Dexter Finale Recap: So Much For My Happy Ending - Grade the Episode and Final Season

Dexter FinaleIf you have yet to watch Dexter‘s series finale, avert your eyes. All others, proceed…

This is it, Dexter fans. Our favorite serial killer has slapped his last mosquito, squeezed his ultimate blood orange and flossed one final time. But did the Showtime series’ finale – especially its ending – serve as a fitting close for the lovable fiend? Let’s review what happened in “Remember the Monsters?.”

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ALL ABOARD | “I always thought if I left Miami, I’d be running for my life, not running towards another one,” Dexter voice-overs as he and Harrison power-walk through the airport on their way to meet Hannah at the gate. But blondie’s nowhere to be seen, and when she calls from the bathroom, we find out why: Elway’s in the boarding area, and there’s no way the trio will be able to get on the plane without him seeing. So Dexter fakes a bomb with items he buys at a concourse magazine stand, then frames Elway as the threat. Upside: Deb’s old boss is taken away by airport security. Downside: The boarding area is now closed because of the threat.

As Dexter, Harrison and Hannah exit the terminal, Dex gets a call from Matthews: Oliver Saxon shot Deb, and she is really not doing OK. Dexter sends Hannah and Harrison off, telling her not to worry that the impending hurricane may mean escape via plane is impossible: “We’ll make this work.” (And I add: “By the way, could you maybe wear a less bright, sherbet-y dress and possibly throw a cap on top of those glowing blonde locks?” It’s been noted before, but it’s worth saying again: For someone trying to lay low, girlfriend stands out like a lighthouse in the gloom of the approaching storm.)

REGRETS, I’VE HAD A FEW | Deb is in a ton of pain as her ambulance speeds to the hospital. She tells Quinn she was sure she was going to die. “I thought I was getting what I deserve.” He’s perplexed, but he just strokes her hair and assures her that if she does enough good in the world, it’ll cancel out past sins. “Now that you’re back on the force, you’re gonna have a million chances to do good,” he says. (At this point, I think: “Bingo! They’re setting up a Deb-centered spin-off!,” and then I think: “And that spin-off  — in which a tortured protagonist helps strangers as penance for wrongs she’s committed in the past — apparently, is Angel.”)

When Deb wakes, Jennifer Carpenter does a great job of conveying her character’s initial happiness at seeing her brother – that sweet, lopsided, fleeting smile — which is quickly covered by annoyance that he stayed behind on her behalf. “Ever since you found out who I am, I’ve screwed up your life,” he says, but she stops the self-flagellation by pointing out that her life isn’t “yours to screw up.” She absolves her brother of any guilt and instructs him “to go f—king be happy.”

I’m down with the sibling love here, but I just can’t believe Deb doesn’t lose her stuff when Dexter announces that he’s thinking of sending Harrison down to South America with Poison Ivy herself, then meeting them there after Deb is out of danger and Saxon is dead. It’s one thing to accept the fact that your brother is a serial killer. It’s a completely different matter to be on board with a murderer babysitting your nephew in a foreign clime. Whatever. There’s a literal boatload of other stuff that I don’t get later in this episode, so let’s move on.

Deb and Dex part, with him telling her, “I’ll see you soon.” In the hallway, he has a flashback to being in the nursery with Deb right after Harrison was born. “Everything’s gonna be so different now,” FlashbackDeb and her wig tell her bro. Back in the present, Elway’s now at the hospital; he’s of the opinion that Dexter (because of his involvement with Hannah) is partially responsible for U.S. Marshall Clayton’s death at Oliver’s hands. “Stay away from me,” Dexter growls violently.

Later, as Dex, Hannah and Harrison are about to hop an evacuation bus to Jacksonville (where they’ll catch a flight), our anti-hero says he has to stay behind to finish off Saxon. But by all means, lethal-woman-who-drugged-Dex-just-a-few-episodes-ago, take the child and leave the country! As his dad hugs him goodbye, Harrison whispers that he loves Hannah. “I do, too,” Dexter replies. (Side note: Oy.)

SAXON, SAXOFF | But where is Dr. Vogel’s crazy-eyed son Oliver Saxon during all of this, you ask? He’s scaring the shih tzu out a veterinarian, whom he forces to stitch up the gash in his arm and then drive him to the hospital… where he slices out the guy’s tongue and then slips into the facility, undetected. Dexter follows a minute later. He stops the killer just outside of Deb’s room, but before Dexter can go all Dark Passenger on the guy, Batista steps into the frame and trains his gun on Oliver’s head. Uniformed officers follow, and a handcuffed Saxon is carted away.

Yay! Deb is safe! Deb is also not in her room. Odd. And Quinn is crying. This isn’t going to be good, is it? Long, tragic story short: Deb had a stroke. For the rest of her life, her doc says, she won’t be able to “think, reason or even know that you’re there.” Dexter has another nursery-set flashback, in which Deb says Dex has always taken care of her. And back in the present, he goes about doing so for the last time.

