Dexter Finale Recap: So Much For My Happy Ending - Grade the Episode and Final Season

Dexter FinaleIf you have yet to watch Dexter‘s series finale, avert your eyes. All others, proceed…

This is it, Dexter fans. Our favorite serial killer has slapped his last mosquito, squeezed his ultimate blood orange and flossed one final time. But did the Showtime series’ finale – especially its ending – serve as a fitting close for the lovable fiend? Let’s review what happened in “Remember the Monsters?.”

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ALL ABOARD | “I always thought if I left Miami, I’d be running for my life, not running towards another one,” Dexter voice-overs as he and Harrison power-walk through the airport on their way to meet Hannah at the gate. But blondie’s nowhere to be seen, and when she calls from the bathroom, we find out why: Elway’s in the boarding area, and there’s no way the trio will be able to get on the plane without him seeing. So Dexter fakes a bomb with items he buys at a concourse magazine stand, then frames Elway as the threat. Upside: Deb’s old boss is taken away by airport security. Downside: The boarding area is now closed because of the threat.

As Dexter, Harrison and Hannah exit the terminal, Dex gets a call from Matthews: Oliver Saxon shot Deb, and she is really not doing OK. Dexter sends Hannah and Harrison off, telling her not to worry that the impending hurricane may mean escape via plane is impossible: “We’ll make this work.” (And I add: “By the way, could you maybe wear a less bright, sherbet-y dress and possibly throw a cap on top of those glowing blonde locks?” It’s been noted before, but it’s worth saying again: For someone trying to lay low, girlfriend stands out like a lighthouse in the gloom of the approaching storm.)

REGRETS, I’VE HAD A FEW | Deb is in a ton of pain as her ambulance speeds to the hospital. She tells Quinn she was sure she was going to die. “I thought I was getting what I deserve.” He’s perplexed, but he just strokes her hair and assures her that if she does enough good in the world, it’ll cancel out past sins. “Now that you’re back on the force, you’re gonna have a million chances to do good,” he says. (At this point, I think: “Bingo! They’re setting up a Deb-centered spin-off!,” and then I think: “And that spin-off  — in which a tortured protagonist helps strangers as penance for wrongs she’s committed in the past — apparently, is Angel.”)

When Deb wakes, Jennifer Carpenter does a great job of conveying her character’s initial happiness at seeing her brother – that sweet, lopsided, fleeting smile — which is quickly covered by annoyance that he stayed behind on her behalf. “Ever since you found out who I am, I’ve screwed up your life,” he says, but she stops the self-flagellation by pointing out that her life isn’t “yours to screw up.” She absolves her brother of any guilt and instructs him “to go f—king be happy.”

I’m down with the sibling love here, but I just can’t believe Deb doesn’t lose her stuff when Dexter announces that he’s thinking of sending Harrison down to South America with Poison Ivy herself, then meeting them there after Deb is out of danger and Saxon is dead. It’s one thing to accept the fact that your brother is a serial killer. It’s a completely different matter to be on board with a murderer babysitting your nephew in a foreign clime. Whatever. There’s a literal boatload of other stuff that I don’t get later in this episode, so let’s move on.

Deb and Dex part, with him telling her, “I’ll see you soon.” In the hallway, he has a flashback to being in the nursery with Deb right after Harrison was born. “Everything’s gonna be so different now,” FlashbackDeb and her wig tell her bro. Back in the present, Elway’s now at the hospital; he’s of the opinion that Dexter (because of his involvement with Hannah) is partially responsible for U.S. Marshall Clayton’s death at Oliver’s hands. “Stay away from me,” Dexter growls violently.

Later, as Dex, Hannah and Harrison are about to hop an evacuation bus to Jacksonville (where they’ll catch a flight), our anti-hero says he has to stay behind to finish off Saxon. But by all means, lethal-woman-who-drugged-Dex-just-a-few-episodes-ago, take the child and leave the country! As his dad hugs him goodbye, Harrison whispers that he loves Hannah. “I do, too,” Dexter replies. (Side note: Oy.)

SAXON, SAXOFF | But where is Dr. Vogel’s crazy-eyed son Oliver Saxon during all of this, you ask? He’s scaring the shih tzu out a veterinarian, whom he forces to stitch up the gash in his arm and then drive him to the hospital… where he slices out the guy’s tongue and then slips into the facility, undetected. Dexter follows a minute later. He stops the killer just outside of Deb’s room, but before Dexter can go all Dark Passenger on the guy, Batista steps into the frame and trains his gun on Oliver’s head. Uniformed officers follow, and a handcuffed Saxon is carted away.

Yay! Deb is safe! Deb is also not in her room. Odd. And Quinn is crying. This isn’t going to be good, is it? Long, tragic story short: Deb had a stroke. For the rest of her life, her doc says, she won’t be able to “think, reason or even know that you’re there.” Dexter has another nursery-set flashback, in which Deb says Dex has always taken care of her. And back in the present, he goes about doing so for the last time.

