Supernatural Exclusive: O.C. Alum to Woo Castiel

Shannon Lucio SupernaturalCastiel is about to have one of his basic human needs met.

Shannon Lucio (The O.C.) has been tapped to guest star on Supernatural as a love interest for Misha Collins’ newly-anthropomorphic alter ego, TVLine has learned exclusively.

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Lucio’s character, April Kelly, turns up in Season 9’s third episode, airing Oct. 22.

At Comic-Con over the summer, Collins teased that the ex-angel would be submerged in the “whole gamut of the human experience” this season, including — but not limited to — “eating, defecating and fornicating.”

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Fun fanboy fact: Lucio appears in the premiere episode of ABC’s Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Supernatural returns Wednesday, Oct. 8.

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  1. Wendy says:

    It’s kind of strange that they will be giving Cas a love interest so soon, especially after everything he just went through (as others have stated). Cas stated he was indifferent to sexual orientation, which means just because his love interest is a woman doesn’t mean he is suddenly ALL ABOUT THE BOOBS now. I (like many others) hope that this character has a bigger role to play than one of the male main character’s ‘love interest’, like with what happened to Amelia. People need to stop harassing the writers about their ships and work on the bigger issues like female character development.

  2. Alright, even though there isn’t really to much proof supporting this article (as was the same situation with Charlie being Dean’s love interest in season 7) it still pisses me off because whether or not you believe Cas and Dean are in love, that fact still stands true that Castiel JUST LOST HIS GRACE. He lost the very being, the very essence of himself, and already they are throwing in not just sex, but a love interest? I’m sorry, I don’t care who you are, this is not how your write a show; this is not how you write anything unless that character specifically already copes with his or her pain via sex . Even if it was just ‘comfort sex’ it wouldn’t make sense, not for this character and not at this time because he literally just became a human and lost everything and everyone one who he once considered his brother or his sister or his friend he assumes hates him for failing again. But then again, it is Supernatural, so I guess I really shouldn’t be surprised?

    • Lou says:

      Thank you. Two pages of my piece of the fandom is bigger than yours, no it isn’t, blah blah blah, and nobody actually wants to talk character development, and how lousy this would be in that respect. My biggest concern when they made Cas human is that he still be identifiable as the Cas we knew in his new body, and that they not play the story for cheap laughs. I can not picture the Castiel of these past 8 seasons thinking about sex with everything else going on in his story. Way out of character and illogical. Unless its true that all men think with the brain in their pants. Nice.

    • aspiringtobesomeone says:

      Thank goodness! Seeing the real issue here. Totally agree. It isn’t a question of shipping, it’s a question of whether or not that decision makes sense with the current character arc.

  3. kitkatdogyou says:

    I find this truthfully amazing. It’s in the 3rd episode, right? The guy has been human for a matter of days/weeks, I imagine he’s some shade of depressed, I mean, he did just accidentally shove all his brothers and sisters out of their home? The guy has A LOT on his plate, but somehow, SOMEHOW we have time for some one-off random girl to come in. I’m assuming this is the person he has sex with. And this happens in quick succession?? No thank you, Supernatural. Obviously you don’t learn from past mistakes… or listen to your viewers.

  4. Kris says:

    This comment section is more entertaining than the article. :D

    • Angela says:

      Indeed. Shipper wars are always hilarious (and frightening) to watch.
      I have couplings I root for on my favorite shows, too, that I’d be happy to see play out, but holy hell, not once have I ever felt the need to get into knock-down, drag-out, insults flying everywhere types of fights like THIS over them. Some people never seem to have gotten the memo on how to have a civilized, mature conversation about such topics. And the fact that it’s supposed adults behaving this way on top of everything is just…sad. How do some of these people function in the real world?

      • Lissa says:

        The thing is – these Destiel shippers – I have a feeling a majority of them are teens/early 20s. Take a look at Tumblr (if you can stomach it) – the posts are all “OMG so many feeeelzzz” – what adult talks like that?? You can see it in the photo ops, too, and if you’ve ever been to a convention – the fandom is generally older, while the Destiel section is young. Hence, they win internet polls because they vote 8 million times or find ways to cheat (it has been proven, several polls had to start logging ips and changing things because of the number of people cheating to get their precious “ship” to win). And the fandom shipping wars? It’s easy to fight and argue online – especially during the summer – because it’s not like these children have jobs or responsibilities. And lastly, I really do believe they are the huge minority. I know so many people who watch SPN and have NO CLUE that shipping even exists. I mean, they see a show about brothers fighting monsters and ghosts. Ship what you want – but no need to bash or hate on other fans who don’t see it or who are smart enough to realize that a human/angel same sex pairing will never happen – just like an incestuous brother pairing will never happen – at least not on this show. Aint what it’s about – it’s a genre show – not a romance or soap opera. It makes me embarrassed to be a part of this fandom sometimes. Thank goodness they are the minority.

        • Dana says:

          LOL this is utter BS.

        • angelica says:

          Not to mention the child-like entitlement that comes from some of the shipping faithful. Sorry, nobody promised that Cas and Dean would knock boots. Just cause you want it really really bad doesn’t mean you get it. And the disturbing “but you will ruin my life and squash my identity” posts show little mature thought or logic. (It’ll be OK, guys, really. Fictional characters are not a great source of validation. They are very flighty depending on the mood of the writer.)

          And I hope grown adults aren’t the ones bullying Adam and throwing a hissy fit on his twitter. If so, shame on them.

          A few years ago, Sera Gamble admitted that they put in those “wink wink” things as a shout out to the fandom. She thinks the fandom’s creativity is cute and she doesn’t judge it. But, it’s kind of mean to tease them with the fan service though, because, some of them think that means a done deal.

  5. Cam says:

    Ok you guys. I’m going to watch S9. Wait, what? You’re going to stop watching Supernatural because of one new chick/love interest? Pathetic. How about actually watch season 9 and make your judgement from that? Maybe the writers learned by now about what would make a likeable female character? Idgaf about this new chick. She’s not going to stop me from watching this amazing show. Neither did the “waste of time” named Lisa. And there’s a whole lot of things I am interested about watching in the upcoming season. Like Ezekiel’s story? And Bobby coming back? And Crowley’s story? You see? We have these stories to look forward to. But you fools are crying about this new girl. And you “Destiel” fans piss me off with your crappy fan-fictions. Your fantasy ain’t happening. Get over it, ya idjits.

  6. Farnathi says:

    Ok, Guys? She’s in *one* episode, and there’s no signs she’s in any other. Plus, he’s currently a street person. As cute as he is, I’m willing to bet she’s the waitress in the alley and gives him money and food. I’m also betting that there’s a good chance it’s just a dream he has in the bus that night.

    Meanwhile, note the lack of details. He’s using the vague info from SDCC and a casting notice. Literally anything could happen. Lets give them a little slack and see where they go in the first few episodes, *then* if they’re really going in bad directions, I’ll join the complaints.

    And if TVLine has anything other then vague hints that might clear up the confusion, I’d love to see them.

  7. Sherry says:

    This is going to be so great! I can’t even wait to see how Cas handles being human. I can’t wait to see who Dean’s love interest it too. Love the new angels coming in and the new poster looks ominous!! Season 9 is going to be so awesome!

  8. Katie5 says:

    To everyone calling out Destiel shippers on this: This isn’t about Destiel. This is about an angel, who is supposedly genderless, who happened upon a male vessel, and because of this, he’s only going to be chasing skirts. Are you kidding me? He is an ANGEL. He’s said before he’s completely indifferent to sexual orientation, but what, once he becomes human the “straight gene” kicks in or something? Screw that. This is not about Destiel, this is about heteronormativity, and it SUCKS.

