Dexter Finale Recap: So Much For My Happy Ending – Grade the Episode and Final Season

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Dexter FinaleIf you have yet to watch Dexter‘s series finale, avert your eyes. All others, proceed…

This is it, Dexter fans. Our favorite serial killer has slapped his last mosquito, squeezed his ultimate blood orange and flossed one final time. But did the Showtime series’ finale – especially its ending – serve as a fitting close for the lovable fiend? Let’s review what happened in “Remember the Monsters?.”

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ALL ABOARD | “I always thought if I left Miami, I’d be running for my life, not running towards another one,” Dexter voice-overs as he and Harrison power-walk through the airport on their way to meet Hannah at the gate. But blondie’s nowhere to be seen, and when she calls from the bathroom, we find out why: Elway’s in the boarding area, and there’s no way the trio will be able to get on the plane without him seeing. So Dexter fakes a bomb with items he buys at a concourse magazine stand, then frames Elway as the threat. Upside: Deb’s old boss is taken away by airport security. Downside: The boarding area is now closed because of the threat.

As Dexter, Harrison and Hannah exit the terminal, Dex gets a call from Matthews: Oliver Saxon shot Deb, and she is really not doing OK. Dexter sends Hannah and Harrison off, telling her not to worry that the impending hurricane may mean escape via plane is impossible: “We’ll make this work.” (And I add: “By the way, could you maybe wear a less bright, sherbet-y dress and possibly throw a cap on top of those glowing blonde locks?” It’s been noted before, but it’s worth saying again: For someone trying to lay low, girlfriend stands out like a lighthouse in the gloom of the approaching storm.)

REGRETS, I’VE HAD A FEW | Deb is in a ton of pain as her ambulance speeds to the hospital. She tells Quinn she was sure she was going to die. “I thought I was getting what I deserve.” He’s perplexed, but he just strokes her hair and assures her that if she does enough good in the world, it’ll cancel out past sins. “Now that you’re back on the force, you’re gonna have a million chances to do good,” he says. (At this point, I think: “Bingo! They’re setting up a Deb-centered spin-off!,” and then I think: “And that spin-off  – in which a tortured protagonist helps strangers as penance for wrongs she’s committed in the past — apparently, is Angel.”)

When Deb wakes, Jennifer Carpenter does a great job of conveying her character’s initial happiness at seeing her brother – that sweet, lopsided, fleeting smile — which is quickly covered by annoyance that he stayed behind on her behalf. “Ever since you found out who I am, I’ve screwed up your life,” he says, but she stops the self-flagellation by pointing out that her life isn’t “yours to screw up.” She absolves her brother of any guilt and instructs him “to go f—king be happy.”

I’m down with the sibling love here, but I just can’t believe Deb doesn’t lose her stuff when Dexter announces that he’s thinking of sending Harrison down to South America with Poison Ivy herself, then meeting them there after Deb is out of danger and Saxon is dead. It’s one thing to accept the fact that your brother is a serial killer. It’s a completely different matter to be on board with a murderer babysitting your nephew in a foreign clime. Whatever. There’s a literal boatload of other stuff that I don’t get later in this episode, so let’s move on.

Deb and Dex part, with him telling her, “I’ll see you soon.” In the hallway, he has a flashback to being in the nursery with Deb right after Harrison was born. “Everything’s gonna be so different now,” FlashbackDeb and her wig tell her bro. Back in the present, Elway’s now at the hospital; he’s of the opinion that Dexter (because of his involvement with Hannah) is partially responsible for U.S. Marshall Clayton’s death at Oliver’s hands. “Stay away from me,” Dexter growls violently.

Later, as Dex, Hannah and Harrison are about to hop an evacuation bus to Jacksonville (where they’ll catch a flight), our anti-hero says he has to stay behind to finish off Saxon. But by all means, lethal-woman-who-drugged-Dex-just-a-few-episodes-ago, take the child and leave the country! As his dad hugs him goodbye, Harrison whispers that he loves Hannah. “I do, too,” Dexter replies. (Side note: Oy.)

SAXON, SAXOFF | But where is Dr. Vogel’s crazy-eyed son Oliver Saxon during all of this, you ask? He’s scaring the shih tzu out a veterinarian, whom he forces to stitch up the gash in his arm and then drive him to the hospital… where he slices out the guy’s tongue and then slips into the facility, undetected. Dexter follows a minute later. He stops the killer just outside of Deb’s room, but before Dexter can go all Dark Passenger on the guy, Batista steps into the frame and trains his gun on Oliver’s head. Uniformed officers follow, and a handcuffed Saxon is carted away.