Under the pretense of performing a gunshot residue test, Dexter comes face-to-face with Saxon at Miami Metro. There’s some introspection about how Dex’s life is “a trail of blood and body parts” and how everything that’s happened is Dexter’s fault, but it really all comes down to Michael C. Hall’s excellent delivery on the line, “I’m here to kill you with that pen.” Though Saxon sticks him with the Bic first, Dexter rips the writing implement out of his own shoulder and jams it into his opponent’s neck. Oliver bleeds out instantly, then Dexter hits the panic button and tells the officers that come running, “He tried to kill me.”

Dex is unrepentant while watching the surveillance tape of the encounter with Batista and Quinn. Though Angel is conflicted, Quinn is much less so. “I’m glad he’s dead,” Deb’s honey says, adding that he wishes he’d done the deed himself.

GOODBYE, DEB (SNIFF) | At the hospital later, Dex steals into Deb’s room and apologizes for the terribleness he’s brought down upon her. I don’t care what Deb said earlier, Dexter – though she’s certainly made some mistakes in her time, your sister’s life would’ve been much better without you in it. (I know, I’m terrible. Yell at me in the comments.) “I can’t leave you like this. I’m your big brother,” he says brokenly, and it’s really upsetting to watch Dexter wrestle with such strong emotions. (What? I may not dig most of Dexter’s actions in this episode, but I do feel for the guy.) He hesitates for a moment, then turns off her ventilator and tells her he loves her as she dies. Two things: 1) The scene is really sad, and 2) so… maybe not so much with the Deb spin-off, eh?

Hospital staff is busy evacuating patients before the storm hits, so Dexter draws a sheet over his sister’s body and just wheels her out the door, picks up her corpse and loads it into his boat (moored right outside, naturally), then takes off. Good job with the Armageddon clouds gathering in the background, Dexter effects team, but it can’t distract me from the insanity that absolutely no one noticed a Gap model making off with a dead body and then motoring off to sea?!

DEXTER DIES… OR DOES HE? (NO, HE TOTALLY DOESN’T) | Having successfully eluded Elway (with help from a well-placed syringe), Hannah has made it to South America with Harrison. They call Dexter, who’s sailing into the storm with Dead Aunt Deb riding shotgun. “I just want to tell you one last time that I love you,” Dexter tells his son, then tosses the cell into the sea after they hang up. Thunder and lightning surround him as he strokes Deb’s face, then drops her off the side of the boat. (Do any of you feel kind of sad, but nowhere near as wrecked as you thought you would be? If so, you’re not alone.)

“I destroy everyone I love. I can’t let that happen to Hannah, to Harrison,” Dexter voice-overs. “I have to protect them – from me.” And then he surges Slice of Life into the heart of the hurricane, which smashes the boat to bits and allegedly kills its captain… or at least, that’s the story that Hannah reads on the Internet soon after… and realizes that she’s now Harrison’s mom. (Until Elway or a U.S. Marshall catches up to her, that is. C’mon, you know it’s going to happen someday.)

But wait! Moments later, we find ourselves at a lumber processing center. A bearded man is working there, and that bearded man is Dexter! We follow him to his sparsely decorated home, where he sits at a table. Will anyone (living) at Miami Metro ever figure out that he is the Bay Harbor Butcher? Will anyone learn the truth about what happened to LaGuerta? We’ll never know, because Dex looks directly into the camera… and then the screen goes black.

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the series’ final episode? Grade the FINALE and the FINAL SEASON via the polls below, then back up your pick in the comments.

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  1. A says:

    I WANTED the fairytale ending, but I’m glad it ended the way it did. It did a great job of tapping in on the strongest chemistry on the show between Dexter & Deb. It broke my heart that she had to die, but it’s what finally made him realize he could feel pain….REAL pain, love, and loss….emotions only felt by everyone ELSE around him. It was the final passage of his “ritual” into being able to have emotions like everyone else around him. Ironically, once he started to feel, he wanted nothing more than to be numb again. He realized that he loved Hannah & Harrison SO much, he was willing to sacrifice a life without them….just so that they could be safe. I think it’s safe to say Dexter is more tortured than ANY of his victims on his table.

    • Kevin says:

      I thought it was a very amusing comment to say “what a waste of 8 years of my life!”
      Like reading the last page of a book, there is a feeling of sadness, that there is nothing more, the story is over. We have just come to the end of an emotional roller coaster, the ride was great and exciting but the end is always a feeling of loss.
      No ending of Dexter would leave us feeling wonderful because our closely watched series will no longer bring us anticipation and wonder.
      Remember the ride. Remember the feeling. And force yourself to move on. That was the point of the last episode.

    • Dexter says:

      You nailed it! Nicely done

  2. Pat D. says:

    Bad ending. Especially with the soap opera-ish “Deb took an unforeseen turn for the worse”. I kinda expected it though because I had seen a very detailed spoiler on the web which turned out to be very close to how it ended.

