Post Mortem: Castle Creator Previews 'Fun' New Obstacles -- Plus: Is There a [Spoiler] Coming?

Castle Season 6 SpoilersWarning: The following contains major spoilers from Part 1 of Castle‘s Season 6 premiere.

“You do know how this works, right…?”

Some four months after Castle‘s titular mystery novelist (played by Nathan Fillion) got on bended knee and proposed marriage to Kate Beckett (Stana Katic), the NYPD detective delivered her answer.

“Richard Edgar Alexander Rodgers Castle, yes…. Yes, I will marry you.”

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Kate’s response came with one caveat that shook her mate none — that she got the job on the federal task force in and thus will be relocating to D.C. And already, one flash-forward later, we are seeing the complications that come with their long-ish distance romance. (For one, Castle wound up exposed to a fatal chemical weapon!)

Assuming Castle makes it out alive, TVLine invited series creator Andrew W. Marlowe to dissect recent developments for the show’s core couple and dish on what lies ahead. (Could it be… wedding bells?)

TVLINE | Which came first — Rick proposing to Kate or Kate getting a D.C. job offer? Or did they always come part and parcel?Castle Season 6 Premiere Spoilers
In our minds they always came part and parcel. The proposal is a big step, but we also wanted to challenge the relationship right away, and I think that in today’s age, taking a job in another city and trying to conduct a long-distance relationship is something that a lot of people are familiar with. And we though it would be a great way to instantly challenge some of the assumptions that they both have about the relationship – certainly some assumptions that Beckett has about who she can be in life. She’s trying to have it all, and like many of us who are trying to have it all, she’s not doing it particularly well. Seeing somebody who has always been a high performer and really on top of her stuff for five years struggling is really interesting. It puts her in a really vulnerable position. We wanted to take advantage of two people who wanted to be together but had to go through this yearning process for being with each other and finding a moment. Also, there are times when things in life shift, where you’re trying to recapture the magic and trying to find the spark in your relationship again. On the heels of this great momentous moment of both of them accepting each other, we wanted to really put it under a microscope and examine it, have some fun with it.

TVLINE | Stana told me that she thought it was important to send the message that a woman shouldn’t have to choose. That partners should support each other’s dreams.
Absolutely. But that doesn’t mean that it’s not hard. You know, we’re in a tough economy and people are working harder than ever. I know a lot of married couples where they’re both working and they don’t see each other that often Castle Season 6 Spoilersand they’re trying to make it work and they’re trying to find balance. So there are significant costs in having to choose, because you you’re sacrificing something, but there are also costs in trying to have it all. We wanted to see a couple who has the best intentions towards each other trying to figure out how to make it work.

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TVLINE | Were there any other yes/no/maybe scenarios that you even briefly toyed with? Because it would have been efficient for you to also shoot the outcome back in the spring, while you’re already on location at the playground.
Sure, we toyed with it, but we’re always looking for what’s most honest and what’s going to be most challenging. And it felt like where the characters were in their trajectory and how they felt about each other, that [the path we chose] was honest. Having Kate sacrifice an opportunity and having Castle ask her to sacrifice an opportunity felt dishonest. Instead, it’s, “Hey, if we love each other we’ll figure it out,” and we’re looking at a handful of episodes where they really are trying to figure it out. And the future is not just about their relationship. It’s about who Beckett is, and what kind of life Castle’s going to lead if he remains in New York without her.

TVLINE | Some fans are concerned that you’re geographically “breaking up the band,” at least for a stretch. How can you reassure those people?
Well, without getting too spoilery, I can say that we are committed to making sure that every episode feels like a Castle episode. Even during a time when folks are separated geographically, it’s still going to feel like the experience that they’ve always gotten. We’re not interested in changing the overall DNA of the show,Castle Season 6 Spoilers which is, you know, Castle and Beckett and solving cases and having all the other folks that we know and love involved. But we are interested in throwing new obstacles, in growing the relationships. We are interested in seeing fresh faces come in to help illuminate our characters, move them along or give them something to push against.

TVLINE | I was actually impressed by the premiere’s mechanics — even knowing how it was going to play out, I was not expecting Rick and Kate to have as much screen time together as they did.
We were very conscious that, although we wanted to change some of the trappings and some of the obstacles, we did not want to change the experience. We know that people are tuning in for a very particular Castle experience, so that was first and foremost on our minds. Hopefully we’ve been able to achieve it.

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TVLINE | Back at the 12th, are Ryan and Esposito going to get work a case or two entirely on their own? Something that doesn’t always dovetail with D.C.?
Absolutely. But then it will dovetail, in a very fun and unexpected way that, I think, will delight fans. We have an episode coming up which is a lot of fun, where Castle can’t be with Beckett and Ryan and Esposito end up on a very high-profile case that has a lot of fun attached to it.

TVLINE | Is there any larger theme to Season 6?
What’s emerging for us as a theme is “relationships and how to make them work.” Relationships are complicated, and for a long time Castle and Beckett were doing this dance of, “How do we feel about each other.” We’ve moved beyond that to a couple that’s made a commitment to each other, but that commitment is constantly challenged, just like it’s challenged in all of our lives. Now that they’re at this moment, now that she said yes, this season has become, “OK, how are we going to make this work? On a practical level. Given your life, given my life. Given where I come from, given where you come from. Given what my ambitions are, given what your ambitions are. How are we going to make this work?” We feel like that’s a very relevant question to our culture these days.

TVLINE | But once they navigate the initial “long-distance”/juggling issue, are there other obstacles that might come their way? Any external forces or any past issues that will bubble back up?
There are some. There are some really fun ones that we’re working on, but we’re not quite ready to advertise those yet because they’re still cooking.

TVLINE | Lastly, are you ready yet to go on record as committing to a Season 6 wedding date…?
I’m ready to go on record in that Castle and Beckett are going to be talking about it and planning it and figuring out when it happens. But I think it’s a little too soon for me to say to the fans that it’s going to happen or it’s not.

Coming soon to TVLine: Guest star Lisa Edelstein previews what’s next for Agent McCord and Beckett (and Castle). Also: Stana Katic shares her own thoughts on the premiere and the future of “Caskett.”

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  1. Lilu says:

    best.episode.ever! and finally they behave like a couple!

    • Annie says:

      Could not disagree more, honestly. The whole episode, to me, felt really off, like an entirely different show. The snarky “well of course I was serious” toss-off, referencing all of us who complained that there was zero joy in that proposal, was honestly a little offensive – “see how stupid you are, stupid fan?” I’m willing to stick with it because I’m invested in these characters, in spite of myself, but if they don’t get back to NYC soon, my level of investment’s gonna decrease dramatically.

      • Jules says:

        Offensive? I think you’re taking that way too personally. They’ve already explained why the proposal was so serious- and while I get that people wanted to see a more happy and romantic proposal, I felt it made perfect sense within the context of the story. You’re certainly free to disagree but I really don’t know why you feel that line was meant to insult or offend people.

        • John says:

          Leaving off his follow up about the proposal being the most serious thing he’d ever done in his life is unfortunate as that puts his demeanor into a complete context: He was taking this step as a full-on adult, weighing consequences and commitments.

          Showing respect for Beckett and the fans, IMHO, not just tossing off some “happily ever after” fluffy soap.

      • abz says:

        For me, I actually want her to stay in DC for a while. I like the feel of the new job. I like Lisa Edelstein. I like Beckett and McCord together. Even though I know Lisa is only there for a short time, its nice to see how Beckett operates without Castle. After 5 seasons, I think time for a change. I don’t want her to just go back to solving regular murders and cop-level crimes. Beckett is smart and she can do so much more and I like the fact that she is now being challenged professionally.
        I don’t understand why people never want to give change a chance. Shows evolve. So many people seem content with shows just sticking to how they were and not exploring new things. At least give the change a chance. You might grow to like it and if you don’t then fine go back to complaining or hoping it returns to the older seasons.

