Revolution Post Mortem: The Firefly Mystery, Aaron's [Spoiler] and More Questions Answered

Revolution - Season 2Warning: The following contains spoilers from the Season 2 premiere of Revolution.

NBC’s Revolution resumed on Wednesday, and despite its earlier time slot there were still swords to be drawn, fists to be thrown, guns to be fired and blood to be shed.

In fact, one of the main characters died during one of the final scenes… only to spring back to life, with a gasp, long after passing.

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At the show’s premiere screening event at the United Nations in New York City, as part of the “Revolution: The Power of Entertainment” panel discussion, TVLine asked series creator Eric Kripke and the cast members on hand to field some burning questions coming out of the first episode back. Such as:

THE ONCE-MIGHTY MONROE NOW SEEMS RATHER AIMLESS – WILL HE GET HIS MOJO BACK? | For the short term, “We’re sort of enjoying that he’s real destitute and down on his heels, sleeping with women and fighting,” Kripke smiles. “But in his [upcoming] experiences with Charlie, he’ll pick up on a new mission, one that will send our characters crashing together.”

DOES CHARLIE REALLY HAVE IT IN HERSELF TO KILL MONROE (IF SHE GETS ANOTHER CHANCE)? | Though her first attempt got thwarted in the premiere, Tracy Spiridakos insists, “She’s definitely got it in her.” Chock full of new ‘tude (and apparently a liberated libido), “Charlie has gotten a bit more badass. Revolution Season 2 SpoilersShe’s branched out on her own and is just taking the world by storm.” Alas, next week’s episode serves up new obstacles between her and her prey. (Hi, Lord Marcus!)

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DOES AARON COME ‘BACK’ FROM DEATH A CHANGED MAN? | Um, yeah — but not in any zombie kind of way. “He was dead for two hours,” Kripke previews, “so he went through something. And that’s really the kickoff for his storyline this year, because he goes through this impossible, absolutely incredible phenomenon, an inexplicable experience, so what does that do to him?” For one, watch for Aaron to next week lay his eyes on an unexpected yet familiar face. Says Kripke, “It all sets him off to investigate what happened to him and unravel that mystery.” Perhaps the fireflies played a role in his resurrection? Speaking of which….

WHAT UP WITH THE FIREFLIES? | Prior to croaking, Aaron witnessed an odd assembly of lightning bugs – something that will be a bit of a recurring occurrence as Season 2 unspools. “We have a lot of good mystery questions this year,” says Kripke. “There’s the action part of the show, the warlord (more on him below…), the Patriots and what they want, but then there’s this Bad Robot ‘frosting’ of mystery. And for us, it’s: What are those fireflies? What happened in the Tower? And what’s up with the rats [seen in an upcoming episode]? Something is happening in nature that is the result of something that has gone very wrong.”

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WHAT’S NEVILLE’S READ ON SECRETARY Revolution Season 2 SpoilersALLENFORD, THE PATRIOTS’ MOUTHPIECE (PLAYED BY ARI NICOLE PARKER)? | While this flag-waving bureaucrat regaled most of the townsfolk with her promise of a restored US of A, “From the very beginning, Neville sees right through her,” Giancarlo Esposito assures. “He hears in her rhetoric something he’s heard before — don’t forget Randall, Randall, Randall – so he sees there’s something bigger going on.” Namely, something so big it was likely responsible for firing the nukes, thus killing his wife Julia. In short, Esposito says that despite future appearances to the contrary, Allenford “is despicable. Tom hates her.”

WHO’S THE GUY WHO GRABBED MILES AT THE END? | Billy Burke tells us that the enigmatic Titus, played by Big Love’s Matt Ross, is a warlord who has started a movement “for a very selfish reason” – more light on which shall be shed next week. (Hint: Beware the red door!)

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    • Fox says:

      Loved the premiere although I was disappointed that Aaron didn’t stay dead. I’m really interested in learning more about this newly returned “government”.

      • Eric says:

        If Aaron had died, my opinion of the episode would have been a lot different. I love that guy.

        • Liz says:

          I’m currently watching the premiere, saw this article before I started watching, and just came here to complain about Aaron dying – how I was done with the show – etc. Totally agree with your comment and am happy to read he didn’t bite the big one!

          I love Revolution in that they have gone there in killing characters that are seemingly untouchable, but I would have been realllly pissed if they did that with Aaron!

          • Bystander says:

            You love how Revolution kills off characters that are seemingly untouchable but came here to tell us all how you’d not watch the show again? I seriously despise television fans. The amount of people that dislike one little thing in a show and then go on to say they’re not going to watch that show anymore is in insane. You all love to be critics without the objectivity required to actually do it. If anything happens that doesn’t go your way then you’re no longer watching, as if it matters in the grand scheme of things. You’re honestly pathetic, you and all the people like you.

