Devious Maids Season 1 Finale: Grade It!

Devious-Maids-Season-1-finale-recapDevious Maids‘ first season is in the books, and the central question of who killed Flora Hernandez has been scrubbed away like a pesky cabernet stain. That’s good news for those of us who feared a Killing-esque arc that would’ve dragged out the mystery for an additional 13 episodes and counteracted the joy of hearing Susan Lucci drop zingers like, “If he wanted to help poor people, why didn’t he just go to Burbank?”

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But before you hit our highly scientific (and absolutely definitive) TVLine poll to grade the Lifetime sudser’s Season 1 finale, let’s recap how the action played out:

CARMEN FACES THE MUSIC (CAREER) | Alejandro, desperate to quash percolating gay rumors, makes Carmen an offer she’d be kinda crazy to refuse: Enter into a two-year marriage contract in exchange for a major-label record deal — with a guaranteed second album if the first sells 100,000 copies. Only trouble? Boyfriend Sam’s total freakout, and colleague Odessa’s unexpected pangs of jealousy (seeing how she’s loved her boss from afar for years). Final decision: To be continued… But let’s be honest, Carmen needs more to do than flit around the mansion with a feather duster in Season 2, doesn’t she?

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ZOILA MAKES A CONFESSION | Zoila drops the bomb on Genevieve and Valentina that Remi’s headed to the Congo to help doctors vaccinate disadvantaged kids — without so much as an “adios!” But when her daughter interprets his move as a lack of love, Zoila confesses she’s the one who pushed him to leave — and to allow Valentina to pursue fashion school. There’s a predictable rift, but as Zoila heads out to help Marisol solve the Flora case, Valentina secretly packs her bags and cradles a plane ticket. Which has me thinking, if the writers keep Valentina in the wings for the opening half of Season 2, maybe it’ll force them to cook up something more interesting for Judy Reyes’ underutilized caretaker character.

ROSIE LEARNS THE DANGERS OF CELLULAR TECHNOLOGY | Rosie’s son Miguel (who may or may not be trapped in a hypnotic trance) answers mom’s phone and finds her employer Peri on the other end. He carries said phone into the bedroom, where Rosie and “Mr. Spence” (ugh! she’s GOT to drop the “Mr” in that combo!) are pretty much dissolving their secret love — but that’s not what it sounds like to the flighty movie star. Cue final scene of INS workers dragging Rosie off to…jail? deportation? Only the show’s writers know for certain. And there’s Peri, in the distance, savoring her win in this battle. I’m just hoping “Wrath of God Rosie” comes roaring back to win the war next summer!

MARISOL TRIUMPHS (WITH A LITTLE HELP FROM HER FRENEMIES) | When attorney Michael learns that Taylor has lost her baby as the result of last week’s shooting, he spills client Phillipe’s confession to Marisol: Dude raped Flora, then later killed her when he discovered she was pregnant with his son Remi’s baby and the devious maid was using it to try to score a big payday. Marisol’s efforts to get Philippe’s confession on camera — in the midst of his engagement party to Genevieve — go south when Evelyn spots her former charge and has her escorted off the grounds. (“She’s five-foot-six, 120 pounds and vaguely ethnic!” Evelyn tells security.)

Adrian and Evelyn (reunited by their mutual grief for Taylor’s loss) have their own (insane) plan, though, poisoning Philippe then hurling him out the window and into the pool — where he “drowns” instantly. The police question how Philippe could’ve died only seconds after hitting the water, but Rosie, Zoila and Carmen all jump in and confirm the Powells story: Philippe confessed to Flora’s murder, then suicidally hurled himself out the second-story window to his death. Case “solved”! Ridiculous? Yeah. But so what? Marisol’s son is freed! And lunch is served — at least until Rosie is dragged away!

What did you think of Devious Maids‘ Season 1 finale? What story arcs do you want to see picked up in Season 2? Take our poll below, then hit the comments and expand on your thoughts!

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  1. It was a fun finale. Glad it’s been renewed for a second season!

  2. Juan says:

    Ir was Great and I can’t freaking believe peri did that. What a total bitch

    • Karla says:

      She may be a bitch but let’s face it…the maid did screw her husband. I would have deported her too.

      • Whitney says:

        but then again Peri was cheating on him anyway only because he had a near death experience and she thought she was getting somewhere when she was cheating on him and her own lover told her it sounds fishy then she decide she wanna love Spence again really!!!! She didnt want him but didnt want no one else with him thats selfish. She cant have her cake and eat it with the icing too

  3. When I first heard about Devious Maids I was instantly ecstatic for it to hit our screens. Then after a quick search online I saw so many people making comments like “Its a rip-off of desperate housewives!” or “hispanic maids? that is so racist!”. Ignoring these people I watched every episode with rapt attention and found a funny, intelligent and witty show with a great cast and well played storylines. Like every beginner show it had it’s faults, but I think it’s safe to say the show blasted away it’s early criticisms and I personally think this show was one of the best newcomers this season.

