Dexter Finale Recap: So Much For My Happy Ending - Grade the Episode and Final Season

Dexter FinaleIf you have yet to watch Dexter‘s series finale, avert your eyes. All others, proceed…

This is it, Dexter fans. Our favorite serial killer has slapped his last mosquito, squeezed his ultimate blood orange and flossed one final time. But did the Showtime series’ finale – especially its ending – serve as a fitting close for the lovable fiend? Let’s review what happened in “Remember the Monsters?.”

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ALL ABOARD | “I always thought if I left Miami, I’d be running for my life, not running towards another one,” Dexter voice-overs as he and Harrison power-walk through the airport on their way to meet Hannah at the gate. But blondie’s nowhere to be seen, and when she calls from the bathroom, we find out why: Elway’s in the boarding area, and there’s no way the trio will be able to get on the plane without him seeing. So Dexter fakes a bomb with items he buys at a concourse magazine stand, then frames Elway as the threat. Upside: Deb’s old boss is taken away by airport security. Downside: The boarding area is now closed because of the threat.

As Dexter, Harrison and Hannah exit the terminal, Dex gets a call from Matthews: Oliver Saxon shot Deb, and she is really not doing OK. Dexter sends Hannah and Harrison off, telling her not to worry that the impending hurricane may mean escape via plane is impossible: “We’ll make this work.” (And I add: “By the way, could you maybe wear a less bright, sherbet-y dress and possibly throw a cap on top of those glowing blonde locks?” It’s been noted before, but it’s worth saying again: For someone trying to lay low, girlfriend stands out like a lighthouse in the gloom of the approaching storm.)

REGRETS, I’VE HAD A FEW | Deb is in a ton of pain as her ambulance speeds to the hospital. She tells Quinn she was sure she was going to die. “I thought I was getting what I deserve.” He’s perplexed, but he just strokes her hair and assures her that if she does enough good in the world, it’ll cancel out past sins. “Now that you’re back on the force, you’re gonna have a million chances to do good,” he says. (At this point, I think: “Bingo! They’re setting up a Deb-centered spin-off!,” and then I think: “And that spin-off  — in which a tortured protagonist helps strangers as penance for wrongs she’s committed in the past — apparently, is Angel.”)

When Deb wakes, Jennifer Carpenter does a great job of conveying her character’s initial happiness at seeing her brother – that sweet, lopsided, fleeting smile — which is quickly covered by annoyance that he stayed behind on her behalf. “Ever since you found out who I am, I’ve screwed up your life,” he says, but she stops the self-flagellation by pointing out that her life isn’t “yours to screw up.” She absolves her brother of any guilt and instructs him “to go f—king be happy.”

I’m down with the sibling love here, but I just can’t believe Deb doesn’t lose her stuff when Dexter announces that he’s thinking of sending Harrison down to South America with Poison Ivy herself, then meeting them there after Deb is out of danger and Saxon is dead. It’s one thing to accept the fact that your brother is a serial killer. It’s a completely different matter to be on board with a murderer babysitting your nephew in a foreign clime. Whatever. There’s a literal boatload of other stuff that I don’t get later in this episode, so let’s move on.

Deb and Dex part, with him telling her, “I’ll see you soon.” In the hallway, he has a flashback to being in the nursery with Deb right after Harrison was born. “Everything’s gonna be so different now,” FlashbackDeb and her wig tell her bro. Back in the present, Elway’s now at the hospital; he’s of the opinion that Dexter (because of his involvement with Hannah) is partially responsible for U.S. Marshall Clayton’s death at Oliver’s hands. “Stay away from me,” Dexter growls violently.

Later, as Dex, Hannah and Harrison are about to hop an evacuation bus to Jacksonville (where they’ll catch a flight), our anti-hero says he has to stay behind to finish off Saxon. But by all means, lethal-woman-who-drugged-Dex-just-a-few-episodes-ago, take the child and leave the country! As his dad hugs him goodbye, Harrison whispers that he loves Hannah. “I do, too,” Dexter replies. (Side note: Oy.)

SAXON, SAXOFF | But where is Dr. Vogel’s crazy-eyed son Oliver Saxon during all of this, you ask? He’s scaring the shih tzu out a veterinarian, whom he forces to stitch up the gash in his arm and then drive him to the hospital… where he slices out the guy’s tongue and then slips into the facility, undetected. Dexter follows a minute later. He stops the killer just outside of Deb’s room, but before Dexter can go all Dark Passenger on the guy, Batista steps into the frame and trains his gun on Oliver’s head. Uniformed officers follow, and a handcuffed Saxon is carted away.