          • Liz says:

            woow, that was way harsh Tai

          • michelle says:

            To bystander: U r obviously off your meds. Hope it makes you feel like a big boy/girl name calling and and speaking so harshly about someones opinion. Its easy to say those things behind a computer screen (bystander? Wont even give ur own name). And u despise tv fans? U wouldn’t b on this site if u wont one either. U are such a loser! Everybody keep ur own opinion, that what makes u the critic! AND WE ALL R WHEN WE WATCH!

      • Rook says:

        I freaked out when Aaron died and was in total shock, and then when that girl was outside with the fireflies I was like he’s not dead!!! So excited to see where this goes.

      • If Aaron would of dies, that would of been the last episode I watched. This show is really harsh, and you need someone like Aaron to balance things.

  1. john says:

    Loved the episode but this showbisbthe quintessential breakdown of un agenda 21 post industiral society which dove tails nicely into the elitist poulation reduction agenda especially with the us government blaming monroe for the nike attack when the us military industrial complex and the us government were the real culprit of not only the attack but the blackout as well a grotesque Hollywood illuminist puppets slapping awake citizens in tje face

    • Chuck says:

      Seriously, could someone translate this post for me? It’s sad that people have lost the ability to spell, use proper grammar and punctuation, and they don’t post with any rational thought or reasoning.

      • john says:

        your problem is that you’re thoughts and beliefs on rational reasoning I completely shaped I shaped hellish Hollywood pedophile sycophants, and the evil collaborators in the mainstream news media. all I’m doing is pointing out the obvious that the evil empire in this season is of course not other than the US government itself.just like and the reality that you choose to deny. who else has a track record of stage in false flag terror to impose absolute Tyranny on its citizens. just take a look at the recent events in Syriawe are on record funding in training the al ciada rebels, who carried out the sarin gas attacks as reported by ap writer dale havlak, who also notes
        Prince Bandar had of Saudi Arabian intelligence is on record supplied the I’ll cut off rebels with the gas. but like most Americans you probably still choose to stick your head in the sand in disbelief, and let’s not even get into the atrocities called off by the military industrial complex CIA etc with the attacks on 911

      • Connie says:

        I second Chuck’s comment.

        • I third Chuck’s comment and will add in…John, either take your meds or go get some meds. You think you are forming rational comments, yet your sentence structure isn’t making sense, unless a person reads it 2-3 times. It’s NOT because of the uncommon words you use, it’s because you are typing like a person tweaking, who’s mind can’t stop and who is, overly, paranoid at the moment.
          Here’s just one example if you can’t see it with your mind racing:
          “Prince Bandar had of Saudi Arabian intelligence is on record supplied the I’ll cut off rebels with the gas.”
          Translated for those not tripping out(TO the best of my ability. lol):
          “Prince Bandar bin Sultan Al Saud, Saudi Arabia’s Intelligence Chief, is on record that he supplied the rebels with Sarin gas.”
          That’s not true, though there is a paranoid blog site out there(Or 2-5) that states it as fact, without evidence and cites a Wall Street Journal article(for proof) that was never written by the Wall Street Journal.

        • michelle says:

          I agree with you all. I tried my hardest to understand what he was saying, and it just comes out as gibberish. I think he “spoke” his comment, which was the worst thing ever put on a computer. If someone is too lazy to TYPE the words, they will not enunciate their words properly. Don’t even get me started on the grammar with the few parts that I could understand. I’m not perfect but I at least try to not look or sound like a complete idiot!

    • kaleb says:

      Gotta watch out for this nike attacks. They’ll just do it

      • Eric says:

        This comment has made me decide to go to bed, because my day is not going to get any better. I actually laughed out loud, which I don’t do often.

  2. FatherOctavian says:

    Massive improvement over the first season. The actress who played Charlie wasn’t as bad, and the focus shifted to the best actors. Neville’s shaving scene finally gave me a glimpse into why they hired an actor of Giancarlo Esposito’s caliber for the role.

  3. iMember says:

    Really, really enjoyed the premiere. It’s such an improvement off of last season and I can’t wait to see how the rest of these new mysteries spool out.

  4. Susan says:

    I’m probably going straight to hell for this but tonights episode and the preview for next me made me board the Charlie/Monroe ship. It’s just SO wrong it has to be right….right?

    • Beth says:

      No your not. I feel the same way and it’s so wrong but it would be really interesting. The only problem is what he did to Danny. I don’t know I feel dirty for saying it but him and badass Charlie would make a nice duo.

      • She tried killing him and only a club to the head saved him. I think you all turned away for a second, but it was weird the vibe that the Director put into that(Maybe the Director was distracted by forbidden love in their real life. lol).

