Supernatural Exclusive: O.C. Alum to Woo Castiel

Shannon Lucio SupernaturalCastiel is about to have one of his basic human needs met.

Shannon Lucio (The O.C.) has been tapped to guest star on Supernatural as a love interest for Misha Collins’ newly-anthropomorphic alter ego, TVLine has learned exclusively.

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Lucio’s character, April Kelly, turns up in Season 9’s third episode, airing Oct. 22.

At Comic-Con over the summer, Collins teased that the ex-angel would be submerged in the “whole gamut of the human experience” this season, including — but not limited to — “eating, defecating and fornicating.”

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Fun fanboy fact: Lucio appears in the premiere episode of ABC’s Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Supernatural returns Wednesday, Oct. 8.

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  1. Tina says:

    Blargh. I knew it was coming since CC, but I’m still not happy about this. At least now I know which episode I’m not watching. The only thing calming me down right now is Misha Collin’s statement it’ll be sex, not romance, so I guess this will be a one time deal and I won’t have to the that April woman ever again afterwards. If Dean and even Sam want to sleep around, that’s fine. It’s been like that from the beginning. But I so do not want Cas to start with this too. Sadlyl, right now it seems like the writers are hell bend on destroying Castiel’s character for me. So thanks for nothing, Supernatural.

    • 1Maenad says:

      For all we know, the writers could be leading to the Future! Cas that we saw in S05E04 “The End”. Who knows. Stop complaining and just enjoy the ride.

  2. theoryofchaosxd says:

    I’m actually more concerned about the fact that it’s the craptastic duo Lemming/Buckner who’s in charge of wrinting this. I wouldn’t trust them with my worst enemy, let alone handling a love interest for Cas. My shipping ways aside, I’m already 99% positive that this episode will be awful and disrespectful towards all the characters, INCLUDING April. I really wish they kicked them out of the team already.
    I hate doing this but i’m not sure I’ll be watching this episode, unless it’s mytharc.

    • kaystiel says:

      Really? oh god, I hate that team, my hope is that they leave spn and go work for the spinoff. (and Edlund comes back when Revolution sinks)

  3. Abio says:

    Ugghh… You better do this right, TPTB. I don’t exactly have faith in you with your cardboard love interests. SIgh.

  4. Please stop breaking my balls! people who say “I do not look more spn” makes me laugh ……….. destiel canon was only in your head -.- Cass can not go out with a woman?

    That’s why the fans destiel are unbearable ….. for ridiculous comments like these ……. now destiel must become canon because you have decided you, but please -__________-

    You are not masters of spn!!

    • Karma Houdini says:

      lmao! whut.

      • Nonnie says:

        Ah yes. Making fun of someone who does not have English as a first language. Classy.

        • Karma Houdini says:

          I wasn’t making fun of the english, I was laughing at the random turns of phrase in this random comment. And how do you know this person isn’t just deliberatly using broken english to troll. You’re really going to try to take a morally superior position here? Nothing you’ve said in this thread has been classy.

          • Nonnie says:

            “nothing you’ve said in this thread has been classy”

            Did I ever claim that it was?

          • Nonnie says:

            NOTHING said in this thread has been classy. I figured I’d let my comments reflect the atmosphere and my company.

          • Nonnie says:

            Nice deflection of attention, by the way. Ignoring any possible faux pas of your own by pointing out another’s faults. I say again: classy.

        • Karma Houdini says:

          If you admit that none of the comments were classy, why are you being a hypocrite and calling out my comment and mine alone as “not classy”? How old are you, because your entire argument has basically degraded into some really basic childish crap. I never said I was perfect dude, hence why I apologized to Lilith. What’s the point of calling someone on something that you’ve admitted to doing yourself. Oh, but it’s ok because you never said you were classy and “everyone’s doing it”. Oh, ok.

          • Nonnie says:

            I’m 26, thank you for asking.

            Also, I didn’t see your apology to the poster, but do now. I actually think that was very big of you. Props.

            I never once said my behavior was okay, and never claimed I was perfect either. (also, my remark about the atmosphere and company was sarcasm, not a justification of my actions)

            I also see that the theme of your responses to me appear to indicate that you assume I believe myself to be better or superior to others. That is by no means the case. I’m no better than anyone else, and if my comments appeared that way, I genuinely apologize.

            I get very bitter when I’m angry, and am well aware that I’m lashing out as well. I don’t know why anyone presumed I was in denial about it when I openly admit it, but it’s next to impossible to gauge tone over the internet, so I can’t really blame anyone.

    • Karma Houdini says:

      @Lilith I can however see how me laughing at your comment would be offensive if you’re not a native English speaker. I apologize, that was over the line.

  5. Apparently we’re seeing the real face of the so called true fans. Nothing but nasty and smug comments made to fans who are genuinely upset over this spoiler and the only thing they can do is become self-righteous assholes about it.
    You stay classy Spn fandom.

  6. If cas was having sex with a man none of these destiel fans would be bitching they just see gay in every thing. As for Cas gettig layed by a woman its a big sin in their eyes. Im looking forward to Cas SL with this woman.

  7. Talia says:

    *Laughs and laughs and laughs*

    So much entertainment from the extreme Destiel shippers. Thank you, dears.

  8. Candy says:

    Many of us agree that Cas is Dean-sexual, which leaves room for questions about his sexual preference otherwise. A lot of gay or bisexual men and women lose their virginity to the opposite sex because society is telling them that is what they are supposed to like. It can take some time to get comfortable with your true sexuality. Lets be honest–there’s no way this girl is about to become a series or even season regular; that’s just not how Supernatural works. So Castiel has sex with a woman–so what? It doesn’t change his feelings for Dean any more than Dean having sex with Lisa or that Amazon in “The Slice Girls” ever changed Dean’s feelings for Castiel. And to the people saying “good riddance” to those who are upset, I recall a lot of threats about giving up on the show in season seven by a certain group of haters when Castiel was first brought back, so don’t pretend you’re better fans than anyone else. People also complained when Sam got Amelia (I didn’t care for her either), and they complained about D/C innuendos because “Supernatural isn’t a romance–can’t we just get back to hunting things?!?” but those same people are elated that Cas “FINALLY” has a love interest because we need “more” interesting women on the show–never mind that SPN could easily expand Charlie & Jody’s roles or that “Supernatural is about two brothers and not an ensemble.” Obviously people want to get their way, but I honestly don’t think there’s anything to worry about with this new character. I’m disappointed, too. But even if Castiel sows oats like a teenage boy who never got to be a human teenager, at the end of the day, his heart still belongs to Dean, and hopefully TPTB will continue to give subtext that proves they know it, too.

    • Talia says:

      OMG Thank you so much for this comment. XD You people really can’t separate canon from fanon, it’s amazing to watch.

      • Abio says:

        It’s also amazing to watch the amazing high-handedness of commenters here strutting like they’re above the shameful “Destiel shippers”. Because telling people they’re hilarious because they’re in misery is not shameful at all. :)

        • Talia says:

          With the way so many extreme Destiel shipper behave and have behaved for a long time, it is no wonder that people are laughing at you. Oh the misery you are in! Lmao.

          • LMAO! Oh because I’m laughing at people who are laughing at Destiel fans too. It makes me laugh why they bother to check the happenings of Destiel anyway. *shrugs* Thanks for the laugh too. ;D

          • Nonnie says:

            @theabiogenesist “it makes me laugh why they bother to check the happenings of Destiel anyway”

            Except… this isn’t a destiel article. It’s about Cas having a love interest. The destiel raiders, like with everything else, turned it into their ship.

        • angelica says:

          Well I am not laughing at anybody. I am scratching my head that people allow themselves to be “in misery” over a TV show. That’s not just about Destiel shippers but fandom in general. The direction of the show can change with the flick of the writers’ pens. Cas could be looking like Claire Novak right now. Would there be a Cas/Dean fandom then? Is their connection that transcendent? Or is it that you like the chemistry of the actors? It doesn’t do a body good to get overly invested.

