Army Wives Cancelled, Lifetime Prepping Farewell Retrospective for 2014

army wives cancelledLifetime is deploying Army Wives to the TV graveyard.

The cabler has cancelled its longest-running series, which wrapped its seventh (and now-final) season in June.

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A two-hour retrospective special featuring the show’s cast will air early next year.

“There is no denying how special Army Wives has been to both Lifetime and the television landscape,” Lifetime’s Exec VP and General Manager Rob Sharenow said in a statement. “By taking on a very relevant and timely issue, it has brilliantly captured the challenges our military families endure and the bravery they and their loved ones display while serving our country.

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“We also want to thank Army Wives’ passionate legion of fans,” he added, “and everyone involved with the series: ABC Studios, Mark Gordon and Jeff Melvoin, Tanya Biank, every single cast member, as well as the crew and community of Charleston, South Carolina.”

Deposit your eulogies in the comments, and while you’re there riddle me this: Was Claudia Joy’s death the final nail in the show’s coffin?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. barbara says:

    i watched this show from beginning the storylines were excellent and the friendships also but when roxy and mainly claudiajoy left stopped watching.

  2. Martha tedeschi says:

    Please do not cancel army wives. Or put it on a different channel

  3. Brenda Boyd says:

    When Army Wives are gone I am done with Lifetime TV, they can keep the trash shows with out anything to do with life.

  4. angie fowler says:

    Please bring army wives back I loved that show I watch every episode every season and my mom does also its a real true show its awesome please bring it back I agree with another lost there are other shows that weren’t do good that can be taken off the air not my army wives:(

  5. stacy simmons says:

    I will miss it good TV is very hard to find. Don’t pat yourselves on the back. You’ve just lost 1of the best shows and a lot of faithful fans. I will miss what I considered to being ty’s nest TV on the air.

  6. Joy says:

    I am still missing Army Wives and wish it would come back. Perhaps Lifetime could at least consider a movie to finalize what happens to everyone and end the popular show properly. Thanks for listening,

  7. Tara Rice says:

    This is the best show on TV. Lifetime is stupid for canceling it. you left all the fans waiting to c what happens after the way season 7 ended. The network will lose viewers if the don’t bring it back come on

  8. Tiara says:

    I really wish that army wives wouldn’t be cancelled. I don’t feel like we have had enough time to get to know the new characters. Yes a lot of the fan base left with the old characters, but change is constant in the military. As an army wife, I loved this show and found it easy to relate to. Please bring it back. I would agree that at least one more season would be enough to get a little closure and tie everything up in a nice bow.

  9. gabbi says:

    Army wives has become a part of me. I cried & laughed with the characters
    They have pretty much become family. There are shows who don’t get as many reviews that lifetime keeps on air. Asking for lifetime network to please bring back our show. It would mean so much to me.

  10. Melody says:

    I’m so sad to hear they didn’t renew Army Wives. I really loved the show and looked forward to watching it. I will however admit that as Roxie and Pam left, and then Claudia Joy got written off it wasn’t the same. But I do think the show could have gotten better as people got to know the newer castmates. It was such a huge hit for Lifetime too! I am just getting annoyed with tv overall. They start a new show and within 2 weeks if its not this ratings success they yank it. To me they should give it a chance. If there has only been 2 episodes maybe people missed them or recorded them and also the fact that they haven’t had the chance to tell other people what a good show it is and to watch. I’ve gotten to the point now when a new show starts whether it looks good or not I wait to see that they get a few seasons under their belt and then I’ll watch it. Cause too many times they have cancelled shows that I just start watching and start liking. So if they continue this practice and people take on my attitude then good shows will get cancelled too.

  11. Paula says:

    I am devastated to learn AW has been canceled!

  12. Diane Gentry says:

    I am a big fan of Army Wives and so sad it has been canceled. I have watched it since the beginning. the show opened my eyes to the life our military heros live. Life changes and friends come and go, Would love to see the show continue with the new cast but also references to the cast that has moved from Fort Marshall.