Yay! Deb is safe! Deb is also not in her room. Odd. And Quinn is crying. This isn’t going to be good, is it? Long, tragic story short: Deb had a stroke. For the rest of her life, her doc says, she won’t be able to “think, reason or even know that you’re there.” Dexter has another nursery-set flashback, in which Deb says Dex has always taken care of her. And back in the present, he goes about doing so for the last time.

Under the pretense of performing a gunshot residue test, Dexter comes face-to-face with Saxon at Miami Metro. There’s some introspection about how Dex’s life is “a trail of blood and body parts” and how everything that’s happened is Dexter’s fault, but it really all comes down to Michael C. Hall’s excellent delivery on the line, “I’m here to kill you with that pen.” Though Saxon sticks him with the Bic first, Dexter rips the writing implement out of his own shoulder and jams it into his opponent’s neck. Oliver bleeds out instantly, then Dexter hits the panic button and tells the officers that come running, “He tried to kill me.”

Dex is unrepentant while watching the surveillance tape of the encounter with Batista and Quinn. Though Angel is conflicted, Quinn is much less so. “I’m glad he’s dead,” Deb’s honey says, adding that he wishes he’d done the deed himself.

GOODBYE, DEB (SNIFF) | At the hospital later, Dex steals into Deb’s room and apologizes for the terribleness he’s brought down upon her. I don’t care what Deb said earlier, Dexter – though she’s certainly made some mistakes in her time, your sister’s life would’ve been much better without you in it. (I know, I’m terrible. Yell at me in the comments.) “I can’t leave you like this. I’m your big brother,” he says brokenly, and it’s really upsetting to watch Dexter wrestle with such strong emotions. (What? I may not dig most of Dexter’s actions in this episode, but I do feel for the guy.) He hesitates for a moment, then turns off her ventilator and tells her he loves her as she dies. Two things: 1) The scene is really sad, and 2) so… maybe not so much with the Deb spin-off, eh?

Hospital staff is busy evacuating patients before the storm hits, so Dexter draws a sheet over his sister’s body and just wheels her out the door, picks up her corpse and loads it into his boat (moored right outside, naturally), then takes off. Good job with the Armageddon clouds gathering in the background, Dexter effects team, but it can’t distract me from the insanity that absolutely no one noticed a Gap model making off with a dead body and then motoring off to sea?!

DEXTER DIES… OR DOES HE? (NO, HE TOTALLY DOESN’T) | Having successfully eluded Elway (with help from a well-placed syringe), Hannah has made it to South America with Harrison. They call Dexter, who’s sailing into the storm with Dead Aunt Deb riding shotgun. “I just want to tell you one last time that I love you,” Dexter tells his son, then tosses the cell into the sea after they hang up. Thunder and lightning surround him as he strokes Deb’s face, then drops her off the side of the boat. (Do any of you feel kind of sad, but nowhere near as wrecked as you thought you would be? If so, you’re not alone.)

“I destroy everyone I love. I can’t let that happen to Hannah, to Harrison,” Dexter voice-overs. “I have to protect them – from me.” And then he surges Slice of Life into the heart of the hurricane, which smashes the boat to bits and allegedly kills its captain… or at least, that’s the story that Hannah reads on the Internet soon after… and realizes that she’s now Harrison’s mom. (Until Elway or a U.S. Marshall catches up to her, that is. C’mon, you know it’s going to happen someday.)

But wait! Moments later, we find ourselves at a lumber processing center. A bearded man is working there, and that bearded man is Dexter! We follow him to his sparsely decorated home, where he sits at a table. Will anyone (living) at Miami Metro ever figure out that he is the Bay Harbor Butcher? Will anyone learn the truth about what happened to LaGuerta? We’ll never know, because Dex looks directly into the camera… and then the screen goes black.

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the series’ final episode? Grade the FINALE and the FINAL SEASON via the polls below, then back up your pick in the comments.

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  1. James says:

    This is the perfect ending to Dexter and here’s why.

    In the final scene, at the very ending where you look Dexter straight in the eyes, his suffering is conveyed perfectly. The suffering he has been in for all his life. Alone, different from everyone else, an outsider looking in. The conflicted nature of what he’s like causes him to not only to never fit in, it causes him to truly be alone, isolated. Happiness out of his reach.