    I’m not sure how I would have felt (better or worse) had they ended it with Dexter REALLY being dead in the hurricane. And honestly, how on earth did he survive those waters with no boat? ROFL.

    After the solid outing that was season 7, how could the same people have gone so wrong with this final 12 episodes???? Gah. They really should have ended the series with Deb shooting LaGuerta—even if it didnt tie anything up, it would have been better than this disaster.

    Its also magnified by the fact that Vince Gilligan is giving us a great final season at the very same time. These two series are light-years apart—and it pains me to say it considering Dex season 1-2 and the second half of 4 are easily as good as anything in the Walter White world.

  3. Ace says:

    Out of touch, megalomaniacal effete writers. One dumb finale of a remarkable series.

  4. Damien says:

    I feel the ending was what the creator/ director had in mine since day one. If you think of any other movie or book it has a beginning, a middle, and a end. The inbetweens get filled in during the season. Think back to sopranos where everyone was pissed at that ending. Screen just blacks out and every one thought it was the cable company. Then propel are upset because the ending was left undone, when in reality it’s was us living through tony soprano as a character and hence when it died we knew what it felt like at that moment, total darkness. Dexter could have ended with him being caught but that would have been to unoriginal. Past 8 seasons he got away and the last epsidoe he gets caught makes no sense at all. Deb dying yea because she had issues and now she is free of those issues. Dexter living along because people he loves dies from his dad to his first wife, to his psychiatrists, to deb.
    Good ending, not the best but is somewhat true to the character

    • Pat D. says:

      There were at least a good amount of people (myself included) who thought the Soprano’s finale was brilliant. I dont think there will be too many people who think this one was brilliant.

  5. Mike says:

    Bad ending. Makes me not want to watch television anymore. (That’s probably a good thing.)

  6. Pati says:

    Love the series but this season was awful. Why kill Deb? Dexter ruined her life that was tragic, the scene was sad but you’re right I thought I would be more sad. I just kept thinking that Dexter can’t have a happy ending he ruined her life. This season was a waste the Joey and Jamie storyline, Dr. Vogel, Cassie all these useless people they brought in. It was really disappointing

    • Pat D. says:

      I agree. The Big Bad was even worse than Travis—he was absolutely boring. Travis, at least, would occasionally amuse: “Hello, WHORE.”.

  7. AmandaM says:

    I know I am one of the few, but I actually liked the finale. He didn’t get caught, he wasn’t killed, or any other of those predictions people have come up with through the years. It was unpredictable which I enjoyed. Needless to say, after it was over, I cried like a baby. So much heartbreak in one episode. Quinn saying “what?” when Deb said I love you Joey”, Quinn’s reaction to Deb’s stroke, Dexter’s final phone call with Harrison, Dexter taking Deb off life support and the whole scene leading up to him dumping her body, Hannah reading the article on her tablet, to Dexter being all alone. Even writing that right now chokes me up. It was a dark show, it makes sense it didn’t have a happy ending.

  8. David says:

    It was pretty disappointing to end it the way they did. I never thought he would commit suicide so it wouldn’t have made sense to kill himself in the hurricane but there were too many plotholes. How could he get her out the hospital? He obviously killed Saxon on purpose from the video. I understand them letting him go but it’s video evidence that looks like he set it up. Plus so many things left unanswered. He got away with everything and can make a new life for himself. Really? And are we supposed to believe the urge to kill is gone now too? Dexter living out his life by himself in a log cabin. I don’t get it.

  9. Jarrett says:

    Boring ending to a great show. I really was hopping for a Romeo and Juliet ending. The way I thought it would end was dexter trying to protect Hanna but dying. Then Hanna couldn’t deal with loosing her love. Then poisoning herself to die in his arms. But that was just what I was hopping for. Still enjoyed the show but it was def time to end the series. On thing is certain. I bet know body predicted dexter becoming a lumberjack.

  10. Mike says:

    Are you kidding me. One of the best showtime shows ever with eight fantastic seasons, and we end the show with Dexter becoming a lumber jack? REALLY? Thats the best the writers could come up with. I can only hope there will be a spin off show because Dexter deserves better.

  11. Louis Rees says:

    Loved the ending personally. Dexter finally realised that he was the cause of all the pain and suffering, that ultimately for the people he loved to have a chance at life he would have to give them up. Attempting suicide in the storm was an act of love, no doubt driven by the death of his sister, showing he was willing to give up everything to protect them from himself. The fact that he survived, and goes on to live a life of isolation and loneliness seems a penance for his sins and for his perceived failures to protect those he cares about. Certainly much better than the obvious happy ending, walk off into the sunset with his new life, or a more obvious “he gets caught and put into prison” ending.

    Most importantly of all, leaves room for potentially more Dexter in the future! I vote for a film!!

