Army Wives Cancelled, Lifetime Prepping Farewell Retrospective for 2014

army wives cancelledLifetime is deploying Army Wives to the TV graveyard.

The cabler has cancelled its longest-running series, which wrapped its seventh (and now-final) season in June.

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A two-hour retrospective special featuring the show’s cast will air early next year.

“There is no denying how special Army Wives has been to both Lifetime and the television landscape,” Lifetime’s Exec VP and General Manager Rob Sharenow said in a statement. “By taking on a very relevant and timely issue, it has brilliantly captured the challenges our military families endure and the bravery they and their loved ones display while serving our country.

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“We also want to thank Army Wives’ passionate legion of fans,” he added, “and everyone involved with the series: ABC Studios, Mark Gordon and Jeff Melvoin, Tanya Biank, every single cast member, as well as the crew and community of Charleston, South Carolina.”

Deposit your eulogies in the comments, and while you’re there riddle me this: Was Claudia Joy’s death the final nail in the show’s coffin?

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Wendi Simons says:

    Thank God and Greyhound they’re gone. What a waste of time.

  2. Diana says:

    A majority of the original cast was almost gone. You have to be careful when making so many changes. The show lost its connections. You left Catherine Bell to pull the load of the strong female roles. The last season didn’t hold my interest at all. Loved Army Wives

  3. I’m not surprised. I thought it would happen last year. It just wasn’t the same without Roxi and Pam, Trevor and Chase. Then when Claudia Joy died and they tried to put Brooke Shields in there somewhere and she just didn’t do it for me in that kind of character. It’s just as well. I’ve heard several reasons why Claudia Joy’s character didn’t come back, but you can’t blame an entire cancellation on just one actor. Seems they always let the good ones go and keep the dumb ones like half the reality shows on TV now. What happened to all the good writers we used to have? Why are we letting ppl write their own shows in some of these ridiculous reality shows. Please give us something older and more intelligent to watch–not as old as ‘Murder She Wrote’ or similar. My mom used to watch those shows and I’m 62 now and would like my own kind of shows. Guess I’ll stay with the Hallmark channel again this year!!

  4. Mary says:

    I think another network should pick it up. this was the best show. It would be great if sometime Roxy and Pam could come back. But I like the new people too. Very sad news.

  5. nancy says:

    It was a different show after the main characters left. But like the military no one stays at the same Base or Post forever. New characters should have been added in more frequently. Giving the audience a chance to get to know them as we did the original. This show had a special place as I spent time in SC & Charleston when my soldier sound were at Basic Training in Ft Jackson. Of will be missed & Sunday night will have an empty spot.

  6. Donald says:

    I am sad to see the show had ending but Fan’s need’s to stop Praising KIM DELANEY as she was better then all the others because she was a women with problem’s and I am not saying that to be a Hateful person other people in the show Made ARMY WIVES what it is Today so stop thinking that the show had ending because KIM DELANEY was no longer on the show [1] here’s what should of happen for season 7 now It was sad to see Kim Delaney leave the show after season 7 but it happen and in life every thing happens for a reason I think that for season 7 the Net work should had Told the Fan’s that season was going to the End of the show but after season 6 the Fan’s didn’t know if their was going to be another season but thank GOD their was I still wish and Pray that lifetime with chance their Mines or have another net work Pick up ARMY WIVES for season 8 but Time will tell but Back to what I was going to say I think that Joan should of went to WAR school and Made a 1* Rank and relocated at her next ARMY post Roland had new Home as well as a New Job now as For Michael He should of Retire as a 3 *** Rank and His new Girlfriend should of Made a 1 * Rank and Got Orders for the next AIRFORCE Base and as for Frank and Denise Frank should of Made a 1 * rank and Took over for Joan as Post Camander and Chase and Pam at their new House and ROXY and her Family at their new Home so that’s what I think should happen in 2014 ARMY Wives and put it on DVD PLEASE thank u.