  13. Debbie says:

    I’m a deeply saddened and upset that Army Wives was cancelled. Even though I absolutely loved the original characters I think if given the chance, we could have loved the new cast members. The show was very well written and so true to life. Why do they cancel all the good moral shows and leave all these trashy, stupid reality show (yeah right) on. So sick of all these type of shows. Every time I find a wonderfully written show and get interested in it, it’s cancelled. Who are the people that decide what stays and what goes. Maybe we the viewers should decide which of them stay and which of them leave because they are making really poor decisions as to what is entertaining to their viewers. Just sayin’.

  14. Annette Martinez says:

    I will truly miss Army Wives. I hope that now it will be syndicated and we can watch the episodes on Life time. It is a great show but I think with Claudia Joy’s death the show may have lost some viewers. I believe she was a real asset to the show. And I hope we receive a final episode to the show. So many shows go cancelled and we are left with ok what happened to the characters how did their situations turn out. Like who did Gloria choose her x-husband or the new love in her life. How about Michael with his new love
    interest. And what will become of his daughter. These questions should be answered to all the loyal viewers who watched the show throughout the years. Just saying.

  15. Sharon says:

    When the show lost it’s original characters it took a bad turn. I watched the last two seasons but it just wasn’t as good. I’m not surprised at this announcement.

  16. Pamela Sells says:

    The really good shows get cancelled, sad to see it go, to many people left the story, I figured it was leaving

  17. Helen sylvia says:

    Please reconsider it was the best show lifetime had . I coulldn’t wait to see Sgt. Montclair evert week, So very sad it was a great sho.

  18. Jaie says:

    I ask that you ease reconsider taking off army wives this show really got me through some rough times in my life it’s so real and very worth watching this show would make me cry my eyes out and laugh so hard I really felt like I had a connection with the show please consider bringing it back

  19. ana says:

    I love the shows please bring the show back

  20. Carmen says:

    To be true to Army life, characters had to come and go-that is the premise of the show. The writing is what hurt the show, along with so many characters leaving at the same time. The show could have been and SHOULD HAVE BEEN saved with new writers. Army Wives was the only show I watches on Lifetime and one of a handful I watched at all. I would love to see another network pick it up. It could easily be a network show. It rivals anything else on tv.

  21. Jessica Arcarola says:

    I really can not believe, of all shows, this one would be the one to be canceled. Seriously??? It actually meant something to people.

  22. Cecelia says:

    Army Wives and Drop Dead Diva were the only two things we ever watched religiously on Lifetime. The other series really are not that good. Guess we will find another network during that time slot. Perhaps someone else will pick up Army Wives.

  23. Marge says:

    Another good show bites the dust. All good things must come to an end, I suppose, but this is a big disappointment. It’s a shame that all the good shows go too quickly (like West Wing, for example), but we still have some of the junk like reality shows and stupid sitcoms that teach kids how to talk back to their parents. Isn’t that special?!? It makes you question the mentality of our society.

  24. Pamela says:

    Good show, Good Cast…Should not have been cancelled like this…Good-Bye Lifetime!

  25. b b b b b mooooney says:

    I know most of the posters are ladies and being a guy who watched this show with my wife I can relate. The show was very well scripted and executed but after the mainstays left… Claudia, Pamela, Roxy it really got lame with there replacements…The biggest blunder was Catherine Bell and the General’s wife staying on. It was very unbalanced. We tolerated roxy hanging out with officers wives because they developed that bond from the pilot episode… What this show did was throw it’s loyal fanbase (mature women) out the window.. It started to cater to tweens and young adults….

  26. Loretta says:

    This a great show and a crime not to bring it back. Shame on Lifetime and now the only thing left on your channel is crap!

  27. John from Ottawa, Ontario. Canada says:

    I’ve given many of the DVD sets as gifts. Everyone loved it and bought the rest of the seasons to catch up. A lot of people are now going to be mad at me after I tell them it’s been cancelled. LifeTime, your making a big mistake.

  28. Audra says:

    This is totally irritating! I was going to boycott this last season when they brought on a whole bunch of new characters and changed things but was happily surprised that is was still the great show it had always been! VERY annoyed that after all that, they are just going to cancel the show. This 2 hour retrospective had better wrap everything up with a nice bow!