Under the pretense of performing a gunshot residue test, Dexter comes face-to-face with Saxon at Miami Metro. There’s some introspection about how Dex’s life is “a trail of blood and body parts” and how everything that’s happened is Dexter’s fault, but it really all comes down to Michael C. Hall’s excellent delivery on the line, “I’m here to kill you with that pen.” Though Saxon sticks him with the Bic first, Dexter rips the writing implement out of his own shoulder and jams it into his opponent’s neck. Oliver bleeds out instantly, then Dexter hits the panic button and tells the officers that come running, “He tried to kill me.”

Dex is unrepentant while watching the surveillance tape of the encounter with Batista and Quinn. Though Angel is conflicted, Quinn is much less so. “I’m glad he’s dead,” Deb’s honey says, adding that he wishes he’d done the deed himself.

GOODBYE, DEB (SNIFF) | At the hospital later, Dex steals into Deb’s room and apologizes for the terribleness he’s brought down upon her. I don’t care what Deb said earlier, Dexter – though she’s certainly made some mistakes in her time, your sister’s life would’ve been much better without you in it. (I know, I’m terrible. Yell at me in the comments.) “I can’t leave you like this. I’m your big brother,” he says brokenly, and it’s really upsetting to watch Dexter wrestle with such strong emotions. (What? I may not dig most of Dexter’s actions in this episode, but I do feel for the guy.) He hesitates for a moment, then turns off her ventilator and tells her he loves her as she dies. Two things: 1) The scene is really sad, and 2) so… maybe not so much with the Deb spin-off, eh?

Hospital staff is busy evacuating patients before the storm hits, so Dexter draws a sheet over his sister’s body and just wheels her out the door, picks up her corpse and loads it into his boat (moored right outside, naturally), then takes off. Good job with the Armageddon clouds gathering in the background, Dexter effects team, but it can’t distract me from the insanity that absolutely no one noticed a Gap model making off with a dead body and then motoring off to sea?!

DEXTER DIES… OR DOES HE? (NO, HE TOTALLY DOESN’T) | Having successfully eluded Elway (with help from a well-placed syringe), Hannah has made it to South America with Harrison. They call Dexter, who’s sailing into the storm with Dead Aunt Deb riding shotgun. “I just want to tell you one last time that I love you,” Dexter tells his son, then tosses the cell into the sea after they hang up. Thunder and lightning surround him as he strokes Deb’s face, then drops her off the side of the boat. (Do any of you feel kind of sad, but nowhere near as wrecked as you thought you would be? If so, you’re not alone.)

“I destroy everyone I love. I can’t let that happen to Hannah, to Harrison,” Dexter voice-overs. “I have to protect them – from me.” And then he surges Slice of Life into the heart of the hurricane, which smashes the boat to bits and allegedly kills its captain… or at least, that’s the story that Hannah reads on the Internet soon after… and realizes that she’s now Harrison’s mom. (Until Elway or a U.S. Marshall catches up to her, that is. C’mon, you know it’s going to happen someday.)

But wait! Moments later, we find ourselves at a lumber processing center. A bearded man is working there, and that bearded man is Dexter! We follow him to his sparsely decorated home, where he sits at a table. Will anyone (living) at Miami Metro ever figure out that he is the Bay Harbor Butcher? Will anyone learn the truth about what happened to LaGuerta? We’ll never know, because Dex looks directly into the camera… and then the screen goes black.

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the series’ final episode? Grade the FINALE and the FINAL SEASON via the polls below, then back up your pick in the comments.

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  1. Alex says:

    You are not alone

  2. save all the internet jibber jabber hate crap. the final season sucked and the last episode sucked even more!. call me what you want but i thought we were owed more. i was a devoted fan for 8 years and lumberjack dexter was a lazy and idiotic ending…simple sad fact.

  3. mikeP says:

    I think the ending might have worked better if the writers had done a better job of building up the whole “I’ve destroyed everyone I’ve been close to” angle. The baby flashbacks only reinforced to me Dexter’s good side. It helped to justify his “protection” of Deb by taking her off life support but was not the right background for his final decision. They should have peppered the series more deeply with this theme in order to sell it at the end. There wasn’t even a mention of Rita in there!

    I also agree about the Hannah disguise thing – come on, knowing how high profile she was and how much was at stake she should have colored her hair and donned a burka or something. Totally implausable. I don’t believe that Dexter would leave Harrison either. He had shown in the previous episode that he had lost his taste for killing. I suppose the whole Deb thing could push him over the edge but it just wasn’t convincingly presented. Also – as next of kin I’m sure he could have made the decision to pull the plug on Deb in a more traditional way – but I guess that wouldn’t have been as dramatic or true to character.

    I did like the poetic ending with Deb and sailing off into the storm that had been building for a few episodes was a nice touch. My only criticism is that it wasn’t set up well enough for me to buy it. I was disappointed overall with the last season. It’s a shadow of Breaking Bad’s last season.