  12. jjbb says:

    I always hated Deb. She was very annoying. So glad they killed her! So glad Dexter is alive but wanted him to some how have that happy ending. If Deb didnt die he could have tried atleast to be happy. He was an exception to the rule already by having feelings for people and loving why not have his need for killing subside…you know? Anyway glad he didnt get caught or die!

  13. dana says:

    it was a terrible ending to a great show, way to go writers!

  14. Jan says:

    Poor season with dreadful dialogs, but a very decent ending.

  15. Jon says:

    I was disappointed that I didn’t get to see Hannah give a full frontal in the finale…NOW THAT WOULDA BEEN GREAT

  16. DorkPassenger says:

    I thought Dexter’s look at the end was menacing, as if he had accepted who he was, not renounced it. He decided he wanted to stop feeling as others do. He may have saved Harrison and Hannah, but it was not just selfless: it was selfish, too. That’s why I thought this was a good ending. Everyone wanted to believe that Dex was actually a good person, but he is what he is–a serial killer.

  17. Ranjith says:

    First Dexter lets Saxxon go so that he can do what Trinity killer did to his wife all over again to Debra! Then he kills her (who arguably has a chance to live) and throws her into Atlantic ocean to float around as a corpse! Are you serious? The writers must have been high when they wrote this ending. What a disappointment!

  18. heyward simms says:

    best comment
    What about when Elway wakes up? He knows Harrison is still alive and out there with Hanna McKay.

  19. DorkPassenger says:

    And I didn’t see the ending as Dexter becoming a lumberjack. I saw it as Dexter doing what serial killers do–move on, hide, and keep killing. That last look seemed to promise more kills, and maybe no code.

  20. Jewelz says:

    Could this ending open the doors for future Dexter seasons? To clear up many of the concerns stated here? I also am disappointed in the finale. Mostly with deb dying. Great actress. Great character. Dexter could live on in my opinion but the show should not have killed off deb especially how dexter just dumped her in the ocean. Not cool If by some miracle dexter returns. It would never be the same without Jennifer. But overall I am so glad the show existed. I just wished writers who start characters stuck it through to the end as they are the only ones who truly get into the minds of the characters they create. The last couple of seasons were not written or as exciting as the beginning of the series. But I will miss watching the show. Stupid to end a series for lack of creative writing. Hire better writers!

  21. dave says:

    I’m sorry man, this was a pathetic attempt at a review of the last episode… it may not have lived up to my standards either, but all you did was litterally write down everything that happened in the tone of a highschool 16 year old. Crappy last episode reviewed by an even crappier writer.

  22. Dexter Morgan says:

    It was sad that Deb died because she loved Joey, and she finally accepted Dexter for what he was. For all the haters out there, shutup theres still a comic book you can read, next issue drops October 2nd. Just be happy La Guerta’s dead everyone, I know am.

  23. Sam says:

    I enjoyed it. I believe he dropped Deb in the ocean is because he himself had a strong connection with that place, and also because he felt responsible for her death. His son is with the only woman who truly understood him, both with a chance of having a better life. He is well aware of who he is,and there is no alternative or happy ending. He is a predator with coincidence. Deserves to be alone.

  24. I was scared to death that the finale would be Dexter dying..I have just read all the comments and so many people seem to be very upset about Deb dying..yes it was sad, but she was a police officer, and they go into danger everyday of their lives..this season was a bit all over the place, but I never wavered in thinking that it was a terrific show..obviously watching and rooting for a serial killer is not the show for they said, would be impossible to please everyone in the was sad that Deb died, but Dexter releasing her and not letting her live as a vegetable was a hard decision for him to make and live with..then of course he punished himself by removing himself from everyone and everything he for Harrison..he loves Hannah and she loves him..I can not imagine anything that would make her harm him..all in all I am so sad to see this show go, but the way it was left, they could make a movie because Dexter and Harrison and Hannah are all very glad Dexter didn’t die :)

    • Tgfxscorpion says:

      Very nice comment Sharon after reading some of the other comments i was really disapointed by them till i read yours i wished it ended different but hey it is what it is i just was hoping for dexter Harrison and Hannah to live happily ever after the people that said they wanted him to die or get caught have some serious issues imo but whatever

  25. bob brixley says:

    I would have liked to see him get away,and her live.They both deserved to live.Dexter killed bad people,and so did she.

  26. Dexter says:

    A thoughtful ending to a great season, and an exceptional show. Very emotional, and perhaps not what viewers wanted. But definitely well played and not the typical American happy ending we are all trained to crave. It was a dark ending to a dark show. I would have preferred it to end with the boat, but the writers preferred Dexter to completely give over to his dark passenger. Painful and so sad. But I get it.

    Amazing acting and writing. This show raises the bar on everything.