        • JBC says:

          I enjoyed the DC crew too and was thinking they could make a spin off with Lisa E. and those characters. It has a nice feel to it. Good acting too. Good episode. I also enjoyed the way she accepted the proposal. I thought that was typical Castle and Beckett. So sweet.

        • CBER101 says:

          The show is called, “Castle”. It’s about Castle and his Muse *Beckett”. The DC/FED arc was, I found, a complete disaster. The story line was very week, absolutely nothing to get excited about. McCord, we were told, is this brilliant agent, where? Beckett after the first hiccup, rang rings around her. It was Beckett who (along with Castle, Espo & Ryan) solved most of the clues and, “thought” outside the box. Nothing against Lisa E (or McCord) but, her acting was so wooden, no facial expressions, looked bored and tired, appeared so condescending towards Beckett and was so robotic in appearance and acting. Of course Beckett had to challenge herself (something that has never been evident in the previous 5 years and, most importantly, she hates FEDS (because they interfered and stonewalled her) so why would she want to go and work as one?).The only good thing I can say about EP1 is, she said yes to the proposal and Stana’s brilliant acting. Finally, like I said in the beginning, the show is called, Castle not, the Beckett and the FED’S show. As for a Beckett and McCord spin-off? Never going to happen, not in a million years.

          • abz says:

            Most show names become irrelevant after a few seasons as stories change and evolve in different ways. A good example of this would be how “Grey’s” Anatomy is rarely about Meredith Grey anymore. You thought the storyline was weak. I, and some other people thought it was strong or at least decent. You don’t like McCord, I like McCord. No one is saying we have to like the same things. The way McCord was acting to me was sort of because she wanted to demonstrate the severity of this new job to Beckett. It was a significant step up from the NYPD. Of course she may have come across that way to you and some other people because we’ve only seen her for one episode. Unlike many people, I don’t like passing complete judgments on characters after only seeing them in one episode and sadly since we won’t be seeing for much longer, we really won’t have enough time to get to know her. And really if you’ve paid attention to the end of the last season, you’d realize that this is a job that Beckett wanted and she even said it was a dream job or something. It was one of the reasons why telling Castle and moving away from him was so difficult. She loved him so much but she didn’t want to miss her chance at the great opportunity that she even said she would regret if she hadn’t tried it out.
            Lastly, I think that anyone who has watched this show would have realized that this show is as much about Beckett as it is about Castle sometimes if not more so. Sure it started off about Castle and Beckett as his muse, but really Castle and Beckett are of equal importance to the show and Beckett’s role has evolved significantly over the years to the point that many times I personally look forward to seeing her more than I do Castle.Castle is just a better show name than “Beckett” or “Caskett”.
            One more thing, It’s clear you don’t like the new story, but I’d much rather have the show take a few leaps and change it up a bit, even it’s brief, to allow for more excitement and evolution of the show. To have Beckett just return to NYPD just like that and going back to solving regular NYC murders of cheating husbands, housewives, roommates or whatever recycled murder storyline would cause the show to be stale and become really boring.

          • John says:

            So this DC “trip” will prevent the show to become boring in the long haul? lol I don’t know how people can say this, before this “complicated thing” came to us, people said that the show was entertaining, well balanced, etc… now it can become boring? lol

          • Rosebud3 says:

            Agree. I hate this DC bit. Bring Kate back to NY. Castle has been one of the few don’t miss shows for me. This DC/Fed bit is killing it for me.

      • Just one thing says:

        I actually took the “you were so serious”/”of course I was” exchange to be an explanation for Castle’s behavior more than a dig. So many fans talked about it over the summer, and the writers had to see it. I think it’s good that they wrote it in as a quick moment. Shows they’re responsive to fans, certainly more than they have to be, and more than other series are.

      • TONY says:


      • Daniela says:

        Stop being so negative, I think the writers wanted to do something different. What’s wrong with bringing a little change into the show. Other wise it gets boring, its good to have a little change and drama. I think it might bring them closer and you know eventually she will be back. It will make the series a little stronger otherwise it gets stagnant. Its always good to bring a little something else to see where the characters go. Castle and Beckett are meant to be together and they will make it work. They didn’t work so hard the last five years just to break them up.

    • Krithika says:

      Amen to that. I’ve been avoiding the Web for nearly 2 months just so I wouldn’t come across a spoiler. So. Totally. Worth. It.

    • theresa says:

      don’t know about ever……i do know that Castles daughter cannot get fat. Seriously cannot!!!!

  2. Sally Ramsey says:

    There is an element of DOA here, hardly an original plot. But it could be a great device for Beckett to clarify just how much she loves Castle and how important he is to her life. Similarly, Castle may see what is important to him. That could be good. It was also clear that Beckett is using things that she has learned from working with castle on previous cases – like the air shaft. A lot of things are coming together here. It will be fun and interesting to watch. Also there is a lot for shippers, with the relationship going to a new level. Beckett has never called Castle “Babe” before. I’d also like to know why Esposito is so prickly. That started last season. It can’t be an accident. Lots going on.

    • c-mo says:

      As Beckett and McCord were standing at the FBI’s version of the murder board discussing the diversion, couldn’t you just hear Castle saying something about “the story”. I felt like she was really missing him at that moment. I almost expected her to bring up his name…although that might have gone over as well as it does with Gates. And speaking of Gates, do you think she’s missing him or not…?

  3. c-mo says:

    This was one of the best Castle eps ever! I loved her using all of his names in her answer, I loved how she almost shot him in her new apartment, I loved the cliffhanger, etc…the only thing I didn’t love was Pi. He can go back to whence he came very soon. I’m hoping that since Castle has been somewhat banned from DC that he and the boys’ next case is locating Pi’s passport so he can go home!

    • Marc says:

      Where the heck did Pi come from? Inviting some guy who your father never met to stay at their house?

      • John says:

        Not asking? She’s a bit of a princess at times.

        • Alan says:

          yeah we tend to forget that she can still be a young idiot learning from her mistakes when she is just the perfect daughter most of the time. while i didnt enjoy pi and was practically screaming at castle to throw him out i did enjoy seeing alexis do something not very clever or well thought out because she always learns from her mistakes and it helps her grow as a character.

          • Just one thing says:

            My favorite part of the Pi factor is that he brings out Castle’s serious side. He has always been a good dad, but everything about his countenance changes from goofy, nosey Castle to serious, protective MR. Castle. Good stuff.

      • jwyoming says:

        Agreed this doofus Pi has to go and quick before he ruins the chemistry.

    • keke says:

      Castle has always been my best series of all time. I really love season 6, a lil change is alws good and dis is evident in this season. I can’t wait for episode2. Thumbs up to d producers of dis show, tis d best ever.

    • Bobby says:

      Pi was a good addition to the show. Tell me what Dad liked the first serious boyfriend. I like the way the season is going! It has the normal twists and turns suited for the fans of Castle.

  4. Christina says:

    I look forward to these recaps/discussions (and the comments). Man have I missed them!
    I was thoroughly impressed with the way Marlowe handled this. Great premiere, and great idea to lead off with a juicy cliffhanger. He’s got some stiff time slot competition, but I think Castle came off just as stronger (if not stronger) than ever!
    Seriously can’t wait to see how Beckett goes about saving Castle!

  5. James D says:

    Holly hell Mr. Marlowe and Co aren’t pulling any punches this go around, what a way to start a season. i loved it. hopefully this is a portend for things to come i’d like a little more serialized version of Castle not in regards to COW but in terms of the overall arc of Castle & Beckett, and the gang. I will be honest I feel a little concerned about them being engaged so soon it feels rushed to me, if they get married this season then what? I will be pissed if this a signal of them winding down the series. I need my castle on monday nights :) hopefully i’m being melodramatic and Marlowe will keep it fresh. interms of Caskett i was very pleased they were able to have thier moments yet still get to the case, which again i hope is a sign for the rest of the season.