  4. Kagedo says:

    “Kill myself? No. That’s pathetic.”–Dexter from Season 2

    I always knew that would never be the final outcome so the scene in the cabin at the end wasn’t a total shock.. Just an odd ending.

    I get a feeling that the ending was planned a long time ago, as a checklist, with the current situations being very badly written in.

    Deb dies because of the last big bad. Check
    Dex kills the last big bad and the Miami Metro team finds out. Check
    Dex fakes his own death and leaves Miami. Check

    Michael C Hall, David Zayas, and Desmond Harrington saved this episode from being just God awful, especially with the three in the scene wrapping up Saxon’s “death” at the hands of Dexter in a holding cell. And the death scene for Deb, with Dexter taking her off life support is one of the best scenes ever as we find our not-so-perfect psychopath experiencing a massive flood of emotions as he helps another person close to him die rather than linger in a bad way. Remember Camilla? And Deb’s comments about it? She didn’t want to be left that way, and Dexter was the good big brother. And faking his own death was a given, I thought.. Unless they wanted Dexter to die and Deb avenge him in pretty much the same way for her spin-off start. But this Paul Bunyan Dexter? I really wanna beat my head against a rock just thinking about it.

    So, do we get a Hannah/Harrison spin-off? Or, more likely, a Miami Metro spin-off? I think following up with a Batista/Quinn/Masuka spin-off would be awesome.

  5. storageformdg says:

    Dexter recognized that where ever he goes carnage follows. By staying in the lives of the people he loves, he would be bringing a bad influence into their lives. Especially his son. He meant to commit suicide, that he didn’t succeed is artistic license. You can see the changes in his personality also due to artistic license, however, there can be some justification – real love, a real mother figure, deb, his father, etc. The writing took a turn actually about three years ago – with his great intellect he made some decisions that would just not be characteristic. As a whole, the show is very good. Good acting, good writing, good production value, good entertainment. Their whole team should be proud.

  6. JJbiggitybop says:

    If Dexter got caught, he would of destroyed the lives of so many innocent people, the Miami metro for one would of all been suspended and probably fired by Internal Affairs.

    Do you remember what Dexter’s sister said to him in the hospital bed about why we never went hiking. What do you know, you are looking at mountains in the last scene.

    Dexter has to live with the turmoil of every action and the outcome for the rest of his life in an off the grid job, reminding himself every time he looks at the mountain top how he destroyed his sister life, when he said he would always protect her.

    He has lost everything he ever cared for and will suffer everyday for it, I would say that’s a pretty good ending.

  7. MitchW says:

    Dexter needed time to grieve after losing Deb and the ending made perfect sense. After a period of time, he will be reunited with Hannah and Harrison. It was the perfect ending to a great show.

  8. Kagedo says:

    Here’s the one thing I wonder…

    Is he in a self-made purgatory, or is the Dark Passenger back behind the wheel?

    • Dissapointed.. says:

      I think Dexter’s gone, as has all the light in his life, including Harry, in my mind he is only the dark passenger now.

      • Andrew L says:

        Its complicated cause we were told that the dark passenger never existed. but if the dark passenger was the killer and the life blood of dexter, dexter isn’t really gone; he’s thriving. But we know that’s not true; the real death for dexter is not being able to kill or to die, and therefore die a slow death of isolation. But this is a very guilty and human choice for dexter, not a choice made by a dark passenger. But qualm is that if he is capable of that much remorse and humanity; how believable is his hiding if the human side is so alive and Hannah and Harrison represent that humanity. I guess you’ll see in the movie: isolation was only a period of mourning and healing for our human dexter.

  9. Freezie says:

    It was good and I enjoyed the show but I’m not sure it was ‘wow’ and I don’t know how I would’ve fixed it. I’ve come away unsure, which is odd considering I was so excited when I knew it was the last ep.
    I’ve always loved Deb (up till being a murderer) and I was so happy when her and Quinn were back on, but the guilt would have eaten away at her but I didn’t want her to die. The second they said stroke you knew he was gunna kill her.
    Harrison – he’s not with his nanny, he’s not with his family, and he’s not with his dad. If he turns out good – great, but if he’s bad he’ll just be another serial killer without Harry’s laws and he’ll have Hannah’s rules instead.
    Detective guy (elwey?) er someone want to tell me how that was gunna work out when he rang the FBI and said Dexters kid is with Hannah? Say what?
    I rated it B, but I don’t get why people Failed it. Whilst I’m not sure what I think of the ending, it got you on here.
    And whilst we are on about lost – wtf, all those Easter eggs and they’re dead! Good show though.
    Some Great reading on here. Some good ideas and thoughts.

    • Freezie says:

      Forgot to add, I like the idea that he wouldn’t want to kill again after killing Deb, she was the last person he would kill.
      Hospital scene was hilarious, which kinda broke the mood.

  10. Freezie says:

    Would you have preferred it if they had left it when Dexter was sailing into the storm, leaving the audience to guess what happened? Did he live, did he die etc?