Yay! Deb is safe! Deb is also not in her room. Odd. And Quinn is crying. This isn’t going to be good, is it? Long, tragic story short: Deb had a stroke. For the rest of her life, her doc says, she won’t be able to “think, reason or even know that you’re there.” Dexter has another nursery-set flashback, in which Deb says Dex has always taken care of her. And back in the present, he goes about doing so for the last time.

Under the pretense of performing a gunshot residue test, Dexter comes face-to-face with Saxon at Miami Metro. There’s some introspection about how Dex’s life is “a trail of blood and body parts” and how everything that’s happened is Dexter’s fault, but it really all comes down to Michael C. Hall’s excellent delivery on the line, “I’m here to kill you with that pen.” Though Saxon sticks him with the Bic first, Dexter rips the writing implement out of his own shoulder and jams it into his opponent’s neck. Oliver bleeds out instantly, then Dexter hits the panic button and tells the officers that come running, “He tried to kill me.”

Dex is unrepentant while watching the surveillance tape of the encounter with Batista and Quinn. Though Angel is conflicted, Quinn is much less so. “I’m glad he’s dead,” Deb’s honey says, adding that he wishes he’d done the deed himself.

GOODBYE, DEB (SNIFF) | At the hospital later, Dex steals into Deb’s room and apologizes for the terribleness he’s brought down upon her. I don’t care what Deb said earlier, Dexter – though she’s certainly made some mistakes in her time, your sister’s life would’ve been much better without you in it. (I know, I’m terrible. Yell at me in the comments.) “I can’t leave you like this. I’m your big brother,” he says brokenly, and it’s really upsetting to watch Dexter wrestle with such strong emotions. (What? I may not dig most of Dexter’s actions in this episode, but I do feel for the guy.) He hesitates for a moment, then turns off her ventilator and tells her he loves her as she dies. Two things: 1) The scene is really sad, and 2) so… maybe not so much with the Deb spin-off, eh?

Hospital staff is busy evacuating patients before the storm hits, so Dexter draws a sheet over his sister’s body and just wheels her out the door, picks up her corpse and loads it into his boat (moored right outside, naturally), then takes off. Good job with the Armageddon clouds gathering in the background, Dexter effects team, but it can’t distract me from the insanity that absolutely no one noticed a Gap model making off with a dead body and then motoring off to sea?!

DEXTER DIES… OR DOES HE? (NO, HE TOTALLY DOESN’T) | Having successfully eluded Elway (with help from a well-placed syringe), Hannah has made it to South America with Harrison. They call Dexter, who’s sailing into the storm with Dead Aunt Deb riding shotgun. “I just want to tell you one last time that I love you,” Dexter tells his son, then tosses the cell into the sea after they hang up. Thunder and lightning surround him as he strokes Deb’s face, then drops her off the side of the boat. (Do any of you feel kind of sad, but nowhere near as wrecked as you thought you would be? If so, you’re not alone.)

“I destroy everyone I love. I can’t let that happen to Hannah, to Harrison,” Dexter voice-overs. “I have to protect them – from me.” And then he surges Slice of Life into the heart of the hurricane, which smashes the boat to bits and allegedly kills its captain… or at least, that’s the story that Hannah reads on the Internet soon after… and realizes that she’s now Harrison’s mom. (Until Elway or a U.S. Marshall catches up to her, that is. C’mon, you know it’s going to happen someday.)

But wait! Moments later, we find ourselves at a lumber processing center. A bearded man is working there, and that bearded man is Dexter! We follow him to his sparsely decorated home, where he sits at a table. Will anyone (living) at Miami Metro ever figure out that he is the Bay Harbor Butcher? Will anyone learn the truth about what happened to LaGuerta? We’ll never know, because Dex looks directly into the camera… and then the screen goes black.

Now it’s your turn. What did you think of the series’ final episode? Grade the FINALE and the FINAL SEASON via the polls below, then back up your pick in the comments.

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  • He doesn’t even get caught!!! How pathetic!!! What a goddamn waste of 8 years of my life! Awful, stupid show!

    Comment by alistaircrane – September 22, 2013 07:05 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • Pathetic comments are pathetic.

