Post Mortem: Castle Creator Previews 'Fun' New Obstacles -- Plus: Is There a [Spoiler] Coming?

Castle Season 6 SpoilersWarning: The following contains major spoilers from Part 1 of Castle‘s Season 6 premiere.

“You do know how this works, right…?”

Some four months after Castle‘s titular mystery novelist (played by Nathan Fillion) got on bended knee and proposed marriage to Kate Beckett (Stana Katic), the NYPD detective delivered her answer.

“Richard Edgar Alexander Rodgers Castle, yes…. Yes, I will marry you.”

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Kate’s response came with one caveat that shook her mate none — that she got the job on the federal task force in and thus will be relocating to D.C. And already, one flash-forward later, we are seeing the complications that come with their long-ish distance romance. (For one, Castle wound up exposed to a fatal chemical weapon!)

Assuming Castle makes it out alive, TVLine invited series creator Andrew W. Marlowe to dissect recent developments for the show’s core couple and dish on what lies ahead. (Could it be… wedding bells?)

TVLINE | Which came first — Rick proposing to Kate or Kate getting a D.C. job offer? Or did they always come part and parcel?Castle Season 6 Premiere Spoilers
In our minds they always came part and parcel. The proposal is a big step, but we also wanted to challenge the relationship right away, and I think that in today’s age, taking a job in another city and trying to conduct a long-distance relationship is something that a lot of people are familiar with. And we though it would be a great way to instantly challenge some of the assumptions that they both have about the relationship – certainly some assumptions that Beckett has about who she can be in life. She’s trying to have it all, and like many of us who are trying to have it all, she’s not doing it particularly well. Seeing somebody who has always been a high performer and really on top of her stuff for five years struggling is really interesting. It puts her in a really vulnerable position. We wanted to take advantage of two people who wanted to be together but had to go through this yearning process for being with each other and finding a moment. Also, there are times when things in life shift, where you’re trying to recapture the magic and trying to find the spark in your relationship again. On the heels of this great momentous moment of both of them accepting each other, we wanted to really put it under a microscope and examine it, have some fun with it.

TVLINE | Stana told me that she thought it was important to send the message that a woman shouldn’t have to choose. That partners should support each other’s dreams.
Absolutely. But that doesn’t mean that it’s not hard. You know, we’re in a tough economy and people are working harder than ever. I know a lot of married couples where they’re both working and they don’t see each other that often Castle Season 6 Spoilersand they’re trying to make it work and they’re trying to find balance. So there are significant costs in having to choose, because you you’re sacrificing something, but there are also costs in trying to have it all. We wanted to see a couple who has the best intentions towards each other trying to figure out how to make it work.

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TVLINE | Were there any other yes/no/maybe scenarios that you even briefly toyed with? Because it would have been efficient for you to also shoot the outcome back in the spring, while you’re already on location at the playground.
Sure, we toyed with it, but we’re always looking for what’s most honest and what’s going to be most challenging. And it felt like where the characters were in their trajectory and how they felt about each other, that [the path we chose] was honest. Having Kate sacrifice an opportunity and having Castle ask her to sacrifice an opportunity felt dishonest. Instead, it’s, “Hey, if we love each other we’ll figure it out,” and we’re looking at a handful of episodes where they really are trying to figure it out. And the future is not just about their relationship. It’s about who Beckett is, and what kind of life Castle’s going to lead if he remains in New York without her.

TVLINE | Some fans are concerned that you’re geographically “breaking up the band,” at least for a stretch. How can you reassure those people?
Well, without getting too spoilery, I can say that we are committed to making sure that every episode feels like a Castle episode. Even during a time when folks are separated geographically, it’s still going to feel like the experience that they’ve always gotten. We’re not interested in changing the overall DNA of the show,Castle Season 6 Spoilers which is, you know, Castle and Beckett and solving cases and having all the other folks that we know and love involved. But we are interested in throwing new obstacles, in growing the relationships. We are interested in seeing fresh faces come in to help illuminate our characters, move them along or give them something to push against.

TVLINE | I was actually impressed by the premiere’s mechanics — even knowing how it was going to play out, I was not expecting Rick and Kate to have as much screen time together as they did.
We were very conscious that, although we wanted to change some of the trappings and some of the obstacles, we did not want to change the experience. We know that people are tuning in for a very particular Castle experience, so that was first and foremost on our minds. Hopefully we’ve been able to achieve it.