  11. Oribia says:

    As he was on the boat with dead Deb, after he threw the phone overboard, I thought I knew what was going to happen. Dex would grab Deb and jump overboard, a Romeo-Juliet type ending for the slightly creepy kinda incesty relationship they may or may not have had. Dex, holding onto Deb as they both sunk to the bottom of the sea (or would Deb keep Dex afloat? Not sure how that works…) So, when Dex just tosses her overboard and rides off into the storm I was a bit peeved. And when he somehow survived, and became a lumberjack? Well, it’s good for fanfiction writers I guess, but not at all how I envisioned the final episode of this saga to end.

  12. One of the writers explained that it was worse for Dexter to live on the exile, without even his ‘inside’ voice, nor voices of any sort, than dying. The idea was Dexter living unhappily ever after, as a punishment. Which I kinda hate, unlike many of you I didn’t want him getting caught nor killed.
    I didn’t get why he’d throw Deb at the ocean. Maybe cause he saw her as his victim and there’s where the rest of his victims ended up in. I definitely didn’t see anything romantic about his love for her, you sick mofos lol
    Anyway I was expecting a worse ending, but probably if they made him finally get to Argentina to join Hannah and his son I would’ve been disappointed.
    The romantic side of the show to me wasn’t transcendental at all. I wasn’t ‘shipping’ any of those stories simply cause I didn’t care about it.
    After the Trinity Killer it went downhill, at least to me, but didn’t hate it that much. It bummed me out to know it was the last update we were ever gonna have about Dexter.

    • Freezie says:

      someone else has mentioned that if she was left on ventilator sooner or later Dex,as next of kin, would have to make the decision to turn it off. However if he ‘died’ in the storm, the next likely next of kin could be Joey and he seemed set on the idea of a miraculous recovery, thus leaving her in a vegetative state, so if Dexter was faking his death he had to take her in order to make sure she didn’t get help and be put back on the ventilator, and that he got the blame for unplugging her and that way as the murderers dead, there is no investigation. That’s my theory. But I don’t think he wanted Deb to end up where all his other victims were as she was more important, there wasn’t much other choice.

  13. Dissapointed.. says:

    dexter should have been caught and sentenced to death. Debs should have got custody of harrison – cut to harrison as a teenager, Deb’s walks in on Harrison killing a dog…does she teach him the code or not??
    Whatever happened to the pictures Quinn had of Dexter throwing black bags over the side of the boat? Surely Miami metro was being steered towards waking up and realising who Dexter really was?

    • Freezie says:

      I genuinely thought when we cut to the tree logging place it was going to be Harrison and I was like ‘yay, future Harrison’ . I would’ve preferred it if Deb had stayed alive and been with Harrison and whether or not she chose to teach him the code. But the guilt would have killed her.

  14. MissKarina says:

    Judging by the way the final episode was made,I would say that the writers were aiming to satisfy all the fans desires and point of views.Dexter is not dead,but this is not quite so,at some point he actually is.But there had to be some major dead after all for more dramatic effect and they chose Deb.Writers left an opened ending for interpretations and even speculations knowing that the viewers will discuss and argue about it for a long time and thereby the series will continue to evolve in their minds.If you watched House M.D. you will notice how identical are the finals of both series,anyone else noticed ?
    Excuse my poor english

  15. Alex says:

    Although it may not seem like it, but disconnecting a loved one from the ventilator (after a blood clot or stroke when there is no hope for recovery) is the ultimate show of love for someone…
    Believe me, I believe in miracles, but there is no coming back from some strokes. I’ve said it before, I didn’t want deb to die, but for me it was the only way I would have been ok with it. Obviously, family member just don’t walk in hospitals and disconnect people, but for me the writers were trying to make a point and they executed beautifully. By the way, the next of kin would be Harrison Morgan.

  16. Word Warrior Mama says:

    We grew so conditioned to Dex’s nonemotionality, it would’ve been great to see him actually cry at Deb’s death. Maybe also to somehow clarify or resolve the core issues of sociopathy: So Dex’s fate was determined by his early environment/experience?

  17. Susan wilson says:

    They missed an absolute gem here. The final scene should have been Harrison, killing some animal in the back yard and Hannah realising he had all of Dexter’s tendencies.

  18. Alex says:

    I like your ending, that would have been pretty awesome. However, when I also questioned the last scene, I thought, well the name of the show is Dexter.

  19. Jeane Davis says:

    They should have quit after season 4. I wanted Dexter to get caught and have all the characters accept and deal with a serial killer on their force. The last season was laughable and difficult to watch.

    The baddie was just another low grade bad guy which Dexter gets rid of. The extra characters and story lines were pointless; just added filler. The writers milked the show to the very end.

    How the hell does Dexter survive a hurricane on his wee boat? Even if he does survive and becomes a random lumberjack in the wilderness; at least end it with him standing over another victim, I would of been a little more intrigued. What a waste to a good program.

