The Big Bang Theory Season 7 Premiere Recaplet: The Lonely Hearts Club

The Big Bang Theory Season 7The Big Bang Theory opened its seventh season with Lenoard, braving a fierce storm in the middle of the North Sea, getting swallowed up by a kraken.

Welcome to Sheldon’s worst nightmare.

In reality, the sequence was but a figment of Sheldon’s anguished imagination. You see, he misses his good buddy something terrible. Only he’s not willing to admit it to himself. Or anyone — not even Penny, who is essentially in the same boat.

Much of the sensational first half-hour focused on the two frenemies awkwardly spending time together/counting the minutes until Leonard returns. (Bernadette and Amy are out of town at a science conference, while Howard is helping Raj move on from Lucy).

When Penny floats the idea of calling Leonard, Sheldon can barely contain his excitement. But much to their surprise/disappointment, Leonard — who is seen partying on the high seas with his colleagues — seems to be doing just fine without them. Later, Sheldon seizes on Penny’s newfound insecurity by suggesting her boyfriend may be “engaged in drunken coitus with another woman.”

Penny takes the high road and suggests they do some serious bonding by sharing one personal detail about themselves. She takes the leap first and confesses that during her early days as an actress she reluctantly did a topless scene in a low-budget horror movie about a killer gorilla. The film never saw the light of day, she claims.

Only it did.

Sheldon informs her that both he and Leonard watched a bootleg copy of it years ago. (Leonard is later seen showing his shipmates the sequence, insisting the hot naked blonde in the shower is his girlfriend.)

Sheldon’s secret, meanwhile, involves a lie. He admits he’s been publicly saying he’s cool with the fact that YouTube changed its user interface from a star-based system to a thumbs-up one. “I tell people I’m OK with it,” he shares. “But I’m really not.”

She laughs it off as just another eccentric Sheldonism, which triggers the real Sheldon revelation: he has feelings. And Penny just stomped all over them when she carelessly dismissed his heartfelt catharsis.

Penny apologizes. They hug.  The audience swoons.

In the second episode, Leonard surprises Penny by returning from his aquatic adventure early. The catch — Sheldon must not know he’s back. Not yet anyway. He needs a few Sheldon-free days to transition back to reality. That, in turn, puts Penny in the middle. She must honor Leonard’s need for relative solitude while also giving her newfound BFF Sheldon the love and attention he has grown accustomed to.

Naturally, Sheldon suspects something’s off. “That’s curious,” he muses to Penny, who professes to be home alone. “If there’s no one here, why are there two glasses of wine on the table?” A fast-thinking Penny responds, “Well, I have two hands and… I have a drinking problem.”

Sheldon isn’t buying it. He deduces that Penny must be cheating on Leonard. However, he eventually learns the real truth: Leonard’s already home.

Sheldon is furious. Heartbroken. Even the sailor cap Leonard brought him back doesn’t appease him (although it comes close).

In the end, Howard — hopped up on estrogen supplements (long story) — tells Leonard what Sheldon is not able: “Leonard do you know why he is so mad at you? It’s because he missed you,” he shouts. Howard then turns the tables on Sheldon: “And as his friend, you should be happy he has love in his life [with Penny]. So can we please put aside these petty differences and just be glad that we’re here together?”

And with that, peace is restored.

Meanwhile, highlights from the B-story front…

* Howard drags Raj to a party to get his mind off Lucy. What it actually does is give him an audience to try out his newfound oratory prowess. After sticking his foot in his mouth during a conversation with Regina King’s Mrs. Davis, the two actually connect — proving that Raj’s heart-to-heart with Penny was no fluke.

* Bernadette and Amy, basking in their Penny-less one-on-one time, end up sharing a dark truth: They both think they can do better in the romance department. “I just mean that you’re not married and your boyfriend is, kinda, Sheldon,” a treading-lightly Bernadette tells Amy. That leads to the night’s best zinger. “Your husband is extremely Howard,” Amy shoots back. “What is your point?” Later, Amy finds herself attracted to a stranger at the hotel that bears a striking resemblance to Howard. Ditto Bernadette and a bizarro Sheldon.

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  1. lariet50 says:

    I can’t even pick a favorite moment – everything was just stellar! Loving the preview for next week, too.

  2. Martoukian says:

    Johnny Galecki looks like he had a snacking summer. I liked that the characters jumped over the summer just like the audience. I also love (once again) the way this show isn’t afraid to let the “sit” develop, instead of continually reverting to the same old situations and jokes. It’s risky, but when done well, it makes for a classic show.

    • Bob says:

      I noticed that, too, with Galecki. Packed on a few too many pounds in the off season. I flipped over to another station showing a rerun of BBT and it was glaringly obvious. See, world, we CAN pick on men, too, about their weight.

  3. Anne says:

    Leonard is always such selfish and thoughtless jerk.

    • Patrick says:

      Sheldon is the problem. He is a grade A sociopath. He is the most selfish character in recent (last 30 years or so) of television. Everything has to be his way. He completely disregards his “friends” wishes and desires and needs. All that despite the fact that he is useless. He can’t drive, and has a lot of OCD tendencies. It is my fondest hope that he discovers what his attitude deserves. Complete and utter loneliness. Since it is TV, he won’t suffer the full punishment of his attitude, but he should.

      If Leonard and Penny got married or moved in together, who would hang out with Shel? No one. Howard and Raj, and their partners hang out with Leonard. Shel is what they deal with to do that. Without the rest of the gang as a buffer, Amy would last a few months before she ditched him.

      Shel is selfish and thoughtless jerk. Leonard hasn’t seen the love of his life for a few months. If he had told Shel he wanted some alone time with her, Shel would have disregarded that because it wasn’t convenient for Shel. So Leonard just asked for a few days of not having to deal with a raging SOCIOPATH. What a monster.

