sam to NYC….

  5. Mel says:

    Or Sam, Blaine, Will, Ryder, Jake, and Marley all stop taking up screen time with boring and/or annoying “story lines.”

  6. Heather says:

    Do you even watch the show?

  7. Ian says:

    Yeah, no more Klaine, please.

  8. Eric7740 says:

    What about Mr. Schue???

    • Elvis says:

      Will’s remaining story: get another Nationals win, lobby for arts funding, have a child with Emma, finally bury the hatchet with Sue. That’s just not as “sexy” as school shootings and male prostitutes.

  9. jan says:

    I agree that they are wasting Chris Colfer’s talents. Would love to see more Kurt this season.

  10. TeamNYGlee says:

    How about they just dump Lima and the entire new cast of McKinley and focus on the Original Cast left in NY? Not really interested Glee repeat the stories of S1-3 by a much inferior cast of actors.

    • DS says:

      Exactly what do they have to achieve at McK we haven’t seen already. Do we really need another school dance, another graduation or worse another lame competition? Plus none of the new character are fun just bland.

  11. Leslie says:

    The fact that you don’t even care enough to talk about the most talented person and the most neglected character Will Schuester, speaks volumes of what the glee fandom has become. Idiots.

    • Sil says:

      I agree. He was the adult version of the Glee Club members, having insecurities and not believing in himself. It’s a shame the writers wrote his character so poorly to make his character essentially insignificant and useless. He is the best singer and triple threat on Glee. Blaine doesn’t count in that comment. For me, he is not as talented but has the most fanbase. He and Lea. I think when they wrote out significant and centric based to Glee’s storylines of the adult to focus on the high school la te dahs and all the Glee clubs drams and couple dramas that Glee turned its back on its more adult fanbase. Making Glee lose its smart and revealing adult humor. Leading more toward the emotional and social issues of LGTB issues which many teens face, but Glee seemed to abandon the more complex and adult stories. This was a significant reason for me to turn the channel season 4. Glee was quite open in showing its new course to bring in new fandom, teen and young adults.

    • Kat says:

      Leslie I agree 100%!! The whole premise of the show is about a high school teacher (Shue) who takes over their glee club. Now he doesn’t even have lines anymore . It’s like ” Ok Will just stand there and clap or smile, Ok perfect , goodbye”! And don’t get me started on the lack of interaction between my favorite couple on Glee, Will and Emma! Why spend two seasons playing “will they, won’t they?” with the characters if you’re planning on completely disregarding them after they FINALLY get together. I know they got married, but again the scenes are severely lacking. Let’s not forget the if it wasn’t for Emma’s encouragement, Will wouldn’t even be coaching the kids in the first place. She is so underrated just as Will is and it’s really unfortunate for both the actors

  12. -_- says:

    No, blam is a pathetic excuse of a friendship and the fact that people think it’s a good one deeply worries me.

    It exists purely to big up Sam, the straight, white and masculine guy. Seriously, think about it:

    Sam get’s Blaine to stay at McKinley.
    Blaine having a crush on Sam.
    Sam not being weird about that.
    Blaine helping Sam realize what a great guy he is.

    It also promoted an ugly stereotype that gay guys and straight guys can’t be friends without cursing being involved.

    And what Sam said at the ring store was just inappropriate no matter how you look at it.

    If you think it’s not ridiculously one-sided and frankly just plain offensive; you’re just kidding yourself.

    Please glee, out of all the friendships you’ve dumped over the years; please let blam be one of them.

    Don’t bother replying, I have no desire you return here so your arguments are pointless; not that they’d change my opinion anyway.

    The only way that’d ever happen is if Sam stopped making sexuality jokes at Blaine’s expense and come on, it’s glee.

    • vigor says:

      Sam should have let Blaine go back if he wanted to run away from his problems.

      It’s not like they were really that good friends by then. I’d prefer a Blaine who was turning in on himself again. Living out a weird self inflicted punishment.

      • vigor says:

        Or maybe I should just watch another show. I was talking to my other half last week.

        “Goddamit Jean, these kids are not tortured enough. Their souls are like elastic snapping back into place after a bad time. Too much positivity, not enough navel gazing”

  13. Adam says:

    Neither of those plot developments would be in character for Kurt or Blaine.

    • Elvis says:

      Shh, just let Slezak (and the commetariat) have their fantasy. I myself enjoy Kurt dating in NY fanfictions.