    • Sharla says:

      Saying he’s “Deansexual” is insulting to the LGBTQIA community and its need for representation. Ugh, shippers.

      All friends make innuendoes with each other (have you HEARD the way Sam and Dean talk to each other? Not gonna point that out are you?)

      Adam Glass already said that’s not what’s going up but you’re allowed to ship all you want! Jensen Ackles told the crowd at Jus in Bello 2013 that Dean is straight, so while I’m glad you’re not one of the many of your kind being awful to this character before she even opens her mouth, that’s not gonna happen honey

      • Karma Houdini says:

        Adam glass said no such thing. Stop putting words in his mouth. All he did was say it’s not up to him to define the characters and that he was not queer baiting. He also blatantly said that he was speaking for himself and not spn. He never said anything close to Dean/Cas isn’t going to happen. Jensen also did not say Dean was heterosexual, he was paraphrasing something Ben Edlund said about the badge scene when Aaron is flirting with Dean. He said “how can we throw this, manly heterosexual guy off his game.” Just from context, the “manly heterosexual” part was Ben’s words, not Jensen’s and could have been said sarcastically or with freaking air quotes for all we know. Without audio and/or video of that conversation, we have no idea how he meant those words. And considering Edlund’s commentary on that scene (in which he talked about the scene being evidence of “love in all places”), the way Jensen chose to act that scene (it was JENSEN’S idea to put the badge away, it was not in the script), and Edlund’s track record of writing LGBT characters/romance, it’s pretty safe for anyone with a brain to say that, at least in that scene, Dean was not being written as a “manly, heterosexual guy.”

        Stop spreading this b.s. to support your agenda, because it’s not a very strong argument, seeing as it’s based on half-truths and flat out lies.

        • Nonnie says:

          This is not the first time Jensen has referred to Dean as straight/heterosexual, so your ‘argument’ flies out the window yet again.

          • All of the argument? Really? Are you sure? Because there was a LOT more to that argument besides the whole Jensen stating Dean’s straight thing. There was a LOT more compelling evidence being stated and arguments being made that blows your idea out of the water. But we’ll just sweep that argument under the rug, right? Because you can’t say anything back to it? Besides repeating yourself over and over again and calling everyone delusional when you have nothing left to throw at the shippers with their logic and their compelling arguments?

          • Karma Houdini says:

            Funny how my argument apparently “flies out the window” but you’ve yet to actually refute anything I’ve said, other than reposting the same inaccurate information. You’re running out of steam Nonnie dear.

          • Nonnie says:

            I have nothing to add because you can’t argue with stupid. It’s like arguing with someone in a different language: it’s pointless.

            Not to mention “compelling” is a rather loose and laughable term for the drivel you just spewed. Certainly not the word I would use for it.

            I assume by your “running out of steam” comment you presume this matters at all to me. Fictional characters do not matter to me on the level so profound as they do to you. What matters to me is the very real issue of people thinking that it’s okay to force a person (fictional or not) into an orientation they have never identified with. I find it disgusting and revolting, since I’ve been fighting that battle for so many years (as have many others).

            Trying to demand a straight person be gay or a gay person be straight is exactly the same situation, both scenarios equally wrong, and that’s what really grinds my gears with you people. Do you honestly think I’m still here to argue over ships? Obviously you are, which is a tragedy in and of itself, but I won’t digress from the main point.

            These characters are not yours. They are not mine. They belong to the writers, of whom, by storylines and established canon, do not fall in line with your vision of the show.

            Do you honestly wonder why people hate you? Why crew members have been blocking you? (I use the term “you” as a generalization, and not you specifically) Because Destiel shippers’ utter lack of maturity and decorum is equally as appalling to them as it is to other fans.

            But go on. Keep thinking that my anger is because of ~Destiel~. Because it is not. Do you think I haven’t read fanfictions? Do you think I don’t have friends who ship them just as much as you? The difference between them and you is that they are decent human beings. They are also individuals who can tell the difference between reality and what they fantasize could happen on the show. Their own words at the outbreak of hatred at this news: “And you wonder why everyone hates us.”

            This is why.

            Because you spend your life spewing hatred and demanding representation and equality when really you couldn’t give a crap about any of that, because you’re behaving just as any homophobe would, except reverse.

            Obviously there are fanatics to every ship. Obviously a great deal of Wincest shippers are no better. And I am genuinely, utterly sorry for some shippers who can’t tell the difference between fanservice nods/trolling and actual plot lines. I’m also sorry that tumblr set them up to fail, screaming to new fans that “DEAN AND CAS ARE IN LOVE AND ARE TOGETHER AND IT’S EPIC!!!” while they are still confused and waiting for something that’s never going to happen. I’m also sorry that so many of shippers (no matter the ship) think that winning an internet poll has any actual effect on the show.

            Anyways, I’m done. If you want to go on believing in something that will never happen, that’s absolutely your prerogative and I won’t stop you (or anyone) or try to sway you. Sorry you’re going to wind up disappointed in the end.

            But I will definitely not sit back and stay quiet when people glorify homosexual relationships by bashing straight ones. That is not, by any means, equality.

          • Karma Houdini says:

            No, you’ve just got nothing to add because you “debate” like a 14 year old fan girl pretending to be an intellectual and you fail miserably at it. Trying to play the “representation” card to defend your ship hate, while hypocritically screaming about Destiel shippers hiding behind LGBT issues to defend their ship? Check. Pretending you’re a non-shipper to lend weight to your flimsy, factually inaccurate argument? Check. Stomping out of the comments in a rage because you’re not intelligent enough to coherently argue your point? Check. Pretending you don’t care about the subject you just spent DOZENS of comments and two days arguing about? Check. “I don’t care about all this shipping anyway! It’s really about me defending straight relationships against your homosexual bias!” lmao, yeah that’s totally believable.

            Girl, bye. (Not that you’re actually going to stop commenting.)

          • deangirl81 says:

            Seriously. Can you believe that they’re now denying that Jensen said that Dean is heterosexual? The selective amnesia going on here..

          • @ deangirl81 They are not DENYING that Jensen said that. If you bothered to actually read on the comments you’re posting hate on, you’d actually see that they have put that quote into CONTEXT, not DENIED it happened. CONTEXT, you know, that important thing you learn in English, meaning that if I say “Potato!” you can’t say that it means I love potato because it has no CONTEXT? It could mean I hate potato, it could mean that a potato suddenly flew into my face, it could mean SOMEONE SAID POTATO AND I AM QUOTING THEM. Context, there’s your definition. Since clearly you had no idea what it was before and labeled it denying instead.

    • wut says:

      Fanon is not Canon.

      • Karma Houdini says:

        You idiots keep repeating that mantra without, it seems, a firm grasp of what those words mean. You’re right though, fanon isn’t canon. Except this means that technically, saying Dean is straight is fanon since it has never been explicitly stated in the show. No one is straight until proven gay or bi. Dean sleeping with women does exclude the possibility of him liking men too. It’s also fanon (and shaky fanon at best) that Sam and Dean are soul mates, but that doesn’t stop Wincest shippers from endlessly perpetuating that lie. Never mind the fact that Dark Side of the Moon actually disproved that b.s. But I guess canon is only important to Wincest shippers when they’re using it to try to (unsuccessfully) ship Destiel.

        • Karma Houdini says:

          *DOESN’T exclude the possibility

        • what is wrong with you says:

          What a convoluted mess you have there. No one is straight until proven gay? Dean said explicitly I don’t swing that way. In what sense is that not clear. Proven gay – proven straight that’s offensive on so many levels. People should be able to define themselves. As a character Dean by his actions (sleeping with women and his words ) is heterosexual. By that logic people now have to prove their gay and or straight.. will there be a test they can take? Will we be handing out cards so they can identified. Yeah your a great advocate of shipping.