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TVLINE | Back at the 12th, are Ryan and Esposito going to get work a case or two entirely on their own? Something that doesn’t always dovetail with D.C.?
Absolutely. But then it will dovetail, in a very fun and unexpected way that, I think, will delight fans. We have an episode coming up which is a lot of fun, where Castle can’t be with Beckett and Ryan and Esposito end up on a very high-profile case that has a lot of fun attached to it.

TVLINE | Is there any larger theme to Season 6?
What’s emerging for us as a theme is “relationships and how to make them work.” Relationships are complicated, and for a long time Castle and Beckett were doing this dance of, “How do we feel about each other.” We’ve moved beyond that to a couple that’s made a commitment to each other, but that commitment is constantly challenged, just like it’s challenged in all of our lives. Now that they’re at this moment, now that she said yes, this season has become, “OK, how are we going to make this work? On a practical level. Given your life, given my life. Given where I come from, given where you come from. Given what my ambitions are, given what your ambitions are. How are we going to make this work?” We feel like that’s a very relevant question to our culture these days.

TVLINE | But once they navigate the initial “long-distance”/juggling issue, are there other obstacles that might come their way? Any external forces or any past issues that will bubble back up?
There are some. There are some really fun ones that we’re working on, but we’re not quite ready to advertise those yet because they’re still cooking.

TVLINE | Lastly, are you ready yet to go on record as committing to a Season 6 wedding date…?
I’m ready to go on record in that Castle and Beckett are going to be talking about it and planning it and figuring out when it happens. But I think it’s a little too soon for me to say to the fans that it’s going to happen or it’s not.

Coming soon to TVLine: Guest star Lisa Edelstein previews what’s next for Agent McCord and Beckett (and Castle). Also: Stana Katic shares her own thoughts on the premiere and the future of “Caskett.”

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  1. hr says:

    Ready to be finished with DC and Pi

  2. skrable2 says:

    Just so completely disappointed that after being at their sides for five seasons, their families and friends were denied a chance to celebrate their engagement.

    My wife said her heart sank when the “Two Months Later” notice went up on the screen. Where was the hug from Martha, where were Lanie and the boys exchanging handshakes and side bets as to whether she’d say yes.

    Beckett left the precinct last season saying there was something she had to tell them, but she had to tell Castle first. Then we never get the payoff of that for the core characters. Even one scene in the loft where the joy of an engagement is followed by the sadness that the team is being split up, even temporarily, would have been enough.

    You could have taken any scene out of the fed arc and it wouldn’t have been missed

    • John says:

      You should read Molly’s twitter timeline, soemthing there that really set me off IF it is true.

      • Jess says:

        Do you mean where she mentions how Akexis found out about the engagement? Or something else?

      • Andrea says:

        Molly said we’d find in 6×07 how she found about the engagement. I have a feeling it wasn’t the best way possible- thus the introduction of PI to annoy Castle, even though she actually likes him. I’m hoping we’ll hear more about how all the other characters found out, not just Alexis.

        • John says:

          As good (at least to me) as they have developed the Father daughter relationship to now (probably) let us know that Castle didn’t tell alexis about the engagement, doesn’t feel right to me. I know, we really don’t know nothing about it, just a comment.

      • Francine says:

        John- just curious, what would set you off about that?

        • John says:

          That castle don’t tell his daughter about it, just that. that she hear about from another person, if this is the case.

          • Francine says:

            I posted that question at the same time you posted your answer :) Molly said in episode 6×07 that we (the audience) would find out how Alexis found out about it… Not that Alexis herself was just finding out about it. Did I miss where she said she found out from another person? But I too would like to see how all the characters reacted to the news.

          • John says:

            “Molly said in episode 6×07 that we (the audience) would find out how Alexis found out about it” Yes but why the mystery to tell us that castle call her and tell her? and epi. no. 7? I think they could go for some drama…

          • John says:

            Father daughter Conflict, not drama, my mistake. of course, this is just my expeculation about it.