  20. fireyhazy says:

    Everyone is upset that he didn’t get caught…. Why has no one remembered that the very first rule of the CODE was “Don’t get caught” We are reminded of that very early on this season when Dr. Vogel points out that it was she who suggested that be the first rule. Remember the CODE, and then realize that the ending was him managing to stick to that code forever.

  21. Shay Wysong says:

    Wow, I thought the entire series was epic… just loved it totally….

  22. mel says:

    1- What was the last thing deb said to Quinn? When she was being wheeled into the OR. I couldnt catch it.
    2- On the bus, when Hannah asked Elway how he caught her, didnt he say tha Dex finally came through? why would Hannah then act like nothing happened when she and Harrison were getting on the plane? Maybe I missunderstood…

  23. Jess says:

    So incredibly stupid and frustrating how writers think they have to run a show through a circus act to be credible. Why couldn’t Dexter just go to Argentina with his new family? You don’t think the fans wanted him to find fulfillment? It doesn’t even make sense, Dexter spent his life making himself seem normal, living by a code. So now living a reclusive life is second nature? So dumb, FAIL FAIL FAIL. MAJOR OVERTHINK. Such a waste of time. I’m not watching TV anymore until a series is over. I’m cancelling Showtime and HBO today.

  24. TV Addict says:

    I didn’t love the ending, either. But I interpreted it as we were seeing Harrison in the future. A disturbed lumberjack. I could be way off from the writer’s intent, but I like my take better.

  25. dc says:

    I do not have the time to read everyone’s post , those who did not like it , it is your right too. Yet I have a little hard feelings too those have negative response , why watch a show after so many season of watching now decide to complain they don’t not like the ending , this was not written directly for you so deal with it . My main point is , This show started and ended in the life of a serial killer who in the end no longer is a serial killer , he is no longer killing for need and shows the transformation of a killer to a normal man, and in the end his sister dies , he loses his son and love , but yet he lives . That is a great story if you where to read it in a book , He is a new born and we do not know if he is still a killer or a normal man . So those who think his life is over or he is damned , you are wrong , he is not damned by he past life because he doesn’t remember it . If he is damned it is that fact that he has no memory of who he was. And if dexter who want it it would be a world where the last of he love one are safe from him and he doesn’t even know they exist.

  26. sam says:

    They left the ending open to make a new dexter show without the stupid sister. I watched the show until they gave her such a huge part. I never did like her.

  27. andy s says:

    The idea that dexter will eventually come out of his self imposed exile is an interesting one and something they definitely leave as an option if you watch it back. On the phone to Harrison at the end he says “I want you to remember I love you every day until I see you again” but also when he speaks to Hannah she says “when we get there ( Argentina) I think we’ll head south. There’s 300 miles of coastline. We can find the perfect place.” now 300 miles is a big search area but he knows roughly where theyre going so could work his way down til he finds them once he’s done punishing himself… Conceivably. For the finale in general I thought it couldve been more dramatic. Wouldve liked a storyline where the net was closing in om dex the serial killer, maybe Batista following laguerta’s leads, maybe finding out Matthews knew about dex all along and was in on the code with harry and Vogel… BUT I thougjt it was a very moving, emotional amd thougjt provoking finale. Moreso when you rewatch it. The scene with Batista watching the cctv of Saxons death is amazing. Like he clocks that he’s got dexter wrong all these years, knows he killed him on purpose and starts to think about whether laguerta was right etc… All in hos eyes. “you should go dexter. I know you’ve got a lot to deal with.” his final words to him. Insightful, kindly, knowing, words of warning? The end was not what I might have hoped for and it certainly didn’t tie up the loose ends in the way the early series did brilliantly but when in life do things get completely sorted out? There’s always what ifs, regrets, worries and wonders. In doing it this way it wad truer to life if not the original forensic brilliance of the show as it started out

    • Andrew L says:

      Dexter has the names on Hannah and Harrison’s fake passports.
      As far as loose ends, the failures were not such stupid things as Harrison not spilling the beans about hannah to his baby sitter. The failures were more about character inconsistencies and implausibility that arose just to keep the season going. I agree with you points about dex’s temporary self-punishment, but it just sounds like you are not seeing the deterioration of the character and crime solving deterioration that arose in order to keep the show alive, by a string.

    • Hannah said that Argentina has 3,000, not 300, miles of coastline (although it’s actually 2.485 miles…but what’s a few hundred miles when you’re in love?)

  28. hugh kettner says:

    after a few weeks, maybe less he’ll regret being without Hannah and Harrison.He has to make sure Harrison doesn’t become little DEX!!!

    • Except that if you look closely at Dexter’s profile when he he looks out the window of his cabin, you can see from his right cheekbone that he’s much, much older. This scene takes place many years later – possibly decades..

  29. Alena says:

    When Dexter drove to storm I almost cried, I thought what a waste !!! But when I saw him alive ?!!! Seriously ??? That’s a crappy end, minus we’ll make it ” happily ever after with Hanna !!!”