          • Karma Houdini says:

            Um, what are you talking about? Do you not understand sarcasm? “Straight until proven gay” is a position that people take who refuse to see any character who isn’t immediatly announced as gay/bi on arrival as anything other than straight. I wasn’t endorsing that opinion, I was saying that it is NOT accurate. Do you seriously not read people’s entire comments before posting? How does sleeping with women automatically make him heterosexual? Just because you haven’t seen him sleep with men on camera (yet) doesn’t make him straight. That’s was basically my point that you seem to have missed. I don’t swing that way was said in response to Henrickson and the quote was “you kinky son of a bitch WE don’t swing that way.” He was talking about himself and SAM, implying that he and his BROTHER were not interested in having a threesome with Victor. How would simply being gay be automatically “kinky?” Who said I was an advocate of shipping? I’m a shipper, I don’t necessarily “advocate” it. I don’t care if people ship or not. But ok. Finally, just to play devil’s advocate, is it not remotely POSSIBLE that Dean, poster boy for repression and low self-esteem could be DENYING that he might be a little interested in men? Because it’s not like Dean has never lied about anything about himself, right? JFC.

          • Karma Houdini says:

            Perhaps I didn’t make myself clear. “Straight until proven gay/bi” is not a thing. Do you get it now?

          • some things just are says:

            the problem i have with your ‘sarcasm’ is that if people took someone who was gay on tv and said well your gay until your proven straight or bi people would be outraged. Hey Charlie isn’t really gay she could go straight for Dean she just needs the right man. They have chemistry and how cute were they together. That’s your argument for Dean isn’t it? You don’t see any issues with this at all? You can’t have one standard for being gay and one for being straight. If being straight is as a sexuality flexible than so is being gay. I guess everyone is bi and we should throw out the other labels. perhaps we should let the characters much like people determine who they are and not who you want them to be.

          • Karma Houdini says:

            @ Some things No, that’s not my argument for Dean actually. Re-read my comment before you post some nonsense remark. Once again, I said people ARE NOT (insert sexuality) until proven (insert sexuality). I said there’s a possibility that Dean could be bi, I never said he is bi by default. I said he’s NOT necessarily straight just because he’s been shown having sex with women. Bringing Charlie into this makes no sense because she’s been DEFINITIVELY stated both in canon and outside of it as being gay. She has shown no interest in men and has stated explicitly that she only likes women. Not the case with Dean, who has been left ambiguous at best. Everyone is not bi, but when you have a character like Dean who’s been repeatedly hinted at as bi, it’s not far-fetched to say he MIGHT be. But nice try with this weak ass argument.

        • Nonnie says:


          Would you like a quote list of how many times Dean has said that he’s straight? Or how many times Jensen has said that Dean is straight? Omg, further proof that we’re watching a completely different show.

          IT HAS been explicitly stated in the show. Multiple times. Take the shipper wax out of your ears.

          • Ah, that quote list that you won’t be giving? Because you’re too “lazy” to do so, even though you are trolling around this site bashing ALL the shippers? That quote list that you won’t provide even though I’m calling you out on your bull?

          • Karma Houdini says:

            Yeah I would like that (out of context) quote list, please.

          • Nonnie says:

            “I don’t swing that way.”
            “I told you, I’m not into guys.”
            “You are a handsome devil, but we don’t swing that way.”
            “Sorry again, pal, but I don’t play for your team.”

            *has repeatedly referred to Dean as a heterosexual guy*

            *Jared talking about how he/Sam is the straight man out of the two of them (straight man meaning more serious), realizes his blunder, laughs*
            Jensen: *off this* Wow, and all this time I’ve been playing him so wrong. (meaning he’s been playing him as straight)

            Jensen: (on fanfiction – can’t remember if in reference to Wincest or Destiel)
            *blabbers on uncomfortably for a bit before getting to the point* I mean, it’s novel for us since both of us are straight and are playing straight men on the show, but… *goes on to say something about fan’s creativity and having fun or whatever*

            Would you like more? Those are the ones I remembered off the top of my head.

          • Nonnie says:

            @Karma Lol. All you people do is take things out of context. Just as I’m well aware that you’ll take the quote list out of context and add your own spin to it.

          • Karma Houdini says:

            lmao at this totally legit, super official lists of quotes with no context or even so much as a note of which episode (or even in what situation) the quote appeared. Aw, honey, you are trying so hard. I’ll give you credit for at least posting actual quotes though. I’ve already debunked the “we don’t swing that way” quotes as referring to a threesome with his brother,not being bi/gay. Most of these are vague snippets from conventions that aren’t even direct quotes and are also wrong. My favorite is : “Jensen: repeatedly refers to Dean as a heterosexual guy”. That’s not a quote, that’s just you making a claim. “I told you, I’m not gay”? What episode is that from? I honestly don’t remember that. “I don’t play for your team.” (pretty sure he was talking to a VAMPIRE who was into BDSM with this one. Again, still not necessarily about sexual orientation. In almost every one of these, you’re “quoting” times when Dean was being threatened, or even physically assaulted by a dude. Would YOU act interested in that situation? So, as expected, this is just a context-less mish mash of random conversations which are being both misquoted and spun to suit your argument. There’s a reason people give direct quotes WITH CONTEXT, not vague paraphrasing off the top of their head. /fail

          • @ Karma Houdini glad someone else sees the bull that Nonnie-dearest has been pulling. Yet we are the ones that take things “out of context” when all of the things you listed are the actual contexts of the scenes. Furthermore when we back Nonnie into these contextual corners, she either doesn’t respond or completely gives up on the conversation and tries to act high-and-mighty like we’re being too childish for her to even continue. XD Poor, desperate troll.

        • angelica says:

          First of all DSOTM, big disagreement with your conclusion. I don’t even ship Wincest and I think the show went there. But that’s for another discussion.

          So you are saying that no one can prove that Dean is straight because it is within the realm of possibilty that he could discover feelings for a man in the future. or in other words
          “Prove to me that Dean isn’t bisexual.”

          Here’s the problem I have with the argument. You can’t credibly argue possibily as proof that a thing is probable or likely. I will absolutely agree with you that it possible that Dean is bi, repressed, and will have a romantic relationship with Cas. Anything is possible. I can’t argue against that. No one legitimately can because it is not legitimate premise for an debate. It goes in circles

          Which unfornately a lot of people are doing. One also cannot argue that he is bi because it would be cool and creative to have him be or that it would invalidate someone’s sexuality if he wasn’t. Or that the majority of people I know think he is so he must be. One also can’t say with any credibility that the arguments from people who disagree are incorrect because they have an agenda or they misbehaved at some point. Or their grammar and spelling is wrong. All of those are logic fails.

          You can only base an argument on probabilty. Based on what I have seen on the show and know about the character’s behavior and based on what I know of the writers of that show and how willing they seem to be to go in a certain direction and based on the statements of the actors that play the parts, I don’t find it probable that we will see Dean portrayed as bisexual or as having a relationship with Cas.Until I see convincing evidence like a kiss or a love scene or a plain old discussion I am going with Occam’s Razor. Everything put out there so far as evidence of Dean/Cas/bi is not proof just interpretation and speculation.

          Dean stated plainly that he loves Cas l

          • angelica says:


            like his brother (so unless Dean and Sam are up to something… :) )

            That’s completely canon.I believe him. Dean has made statements about not being gay several times. Now, if you don’t like the interpretation, fine,whatever but I am going with the simplest explanation–he meant it.

            Dean said he needs Cas–he absolutely does, in his bed? Not so sure. In the context they need him to help them– not be against him. Dean especially needs him given Sam’s condition. Dean broke through to Cas–yep, see also Sam, John and Bobby.

            Dean crushes on Dr Sexy and Elliot Nesc? Only saw a huge fan boy myself.