      So what are you saying here? You spent the entire last eight years of your life watching Dexter? Doing absolutely nothing else? That your life has been so incredibly empty that the fact you weren’t happy with the way a single television show ended completely nullifies every other moment of the last eight years?

      I saw these kind of ridiculous internet fanboy reactions when LOST ended. And people massively overreacted to that too. Both endings did exactly what they were supposed to and both were extremely well thought out by the writers. If you don’t like how they chose to end the show then fine, your opinion on that is all that should matter to you, but what you said there was ridiculously childish. How old are you anyway?

      Comment by Bored Now – September 22, 2013 07:27 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
      • Great response Bored now. There was no ending that was going to satisfy everyone. the end it is just a TV show and pretend. So really do get a life Mr Crane.

        Comment by Benington – September 22, 2013 07:48 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
        • Dexter fans like myself were totally disappointed with the lack of creativity by the writers of Dexter, especially the finali. We loved the show and were happy with all the seasons, however, we felt the writers slacked off this last season, and changed Dexters personality. Although we all understood that Dr. Vogil, helped us all understand that although few of us would like to clean sewers, someone has to do it. As for your comment with “getting a life” All fans become attached to the characters of a show, which is a testament to the WRITERS of the show. Those ‘FANS” determine how much money they charge their sponsors, so yea, Fans are important, as is their comments.

          Comment by Mel – September 23, 2013 12:43 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
          • I was actually hoping for a good ending for Dexter but come to think of it you cant reward a serial killer with a happy ending. Even though he had Harry s code his impulses and urges were still just ethically wrong, I suppose that the writers just wanted a cruel kind of punishment for him and maybe sending him off to die during Lola just wasnt torment enough. He lost everything and more importanty his son, sister and a chance to a normal life which is worse than death or imprisonment. I think it was a well thought finale, and we were bound to be disappointed either voting for or against Dexter getting away with it,,,

            Comment by Fili – September 24, 2013 11:26 AM PDT  
      • I think it’s a bit pathetic to lecture a total stranger over a comment that was probably just a gut reaction.

        Comment by Just sayin – September 22, 2013 08:30 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
        • Thank you!

          Comment by alistaircrane – September 22, 2013 08:46 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
        • And had he not followed that comment up with other equally pathetic comments, you might even have a point…

          Comment by Bored Now – September 22, 2013 08:56 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
          • Not sure where you get off attacking people for having a different opinion than you. I am allowed to dislike the show. You are not allowed to go insane because I feel that way.

            Comment by alistaircrane – September 22, 2013 09:00 PM PDT  
          • Ummm, the only thing pathetic here, other than the season finale, is your reaction to this guy’s comment. He dissed a TV show, not your girlfriend.

            Comment by Matt – September 23, 2013 02:27 PM PDT  
      • I’m thinking you took that comment WAY too seriously.

        Comment by Angela – September 22, 2013 08:53 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
        • My god, attacking people for having a different opinion? THAT is childish. I can see why people liked it but also understand those that didnt. These comments are way too personal and its ridiculous and sad.

          Comment by Jaime – September 22, 2013 09:24 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
          • Happens a lot on this site, unfortunately.

            Comment by Angela – September 22, 2013 09:29 PM PDT  
      • There’s no way the ending of Dexter was “extremely well thought out by the writers.” This was poor television. LOST on the other hand had a brilliant ending, but Dexter will certainly be remembered for it’s massive fall from the top.

        Comment by Jon – September 23, 2013 10:26 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
        • Poor television? Just because it didn’t end with your happy ending you had in mind? The ending was cruel, cold just like Dexter. Dexter self punished himself for all the bad things he has done. We all love and like Dexter, but in his mind this was his conclusion and the writers wanted to end it with a way suited with the character, instead of satisfying the viewers with a cheesy ending. I think it was a perfect ending and it was well thought. I though have to admit the whole episode was poor.

          Comment by Al – September 23, 2013 12:25 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
        • The finale of Lost was utterly…awful.

          Comment by John Oslin – September 23, 2013 03:32 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
      • Extremely well thought out by the writers? Wrong. This ending-and most of this last season were not at all well thought out and there are a ton of examples to support this. One obvious example is Hannah McKay’s lack of disguise when she goes out in public. I get the show not wanting her to change her look because it got ratings but come on. A hat/wig and sunglasses would have made that an easy fix. We are supposed to believe she is smart enough to hide a syringe of horse tranquilizer in her carry on bag (that made it through airport security) but she can’t change her appearance even though she is a high profile fugitive?