  30. Alexandra says:

    After all these years, parting with Dexter was painstaking. Even though the last few seasons haven’t fared well, to say the least, it’s always difficult to part with a character as unique as that of Dexter’s. So I sat down yesterday with an open mind, to watch the last episode of Dexter that I would ever see. I have to admit, I was disappointed. Midst the tears streaming down my face, while Deb died and Dexter parted with Hannah and Harrison, I couldn’t help but wonder how pointless and more so depressing the ending was. Debra dying was a huge blow, but Dexter carrying her body in the middle of the storm and dumping in the ocean made no sense WHATSOEVER. It’s a storm people, not a everyone-goes-blind day. I felt it was rather disrespectful to the character, unjust even. Debra was the nicest main character the show ever had albeit she had her flaws. She deserved at least a proper burial, instead of being dumped into the ocean like another one of Dexter’s evil victims. I am many things, of which one is a die heart romantic. So here’s my question, WHY LEAVE HANNAH? I thought we had already established early in the episode that Dexter found Hannah love more compelling than the urge to kill, SO WHY LEAVE WHEN YOU CAN REDEAM ( to whatever extend that’s possible given Dexter’s case) YOURSELF BY BEING WITH HER? That part of the ending was all face palm to me. He left Harrison practically an orphan. His mother’s dead and father is sort-of dead, Hannah isn’t even a legal guardian, rather is a wanted fugitive, so how exactly is that going to work?
    All in all, a very disappointing finale. And to all the people out there, claiming that people who didn’t like the finale didn’t really “Get it” well friends, you people are in Denial. I get that he is essentially a serial killer, and the writers and producers have been hinting from the start, that the ending isn’t gonna be pretty because of that very fact. I personally find that reason bull. And come on you have admit, Dexter a lumberjack. Nada. No can do. The only way the ending could have been any worse is if Ghost Harry had made an appearance on the boat, while Dexter was busy depositing his sister to the bottom of the ocean (titanic, anyone?) and Storming towards his death (see what I did there), going all WTF you doing son? POINT BEING, it didn’t have to be all that depressing, IT DIDN’T.

    • genericposter says:

      “She deserved at least a proper burial, instead of being dumped into the ocean like another one of Dexter’s evil victims.”

      It was symbolic. The writers were demonstrating Dexter’s (suddenly human) realization that Deb is the one who has suffered the most and paid the biggest price for his actions, and thus really she is his ULTIMATE victim. Not only were his decisions quite literally the cause of her being shot in the first place, but the old bubbly/perky/HAPPY Deb (who we are specifically shown in the hospital flashback scene with newborn Harrison) has been ‘dead’ really ever since she learned about Dexter’s true nature, and certainly since she shot La Guerta (where she let her love for Dexter override every single other element of who she was as a person.) Thus, Deb is even more a victim of who Dexter is than the people he killed on his table. However, whereas Dexter’s other ‘evil’ victims deserve their fate and are cut up in pieces and casually dumped overboard in BLACK trash bags like pieces of garbage, Deb (who is essentially innocent) is wrapped from head to toe in a WHITE ‘shroud’ and gently placed over the side of the boat looking downright angelic. Again, the juxtaposition is symbolic.

      Dexter realizes all of this AFTER he acknowledges that he does in fact have the ability to feel very real human emotions (really what the entire season was trying to get across.) The tragedy is that after desperately trying to feel these emotions (and to feel normal/human) for his entire life, when he finally does realize that he can love Hannah/Harrison/Deb he also then understands the flip side which is the pain that he has caused to other innocents around him such as Rita, Lundy, La Guerta, and Deb – the most important person throughout his entire life. That’s why he ultimately decides he can’t be with Hannah and Harrison – After truly understanding what it means to feel human emotional pain, he rightly or wrongly decides that the ultimate act of love is in fact staying away from those he cares about so that they do not have to suffer like Deb and the others have.

      At first I wasn’t a fan of the whole “self-exile” thing either, but really you can say that for someone who has only just recently discovered the ability to experience real human emotion (in particular love), what better punishment than essentially depriving oneself of all human contact (and again, in particular, depriving yourself of those who you love.)

      Sad, yes, but I see why the writer’s did what they did.

  31. Bian Moler says:

    I think this ending was so tough, but tecnically the writters was wanting to give the worse ending and punishement as possible to Dexter, because he’s a serial killer and sociopath. They’ve done this very well, for a kind of miracle beign close to people who loves and care about him, felling the most pure felling of true love, having a family to care and provide his security has awaken on him a true emotions of a human beign. And the punishement has extremely cruel, because he lost his “spiritual” mother and true friend, he lost his sister the thing most important on this world for him, and he was forced to kill her, his mainly reason to live Those facts happening into a very short time period for some one who just discover emotions for first time, was just to much for him. He though he can’t stand close to nobody he loves, because he always destroy and consume who he loves. Just look back to Ritta, she died cause of him, and those 2 kids was forced to live with he parents and lost his mother, and for the least to not mention he made Hannah beign a top wanted person, and that ruin her live too.
    Things just happen very fast to him assimilate and also his memories from backtrack point into that direction, and that complety destroy him, what worse could be than kill the person you most love and fell you can’t be close to nobody you love beucause you’re scared to destroy and consume them? Nothing.