    • Monica says:


    • Nonnie says:

      You bet your butt it’s about Destiel for you people. Look at the quote you just twisted! Cas saying he was indifferent to sexual orientation was when he was a god, verbally incriminating that priest. Cas was saying he didn’t care what OTHER people did or felt in terms of orientation. Having to deal with Destiel shippers’ verbal garbage on a constant basis is what SUCKS.

    • wut says:

      The character has been in several “chasing skirts” situations before. Really, how is this news.

      And again with the “indifferent to sexual orientation” shtick? That was a scene concerning Castiel, as a deity, not condemning people over their sexual orientation; not a comment on what he liked in bed.

      Jeebus! I certainly hope this article has a serious case of Same Person Posting Same Interpretation Blunder Over and Over because, come on…

    • kaystiel says:

      I think the point the writers are making is that Castiel is No Longer An Angel, he’ll have to deal with eating, and washing, and defecating, and possibly sex, and it’s all going to be for humour, just like when Dean took angel Cas to a brothel, to give some levity to the heavier scenes of all the angels being after his head, and his guilt, if they do this right, everyone will enjoy it, most probably Misha.

    • Honey says:

      “This isn’t about Destiel” is probably the biggest lie I’ve seen in this article this far, and your comment is so see-through that you’re using GSM representation to cover up your shipping is so obvious.

      Castiel has already shown interest in women. Maybe you closed your eyes when Meg Masters was on the screen, but he had both sexual and romantic feelings for her (Misha clarified they started during season 7). So yeah, he has an attraction to women already, it’s not some big conspiracy meant to take down your ship. And if you honestly believe Castiel having another female interest is “heteronormative” (nice word, maybe the self-serving Destiel fan you got that from can teach you the meaning of the word “queer fetishism”, too?) then it’s embarrassingly obvious where your real interests lay.

      Stop using the LGBTQIA* community to spearhead your ship, or at least be honest about this because this “Oh, no, I just HAPPEN to ship Destiel, but that’s not with this is about!” is so transparent it would be laughable if it didn’t fill me with queer rage.

      • Katie5 says:

        Do NOT talk to ME about being filled with queer rage. Yes, Cas has shown an interest for women in the past, but I HOPED UPON HOPE that this show would take a chance and make him pansexual, being an angel. But nope, “NO HOMO” once again, do not tell me why I am upset about this, do not presume to know a thing about me, and basically just get away from me forever.

      • deangirl81 says:

        Excellent comment HONEY.

  9. Olivia says:

    Oh yes. Because, of course, with everything else going on, Cas is totally going to have his mind on sex. Yep, that’s right. Well, didn’t you know? Now that he’s a human male, his mind is obviously going to go to sex before any other priority. Why of course he won’t be trying to fix the mess Metatron made, of course he won’t be finding the Winchesters. Of course a one night stand is what he will automatically turn to, because we all know sex is all that going to be on the forefront Cas’ new human male brain. Oh, and one more thing, just to clarify. I would feel the same way about this if it was Cas hooking up with Dean. I believe Cas has bigger priorities right now rather than sex, whether it be between him and a woman, a man, or Dean. In conclusion, I personally see this sudden sexcapade to be unnecessary towards the plot line and Cas’ character, especially at this point in the season.

  10. Camila says:

    Woah SPN fandom, really? Im AMAZED at how many “I won’t be watching the show anymore” comments I’ve read. Is Destiel the only thing you care about? I think you are all forgetting the point of the series which is two brothers fighting evil. I LOVE Cas, and I LOVE Destiel. I’ve always shipped them. But there’s more in SPN than Destiel, and if you started watching the show because of a ship you really should’t have started it in the first place. Im sick to my stomach just at the thought of how many hate this poor girl will receive.

    • Katie5 says:

      Hey, how about you read the comment right above yours.

    • Katie5 says:

      Forgive me, two posts above yours. I think you’re missing the point.

      • Camila says:

        I totally get you, and I agree with you. But I was referring to the very first comments. If you read them you’ll realize there’s A LOT of people saying they won’t be watching S9 just because of this girl.

      • Tina says:

        Your point is crystal clear, no matter how hard you try to cover it under general homophobia. The show has proved over and over again it’s not homophobic, not only with Charlie (or does she not count because she is a woman?) but with episodes like “The Real Ghostbusters” as well.
        You’re not fooling anyone with the “homophobia” card but yourself.

    • wut says:

      Looking at some of the comments under this article, I’m feel the need to apologize to Shannon Lucio in advance.

      Sorry about the fandom.

  11. Deeee says:

    She looks adorable! I doubt it’ll be more than an episode or two but as long as she isn’t fridged to increase his man-pain, I’ll be interested to see what they do with the story.

  12. spnfan says:

    Clearly states that she’s a guest star and makes no mention that she will be in later episodes. 100% positive she’s not a love interest, just a one night stand. Love interest just sounds nicer for the sake of the article.

    • Lisa says:


    • Ksana says:

      Exactly. Whoever wrote this article knows the right wording to be used on SPN fandom to get traffic over the roof. Nicely done. This is not reoccurring character, calm your tits, girls. One night stand out of curiosity, do you even remember your first time? Was it because of love forever? Or you did not have other priorities but sex? Ha. Sure, you have to get every important thing done first: graduate, get a mortgage, pay off your car. And then – sex. Because of priorities, of course. LOL

    • Sharla says:

      “Guest star” does not mean “one episode”, it means someone who isn’t permanently on the show. Tahmoh’s new character is also listed as a guest star but he’s recurring. Misha Collins is listed as a “special guest star” because while he’s not in all episodes he shows up in every season.

      Don’t demean her character just for your ship.

  13. Dave says:

    Just about every single commenter on this article is absurd. I mean seriously. I have been watching the show live since the very first episode and there is no way Dean and Cas would be in that type if relationship. It’s in all of you heads. You read into a story what you want. I mean I could say that because Crowley is always chasing after Dean and Sam and wanting to destroy them is only because he is madly in love with them and if he can’t have them nobody can but that doesn’t make it real or true. If your going to stop watching the show because this well good bye. Your not a true Supernatural fan anyway. You nothing but a delusional Dean and Castiel fan.

    • nope says:

      lol just stop hun

    • Ryan says:

      lol dude. If you haven’t at least once rolled your eyes and gone “jfc you two get a room” then you’re not watching the same show. I’m straight, happily married, never had a gay thought in my life and even I can see it. It doesn’t matter if it bothers you, makes you uncomfortable or sets off your homophobic radar, it’s there. If people see it and fall in love with it, so what? Those people are having their hopes crushed right now and you’re just being an entitled asshat about it.

      • Chris says:

        Wow, Ryan. The last sentence you wrote is one of the sweetest things I’ve read (on the Internet) in a long time. Not stating what side I’m on here, (other than that I’m not in the extreme on either side) but that’s so incredibly nice of you, and you’re right. It’s hard to forget, but people are honestly getting upset over this, and I know by experience that this show means the world to some people.

        Just want to thank you for being genuinely kind while other people are having a hard time, whether it’s over canon or not :) So, thanks!

      • emma. says:

        Damn, Ryan. If you weren’t married and I wasn’t married I’d be proposing.