    BTW Pi Classic! i can see that not turning out so well for Alexis and Castle. oh and why do shows automatically assume every fedural law enforcement is the NSA or james bond, its a little silly to see the face recognition and smart boards for an ag task force.

  6. Mike says:

    I hope Marlowe has a a huge payoff coming because what I saw tonight was all down hill post the marriage response. The heart of the show is them working together, Beckett was better because of Castle, they helped each other. If the this keeps up the Feds should hire Castle and fire the unit in DC, the guy form one photo and a call and lap top was ahead them. I am still a huge fan of the show, but tonight just felt weird and not Castle like at all.

    • SW says:

      I’m glad to see someone else thinks that it had a weird feel to it. I didn’t hate the episode at all, it just didn’t feel like an episode of Castle. It felt like a completely different show, especially with all of the new people.

      • JS says:

        I agree that it was a good episode but just not what I enjoy. I like the proximity of Ryan, Esposito and Laney in the 12th. No Laney at all last night. It was really too many characters to absorb in one night especially when you add in Alexis new boyfriend.

      • R. L. R. says:

        I agree that it wasn’t up to the par of other season openers. The answer to the question was what most of us wanted to know but after that and the comittment by each of them to one another, it went sideways, not downhill. Didn’t like any of the new characters, the feds were too stuffy and elitist types and too willing to claim a victory before being sure they actually solved the case. Did like Beckett not backing down when they wanted to quit and asserting herself as a trained investigator who knew it didn’t feel right. What I didn’t like, was when she told Castle he had 24 hrs. to live, she had no tears, really? She just told him she loved him for the second time in the series and she tells the one she loves he is dying and she’s not in tears??? Makes me question the depth of her love for him. Case was fragmented they seemed terribly lost about what they needed to do, who to watch, etc. Again as in the end of season 5, the 12th team knew more than the feds and knew where to direct Castle in his search. Pi, get lost, nothing like Alexis and her preferences established in earlier seasons. He’s a slob and Alexis isn’t. If he is so brilliant, how did he loose his passport and get into America without it? That made no sense.
        Too many fragments for me. But, I will not give up on the show, yet. Stana is too great of an
        actress and the best of the female leads on TV today as far as I am concerned. As long as she is on network TV, I will watch her performance. Her and Nathan have the best chemistry going and it is a joy to watch. I believe some of her performances and scenes were Emmy worthy, Kill Shot comes to mind, that was some performance. She made me feel all those things I had experienced all over again and reminded me how thankful I was to have survived it. Not giving up yet. I’ll be happy if they go back to New York, I don’t like these feds.

        • CBER101 says:

          Totally agree with all you said. And, as you said, yet to see a better actress than Stana, certainly should be considered for an Emmy, what more has she got to do to win one? Pi? deport him. I also wanted to see Kate shed some tears, the only reason I can come up with that she didn’t is; knowing that Castle can sometimes panic badly, she wanted to hold it together for him just like he did for her in “Still”. Good post.

      • TrulyTiny7 says:

        I have to agree with you. Felt so different. Loved the proposal; didn’t like Pi; not particularly fond of McCord; didn’t like Castle again portrayed as a bungler in trying to help Beckett; and Castle having 1 day to live…ridiculous! Anyway still a loyal fan but, I went to bed really disappointed!

    • Jules says:

      That’s interesting that you think it felt off because I actually felt the complete opposite. They aren’t working together right now and it would have been ridiculous to have Castle in on the case. If they did that, what would be the point of Kate going to DC? It’s a temporary break from the shows basic premise and it goes with the current storyline. We all know eventually Kate will be back with the guys- as to how that happens, I don’t know. But in the meantime I think they did a really good job throwing in all the little things that make his show what it is. From Beckett and Castle coming to the same conclusion on how the people escaped, to Rick bribing Ryan and Esposito for information. All classic Castle bits. I thought they did a great job. No disrespect though, we all have our opinions.

    • LL624 says:

      Dude, the DC thing is only 3 episodes. Calm down.

    • PEL says:

      You missed a lot, were you halfway asleep when you watched it ? It is a point of the episode that Beckett is better with Castle, she misses him, quite clearly, she relate to past case and you almost can hear her thinking “so what Castle would think ?”.

      • Alan says:

        people ignore what doesnt fit into what they already decided before seeing the episode, happens all the time around the internet, ive given up caring about it now.

    • samantha says:

      Quite agree. I hadn’t read anything about plans for the show and all I kept thinking during the show was this isn’t the Castle I love.

    • Annie says:

      YES, agreed completely. I hope they get back to NYC soon. The whole hour felt really, really off.

  7. Flick says:

    All I can say is that, it’s gonna be a great season. Here’s me hopping onto the ride! Take it away AWM and Co!

  8. Nick says:

    Loved the episode. I agree it’s probably one of strongest’s episode ever and quite possibly the strongest season opener. Honestly, everything felt just right: the way the marriage proposal was handled, the difficulties arising when trying to go long-distance, Castle being nosey as usual in a federal case…
    The only thing that didn’t really add up was a detail in the last scene. Castle’s got one day to live and Beckett tells him… not even a tear? Just holding his hand? Seriously? I mean, we all know they’re gonna make it but if they wanted to pretend to be (somehow) real, that should have been handled differently.

    • Mary says:

      IMO, that scene was perfectly handled. All the emotions were in her eyes (one of the reasons I love Stana´s acting is that she can act with just her eyes).
      She was telling the man she loves he´s probably dying soon…what does he need from her? That she just melts down or that she tries to hold on for the both of them? Knowing Castle, I think he needs her to hold on, but you could see in her eyes that she was barely holding hersel!

      • frankie says:

        I totally agree. Stana is so expert and capable when acting with those large ,expressive eyes, her body demeanor and facial expressions. This scene was more impacting than if she had verbalized her feelings. The beauty was to show that the relationship is at a stage where he knew her feelings and she knew he knew. She knew the hand holding and her touch would be more comforting. This was what would have happened in real life with a couple who are committed.

        • Just one thing says:

          Jumping on the praise train here to say, I think some of her best acting has been when she has no dialogue at all. It’s why I think both actors have complemented each other so well over the years. He’s fantastic in the verbal delivery, and she’s equally fantastic in the moments of silence.

      • Daniela says:

        I agree with that. Stana has a way of not needing to talk. She expresses everything with her eyes. She is such a great actress and she was trying to hold it in for Castle and be strong.

    • Kel says:

      I thought the same thing @ first then my mom said something that actually makes sense….right now she’s an FBI agent, she was @ work, with her co-workers looking on so even though I’m sure it’s killing her knowing he’s dying she couldn’t exactly break down in front of her new co-workers, she tried to handle it as best she could. There’s also the fact that Beckett rarely breaks down no matter how much something is hurting her we haven’t seen her cry that often, that’s not who she is as a character so making her start crying etc. wouldn’t of been true to her, having her hold her composure while showing the pain she’s really feeling in her eyes that was true to her character. Plus she was being strong not only for herself but for him too, what’s sobbing gonna do for either of them, he NEEDS her be herself, to be strong & to figure out a way to save him, basically to do what she does best.

    • Christina says:

      Yea, I’m going to agree with those before before me – at first I thought it was off, but when I really thought about it, the response made sense. The whole episode, she kept talking about needing to prove herself to her coworkers. If she broke down in front of them at this, that would very likely undermine her credibility in terms of being able to handle a difficult situation. Stana definitely killed it with her behavior though – her eyes spoke volumes, plus in terms of writing, she held his hand and called him “Babe” in front of all of her coworkers.
      What will upset me though is if we get no more of an emotional response next episode. I’m hoping that as time ticks down for Castle, her facade breaks down as well. From that promo though…idk.