    • hariwari says:

      Blaine was not in character since nearly two seasons ago, so I don´t think it matters.
      Don´t see why dating would be out of character for Kurt though….

  14. KSM says:

    I say we just get rid of Unique all together.

  15. :-) says:

    Sick of sam and blaine. Darren and Chord are the definition of mediocre. Focus on the original New Directions that are still left on the show. (Rachel,Santana,Kurt,Tina,Artie).
    At least give New York a good amount of focus before it inevitably gets hijacked by Blaine. At that point i will stop watching.

    • edm says:

      There’s probably a way to put Blaine in nyc without him having to hijack it.

      1) Cut his solos down to one solo
      2) Dramatically overhaul his hair and wardrobe so he doesn’t stick out like a clown at an investment bankers convention
      3)Send Tina or Quinn there too. Strike up a good character dynamic
      4)Give him more of a mind that doesn’t always revolve around whatever artist he’s obsessing over that week, or revolving around feeling overly good or overly bad about Kurt.
      5)If they can’t make good changes, they’re better off scrapping the character completely. Because what they’re doing right now sucks.

  16. Kate says:

    How about instead of giving everyone new plot lines and relationships we just develop what is already there? But then we wouldn’t be watching glee, which is a hot mess that I still love to see.

  17. no says:

    Blaine’s “stuck in a state of frozen developement”
    Why you freeze him for Glee? Why you freeze him and make him a character at mckinley?
    no no no to “mckinley blaine”.
    Blaine in bowties no no no
    needy blaine no no
    Blaine relegated to really basic relationship drama no no no.

    • edm says:

      Married klaine
      no no no

    • bleesucks says:

      I have an idea just get rid of Blaine and we don’t have to worry about how dumb his character is.

      • ej says:

        But… then I feel like I’ve wasted all this time? years. watching. damn girl.
        I’ll have to stay this way till the end or I’ll watch glee and think wtf, I don’t have to worry so much about them writing characters properly. But I don’t care either because where’s Blaine? He used to be on here… singing. And making me smile?

  18. Kimba says:

    So you want Kurt slutting it up in NYC and Blaine to “turn” Sam gay? How much more offensive and stereotypical can you get? Your opinions are terrible and irresponsible. I honestly can’t believe I read this on a real news site. It reads like somebody’s wank off fanfiction, not something a real entertainment outlet would produce. I regret reading and won’t be back.

    • Yes because become engaged at the 19/20 years of a person (who has 17/18 years) who cheated with a guy on facebook is a better lesson

      • Elvis says:

        Don’t worry too much. I think Kurt will have Blaine sign a contract that will punish him very harshly if he steps one toe out of line. Naturally, Blaine won’t read it and he’ll breach contract in some silly way (like he fails to make cookies in a timely fashion) and the relationship is dissolved. Yay, Glee. :\

    • Elvis says:

      It’s just Ausiello being Ausiello. He likes getting page hits from certain fans who feel oppressed for various reasons. I also wouldn’t call dating around the city “slutting it up”, though I don’t think Kurt would go bar-hopping. It’s fun to think about alternate universe stories.

    • RachelA says:

      OMG, have you even been watching this show? Glee has already done WAY nuttier and out-of-left-field things than those two suggestions. I don’t necessarily like the idea of Sam going gay, but it’s at least as believable as Quinn’s lesbian hurrah. And Kurt sowing some wild oats in NYC is a perfectly delightful AND believable idea.

  19. Em says:

    These are some of the dumbest ideas I’ve ever read. Which is impressive since TV Line comes up with stupid ones every year.
    Kurt and Blaine are getting engaged. Kurt is not going to do the single promiscuous gay in NYC thing, let it go. Blam is never happening, let it go.
    Here’s what Glee should do.
    Wrap up the school year asap. Get Blaine to NY asap, and he will move in to the loft since Kurt and he are engaged (if Rachel can shack up with Brody, Kurt and Blaine can live together as fiances). Focus on Kurt and Blaine’s career aspirations, friendships, and time at NYADA, while also throwing in some wedding planning here and there. Focus on Rachel’s career, no love interest for now. Develop her friendships with the other characters so they’re real and not just about everyone propping her up all the time. Give Santana a nice little romance with Dani before she moves on to her endgame gf, because Demi won’t be sticking around permanently. Move Artie and Tina to NY. Drop Lima. Provide some crazy explanation for why Sue ends up in NY as well.