      • Erica says:

        Thanks, Ryan. *solidarity fist bump*

      • Linda says:

        “If you haven’t at least once rolled your eyes and gone “jfc you two get a room” then you’re not watching the same show.” – Lol, I know we are definitely not watching the same show because I have NEVER thought this.

      • wut says:

        Ah! Accusations of homophobia because they don’t ship what you ship! We were expecting you!!

      • Dave says:

        Yeah I’m the asshat. Whatever. It has nothing to do with being gay or not being gay. I never once even thought that Dean and Cas had the hits for each other so no I have never rolled my eyes as you put it. I have full faith in the writers and will go on whatever journey they take me on. If the decide they want to put Dean and Cas together then so be it. I will keep on watching because I am a fan of Supernatural, the show about family (blood and non blood I.e Cas, Bobby, etc.) and about two brothers fighting ghosts, demons, and other evil things. As it has been stated Dean has even said Cas is like a brother to him so unless I don’t ever see it happening.

      • Lisa says:

        “Those people are having their hopes crushed right now and you’re just being an entitled asshat about it.” <- That comment. Thank you, Ryan. I was beginning to think that empathy was a foreign concept in this fandom.

        • Dave says:

          I have no empathy for a bunch is shippers that just because they think something should be then they are right. Especially when they come on here and do nothing but insult a show that as I said have watched since the very first episode aired and is very near and dear to my heart. All I am doing is defending the show that I love but oh no, we should worry about the shippers that are getting the little feelings hurt. Give me a break.

      • Jesse says:

        We’re watching different shows because I’ve never had a “jfc you two get a room” moment between Dean and Castiel, all the ‘eye sex’ most people see is usually Dean looking at Castiel annoyed. I’ve had more “jfc you two get a room” moments with Sam and Dean and the very idea of shipping Wincest disturbs me. Point is, don’t tell act like WE all see what you see because we don’t. And if people’s Destiel hopes are being crushed right now, that is their own damn fault not anyone elses and sure as hell not the writers or TPTB of Supernatural. They read too much into something and they saw something that A LOT of people didn’t see.

    • kaystiel says:

      Well, you have a point, Crowley is always making innuedos, particularly to Dean, thanks for opening my eyes to that stealth ship.

    • Sharla says:


  14. Tammy Suto says:

    I think she’s a cute actress (never seen her in anything else) who will be a good fit for Cas since he’s got no experience in the romance side of being human on top of anything else that goes with being human. I have my doubts that she’ll be longterm since very few females tend to hang around but it would be good if she did. As for all the talk about not watching the show anymore because of her, that would be a shame. All the shipping issues is good for fandom and fics but would never be canon on the show which is probably why the writers are bringing her in early in the season.

  15. Ryan says:

    Here comes the usual. Destiel shippers heartbroken, non-destiel shippers whaling on them and accusing them of misogyny/delusional behaviour etc etc, (And of course the people who feel obligated to say “yay” so they’re not accused of said misogyny/delusional behaviour) a nice big dose of castiel-hating and a bunch of vile comments from people who like to gleefully rub salt in the wounds under the protection of anonymity.
    I’m pretty sure they throw this stuff out just to watch the fandom explode.
    As someone who doesn’t watch for the romance, I will be starting this season with trepidation and probably a considerable amount of eye-rolling. Heaven forbid we have a strong female character who isn’t anyone’s romantic interest.

    • Ramona says:

      Strong female characters that are not love interests: Abaddon, Charlie, Jody. Possibly Nora and Hael. What the hell is wrong with them getting laid?

    • kaystiel says:

      There’s hope with Abbadon, at least :D

    • Lou says:

      This too. Thank heavens for Abbadon. Hopefully they won’t ruin her like they did with Meg and she’ll be way too obsessed with world domination and being an evil bada$$ to hook up with any of the male leads. I still cringe when I think about the once formidable only cares about saving her own bacon villainess that was Meg waxing poetic about unicorns. I mean, I love Cas and all too but really? Unicorns? Really?

  16. Des says:

    i wasn’t too enthusiastic about Season 9, especially since Sam is suffering so much again and Dean is just standing around suffering for him again, and now I see Cas is going to be used to show how heteronormative the show really is after all, I have no interest in seeing Cas having sex, eating, etc… I like this show for the action, fighting monsters, saving people, hunting things, the family business. :P I was excited that Cas was going to be human, so he could stick around with Dean and Sam and be a family, but it seems it won’t happen, not how expected anyway. And now Cas is getting a love interest? That didn’t work too well last season with Sam (although I liked Amelia, but she was… just put there? You know ZERO development, like, it was told, not shown…) And Now it’s happening to Cas. And last season actually made me believe the Destiel shippers. Like, I actually BELIEVED Dean and Cas were in love after season 8, which was crazy, considering I never even imagined that could possibly be a thing. But season 8 made me believe it with all Dean’s “I need you, Cas” and stuff. And ofc Cas has sacrificed for Dean so much and in that episode he couldn’t kill Dean even after practicing thousands of times on fake Deans, and then in that episode, Naomi’s ‘I only wish he felt the same way’ all those things made me believe and root for them, which made the show much more interesting to look forward to, but now, it’s like, my face is being slapped. Maybe I’m over reacting, because I know literally nothing of what’s actually going to happen in the episode, but just knowing Cas will be with a woman instead of Dean makes me NOT want to watch season 9. Ok.

    • kaystiel says:

      The author of this article is trolling all of you. All Cas interactions (other than Sam and Dean) will be blips on the screen, because the show knows the fans interests are not in romantic relationships, it’s in saving people, hunting things. I liked Jess, I liked Sarah, I liked Jo, and Pamela, and Meg, and Ruby, and Lisa, but all of them were created as motivators and plot points to the main characters, Sam, Dean and Castiel. Daphne was hardly even present (and an actress who looked suspiciously like Jensen Ackles was cast) Amelia was never allowed to develop because fans hated the idea that Sam never looked for Dean (and her character was the fallout) how can a guest, who isn’t recurring possibly be a ‘love interest’ for Castiel? Maybe a random hookup, like Dean and Sam occasionally have, ah, that makes Cas a real Winchester, doesn’t it?

      • Sharla says:

        The only relationship on the show is that of Sam and Dean’s brotherly bond, and they DON’T focus on outside romance but it does happen and it’s not just a quick thing usually either. It’s to amp up the manpain.

        Don’t assume it’s just a one night stand because of shipping or because of SPN’s history with women. Like Jo, Pam, Meg (doesn’t really count, she was there before Cas and their romance wasn’t planned as Rachel Miner revealed), and Ruby, they all stuck around for an ARC of romance before being killed off. That still makes them love interests.

  17. Grace says:

    I could’ve sworn you writers would have realized what a huge mistake you made with Daphne, but apparently not. I don’t understand what you’re trying to do to the most beloved character on the show, but I hate it.

  18. Tiff says:

    FINALLY A LOVE INTEREST FOR CAS. THIS IS WONDERFUL!!! :) All of you non-spn fans who will stop watching, GOOD RIDDANCE. Stop ruining the fandom and insulting the writers!

  19. DBT says:

    Can’t decide which is more frustrating to read, the Destiel shippers that are spewing vitriol and convoluted arguments in response to this, or the people that hate Destiel/the shippers and are gloating and insulting ALL Destiel shippers based on this.