      • Just one thing says:

        Yes. If they don’t have her nearly break down, or have them nearly break down together, they will have seriously missed a great opportunity. Especially around Acts II and III, when they’ll undoubtedly keep getting thwarted.

        • Christina says:

          Couldn’t agree more! Kind of like Mary (below) mentioned, I’d imagine she did have a private second to freak, but I still want to see it next episode. I agree on the thwarted thing too – hopefully after the second or third time they strike out, she’ll visibly get a bit desperate…

    • Mary says:

      And just one more thing…we didn´t see it, but Beckett had a couple of hours before talking to Castle; after all, the Feds went to NY to get him to DC, so she had some time to breakdown in private and try to hold herself for him:)

  9. SW says:

    “Even during a time when folks are separated geographically, it’s still going to feel like the experience that they’ve always gotten.” – That was the exact problem I had with tonight’s premiere, though. Not that it wasn’t a good episode, but it didn’t feel like the Castle I’ve been watching all these years, so I’m not sure they achieved what they were going for in relation to that quote. It felt very, very off having Castle and Beckett working with new people in D.C. and Ryan and Esposito back in NY working a case with the new detective. I honestly hated that part of it. I even tweeted that I didn’t know if I could handle it being like that for an entire season. It just didn’t feel right. With that said, it was still a strong premiere.

  10. Dani says:

    this episode totally exceeded my expectations! marlowe & co did a great job of tying up the cliffhanger and addressing the issues i (and i know many others) had with how things were going towards the end of last season. Meaning they made me feel like they were tackling that communication issue i kept seeing with c&b.
    Beckett is really trying to make things work in all aspects of her life, you can tell she is in a good place, they were talking about their issues and working to resolve them immediately… at least from what i can tell in just one episode anyway.
    Highlight: the casual i-love-you’s and kate calling him ‘babe’ was music to my ears, she should do that more often. Also, her having her engagement ring right next to her mom’s ring with her at all times… amazing touching little detail. And of course, stana’s chemistry with lisa edelstein was great, bummed she’s only on for three eps! but excited to see what happens next.

  11. Beckett should have definitely been more emotional in that last scene…otherwise an excellent premiere!

    • Denise Carlson says:

      I agree but I really think she was still in shock. It hasn’t really sunk in yet. Plus she is being watched so she tried to convey everything with her eyes and the hand holding something she doesn’t normally do in public. The babe comment is also very telling she is like , I really need for you to listen so I can get through this without breaking down.

  12. Babygate says:

    This is what I want to know: who needs to be bribed, coerced or begged to make Kbex and McCord happen? Lisa and Stana are phenomenal together. Even the tension between Castle and Rachel was fun to watch. I’m loving the DC set up and the show could use a change of scenery. The precinct is beginning to look dated. Can we make this happen? Please??? I loved, loved this episode. They hit it right out of the park.

    • I join you here in the bribing, coercing, begging etc. section to make Kbex and McCord happen. Stana and Lisa are fantastic together and I know already I need much, much, much more than just 3-episode arc!

    • Just one thing says:

      I appreciate the McCord arc for what it is, which is a brief divergence from the tried-and-true Castle formula (which isn’t broken and doesn’t really need fixing), that also proves to viewers in doubt that Beckett is more than capable of solving crimes without Castle. This was her career, which she excelled at, before he came along.
      The difference, of course, is that Castle’s way of operating often avoids the bureaucracy and due process that Beckett often has to uphold. And because he comes at things differently and more abstractly, it’s certainly more entertaining to watch. Even Beckett has to follow A-B-C, while Castle freely jumps from A to C. That’s what makes the show so different from other procedurals.
      As much as I enjoy the dynamic between the actresses and their characters, I’m not sure the allure would hold long-term. Even serving as a quasi-foil to Beckett, who’s grown leaps and bounds over six years, McCord is still too similar.

  13. Olivia says:

    I am so glad that shows with good writing are coming back. After that joke of a series finale for Dexter, I really need to watch quality writing and entertaining stories. Castle never disappoints me, even when things get rough or don’t go the way I wish they would. Mostly because whatever they decide to put the characters through, they manage to do it without giving us the middle finger. It’s always rewarding for the fans.

  14. lame says:

    Well done AWM, well done, and a two parter for good measure. I realize the workload makes the longer story lines problematic, but the character development is less rushed and the pace so much more enjoyable. Looking forward to season 6 and whatever AWM & Co can imagine for Caskett.

    • lame says:

      One request, can Caskett refer to one another as Rick & Kate more often.

      • ccb says:

        I couldnt agree more…They seem to do that when they are being serious…and there were some very serious moments last night…

        • Alan says:

          calling each other by their last names are their pet names for each other, its the way they always referred to each other and they want to keep doing that. their first names are for when they get serious with each other.

  15. wiredwizard says:

    What i watched tonight wasn’t Castle. It was the cast of Castle stumbling through some sort of police procedural/soap opera cross over, and it was =meh= at best. As great as Fillion & Katic are, they can only do so much when given sub-par material to work with. I hope the writers *fix this mess soon, I really do ’cause I’m running out of decent TV shows to watch.

    • Christina says:

      All do respect, I think a lot of the fanbase feels that they did fix it. We all know that at some point in the next few episodes, they’ll be back to working together full-time, and I’m genuinely excited to see how they get there. This material is anything but sub-par. When has any other writer on a procedural like this been so cognizant of the fans? I love this show, and even when it’s having an off night, I still think its better than most “decent tv.”

      • wiredwizard says:

        “cognizant of the fans?” All due respect, but you obviously saw a different episode than I did.

        • Christina says:

          Well, idk about that. What do you think the fans expected? We wanted a reasonable proposal – yes, it wasn’t great, but they came right out and addressed that with Beckett mentioning that she thought he was breaking up with her. I thought it recovered nicely from there, especially with the I Love You and her use of his full name. We wanted to see them acting like more of a couple – I think they did the best with that they could, given the situation. She was clearly excited to see him, and they had a few nice casual ILYs and coupley breakfast/dinner scenes. We wanted to see them investigating together – this was probably the most lacking, but we still got to see it at the beginning, when Castle showed up at the golf course. They still finished each others sentences off with the whole drainage system thing. Plus, from the promo, it looks like he’ll be a lot more involved next week. All in all, I really liked it. As fans, I guess we just expect different things.

        • Just one thing says:

          For all of Castle’s flaws and imperfections, this series is clearly run by people who have a vision and a respect for their audience. I don’t think it takes a lot of digging or wanking to see the attempts the creator and writers have made to make the show as appealing as possible to its core base of fans, while still maintaining the procedural elements.

  16. Mary says:

    I really loved this episode! I love how Castle and Beckett are with each other now, all the casual ily´s, the petnames and all (I think that because they now know where they stand with each other they can be a normal couple, without holding something for fear of how the other will react).
    If anything, I miss the whole group together, but Ausiello said that Kate would be stuck in this job for 2-5 episodes, so I´m okay with it! Knowing the show I love won´t let go its roots, I find a change interesting and refreshing!

  17. Michelle says:

    “It’s about who Beckett is, and what kind of life Castle’s going to lead if he remains in New York without her.”

    Sigh. Last time I checked this show was about Castle, and HIS relationship with Beckett.

    (But on a positive note, I actually loved that episode. Felt fresh. I like that Marlowe’s saying he can’t give a definite yes to a wedding yet – I’d prefer to have them break up and reunite and get a waaaay more romantic proposal than that.)