    He could recover himself, and even back up with Hannah, but he’ll need a lot of time, and help from somebody who belives on him, the problem is, he’s a quit annoymous right now and complety isolated, so he won’t will get any help, will torture and blame himself every single day until he dies. If you guys don’t think it’s a cruel ending, you guys are all retard, this is the worse possible ending to Dexter as possible.

    Hannah does love Harison, she stay some time with him, and you guys shouldn’t look only for 3 minutes on those sences they’re acting, you guys should think those days they’re together, for example when she was hidding on Deb’s place, she stick with Harison for like 5 full days at least, and they’re doing everything together. Another thing is, she’s a lovely women, and most womens do want have a kid, and she likes this boy, so what’s wrong about she take care of him?
    And harrison just like her, she’s a lovely woman, who in the hell shouldn’t like her on first place? She’s so sweet and lovely.

    About autorities keep hunting Hannah, she did left U.S.A country, she was using real cash, no credit card, no one have noticed her on his path way, those agents who’s charging her doesn’t have any jurisdiction back to Argentina or other place she goes, the only reason they’ve found her, that was because Deb dennounce Hannah was on Miami and they start looking on it, and she was spotten on hospital when she was taking care of Harison cut, that shows Dexter was lying and hidding her, but with another country without those things to stop her and nobody also looking for her, because they can’t, nothing will happen to her. Plus she got 0.5 million dollars to spend as she wish, that could provide some scapes or buy people if she needs.
    Speculate about she get caught, is just dumb, she is much better now, when she scape from prison without any single dollar.

    The moral of histor is, Dexter felt complety empty without a soul and desire to live for nothing, he even doesn’t show desire to keep killing people, he could even back to doing this, like a drug and his last excuse to keep living, like his own thing his is good at.
    But soon or later he’ll get killed, and that is he’s truely and unevitabled end.
    Even for some miracle he could recover and back to Hannah which he doesn’t, he was scared he kill some and make them wanted, or track another serial killer and harm his familty, to not mention wake Harrison desires for kill, because a son will want to copy his father, that’s a normal thing, even with a anormal thing.

    That’s a great finale, I’m extremely sad, because I was wanting Dexter gets a better final, or at least deb keep alive, she deserver a better ending, she’s a good person, and “La Guerta” should’ve though about if Dexter is a butcher and haven’t beign caught and after scaping every single time she tried put her hands on him, he’s more smart and dangerous than her, plus he’s doing a pretty good job to society, so that’s her faulty to keep following Dexter, Deb just did what a good sister should’ve done with a impossible situation, she’s definilty not a bad person, and doesn’t deserve to die.
    So my only compain is about that, even I’m a big fan of Dexter I could’ve taken this ending for him, but Deb should’ve merry with Quinn or just keep on with her live, she already lost her lieutenant post, what else could happen to her? Extremley tough and dramaticall ending, those writters was really wanting to punish them and teach a moral sence to everybody who watches this serie.

    I should definitly give a 8/10 overall for this serie, much better than most brainless stupid series we found over there.I totally recommend to everyone to watch from first epsode till the last one.

  32. sanra says:

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  34. Kc says:

    That was the worst ending. I think I would have been happy if it ended with dex driving into the hurricane but no hes still alive after abandoning his son and pulling the plug on deb but overall good show crapy ending

  35. Alexis Henry says:

    Oh My..deb died? I missed the last season of Dexter ..awww so sad Dexter lost his son..I don’t understand..why didn’t he go meet with them..he is a good dad and a nice guy!

  36. Jordan says:

    Disappointed in the season finale I loved the show don’t get me wrong this just wasn’t the ending that I think anybody was hoping for.

  37. Candy says:

    Good writing draws the viewer into the lives of the characters and elicits emotions connected with those characters. Of course there must be a struggle between good and evil. Usually, that struggle is between characters. When we first met Dexter the killer, he was “evil” and most of the supporting characters (Angel, LaGuerta, Deb) were considered “good” and provided balance.

    As we got to know all the characters, we came to learn that not everyone was strictly “good” or “evil.” Everyone had his or her struggles and we came to somewhat understand Dexter. As his character grew, we began to notice that the struggle between good and evil was inside Dexter too.

    When Dexter made the narrative comment that he had been trying to get in touch with his feelings and now that he had, he didn’t want to have any feelings, this is the moment of enlightenment and growth for him. His quest is over and he has become more human than monster. It took the death of many of those around him, for whom he should have cared, as well as the absolute, unconditional understanding of Hannah, for him to reach this level of caring that most of us take for granted.

    The ending was thought provoking and Dexter had to do something “ordinary” such as logging, to begin his new journey that includes ordinary emotional experiences.