    • girlinmd says:

      Couldn’t agree with you more loved this show it was a great summer guilty pleasure Evelyn Powell is my favorite character and I can’t wait for season two to be on! :-)

  4. ronnie says:

    I think Adrian and Evelyn turned out to be my favorite characters this season. Their twisted relationship was never dull. The knowing looks they always shared and their one-liners were always entertaining.

    • GeoDiva says:

      Agree! The Powells are the best part of the show along with La Lucci’s classic lines. “Is there a Mandarin Oriental in the Congo?” had be rolling off the couch laughing.

      • Skater Boy says:

        I totally agree. Evelyn, Adrian and the surprising Susan Lucci (I didn’t think anyone would accept her other than as Erica Kane but she is marvelous if not shockingly stellar in this role as Genevieve) steal the show. REally themaids are nothing compared to these three.

  5. david says:

    cant really see season 2 being good. i am going to wait for AA column this wed hopefully for some season 2 spoilers

  6. DDB says:

    I’m glad the “Who killed Flora?” mystery was solved, but is wish Marisol would have been responsible for the resolution and not the Powells.

  7. Mike Chapman says:

    Did Phillipe actually kill Flora or was he covering up for someone else (Susan Lucci’s character? or someone else??) — He never ACTUALLY confessed!

    • Irish joe says:

      I think Evelyn was involved.. I don’t for a second believe that it’s done and dusted!!

      • Lavinia says:

        Atrocious, boring, lackluster, predictable. Not only was it TELEGRAPHED Philippe was the murderer, but they even spoiled it on the official DM Facebook page last Wednesday. Needless to say, everyone thought it was a red herring…. but it wasn’t!!!! I feel cheated that Marc Cherry has once again gone the predictable route and made everything so straightforward!!

    • DDB says:

      He confessed to Michael Stoppard, his attorney. Michael broke their confidentiality agreement at his wife Taylor’s request and told Marisol what happened.

  8. Sara says:

    It was a pleasant surprise seeing Flora’s murder resolved quickly. I enjoy the show but expected that storyline to drag on for a few more seasons

  9. 3dhouseofmagic says:

    I just watched it and it looked like Carmen had a big ring on in the last scene so perhaps she says yes…! Love the Powells too, so twisted!

  10. Cate Amos says:

    I just wonder if Peri manages to incriminate herself by contacting ICE (not INS) about Rosie and Miguel. After all, she is the one who brought him from Mexico. I will definitely be tuning in for season 2, but I’m still trying to work out how Marisol will fit in the mix since she is no longer a “maid.”

  11. Babygate says:

    Some parts were wind of spotty, They lost momentum at times and the rhythm was uneven, but overall, it was fun and it answered questions while creating new ones for Season 2. The very last scene though, was awesome! Loved it. Loved the tension, the drama. It was perfect. Just hope that they get rid of the butler guy. He and Carmen have zero chemistry. He actually looks gay. Maybe he could be Alejandro’s lover.

  12. Lavinia says:

    Atrocious, boring, lackluster, predictable. Not only was it TELEGRAPHED Philippe was the murderer, but they even spoiled it on the official DM Facebook page last Wednesday. Needless to say, everyone thought it was a red herring…. but it wasn’t!!!! I feel cheated that Marc Cherry has once again gone the predictable route and made everything so straightforward!!

  13. Megyn says:

    Loved it and love La Lucci! Poor Genevieve has to find another husband. Hope this show gets recognized at the Golden Globes in January and the Emmys next year.

  14. Mitchell says:

    I enjoyed the season finale. I feel like there could have been more suspense in the season finale. I like shows that keep me on the edge of my seat til the wry last minute of the show wondering what’s going to happen. Good show fr the most part. I think they could have more drama.

  15. karenb888 says:

    Why did they throw him into the pool? Why not out like the parking lot….That would have made more sense!

  16. Jill Myers says:

    DM most definetly needs to return and with all the storylines as well.But I will admit now that we know who killed Flora,that murder story could pretty much go bye bye.But DM may also want to continue the storyline with Phillippe’s death.Great show and it has a large fanbase so it must return and soon please !

  17. betty says:

    I love this show. Cant wait for it to come back. I wonder how they are going to keep the maid thing going next season since Carmen will supposedly be married to Alejandro and its been established that Marisol is a professor not a maid.

  18. rowzie kelly says:

    wow! this the best ever muvie i have watched in a long time