  7. I am so dis-appointed..I never missed a show, The original cast was great,.After they let Pam and Roxy go,I was upset, but I still watched because I absolutely love Kim Delaney and Catherine Bell. With the death of Jeremy, I cried like a baby After the death of Claudia Joy,I didnt think I would watch but my love for Catherine Bell won. Roland and Joan was leaving too and then when Brooke Shields came on I just knew they were gonna pair her with General Holden and I was NOT happy about it. Dont get me wrong I have nothing against Brooke but I didnt care for her in this role. I didnt care to much for the other new people either. They just didnt seem right. I laughed ,,,I cried …and got excited for each new season but without Claudia Joy, Pam, Roxy, Jeremy, and then Roland and Joan leaving I just wasnt as excited as when they were there but I would have watched. In fact I found this because i was looking to see when new season started….Im really bummed. You definitely need to do a movie instead of retrospect show….Im going to look for all the seasons on dvd. Im really going to miss this show…it got me thru some really rough times.

  8. Maybe Oprah’s Network, OWN will pick it up. They need to bring back Roxy and Pamela’s storylines and keep the main characters and some of the new characters. I was interested to see where they would go with the PTSD storyline and the General’s son and Hector’s wife. They could even consider recasting Claudia Joy since sadly Kim Delaney couldn’t get her act together.

  9. Dianne says:

    Hate to see it canceled. I really enjoyed it even with the new characters

  10. Shelly says:

    I think people need to give the new characters a chance. I grew up a navy brat and moved every 3 years. So new faces is just a fact in military life. You don’t all get to stay together the entire military career. I think the new faces is just enforcing how a true military life is, always changing . I was a little Leary of the new faces but I watched the whole last season and got used to them. Please don’t take my army wives away.

  11. Nicole says:

    I was disappointed when Roxie left I think that was the turn around for the series. But even though Claudia joy died and Roxie and Pamela moved away the series still portrayed the strong friend ships of army wives on base. Honestly I wished this wasn’t the last season.:(

  12. donna says:

    maybe Dee can join NCIS, where Ziva left off as Mac

  13. sarah says:

    I only started watching this show last year but caught up by watching every day while my husband was deployed to Afghanistan. I loved this show and liked that new ppl came in. It seemed too unrealistic that the families never pcs’d. The New cast wasn’t given a chance. I was looking forward to seeing who Gloria chose. I can honestly say I’ll never change the channel to lifetime. They just made a mistake.

  14. hazel murison says:

    I hate the fact that have cancelled the show it is one if my favorite shows I hope that another network picks it up

  15. MJ says:

    Please,Please, please do not cancel this show. one of the best on TV. Would do anything to kept this on the air.

  16. MJ says:

    I am begging you not to cancel this show. Posting again and will post everyday. I also hope another network will pick up.

  17. Elizabeth snow says:

    I started it on Netflix and I must say that when Kim was no longer on the show it was def not the same! After they took her off I lost all interest and I’m still trying to finish the series. It’s not the same to me at all. I wish they would have done things dif. This show could have went on for a very long time!

  18. Lauren says:

    I’m sorry to see the show end – I love it! Anytime you have new characters, it takes awhile to get to know them and to get use to them. I was starting to enjoy their story lines, especially Gloria! I also want to see what happens with Kat and Michael. I think it would be great (and smart) if another network picks it up, but if not, the final better be good!

  19. Carl says:

    One of my favorite shows… I’m deeply saddened by its cancellation.. I wish they could have did some type of spin off

  20. BRS04 says:

    At first I was very disappointed the three of the original cast members had “moved away” or “died”, but then I thought about it. The show was meant to catch the real essence of army life. Things HAD to change. I was very by all of the changes especially Jeremy’s death, but that what keeps you reeled in. You want to know how they will continue on without the originals and etc. If everything was happy go lucky it would be an unrealistic view of what army life is about. I believe Season 8 is deff worth the shot! Everyone who loves the changes will be thrilled to see how everything will play out, and other who the changes will want to see how everything panned out. The show just showed a lot of real life events. I would love to a Season 8. Hey we might it? The Game was cancelled for two years and out of nowhere bam a new season. A lot of fans-me as well- are sadden to see such a warming show go…. It’s a shame. I wish there was just one more season. CJ’s death was only the beginning of a great change. Even when the member left, they still appeared quite regularly so what are we really missing? Nothing!