    • good one says:

      Ok let Blaine be like Brody in the loft we see him may 3 times before he is sent packing. How can you proclaim Klaine or really Blaine love than complain about everyone being a Rachel prop. Everyman was a Blaine prop um including Kurt for the past 2 season. Hypocrite.

      • 5000 says:

        I am curious about Blaine’s career though. He’s so far been like an energizer bunny. Probably because kurt’s already in new york and he’s feeling a bit competitive.

  20. joncuriel says:

    I have to agree, I like all of the ideas, seriously Slezak: what are you doing here when you are doing a better job for character development than the actual producers of the show!?
    Tina deserves a Nationals like solo, and I don’t say that as a Tina fan, but as a glee fan who has been following the show since it’s very first season

  21. Selfish says:

    Glee thinks it does not need acting talent but just bedazzle and fluff. Anything to do with real acting and consistent storylines are what this show needs to even survive further than this season.

  22. bayth says:

    Yes, please, to anything to get Kurt away from Blaine. It would be even better if the writers left Blaine in Lima and changed the show to be only NYC. A show with Kurt, Rachel and Santana would be fantastic. These are the true talent of the show – the actors that can carry a story whether dramatic or comedic. The wannabees at McKinley have dragged the quality so far down – I only will watch edits with them cut out.

    • #goawayblaine says:

      I think the writers need to have Blaine go study in Europe of as far away as possible. He will just ruin NY whihc has potential with Rachel, Kurt and Santana.

      • Elvis says:

        You can’t run on potential forever. So far the show has been unwilling to pick a lane, going as far as extending the school year. I also don’t buy that they’re hobbling NY: the big problem is that they still don’t have very many ideas for NY beyond Rachel’s march to Broadway. Santana should’ve gone to NY after 404 but they kept her in Louisville limbo because they couldn’t come up with a story for her.

  23. Cherry says:

    I really don’t get the appeal with Blaine, I’m sorry but Darren Criss’s acting is so bad, and sometimes offensive with how he portrays his gay character. His voice is the weakest out of the males and his storylines were so so so awful.

  24. MoodyAmerican says:

    I get the complaints about the show being repetitive and it is, but it is a show based in/on high school students, which in real life is repetitive, same stories different people different endings. However I agree with their being less newbies more NYC, but to totally erase the school would be stupid.

    • why not says:

      HS is merely a setting. The show is about following you dreams which is what NY is about. What dreams can they do in MCK that we having seen already be Prom queen and win Nationals? I think erasing the school knowing there is just one seaosn left would be bold and enjoyable.

  25. Cherry says:

    If they turn Kurt into an awful, annoying character by having him get engaged to the guy who cheated on him and disrespected their relationship then I’ll be done with Glee. Kurt is a highlight of the show and he’s been backbencher for Blaine ever since he appeared.

    • vigor says:

      Kurt was pretty unlikeable in season 1 and 3.

      • DR says:

        I liked Kurt snarky and sarcastic instead of a victim or Saint Kurt. either way he is better than Blaine

      • edt says:

        Funny. He is the one character that I have loved from the beginning. I loved his fearlessness, his bitchiness and his take no prisoners attitude in season 1. In season 3? How can you say he was unlikable? He basically lost every single thing that he attempted. He was shown to be the lesser part of a gay couple. That he was undesirable and a total loser. And now? He is a shadow of his former independent self. I want that spark back. Chris Colfer has been the only reason I have held on this long. If the writers put him back with the stick in the mud – Bland, than I will have watched my last edited version of Blee.

        • ej says:

          I just never warmed to him. I’ve given up trying to understand/relate to that character. Not everybody did like him. It’s not really a biggie. You shouldn’t take it personally.

      • Jin says:

        He’s been my least favorite character from the beginning. Self absorbed, hypocritical, arrogant and grating. But even he doesn’t deserve to be stuck in that mess they call a relationship.

  26. Gianni says:

    That Kurt write-up is so on the nose.

  27. stop the madness says:

    Hahahahahaha you said some of the noobs are key characters. Good one. Wait that is the problem the writers are making stupid and/or boring characters key character. Stop the noobs, stop the blam,.