            Dean says suggestive things to Cas in PONR that was to degrade and humilitate. Decidely not romantic or sexy.

            Dean is overcompensating and had to hide his secret desires from meany John? Again, interpretation. Dean’s got lots of issues but he always seemed to have a lot of enthusiam for women and sex with women, And john’s been dead for years.

            Dean has huge trust issues. Cas keeps breaking his trust not to mention his brother’s head. Yes, he has tried to make amends but somethings can’t be undone. Would you choose a romantic partner who you couldn’t trust or that hurt your family so horribly. Part of this would be my admitted own bias but I would have a hard time seeing past that.

            The writer have admitted the little shout outs to Wincest and Destiel alike. Writers in other fandoms have been doing it for years. Doesn’t mean anyone is promised anything in regard to shippiness. Enjoy them though.

          • Karma Houdini says:

            When did I say Dean/Cas or bi!Dean was canon? Oh that’s right, I didn’t. I said it was SUBTEXT. If it was canon we wouldn’t even be having this discussion. Of course it’s interpretation, but it’s interpretation based on actual canon events, not thin air. See the comments from writers and actors that I’ve already listed as evidence that the subtextual hinting is intentional. Or are you calling TPTB liars? Are you saying your interpretation trumps their statements admitting to including romantic subtext intentionally? Not gonna keep repeating myself either. Re-read my earlier comments if you still don’t get it.

          • Karma Houdini says:

            Robbie Thompson already debunked your “Dean only needs Cas to fix/help Sam” argument. See his Twitter timeline. But you just keep telling yourself that the guy he ransacked Purgatory looking for, who he was willing to die to get out (despite the fact that it would result in him never seeing Sam again) is just a “tool” that Dean needs because Sam. Yeah, that’s totally not your biased interpretation that’s already been disproved by canon.

          • angelica says:

            You know, I am just having a discussion and giving my opinion. Not flying around the thread belittling everyone with a different take on things.

            First of all, I have said quite a few times that Dean cares for Cas. He must to put up with the crap that Cas has put him through.

            DEAN Dude, if anybody else — I mean anybody — pulled that kind of crap, I would stab them in their neck on principle. Why should I give him a free pass?

            Second, I find statements by the writers of their intent of very limited usefulness. It’s interesting at best.I don’t regularly read the writers’ twitters because I think there is all kinds of pandering going on over there and I can’t stand how disrespectful and entitled many of the fans are on there. The majority of Supernatural casual viewers probably do not read the twitters and can formulate their own interpretation of the work by (gasp) analyzing the work itself. What a concept. You know, back in the days before fans bombarded the writers and actors on the internet demanding that what they want to happen should happen. Does it mean that viewers are stupid and unformed if their interpretation doesn’t match the writer or does it mean that the work should stand alone and that the writer was a little too ambiguous? Or does that mean that viewers and writers bring their own experiences and perceptions very time they pick up a pen, open a book or watch something? Who is right or wrong? Nobody. I am always amused by fans who use that stick to beat everybody with “I am right and you are wrong because so-and-so said so.” but only if it suits them. I have read rants for example against Jensen himself that go like this “if he doesn’t think he is playing Dean as bi then he needs to learn to act better.” The only fact is this situation would be Jensen’s intention. If you think he is (acting bi), that’s an interpretation, not a fact. I remember reading about the guy who played Data on STNG. He said that he received letters frequently from fans who interpreted his casual gestures (raise of an eyebrow, tip of the head) to show he was becoming more human. He had no such intention to portray that. It was all the fans’ interpretation.

            “A book isn’t just a collection of words; it’s a narrative that becomes emotionally interwoven with the reader. Sometimes emotions are positive, sometimes negative. Absence of emotions is the worst – that’s when the book is abandoned. So we have a reader who formed a relationship with the book. That relationship is unlike any other person’s relationship with the same book. Every reader pictures the leading character differently. Every reader has a different interpretation of the narrative that might have absolutely nothing to do with the author’s intent”
            -Ilona Andrews

            Third, Dean saves people. He has put his life on the line every episode to save them even if it means leaving Sam. This is not new. Of course he would try and save Cas in Purgatory; it’s who Dean is. Does it have to mean that he is in love with Cas romantically? No.

            Fourth, you say that my “totally biased interpretation” differs from your “totally biased interpretation.” Ok, but I am not sure what bias I have except I don’t see romance in the interactions between Cas and Dean. I don’t see the Wincest either that some people do. So what?

            Fifth, subtext is a very tricky thing. For every fan that sees it and interprets it as more than brotherly concern or whatever, there will be many more who don’t. Particularly, if they are not on the internet or have no interest in the pairing. Then you have people shouting at each other ” how can you not see it; it’s soooo obvious; you are just blind and delusional” or with gay pairings, “you are just homophobic” or whatever terminology is floating around now. Or my favorite, “You are not watching the same show I am” Happens the opposite way too. Isn’t that nice. I am sure that most shippers would admit to owning shipping goggles and interpreting the smallest, insignificant, most ambiguous event as canon evidence for their ship. (I’ve read pages of it, not just for Supernatural) Maybe that glance that was a little too long, or that remark in that conversation could be interpreted as innuendo. Hey, that’s part of the fun of shipping. When producers and writers in many fandoms esp. the ones that live on the internet hear from enthusiastic shippers many will ship tease to build that emotional connection between the fans and the show even with ships that they have no intention of bringing to fruition. I think Supernatural does that in spades with both WIncest and Destiel. Of course they are going to wink, wink, it keeps the shippers hooked without them having to fulfill a ship that they don’t really want to. When they introduce a love interest like this lady in the article and the one Dean is getting, they can say “wait, did anybody actually say that Dean and Cas were getting together? That was just your interpretation. They do this with het couples too btw . They know that the shippers who say in disgust and disappointment that they are going to stop watching probably will keep coming back for more.

            Sixth, regarding Dean’s “I need you.” He said, ” We’re family. We need you. I need you.” Of course he needs his friend/brother. He is going through crap. He needs help and support. Sam is ill. Bobby is gone so he has only Cas to lean on. He has these huge burdens on his shoulders If you want to say that it is shippy, fine but I see it as a family thing. And I don’t think it had anything to do with seeing Cas as only a tool for him to use. I hope that clears that up.


        • deangirl81 says:

          Dean explicitly said that he and Sam “don’t swing that way” though.

  9. Jane says:

    I seem to recall we went through this last year with Benny. Some of these same people were all upset before the season even started and declared they were “gone forever.” It appears they lied and are still here. Most people ended up liking Benny. How about actually letting the season start and maybe watch the episodes instead of making judgments before you even see something. This is just one little article who knows how it may actually play out. Honestly, I love this show and will stick with it to the end but some of the fans are just embarrassing.

    • dlominion says:

      Thank you for this.

    • Sharla says:

      Thank you.

    • Karma Houdini says:

      I agree, although I wouldn’t phrase it quite so harshly. I’m a Destiel shipper and I’m actually pretty neutral about this spoiler. I honestly don’t think it’s going to be that big a deal. What pisses me off is the childish gloating from the other side of the fandom that seems to pretend the sun shines out of their asses while they do the exact same complaining they bash Dean/Cas shippers for.

  10. Sofia says:

    I can’t say I’m thrilled about Cas having a love interest. It just don’t feel in character and it’s to soon after everything with Naomi and losing his grace. I ship Destiel, I really hope it becomes canon but, come people! Be realistic and stop being ass holes to everybody jus cause they don’t see it the way you do! This goes for both shippers and non-shippers!

    • Sharla says:

      To be fair, Adam Glass already said that isn’t happening and Jensen said Dean is straight in August.

      • Sofia says:

        What’s your point?