        Also, I assume none of the writers have children because the way they dealt with Harrison is nothing short of fantasy. A little kid who does nothing but sit quietly and play with a truck while his dad, who sees him an average of 1 minute a day, and his to-be step mom who was recently in prison but now is back and is going to take him on a long airplane ride to another country without his dad or nanny is so hard to believe it makes the rest of the show/season too difficult to even try to suspend disbelief. And there are many other examples of how the writing seemed to be compromised.

        Yes, I get the fact that Dexter is a serial killer with a conscience, and who never gets caught requires a certain amount of disbelief suspension which I was more than willing to do for the first 6 season because the writers tried to at least address the difficulty he had juggling family responsibility/work/life with his dark passenger. That all seemed to go out the window this season. Very disappointed with the finale.

        Comment by Courtnay – September 23, 2013 11:17 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
        • Come on man, she was rushing to the hospital, she was worried about the kid, what if she didn’t had any sunglasses, wig, hats? common sense people

          Comment by Hips Ter (@Hips2013) – September 23, 2013 03:29 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
          • didn’t have*. This thing needs an edit button

            Comment by Hips Ter (@Hips2013) – September 23, 2013 03:32 PM PDT  
          • But it wasn’t just when she went to the hospital. She’s been hanging around town for weeks…she went to the airport and checked into hotels without any type of disguise at all…

            Comment by Dr. Bombay – September 23, 2013 04:32 PM PDT  
        • Also, the fact that Harrison mentioned Hannah to NO ONE! Especially Jaime? Kids randomly blurt out stuff all the time, just hard to believe.

          Comment by noneya – September 27, 2013 11:43 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
          • I am *so* glad someone else realised this. I kept thinking throughout the show, the kids gunna ruin it all and…..nothing!

            Comment by Freezie – September 29, 2013 03:42 PM PDT  
          • And why exactly does Harrison ‘love’ Hannah. They spent like, no time together at all, had no conversations about anything. If that kid was gonna love anyt\one and want them to be his mummy, it’d be Jamie, but that’d be inconvenient to the plot now wouldn’t it.

            Comment by Ross Cooper – October 12, 2013 03:30 PM PDT  
          • It’s because she looks like harrison’s real mother. The way dexter explained how people are looking for her made an impact on harrison, and he knew to protect her by making it a secret.

            Comment by Kevin Anderson – February 2, 2014 07:01 AM PDT  
      • Pathetic are people who must convince themselves and others that an ending was good, just because they can’t afford to admit they’ve been let down.

        Comment by gieust – September 23, 2013 02:07 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
        • Did anyone else notice the little motifs here and there referring back to the first season? e.g the ice truck that was in a scene at the airport in the last episode was the exact same one the Ice Truck Killer used in the first season.
          Also, when the ITK (who was also known as “Rudy Cooper”) walks into the hospital room to give new limbs to the victim, and he introduces himself as “Dr. Cooper” – just as the nurse did when she walked into the hospital room to treat Deb in the last episode! Her name was also Dr. Cooper.
          Did anyone notice any others?

          Comment by Trinity – September 26, 2013 02:47 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
          • Laura is the name of both Dexter’s biological mother and the final episode’s hurricane.

            Comment by SMD – September 29, 2013 12:26 PM PDT  
          • The truck Dexter steals after we see the ice truck is full of gasoline barrels, like the ones used to blow up Doakes. And the vet had his tongue cut out, an homage to the novels.

            Comment by kat – October 2, 2013 05:57 AM PDT  
      • hahahahaha you are SO right. @alistair crane grow up

        Comment by lisa – September 24, 2013 01:04 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
      • I loved every second of this series…..
        I totally agree with you. Take it for what it was and move on. The ending was well thought out and didn’t leave you hanging as is often the case.

        Comment by Lucille E. Stone – September 24, 2013 12:57 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
        • my comment said I was disappointed … I’ve enjoyed the show for the last 8 years and just wished that the ending was different…just my feelings…and if you check the results of others you will find that the greatest majority did not like the ending. No big deal. Other shows will come and go.