  20. I have no qualms with Cas exploring his sexuality and sex in general, but I don’t really trust the show to explore it in a positive way. I’m worried that this character will also be nothing more than “a love interest” and that’s sad because Supernatural wastes so much potential with their female characters. As a side note, I am a firm believer that Dean and Cas share a romantic connection, or have a relationship that could develop into a romantic and sexual relationship. Unfortunately, the show tends to be very heteronormative and, let’s face it, rather homophobic at times. It’s incredibly disappointing and depressing to love a show with as many problematic elements as Supernatural, but I don’t see them changing their ways. Cas having a love interest doesn’t change Dean and Cas’ relationship as far as I’m concerned, because well, you can’t fabricate the kind of natural dynamic and chemistry that those two characters have. It’s sad that the show keeps trying, rather than embrace the gift they have sitting in their lap.

    • Radman Young says:

      I don’t think the writers are homophobic. Remember Charlie? And they even put in a kissing scene with her and that fairy woman. Although maybe they think that they proved they’re not homophobic with that and now they’ll never do it again… but we can only hope.

      • I didn’t mean to imply that the writers are homophobic. I meant the show (which has more than the writers to thank for its content), has expressed itself in homophobic or heteronormative ways in the past. The fact that they have one gay recurring character doesn’t automatically dismiss the issues the show has. And you’re right, they might very well believe that’s all the representation the show needs and never do it again. I think that would be a mistake on their part. I think it’d be great, for the show, audience, and character, to reveal Cas (or other characters) as gay, bisexual, or pansexual. It wouldn’t necessarily change the character, but rather make the show more inclusive to its audience. I’m hoping right along with you! :)

    • deangirl81 says:

      So you’re calling Jensen and the writers liars? They said there’s no romance between Dean and Castiel.

  21. Dana says:

    The people here calling Destiel shippers delusional are disgusting. So, they read the show differently than you, everyone sees it differently, like Adam Glass said, and there is no wrong way to read them, so if you think you’re “above” shippers in any way because you see something they don’t, then you need to get right the hell off your high horse, because you are not better, and you are not looking any better than them going by these comments, either.

    • Sharla says:

      If you think the only problem is peopel calling Destiel shippers because they “view the show differently” then you live under a rock. They’re constantly campaigning for it to happen, insulting female characters who “get in the way” (there’s a masterpost of disgusting things Destiel shippers said when Meg died in Goodbye Stranger, all to the tune of “YAY SHE’S DEAD NOW DESTIEL CAN HAPPEN!” and “UGH SHE’S GROSS I HOPE HE BEATS HER”), and generally being awful to the rest of us who don’t see it, calling us “homophobes”.

      Actually when Adam Glass said they could read the characters anyway they want, THEY ATTACKED HIM. Or are you ignoring that part?

      • Dana says:

        And I have seen the nonshippers and Wincest fans call them horrible things and campaign to get Castiel killed and Misha fired from the show. So please, again, do not act like you’re better than them. You’re not.

        • Tina says:

          Selectively you see only those who want Misha out of the show and not those who want Jared out of it… What a sweet little hypocrite you are!

  22. What about Jimmy’s wife Amelia, and Emmanuel’s wife Daphne? Please wrap up at least one of them and talk about Castiel’s new girl. Castiel, you Cassanova.

    …Actually, I am a little getting nervous that they talk about Castiel’s love interest after killing Meg. As someone said, Meg is Catwoman or Elektra for Castiel, and she can make more intense feelings on story, she has so many potentials further. And the writers killed off Meg and demand us to like new good looking girl? So sorry to say but they look so lazy for writing.

    It’s so unfair that Supernatural fandom girls are blamed for disliking female characters. I really want good female characters who isn’t affiliated under expendable ‘love interest’. I wish them to live as a independent character.

  23. RM says:

    Oh yes sex = love. Wow maybe that’s why women are not treated right on SPN. They are only for hook-ups unless they are lesbian, to make sexist remarks at, to that leer and gawk at or if they are a strong female character they get called B@##$ then killed off. Really 3rd episode and Cas is already having sex. I don’t know, maybe how about they talk about Casitel’s suicidal thoughts and guilt especially how Metatron tricked him. I have watched SPN from the beginning when it first aired and love the boys but grown to love other chars like Bobby, Charlie, Cas, Meg (early Meg when she was a bad @$$ villan) and many others. But I love seeing the chemisty and watching Dean and Cas. I never before thought of them together until the writers and actors started doing scenes a certain way and hearing the dialouge between them and what other chars would say too. I think S9 will kill the cas that I have grown to love so I may not be watch S9. I am not the only one. Even some friends and family memebers might not watch. Maybe on youtube but who knows.

    • kaystiel says:

      I’d say give this season a try, I think Misha had quite a bit of say in what he wanted for Castiel as a condition of coming on again as a season regular (because his agent advised against it) I think we who love the character want him to have a consistent and meaningful storyline, who knows if it will be played for pathos or for laughs, I wouldn’t mind Castiel having relationships other than Sam and Dean – because Sam and Dean have had other relationships with people, and that hasn’t hurt their bond with Castiel.

    • Sharla says:

      Just because he’s going to have sex with her doesn’t mean that’s all they’re going to do. Why are you assuming it’s a one night stand?

      Your shipping is clouding your judgement, but that’s nothing new.

  24. Kara says:

    Wow some Destiel shippers really do give SPN fans a bad name. Take a step back from your fan fic and realize Dean and Cas are straight males in canon. Their love is not romantic, they are brothers in arms. Realize that this show needs females and yes there need to be love interests. Realize sending hate to the writers, and the actors, and to the messenger is unacceptable. Criticism yes, but hate no. And also realize demanding that Dean and Cas are in lurve only makes you look ridiculous.

    And for those threatening to quit we’ll see how that actually plays out. I have a feeling loyal SPN fans who watch for the actual story will not be going anywhere.

    • Erica says:

      Woah. Woah, back it up. I’m sorry, do you want an award? A piece of cake, a cookie maybe? Because from the sounds of it, you consider yourself superior for reading a character and/or relationship differently than thousands of other fans. I’m going to tell you a secret and it’s going to blow your mind: you are not special, or right, for thinking Dean and Cas are straight, and you are in no way a better fan than anyone else. People watch for different reasons, people get invested in different ways, and people interpret these investments differently. Until the writers come out and say, “Dean and Cas will never be a thing” rather than Adam Glass’s “It’s up for interpretation, there is no wrong way to read them,” you can take that entire comment of yours and shove it where the sun don’t shine. :)

      • Kara says:

        Very articulate argument, you sure got me with that.

        Allow me to explain to those who do not live in the Destiel tag on tumblr. Yes art is open to interpretation. People interpret stories and characters differently. That is what fan fiction is for, to explore alternate universes.

        But on the show, in canon, it is not multiple choice. Dean and Cas will never be explored on the show romantically. Badgering and hating the writers and actors has not and will never change that. So either accept the show as is, or don’t, you only make yourself look ridiculous insisting your fan made ship is any more real over the actual show.

        • Nonnie says:

          Bless you. <3

        • I certainly don’t agree with sending anyone hate, but expressing your thoughts and opinions isn’t hate. You may not see Dean and Cas’ relationship in a romantic way, but that doesn’t mean other people aren’t allowed to and that they shouldn’t be allowed to express that. It doesn’t hurt you that people interpret that relationship differently than you. And just because we’ve never seen Dean or Cas sleep with a man doesn’t mean they never have. We haven’t met everyone Dean has ever slept with, and even if he hadn’t ever slept with a man, it doesn’t mean he never could. Sexuality is fluid. That’s not a bad thing. If you don’t like the idea of Dean and Cas together in a romantic or sexual relationship, that’s fine. But it isn’t right to hate on someone because they do.