  29. Tonya says:


  30. tr says:

    DO NOT CANCEL ARMY WIVES!!! Are you serious??? One of the best shows ever. Great story lines, characters, mimics the ‘times’ of real life military lives and family struggles, just not the show anyone should be cancelling. FYI – part of the reasons ratings drop is because the viewing audience never knows when a show is coming back on and sometimes half the season is over before you stumble back onto a show you love that has returned.

  31. Jenn says:

    I am super sad to hear the news about my beloved show, Army Wives abruptly being cancelled! I have been a loyal fan since the way beginning. How can we, us viewers, get the network to bring back the show? I have seen thousands and thousands of people write about the same disappointment I feel!

  32. Kimberly says:

    I started watching AW when it premiered, but lost cable for awhile. When I learned the series was on Netflix, I ran an AW marathon…laughing and crying, and loving it. I never thought to look ahead to learn that the show was cancelled. How disappointing! Hope the series finale will be added to Netflix. God Bless those who serve. May He keep them safe and their families strong.

  33. Janelle says:

    I request that Army Wives is not cancelled, I have been watching this show for a long time. I even rewatched all the seasons on Netflix. Suddenly, I realized, there’s tons of cliffhangers, like what’s going on with Roxy and Trevor in their new post, what’s going on with General Holden and Kernal Young, what’s going on with Lt. Clark and Kernal Young’s daughter, they seemed to hit it off really well at Kernal Burton’s retirement ceremony, what’s going on with Gloria and Hector? What about Lt. Clark and Gloria? What’s that supposed to come to. You can’t just make us imagine things when we really want to know. Also, what about Holly and Tim? and I wanna see all the kids grow up! Like I love this show, and I’m going to miss it, but I’m not going to just let it disappear without a fight. I say bring on season 8!

  34. Jess R Reyes says:

    Im very upset about Army Wives, thou I know people do com n go n the Military. Claudia Joy and Michael had the type of love pretty much everyone wants. Why did they get him interested n another woman so fast? That was really dumb. Again its my opinion.

  35. Jennifer G. says:

    I have been watching Army Wives since the very first season. It was the ONLY reason I even watched LIFETIME. I was worried last season that it would be cancelled but I thought there would at least be an 8th season to say goodbye. Please don’t let it end like this. This show & the fans deserve a last season. Give the show some dignity and bring it back for a series finale. The ratings would be the best it’s ever been if the fans knew it was the last season. Otherwise, GOODBYE LIFETIME, I enjoyed your series & now I’m done!

  36. Katlyn says:

    I personally cannot believe they have cancelled it. This show has personally changed my life. I found this show on Netflix, watched all the episodes they had and watched Season 7 when it aired on TV. I am devastated that they have cancelled it. I really want to know what happens with everyone on the show- especially with Gloria, Hector and Pat. They left it at a cliffhanger with the season finale of season 7. And I can’t believe they called it a season finale :I If they were going to cancel, they should have just called the series finale and ended it in a different way > . >

  37. A. L. says:

    Please don’t cancel Army Wives. It’s one of the few shows that I truly enjoy watching. It’s the only show that can make me cry and laugh each episode. As someone stated above me, with our troops over seas, this show helps us to remember what they are going through and what they might go through when they come home. I’m sure it has helped at least a few people out on how to deal with PSTD with their loved ones returning home.

    I also feel the same way as many others do about leaving the crappy shows on and pulling the good ones off air. Please, please reconsider bringing Army Wives back.

    A loyal fan

    A. L.

  38. Norma says:

    I watched every episode of this show, from beginning to end. I was waiting patiently for it to return. I just googled the show, only to learn that it’s been cancelled. I bet many familes with loved ones serving wish that real life military could be cancelled so easily. Real life, they come and go. Some die, some move on, some leave the military, just as was done in the show. I seriously wish you would reconsider this cancellation. There are still many of us that watch this show. If you really wanted to end it, couldn’t you at least give us some form of closure.