      • michelle says:

        I agree!!! I want to see them together so bad (even though he’s old enough to be her dad and the part he played with her brother and dad).

    • S says:

      Um no. He killed her brother. Monroe’s interesting, but Charlie would never go there. He’s caused her and her family way too much pain.

    • K. says:

      I kind of feel the same, wish they would have wrote Monroe a little different so they could’ve put him and Charlie together! Also Monroe did cause a LOT of pain to her family but he didn’t kill Danny that chopper did when it was shot down to the ground!

  5. Guess we can all forget what happened last season but the beginning of Season Two held its own and let’s hope that Eric Kripke and his writing staff can do much better than it was in the first season and promise they won’t killed off its remaining characters than they were before. Don’t let Revolution and its ratings down NBC.

    • ninamags says:

      Considering Kripke has taken the best Supernatural writers and directors, he damn well better not screw this second season up.

  6. Dee says:

    I saw it too, Susan.

    It will be awkward depending on whether who I think Charlie’s father is, really turns out to be.

    I’m glad Aaron didn’t really die.

  7. Chuck says:

    The main characters are all separated at the moment, but I believe by mid-season, they will all be together and fighting against this supposed US Government.

  8. James D says:

    good premiere, the Aaron thing was completely predictable though. its an interesting direction they’re starting at. I love Billy Burke and Elizabeth Mitchell their dynamic is very intriguing its twisted yet sweet at the same time. unfortunately the downfall of the show last season, and this one as well judging from this episode is Charlie. She is just awful, I’m sorry if it offends, but seriously she is so plastic and completely unconvincing. i will watch for Burke and Mitchell as well as Espisito, but i might have to divert my attention for the charlie scenes. unfortunately this show is doomed for the DVR once Arrow returns cuz that show takes precedent for me.

    • GregK says:

      Also love Elizabeth Mitchell ever since she was on Lost, although she was not as hot when she was on “V”. She is the main reason I watch. Also never did like the actress who plays Charlie. Regarding the fireflies and Aaron’s “rebirth”, these are enigmatic happenings akin to “The pink stars are falling in lines” on The Dome, which fell out of favor for me, and hope I can hang with Revolution. There are a lot better shows out there than these, although one is ending Sunday, long live Giancarlo Esposito!

  9. Is it true that Kim Raver is not coming back to Revolution this season now that she moving on to reprise her role as Audrey Raines in 24: Live Another Day? Also, are there going to be flashbacks of her character in the coming season?

  10. William says:

    Aaron’s death and subsequent reanimation disappointed me. I immediately began to think that the series may be truly “Lost”, both feckless and lacking a cohesive plot. At only one episode into season 2, I wouldn’t think we were close to a “jump the shark” event, and now I’m worried that the season had to start with one.

    • The thing is, there has to be a huge development with the nanobots/nanites/whatever. With the destruction of the tower and the changes in the characters’ situations, you can’t put them aside. Their function continued after the lights went out, and this is apparently a hint of how they’ve been developing behind the scenes. Whatever they’re doing, they chose the event of Aaron’s death to get themselves involved with the humans. They know him already, and I half-suspect they’ll need him to communicate.

      • Carla Krae says:

        Yes, the nanites might have evolved an AI, with whatever made them go wrong and multiply out of control in the first place. It’s fascinating to have an electronic “virus” embedded in every part of Earth.

  11. Drew says:

    A bit better than season 1 but we will see how it goes. They do have Ben Edlund on their team now, which is a win for them.

    But seriously… David Schwimmer? No way he lives and Lisa Kudrow doesn’t!

  12. KG says:

    Actress name is Nicole Ari Parker. Not Ari Nicole Parker.

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  14. Here'swhereIwritemyname says:

    I really like the show. But this Rachel and Miles forced romance is taking away my enjoyment. As wrong as it is, Rachel would be better with Monroe. Or someone else that actually has chemistry with the actress and never did bad things to Rachel before. I don’t like that everything bad Miles did to her is being completely forgotten. The show would be better if Rachel was the main character and Miles was simply killed off.

    • Rachel as the Main Character and Miles dead? Rachel is boring..viewership would, instantaneously, drop with Miles dying and the story becoming about a dull character when they are away from technology.

    • ES says:

      I do agree that Miles and Rachel/ the actors have no chemistry and Kripke is trying to push it so hard. Interesting that she and Monroe had HUGE amount of chemistry. Yet, once again kripke dropped the ball and didn’t capitalize on something he could have had going for the show, even though he was aware of it. What kind of creator or producer sabotages their own show??? Also, I think the problem is they cast the wrong actor for Miles. He is almost as wrong in his role as Charlie is in hers. Not quite such a trainwreck in the role, but still not fitting. I do like Billy Burke, but just not in this role so much.