      • wut says:

        Apparently, a fan that watches canon and is able to not mix it up with fanon IS a special snowflake ’round here.

      • deangirl81 says:

        The writers did say that Dean is heterosexual though.

  25. Robin says:

    But hang on, the article says ‘love interest’, not ‘sexual interest’
    Why is everyone mixing the two like you can’t have one without the other?

    • monilip says:

      well, maybe it’s because she’s going to be in one episode? It’s hard to create love between two character when it’s only one episode. I hope, if they’re going to do proper love story, they put her in more than one episode. Because otherwise it would look ridduculus, like with Dapthne

  26. Hailey P. says:

    I’m seeing a lot of jerks in this thread. Everyone is behaving so entitled and acting like THEIR interpretation of the show and the relationships in it is the most valid, and anyone that doesn’t feel that way is an idiot.

    You’re acting like children. It’s ok if someone ships Destiel. It’s ok if someone DOESN’T ship Destiel, and the show does NOT owe canon Destiel to anyone, and it also doesn’t owe “keeping the men straight as an arrow” to anyone. Grow up and stop being brats about this, jesus.

  27. kate says:

    the massive overreaction here is hilarious. is she even appearing for more than one episode? QUICK, QUIT THE SHOW!!

  28. Jack says:

    * Eating popcorn watching it all unfold*

  29. Brielle says:

    Wow. They just had to add a love interest for Castiel now that he’s human. Great idea. The show is going to get a lot less popular if they keep doing things like this.

    • You overestimate the number of Destielers. Even if every single one of them leaves the fandom and quits the show, the general viewer numbers barely would change. Shipping fandom from tubmlr/twitter is less than 5 % of the whole fanbase, and not all of these 5 % are crazy Destielers who quit. Calm down.

      • Lou says:

        It’s not just Destielers. As a Cas fan I don’t care about Cas’s love life because it has no place in the current storyline. Are we supposed to forget everything Cas went through the past three seasons and enjoy a poorly timed silly fluff story when there is much much better material to be mined? Amelia flopped because Sam should have been in no shape to have a cutesy romance. Wash, rinse, repeat with Cas. It boggles.

        • dlominion says:

          And what makes you think that the only thing we’re gonna see of Cas’ story this season will be this ? We basically know nothing about his storyline, except for a few words dropped during Comic-Con, words that aren’t very telling of anything. There’s no material whatsoever to make assumptions of how things are gonna play out for Cas’, and how and what he’ll deal with.
          That message may be an answer to your post, but please, take no offence ! You’re not the only one to who I’d want to say this. And I don’t mean to sound harsh or anything :)
          But seriously, let’s wait and see, for once ! I love this fandom, but gosh ! Fandom really needs to learn what patience is. No matter if you’re a shipper or not.
          The only thing I would agree with is that it may come a little too soon in the season. But again, we don’t know squat about it all, so….

    • Jake says:

      Do you have Nielsen ratings box? because if not it really won’t make a difference.

  30. Sam says:

    Bringing back the set picks from a month ago. Could this be Shannon Lucio’s character? She’s tanned and her hair is different but notice the eyebrows and eyes. http://twitpic.com/d72b6n/full

  31. Revenging Angel says:

    This is beautiful for so, so many reasons, not the least of which being the pure comedy gold that is the comments’ section right now. Stay pressed, Destielers.

    • Kara says:

      Laughed so hard at this comment, love it. This all is pure fun entertainment.

      Shipping a couple is fine. Getting this butt hurt over is not fine. Some people really need to step away from the computer screen and check in with the outside world.

    • deangirl81 says:

      lmao love this comment.

  32. kaystiel says:

    a one-off appearance does not a love interest make, now if it was announced she was recurring, this might have interest to me.

  33. Hopefully this won’t post twice.

    I won’t deny I’m a little leery of another love interest for anyone on Supernatural. I hope that the writers are allowed (yes, allowed–the writers receive direction and input from the showrunner and others on their scripts and ideas) to flesh out this character and make her well rounded and interesting. Amelia was a HORRIBLE character in large part because she was so poorly written.

    I also won’t deny that I hope this will put an end to talk of canon destiel. I have NO PROBLEM with fans who want to ship it in fandom, but I disagree utterly with the attempts to force it into canon. Calling the writers, show runner, producer and anyone else who doesn’t agree with them homophobic and trying to equate not getting their way on a TV show with the real life discrimination that many LBGT people deal with on a daily basis is just flat out wrong.

    I don’t really care at all about Castiel and the other angels, but if we must have them around I hope that their storyline will be both separate from Sam and Dean and interesting in its own right.

  34. Kit says:

    No more ambiguity or baiting. They are telling you that it isn’t going to happen. The uglier you are to the writers and that poor guest star you’ll be lucky if Dean and Cas have a conversation within 6 feet of each other. It couldn’t happen to a better group of people. did it every occur to anyone that perhaps with Misha having his own storyline TPTB are watching to see if he can hold his own without the wincesters? We all know a spin off is coming it would be great if MC could have the opportunity to shine on his own. But I know Cas is only good for as a ‘luvve interest well to bad I think he has the opportunity to shine and I’m looking forward to seeing it. Screw the destielers I can’t wait to see Cas deal with being human it’s a great arc and MC is going to nail it.

    • wow201102 says:

      A spin-off is coming, but we’ve already been told that it’s about a brand new character, not Castiel. His separation from the Winchesters has nothing to do with the new show.

      • Kit says:

        Yes TPTB mentioned new characters but it would be crazy not to use someone of SPN to bridge into a new show like Castiel. So unless you work for them my theory is just as valid.

        • kaystiel says:

          It is crazy, but when they proposed ideas for spin-offs (all last season) none of them including Castiel, Charlie or Kevin (who I could see making shows from) and I don’t think honestly, that Misha would think it would be worth doing a show (even headlining) without Jensen and Jared, Misha started his career making movies, and his agent didn’t even want him to keep doing SPN.

          • Kit says:

            Why wouldn’t Misha want to get out of being the third wheel? Not everything has to revolve around the Js. Perhaps Castiel as a character will finally outgrow the comic relief/fix things/break things. There is a lot of room to grow that has nothing to do with dean. I don’t get people who say they like the character but really only like the ship. God forbid he actually gets a storyline beyond the boys. guess we will just have to wait and see.

        • wow201102 says:

          Castiel, a present, is too important to the central storyline on SPN for it to make sense to move him to the spinoff at this time. When Supernatural ends, if the spin-off is still going, then, sure. I could see that happening, like Buffy did with Spike moving to Angel.

          But even if Cas was moved to the new series, at any point, he would not be the central character, and, thus, not “standing on his own” the way you described. He would fulfill the same role over there that he does on SPN….possibly less, since that show is intended to have an ensemble cast where he’d be one of a large group rather than one of three.

          • Kit says:

            Not knowing what the spin off will be – there is no real resolution to this conversation. My point is that he could do it and do it well. Having his own storyline in spn is a good spring board. I like Misha enough to hope for better than a third wheel. Cas is more than just some fanon pairing and I expect more for this season. I’m not sure what a love interest will bring but I’m looking forward to seeing where it all goes.

          • wow201102 says:

            You are misunderstanding me: Yes, Misha is wonderful. So is Castiel. I, personally, would love to see a spin-off focused around him, but it was already expressly announced that a new character, being introduced in episode 9×20, would be anchoring the spin-off. NOT Castiel. We may not know many more details, but we do know that much.

    • deangirl81 says:

      Yes to all of this.