  28. dani says:

    Goddamn let me love you for your Kurt blurb. I’ll never understand these writers’ (or the fanbase’s) obsession with high school soulmates but watching Kurt’s characterization and development and Chris’s potentially meaty storylines get shoved under a bus for it is a painful tragedy

  29. Hannah says:

    I so agree about Rachel, Kurt, Santana, Tina, and Sue :D
    Especially Kurt. I don’t want him around Blaine because Blaine just drags him down. Let Kurt explore the city and have a life in NY without Blaine (the guy that cheated on him, I might add) holding him down.

    • Elvis says:

      I would really enjoy seeing both Kurt and Blaine as single adults. I even wanted Blaine to consider school in LA so that he can have Hollywood shenanigans with his brother and Mercedes and Puck et al. But there’s just too much canon saying that Kurt and Blaine are meant to be. I’ll hope for hijinks with the whole gang in NY then.

      • THIS (half the original cast in LA and half in NYC) would be so much more engaging than splitting time between NYC and McKinley. It could be a lot of fun-still Glee cheesy, of course-but fun.

  30. MN says:

    Klaine is happening whether you like it or not! Deal with it or don’t watch the show! I do want more for Kurt though as Chris is very talented and I adore him! To the ones hating on Darren, you need to get your ears checked! I respect people’s opinion,but to say he has no talent is ridiculous! He just came off a SOLD OUT tour, a movie in which he was praised for by many critics, and from the critic,pap, & reporters world, there is barely ANY negativity on Darren! And NO, his fans are not all 12 year old teenagers….I’ve been to his concert and I being an “older adult fan” was shocked to the range of age of the fans and I have also experienced this in other events that I have gone to! The whole cast is talented and they all have different aspects of talent that they excel in. I just think it’s funny how people bitch and complain constantly but still watch!

    • Given the ratings that Glee had last season and I suspect have go this season… I think people chose “don’t watch the show”

      • Elvis says:

        The ratings have been fairly consistent since the last eight episodes of season 3. Also Glee always appears in the top 25 DVR shows, so people choose to time-shift it.

        • And the explanation for the weak sales of music.
          Or awards that Glee wins.
          Glee is sinking, and it will continue to sink if RIB does not do anything new.
          Klaine and Blaine is not the solution.

          • sme says:

            Thank you for this comment. Totally. I realize season 1 was fresh and new with the Glee format giving Glee accolades and Emmy wins and notariety, but, this is dull and repetitive. NY has so much new and fresh possibilities for the future of Glee. I hope for Chris Colfer’s sake he moves on from Glee season 5 which will let loose the hubbub of Klaine. Never been a fan of them as a couple.

    • edt says:

      I only watch the Kurt edits with Blarren cut out of it. It’s the only way I can see my favorite character without my least favorite character.

    • Jess says:

      First, Darren’s tour was nowhere near “Sold Out” and just the tiniest bit of internet research will show you that. But keep swallowing his PR hype. Second, his movie was a massive flop and the highest praise any critic gave him was calling him “cougar bait”. If you’re a fan of dismal acting and mediocre singing, great- Darren is the guy for you.

  31. I love YOU for the Kurt’s part.
    Chris Colfer is stuck on Glee/Klaine, this situation is just annoying.

  32. mary says:

    Yes, Please. Can we have a free, proud, diva, happy Kurt? Without Blaine, without cheating, without drama. We love him. We want him to spread his wings and fly. He deserves everything good.
    And Blaine needs to find himself too. He can’t be forever a 2.0 Kurt who wins everything. He needs to be Blaine, no one else.

    • Elvis says:

      I agree that I want Kurt and Blaine to be happy, but the writing has been very explicit about them being happiest when they are together. Unfortunately, if you want to see them work on themselves and their relationship, you’re forced to turn to fanfiction.

  33. what now says:

    They ruined Blaine.
    What now.

  34. Hester says:

    Single Kurt with Santana dragging him out there on the pull; funny first dates; Rachel, Kurt and Santana with friends and lovers having exploits and late night, drunk chats was what I wanted. :-( What I’m going to get is Kurt tied down to a showboating, smug, entitled ass whilst being shoved into the background with no POV most of the time whilst his now fiance gets practically every song. Way to waste your critically acclaimed talent, Mr. Murphy.