    This suffering is touched upon throughout the whole series. But it is in this final moment where it hits you exactly as it is. His suffering is conveyed to you directly, fully, completely.

    I couldn’t help but feel compassionate towards him.

    The final moment is deep, perfect. You don’t simply see or understand it, you FEEL it.

  2. Bruce says:

    So…that’s the “spin-off,” New series “Lumber Jack” as Dexter changes his name and now takes down trees. Awesome…

  3. Ron Angelocci says:

    Totally disapointed…wish they would have ended and the possibility of a movie to wrap up with better detail. Hate to see the series end…expected a better ending…not sure what, just better

  4. I’m hoping the “Ending” was because there will be a “Dexter” full length move. I hope.

  5. Boomer says:

    Bravo to Showtime, the cast, and yes, the writers for an incredible 8 seasons of unique entertainment! It had such a unlikely premise..a serial killer we can love, yet we were able to cheer him on. Loved every minute and sad to see it end.

  6. Cyndia28 says:

    I saw an interview with the actress who plays Dr. Vogel say that the fans are going to feel very bereaved at the end. That is exactly how I feel. I watch the 6pm showing and was left very lost & confused. I know there was a lot of unbelievable stuff that happened but remember this is fiction so hospital security doesn’t have to be that tight. I rewatched the 9pm showing and I picked up on stuff I didn’t see the first time. Did it end how I wanted my beloved Dexter to end – NO! Do I want a spin off – NO! I am left feeling very sad for my Dexter…

    I do feel that there must be something that everyone is missing. I don’t think that Michael C. Hall would have picked this ending for Dexter if it wasn’t the right way to end it. He is an executive producer on the show so I trust his judgment.

    I now am going to watch the entire season over. I find when I marathon a show I absorb the message more and than I do watching week by week.

    PS. He is a logger not a lumberjack! Get with the times people!

  7. Maggie says:

    I think the perfect ending would have been for Dexter to tie an anchor around his leg and throw himself into the ocean right after he lowered Deb in. The connection between the two of them has been the basis for most of the series – having them wind up in the same ocean as Dex’s victims and together (and also harkening back to the episode 2-3 back where Deb tries to drown them both) would have been the perfect ending to the series. How did the showr runners miss this truly perfect ending?

  8. cjeffery7 says:

    ya’ll are funny. failing the finale. PUH! i guarantee you’ll watch the show again in a number of years and actually “get it.” then you’ll feel kind silly for bashing it so hard NOW.
    the only way this was a “bad ending” is because none of the characters got much of a happy ending. but that’s also what made it a good ending. get over yourselves. what exactly did you expect and why do you feel so entitled to get the perfect ending as it pertains to you personally?

  9. Caroline Blair says:

    VERY disappointed with the ending!!!! Deb and her man should have gotten back together. Dex and Hannah should have ended up on a beach in Argentina. Why didn’t they do something like have them witness someone beating his wife on the beach and Dex stops him and he and Hannah give each other a smile, knowing their “work” would continue. OBVIOUSLY, I could have written a better ending!

  10. Tom Peasey says:

    Amazing last show, have to say it really depressed the hell out of me though..AM REALLY hoping for some kind of movie, or something, on how this last show he still killing, if he still living by the code, has he lost his mind completely ? Is he ever going to try and see Hannah and his son again? What happened with everyone else when they couldn’t find debs body? A lot of unknowns, but still, i was entertained.

  11. Sam says:

    I don’t think there was much wrong with the finale, but the season overall has been a disaster. There has been too many irrelevant and stupid story lines. I think the end shows how Dexter once had a wife, three kids, friends who was there for him and a loving sister and now they are all gone because of him and it is a real dark ending for Dexter that is possibly worse than death, now that he has to look back at all he had.

  12. joe says:

    I think Debra becomes Dexter’s new conscience ghost

  13. Anonymous says:

    Yes. loved the idea that It is left open for a return of Dexter. Loved the series and always will. I will miss the show that our whole family looked forward to every Sunday night. Michael Hall and cast were awesome.