  35. angelica says:

    At the risk of inviting controversey, why wouldn’t an exploration of Cas’s new hunmanity involve desire or love or lust which are some of the most powerful human reaction going? I dont know why it would be a surprise that he might feel that toward a woman that he made a connection with given his attraction to Meg and his marriage which may or may not have included sharing a marital bed. It’s a safe choice yes but not out of the blue for what we have seen of Cas in my opinion. Supernatural is not exactly cutting edge drama. Destiel shippers have their interpretation which I cant speak to because I dont see any romantic feelings between them. Quite the opposite but that’s for another discussion. But you know whatever stirs your coffee.

    It would be nice though if people would stop insisting that everyone who doesn’t see it their way is delusional. You are not automatically homophobic if you don’t see Cas/Dean; you are not automatically stupid if you do. this is not our story to tell; it’s the writers and they don’t owe to us to have it go they way we want it to. No one “side” represents all of the viewers anyway. If we don’t like what we are served, we can go elsewhere.

  36. So, from now on, the most rabid Destielers will be gone, and we will have a decent fandom. Finally! Halleluja!

    • kaystiel says:

      Destiel fans won’t go away, not while Misha is still there, and as for a ‘decent fandom’ there were wars between Dean and Sam fans before Cas came along. Fandom is not one big family (though we try) it is more like a chain, of people linking together, and forming and reforming groups over time.

  37. emzy says:

    ha bye supernatural

  38. Lou says:

    Forget Destiel. Doesn’t anybody care that this makes NO SENSE for Cas at this point in his story? You’d think he’d be worried about being hunted by extremely powerful angels, or that his friends are in danger, or revenge on Metatron, or the fact that he will be suffering from the biggest identity crisis like EVER, really. There is no good reason to shoehorn in a romance. None. They are messing up Cas big time if this is true.

  39. Radman Young says:

    I think we all knew this was coming for a while. I was in denial about it, and I’m still hoping that this is only a rumor, but we can just hope that she’s a good character (while she’s still alive, she probably won’t last long) and maybe it won’t really be a love interest. I mean, Cas just turned human, so he’s being hit with all these human emotions. We can only expect him to try out things like that…
    But what I’m really worried about is that it happens so early. The third episode? What about the falling angels? Finding Dean and Sam?? I’m definitely not going to stop watching like a lot of people are saying, but I am kind of disappointed about this.

  40. Oh PLEASE says:

    Oh PLEASE you supernatural fans are bat crazy. It’s not just the destiel shippers but wincest too. I remember how you guys were back in the day and still till now. Spn_gossip saying that Jared and Jesen are really lovers and that their wives are beards not only saying Misha is a merad. That they are a cover. With your Sam and dean Wincest loving incest. Yuck! Then Destiel shippers are also blah blah this and that we will become canon it’s nothing but Fanon. Then you guys have cockles that Jensen and Misha are lovers too. WOW Dean and Jensen gets around alot huh. Supernatural are nothing but a bunch of crazy fans that just beat up on eachother. Funny you guys winning a award for SPN FAMILY. Family of a bunch of rejects. ;)

    • Jesse says:

      Say’s the person that isn’t a fan of a show but came to an article about the show just to call people names. Yeah, we’re the rejects.

  41. Abbie says:

    The answer to making everyone happy is to make Cas gay but for Ezekiel, Sam, Crowley, or some other guy. That way, those screaming about representation will have it, but those who hate the idea of Dean and Cas together will get what they want too.

    Problem solved. You’re welcome SPN writers.

    • kaystiel says:

      Too bad they killed Samandriel off.

    • deangirl81 says:

      You know nothing about fandom if you thinking pairing Castiel with Sam would make everyone happy. Remember Singer saying “fans don’t like it when the brothers are separated”, some of the Ruby hate stemming from the fact that she was “ruining” platonic SamnDeann or slashy Wincest?

  42. MN says:

    Heartbroken over this news honestly, and then I look in the comment sections and it just makes me even more sad. Respect and empathy seem to be almost foreign concepts to some people here.

    The people that are happy with this news, that’s great. I’m happy for you… I really am.

    For the others like me that are upset about this news (for whatever reason)…..*hugs you all close*

  43. Erin says:


  44. Crazy says:

    /Laughs at the entire comment section, thanks for the entertainment, now I know why I left the Supernatural fandom long time ago.

  45. Karma Houdini says:

    TV Line is trolling. They know posting an “article” like this will create controversy, and it worked. We all should calm down and reserve judgement for when the season/episode airs. I doubt this woman will be a love interest, all evidence points to a one night stand. This definitely wouldn’t be the first time this show went for the Romantic False Lead.

    To the idiots gloating in the comments about this development “sinking” Destiel. Uh, no it won’t. Are we forgetting that we had Lisa, Meg, Daphne, and countless one night stands for Dean, and not one of them “sunk” Destiel. And that’s not even counting all of the female characters who were touted as love interests that turned out to be false. (Charlie, Elly, etc.) These characters will come and go, but Dean and Cas’ bond (however you choose to interpret it) is here to stay. I mean, Cas was freaking MARRIED and Dean lived with Lisa for a year, yet it didn’t weaken the Dean/Cas bond one bit, so do you really think a one-night stand with a random woman is going to change anything? Please. I’m gonna watch this episode and enjoy the partial Misha nudity without a care, and then enjoy the inevitable Dean/Cas moments with glee. I promise there will be plenty of great Dean/Cas moments in S9. Mark my words. And when those moments happen I will be munching popcorn and washing it down with a cool refreshing glass of Cas/Destiel hater tears.The writers would be shooting themselves in the foot to diminish a bond as popular and powerful as Dean/Cas and they know it.

    Also, please, let’s not bombard TPTB on Twitter with accusations of queerbaiting and such. Let’s wait to see how this plays out, and if we don’t like the result then we can (calmly and politely) make our opinions known.

    So don’t give up, fellow Dean/Cas shippers, we’ve suffered through a hell of a lot more than this (cough Season 7 cough) and come back stronger than ever. I have hope for season 9, and not just for dean/cas, but for the story and characters in general. Remember all the B.S. spoilers pre-Season 8 and you see all the good stuff we got out of that season. (Purgatory, the crypt scene, and many more awesome moments.)

    Stick around guys, there’s more good stuff to come :)

  46. Ella says:

    Ehhhh, not a fan. If Cas was going to have a love interest (other than Dean, though why the show can’t just GO THERE is beyond me given the insane chemistry between the characters) I wish they’d cast someone better. Then again, with the exception of Katie Cassidy and Taylor Cole, this show sucks at casting women.

    • deangirl81 says:

      The show “can’t go there” because as it’s been stated several times, Dean is heterosexual. You seeing a romance there doesn’t mean it has to happen on the show.

  47. Maknatuna says:

    Writers, what is wrong with you???? You give exactly opposite to what Castiel’s fans want. No one likes random female interests JFC…. I am extremely pissed right now!

  48. lisa says:

    These spoilers just keep getting worst. I’m not gonna stay and watch that. It doesn’t help that the other storylines (Dean taking care/ fixing Sam for the 1515615th time ? lol) are uninteresting.

  49. Karma Houdini says:

    Also, I find it HILARIOUS that the exact same people who are busy trying to characterize Dean/Cas fans as butt hurt entitled brats are known Wincest/J2 shippers who constantly bombard TPTB on Twitter with Cas/Misha hate and have threatened to leave the show on multiple occasions anytime the Winchesters are separated, or anytime there are “too many” Dean/Cas scenes for them. (The season 7 finale, for example, in which the writers admitted to showing Purgatory only through flashbacks because so many irate fans whined about Sam and Dean being separated for a few episodes and Dean being alone with Cas. Does that really sound like something a non-shipper would do?)

