CSI Recaplet: When Daddy Issues Turn Deadly

CSIPremiere3This story contains spoilers from Wednesday’s CSI season premiere.

CSI kicks off its 14th (!) season with an explosive race against the clock to rescue crime-scene vet Morgan Brody and Capt. Brass’ estranged daughter Ellie. As the case unravels, however, it becomes apparent that the duo held captive aren’t the only ones in danger. And sadly, someone doesn’t make it out alive.

After several dead ends, the CSIs and the LVPD deduct that the man responsible for the Dante-themed murder-abductions is neither Eric Roberts’ Rev. Larson or Tim Matheson’s Oliver Tate, as previously presumed. Rather, it’s a young man named Matthew, the brother of their in-custody suspect Jake (Bones‘ Luke Kleintank). But before the team is able to locate the killer’s compound, both Ellie and Morgan get the better of him and manage to escape… almost. Matthew resurfaces suddenly, but Ellie shoots and kills him — and then turns the gun on Morgan (!) and fires a shot straight into her back.

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Back in the lab after the ladies are rescued, the team concludes that Ellie’s story — the killer shot Morgan (who survived and is in recovery) and then came at her, but she shot him first – doesn’t pan out. D.B. & Co. incessantly call Brass to warn him about his daughter, but he’s already on his way to meet her and his ex Nancy (returning guest star Annabella Sciorra). Tragically, all he finds at home is the dead body of his former love and Ellie, who killed her mom and is now holding a gun to his chest.

“Matthew and Jake had their daddy issues,” she confesses, “and thanks to you, so do I.”

Thankfully, Brass is able to talk Ellie down, and the cops arrive to take her away.

Were you surprised by Nancy’s death? Was the Ellie twist a shock? Did you think a CSI vet would go down, too? Grade the premiere, then hit the comments!

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  1. Like Morgan; never could stand Ellie.

  2. Dreamrose says:

    Do the writers sit down and think up ways to make Brass ever more miserable? It’s not enough that his daughter was a hooker who constantly rejected even the most tentative olive branch, now she has to be a murderess, too? Who, naturally, blames all her troubles on him! Give the poor guy a break, writers!

    • Izzy says:

      Straightly speaking she is not his biological daughter but always treated her as one. But yeah the poor man got demoted from heading the CSI team back to detective on the very first episode of CSI and his life has gone downhill ever since.

  3. ThatBob says:

    Turned it off halfway through. CSI was a great, innovative show back when it started, but now CBS needs to put it out of its misery.

  4. Jo says:

    Wish Ellie had been a better shot. Can’t stand Morgan. Agree that Brass needs something good to happen to him for once but Paul Guilfoyle rocked that episode.

  5. Maryann says:

    i think I would have enjoyed the episode more if it not been for all the promos saying someone would die. Trying to figure out if it would be Morgan or Ellie kind of ruined just letting the story unfold. And then of course it was neither. I think I would have really enjoyed it if I had been totally spoiler free. Unfortunately, that would be impossible for anyone who saw any of the promos.

    • Maryann says:

      And speaking of spoilers, the very title of your recap is a spoiler in and of itself. “When Daddy Issues Turn Deadly” would give away way too much for anyone who has not seen the episode. Take that plus the promos, and you have the entire plot.

  6. Looombada says:

    Nooooooo im so confused. it doesnt make any sense…. it didnt fit together. i knew morgan woulnt die as soon as the intro came on…. she was still in it!!

    • JEst says:

      I expected her to live too, but not because she was included in the intro. After all, shows that kill off main characters tend to still put them in the main credits on episodes where they die or leave.

  7. K. says:

    Yes, I agree that poor old Brass has been put through heck and I always thought that Ellie was Crazy..but I liked the episode and Criminal Minds killed it also, nothing like having twin psychos!!!

  8. So glad that they finally effectively ended all of the Ellie stuff.

  9. Jon88 says:

    Morgan’s a cop, but didn’t immediately take, or at least try to take, the gun from Ellie after the latter shot Matthew? Massive plot hole. Took me right out of the show, even as I’d already guessed Ellie’s culpability and was buying in.

  10. mandy says:

    This episode was full of more plot holes and cliches than usual, and that’s saying something lately. CSI has lost its edge. It no longer has the emotional impact it once had. I pretty much gave up on the show last season, but I guess hope springs eternal and I was hoping it would return at least a little to its former glory. I like the addition of Danson, but the writing has become more like CSI:Miami since Petersen left.
    So, I’m completely done with it now.

  11. Sammy Carson says:

    I have not been a major viewer in a spell but glad I dropped in. This had to be one of the most disturbing episodes in TV history. Nice play!! Well done!! I have watched the most blood thirsty, demented and horrific story-lines that writers with too much scotch and volumes of H.P. Lovecraft under their belts bring to our tables, and yet none of that could compare with this. Less blood mixed with more smoldering human rage; hardly seen by those close to the eye of the storm; is a true reality we live with and yet fail to identify, understand and deal with until it is too late. This was brilliantly crafted, well presented and is a lesson screaming to be addressed. Thank you.

  12. keh says:

    CSi was so good way back when they stuck to realistic stories about REAL people who did stupid things and had SOME realistic science behind it. To keep up things have gotten more and more outrageous. I know I would tune back in more often if they went back to a group of odd ball science geeks who just happen to solve the crimes of everyday citizens. Now it’s just like every other show that made its’ way IMITATING the original CSI! It’s on it’s way to becoming a show you watch just to pick on how fake it is like it’s spin off “CSI: MIAMI”