        Adam Glass may have said it’s not happening now (when did he say that btw?), he can’t possibly know what’s going to happen a few seasons down the row if we get that far and regarding what Jensen said, he really didn’t say anything about Dean’s sexual orientation, he just got upset by the question. If Dean is straight, ok, fine, no big deal. But, I think it be a shame. TV needs more LGBTQ-characters whose focus are not on them being LGBTQ and I find Destiel very cute. (So sue me!) I also believe making such popular character as Dean is, gay, might get people more open-minded.

        • Nonnie says:

          “making such a popular character as dean is gay might get people more open-minded”

          What, by utterly raping his already established sexual identity and retro-fitting a new orientation onto him to please others? Sounds awfully familiar. Oh, yes. It’s exactly what many people (homophobes) are trying to do with gay people. Exact same thing.

          • Megan says:

            I do think that the original statement was wrong, but I would like to say that it is possible to have a character come out later in life. There is a thing called the closet, and it is very real. Let’s say that that list of quotes that you procured somewhere up there was exclusively about sexuality. I’m going to tell you an anecdote. For a while, I was a closeted lesbian. What I did to hide that (poorly), was that I would see something gay in a situation and make a joke about it (i.e. Dean making bondage/threesome jokes with Viktor) and then assure everyone that i didn’t swing that way. Oh haha isn’t it so funny.
            I am not saying that he is bisexual, and I honestly don’t ship anything in this show. I am just saying that someone stating something does not always make it true. Everything is subject to change, such as Crowley’s past. That was something stated on the show that was alter proven not to be true. Metatron said that they were closing the gates of Heaven, but clearly they weren’t. I’m not arguing for either side here, but I am just saying that your logic is rather flawed. Dialogue is not always the truth. “Everybody lies.” as House says.

          • @ Megan I am slow clapping the hell out of your post here. You are a goddess, thank you for making this statement.

          • Megan says:

            @somethingsamish Thank you.

        • deangirl81 says:

          Believe what you want. They’re not going to turn a straight character (Dean) gay because you think Destiel is “cute”. How do I know? Come ask me after the series finale.

  11. maggie says:

    Wow finally!!! That means that poor moron ‘ll have a history either than make Dean looks like town’s dum, absolutely correct, bidders for toe writers and producers

  12. Gene says:

    Wow, this blows.

  13. Jen says:

    This poor girl is going to be hated on so badly before she even shows up on screen. Sometimes this fandom embarrasses the crap out of me, for real. I’m giving her a chance. Hopefully she’s badass.

  14. Cat says:

    It amazes me that most fans are ok with Cas defecating for cheap laughs but they’re burning down the internet because he’s going to have sex for the same “cheap laughs”. Agh.

    • angelica says:

      You have a point.

    • Karma Houdini says:

      I don’t think anyone’s ok with that. I’ve already seen a lot of Cas fans complaining about the “poop” spoilers. I think most people just aren’t taking it seriously, hoping they’re joking and the show won’t go there. Knowing spn, they most likely will go there unfortunately.

  15. oppar says:

    i really wish spn would stop introducing characters as love interests and instead just weave these characters into the story and let the whole thing sorta flow organically. it just sets up these expectation of instant chemistry and doesn’t allow for viewers to get a first impression of the character outside of their function as a love interest.
    hopefully this character will have more to her than what she can do for castiel as a character and she becomes a part of the spn world in a meaningful way. please don’t let her just be something they use like a tool to explore castiel’s humanity cause that’s just gross.

  16. Anna says:

    Well, that’s it for me. All hope for Dean/Cas gone and I’m done with the show. I’m going to miss Cas, but that’s about it, the brothers are boring and their storylines repetitive, there are almost no secondary characters, everything is so predictable, even this woman’s relationship with Cas is. I was hoping the show could surprise me, but every new spoiler is predictable and depressing.

  17. ninamags says:

    Sheesh, Ausiello, you needed all the hits this time around, huh?

    What a mess.

    I do sometimes think people are seeing a totally different show than what is shown on tv. Dean was angry at Castiel for most of the 2nd part of season 8. He really disliked him. That crypt scene was just a poor-man’s rip-off of Swan Song between Sam and Dean. Horrible.

    They separated Sam and Dean in the final episode of season 8 so Dean could go with Castiel. Those scenes were a Complete waste of time.

    Jensen has stated that Dean is straight. What more do you people need?

  18. cassie says:

    conclusion, destiel fans are pis*** of, wincest fans have a party because of the so called brotherly bond… my a***
    recap based on established things in the 1rst 5 seasons:
    1) dean is straight, it was established from the get go (s1), the whole gay/bi/shipping deal started when gable (a sam girl) took over & since she would do anything to boost her favorite (& present him as the man), she started the whole deal with the hints about dean’s sexuality using cas. writers find it appealing for some of the audience & continue with it after she left.
    2) dean refered to cas as brother various times, & in fact he sees cas as his brother, may i remind you the episode with the siren who said to sam that dean needed a brother & he find it in the siren? well given the fact that sam constantly lies, abandons & betrays dean (& later almost killed him) you bet dean would rely on cas which helped him & saved him various times, since his actual brother is’nt relieble & still can not be trusted since he continues with the lies, the betrayals & the abandonments (purgatory anyone?) & don’t get me start abt the constant b***** ot whinnig
    3) cas is an angel, genderless alright since he does’nt have a body or substance in it’s actual form which is etherial & constitutes of light (or something like that), who happens to be in a male body. he sees dean as a brother & let’s say he worships him in a surtain way like younger brothers some times do with their older ones. he learn human behaviour through dean & in comparison to sam or other people he realised why dean was indeed the righteous man, when he first met him his reaction was, ”you don’t believe you deserve to be saved” cas was surprised by dean’s reaction & based on his behaviour afterwards he came to admire dean, respect him & see him as an actual brother since his own brothers betrayed him too.
    & here we go to the parallels which expain why the relation between dean & cas is special: they have many common experiances, abandoned by their father, betrayed by their brothers & almost killed by them, sacrifice for their familly, raised as soldiers, if to that you add that they saved each other lifes various times (+ purgatory), the fact that when they make a mistake they feell like cr*** about it & try to fix it, you have all the things who lead to the phrase brothers in arms or the famous profound bond if you preffer.
    4) as for the brotherly bond between dean & sam realistically & logically speaking does’nt exist after all the cr*** sam lay on dean, if to that you add the abandonment in purgatory (+ martin attacking dean, sam letting him handcapped in the radiator) being the top hit, makes perfect sense for dean being pis*** of with sam in the 1rst part of s8, what does’nt make any sense is the u turn after ep10 where is like everything was forgoten, only to come out in the finale where sam did’nt say sorry for all the cr** he lay on dean instead throwed all responsability for his own actions & own mistakes to dean & also acussed him that he did’nt trust him, like he ever gave him a reason to do it…

    moving on aint holding my breath for s9 cause i suspect that tptb once again will
    1) scr*** royally the continuity & consictency of the show in relation with the already established mythology of the 1rst 5 seasons, not that they manage to have continuity between the episodes of s8 either (example ep6-7)
    2) go with the same old story: what’s wrong with sam? dean made a deal/sacrificed to save him, yeah we never saw that before, & the most annoying thing is that there are so many loose ends, unanswered questions & dropped arcs (most of them related to dean…) from past seasons that you could pull out at least 2 season’s, but no lets repeat the sam story, create more questions & drop even more arcs & come out with things out of nowhere like granpa winchester who was alive & kicking in the ep ”in the beginning” but timetraveled to die in the future in 8×12
    3) go with cas having a girlfriend or whatever she’ll be, already being there with dean & lisa & we know how that endend
    3) continue to ignore royally dean(=jensen) either by dropping every possible arc related to him or giving him nothing to do, like they did past season (purgatory, pstd, badass hunter. mol, trials)
    oh & btw don’t bother to start with the usual comments ”the season did’nt start yet & you already whine abt dean not having a story arc, wait too see 1rst”
    spare me the mambo jambo, i learn my lesson with past seasons,
    example s8 where dean fans waited to see at least half season dealing with dean in purgatory (+afterwards) & instead got couple minutes of flashbacks throwed in 3 eps, couple of minutes of pstd dropped after 2eps, badass hunter the same & instead we stuck with chearleader dean as jensen verry well put it, in spite all the ”fans” who insisted ”don’t whine dean will take the trials” right…. then they went on with ”dean would take the angel trials” & again we know how that end up too, so don’t bother to find excuses to cover tptb as***. let’s face it the show was & always will be the sam show till the end. from my part if it was’nt for jensen (& later misha) i would never watch in the 1rst place, & it’s only because of them that i continued to watch (in spite the constant scr***ups after s5) till last season, where finally had enough with their cr*** & their constant scr*** of dean=jensen & desided to drop the ball for good, but that does’nt mean that i’ll stop b**** abt dean=jensen not having an arc or when they mess with cas=misha, hell no

  19. Jess C. says:

    I don’t know the actress but she’s very pretty!! I’m curious to find out how this is going to happen, you know, with Cas being homeless and hunted by angels at the same time.