      • Just one thing says:

        It’s about time they tackled that issue. Alexis has behaved less than 100% supportive of Castle and Beckett since the first episode of Season Four. And I hope they tackle it directly this season.
        Two years ago, her frustration with Beckett would’ve made sense. After all, Castle kept blindly risking his life for Beckett and through shadowing her. Totally legitimate reason for conflict. But they didn’t talk about it.
        Then, later that season, Castle and Martha were put in danger by a bank robbery, Kate worked to save them, and Alexis STILL acted like she blamed Kate.
        Fast-forward two seasons and about as many one-on-one interactions between Kate and Alexis (in which maybe two lines are spoken directly at one another), and there’s still this awkwardness hanging over the trio.
        Homegirl got kidnapped because of her grandfather’s super spy life! She can’t possibly still blame Beckett for Castle’s adrenaline junkie-ness or the danger he’s found over the years.
        If Molly Quinn says more drama is to come in that department — especially with something so out of character as Rick not telling Alexis himself, AND so far into Season Six — I sincerely hope it isn’t a throwaway line, but something that really explains what’s truly going on there, and why Alexis feels the way she does. Because it’s been bizarrely handled up until now and leaves far too much to the aidience’s imagination/deduction.

        • John says:

          So you know how alexis feel about it? because I don’t know.
          I don’t think she blamed Kate for them been held at the bank, just that she expect kate to do whatever neccesary to bring them out safe, (she give a nod to beckett when the are hugging outside the bank). just as her father has helped her in everything, she expect the same for kate toward her father, nothing wrong with that, to me at least.

          The interaction between kate and alexis begins in a good way, alexis asking advice from a woman with different perspective of life, than say Gina and her grandmother, a lot people thought back then that she has kate as a role model, I did not see of that way. but everything change after kate got shot, she saw kate’s boyfriend blaming her father, she saw her father blaming himself and suffering in that summer, she understood when he told her that kate made him happy. We know that alexis talked with kate about the job in the morgue, we don’t know if alexis knew about the secret that kate keep and her repercussions in her father behavior.

          I think after all of that, alexis has always respected kate, but I don’t know if she feels comfortable talking with her like 3 years ago, and add that kate it is not the more open to communicate/forthcoming person, awkwardness it is ok.

          Target/hunt I don’t know how you can think she will blame kate for anything.

          This is season 6, the writers has time to bring this up since season 4, but have not, we should expect they do it this year but who knows…

          • Just one thing says:

            No, to be honest, I don’t really know how Alexis feels. I can only guess and extrapolate, based on little looks in the episode and things Molly Quinn says about her character. For instance, she mentioned fighting for and getting the go-ahead to play Alexis as disappointed that Castle was ready to leave their Christmas get-together last year to find Beckett. I definitely got that vibe in the few seconds it played on screen, and sure enough she confirmed it months later.
            She’s said and explained other aspects of Alexis that either don’t make it fully in the episode or have no accompanying dialogue. So, it’s still a bit of a mystery. However, I think it totally would’ve made sense for Alexis to be upset with Castle for leaving on Christmas — after all, she and Martha did cancel their own plans for him. And, playing devil’s advocate, from Quinn’s POV as her character, it certainly would seem/feel like most Castle family disruptions can be pinned on Kate to some degree. But it’s like the show is afraid to touch that potential conflict head-on, to bring it up, have the characters hash it out WITH DIALOGUE, and resolve it.
            I don’t think Alexis blames Kate for being kidnapped, but it definitely seemed like she thought Castle should stop following Beckett around after the shooting. Alexis’ kidnapping and the bank robbery kind of proved that Kate wasn’t at the center of danger. Danger just kind of follows all of them. :P
            I feel like there was a shift in Season Four in the dynamics between the trio that hasn’t been addressed properly. But it’s definitely one that needs to be dealt with moving forward. Even if Castle and Beckett don’t marry this season or never marry before the series ends, it would be good to air out the subtextual laundry.
            And it’d be a good opportunity for all three characters. Four, if you include Martha.

          • John says:

            “@Just one thing: but it definitely seemed like she thought Castle should stop following Beckett around after the shooting”

            Well, that’s understandable, don’t you think?

          • PEL says:

            @Just one thing

            You wrote what I think exactly.

        • John says:

          And I agree with you about castle not telling her about it, it would be really out of character, and an unnecessary way to create tension between them.