  27. Mike Pytlik says:

    Are there lumberjacks in Argentina? And how exactly is him ‘dying’ protecting Harrison and Hannah? Miami Metro will obviously wonder where Harrison is, and will eventually figure things out. Was there even a mention of him leaving an estranged 4 year old in that article?

  28. Tgfxscorpion says:

    I loved the show but agree it should have ended different although i do not agree it should have ended like most the people on this site feel it should have i really was hoping for the happy ending for dex him Harrison and Hanna together finally able to live a happy life
    Why people wanted him to get caught is beyond me why because he killed really evil people so what how many times have you heard someone say in real life they hope so and so gets the electric chair etc grow up people and shove it already with that lame ass liberal thinking i could go on about this show for awhile but i will spare you all in all the season was good but this episode made it all for nothing but like i read in a comment above i have seen worse finales biggest thing i had issues with was him abandoning his son what a shame they went that route but whatever oh on a final note all heros / anti heros usually kill people in there movies or shows hell take the punisher foe example you never hear anyone wishing him dead or caught and why because he is doing the world a big favor taking out the trash get over yourselves already

  29. victor says:

    Look… it is just a T.V show… a “happy ending” taking place that fast is really not realistic.. I admit I once wanted Dexter to get caught to see how his actions effects those close to him. But I actually like them taking a more existential approach.. not a social system of judgement..just a man confronted and serving his own time. The fact of Deb as his last victim on top of all the other tid bits like Dexter choosing not to kill Saxton at first, or even recognizing he has choice..and love over addiction to fill the emptiness. Hurt people hurt is someone slowly beginning to taste healing…. also there was no way a man boating it out in a hurricane expected to live… symbolically he made it through the storm… whether or not he goes to meet up eventually with his son and Hannah…( which I would like to believe eventually he does).. he is going to have to mourn… feel he is safe enough to be around those he loves.. Also I liked the Hannah character…the fact of total acceptance and her being candid about not liking to kill…gave her much more depth than some people give her credit for… flawed..yes… but not unredeemable.
    there was a lot of huge steps forward for Dexter to touch his humanity….so naturally a couple steps back…. the ending leaves you with making your own choice… but consider..a new life is ahead of him..but to get there…learning to live with loss… pretty power message.

  30. victor says:

    Look… it is just a T.V show… a “happy ending” taking place that fast is really not realistic.. I admit I once wanted Dexter to get caught to see how his actions effects those close to him. But I actually like them taking a more existential approach.. not a social system of judgement..just a man confronted and serving his own time. The fact of Deb as his last victim on top of all the other tid bits like Dexter choosing not to kill Saxton at first, or even recognizing he has choice..and love over addiction to fill the emptiness. Hurt people hurt is someone slowly beginning to taste healing…. also there was no way a man boating it out in a hurricane expected to live… symbolically he made it through the storm… whether or not he goes to meet up eventually with his son and Hannah…( which I would like to believe eventually he does).. he is going to have to mourn… feel he is safe enough to be around those he loves.. Also I liked the Hannah character…the fact of total acceptance of dexter and her being candid about not liking to kill…gave her much more depth than some people give her credit for… flawed..yes… but not unredeemable.
    there was a lot of huge steps forward for Dexter to touch his humanity….so naturally a couple steps back…. the ending leaves you with making your own choice… but consider..a new life is ahead of him..but to get there…learning to live with loss… pretty powerful message.

  31. synister plotter says:

    I would have made the 5th season the final season. But it would have been nothing like the 5th season that I watched (which I was not too happy with). I felt like the 5th season was where the show started to get off track and a little more unbelievable. Rita’s death should have stayed with him longer. And then I feel like there should have been some connection with his father (NOT Harry, but his biological father–who is almost never brought up throughout the series). I think it would be interesting to find out that his biological father was a serial killer or something like that, and that Dexter would have to face off against him, an older, wiser psychopath, while coping with the loss of Rita, and trying to raise Harrison to not become like his father (oh, and Harrison would show signs of being sociopathic, but Dexter would find a way to teach him how to overcome his desires WITHOUT killing). I felt like the writing kind of went downhill after the 4th season. This season finale felt a lot like a mercy killing (no pun intended).

  32. hello says:

    I am sad, but for the wrong reasons

  33. RobLitherland says:

    I wasn’t a huge fan of the entirety of the series, but quite liked the ending. Pretty much all doors have been closed and the questions answered. If you are looking for a guaranteed bad ending for the main character then watch Breaking Bad ;)

  34. Didi says:

    I think the last scene wasn’t about him protecting the ones he loves or about “becoming a lumberjack” or about hiding.
    It was about him FINALLY making the big decision.
    The entire series led up to him realizing he can’t juggle both worlds and that he has to decide. He chose the Dark Passenger.
    I liked this ending.

    That said, the last season was a bit lacklustre. Way too many useless sideplots that didn’t really go anywhere, a boring main baddie, too rushed and unbelievable development arcs for some of the side characters, etc.