    To be honest, The only thing I’m interested in, is Cas with the Winchesters. I’m really hoping that it won’t take half of the season for him to reach them or them to reach him. I think it’s such a shame that Cas has to discover humanity on his own when it could have happened with his best and only friends.

    I don’t want Castiel’s storyline to be too separated from the Winchesters’. All the spoilers about Cas we’ve gotten this summer, were about him on his own or with other characters. It feels as if there are 2 shows into one, the brothers and Castiel discovering humanity. Though I don’t mind Cas interacting with others, I came to love Supernatural because of Team Free Will interactions. Because of how the family around the Winchesters grew and changed. I don’t see the point of writing a story of Castiel on his own. Me, and most of the fandom (except the very few but loud people who hate Castiel because he stands between their “brothers’ only” limited mind) want to see the show be about what it is from the beginning: family. And along the way the boys have extended their family, Castiel is part of it, no matter how much some close minded people will try to convince others.

    So, if Cas is written completely aside from the boys, it’s going to be a huge disappointment for me and for many many others.

    • aurens66 says:

      I’ve already read that Castiel will spend a short time apart from the Winchesters at the beginning of the season, then will join them in the bunker, so not really the place you take a love interest, not to mention, with all the angels gunning after him, when would he have time to stop and smell the roses, Cas has to worry about making things right, and incidentally, Misha put the kibosh on a love interest early in the summer, he said ‘love is a strong word, sex we will see.’

      • Jess C. says:

        I agree, this is why I said I’m really curious to know how they are going to make this work. Because it’s really not fitting given Castiel’s situation right now. To be honest, I’m really scared they’re going to do another Daphne (which was the biggest mistake they ever did and didn’t even deal with. I won’t go into details cause that would deserve its own post). And I’m like 99% sure that she won’t be a love interest, even if Misha hadn’t said it already, good love interests on Supernatural don’t last long. And it’s not even the theme of the show so it’s fine. I know that she’s going to be just a night of fun for Cas. So the haters who tweeted the writers or who commented here, being all happy that “Cas is going to have a story totally on his own without the boys” make me laugh, because that’s not going to happen, sorry to burst their bubble. It sucks that Cas won’t reunite with them until ep 7. I wish they wouldn’t do this. But, the more I think about it, the more I think Cas’ fans (and myself) don’t need to worry that much, and haters are celebrating for nothing. A one night stand (because I’m fairly sure this is what it’s going to be) won’t change anything between Cas and Dean, and Cas and Dean and Sam, no matter how much the haters wish it would.

  20. Karma Houdini says:

    Dean/Cas haters had better enjoy gloating while they can, because I can guarantee this season isn’t going to go the way they hope. I give it 10 episodes tops before they start whining that the “brotherly bond” is being damaged and we’re back to the usual Sam vs Dean nonsense. It looks like Cas is going to reunite with the bros by episode 7, which means we can expect some great Dean/Cas moments from the second half or more of the season, and much garment rending and teeth gnashing from that side of the fandom. Karma. :)

    • Nonnie says:

      Lol, yes he reunites with them, but he doesn’t stay with them. Dean helps him out with a case, then they part again.

    • Tina says:

      Keep trying to convince yourself honey! Because you definitely can’t convince us! Even the most damaged brotherly bond is a billion times stronger than the D/C bond and I’m not referring to the romance that only exists in your heads. I will be waiting for you after episode 10 to tell me your feeling about the unbreakable brotherly bond!
      And yes, I’m aware of the conflict Dean’s secret is going to cause, but this kind of conflict is exactly what I love because it just shows how much the brothers care about each other and how protective they are of each other!
      Anyway you look at it we win, so… we win!

      • Karma Houdini says:

        lmao ok hon. You just keep telling yourself that. Not like there’s 8 years of bro fan in-fighting and wangsting to go on or anything. You…win? Ok.

    • Jess C. says:

      Especially since they are gloating for nothing. They think this new character will keep Cas away from Dean and Sam? Because of sex? I’m laughing. Cas is here to stay, and he won’t stay away from the boys, it’s just 7 episodes on what 20/22 episodes? Pff let them be happy for now, they’ve been sad a lot since Season 8. On my part, I enjoyed it a lot. And I’m really hopeful for amazing Team Free Will moments, and possibly Dean/Cas moments, and of course Sam/Dean moments (just not in the incestious way they see it), no amount of hate from them will change that or affect me. :)

  21. Erin says:


  22. aurens66 says:

    I JUST CAME ACROSS AN INTERVIEW WITH TV GUIDE, where Misha is asked about a love interest this season, and his reply is ‘Love is a strong word, Sex, we will see.” so there you have it.


  23. atiredfan says:

    I just wish that the more vocal fans could stop verbally abusing people and lumping fans into groups. Not all destiel shippers actually think it is/will be canon, not all people who love the brotherly bond hate cas/destiel shippers, but from reading the comments that is exactly the impression you give off! It’s the hardcore people on both sides that are arguing and ruining it for everyone else when actually the majority of fans just want to watch the show and enjoy it. Everyone interprets the show differently, and people are allowed to ship/not ship whoever they want without being verbally attacked for it. Please think before you write inconsiderate comments.

  24. Meg says:

    All you guys take everything way too seriously…..it’s a T.V. show, not the apocalypse :)

  25. Alex says:

    Nope, didn’t sign up for this. So long.

    • Nonnie says:

      Tootles! Sorry you listened to tumblr instead of the actual show!

      • That user didn’t say anything about Tumblr. Stop making assumptions about all the fans that are upset about this. Because not all of them are from Tumblr and DEFINITELY not all of them are Destiel/Wincest/Whatever shippers. You just proved how completely judgmental you are, you are just trolling the site and using any person that does not like this article so that you can start spouting hate about shippers/Tumblr users. You’re a moron.

        • Karma Houdini says:

          Pretty much, yeah. The irony is, for all her talk about “entitled shippers,” she’s just another whiny Wincest shipper who’ll be bitching next month over some random brother drama like the rest of them. Betting money she probably trolls Tumblr too. Hell, I wouldn’t be surprised is she’s posting some of the “I’m leaving spn because Destiel!” comments herself just to have someone to troll. She’s THAT pathetic.

          • Nonnie says:

            I am not a Wincest shipper, so thanks for assuming. :) (the idea of incest actually makes me nauseous)

            And major laughs at your other assumptions. That you assume I would post as Destiel shippers is what’s pathetic. I told you why I’m here. I truly, genuinely, deeply, couldn’t care any less if you don’t believe me. Because my existence and self-worth is not validated by people over the internet, which apparently is not the case with you.

            I am here because people making the assumption that forcing people into orientations befitting their own desires is as insulting as it is horrific, whether those people are fictional or not. It’s something I’ve had to deal with my whole life – something that many people recognize and acknowledge as wrong. However, people like you seem to think it’s completely fine to behave in the same exact manner when orientation roles are reversed.