    • Mary says:

      I have a feeling that at some point we´ll have some flashbacks showing it…at least I´d like to see something like that:)

      • Krithika says:

        Hopefully. The thing I was looking forward to the most in the premiere was Lanie’s reaction to Kate’s engagement. I mean, Kate is a woman whose life-long ambition was to solve her mother’s murder. Heck she hadn’t even been in a long term relationship. So, for her to get engaged to a man and move to a new city? Hmmm I was really hoping for some full-on girl-time (atleast for 5 minutes) in this episode. But Lanie wasn’t even there..

  3. Phoebe says:

    I absolutely loved the episode. The high stakes, the romance, the little bits of comedy here and there. It felt like a movie!

    • Krithika says:

      Totally agree. Except for the lack of Lanie and the presence of The Freaky Pi. Wish his scenes would have been edited out and replaced with Lanie’s.

  4. Caroline says:


  5. Therese says:

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  6. Maggie says:

    A huge amount of mixed feelings about this episode. Great Premier! Didn’t have that “Castle” feel to it though. It felt really off, but they did really hit a home run. As for the cliff-hanger, something hit me. Why would Marlowe put in this death scare if nothing was going to happen? Of course we know that he and co. wouldn’t do it so early in the season for no point at all. I think Marlowe is going to come out of nowhere and surprise us. Castle in a coma? Paralyzed? Maimed? I don’t know, but I can’t wait till next Monday!

    • Krithika says:

      *gulp* or according to Ausiello’s latest blind item; “amnesiac?”
      I’m kinda confident it won’t happen, but you never know.

    • CT says:

      Thought of that too. Then I had a really freaky thought: next episode is Dream World. What if Castle “dies” and then wakes up at the beginning of the fourth season b/c he was the one that was shot at the end of the third? Remeber: Alexis said “you make it all about her, but it could have been you.” Of course, this won’t happen, but could be interesting.

  7. kevin says:

    Great start to the episode. THAT is how to do it. You DON’T drum up phony controversy by saying just because she has to move,their relationship is over. ESPECIALLY when CASTLE is a MILLIONAIRE. This is how mature people handle things.

    Personally, not a fan of Lisa Edlestein or this PI kid, BUT its generally a great start to the season!


  8. CT says:

    At first my little shipper heart went “yay!” Then, I don’t know . . .the whole episode made me go “eh”. There were a few things I struggled with–one was, they seemed too comfortable too soon and lost something for me. They can’t go from all the crap of that crap finale to “I love you” a bunch of times in this episode in only an elapsed 8 weeks—especially when it was stated they hadn’t seen each other. Another thing is that I don’t see how the government would want “Nikki Heat” as an agent–aren’t feds supposed to be non-descript? She has already had one stalker/serial killer after her due to this sort of notoriety. Plus (and I know suspension of reality) there is no way Beckett could pass a government psych test. I really missed a dead body (Okay, there was one), more specifically them standing over a dead body and everyone working as a team to solve the murder. I still love the show and every show needs to be shaken up once in a while, maybe this episode was too far off the grid for me or something.

    • KHorn says:

      CT, your reaction is very similar to mine. The swing scene was great and then downhill until it crashed completely. As I’ve said before, the DC job is simply not one the Kate Beckett of the first four and a half seasons would want. Before her mother’s death she wanted to be a public interest lawyer, like her mother, and after a homicide detective so she could get justice for the victims and closure for the families. Now she has this burning desire to protect things liked the country’s encryption technology? Sure there’s a murder now with Mr. Valkyrie, but when they find out who did it and why, will she be telling his girlfriend so she can know why he was set up and bring her some peace? Nope, it’s classified. So instead of the voice for victims, she is one of those who must keep them forever silent? Why would she want that based on her background and her previously revealed motivations? Notice that she never explains why she wants the job or why it’s a great opportunity, just that it is and she wants it. I’m guessing that’s one reason they skipped two months because if they tried to film a scene where she’s telling Esposito and Ryan about because they can’t give her a plausible answer for why she wants to leave the team to be a spook. And why in the name of Zeus did we have to get this Pi character. His crashing at the apartment and Castle refusing to kick him out forthwith just makes Castle look more emasculated than ever. Please writers, give Castle back his backbone.

