Bones Exclusive: Watch Sweets' Sad Farewell

Still sour over the role he played in Pelant’s latest crime spree, Sweets requests a leave of absence to “clear his head” in Monday’s all-new Bones (8/7c, Fox) — but his colleagues (Booth in particular) aren’t letting him go without a fight.

“[Sweets] is at a crossroads and he feels like he wants to do something more with his life than what he’s [currently] doing,” explains David Boreanaz in the following promotional video, which features new footage of the shrink’s emotional goodbye.

PHOTO | Bones Wedding First Look: Here Comes the Bride!

Press PLAY to watch Sweets bid (temporary) farewell to the team before adjusting to his new work environment (for spoilery details on what exactly he’ll be doing click here).

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  1. L says:

    Ok for all you HATERS of Sweets, back off. I personally like him on Bones. I think he brings that little bit extra to the shows storyline and I will definitely miss him. If anybody needs to go away it’s Pelant… seriously people i mean he drains Hodgins accounts and then threatens booth and bones out of getting married. Seriously once they get rid of Pelant their lives will be so much easier!!!!!!

  2. Pat Brooks says:

    Sweets is not the problem. It is the Pelant arc that needs to go. Let’s get back to solving unusual crimes and forget about this totally unbelievable sociopath.

  3. Haters. I love Sam Weir. I mean, Sweets.


  5. myopinioncounts says:

    OH NO, OH NO, NO, NO, NO !!!! Get Sweets back into the show !!!!! We can not lose our brainiac !!!! I had not heard this was going to happen. I am very upset !!!!

  6. Lee Wright says:

    I never had a problem with Sweets, I wasn’t sure when he first came on he seemed too young for the part, but he has grown on me, I really don’t like Daisy, just don’t find her a likeable character, just bossy and a know it all. don’t think she fits with Sweets…. love Jack, very sexy and cute….. love all the rest of the cast.

  7. Topper says:

    Can’t stand Sweets. Hope he goes permanently – along with the annoying Pelant. I mean, how much longer is this going to drag on? Can’t the writers come up with any new plots, for crying out loud? What do they do, sit around a table and say, ‘Got no idea for the next episode so let’s use Pelant again.’ Sweets is a pain. Hated his character from Day One. It was ridiculous, using him to get B&B to talk about their mutual feelings. Someone else said he is a Mary Sue character. So true. He was used so that B&B had to say their thoughts out loud so we could hear them. No one in their right minds would really talk like that. And, B&B would have got it on, eventually – after all, the rest of the team spent all their time trying to push the pair of them together. I think the ever-living end was when Sweets moved in with B&B! Honestly, I nearly threw something at the tv, then. My sis won’t watch the show at all since he came in and I gave it up for two seasons – directly because of Sweets. I did miss the rest of the show, though and finally caught it all up. Booth’s character is diluted by Sweets interference. Where Booth used to deal with the crime and the criminals, now he’s second guessing himself and having to ask Sweets what to do. Grrrr. But, the biggest Jump the Shark moment for this show was when the delightful and terrific Zack Addy was bumped from the show. Why? For what reason? What good did this do the show? We can only think that there was more to that than met the eye. I mean, they did a real stitch up job on him by destroying his hands so that he could never come back and resume his old role. The whole thing came right out of the blue, with no build up or clues. Sounds to me like they wanted rid of the actor and made sure his character was ruined but I’d take Zack back anytime but would never welcome back that teeth grating character, Sweets. But, he’ll be back, though. And, like another poster, I’d like to see Hodgins get back his money. Who is funding the whole thing, now?

    • kate says:

      “Booth’s character is diluted by Sweets interference. Where Booth used to deal with the crime and the criminals, now he’s second guessing himself and having to ask Sweets what to do.”So true, I Love and miss Booth. :( I have Watched Bones from Season 1 Episode 1.And DB for 17 seasons and I just can’t take it any more I find myself walking away from the TV or fast forwarding through Sweets doing Booths job scenes.Keep hoping things will get better but season after season it just gets worse.

  8. joe schmoe says:

    If Sweets is gonna be gone, I vote for more Angela to fill the void!

  9. Dianna Love says:

    Why did y’all kill off Sweets in The new season of Bones instead of at the end of last season.????

  10. Dianna Love says:

    He was killed he can’t come back. But I liked him..

  11. Brandi says:

    Look people didn’t anyone really ask if you like sweets or not. Anyways how can you watch bones and not like sweets? I think all the ones complaining just aren’t happy if they don’t have something to yell about. You guys would probably find something else to complain about if they took sweets off. So just please keep your mouths shut.

  12. Marilyn says:

    The first episode of this season, was NOT the one played! He was killed in this episode. I want to know WHY!! He is/was a great asset to the show. Why did they kill him off? Did he want to leave the show? Please tell us why this happened.


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