  39. Gwen says:

    I can’t believe you cancelled Army Wives. I loved that show. I never missed a episode. Please bring it back. No I don’t believe that Claudia Joy’s death ended the show I still watched it. It’s a shame that they are cancelling all the good shows…

  40. MEGAN. says:

    This is terrible. You just got rid of all the originals who we all grew a bond with. Then you bring in new characters who we only get to know for 13 episodes?! If you werent gonna have another season you should have stopped at 6. Because season 7 kept you wondering.

  41. Kris says:

    Army Wives was one of the best shows on TV…not some stupid reality show like everything has become! Nothing on anymore but reality shows…how many more things can they make a show about?? I agree with so many others…take the good stuff off and let the crap on! Why??? Bring back something that was worthwhile and GOOD to watch!

  42. ann perl says:

    Lifetime is out of their mind. They put crap on tv like that dance moms along with many others and take a great series of like Army wives they can shoot themselves in their leg I will not be watching lifetime any longer

  43. Kat C says:

    alright if anything should have been takin off lifetime it should have been “Project Runway” that show was the worst and the most boring one on lifetime, I loved Army Wives, its fun watching it especially as an army wife, I know it wasn’t reality but I still loved that show, thanks a lot for making me sad that was one of my Top 5 favorite shows.

    I mean really you can keep a worthless crap show like Project Runway but cancel a good show like Army Wives

    YOU SUCK ASS LIFETIME!!!!!! F**K YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Elizabeth Johnson says:

    NO comment , this is a stupid move on Lifetime. channel. i know so many ppl, who just live for this show,, IDK guys ya all better think this over.. it’s a bad move.. Pls. bring it back… TV today is so trashy & nothing but junk, it on, & the sad part is stays on. when good show’s like AW’s get’s booted.. OMG really <3 Liz

  45. Stacy T says:

    I wish you hollywood people would leave good shows like this alone. We all don’t want to see pregnant teens, or teen moms, or people that screw up in real life, sometimes we need an escape. Why pull a show that was doing so well??? And yes Claudia Joy being killed off didn’t help the show, but I was really getting into the new characters. You can’t just pull a show after we KNOW you have already filmed the next season. Why can’t viewers vote on this instead of the people that make it???

    It’s a shame, and I for one won’t watch tv shows that have no meaning and praising kids for doing things they shouldn’t be doing. At least this show kept us hopefully and even though it didn’t show exactly what life is in the military, it gave some a look when we had no idea. BRING IT BACK, please.

  46. Alexia says:

    The show lost its momentum when Claudia Joy was killed off and they wrote out Pamela and Roxy. Their families were a center point. They new characters were not likable and the stories did not relate as smoothly. The Brook Shields add in was a bad fit and offensive to fans of Michael and Claudia Joy. Please Lifetime reconsider giving the fans a last episode instead of a retrospective. We do not want two hours of interview, we want the closure to the original and new stories. It was the only network show I watched and well done for the first 6 seasons.

  47. Kathy says:

    I have watched this show from the beginning and was so looking forward to more seasons. Sadly, Claudia Joy would have been missed in an on-going saga, but then that only adds to the sincerity of the story. With all the crappy reality shows on TV, how can you choose to cancel a wonderful show that honors our brave men/women/families who dedicate their lives to our freedom and protection!?!? Reconsider Lifetime . . bring this back for all the fans!

  48. Alicia says:

    It is sad to see it go. As an army wife myself I loved watching the show. It wasn’t always accurate but still good to watch. Just like in the military people do PCS and move away and new people come in so to see new characters was nice. Claudia Joy passing didn’t help ratings but that was their choice. It would have been nice to see Brooke Shields and Brian Macnamaras characters get closer!! I hope you reconsider letting this series go….

  49. not happy says:

    Not fair really liked the show there is not much on tv any more that I like , Please bring so please bring back army wives it really is a good show or let someone pick it up.all there is bad tv

  50. Autumn says:

    Army Wives is by far the best show I have ever watched. Lifetime is making a huge mistake canceling the show. Please bring our army family back to all of us. We need the show.