            ‘It’s not okay to demand a gay person be straight, but it’s totally fine and great for the community to publically demand that a straight person be gay!’

            Honestly, you can make fun of me at my expense all you want. But you’re the one who’s still here because of a fictional pairing. At least I’m still here for something I believe in that is directly relevant to society.

            But you will never see that. And, anger shades off, I’m genuinely sorry for you because of it.

            So, go ahead. LOL at me because “omg she’s still here! what a loser!” So are you, sweetie.

          • Karma Houdini says:

            lmao. Relevant to society? Yeah just keep crusading for these poor oppressed straight people. And I say this as a heterosexual woman. You are genuinely deluded. No, you’re not a loser for staying, you’re a loser for throwing a hissy fit because you can’t win an argument and pretending you are “done” with said argument, but then never leaving. If I say I’m done with something, I leave, point blank. I don’t need to assume you’re a Wincest shipper, the pattern of your behavior and the recycled rhetoric you’re using makes that clear enough. The likely hood of you being a non-shipper is pretty low based on your arguments.

        • Nonnie says:

          You are quite right. I assumed.
          By “I didn’t sign up for this” I was confused, because the male leads have always had romantic interests/flings/whathaveyou. Since day one. I was merely confused by the fact that this came as a surprise to him or her.

          I am judgmental on this issue, you’re right. Do you know why? Because the majority of the posts here are judging the episode based on this before it has even aired and are already swearing off the show. Over something so stupid as a ship. (I’m not talking about those who are disappointed because the romantic encounter is happening so soon or if they think it’s out of place because of it. those concerns are very valid, though I still think it’s foolish to quit a show that you’ve been watching for (I assume) years because of one little news article.)

          I suppose I am a moron, to believe that people can behave like grown adults. That people can rise above all these demands of twisting a person’s sexual identity to suit their own wants. No, you’re very right. I am a moron. How utterly foolish of me for thinking better of humanity than what it’s shown me. You’re right. I see the light now, and am better for it. Thank goodness I had you here to set me straight.

          • Dude. Their ship does not personally affect you in any capacity. What happened on this poor excuse for an article is that a bunch of people responded, most of them were not happy, and people began attacking a lot of the negative comments because they appeared to be or were genuinely brought about by certain ships. Of course the shippers respond with just as much vitriol. It’s not the right thing to do, but it’s a very human thing to do, especially since very little amounts of people actually leave them alone to love their ship and ignore them. If you are such an adult, why are you here as well? You are acting in the exact same behavior that you are claiming you are judging people because of. You are lumping shippers together, assuming things about other posters on this comment section, and then pulling the I’m-the-only-sane-one when people call you out on it. The root of your problem seems to be assuming that all Destiel/Wincest/Whatever shippers are trying to FORCE their ship on the canon. They aren’t trying to force anything. This is LITERALLY them saying they give up their HOPE that it would be canon. They had hope. They weren’t fighting a war. They weren’t campaigning with picket signs. They aren’t launching rocks at the windows of the writer’s houses and shouting at them in megaphones to make Destiel canon. And the (small) amount of CRAZY fans that actually DO do those things, I guarantee, were not the ones that left these comments. They have more important things to do like write death threats to the actors, etc. So basically you are saying that the shippers are not even allowed to have HOPE for their ship, because it personally invades your sense of sexual orientation equality. Which is not only ridiculous, but very disturbing, and I feel bad for you.

  26. Eva says:

    Who cares id the crazies stop watching. It will be great to not have to deal with them anymore and leave the real actual fans of the show. Not special people that fell for all of Mishas queerbaiting to make himself more popular and stay on the show. Its so funny that you guys didnt see what he was doing. He has no clout and no pull , if J2 doesnt want to do it it wont get done. You poor poor lost souls. Dean isnt gay he isnt bi, and anything you thought was gay or bi was fanservice pushed by you and Misha . So go ahead and stop watching…The real fans are here to stay and will watch the epic love story of Sam and Dean until the last time Wayward son is played

    • hewhoshallnotbenamed says:

      Misha doesn’t write the show, the writers do, so if anyone’s queerbaiting and should be blamed it’s the writers.

  27. Youknowho says:

    I didn’t realize the Destiel shippers took over the fandom, when did they become the bullies and push out the normal people? I know it’s been some time since I been in the fandom, but when did it go crazy??

    Are there any sane people non shippers left?

    • hewhoshallnotbenamed says:

      The majority of commenters here don’t actually seem to be destiel shippers, other people are just assuming they are because they’re saying they don’t like that this woman is a love interest for cas. There’s only a few destiel shippers and a few “bro fans” (I don’t know what people who just want the brothers are called), but rest assured there are plenty of sane people left!

    • Madeline says:

      For real. What happened to this fandom…really. This whole comment section is not what SPN is about or should be about.

      I hate to blame a single group, but Destielers seems to be ruining it for everyone.

  28. Elle says:

    I will not be watching that episode or any other with that woman in it.

  29. sassy girl says:

    Sastiel is my ship. I still think Cas always had a thing for Sam and has learned to love him.

  30. Angie says:

    I’m really a bit upset with this… And no, it’s not just because I ship Destiel. You see, I just don’t think Cas to be the type to suddenly fall for someone. I think he’s more the type of person who needs to bond with someone for a while before he can develop a romantic relationship. And by a while, I mean at least a couple of seasons. But, I guess that’s just how things go…

  31. GeekGirlHappyDance says:

    Love Supernatural. Love Sam & Dean. Love *Destiel* interaction the best. I wish all the best to this lovely actress in her new role. But this spoiler/promo makes me less invested and less excited to tune in this season. No, this does not sound entertaining.

  32. Liz says:

    I am really disappointed about Destiel not going canon, but to be honest I never expected it to happen.The show is still amazing though and I’ll definitely be watching !

  33. Zoe says:

    Oh my god, people. Calm down.

  34. Eric Whitman says:

    Castiel is awesome. I can not wait until the new season starts.


  35. Tiffany says:

    I can’t wait for the new season! Everything I’m seeing is looking awesome.

    But reading comments, this is what I dislike about the fandom side of Supernatural. All the hate and the rude statements. I don’t mind shippers at all, a lot of them are really nice but when you push your ship on other people and try to say its cannon and if everyone doesn’t see it their blind or stupid, its really frustrating to people who like to enjoy the show from a canon standpoint.

    Its either people saying that Dean doesn’t care for Cas at all and only uses him a ‘tool’ or people saying that Dean/Cas are lovers or their bond is romantic. Why can’t people just enjoy canon?


    Dean loves Sam.

    Dean loves Cas.

    Each of them need each other, because “family don’t end in blood”

    So just because all the relationships are strong and epic brotherly bonds, and not romantic its somehow not as strong? Why does loving someone as a friend or in a familial way make it less important than a romantic or sexual love?

    It doesn’t.

    With Dean, he has been very open with his sexuality, and I haven’t seen him be defensive about his sexuality when someone else thought he was gay. Point proven with episode “Bugs”

    LYNDA Well, let me just say that we accept homeowners of any race, religion, color, or… sexual orientation. (DEAN chuckles.)

    DEAN Right. Um… I’m gonna go talk to Larry. (to SAM) Okay, honey?

    He walks away, smacking SAM on his ass. SAM and LYNDA share an awkward silence.

    That doesn’t sound defensive like I’ve heard many people accusing him of being. Every instance of Dean and his sexuality has shown Dean’s attraction and desire for women. Nothing has ever happened to show his attraction to men. Dean has stated that Cas was like his brother, and Jensen has stated that Dean was a ‘Heterosexual man’, so that’s coming straight from the source.