      • Anne says:

        Yeah…I was talking about Leonard treatment of Penny. I am sure Penny would love know that Leonard showed a bunch of random strangers her rack. If we really want to bring Sheldon into this all Leonard had to do was tell him he needed some time to adjust to being back and wanted to spend that time with Penny. Dragging Penny into his problems is classic Leonard the jerk.

        • Javier V says:

          The emotinal response came from you, Anne, when you freaked out on Patrick. And blasted Sheldon for being incredibly selfish. The one who needs to relax is you.

          • anne says:

            ??? when did I say anybody needed to relax? I do not like Leonard i think he is selfish jerk and Penny deserves a boyfriend that actually respects her. Patrick assumed I was talking about Sheldon. I care about the Leonard/Sheldon situation to the extent Leonard is too much of a coward to be honest with Sheldon and uses Penny as a shield.

      • MLO says:

        OMF’ing Gawd! It’s a freakin’ TV show… Why are you so emotionally invested Patrick? To the point of wishing a Dexter end for Sheldon? You need to be medicated, my friend.

      • Kurtis Briggs says:

        The charm of the Sheldon character is that despite his perceived attributes as a sociopath, he really doesn’t know what he’s doing most of the time due to his social awkwardness. Yes, there are times he tries to control everyone and every situation (The Roommate/Relationship Agreement(s), giving chocolates to Penny when she does something “right”, etc), but the writers present it so it’s not mean-spirited per se, like how it would be in an other series. His demands are usually so outrageous and over-the-top, they become funny especially when he justifies them.

        Sheldon as a character has developed tremendously over the last seven seasons. We’ve seen him genuinely care about Penny (offered her as much money as she needed to help pay her bills, gave her an actual hug for the dirty, yet signed napkin from Leonard Nimoy), how he was proud of Howard going off into space (the scene where he grabs Amy’s hand as they watch the launch), and in this season, clearly missed Leonard. When it comes to Amy, last season there is a shimmer of light Sheldon may go to the next level with their relationship, but their glacial, unsure pace is what makes them endearing as a couple.

        All the characters have grown and changed through the series which is what makes this show so great! These characters are “real” and not standard TV-fodder characters who have no soul, depth, or substance who just spit out cleverly written lines or are demoted to resorting to slap stick or crass humor.

        The Big Bang Theory is a rare sitcom: Well-written, great direction, awesome acting, and keeps itself on a higher plane than the usual sitcoms out there that depend on dumbing itself down in order to cater to the lowest common denominator out there.

      • J says:

        Asberger’s Syndrome

      • Kim couch says:

        I agree at times this character annoys the crap out of me. But this seasons premier fell way short of the previous years . In fact the only thing I thought was remotely funny was when Penny handed Howard the coupon for vagilsil

      • AmbidextrousAspie says:

        Sheldon has Asperger’s, you prove you know NOTHING about it.

      • Nancy says:

        But that’s why we LOVE Sheldon. He is “Sheldon”. Consistently, predictably, delightfully – Sheldon. He reminds me of my late bipolar brother – hard to love. Harder to stay mad at because, after all, you knew he was a snake when you picked him up.

    • Antara says:

      i totally agree with you!! He is the one character in BBT whom I cant stand and is so mean to Sheldon!

    • Nancy says:

      Just a couple of reasons why we love him so. He is “Sheldon”. Consistently, predictably, delightfully.

  4. sharon says:


  5. Michele says:

    Did kaley cuoco get a boob job?

  6. James D says:

    i’ve got to be honest i was disappointed, there was one lol moment for me and that was raj and Howard feeling each other up, a few chuckle moments but the rest was rehashed jokes and tired gags that have been used a million times before, estrogen in a male really? i love the show but IMO its lost a lot of its charm over the past season and a half.

  7. Babybop says:

    I was crying laughing at the topless horror scene thing.

  8. Justin says:

    Hilarious from beginning to end. The biggest lol moment for me was Raj and Howard feeling each other’s boobs and Bernadette watching. I also liked when Amy and Bernadette realized they were fantasizing about each other’s boyfriend. LOL!!! Very good start to the season to me.

  9. John says:

    Best premiere I’ve seen yet from this series and much better than last season’s first show.

  10. Bob says:

    Overall, fantastic episodes. Howard on estrogen was the bomb.

  11. majamababe says:

    Man – you missed mentioning the best part of the second half hour – Howard and Raj playing with each other’s man boobs! That was so funny! I was laughing so hard that I cried. Great work by both actors.

  12. d4h8a15r16m23a42 says:

    I didn’t like it very much. I loved this show when it first came out but it has gone downhill at least for me. I think it is time for me to move on.

  13. MLO says:

    Hey Michael! Wish you had thumbs up, thumbs down options for your comments. Would sometimes like to show my appreciation (or disdain) for a comment without actually having to write one of my own.

  14. Both episodes were on fire! The parts with Kunal Nayyar and Regina King left me with my heart stopped and holding my breath. That would be so awesome. She deserves better than Barry Kripke and he deserves a normal human being.

  15. Tonia says:

    Only good thing about the premiere was the Shenny stuff. Apart from that, nothing entertained me in the first episode and as for the second, it’s was so disappointing to see them use the same plot as in the season 3 premiere. What was the point of it? Do they lack creativity or something? I mean don’t get me wrong, the alone Shenny time was HEAVEN, but still the show could have come up with something better from the Leonard’s gone for several months-Penny misses him-Leonard returns doens’t tell Sheldon-Sheldon feels betrayed plotline. Oh and yeah the Raj/Howard boob thing was alright too, But come on, that’s not the show I loved. They better do something better with this season so I don’t miss the first three so much.