    • The thought of not have Sunday evenings with a new dexter sadens me as well!! Then Breaking Bad is leaving too, I’m still struggling over the loss of The Office (great finale) Entourage ( horrible ending for the sake of a possible movie) and Weeds ( worst ending of any show in the history of the universe)! Dexter was an amazing show, and I know a lot of people complain because the day after season 3-4 the show became lighter. It became lighter because of his transformation!! Anyway to my point, YIU should get the idea that Dexter was ‘left open for the option of a movie’, you really should let that idea go because you will be greatly disappointed!! This show was left as it is, and dexter will always be, in abscurity exiled by himself to a life of no substance with no relations or thoughts. His journey to that point peeled all the layers he had built up down, and that brief moment of true raw emotions he felt brought him to his choice of living alone without the possibility of being with Hannah or Harrison. The phone being thrown in the water prevents him from contacting Hannah on Harrison, and I honestly don’t believe he will ever have the urge or desire to do so, because if he was to some how he knows the fate that waits for them!! An eventual and certain death, I wish that one day Dexter would find the strength within to be able to handle grief or feelings at all again, and then he might face reality again, Miami? I don’t know, Argentina I don’t know, how would he even ever track them down? Tjough he knows the names on the passports she could of needed to change identities by then I don’t know. The underlining reason I feel he exiled himself is because he couldn’t handle the emotions he felt, for the first time, with the passing of Deb. Little by little he got to that point, Rita started humanizing him, as did Bryan his brother, even Lila did and she taught him Lust, Miguel was his first attempt at a real friendship, At the time of Rita’s passing he wasn’t evolved enough to feel grief or sorrow or any other emotion other than revenge! Every main charactor served their purpose in his evelution, the more he came in contact with the less he had the urge to kill!!

  14. opinions12 says:

    Sloppy ending, sloppy season indeed. A terrible finale for a unique and very enjoyed show. This entire season was very poorly written. Holes everywhere, storylines started and dropped, ( Masukas daughter? What the heck was that?)
    The young killer he was mentoring? Came and went, and then Vogel. That could of been so much more.
    The big bad of Vogels son was a total snooze fest. Who cared and the actor playing it was just a bug eyed odd ball, no fear there for me. I expected a much braver finale and season from the writers. But now that I found out showtime wants a spin off it all starts to make sense.
    They had to water the whole thing down. Really disappointed.

  15. I wanted him to escape to Argentina with Debra and Harisson and start there a new life. I was disappointed with this finale

  16. Christina says:

    I was disappointed just because I didn’t get what I wanted. I wanted Dexter to have his happy ending. I agree that this season was long and drawn out. The final episode left me in tears. Poor Quinn.. He at least got to hear Deb say that she loved him. I was rooting for them too. When Dexter was in Deb’s hospital room, you knew in his heart what he was going to do. She would not have wanted to live like a vegetable. He stayed with her til the end, like he always did. He realized that who he was only hurt the people he loved. He made sure Hannah and Harrison were safe. Dexter chose not to kill himself so he could live out his life alone and suffer. A coward would have killed himself. So everyday he is reminded of the people in his life he got killed. It was not what I wanted, but it is fitting for this character we call Dexter. One who we rooted for 8 years strong.

  17. David says:

    I got the feeling the writers were so bent on keeping the viewers guessing as to what was coming next, that they lost focus on the storyline. I did like the death by pen: an ironic twist on what the writers did to Dexter (the Series).

  18. Juan says:

    I will think how I have enjoyed this serie throughout last 8 years and not how it ended. The last season is awful boring and useless, and the final chapter ridiculous, it should have finished much earlier…. senseless. Anyway, I enjoyed this serie pretty much and that is what it should be accounted for.

  19. Dalila says:

    Well in my opinion dexter was a brilliant show overall except for season 3 and 6 the ones with Travis Marshall and Miguel prado; these two seasons were out of context and conveyed less suspense in comparison to the other seasons. Season eight was full of surprising moments or unexpected events emphasizing the original language of the show itself. I was a bit dissapointed with the finale though. Since dexter was finally freed from his dark messenger then why blame himself and punish himself now ? The ending of season 7 kept me wondering whether Debra and dexter would end up together especially after she shot leguerta and compromised her own ideals. The ending was so unexpected I guess that’s what the writer was aiming at, but still I wanted to get the feeling I got when I was watching season 7 end. More shock more suspense more surprise or leave viewers with questions. Or maybe just a happy ending..

  20. Nicole C says:

    dexter to me is a great show, i kinda wanted a happy ending because in every season you don’t want hm to get caught, you want him to get away with it. but as the last episode it needed to be dramatic, and unpredictable.
    his personaility hasn’t changed just developed and in the end he sacrifices himself. All the lose ends gives you something to talk about when the season is over, which in my opinion is clever, the writers did well.