      • CT says:

        EXACTLY. Thank you, that is why the fed business seems so contrived. The whole crime-fighting on behalf of the government has never been her thing. Look at her reaction to other feds throughout the series from Sorenson in Season one, to Shaw, to even the guy that “tapped her shoulder” (forgot his name). She has never been pleased with how they conduct business, so why would she want to be one of them? Castle is the one who was always fascinated with the machinations of government law enforcement. Her heart is with homicide. That being said, if she only took the job because she only felt that it was the next logical step or there was another motivation behind it–than that would make an interesting plot point.

      • JC says:

        That’s a great point about Kate. I hadn’t really thought about it before, but you’re right that it doesn’t make sense.

    • John says:

      I said this before, she will say yes and Marlowe will throw every wrong thing of last arc of season 5 under the rug and probably they will never talk about that again. This is his “Organic” way of dealing with things, smh.

  9. I enjoyed the episode. It was definitely awesome. I just miss the fun that usually happens in a Castle episode. The case is interesting but the people solving it (with the exception of Beckett of course) are boring. Maybe I’ll grow to love them like I did with Gates but I don’t know.

  10. Dr. Enie says:

    The season opener was very good. I loved it when Beckett said, ” Oh my God you’re proposing!” And she thought he was breaking up with her. For a change it was little different. Alexis is more sophisticated and smart to have Pi come into her life. The story line here was bad. This was not Alexis to suddenly bring this character home w/ o talking with her father. He has been so protective of her to allow the guy to stay with. Alexis. It was a
    weak story line to casually make the remark about his sleeping on the sofa. Give me a break!
    Where are Alexis and Beckett in their relationship? Past and current?
    Hope the show continues to make good ratings. There are a number of competitors. Dr. Enie

  11. carol says:

    I really enjoyed the episode mostly because of the new romantic feelings between Castle and Beckett now that they are engaged it really made it feel like they have a new dynamic in their relationship but I can’t say that I thought Lisa Edelstein was anything but boring can’t see a spinoff of her for any reason .Hope they do bring Beckett back to New York very soon so we can have all the original cast in it again all the time .

  12. JC says:

    Finally watched it last night. I was surprised to find that I didn’t really enjoy it very much. I didn’t hate it, but, like another commenter above, I was bored, and a little annoyed when it realized we’ll be putting up with this for another two to three episodes. It really did feel like a completely different show, and one that I have no emotional investment in. I guess it makes me a bad shipper, and I do love Caskett as a couple, but I’ve come to realize that I am really most interested in them working together as a cute crime solving couple, and I am not really all that interested in any romantic trials and tribulations outside of that. Oh well. I know it’s temporary, and we’ll eventually get back to that show, but for the time being, my enthusiasm for the show is rather dampened.

  13. JDC says:

    Welll, we have heard from the Castle good-natured Marlow. Kate has choices to make, career, relationship, and the big event- that my money’s on we won’t see until seaso! If Marlowe does otherwise it will be because fans pushed for the wedding overwhelming near or before seasons end. I have been right 90% of the time about what the show likes- when I am serious and I am serious about this piece. Kate when the day comes to be Kate Beckett Rogers.

  14. Marlene Mason says:

    Well I have been an avid fan of Castle since it premiered in March 2009 and without divulging anything after seeing a spoiler from Dreamworld I am convinced that our beloved Kate Beckett will move back to the 12th VERY shortly. The whole reason she became a cop was to solve her mother’s murder and be a voice for the victims. With all the beauracy that exists in Washington the victims are considered the little people and the bigwigs get away with breaking the law. That goes against everything Beckett stands for. Trust me on this one..yaaayyy!!!! Can’t wait

  15. JDC says:

    Great ending for ” Dreamworld” Beckett reflecting not just on the new partner- who followed her play, but the partner who has been there-castle. Her final look towards the door speaks volumes. About the love that Kate now realizes she really has for castle. I know the producers have had Stana and Nathan to turn down their character’s passion, but thatis part of the tention and passion that makes their journey believable – and spices up the challenges they faced and will face as a couple. I hate shows that wait until the end to marry couples or present the complexities of them managing… their careers, family, family members, and their own aromatic space a couple. I hope Marlowe doesn’t take those moments from the fans. Marital craziness is fun when you have the magic of castle and Kate (caskett).