  35. Mike says:

    What a horrible way to end Dexter. So many things could’ve happened throughout the episode. Two key things that I hated that wasn’t in the finale were the kill ritual that Dexter always did and a final send off from Harry. Two if the KEY things that made dexter wasn’t in the finale. For those that wanted Dexter to get caught, I was waiting for it to happen myself. BUT this is how I would do it…Number one I would have killed Deb aswell, and when they caught Saxon and interrogated him, I would have gotten dexter to get everyone in Miami Metro to walk into the viewing room and lock them in there. After that he gets his kill ritual set up in the interrogation room. He does his speech kills Saxon and it ends with Dexter looking at everyone and everyone looking at him.

  36. Marcus says:

    I liked the ending. No happy or bad ending, just an ending, with lots of space of interpretations. And I think that is totally fine and fitting for the tone and atmosphere of this show, because that’s how life is. Things just happen, and we’ll go on. Most times there’s no final point or message or explanation. And that is, in my opinion, exactly how Dexter is.

    So Deb died, maybe for nothing, yes why not? People get shot and die, several of ’em pitifully while attached to some machines in a shabby hospital bed, alone. And most people on this planet die for nothing. I’m happy that Deb had her loving brother by her side when she passed, he didn’t want her to “live” like this and he personally buried her, cause he cares, no problem here.
    Of course she dies, and not Dex. He needs to live, to suffer from all he’s done, especially to her. The show, as well as the finale, couldn’t work with Dex beeing dead or in jail. Of course he can’t live a normal life with a family. He tried and he failed. Sometimes people can’t change, deal with it.
    Of course he’s a bad person as well, but gets away with it. He’s just like we all are. Most of us want a fair life for everyone and have good intentions, but still we treat this world and others like sh…That’s reality. What happens in our life doesn’t always have to be the ultimate fullfill or tragedy. Most of ’em are just in between.
    So, me personally, I can live much better with this ending than with a “everything’s fine, Dexter is normal after all and has a functional family lollipop life in Argentina and Deb lives-ending”.
    Realism or happy ending, people, they’re both important on the screen, but you can’t have ’em both together. And if you want the second one, don’t watch shows like this one.

    btw: It doesn’t matter how a show ends, people will always complain, cause they want to.

  37. Gaurav says:

    My Alternate Ending: Deb stays alive a little while longer and she still regrets killing LaGuerta so much so that she commits suicide but not before explaining everything about Dexter in a suicide note. (She would have to somehow prove that she wasn’t lying, but it would be the writer’s job to figure that out). Dexter discovers the note and goes on the run. He would be the most wanted man in america at that point. He delivers the exact same message to Hannah and Harrison [(the one he gave them before he chucked his phone in the water)-(he would have to contact Hannah before the news went viral)]. So now Dexter finds his new home and job, the lumberjack thing works. BUT, after receiving the news that Dexter had been found out she starts to resent him for leaving her with his kid in a foreign country with no plan and barely any money. One day Hannah catches Harrison with a dead rabbit and she knows that he is the same as Dexter so she trains Harrison and teaches him how to kill without being caught. She would put her own twist on the way he killed, maybe by teaching him about the plants she used to use. And Harrison knows about his dad; with the persuasion from Hannah, Harrison finds himself hating Dexter for leaving him and Hannah when he could have just fled to Argentina but Dexter chose not to. The final minute of the show would play out like this: *Hannah has passed away due to illness and age*. We find a young man sitting alone outside of a cabin eating an oreo cookie, he walks into the cabin lined wall to wall with plastic. On one of the walls is a picture of a 4 year old Harrison along with a picture of Hannah. In the centre of the cabin is a table with an unconscious, aged man wrapped up in plastic….fully constricted. The man regains consciousness and finds himself looking into a pair of two dark and unforgiving eyes….The old man could have sworn that he was looking into the past…seeing a son which he abandoned…the final line would be Harrison saying “Hello dad”. Harrison looks into the camera with the same creepy look that only a psychopath could achieve and the screen goes black….

    But I would also have Dexter (before Dexter is killed) attending the funeral of his long time and only true friend Bautista…watching from afar, bidding his final farewell to his friend. Quinn is Deputy Chief, Matsuka is working for the FBI as the head of the forensic department. And i would have Cody (Dexter’s stepson) working for Miami metro as sergeant (He would be about 30-40 years old). MEGA SURPRISE TWIST would be that Astor would be married to Harrison!!! (Yes, there is about a 15 year age gap but Astor is a single alcoholic) Astor would have no clue that its Harrison because he would have changed his identity to be with her. Why would Harrison be with Astor? He’s a psychopath.

    i think it would have taken another episode after they established Dexter being in exile. It would be an episode filled with familiar faces living their lives with the addition of an unrecognizable Harrison. Harrison could even work for Miami Metro as the blood spatter analyst…who knows. the possibilities would be endless.