    By far one of my favourite programmes

  21. publicartglo says:

    Overall I’ve loved the show, especially the John Lithgow season. Yes the last episode was a bit contrived and overwrought but I could go along until the lumberjack thing. I would love to know the origins of that concept with the writers! Oh and one more question, WHERE WAS MASUKA???

  22. John says:

    Stop saying Dexter is just t.v. show. Many of us spent money purchasing DVD’s/Blu rays, subscribing to Shotime. In addition spending countless hours watching and talking about this show. WE HAVE EMOTIONALLY INVESTED in Dexter for 8 years. Love the ending or hate it, please stop saying it’s just some show and get over it! By the way, loved the ending till the lumberjack scene.

  23. CJ says:

    The final season was absolutely atrocious. It was especially noticeable juxtaposed with the genius final season of Breaking Bad. I expected more from Dexter, although having muddled through the last several weak seasons, I probably shouldn’t have.

  24. Melissa A. White says:

    Terrible. Didn’t necessarily want dexter caught, but wanted someone to have that AHA moment where they realized he was the bay harbor butcher and wanted to go after him. The whole plot was awful this year. Hannah coming back. Hannah never changing her look or doing anything remotely covert to keep from being recognized. Come on!!! The whole storm scenario? It was like a really really cheesy soap opera only worse. Awful ending to a show.

    • Nicole C says:

      I agree Melissa. Why didn’t Hannah change her hair colour or something. At least try not to get caught. It does feel that nobody figuring it out last second before he was declared dead that he was the bay harbour butcher is a bit of a let down. Still glad he wasn’t arrested. Although I can imagine he’s just as miserable not seeing Hannah or his son Harrison again

  25. Mick says:

    My motto for the sequel: “Save the trees! Kill bad people!”

  26. Anton says:

    It was great, he was and always stays my great hero.
    A open end just like Soprano’s.
    I hope that over a few we will see season number nine
    Thank you for eight seasons …..
    Someone from Holland

  27. nanivinta says:

    They left these things unanswered for Miami Metro: Where is Debra? Did Dexter commit suicide and take his son with him (after Deb’s death)? Also, how about Ellway? He knows Harrison is with Hannah! He would tell the authorities and even think Dexter faked their deaths to leave with her. I’m so disappointed!!! Grrrr!

  28. Suz says:

    Just like Seinfeld. When you have a show that’s great there is just no way to end it. No way that will make folks happy anyway.

  29. Joey says:

    Just like the sopranos great show lame ending

  30. Gail says:

    Looked forward with dread to finale, but what a let down. No, it didn’t work for me. Hannah hiding in plain sight. Deb being buried at sea with no fanfare and with all Dex’s other victims. She deserved better. Dexter’s been a lousy father all season and leaving his son with a serial killer???? I never saw Dexter as gutless until now…I could’ve lived with him riding into the hurricane clutching Deb’s cold body. But, living and abandoning his son and the woman he loved. Self preservation didn’t suit. This whole season sorta sucked to me. Loved the series, but it went off the rails after Trinity and Rita’s death. Weeds did same thing. Best series ever was Six Feet Under and they knew how to end it. Love Michael C. Hall, hope to see him in something soon.

  31. Dwayne Wayne says:

    When Dexter thought Deb would be ok, he continued on as usual. When he finds out she’s hamburger meat, he does what Dexter does, kills the bad guy and gets away with it. Ok now time to put your sister out of her misery and continue being a dad and be with your hot girlfriend and give up killing…….wait, what’s that?……You’d rather let Harrison grow up without either biological parent and leave Hannah all alone to do the raising just cause Deb got shot doing her job?….Like Deb isn’t a cop and couldn’t die at any moment in the future all on her own? Well that’s great of you Dexter, you just took everything that changed about you in season 8 and threw it out the window. Maybe you should not have stopped talking to your dead Dad and you’d be sipping tequila now.
    Yes, and how do you so easily shut down life support and carry a wrapped body out of a hospital lot and out onto a boat? I’ve got to try that sometime.