    Castiel I’d always thought was more of an asexual being, seeing as he was not a man but a celestial being. But the show has shown that the more he becomes human, different facets of his humanity starts to show through, his sexuality being one. Everything has pointed to, if he has sexual feelings and urges and in fact is not asexual, he would be a heterosexual male. There is Meg, and the obvious affection he held for her including the kiss. Also when Castiel was Emmanuel, he married a woman. With those two characters, I know people like to say “but they didn’t have sex!” “he didn’t love them” Problem is we don’t know. And more then likely, as Emmanuel he did have sex with his wife.

    Why are people forcing a sexuality on them that they don’t have (according to the show and its actors) is baffling to me. I thought, you know, forcing a sexuality on someone was bad.

    I’ve been open minded and even read some meta, but when someone writes a 10k meta about a 4 seconds of Dean blinking or Cas shifting is stance and shout that it’s proof that Destiel is canon, I seriously do not understand.

    I love this show, and I love all the characters but the fandom really makes me sad sometimes.

    • Christine says:

      About Dean’s sexuality: What shippers (and others) are responding to are the canon hints towards Dean’s repressed bisexuality, which means he’s attracted to women *in addition to* men.
      One of the biggest instances: Aaron (8×13) flirts with Dean and Dean gets flustered enough to bump into a chair, and later proudly refers to Aaron as his “gay thing”.
      Growing up in a very masculine world (the world of a hunter) along with an ex-Marine father who forced him to grow up quickly probably left some impressions on Dean concerning sexuality. Some fans feel that ignoring these childhood issues is a disservice not only to Dean, since these kind of experiences happen/are happening in real life right now. All the fans hope for is that this storyline is treated with respect and not brushed off.
      And on Jensen’s assertion that Dean is heterosexual; where are you getting this? I tried googling it, and the only instance where Jensen talked about Dean’s sexuality is when he declined to answer a fan’s question about it and the entire fandom blew up. This incident came off (to me) as more of Jensen getting tired of being asked the same kind of question at every con.

      • Tiffany says:

        Its funny you should mention 8×13 and Aaron. At Jibcon 2013 Jensen said this:

        “Dean is a manly heterosexual guy, he wasn’t flirting back to Aaron, it was just a comic moment.”

        That’s not me, that is coming straight from Jensen’s mouth. You can google the statement if you want.

        Growing up in the world he did doesn’t say anything about his sexuality. Growling up with very ‘Masculine’ world doesn’t determine if one is straight/bi/gay. So I’m not really sure what that is about.

        While I understand some fan’s may be disappointed that the writers have made Dean straight (in canon) and feel it is a ‘disservice to not only Dean, but RL people’ Those same fans need to understand that this is a TV show and the writers can’t make everyone happy, or represent every fan in some capacity.

        I mean, I was really pulling for Castiel’s asexuality at first. I loved the idea that someone like me was on screen. But seeing this is not the case, I’m not disappointed, just intrigued to see another side of a character I love.

      • Tiffany says:

        I actually found the video if people want to see it on youtube : /watch?v=ra60hGY0fjQ

        It starts around the 20:37 mark.

  36. Alex says:

    Yeah, no. She’s gonna die/get written off by the end of the season. I’m not sure if everyone is aware, but newly-introduced love interests never go well with the fandom. Never. And this was even BEFORE Castiel was introduced. It happened with Bela. It happened with Lisa. It happened with Amelia. It’s gonna happen with this woman right here.

    Besides, introducing a new love interest this late in the game? My sides are splitting.

    I’m giving her five episodes before she dies. Anyone else wanna place their bets?

  37. Nane says:

    I am French , I just nly to see this article and I am devastated. I know that there are scenarios to follow, to follow a story , characters with caratèrsbien installed , and I know that romance between Dean and Castiel is very unlikely to occur. But why break the dreams, the wishes of fans by introducing a new character for Castiel ? This is probably due to the death of Meg and her “history” with Castiel has not been developed to the fact that now he is human , he must behave like a human, but I think it there were other alternatives. Unfortunately , anyway , what ‘s done is done . There is only hope that this story does not last, the character does not appeal to the public, and that this romance lasts only two or three episodes at the most ( I guess I ‘m idealistic there above ) . I really hope more than anything, is that the writers listen to the fans , see the enthusiasm Destiel to create the world and they offer us for the end of the series ( the end of the series , not the season ) a great story for Dean and Castiel , just fill us.

  38. Christine says:

    The biggest problem with this is if they make the girl fulfill the love interest role only, and her entire existence is to allow Cas to have sex, which honestly could happen.
    Also, Castiel has shown to be uncomfortable having sex with strangers (s5e03, he’s legitimately frightened at the prospect of sleeping with a prostitute), so the idea that he would explore his sexuality with a new person he/we have never met before seems a bit out of character IMO.

  39. laurenr says:

    Okay, I love Destiel. I’m a huge Destiel shipper, have shipped them since season 4.
    However, I am up for a new female character, even if she is a love interest for Castiel. I liked Lisa for Dean. I thought they were adorable. And, the fact that Cindy got so much hate for that makes me sick to my stomach. She was an amazing actress, and she’s super sweet.
    It’s not okay to hate on anyone. Saying all Destiel shippers are fantatics isn’t fair to Destiel shippers themselves. Hating on someone for prefering a certain type of ship isn’t right. I have friends who don’t support Destiel who love Samifer and Sabriel. But, characters themselves and the actors shouldn’t get hate like that. We are all fans of the same show, right? Then, let us support each other as fans. We all love the show, regardless of our beliefs and our obvious shipping preferences. Let us support the show in itself. The show never promised us anything, and if us crazy Destiel shippers want to fantasize, let us fantasize. We know it won’t happen, but, to me, I find it interesting.
    Most people ship Destiel because of the relationship the two have with one another. Cas has probably done more for Dean than anyone. He is always there when Dean needs him, and, yes, Dean himself has even said that he thinks of Cas like a brother. Dean and Cas have both done things for one another. It’s love. It’s not about them having sex or anything. I just like their interactions. They have a wonderful bond.
    Misha and Jensen both have a part to play in supporting Destiel. Jensen and Misha both go to the polls and say, “Vote for us!” when it comes to favorite shipping for shows. Destiel won hugely. So saying Jensen’s character ‘Dean’ isn’t interesting and he lost because of Destiel is not really true. They haven’t really been giving him much of a story line. To be honest, the main character was always originally supposed to be Sam. Dean hasn’t really done anything because he is loyal. He is always there to help Sam and to help Cas. He does anything when it comes to his family. I do miss his old self, and we see it from time to time.
    I just wish fans of the show would stop hating on one another. Love and support one another. We are all part of the same fandom.

  40. Lelouch says:

    It’s less that we think the writers are unfairly denying us a gay couple or ‘fetishizing homosexual relationships’ and more about the fact that if Castiel were in a female vessel they would have ended up together at least four seasons ago.

  41. Tina says:

    Destiel? Seriously? There isn’t a character on the planet who is less gay than Dean Winchester! Get over it! A romantic relationship between Dean and Cas should NEVER happen!

  42. Lori says:

    No! What about Cas and Meg? He was her unicorn…

    • Lori says:

      Don’t tell me that Meg died because very few people on Supernatural truly die or stay dead! They can bring Meg back! Maybe she was at the brink of Death and Crawley decided to keep her in a cell in Hell and torture her with visions of Cas smiting her nonstop and now with all the turmoil she managed to escape!

  43. Lori says:

    Why can’t men who are related simply share a brotherly love? Why does it have to be romantic? Why do we need gay characters on every show? Are there really that many gay people? How many straight male actors want to make out with other men on TV? I don’t know any straight men who would ever want to do that!

  44. Niejan says:

    Well well, someone will get laid.

  45. @ Lori – You need to think before you speak. Your comment is offensive and ignorant. “is there really THAT many gay people out there?” YES there IS. Just because you are a product of an indoctrinated, oppressive society which pushes heteronormative standpoints, doesn’t mean that is really how the world is. This is your official wake up call.

  46. novoline app says:

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