    I feel like my ending is better for me and it literally took 30 mins to make up out of thin air,,, it doesn’t even feel like Dexter is over. Not for me anyways.. ;)

  38. Melissa says:

    I think it was a pretty awesome ending. nobody was going to be 100% happy but I loved it and it’s still my favorite series to date and Michael C. Hall is amazing!

  39. joe says:

    a sad end ……… but maybe a showtime movie next year?

  40. Wanda C. says:

    I am pleased with the final season. However if Dexter would have hand-cuffed himself to Deb and died along with her that would have been the best way to end the series. Brotherly love to the end. I loved the show and will truly miss it. Great job! Maybe it’s not the end!

  41. Sondra says:

    I have to admit this was not my favorite season however I loved the finale! Very touching–something one would normally not say when describing the show Dexter! I will miss the show!

  42. Batman says:

    It was a good (not great) finale, but of course you can’t please everyone. I was conflicted when Dexter headed into the storm. Part of me agreed his death would be a fitting end, but I still wanted to see him wrapping platic around a table. Instead of Dexter at a small empty wooden table, a better ending for me would show the Dexter stare-down as he was dressed in his kill suit, standing over his table in a kill room. I thought the largest hanging chad was with Dexter leaving Harrison to Hannah. I suppose it was for the best, but it just didn’t feel right.

  43. Michelle Martel says:

    I was there from day one and watched Dexter faithfully for the past 8 seasons. Things started going downhill with killing off Doakes too early and getting rid of Rita in season 4.

    I kept watching, hoping it would get better, but it never did… It never got that amazing vibe it had in season 1 and 2. The Trinity Killer in season 4 brought some of that magic back but it was gone by season 5.

    So many loose ends and huge holes in the plots this season that it was more comic relief than drama. How on earth did the creators of the show convinced Michael C. Hall and specially Jennifer Carpenter to go along with all the nonsense.

    Luckily I had Breaking Bad to show me what amazing TV really is….

  44. Joe Benton says:

    I loved the show and never missed an episode. However the show started to get a bit wierd the last two seasons I stil enjoyed it and am sad that it has come to an end. Strange as it was I found myself rooting for Dexter and wanted him to finally be happy. I will miss this show it was the only reason I have kept Showtime the last 7 years.

  45. Really, really, disappointed. I love the show all the way through, right up until last night. They just spend 2 seasons letting Dexter figure out that he is really not a hopeless and unfeeling psychopath. He is capable of giving and receiving love. Dr Vogel and his father made up the code for his survival, they brainwashed him in a way, but he finally realizes he is more than that. He loves Deb, Hannah and Harrison. He even cried when Dr Vogel got killed. He loses his dark passenger, his “dad” tells him goodbye, and Dexter proves his dark passenger is gone by calling Deb to arrest Vogels son, instead of killing him. His love and hope for a new life outweighed his “need” to kill. Yes!! Thanks mostly to Hannah, his dark passenger days are over. And as his reward for finally choosing the “right” path, his life is destroyed? Why do all of that building up and letting go of his evil ways, giving him a chance at redemption, showing he is truly capable of love and not just having a family as a “cover” for his darkness just to destroy all of that. And poor Deb! It’s finally her chance to be proud of her brother and the way he conquered all of that evil. Knowing Dexter is no longer a killer and is truly happy leaves her to finally find her own happiness without carrying that weight around. UGH Im very disappointed. :(

  46. Will Dresser says:

    First, I will admit to being one of the few people who liked the ‘Sopranos’ finale. That said, I’m somewhat conflicted over the ‘Dexter’ ending but I’ll watch it again and see if that helps. In another article about this I graded both the last season and the last episode as ‘A’, but I had to fight off an urge for a grade slightly lower. As a writer (international thrillers), I always spend time thinking of fitting ends for my bad guys (or conflicted protagonists in this case), and so I did more than a little thinking about a fitting end for Dex. As it turned out, I could have been content with him motoring into the hurricane, reasoning that it was an act of self-sacrifice for the good of humanity; but I can live with his self-exile instead. Given the nature of Dexter’s life, it would be unreasonable for a serial killer to be allowed to go entirely free, so some form of punishment had to be meted out. The loss of everything he loves seems to be a fitting punishment, as sad as it is for those of us who have come to understand and care about Dexter. I saw him becoming more human during this final season, culminating in the final (sort of) turning over of Saxon to the authorities instead of killing him himself. That act was, I think, the final casting off of his ‘Dark Passenger’ and his entry into society. The killing of Saxon afterwards was an ’emotional’ response to what Saxon had done to Deb, and as such was a ‘human’ response instead of the ‘monster’ rearing its head again. In the final analysis, a story has to have an ending that completes the story, and while I (and likely the writers of Dexter) could have come up with several alternate endings, this one is reasonable and fitting. After all, who would have imagined going into ‘Dexter’ that we would come out the other end feeling compassion and love for a serial killer?