    But I guess Wincest fans starting hate campaigns, threatening harm to actors and their families, and whining until they get their way is being a “true fan”, while shipping Destiel and not being happy with Cas getting a love interest makes you a “delusional shipper.” Right, sure. That must be spn_gossip logic, cuz it sure as heck makes no sense to the rest of us.

    But hey, it’s understandable that Cas/Destiel haters would be so desperate and obsessed with a character and a ship that they pretend is no threat to their incest and “just the bros” fantasies as to rush the comments section to gloat about a “spoiler” in an episode that hasn’t even aired. They know their ridiculous ship will never be canon and has, in fact, been sunken in canon, so that leaves them no other option than to bitterly bash anyone who cares about any other relationship. Makes sense in their minds, I guess.

    And btw, considering the fact that the writers have already admitted to intentionally adding in romantic subtext between Dean and Cas on multiple occasions, it can no longer be written off as “fanon,” but nice try.

    • Erin says:


      • Sara says:

        Truth bomb indeed. They also make up a large part of The Silent Majority whom the writers are truly catering to because they’ve been fooled by the many socks into thinking that they are a majority when they are in truth just a hate-mongering minority, for the most part, with a few members who know how to turn a phrase just the right way so that the writers will listen to them and do what they want. I’ve got to hand it to them, though. It worked like a charm. Too bad it came at the expense of the show. But who knows, maybe Dean will still wind up hunting with Cas and Benny while Sam and Kevin Tran run the MOL in the last episode of the series.

    • Kara says:

      You have obviously been spending too much time on the Destiel tag. Or spin gossip, idk which is worse. Delusional is the only word that comes to mind to this entire comment. Turn off your computer and please go outside and experience the real world.

      • Nonnie says:

        This. Both the Destiel tag and SPN Gossip are disgraces.
        (obviously not every individual in said tag or lj group behave this way, but the majority are complete bullies)

        • Dana says:

          The Destiel tag nowhere near compares to spn-gossip, and it’s sick that you’d try and compare the two. One discusses how the actors’s marriages are fake, bashes on their wives, tries to find proof of a secret, covered up relationship, while simultaneously campaigning to get another actor kicked off the show, and the other? Supports…their ship. Yes, how disgraceful. It’s totally the same thing. You clearly don’t spend much time in the Destiel tag, because they spend very little time coming up with conspiracy theories and hating on others, and quite a bit of it on loving their ship.

      • Karma Houdini says:

        “Turn off your computer and please go outside and experience the real world.”

        Lmao. The stock phrase used by people who can’t refute a point. Pretty ironic statement from someone who ships incest. Maybe you need to get out more if you think that’s cool. Why so defensive, what did I strike a nerve? Are you seriously going to deny that Wincest shippers who bash Destiel exist? Because that’s just delusional. I don’t visit spn_gossip, all of the mindless vitriol and mouth-foaming just tends to spill out into the open. At least Destiel shippers can admit we ship it, whereas Wincest shippers will deny it despite all evidence to the contrary. I wonder why? Maybe because, GASP incest ISN’T acceptable to most people outside of your mentally unbalanced corner of the internet? Shocking I know.

    • sam for the win says:

      Your ridiculous ship will never be canon either. So that leaves you no option but to bitterly bash others yourself. Good luck.

      • Karma Houdini says:

        So you know for a fact that Destiel won’t become canon? Maybe you’d care to share next week’s lottery numbers too? Oh and btw, I’ve never cared either way if Destiel becomes canon. I enjoy it either way. Funny how I and 99% of Destiel shippers are able to ship it without bashing Sam or Jared or anyone else involved with the show. The only ones I bash are idiots like yourself.

        Have fun reading your incest fanfic though. Good luck with your therapy.

        • sam for the win says:

          Oh, please, I am not a Wincester. Don’t jump to conclusions. Sam and Dean share a profound bond, they don’t need to have sex.

          You know what I think is creepy, an asexual angel possessing a human and borrowing his body and who is supposed to be gay for Dean. Yeah, right. Cas/Dean/Jimmy, what a delightfully creepy threesome.

    • Nonnie says:

      Wow. You keep thinking that. I love Misha and recognize that Destiel is not and will never be canon and is utterly concocted by the fans, which the brass have stated. I also love both Jared and Jensen and would send hate to know one on the show, ever.

      Someone’s a hypocrite and is generalizing factions of the fandom just as badly. And that someone is you.

      • Karma Houdini says:

        Show me where TPTB have stated that Destiel will never become canon and was “concocted by fans?” If I’m a hypocrite, show me where I’ve sent hate and harassed the cast/crew anywhere. Show me where I’ve bashed Sam or Jared. Go ahead, I’ll wait…

        • Nonnie says:

          Well, for one thing, it’s common sense. There are already two gay/bi characters in the main cast. (Charlie and Crowley (if you take his equal opportunistic flirting into account)). You think they’re suddenly going to add 2 more gay characters to the main roster? Not to mention two leads/regulars, already established as straight or with heterosexual tendencies? It’d be completely alienating their straight audience and a completely boneheaded business move. That anyone actually thinks it’s going to happen is confusing and borderline laughable.

          And before you scream “homophobia” at me, I’m a lesbian.

          As to the quotes, I’m not going to waste my day digging them up when you’re just going to twist them to your own desires anyways. I can tell you that those who said such things were the following: Jim Michaels, Sera Gamble, Adam Glass, Jensen Ackles, and Kripke. (If I am recalling correctly)

          • Karma Houdini says:

            Ok, this is getting ridiculous. You’re just grasping at straws here and I actually feel kind of embarrassed for you.

            “There are already two gay/bi characters in the main cast. (Charlie and Crowley (if you take his equal opportunistic flirting into account))”
            1. There’s no cap on how many LGBT characters you can put into a show.
            2. If Crowley flirting and using innuendo to make people uncomfortable is “evidence” that he’s bi, how the hell is Dean’s scene with Aaron not equal or greater evidence? Way to contradict yourself. So subtext is “evidence” when you’re using it to argue against Destiel, but it’s “delusional” when arguing for it. Got ya.

            “It’d be completely alienating their straight audience and a completely boneheaded business move.”

            Lmao, yes because clearly straight people only want to see straight characters on TV. Not like there are dozens of successful and popular shows with LGBT characters in their main cast, such as: Torchwood, Glee, Orange Is the New Black, Modern Family, Spartacus, Game of Throwns, and yes Supernatural, just to name a few, who have all been well-received. Oh, and let’s not forget Xena and Buffy, both of which had main (and in Xena’s case, LEAD characters) start out (being assumed as) “straight” with loads of romantic/sexual subtext with a character of the same sex only for it to be revealed in later seasons that said character was bi/gay all along. Yeah, that’s NEVER happened before./sarcasm.

            “And before you scream “homophobia” at me, I’m a lesbian.”

            Lmao! Well despite your compelling argument here, assuming you actually are a lesbian, you do realize that gay people still live in the same world as straight people, and therefore are capable of still holding heterosexist/homophobic views. Just I’m Black but I can still believe negative stereotypes about Black people. It’s called social conditioning. BUT WAIT! I’m not calling you homophobic. Know why? Because I don’t actually think you are. I don’t think you actually believe half of the stuff you’re arguing here. It’s pretty obvious from the rinse repeat stock Wincest arguments “Dean is straight!” “Destiel ruining show!” Show AboUt brudders only!” that you’re a Wincest shipper. Pretty sure Dean can’t be straight AND banging his brother, now can he? Which is all this really comes down to here to you. If you were a non-shipper, you wouldn’t give a damn about badmouthing Destiel. I doubt you’d be even reading this article.