    • vonhause says:

      Kurt aside, Blaine will be tied down too, with no chance of growth beyond being showboating :(

      I want NYC exploits.

      hummelberrypez and quaintina. And I don’t want them to just discard Blaine. :|

      • Lisa says:

        Blaine has had all the time and screentime to be explored and it didn’t work, nor glee put any effort on stoping being lazy and just pandering to his fangirls making him sing 30+ times while other characters barely ever got a chance. Blaine is tied because he has an awful actor and, as expressed before, an awful writing team.

  35. hariwari says:

    Agree with Kurt, Rachel and Santana (and of course, yes Blaine and Sam should hook up, they deserve each other, and then they should move to Australia)

  36. jb says:

    Can Blaine at least be in ny,
    if Kurt doesn’t have anything to do with him? If Kurt has all the screentime and solos and everything. idc.

    I can only see him in ny. Even if it’s offscreen like Quinn. I want the character to go there.

  37. Anne says:

    All I want is for Blaine to stop eating the show.

  38. Joanne says:

    For me, the newbies are bland. I love the show only when the OG’s resurface. I love the dynamic of Santana, Kurt & Rachel, their scenes are always awesome. Stick Quinn there in a Quinntana stylee & that’ll suit me. Glee is about the Glee Club I get that, but again for me, it’s about those Original Glee Club members. I’d like to see how Puck’s doing at college. How Artie’s doing, Mercedes etc etc. Marley has an awesome voice though to be fair.

  39. Boiler says:

    I’ll repeat what I said a week or so ago. I think TVLne should move to Facebook based comments as Zap2it and ESPN have done. This way those of you who think it is OK to be cruel will have their real identities out there.

  40. melly says:

    A big, fat “AMEN!” on the Kurt article. He’s way too fabulous to be tied down to an immature, showboating, cheating slime ball. He should be flying free in NYC and discovering that there are people who appreciate what a uniquely talented and attractive young man he is. Sadly, he’ll be sacrificed on the alter of Klaine and Darren’s demanding fangirls. RIP sassy, independent Kurt. I have a feeling I turn off Glee for good after tonight.Oh, well. I look forward to Chris Colfer’s future after this train wreck is all over. I have a feeling that with Cory gone, Kurt’s character doomed to do nothing more than prop Blaine, and the snooze fest that is McKinley the ratings will likely tank after the tribute.

  41. Jamie04 says:

    I can’t wait to see Kurt and Blaine in NY together. I love Chris and Darren and this ‘marriage’ arc will be happening this season and next. Darren is a big draw to the show, so I guess you’ll all have to deal with it.

  42. I want Blaine to disappear, when did a main character’s boy friend (EX boyfriend) ever take over the main characters plot or story line in tv before? NEVER, not until G(B)lee so yeah, real tired of Blaine, we had all wanted Kurt to be happy, successful, and SINGLE in New York! I want to see more men interested in Kurt as he be his fabulous self, whats the point of Kurt being in his dream city when he never have fun or we never see him getting hit on by cute guys or auditioning for modeling, acting, singing careers and opportunity!, And since he is young I want to see mistakes and drama and ups and downs because he choose to do them! Not watch him angst, suffer, and take back an old high school flame -.- Blaine is an old flame, Blaine had his fun, let Blaine go live his dreams i dont care, but I want Kurt to be happy with out all his ex drama. Come on glee!!! It’s new york city, Kurt is a fabulous gay man! Let him have fun!

    Plus Kurt only had 4 guys interested in him in 4 whole seasons? -.- Really glee? REALLY? FOUR GUYS ONLY? He has lived in New York city and all he gets is one crush? This is wayyyy tooo unrealistic people!

    • vonhause says:

      I want all those things for Blaine. :(

      • Let Blaine have all that, in another city, preferable canada, far away from Kurt! The thing is I do not care if Blaine is happy or not, he can be successful, happy, having a great ol time, but just let him live his life sepperate from Kurt, they are not good together, you want Blaine happiness that is fine, people who loved glee from the beginning rather have Kurt’s happiness, and since Blaine is only relevant to Kurt, we want Klaine to end becuase our character can’t grow since Blaine is holding him back, let you guys have your happy single/dating/blam/seblaine/blainelighthouse/ idc what! Just leave Kurt out of this ;P

        • vonhause says:

          How will we see him, if he’s in Canada??

          I don’t want him in Australia or Canada.

          I want to see Blaine as much as you want to see Kurt.
          I would never say something like “send kurt to canada”.Because that would be rude.