    • 1406adm says:

      Apart from fans of Firefly, I think the vast majority of viewers understand that it is necessary to have Beckett as the focus of the show for at least half the time, because Nathan Fillion isn’t a strong enough actor to carry a show on his own for six years (the track record of his previous shows is proof of this); he’s a one-trick pony who many many people find incredibly annoying after a short time.

    • LL624 says:

      Really? Because it’s always been about Beckett to me. Title character or not. And the break up and get back together thing is so tired. I’m glad Castle doesn’t go that way. Hopefully it never will.

      • Liz says:

        Actually I think it was about Castle AND Beckett, not one of them solely, and it all came about with Castle wanting to accompany Beckett and her team for inspirational purposes. So if anything it’s been about him tagging along with her, which means either one won’t really work out without the other. It has definitely not been about Beckett and her police work or life as the only real main character, in which case Castle himself wouldn’t have needed to be there and would probably only have been there every once in a while, which means the show wouldn’t have been called “Castle” and wouldn’t have the whole “writing”- and “writer taggs along with cops”-theme to it, maybe it would’ve been called “NYPD” or whatever, but basically it wouldn’t be much different from countless other cop shows if Castle wasn’t there or wasn’t at least one of the main characters.
        While the show likely wouldn’t work without Beckett either, to me Castle still is the title character and inspiration for/idea behind the whole show. For a reason. Had the show always been about Beckett it would’ve been her who’d been introduced first, maybe she’d just met Castle at a chance (And in that case, why would he have tagged along?), but this wasn’t the case. Castle was introduced first and we learned a lot about him, his character and his life, long before we learned much of anything about Beckett.
        All in all, I’m not saying Beckett is not one of the main characters or the show could do without her, but it started out as mainly being about Castle and, yes, like Michelle said, his relationship of whatever kind to Beckett, like their work relationship with him shadowing her due to his life and work, not als being about Beckett and her life and work. In a way you could probably say the show was about Castle making his life/work about Beckett (in a way: the show in the show; his is about Beckett, the whole is about him and his Beckett-show), which obviously results in the viewers getting to see a lot of Becketts work, because after all that’s what Castle set out to do: investigate/be inspired by her work. It was only gradually that we got to learn more about Beckett, too, and mostly because it was somehow tied to her work or what makes her tick and do things the way she does or why she does them. If the show wasn’t largely about Castle and how he affects Becketts work and life it would mainly be like any other crime/cop show (that doesn’t have a writer, consultant or whatever tag along and help solving the case by offering wild speculations and weird theories).
        That being said, I can understand that the show may need to revolve around Beckett’s work in DC for a while, because after all it IS still a cop/crime show, too, (and they’ll probably need to establish why she’ll decide to come back in the end) and yes, she’s a main character, but I also think the “base” of the show is in NY with Castle and the remaining team and I would appreciate if they got a couple cases there, too, to show that life goes on in NY even without Beckett. Besides, like I said in another comment already, seeing how the main idea of the show was Castle tagging along and co-investigating to get ideas for his books, it would be interesting to know what happened to that “contract” between him and the NYPD. To feel like “Castle” the show still needs the writing- and getting inspiration-parts, no matter where Beckett is, because that was the original gist of the show. So all in all, I think at the moment the show needs both, not solely Beckett’s work or solely Ryan, Espo and Castle working on their own, in my opinion they need to have a credible balance until Beckett comes back for whichever reason. (Because let’s face it, I don’t think the show will work out or is intended to be like this in the long run. I can’t imagine them dumping Ryan and Espo and having the show revolve around Kate’s work and new colleagues in DC with Castle visiting every once in a while, besides Beckett likely wouldn’t have the opportunity to solve her mother’s murder when she’s with the feds, which I believe still is a thread she’s not willing to drop as it’s ultimately what made her pursue her career path.)

      • frankie says:

        I agree with you and Marcella. Initially, I thought the emphasis on Beckett was to allow for the audience to view her back story. We knew (premier show) that Castle was a successful writer, playboy and man who loved his family. As this show progressed, I had to admit that it is the Beckett show. I do not care what they title it, this show revolves around Stana. I don’t know if this was the original intent. I also came to realize that Nathan is a ‘one trick pony’. I admire the Firefly fans loyalty, but he has limited range. Some even call him a great actor. He is capable of giving the performance that the show asks of him. But, in truth, he is a supporting player. He could not carry a show. Marlowe should count himself lucky to have found Stana. But I count him wise since it is obvious that he sees the strength of the show is Stana. I started to take note of Stana in the premier show when Castle was guessing her motivation for becoming a cop. Her demeanor even then, led the audience to believe she had more talents. That one scene when she acted with her facial expression revealed her emotions. She went from cocky to vulnerable, to closing herself off to the truth. She never said a word, but we knew Castle had hit a sensitive spot that showed few people. I said, ‘damn, girl can act’. Who is she? I also must admit that Nathan gets on my nerve sometimes. Were it not for Stana, I would have checked out long ago.

    • Lizi says:

      Really? Why do you think Beckett was TT WW during the episode!

    • scooby says:

      The whole reason he does any of that is love for Beckett. It’s around her that things revolve for him now, personally and professionally. All the love for Martha and Alexis aside, things have to happen for or to Kate for there to be drama a lot of the time since Castle, despite all his experiences, isn’t a cop. He’d have to do things that are profoundly impossible to believe (even for a fictional show) if he wasn’t tied to helping her as much. His quirkiness and ‘touching things’ persona would disappear because he couldn’t be goofy and do that stuff–he’d screw something up. He’d have to be more serious, ergo not Castle, ergo another show. Whenever people grumble that it’s the Beckett show, they need to remember how often it is that Castle has solo or main development (only occasionally like with the Alexis kidnapping) and how often it is that that didn’t ultimately involve his feelings for Beckett when he did. You can do more things with Beckett’s situation. Can’t bring Castle’s dad on all the time for obvs reasons. Castle’s not got huge stakes comparatively when writer’s block is the big threat. Gotta be careful giving him huge stakes about his own life too often. Notice it always seems to involve his loves Alexis and Beckett. He’s the titular character. We know he’s not dying. It’s about how he gets out of it, how relationships change. See? Still some of it is about Beckett. No way around that. It’s the show you signed up for. They set it up in S1.

  18. anon says:

    The whole premise of Kate being in DC and Rick being in NY is a stretch….he is a wealthy writer who could easly write anywhere and could easily just get a place in DC…his daughter is away in college so it doesn’t matter where she visits him and he isn’t a little boy tied to his mommys apron strings….we are given Kate & Rick being engaged in one hand but taken away them working together as partners with the other….silly silly plot device.

    • PEL says:

      If we asked for a woman to live le city she always was in to follow her fiancé, no matter if she has no family or job string, we could scream ! Think about that

    • Erin says:

      Maybe because HIS home is in NY not DC. That’s a conversation they probably will have at some point, I think… even being engaged he has a life outside the relationship just like her… and this job for Beckett or for another person/character will not provide a total fulfillment in life, unless the job is priority…