      And it is true – what Miles did to her (and everyone else) has often been whitewashed. That’s a big problem too. When some other character does it they are crucified forever. I think Monroe and Rachel should have been the male and female leads (non even necessarily romantically – just the leads) and Neville rounding up third. Those are the strongest actors and the fan favorites of majority of viewers and critics. Miles and Charlie focus is a massive MASSIVE FAIL and the big reason why the show has been tanking for a long time now.

  15. patsy says:

    Loved, Loved this episode. Have been waiting all summer for Revolution. Billy Burke was excellent in the Closer when he was a guest star and I love him here. Love Esposito’s character, he is so good at being bitter!!! Just hope it will hold up on Wed nights.

  16. ES says:

    Really dislike the Charlie scoop. The worst character still – so now she is not so much pretend-innocent and whiny, but now extremely annoying, selfish, and abrasive? Great. Way too balance a character. NOT! Charlie doesn’t care about anyone but herself. if she did, she would be home helping her mother and Miles, not stalking Monroe – who her uncle love-hates. She has really taken over being crazy where Rachel left off.

    Like Tom Neville – love he’s getting his mojo back too – don’t like his son Jason. Would be great if both Charlie and Jason ran off together never to be seen again or ya know, just nuked together.

    Monroe is the most interesting part of the show and just look at basically any polls done. He’s clearly in the majority as a fan favorite, but not enough screentime for that character!

    Aaron should have been killed off, but at least his character isn’t too annoying and the mystery is kind of interesting.

    Love the new design of the show visually!

  17. First episode of 2nd Season not as good as the worst episode of the First Season in my opinion. I expected more than a comotose, hung over cast who seemed more confused than I about the their self imposed malayse and the back and forth time shifting. Especially Rachel ; taking the boat a little to far to krazy town. Seen many comments that people want to see Charlie hit in the face but Rachel really needed a good slapping ! At first I was shocked and wondered what happened to the writers. Did they all quit ? After reading a review or two I discover that they wrote this mess on purpose. Being consitsent doesn’t mean you can’t have shock, awe, and surprise. All the main characters seemed ‘out of character’ for no good reason (at least none revealed in the plot much). We aren’t given many specifics on what made them all change so much (yet). I’d say it’s an unnecessary plot flaw.The reasons that were given weren’t really good enough reasons to me to change them so drastically. Don’t care much for the addition of the “Wind Talker” sheriff guy. One of the worst actors on the planet. I liked him ok in Wind Talkers but nothing else (and the bar was set low in that one ; doen’t take much to out act Nick Cage). The back and forth time shifting ( I usually don’t mind) in this case was too confusing. I’m a big fan of this show (mostly because it’s not a cop show or a medical love drama ; in which case I’m truly amazed it even got a 2nd Season); and I hope we are watching it for several years. I fear we won’t be unless the wriing improves. This is one where you say to yourself ; I could have done that better. I would hope to encourage it to get better as it is one of the few watchable shows on TV now (free TV that is). The old writers addage ; Don’t tell me ; Show me ! would apply here. I’d rather they had gone into all the story lines of what got them to this point instead they did a skip over all that. The way they did it was a confused mess and it didn’t have to be (which is sad). It tells me they may lack inspiration, ideas and a good story for later on down the line. The first episode of the season was no place to confuse the watchers. It was a place for action and a hinted plot busting reveal (which we got with the death and rebirth of Arron: But still !). It should have been a mad scamble for survival and a grasping to keep ones loved ones safe and somehow they get separated and they you have a basis for several episodes of reuniting them (which is somewhat the direction this is going). You got the sence that they are all going to end up back together and now the worst bad guys are going to be good guys (albeit flawed ones; Lord Vaultamort meets Dr. Smyth). I am very gratful for a show like this to follow ; they few and far between now ; unfortunately. You would think with the popularity of Iron Man and Star Trek that we’d have sci fi out the yang. There was a notion put forth that in the 50’s and 60’s the government decided to feed us science fiction on TV to get us used to the idea of aliens. What does it mean that there are now seemingly hundreds of cop show on ? I can’t name them all and I think they have a entire channel now devoted to re runs of “Cops”. Can it mean that the ‘real’ appocalypse is not far off ? Should we all get used to being busted ? A world of martial law in which the over authoritarian cops run the show ? Breaking Bad must be refreshing for those who don’t mind paying through the nose for the Cable/ Satellite consumer trap. So, even a bad episode of Revolution is acceptable under the circumstances. So, I’ll just shake this one off.

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  22. brownman says:

    this sucks! i have to wait till January for the new episodes??

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  24. galvin says:

    spoil episode 10

  25. Gerry says:

    Miles and Nora didn’t have any chemistry either, it’s him that’s the problem. Is there anyone he would that he’d have chemistry?

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