  21. Amber says:

    I don’t think they gave the new characters a chance. I was looking forward to a new cast, it would of shaken it up a bit and they were a younger cast too. They shouldn’t of canceled the show andgave it a chance.

  22. chels says:

    This show was what I looked forward to watching every Sunday with mom since she was in the military and I wouldn’t miss it. It was a great show. sad that is cancelled :(

  23. Nicky says:

    I loved the show and I accepted the cast changes but what I didnt like was Michael getting together with that airforce chick so soon after losing the love of his life.

  24. Laurie says:

    I schedule my life around Arny Wives and Drip Dead Diva and they are being cancelled. In never watching TV again.

  25. josie says:


  26. diane says:

    you must bring army wives back…I loved it…replace some of the other junk..

  27. Sue says:

    Awwww…I loved the show!

  28. dee says:

    Yes, characters leave a show, but they leave often on military bases. Some move off base, go to another base, have life changes, retirements, death, etc. The show lasted 7 years much longer than the group would have been on the same base together I real life.
    I liked that they were bringing in new people. The mix of ranks was different, but the issues they address were real issues military families experience.
    The military community is complex. If producers want a subject for drama, a series on REAL life in the military, any service, would almost write themselves.
    Yes, I will miss the show. But not having a complete resolution with all questions answered is also typical of military life after moving.

  29. christina says:

    I also think this great show should not be canceled…. I hope you give what your fans want I have watched this show from the begining and I am said to see it is being canceled :(

  30. Alice says:

    I hate to see this show cancelled! It really showed the life and experiences of the people behind the soldier and at least gave a glimpse into the difficult but rewarding lives of the men and women who serve and their families! I hope another network picks up the show! Despite the many criticism of the new characters just being added on the one season- it probably would have been better to slowly add new characters along the way, I really enjoyed the new characters and wanted to see more about their lives. I think the show is being cancelled more due to the fact that the draw down is starting to progress more rapidly and we will likely be out of the war very soon, thereby limiting the material for the story arcs. It’s a shame that people don’t think military life is exciting enough to watch in peace time- because that’s what it really boils down to is ratings! TV execs are unlikely to back a show that will not have the action of war to break up what people see as the monotony of every day military life.

  31. sue says:

    Kim Delaney was the downfall of the show. She got to the point it was so obvious she did not want to kiss the general. One scene in particular she didn’t even try to fake a pucker to kiss him. I was at that point I knew it was a matter of time before the show would fold. All the other actors tried their best to hang on but without CJ it was never the same. The characters and fans had bonded. No one else could be added after that. I hate it ended. Although I not a military wife, I looked forward to the show every week. I don’t think it can be revived but maybe they will come up with something else just as good. I am enjoying Cedar Cove.

  32. Ashley says:

    I would really like if you reconsider bringing army wives back! I watched this series from the 1st season to the 7th. This show was the best show to watch on lifetime. I didn’t miss an episode. Please think about bringing it back please!? The new cast was great and I would love to see the direction they go into. Please for the fans bring this show back please?

  33. Irene says:

    I just watched the final season over the weekend on netflix. It was very good. There was some great work done on that show. The overall show was better than some on the networks. ie, Revenge. Yucko. Revenge lost its appeal the 2nd year. This show maintained a quality in writing and acting uncompared.

    I do wonder though that since our troops are pulling out soon from Afghanistan soon, it may have been good time for show to end. This show tackled some current issues in a realistic way. I still say to watch all the seasons, it is worth it.

    It amazes me how people comment on shows they DON’T watch. ie, the comment about Kim Delaney being written out after alcoholism. Unless I missed the point. Did the poster miss the all the episodes about her death? oh well.

  34. Annie Bowden-Fritz says:

    Wish you could have requested a vote whether to cancel or not. So looked forward to that show like I do Revenge. Bad decision to cancel, believe there were other dhows more worthy of the zTV graveyard than Army Wives.