  19. Liz says:

    Personally I didn’t think it felt like the “original Castle” for most of the time. It was alright and they handled bringing in Castle himself better than I thought they would (although it felt quite a bit forced, he’d been investigated [and kidnapped] so many times before and still immediately upon setting foot to DC ends up being investigated and kidnapped again and again and, surprise, ends up lethally poisoned, too), but for me it wasn’t like it used to be. The show used to focus on Castle and how he works with Beckett and the rest of the team, this episode felt like the show was suddenly revolving around Beckett and her life and work, like Castle was only a “nice addition” to mix things up because he’s her fiancé instead of the main character of and inspiration for the show. (In other words: largely the part of the boyfriend/fiancé could’ve been played by anyone and might have just as well been another character, like in many other shows the main character’s +1 changes from time to time. Additionally, the part of the abducted and poisoned pseudo-witness/investigator also could’ve been played by any character, like anyone unrelated who happened to be at golf course at the same time as Beckett.)
    There were elements of humour that I felt were typical for the show, but that’s about it. To me, with Ryan and Esposito on the sidelines, only popping up once or twice to have a brief chat with Castle, it doesn’t feel like “Castle”, I missed their teamwork and jokes, I missed Lanie and I definitely would’ve wanted to see (= think we should’ve seen) how not only Ryan, Espo and Lanie responded to Beckett decision to take the job in DC, but also Captain Gates. I mean, it’s not only that “her best detective” is leaving and she might have mixed feelings about that, but also that she’ll have to have made a decision about the team. Espo and Ryan likely won’t be working on their own, so they’d need a new partner or superior/team leader and it’d be a question if possibly one of them was promoted to lead the team. Furthermore she (and/or Castle) would’ve needed to decide what happens with his “contract” with the NYPD, now that his “muse” isn’t working there anymore. Can he still “shadow” Ryan, Espo and possibly the new team member, or is his status revoked and he can’t participate in NYPD-investigations anymore? (He’s been on long holidays or book tours before, so I don’t count that as a definitive sign that he’s left the NYPD.)
    Overall, while I don’t think it was a bad episode I also don’t think it felt the way it used to be or was a particularly good episode in terms of balance, characters and characteristics of the show and hope it’ll be back to how it used to be rather sooner than later.

  20. Ana says:


  21. Sally Ramsey says:

    Just had a thought. Papaya is used to break down proteins. It breaks down bee venom. Could Pi have a hand in saving Castle?

  22. Ana Rubio says:

    Awesome! Really good episode! best Castle season premiere ever. I loved every second of it! so intense!

  23. Pai is also a hippie town in Thailand says:

    I thought it was great, really funny too. And apparently Cuckoo has moved from England into Castle’s home…

  24. greysfan says:

    That was an AMAZING premiere and that ending my jaw hit the floor. I was like WTF? are you serious? Glad the show is back.

  25. Jet says:

    I loved the Premiere! I missed Castle over the summer… Now I just have to wait a week for another fantastic (I expect nothing less) episode:)) I’ve been watching since the Pilot and I have never regretted spending an hour a week watching :) Beautiful cast, beautiful writers, beautiful characters, beautiful stories!

  26. Guest says:

    Mixed feelings on this episode.

    The Castle and Beckett moments were excellent, exactly the type of stuff that we should be seeing.

    The fed business is all utter nonsense. Beckett doing training exercises for stolen nuclear launch codes and using stupid gadgets like James Bond.

    Why couldn’t we have had Beckett working as a realistic federal agent, with realistic scenarios and crimes like a Criminal Minds style fed, instead of this ‘men in black’ saving the world type nonsense that sounds like something out of Chuck.

    Also a huge plot hole, why would the bad guys go to all the hassle of framing a guy for stealing the chip thing to cover up the actual theft of the chemical weapon, but then turn around and kill the fall guy with the chemical weapon letting everyone know what they had done…

  27. Linda says:

    I did enjoy the episode, especially that, once we pick up the action in D.C. we get to see Rick and Kate (I agree I always feel a scene between the leads is more “intimate” when they call each other by their first name) behaving as a couple in a committed relationship. The passion in the reunion scene when Rick surprises her in D.C. and the closing scene when she calls him babe was lacking toward the end of last season. They had become complacent with each other and this shift due to Kate’s new job, could be the catalyst to a revitalized storyline. The photograph on Kate’s bookshelf was a nice touch. It is a visual reminder that they are now operating as a couple and that decisions will need to be made “together”, not as they previously functioned, independently.
    Putting Castle’s life in jeopardy at the end of the episode and looking forward to them “figuring out” a solution is icing on a delectable cake.
    I agree with other posters that the appeal for me has always been the way the pair complement each other in the course of an investigation and that is the main thrust of the story dynamic. It felt a bit lacking in this episode but necessary to establish the potential decision looming for Kate at some point in the season.
    I will be curious to see how Marlowe justifies a return to NY by Kate. If she chooses primarily because of her love for Castle, will that lessen the argument that the woman shouldn’t have to choose love over a career? Perhaps there is a way that Kate returns to NY, still in her new capacity, but assigned as some sort of liaison with the NYPD.
    All in all, a very enjoyable start to the new season and one that opens up tremendous possibilities for storylines, but the romantic in me still hopes for the “happily ever after” scenario, with a wedding on the beach in the Hamptons.

    • Erin says:

      “Will that lessen the argument that the woman shouldn’t have to choose love over a career?”

      A woman can choose what it is better for her, love or work, that doesn’t make her less of a woman, unless she is trying to prove something to someone and not living to be happy.

    • Just one thing says:

      Re: your NYPD/Federal liaison idea
      That’s exactly what I guessed she would be. It would allow for higher profile cases. Plus, it would hopefully not upset the applecart back home if Espo is now in charge.
      One other question is how Castle and Beckett will work together again in NY if they’re engaged.

    • Dmac says:

      I guess that is my biggest issue with this episode. We as women can’t have it all, it’s not realistic it’s a fairytale. There will always be compromises as partners and one person can’t and shouldn’t dictate the terms. Right now this feels like the Kate show and one of the biggest draws for me at least with the interaction between the whole team not just Beckett and Castle. I didn’t hate the episode, but I did love it either.

      • t says:

        And the other thing is if you value the relationship at all, you at least talk about it with the other person. Beckett shares with Lainie, her father, even the perpetrator of a crime, but not with the guy she’s supposed to be in love with. That, my friends, is terribly, terribly unlikeable.

    • Peter says:

      You are on to something that not only makes sense but is the only story line that has the benefit of having happened before. Early in the 1st season there was a former lover of Beckett’s who was with the FBI and was posted as a liaison to NYPD; similarly, in the 3rd season(?) Dana Delaney was liaison to NYPD for a couple of episodes, so it’s not as though the precedent isn’t there.
      Of course Beckett could decide to go back to the 12th precinct on her own, and with good reason: she could see the uptight, strictly by-the-book, emotionally neutered wasteland that is McCord’s life and say “uh-uh, not for me”. That would give her the chance to satisfy her ambition(been there, done that) and decide, on her own, w/o being influenced by her cohorts @ the 12th, her father or Castle, that what she wants is in New York, at the 12th, with her once and future comrades-in- arms.
      Furthermore, and several comments have addressed this idea, she must come to the realization that since Castle came to the 12th, they have cleared more cases and arrested more bad guys than before he showed up. Now, Castle’s methods-intuition and flights of (often) ridiculous fancy are questionable-get results. This fact cannot have escaped her.
      Also, on a barely tangential storyline- Could Marlowe and company go quickly through Pi’s story arc and then get rid of him PLEASSSSSE? His presence is cloying, annoying, and completely distracting. He serves no useful purpose and his existence in Alexis’ life is counter-intuitive to a degree I never thought possible.

  28. Laurie says:

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  29. Badpenny says:

    Just my random feelings:
    1: The show doesn’t work for me when Castle and Beckett aren’t on the same team working the case together. Castle is a crime procedural first and a relationship show second. It doesn’t work the other way around.
    2: The Pi character is far too cliche. Plus his story doesn’t make any sense. He can’t get back into Amsterdam because he lost his passport, but they let him out of Costa Rica without a passport that day? What?
    3: If this were episode 22 I might believe Castle will die because they’re ending the series. On episode 2, no chance at all. Trying to create intense situational drama when you already know the situation can NEVER happen is just poor writing.
    I’ll give it a B for effort, but only because I know these changes aren’t permanent.

  30. Dory says:

    I certainly agree with the fans who didn’t like Pi. What a weirdo. Otherwise pretty good. Hope they improve as they go. Was a little tired last eve. Hope to see it repeated on

  31. Ana says:

    Hopefully all those insecure people in the world, who doesn’t know who they are or what they want to be or do with their life, find some like Castle in their life, some one will just give them time, space, understanding, patience for them to figure it out and be there for them. Hopefully. sigh….