          • What is not fair is that Blaine was never a main character, how him being Kurt Ex boy friend, or season 2 boy friend makes him more important to Kurt? Remember there would be no Blaine with out Kurt, that is why you K(B)lainers need Kurt to take back Blaine so Bad, or if not Klainers then Blaine stans need Kurt period, like it or not, people only want Blaine around if he is wth Kurt, if Kurt was allowed to have a new love interest or be happy and single with great NYW Kurt Hummel plot lines no one would care about about Blaine, the fact why i dislike him is because he is taking over my favorite character life, just remember we BARELY got ten minutes of Kurt screen time season 4 while you guys got like an hour of Blaine with no Kurt plus 30 minutes worth of Blam while Kadam shippers couldn’t even enjoy there ship, I do not care for Blaine mostly because I want to see my main character, who been here since the begging enjoy his life, Blaine is VERY irrelevant, know one knows his life or personallity or his hopes and dreams, every thing we saw from blaine is basically him re living Kurts whole life since season 1 up to 3.,it is getting old, no one knows anything about Blaine because we do not need to know, he is an irrelevant character who was only suppose to have barely 3 episodes. Why Blaine all of a sudden have interest in NYC? He NEVER showed interest in it before Kurt! If anything he seems more fit for LA, with the top 40~! Warbler he used to be back when he was a SENIOR in season 1 :P Like ok, we get you love Blaine, but everyone has enough of his poinless story lines since Blame it season 2 U.U

        • vonhause says:

          And I have watched glee from the very beginning fyi.
          I’ve been an avid watcher since the pilot.

          Quinn and Rachel were and still are among my favorites. Just because I like Blaine doesn’t make you are anyone else more of a gleek than me.

          • Yeah, you are righyt, because some of you old GLEE fansd, are no longer GLEE FANS, you prefer BLEE, You can not cry about inustice for Blaine when we got to watch Blaine succed in everything Kurt failed at! It is not fair or right for Blaine to magically and unrealisticaly win at EV EveRYTHING, wake up and smell the reality, this is no longer glee, it is a show run by Darren, he even have A CD as Darren Criss and the glee cast, it is getting beyond annoying now >.<

  43. jazzcolfer says:

    Seriously?now going to a gay bar and enjoying the city means being a slut? Are you kidding me? Dear klainers (I assume you’re the one purposely not getting the point) no need to go to a bar to be promiscuous, some people just need an internet connection and a facebook account to go to some strangers place and have sex while they are in a relationship, if you catch my drift. And even then I wouldn’t call that person a promiscuous slut; a cheater will do just fine. Kurt+Lima = stuck. Kurt is in New York, people who love that character wants to see him develop there, enjoy his life, have some experience, build some confidence which will allow Chris Colfer to use some of the innumerable gifts god gave him, singing, acting etc. Not everyone wants to see Kurt constantly going back to high school to be serenaded by some cheating high school ex boyfriend. We know that’s what’s going to happen but like they said, it’s just wishful thinking they are sharing and I like it. btw I hate klaine.

  44. shouw says:

    hm… I personally don’t consider most of these “key characters”

  45. Lisa says:

    omg. I applaud you on Kurt’s part. Thank you.

  46. Fell says:

    I quite like Blaine. Wish people weren’t so rude.

  47. btw says:

    @kurtsies please dont hurt us, we’re nice.

  48. RachelA says:

    I don’t watch Glee anymore because it’s gone COMPLETELY off the rails, and I can’t stand how much they feature Darren/Blaine. But I have to say your wishlist about Kurt is TOTALLY spot-on. Having him only seriously date one guy ever is absurd, and having him never expirament with casual sex or just go out and flirt and have a good time with other gays guys is a) totally not believable and b) epically lame. Kurt deserves to sow some wild oats, and have a romantic/sexual life outside of Blaine. Glee’s unwillingness to go there is so frustrating and it’s one of the big reasons I just can’t keep watching. His character, and Chris Colfer, both deserve so much better.

  49. Elvis says:

    It’s like I said earlier: most of these “suggestions” are ripped straight out of fanfiction. I recommend that all of you do as the Faberry fans do and stick with AU gifsets and fanfiction on your Tumblr pages. The show will never do what you want it to do. Leave me to staring at Unique’s background moments and hunting for personal development for Blaine. :D

  50. Max S. says:

    THANK YOU ! I agree abaut KURT .