  32. Mike says:

    This ending only makes sense if there is to be a return of Dexter, but I liked the idea of Dexter transforming into a non-killer. A return of Dexter as a non-killer would just be boring. Makes me feel liked I wasted my time seeing this transformation when it seemingly did not occur. (Dexter mean eyes at end.) And he must be a killer still, otherwise why would he feel the need to abandon his son and girlfriend? And the whole Deb dying thing was kind of sad but she swore too much. Joey would have cheated on her with some Russian hos anyways. (j/k)

  33. robert says:

    First of all. How are you going watch this show eight years as Dexter killed evil f%^$ks. And then be pissed because he didn’t get caught. The fact you watched for eight years tells me you were into it. Then you turn around and become self. Righteus. “Oh he should have paid for it” f*&^ken fake hypacrite.otherwise the ending was fair. It was a violent life and yes it often doesn’t end well. Its jut a show. But I get irritated with people who have. Stuck with it for years, but attempt to take the morale high ground. Look if you have stuck with this show for eight years you can’t tell me you watched it all in disgust. Ill be the first to say yeah I liked watching Dexter rid his part of the worl of evil people. Even if he did not feel it, intellectually he knew the world didn’t need thei crap in the shape of humans. but all in al its a story and a damn good one. In the end the worst that possibly happened was someone may have drank too much at the cast party. It was fun and ill miis them all in their characters.

  34. michael says:

    Loved the series but the last season and especially the final episode did not live up to expectations. It was the final season, they were free to take the show anywhere they wanted, Dexter gets arrested, Dexter goes on the run, Dexter kills the Jeb Bush, anything would have been better than The Vogil, Saxon, Zack, Hannah consulted plot. The one bright spot is that after this season I am not sad to see Dexter end. For those watching Breaking Bad, that my friends is how you write a final season.

  35. hootiepgh says:

    i’m seeing a lot of comments saying they would have liked dexter to get caught and see the reactions of the people around him. historically, the serial killers who are the best at their trade don’t get caught for decades, perhaps not ever. and dexter was the best serial killer out there. so he was never going to get caught. that is until he met hannah and started getting sloppier. this also happened when he was with lumen. deb caught him then, too, and let him go. in both of these cases, i think dexter’s desire for “normal” relationships caused his serial killer judgment to be skewed. but in the end, he overcame both.

    what i truly expected was for dexter to reveal his dark passenger to someone who would carry on his work. that kind of started to evolve with zach, but i honestly thought it might be quinn, who himself is already a tortured soul. at the beginning of the season, i expected deb to join him on his mission, perhaps both of them bringing quinn along for the ride eventually.

    but overall, i was pleased with the outcome. i don’t like hannah (i never did), but i think harrison is with the person who can best protect him throughout his life. for this ending to work, i also think deb needed to die. she was the only tie that bound dexter to where he was. by killing her and letting harrison and hannah go, dex will be forever tortured with what might have been. anyone who has ever gone through that kind of scenario in their life will know that that is the worst prison you would ever experience. so dex goes on, locked in the supermax prison of his own mind, never to find out what might have been. a hefty punishment for anyone, especially someone who was finally learning to feel.

  36. Arnie says:

    How could Dexter’s discovery at the beginning of this season – that Harry died by his own hand, after feeling tortured for creating a monster – been ANYTHING OTHER THAN foreshadowing a Dexter suicide?

    I expected Dexter to kill Saxon while simultaneously framing him as the Bay Harbor Butcher who killed LaGuerta, and to finally resolve Deb’s uneasiness with Hannah by dividing the latter into her component parts. Then, walking outside in the middle of a voice-over about how he should off himself, Dexter is suddenly whipped by a live, hurricane-downed power line – a Florida version of the scene in “The Ice Storm.” Voice-over abruptly ends. Fade out.

    Fade in, a year later at a bookstore in Santa Monica. A first-time crime-fiction author signs copies of her novel, “Darkly Dreaming Debra.” She is tall, foul-mouthed and bewitching. Her son Harrison sits beside her. She calls herself Lumen Doakes. Book buyers ask her where she gets such weird plot ideas.

  37. sophia says:

    Honestly , i had the same reactions as you guys after watching the finale
    and then when i think about it , it was really a poetic and beautiful finale.
    There was so many complex layers.
    It was an UNPREDICTIBLE ending , he could have killed himself but intead he decided to punish himself , to be alone and miserable for the rest of his life for what he did to Deb and that’s the ultimate proof of love.
    That last scene , there was no voiceovers , no harry…there was nothing. Dexter was nothing.
    Without Deb , he is truly a shadow.
    Absence of light.

  38. cas says:

    I never wanted Dexter to get caught. Yeah he did bad things, but mostly he did bad things to bad people. I liked the relationship he had with the people he worked with and I think ruining that would have been sad. I don’t like how Harrison ends up without a dad though. So sad.