  32. Lisa says:

    Loved it. Thanks to all involved. Off to rewatch!

  33. Erin says:

    When you don’t know what you want in your life, your priorities, etc, life become more complicated than it is already.

  34. leigh says:

    I avoided spoilers all summer. I tried so hard to make it all a surprise. Then I read Deadly Heat. Spoilers abound about the proposal…but it was good because im glad they moved the relationship forward.

    I think that this was a great episode. I love the theme of the season and feel that this is a great direction to take the show in. I’ve read so many comments about how they need to act more like a couple and now we get the chance to see it in action. I’m excited for season 6, just like at the beginning of season 5, and 4 and 3.

  35. Marc says:

    I’m sorry, the premiere was just okay for me. For some reason, I found Castle to be utterly annoying and needy in this episode and I did not like the fact that I did not like him in this. All I could think about as he inserted himself in Beckett’s case despite her pleas was that he must be trying to sabotage her on some subconscious level. Granted I really don’t think that’s what the writers are trying to do, but he really came across as someone who did not care if she got in trouble or not. He came to DC to see her, why couldn’t he have gone sightseeing or something? Him running around town behind Beckett’s back made him seem insecure and it just did not translate well for me. It did not make him look good. On the other hand, Beckett’s lighthearted response to Castle’s interference was a pleasant surprise. I kept waiting for her to lose her temper at him, I know I would. Still, an okay episode, I was just expecting more.

    • Badpenny says:

      Castle’s entire character is built around the simple concept of : curiosity killed the cat. That’s what he was in episode 1, that’s what he is in episode 106. His need to get involved with things he shouldn’t be involved in has gotten him into tons of trouble. Remember when he and Beckett were removed from the dirty bomb case but they went off and investigated anyway on his insistence? It’s who Castle is. He can’t sit on the sidelines. And getting into trouble is what he always does. Whether it’s stealing police horses and riding them naked or snooping where he’s not supposed to be snooping. Castle seldom cares about the consequences of his actions.

  36. Steph says:

    I absolutely LOVED this premiere! It might have even surpassed my previously favorite season 3 premiere. I didn’t expect to see all of those Castle and Beckett scenes and that was an awesome surprise. They acted like they were in a relationship for the first time in a while, and you could see how much they wanted to be with each other. Marlowe changed the environment, but the characters stayed true to themselves for me. I can’t even wait to see what’s in store for the rest of the season!!! Marlowe pulled out all the stops last night and I applaud him for how he handled the temporary change to the show.

  37. Just one thing says:

    This was a really solid premiere with great character moments. I enjoyed it. Even if I thought the poison thing was a bit much, I’m really looking forward to seeing how Beckett and Castle save his own life.
    I see some people saying it didn’t feel like classic Castle, and I think that’s necessary as the show continues to evolve and stay relevant — and it sounds like the stark differences were by design, to challenge the characters and the status quo.
    If this were “classic” Castle, as some have put it, last season finale would have been about Kate’s quest and the premiere would have inched forward with a new piece of the puzzle. They’ve used that formula many times now, with little movement for Castle and Beckett.
    Just as the Johanna Beckett case has taken more and more of a backseat each season, so too should we expect — or at least consider that — the show will pave some different paths as it draws closer to the end of its run.
    I was really bummed when he put the kibosh on more serialized episodes. But I understand that it’s probably gotta be that way.
    All I hope for is more season-long continuity with certain characters, or at least better handling on that. And more logical relationship turns than we’re taken late last year.

  38. Kristine S. says:

    I was bored. I love the show, I really do, but I was bored. And just as a sidenote, life threatening problems to the lead aren’t much of a concern when they are the LEAD and it’s the first episode of the season. I wasn’t the least bit moved at the possibility of Richard dying because I know that he won’t. I wish they’d steer clear of that type of storyline. And no Lanie at all?! For shame!

  39. David4 says:

    I enjoyed the opener until the end which was lame and not needed. Unless they are going to kill Castle and have little Castle and her boyfriend Pi/Py/Pie solve crimes from a van.

  40. Corey says:

    I loved this episode! Totally makes up for the Dexter finale.

  41. Tom says:

    So Marlowe is going to kill off the lead character of the show in the second episode of the season? Sure, what could go wrong with that plan? I’ve said it before, these cliff-less cliffhangers are trite.

    I thought it was a good opening episode. It made me want to see how these new circumstances are going to play out. But I think something needs to change to get the show back to the formula that works — Castle and Beckett solving crimes together. I think the concept of Castle as an outsider is fine for the first few episodes of the season. But Marlowe needs to return things to normalcy ASAP. Castle stealing clues from classified files, getting arrested by the feds every week and still solving the crime faster than the FBI is going to get real tired if it’s the theme of the show for the whole season. At this point I’m assuming there is a plan here. I hope I’m not wrong.

    Also, once again, NYC and Washington DC aren’t that far apart. I think Marlowe keeps overplaying the distance. Lots of people commute between those two cities. Sure it’s a complication in the Castle/Beckett relationship, but it really isn’t that big a deal.

    • Marc says:

      I have to agree with you especially all the drama that is being created with Beckett moving to DC which is a four hour drive from NY or a 1 hr and 20 minute flight. Castle is a successful wealthy writer, his daugter is away at college and he lives with his mother. There is no reason, he could not be staying even part-time in DC with Beckett. This so called ‘problem’ IMO, is merely an annoyance, nothing that could or should threaten their relationship or cause the amount of handwringing that they’re pushing for.

      Also, I did not find it amusing or entertaining watching Castle interfere in Beckett’s case, especially knowing she was so new in her job and she could have been booted off in a jiffy. It made him appear inconsiderate and needy. The whole episode did not resonate with me at all. I really wanted to like it, but I didn’t.

      Still, I don’t believe that the entire season will be like this. I’m sure that they will find a way to make it work without all the triteness.

    • John says:

      Since he was on an extended book tour his not locating a place in D.C. has short term logic but otherwise I agree nabbing a great place would be a simple move for someone of his apparent resources.

      OTOH his current bread and butter is a book series about a New York cop, and being in New York to get all the locale details right makes sense.

    • Just one thing says:

      I totally agree that putting Castle’s life in danger is silly, since we all know he’s going to live. Hopefully, they took next week’s episode as an opportunity to not only explore a solid, reasonable explanation for saving him, but the rocky, emotional journey the characters go on as well.
      They’ve been in these life-or-death situations before. But now they have a completely different perspective. They took the leap together, they’re looking toward the future — even if it is abstractly. Next episode has to solve the mystery, yes. But I absolutely hope they explore the very real character aspects and ramifications of his life being in jeopardy now.

  42. Astrid says:

    That was an amazing episode! Kudos to the entire cast and crew! It was also great seeing Lisa Edelstein in Castle.

    • John says:

      She did fit in nicely didn’t she? Sometimes the “extra” has been an awkward fit but her interaction with both Beckett and Castle was smooth, Lisa had a confidence in the part arc actors sometimes lack.

  43. K says:

    I don’t know about y’all, but I really loved Valkyrie. Valkyrie had such a different tone to it than past castle premiere episodes. It was refreshing not to have a premiere about beckett’s mom case. Valkyrie was so much better then after the storm. In Valkyrie what I really loved was the ‘couple aspect’ Rick and Kate both acted like a real couple who are in love with each other. I loved all the little signs of physical affection that is something that lacked last season up until the lives of others.
    My favorite scene of the episiode was the apartment scene. I loved that castle went to see Beckett in DC. She is in the bathroom and turns around and has her gun pointed at castle. Lol that felt like classic castle. Beckett climbed castle like a tree in that scene it was so hot. 
The most moving scene in the episode to me was the close up shot of Kate’s necklace. Her mothers ring symbolizes the life that she lost, but her engagement ring symbolizes the life that she gained. Whenever she needs comfort she can just look down at her necklace and be reminded of her future.