  35. i was very disappointed to here that armx military y wives has been cancelled. I used to look forward to weekly episodes. Beeing the wife of an ex military man it gave me something to reinese about. It was so realistic the frienship and commeraderie of the wives when theremen were away. Yes Claudia Joy made the show but now Denise Sherwood has taken over as{as mother hen so to speak} i can see no reason why it shold be can celled please please reconcider your decision. A devoted fan

    • Heather says:

      I agree I think they should bring back army wives I have really enjoyed the show very much. I was a military brat most my life grew up on bases and moved around a lot as a kid but what I do remember the most is we did all stick together while the guys were gone and we did met back up on other bases we never said goodbye just see you again the chance was you would see them again on another base. So I think it’s a great show with great values and topics we need these days please don’t cancel thank you

  36. joe wells says:

    This is terrible, I can not believe how much of a stupid, ignoramous decision it is to cancel one of the all time best shows ever made, I could understand if they ended it after the next season, at least then all of us fans of the show would have some closure. I don’t know about any of you but LMN has made the worst decision ever. Booo for LMN. Very dissatisfied and disappointed sorry to say LMN but you suck.

  37. Pam says:

    Please bring Army Wives back for at least one more season so that we can get closure on the newest characters. Lifetime never should have introduced all of the new army wives if they were not going to do something with it. I was glad to see more enlisted soldiers and wives added to balance out both sides of the military. Yes, I missed the original cast, but I thought the show was on a roll again.

  38. Pam Yes its just been left up in the air

  39. Kim says:

    I am really saddened that this show has been cancelled, I as well loved the old cast members and its hard to change things up and except them but i think they could have made a great impact with the show as well. Please reconsider this cancellation. Amazing show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Nancy says:

    I loved the show but I don’t think it was realistic. Families come and go all the time on a military installation. They held the original cast together too long. Then they made all the change come about at once.

  41. Lisa says:

    What a shame. It was a great movie and I think your making a big mistake.

  42. angie says:

    Why was this show canceled? It is one of the best shows on TV! Lifetime you just made a huge mistake!

  43. Ladydi_NYC says:

    I’m late to this news, but disappointed about the cancellation of Army Wives. I’m not a military person, but I always thought the show dealt with the issues that these families go through with great care and detail. I often learned a lot watching this show, plus the drama of it and watching these relationships blossom was very satisfying.

    But the last 2 seasons have not been as high a standard with the exit of several key players. The new characters were ok, but their lives/storylines were not compelling.

    Nice though that there will be a retrospective episode to tie things up and give us fans
    a little closure.

    Just a shame though too since this was Lifetime’s only show with real substance. For me there’s nothing else to watch on that network.

  44. bernadette fox says:

    I agree one of the best shows on cable. It beats all the reality shows. Lately there is garbage on. Very disappointed and you should bring Army Wives back. B. Fox

  45. Paige says:


  46. Jaime says:

    Lifetime is making a huge mistake cancelling Army Wives. It is by far one of the best shows on tv. I have watched it since the first episode and to end the show without even having a farewell season to bring conclusions to each character is completely unfair to all the loyal viewers who have watched for years. I think that if Lifetime does not change their mind, then I will stop watching all shows on their channel for good. Bring back at least one final farewell season for the fans.

  47. Carol says:

    i have watched Army Wives faithfully when it came is not fair you guys gets us hooked on a show and then it is taken away from us.Army Wives should come back and not should return

  48. Dawn says:

    They could have went further with the new people coming in. I hate that Roxy and Pam left but I still love the show, being a military wife myself, that is really is what happens. People leave and there is nothing you can do about. I’m very truly hurt that they have cancelled army wives. They need to change their mind and do some more seasons.

  49. Jackie T says:

    Great Show – have watched every show from the beginning also, cried, laughed enjoyed every epsiode…so much so bought all the seasons so I could watch and rewatch. Hate to see it end; hope LIfetime reconsiders or maybe some other network would be smart and pick it up.. Appears to have quite the following and obviously a great show being the “longest running series” – that don’t happen because the show is bad…

    Many everyday issues were dealt with in a everyday, could be anyone effected way; military death, child death, family illness, family diease, school bullying, natural diaster…etc

  50. brenda says:

    I have been watching it from the begining. Please don’t cancel it. I love that program