  39. Kathy Jay says:

    At the end, I though Dexter and Hannah should have paid the price for their evil actions. I wish Harrison had gone to live with Aster and Cody and the grandparents. I had hoped Deb and Quinn would end up together. My favorite season was The Trinity Killer with John Lithgow. Fantastic. After watching every episode, I’m sorry to say, I’m glad it’s over.

  40. Linda Cameron says:

    This was a terrible ending for Dexter. The books, written by Jeff Lindsey are different than the show. There are still characters alive in the books who died in the show and vice versa.

  41. R.O.B. says:

    They should have had a closing scene where Masuka’s daughter is scrolling through Dexter’s internet browswer history and then says “Dad? Seargent Bautista? I think you need to see this…”

  42. Joy says:

    It would have been fitting to have Dexter hunted down and maybe even killed in the process. Deb could have been carrying Harrison off in a rescue scene with a voice over…not Dexter, but Harrison, reflecting on his own childhood. So this is how it ends… How he, as Dexter had said about himself, was born in blood. His mother murdered, he was found sitting in his own mothers blood, his dad a notorious vigilante serial killer who murdered hundreds by means of a sick code. He could voice his fear as to the outcome of his own twisted life. It could have left us wondering if he would become the same as his dad, or survive his horrid truth.

  43. While I thought the season wasn’t the best in the 8 seasons of the show, probably down there with season 5,6,7, the finale episode like in those seasons did the entire series justice!! Look had dexter died or been caught people wouldn’t be happy still, when it’s a show that viewers loved so much we don’t want it to end, so no matter the ending it’s always hard to except!! Personally I started watching the show Oct 1 2006 on the premier night and never missed an episode, during the fantastic ride I turned so many friends and family onto the show that are now into it like all of us!! But the shows first 3 season were its best, prior to it becoming such a mainstream show, which seems to be the case for many shows. I understand why the show lost it’s early season darkness, because this wasn’t so much a show about a series killer, but the journey of that killer as he evolves into a creature that learns to nurture, care, and eventually even have compassion and love. Rita started the evelution, Lila taught him lust, Miguel taught him friendship as did trinity in a way, Harrison taught him how to nurture, then he felt remorse and regret in his own way with Rita’s death. I don’t think he loved Rita, or dexters form of love, I feel Luman was more important to him, and that obviously Hannah was much more important and for a moment we thought he loved her when his urge to kill left. But his true love revolved around Debra!! We learned that Deb didn’t rely on dexter to survive over the past few season, but that it was dexter who relied on Debra!! The loss of Deb, for the first time in his life, finally brought him an actual true human emotion all the prior listed things built I that point, inluding zachs death and Dr Vogels death, and with out all those incidents maybe he wouldn’t of felt such overwhelming emotions in Debra’s death and then maybe he goes to Argentina and the complainers would be happy!! But it wouldn’t be happy ever after, eventually he would get them killed. Now people say he changed, and he did, but certain people attract the same certain type of people too them. Like dexter could always pick those people like him out of a crowd so couldn’t other killers. Also I have read where people say dexter should of killed himself, that was never his intention when driving into the storm, he did that so his boat would get wasted, thus the report of his death being reported so Hannah would then know she was to move on with her, and Harrison’s life!! Dexter isn’t the type of person that would take his own life, but by 1 dropping his phone thus loosing Hannah’s track phone number he then lost the ability to contact her in anyway, and 2 he knew that Harrison loved Hannah and Hannah loved Harrison and that they would help take care of one another.
    In a way dexter sentenced himself to death, he exiled himself from everything he has every had, and I men everything, as I firmly believe he isn’t killer anymore, I think he is punishing himself for debs demise and death and killing gives him that release and satisfaction so he stopped at Saxon. When the showed him at the table and you could here the sounds in the background then in the final seconds it sounded like all the sound got sucked out and it was just quite, as if no living thing was there, that was what dexter was now, completely striped of everything! One of the greatest finales EVER!! It was a perfect and fitting end to the greatest show ever, never again will a show be able to show the growth of a persons humanity and emotions in a way that is so damn interesting!! Still now 3 days later I honestly feel like I am mourning the death of a loved one, I will miss my Sundays with dexter!! But I know for sure that Sunday was the last time we will ever see a new episode of Dexter, or a appearance by Dexter Morgan in any spin off!! Whether or not a spin off might happen I don’t know, who cares because what carried that show is gone in Both Debra Jennifer Capenter, and dexter Michael C Hall!! Out of all the people giving the finale bad grade I would be interested in knowing when they started watching, because I feel like if you watched from the start, and truly watched the progression of dexter the person, friend, husband, and dad, this ending wrapped the show in an appropriate way!! It went back to dark place like it started, because he lost Debra!!! The first seen of dexter we hear a answering machine massage from Debra where she is telling dex to get down to a crime seen, that another Hooker got caught into pieces, Dexters monologue went something along the lines of “that’s my foul mouth sister Debra, if I could have feelings for any one it would be Deb,…” Once he finally felt true feelings it was in her death and overwhelmed him to take us back to a dark place!!