    The last scene in Valkyrie was so cruel. In the scene Beckett wasn’t ”agent” but just Kate Beckett. She looked so scared having to break the news to her fiancé that he has less than a day to live. Earlier in the episode castle said he couldn’t live his life without her. Beckett wouldn’t survive if she ever lost castle. Beckett has saved castle like in cops and robbers, but this time a lot more is at stake. Looking forward to seeing Beckett going all badass to save the man who she loves.

  44. K says:

    I don’t know about y’all, but I really loved Valkyrie. Valkyrie had such a different tone to it than past castle premiere episodes. It was refreshing not to have a premiere about beckett’s mom case. Valkyrie was so much better then after the storm. In Valkyrie what I really loved was the ‘couple aspect’ Rick and Kate both acted like a real couple who are in love with each other. I loved all the little signs of physical affection that is something that lacked last season up until the lives of others. My favorite scene of the episiode was the apartment scene. I loved that castle went to see Beckett in DC. She is in the bathroom and turns around and has her gun pointed at castle. Lol that felt like classic castle. Beckett climbed castle like a tree in that scene it was so hot. 
The most moving scene in the episode to me was the close up shot of Kate’s necklace. Her mothers ring symbolizes the life that she lost, but her engagement ring symbolizes the life that she gained. Whenever she needs comfort she can just look down at her necklace and be reminded of her future.
The last scene in Valkyrie was so cruel. In the scene Beckett wasn’t ”agent” but just Kate Beckett. She looked so scared having to break the news to her fiancé that he has less than a day to live. Earlier in the episode castle said he couldn’t live his life without her. Beckett wouldn’t survive if she ever lost castle. Beckett has saved castle like in cops and robbers, but this time a lot more is at stake. Looking forward to seeing Beckett going all badass to save the man who she loves.

  45. David says:

    I was very please with the whole episode. AWM pulled it off very well and got all that “where are we headed” mess out of the way in one scene. Now we all know where they’re headed. But I’m sure somewhere along the way there are going to be some twists and turns that I’m not going to like. Like some of the other posts I’ve read I think its a little to soon for the writer monkey to be in a situation where he might die but this may also help Kate to make up her mind as to where she actually belongs. I’m sorry but she is an NYPD detective not a federal agent! I had a good time watching the episode it felt more like I was watching a movie rather than a tv show (less the commercials). Castle is Still my favorite tv show and Always will be, Great Job AWM, NF, and SK and all the cast and crew you did not disappoint. I’m looking forward to another great season!

  46. Shannon says:

    I was less than thrilled with the episode. While some shows manage to keep their formulaic episodes new and fresh, I’ve just been getting the feeling that castle is running out of steam. I think we need to take a break from Castle and Beckett for a while and run some more stories with the gang in NY (more Penny!).

  47. John says:

    Way exceeded my expectations: the change in gears worked very well, which was a pleasant surprise!

    To me the two leads had renewed chemistry and their scenes together had a lot of energy. For the long term I’d want NY back but for the moment this is working for me.

  48. Marine says:

    Not that I hated the episode, I didn’t. BUT It didn’t feel like I was watching a Castle episode. I’m sorry but I missed the bromance. We barely saw Ryan and Espo. It seems like they were the guest stars instead of Lisa and the others. Also missed Gates and Lanie. Lanie is SO underrated…And I can’t believe we didn’t get her reaction to Kate’s engagement….It could have been funny and priceless to have a girl talk about it. And some Esplanie as well. We barely see these two anymore, and that’s a shame, Jon and Tamala have an amazing dynamic together. I’m not a fan at all of this new “kate beckett show”, sorry Andrew and co.

    Otherwise I sometimes thought the episode was funny and nice to watch. But it’s not what’s gonna make me stay a Castle fan. Especially if Mr Marlowe don’t go deeper into the “Esplanie relationship”. Their fans need to know what’s going on with these two, as well as seeing Ryan and Gates more, way more than seeing Kate having a new job in DC.

  49. Jess says:

    I knew some people would be upset by having Castle and Beckett apart, but I’m puzzled as to how you can say the show felt so off from what it used to be- Its only been 1 episode! The overall theme and tone of the show has not changed. The DC storyline is necessary to the evolvement of Rick and Kate’s relationship. I think people are missing the point of the long distance thing. It’s not literally about the distance as yes, Castle could technically move there and/or visit often- it’s about the communication. The two are so used to working together and always have that connection to fall back on. What happens when that is gone? Can they still make it work? The end of last season was all about the lack of talking between the two. Living in different cities means they are forced to communicate in order for the relationship to survive. Kate will be back in NY at some point and hopefully their relationship will be all the more stronger because of this. I think it all makes perfect sense in the storytelling sense. I think people need to be a little patient because they’re not going to have two different shows going on here. It will all come full circle.

    • Badpenny says:

      Now reread what you wrote and realize it’s entirely about the relationship. I’m a huge shipper but I realize the show isn’t primarily about the relationship. The show is a crime procedural about a cop and a writer working together as a team to solve crimes. The fact that the fall in love is a bonus, but not the meat of the story. If they’re not working together to solve crimes then the entire premise of the series is no longer valid.
      Now we all know this isn’t going to last, but why spend 3-4 episodes taking us on this journey only to have it end up exactly where it began with Beckett back as a cop and she and Castle working together on crimes? It’s just wasting time and building up angst for no reason; much like Castle being poisoned when we all know he isn’t going to die.

      • John says:

        Well, Marlowe has said before he like to challenge the characters but I always have thought that is him challenge his staff and himself, to see how good or bad they are.

      • Jess says:

        I dont need to reread what I wrote. I never said the show is all about the relationship. I’m just saying that THIS storyline is, and its a way to explore and further that relationship. I don’t even consider myself a “shipper” as I really enjoy the crime storylines and interaction between all the characters much more than the romantic parts. To me, it will make it that much better when she finally comes back to NY (whatever capacity that may be) and we won’t have to deal with the game playing part of the relationship getting in the way. It may be a crime procedural first but they can’t ignore the relationship either. We need to see some growth in that aspect as well or it wouldn’t make sense. I think the storyline is good for the characters evolvement, regardless if we end up back in NY and its the same as before. It makes sense to me but you’re certainly free to disagree.

        • Jess says:

          Just wanted to add a few things. One- u do totally agree about Castle being poisoned. We know he’s not going to die so it felt really ridiculous. I also wanted to say that I do agree the show is about them working the cases together and not about the romance. But you have to admit that in the latter half of last season they made the relationship huge part of the storyline (and really the ONLY storyline at the end there). I think it would be worse if they dropped all that angst without clearing anything up. I think the DC arc is their way of doing that. Is it my favorite? No, not really and the sooner Beckett gets back to NY the happier I’ll be. But that’s just my interpretation of why this story is being told the way it is. Other will disagree and that’s fine. I’ve seen your posts before Badpenny and they’re always well thought out and informative. Different opinions are always good right?

  50. Krithika says:

    Wow it feels amazing to be back here after such a long break! (stayed off-line to avoid any spoilers :P). Hey everyone: Matt and Ausiello, fans, haters, worshippers, trolls, fanatics and the self-appointed experts. I missed being here so much….

    Now to the episode….I just wanna say one thing: I swear I can’t remember the last time I was this involved and actually interested in the Case of the Week. And as for the Caskett…
    Remember the time we fans screamed at our TVs and computers, begging for the two of them to say “the three words?” Now, I can’t believe they’ve actually started using them in their casual conversations!
    So. Happy. :’)