  38. Skellymom says:

    Was kind of hoping that Zack would have lived and somehow Dexter would have died. And the series ends with the last scene of Zack getting into his red sports car and Dex is sitting in the front seat just like Harry was for Dex. Kind of like passing the torch-then Zack drives off to another town in another place with some of his daddy’s money and the series starts over again with a different main character…but, that’s just me…

  39. 1Busydad says:

    As entertaining as Dexter was, I now see why the Emmy awards went to Bryan Cranston and Breaking Bad instead of Michael C. Hall and Dexter. The writing quality for Dexter just didn’t hold up. Too many obvious mistakes and “requests” that the viewers (us) suspend our common sense and buy into the blind, fumbling, bumbling Miami Metro Police Department. Attention to detail produces a smoother product than the roughshod continuous action ‘nobody-will-notice’ suspension of physical laws, facts, and belief (and anyway, who really cares?). Did the end of Dexter’s eight season really make any sense? Only if the creator’s want to bring him back at a later date.

  40. R says:

    Really you could at least felt human felt complete with his new girl and is happy with his son dumb ending

  41. D. Lo says:

    Why did they kill Deb not Hannah???? Dexter would be sad, run away and Deb would raise Harrisson with Quin!

  42. Dominic Barron says:

    I think that dexter could have ended a lot better but they did a great job in the rest of the show :D

  43. jeff shanz says:

    I think Dexter had to rid of Deb’s body to hide it along with the faking his own death. Better they wonder where Deb went rather then there being a trace of it, or Dexter having to explain his actions for pulling the plug. I thought Deb was just as important to the show as Dexter, so I was sorry to see her go but she did die in the line of duty. Dexter did the right thing trying to bring Saxon to justice so I can’t blame Dexter for Deb’s death. Dexter confirmed the release of the dark passenger wanting Deb to bring him to justice. Deb wanted that too.

    Personally when I think back on the show all I can think of is Deb being put in the water. When I eventually watch the first season again it will be difficult to reconcile she’ll die at the end of the show and Dexter will continue to live. I like how they built up the emotion of her character by showing her as a young woman with Dexter and his new baby. I think Dexter will eventually meet up with Hannah and his son in the distant future. Either that or he will eventually get over it and enjoy the kill again. You have to wonder how a serial killer can somehow be converted by love so there-in lies the key to Dexter’s future.

    They will continue to look for Hannah, and those concerned will wonder what happened to Harrison. After the private eye guy wakes up from the horse tranq he will continue to look for Hannah. Miami Metro will investigate where Deb’s body went. The private eye will suspect Dexter is still alive, especially since Deb’s body is missing. Eventually Miami Metro will learn from the private eye what Dexter and Hannah were planning. Knowing this Dexter must stay in hiding not knowing if Hannah will get caught nor the welfare of his son.

  44. Ian says:

    truth be told the fourth season was the peak of dexter, when rita died i thought to myself this show is incredible but it will either get really good from here or really bad. it got bad so much so i watched every episode at this point painfully merely because i had com this far yet knowing i had no desire to watch the final episode and i never would i decide to just look up the synopsis only to not be suprised that i didnt like the end. but it was impossible to give me the ending i wanted when the past four seasons jad been in decline. so good bye dexter ill miss your hey days.

  45. richieearl says:

    Dexter was obviously a paranoid schizophrenic. Proof: talking regularly with his long dead dad, and also with his dead brother. There were far too many unrealistic events throughout the show giving us clues to the ending.

    What is more believable?

    A) Dexter somehow survived a boat wreck miles from shore during a hurricane, swam back to land and took a job in a lumber yard.


    B) Everything before the last scene was the imaginings of a psychiatric patient. None of the earlier events actually happened.

    Overall, I enjoyed the show, but I think it went on for 2-3 seasons longer than it should.

  46. bearmeawin says:

    Interesting twist with Vogel, but I dug it. Could have lived without the Dex-Deb love story line though last season…and I kept waiting for Arthur to tell me I couldn’t dance. Loved to see Colin Hanks, skills are genetic…but nothing and I mean nothing will top the performance of Michael C. Hall through the whole series. Six Feet Under limited him, he’s got the goods! Thanks for 8,great seasons!

  47. I luv the whole 8 seasons & hoping 4 ‘ the movie ‘ or a spinoff . Imagine, Hannah ‘ the Soccer Mom’ in Argentina?’ never get tired of hearing the ‘Theme Song.’ Seemed ironical that Deb died via her brothers hands

  48. cna says:

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  49. Nicole says:

    It broke my heart that Deb died .. And she died the way she did. A bad ass hot mofo butt kicking cop, died letting go of every lie and finally got the peace she deserved.
    But Dexter should’ve went with her, not punishing himself with all the deaths he’s caused.
    I was disappointed but I also understand why it happened that way. The way it ended .. Could he come back …? Or is he truly gone .

  50. Peter-Meter says:

    Successful Serial Killers have happy endings, but apparently Dexter did not. He pretty much gave up his own son and his love Hannah. Surprising and unexpected end to such a great journey.