  44. Ellen says:

    There were definitely some great scenes in this episode. I cried when Dexter took her off life support and drove her out to drop her off at sea. I didn’t like that Deb died, but I guess it made sense overall. I agree with the person who said it was totally unrealistic that Hannah would be walking all over town, not trying to disguise herself in any way at all. I mean come on I know she’s got the hot chick factor but they could at least have made her a hot brunette or something for a few days.

    I love it that Dexter stabbed Deb’s killer with a simple pen, that was all laid out brilliantly.

    It seemed pretty unrealistic that Deb suddenly changed her mind about Joey when she seemed completely uninterested in for so long. But overall I am happy that they got back together in the end, and that she said “I love you” to him.

    But the big bummer was the end. I hated the end. I guess I’m ok with Dexter living on, and us all having the big mystery question mark, what is he doing? Is he still killing people? But…. it felt like it was all just slapped on there at the last second or something. It almost felt like, the writers suddenly changed their minds and decided, ok, we can’t end it like that, we decided to make him live after all. I know, they probably didn’t mean for it to look that way, but that’s what it FELT like because it just wasn’t a great “ending scene.” It was the very, very last scene, and it just faded out so fast and the sound got completely cut off and… it was just awkward. Maybe the sound getting cut out was for some weird dramatic effect but… it just didn’t seem to work. The very, very last scene of such an awesome, brilliant show is supposed to be really well thought out and powerful, and… it just wasn’t. No fault of the actors but it could have been played out a lot better.

    But could I have done a better job in writing or directing it? Doubt it. Overall this was a great show and the writers and actors deserve a hell of a lot of credit for outstanding work, overall, throughout the show’s life. So, thank you to the writers and everyone who gave us such a great show for the last 8 years. I’m going to miss Dexter so much! Good luck to the rest of the cast and crew. Now we can all just hope we get to see them all reunited in the future via a Dexter Movie!!!

  45. Alex says:

    I think it was a perfect ending. I sort of spoiled it for myself accidentally 3 weeks before the finale. I was hoping Deb would make it to the end. I really thought I would hate it if she died but it was quite the opposite. Disconnecting his sister from the ventilator / killing her, would only show the real humanity of Dexter. She was his last kill. Now he is alone. (Remember, he destroys everything he loves. That’s why he’d rather give up his own son before he destroys him too.). I like the last scene too because this is the first time you don’t hear dexter’s thoughts. He has nothing and no one. Quite the opposite scenario most most if not all of us imagined or hoped for him. I think the writers got it right. It was perfect. And for those of you that want a spin off or movie, isn’t it interesting that the final scene takes place in the Pacific Northwest an area well known for serial killers. Interesting…

  46. Dean says:

    Soo many holes and half arcs this season it was just sad horrible ending…I can’t even believe people are defending it…yay I’m going to keep my son safe by leaving him with another serial killer luckily for this unforseen hurricane and good thing dexter was let in the jail with no paperwork and no way the jail reviews the tape and sees dexters act after he thwarted the bad guys plan of going to jail n getting shanked threatening shanking him with a pen

  47. Alex says:

    Well, I agree. There were some holes. But also look at this: Michael C Hall and Jennifer Carpenter were married. I don’t care how friendlly the divorce, they try to say it was, it must have been a little weird. MCH I think wanted her out and this is the nicest way to do it.

    I still think it leaves it open. SHO time made too much money just to let this baby go. Again for those of you who have been intrigued by serial killers: they lay low for a while and they resurface to kill. Now there is no Deb, Code, Dad or Harrison to straighten or keep the monster focused. It’s an open ended finale. This is a business I’m curious to see what they do.

  48. FLASH3 says:

    I hope he will come back in a few years ! He talks to Harrison like they will meet again ” remember i love you every day , until we see us again ” That last scene isn´t a real end of Dexter when he looked into the camera ! I hope they dont let him die because they want comeback after a long break ….Dexter is the best story ever ….so why should that be the end of something so big ? hope i am not alone with my opinion ! A comeback would be Great!