  47. doorman says:

    Terrible ending to a terrible season that has left a bad mark on a great series…They could have done so much more to ensure a better ending…very disappointed.

  48. Joshua says:

    ok everyone has their opinion but here is the thing even the people who say they have “HATED THE SHOW” for the last 4 seasons have still “WATCHED” the show they so hated, the ones who hated the finale still watched the finale. the ratings for this season were at an all time high….but im guessing thats because the whole world wanted to watch how horrible it was every week? anyways. i am glad the stakes were TOO low this season because thats real life, it would of felt more forced if they made it all dexter on the run, or dexter could die at anytime or get caught at anytime etc etc….things aren’t perfect in real life and i think that the writers wanted to ground this season and finale to make it feel more natural….more realistic. Dexter was great at what he did, its NO surprise he didnt get caught. DUH! hes a genius forensics tech. anyways, the last half and end of season 7 was to cater to all the people who wanted to see how his coworkers would react to him being accused of being a serial killer, ala the whole laguerta story line. and they even catered to the fans who wanted to see dexter die by having deb drive him into that pond where he almost died, so in a way they did touch on all the possible outcomes people talked about. its not like they didnt give you everything you asked for in one way or another. I think the finale made a lot of sense. everything came to a head, it was more realistic, in a perfect world deb woulda had a more exciting death but like i said it was more realistic that there was complication during her surgery or whatever, happens everyday. and dex dropped deb into the ocean because it was a symbolism that he was the one who killed her. and about dex leaving harrison with hannah, yea i agree it seemed rushed making that connection between them but remember that relationship between harrison and hannah started in season 7, harrison loved hannah and hannah loved harrison, harrison said he wanted hannah to be his mom and that he loved her. and to all the people who think harrison woulda been better off with jamie and joey…first off joey and jamie broke it off because it didnt work and i really doubt joey would get over debra in anyway to get back with jamie, not to mention jamie was wanting to leave miami to go to that school that send her the acceptance/invitation letter. so no jamie wouldn’t have been a good choic, and batista? really he couldnt even keep his own marriage/family life in check. true he is a good dad but he got his own baby mama drama going on. Yes hannah is on the run, yes hannah has killed people before but wait a second DEXTER HAS KILLED MORE PEOPLE! and you all would have been ok with him being alone raising harrison if it ended that way lmao. and the very end of the episode i am not entirely sure that was Dexter, it could have been a grown up Harrison but more likely it was Dexter and it was Dexter making the decision that others lives would be better without him in it. who knows what happens after that, maybe he gets it together one day and finds his kid and hannah but if not i am ok with it, yes alot of people think hannah would find out dex died and dump the kid but she didn’t you could see it in her face she knew what her life was going to be and she was ok with it. She wanted to have a normal life just like Dex wanted to be and feel human. I think Harrison is safe and will be ok and I am a father of 2 small children myself. the way i see it with Dex and Hannah is the heart wants what he heart wants. All in all the show ended the way it should have in my opinion. and everyone that says the show has tanked since season 4 are partially right, Season 4 was in most people’s opinion the best season and of course it would be impossible to top that season after season but the show runners didnt try to TOP IT they just continued to tell Dexter’s story, every season was about Dexter growing as a human and trying to interact with other humans in different ways. yes its true season 5,6,7 and 8 werent as action packed and thrilling and suspenseful as season 4 but they all were entertaining, the ratings prove that, whether you loved them or hated them if you have an opinion about them you still watched them. I love the entire series that is DEXTER and that includes all its faults and foibles because in the end its all about storytelling and being entertained, and anyone who has watched this show for 8 years cannot honestly say that they were NEVER ENTERTAINED BY IT. Goodbye to Dexter one of the greatest shows I have the pleasure to watch.

  49. Dave says:

    Not too many endings are going to satisfy the fanbase. I completely agree with the notion that Dexter killing himself would have been the easy way out. What constitutes the best punishment for a character who finally became human and learned to love? Living out the rest of his days alone. I am disappointed at how Deb’s storyline played out. Thought she deserved to go out with a bang. Carpenter herself said she wanted Deb to die. But, having Dexter take her off life support signifies the one truly human act of love he has ever shown, not letting his sister live like that. As for the ending, where he looks right at the camera before it fades to black I can’t help but but left wondering if the door was left open, just a crack, for more Dexter. Haven’t heard any spec to that effect so perhaps I’m wrong there. But that’s what the ending left me with. Pretty decent-heartbreaking end to a show that went 3 seasons too long. As uneven as the show was at times I’m going to miss Michael Hall as Dexter and Jennifer Carpenter as Deb.

  50. MikeTheHappyCamper says:

    To be honest I was satisfied with the way things ended even though I will mourn Deb I think I was hoping they would kill off Dex at the end to make it impossible to start shooting another season in few years just for the crack of it. The only thing that bothers me is the fact that Hannah lived. I selfishly wished for her to be dead.:o)