  16. Wrex says:

    Honestly, I don’t really feel like this arc is very good. Oh sure it’s great to have change. And it’s amazing to see how Castle and Beckett’s relationship has progressed. But so far this arc has done two things:

    1.) It’s relegated one of its main characters (Castle– the guy the show is named after) to a limited role. And:

    2.) It’s reduced Ryan’s, Esposito’s, Gate’s, and Lanie’s importance to the point of them barely being in the show.

    Both of these problems are understandable yes. But they’re also completely unacceptable. 90% of this show’s attractiveness is the chemistry between Rick and Kate. When Rick can’t participate in cases because they are “classified” and he can’t accompany her on investigations, it seriously detracts from this shows appeal. The second episode doesn’t rectify this as he has to be cooped up inside for most of it and when he finally does get to accompany Kate, naturally he’s so sick that he’s barely able to act as her partner. The show really needs to find an outlet to let these two work together and display why they are each other’s partner on every case. Not replace Castle with some other Fed lady, who while interesting, is not Castle. The second problem is more manageable but this show really does need Ryan and Esposito to show their usefulness.

    We all know Kate will leave the Feds sooner or later. One of the good things about this arc is that in showing Castle and Beckett having no choice but to work separately, it’s showing just how miserable and unnatural the experience really is to both of them. Also, the very environment Beckett is working under she is bucking against as she can’t stand corruption and politics. So, it’s obvious that it’s only a matter of time before she can’t take it anymore and realizes she felt more fulfilled as a cop. However, I also don’t want the writers to quit on her being a Fed too soon or the question will be “what was the point of her being a Fed in the first place?” They need to find excuses for her and Castle and the old team to work together in a more active capacity. And they need to finally get back to the plot involving Beckett’s mother as I think that would be a really great way to steer this series back on course and maybe even making Kate’s new position as a Fed USEFUL to the plot. For instance, maybe she can investigate and make moves now on that case that she couldn’t have done safely as a detective. And Castle could be there helping her and we’d get to see how much both characters have grown in the process. But if the show is just going to proceed as it’s been doing, this arc might lose some viewers and its audience may feel drained before we finally see Beckett go back to New York.

  17. T says:

    I am not a fan of the dc arc either. Valkyrie was much better than I expected but only because Castle and Beckett finally acted like a couple that wanted to be together. The fed part of the story did nothing for me except make me wish they would get back to NYC. I missed Ryan and Espo (and although I do miss Lanie I also miss Perlmutter – he gets no respect!). Dreamworld was so so. I have a nagging feeling that this whole fed arc will be tied into something later where Kate will need help from Bracken. I don’t think he had anything to do with her getting the job but I do think that something will happen as a result of the fed job, even if she quits and goes back to the 12th, that will force Kate to ask for his help for some reason and fulfill his comment from Recoil that it always helps to have a friend. More complications that Mr Marlowe likes to explore.

  18. Is beckett acsually dead or will we have more of our lovely Beckett

  19. JDC says:

    This is my show, and it will be to the last episode, its my Monday night joy; and while there are some strange things so far in the season episodes, and the romance appears a little on the cool side – for two people who took almost five years to come together, who are now engaged (and should be all over each other). Nevertheless, I love the complexities that are being developed as they get closer to marriage, and 3XK (or his/ sister or girlfriend – we really don’t know which she is (the plastic surgeon). The last episode (6 x 9) had a Hitchcock feel to it especially the ending which was pure visceral magic, as Kate reacts to the song – a favorite from World War II in England (nice touch). There are two possible scenarios that can be tied to her reaction (1.) It was a song that her mother and she shared through her childhood, and (2.) Something else happen in Kate’s life that has been a secret until now… and the song is tied to that event/ moment (that could be a painful memory). Either way it is an intimate moment of violation and Kate lost it!

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    Is anyone else having this problem or is it a issue on
    my end? I’ll check back later and see if the problem still exists.

  23. don byerley says:

    Ready to see Castle and Beckett to get married, and become involved in police work, and research, with of course some challenges. Immensely enjoy the show. Yes Beckett is a very
    beautiful lady.

  24. us says:

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