            No quotes, no care. Yeah, you’re not gonna bother because said quotes don’t exist. But ok, whatever helps you sleep at night hon. ;)

          • “if you are recalling correctly” = no proof. You are too lazy to look up the facts that are so “blatantly out there” and “common sense” and yet you have all the time in the world to troll this site just waiting to pounce on shippers? What a freaking joke. “Hey, I have proof, it’s YOU that doesn’t have proof! I mean, I don’t have the proof with me here, and I’m not going to bring it up, even though you’re asking me for some, but it’s THERE and you’re a MORON for not knowing it!” Yes, very enlightened.

      • Karma Houdini says:

        I’ll stop saying it when it stops being true. Just check out the Wincest tag on tumblr or any Wincest shipper’s Twitter timeline to see what I mean. It’s not like Wincest shippers have a 5 year history of doing the things I’ve described or anything. Oh, and I never said ALL Wincest shippers were like this, I said the people gloating and bashing Destiel are Wincest shippers, which comes as a surprise to know one who’s any amount of time in this fandom.

    • Nonnie says:

      Also, let’s see some quotes where the writers have supposedly admitted this. Because I can give you quotes of the direct opposite.

      • Karma Houdini says:

        Look up Jim Michael’s latest interview where he talks about the actors and writers “playing up the subtext” between Dean and Cas. Google Misha’s statements at his Meet and Greet where he stated that Dean and Cas have been intentionally written romantically. In fact, if you generally google “Writers Talking About Destiel” or “Misha talking about Destiel” you’ll find the relevant interviews. I can’t be bothered to find a bunch of links just to prove a point on the internet. Find them yourself and then we’ll go from there.

        • wut says:

          I can also find you interviews where Misha stated this was something that started OUTSIDE, from the FANDOM, and he was surprised by the all thing (read, not something that was scripted).

          Then again, a few destielers seem to think gag reels are a great source of canon, so I’m not too surprised to find out these same ones can’t tell when Misha’s trolling.

          • Karma Houdini says:

            Nice try, but no. Misha’s an actor, so he can only speak from his own perspective. It’s the writers, not the actors who write the scripts, so it’s very possible he was “surprised” by Dean/Cas because it isn’t like he’s the one writing it, so he probably wasn’t aware of it at first, but he recognizes that it’s there and has been for a while, and has on more than one occasion stated that the writers are intentionally playing up a romantic reading of the relationship. No one takes Misha’s trolling at face value, which is why most people didn’t take his Destiel related statements seriously until they saw the video at the con when he said it and saw how serious he was being. Same thing with his Meet and Greet. Also, he has stood by his statements on numerous occasions, he’s never been like “psych lol j/k!” I think he would know more about his own characters feelings and relationship with Dean better than you.

            Seriously? You’re going to pretend that anyone was taking gag reel jokes as canon? Now you’re just reaching. If you’re referring to the crypt scene from the gag reel, Misha previously stated that there was a cut “I love you” line from that scene. The gag reel was Jensen and Misha joking around about the line and its obvious romantic connotations. No one believes that the gag reel was the “i love you” line that Misha was talking about because if that was the case it would just be coworkers joking, not a “cut line.” If there had been no ILY line to begin with, J and M would have had nothing to joke about. They poked fun of it the same way J2 have repeatedly mocked overly sappy scenes between Sam and Dean, it doesn’t make the lines any less real or their acting any less sincere. And for the record, I don’t consider cut lines or deleted scenes “canon”, but they are definitely canon-related. You don’t include an I love you line, cut or not, between a two people who could never be seen as romantic. Dean has never even said “I love you” directly to his own brother on screen, so for the writers to include that between Dean and Cas is not looking good for the “platonic friends only” claims.

            And as predicted you jump all over Misha’s statements, quick to dismiss them as trolling, but stay mum on JM’s interview. Oh, ok. And btw, Wincest shippers have been insisting their ship is canon for years despite it being constantly mocked by writers and actors alike and then soundly debunked (The Monster At the End of This Book), so clearly statements from TPTB are going to fall on deaf ears regardless.

        • Nonnie says:

          Lol why yes. Because I will absolutely believe a Destiel fangirl claiming that Misha stated this, where there is no video or audio evidence. Of COURSE I’ll take her word for her. Yeah, thanks.

          • Nonnie says:

            @Karma Houdini

            So everyone takes Misha at face value (despite that he’s trolling) and “oh he would know his character best! I’m going to listen to him when it’s in my favor!” And YET, when Jensen Ackles says the exact opposite, stating that Dean is straight and sees Cas as a tool, the cries become “HE’S JUST AN ACTOR! HE DOESN’T WRITE THE SHOW! IT’S JUST A PERSPECTIVE! WHAT HE WANTS/SAYS DOESN’T MATTER!”


          • Karma Houdini says:

            Believe it or don’t, it’s your perogative. Except that it synchs up with other statements that Misha made at the con as well as what jim michaels said in his interview. Both of which are backed up by audio/video.

            For the last time, improve your comprehension skills. Jensen DID NOT say that Dean was straight, he paraphrased EDLUND saying that Dean was a “manly, heterosexual guy” he was not quoting himself. And like I said, we don’t know what exactly edlund meant or how he phrased without it coming straight from his mouth. If I say, “my friend said that your shoes are ugly.” Does that automatically mean that I think your shoes are ugly? There’s a difference between relaying what someone else said (or what you think they meant) and stating your own opinion. You are either really dense or you’re being deliberately obtuse. Possibly both.

          • And yet everyone else is supposed to take your word for it that all those quotes supporting YOUR argument are out there. Way to back up your argument love =P Same can be said of you, I will SO OMG believe someone that clearly hates and disagrees with Destiel that there’s all this evidence out there about everyone CLEARLY stating the characters are straight. OF COURSE I’ll take your word for it ;P

          • Abio says:

            You know, I noticed something about this Nonnie. It (she?) does not deny anything about wincest whenever it is brought up. I didn’t even use my knowledge in discourse analysis to arrive to that conclusion. o.o

  50. Tessa22 says:

    Before all you righteous “ship” haters get your jollies up read the article first. She’s only going to be in ONE episode. She’ll show up, shag the guy who is confused and eating out of the garbage bin, then disappear into the nether regions of the show’s unresolved plot kingdom never to be seen or heard again, like Castiel’s previous legal wife Daphne.

    • Karma Houdini says:

      Exactly. And seeing as she’s got a role on SHIELD, I doubt she will be on SPN long term. All signs point to a one and done situation. Folks who don’t want to see it can skip that part of the episode and all will be well. Misha’s statements at SDCC make it seem unlikely she’ll be a recurring character or a love interest.

    • Sharla says:

      Wrong again: it says she TURNS UP in that episode. That means that episode is her first one. It does not say that’s the only episode she’s in. LOVE INTERESTS are usually in more.

      • wow201102 says:

        Not in this series, they aren’t :P

        But, seriously, there’s been nothing reported anywhere else about a new, recurring female role in episode 3, as there has been with other characters this season (including Ezekiel and Nora). So, if this person is a love interest, she’s likely a short-lived one.