          Comment by Ron – September 24, 2013 03:13 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
        • I agree…it was gut wrenching, but it ended perfectly. Very fitting for Dexter. I admit they should have had Hannah wear a disguise, and I didn’t think it realistic that Harrison wouldn’t mention Hannah to anyone, as far as him loving her, many times children become quickly attached to people without a good explanation, especially a little boy who lost his mother so tragically. As far as his quietly playing, etc, the show wasn’t about a troublesome two-year-old. What would have been the purpose of scenes where he acted like a normal kid? Boring! Dexter, IMO, is the best show ever. Every season was amazing, riveting, and I am sorry that it ended. The writers are brilliant, although not perfect.

          Comment by Alicia Dean – October 18, 2013 02:10 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • I never watched the show, but I assume viewers did not want him to get caught in their heart of hearts, so to speak. Eight years viewing equals how are they going to get him out of this one. That seemed to be the game.

      Comment by prish – September 22, 2013 07:50 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
      • Not this viewer. I have always rooted against Dexter. I wanted the show to end with him caught and on death row. It’s sad and pathetic that he was never held responsible for his actions.

        Comment by alistaircrane – September 22, 2013 07:54 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
        • Really, you wanted him to be held accountable for his actions???


          He didn’t actually murder people. I mean seriously, you root against the main character of a TV series to be ” brought to justice”.

          Did you also get your panties in a twist because Twilight ended and the “vampires” all lived in the end?

          Comment by spins613 – September 22, 2013 08:12 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
          • That’s kinda silly. By that logic, Dexter could have ridden off into a sunset on a unicorn while the sun exploded, since his actions don’t matter because they’re fictional. The whole show is about a serial killer – the major conflict of the show was him trying not to get caught doing it, so it’s not even remotely unreasonable that the audience would expect the finale to show him finally getting caught.

            Comment by Christy – September 23, 2013 04:00 PM PDT  
        • Dexter is the best show ever

          Comment by Allan – September 23, 2013 08:22 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
        • Oh, but he did. Dexter eventually was held accountable for his actions. Only not by the law. It was by himself. The fate that awaits for the remainder of Dexter’s life, is by far the worst one he could get. It truly is worse than death or life behind bars.

          He is completely alone. Nobody there to love, nobody there to confront him or console him or even try to understand him. Debra is dead thanks to him. Without her, he is broken, a shell of his former self and he won’t ever recover from it. Also he can’t see the only two remaining persons who can bring him happiness. Dexter will have to deal with being responsible for the death of his sister, after also being responsible for the death of his brother, his father and his wife, in complete tranquillity and solitude for the rest of his sad life.

          Dexter has given himself the ultimate punishment and he will have to live through it for a very long time. I personally don’t think his fate could’ve been any more sad or tragic.

          Comment by Roscoe – September 23, 2013 10:07 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
          • Very well put Roscoe!

            Comment by Cyndia28 – September 23, 2013 10:28 AM PDT  
          • Thanks for explaining it, I have to say I was completely lost at the end. I had thought it might be a good ending if Harrison had witnessed Hannah being shot by the FBI in a hail of bullets and blood and watching Harrison turn into his father.

            Comment by DancingDog – September 23, 2013 11:32 AM PDT  
          • I chose to believe that Dexter will be a lumberjack for awhile – h will allow himself to heal, test himself to make sure the serial killer instinct is gone and then go find Hannah and Harrison. Remember that he told Harrison ” I want you to know how much I love you until the day I see you again” It’s only a TV show – but one can hope!

            Comment by Deb Gibson – September 23, 2013 01:23 PM PDT  
          • Very good points… or there getting us ready for Dexter the movie.

            Comment by Skip – September 23, 2013 05:15 PM PDT  
          • I mean they’re… in case the edit police are watching.

            Comment by Skip – September 23, 2013 05:17 PM PDT  
          • Great interpretation, Roscoe. I agree 100%. The ending became so much more tragic when he chose to deny himself happiness and live in self-imposed isolation. I thought it was a very powerful ending and true to the feeling of the series.

            Comment by Deva – September 23, 2013 08:54 PM PDT  
          • Good summary, although I was initially a little disappointed there was not a more dramatic ending, I think you are right.

            Comment by MissM – September 23, 2013 09:02 PM PDT  
          • Not to mention, this leaves the door open for his return.

            Comment by iggy – September 24, 2013 08:20 AM PDT  
          • Roscoe, it would be interesting to see how Dexter’s self-sentence really plays out. Without Hannah around to divert his killing instinct, might Dexter be lost or inclined to kill just for his own sanity / psychological self-preservation? I agree that his predicament is one of torment and maybe the depth of his own painful existence is an equivalent kind of death that could replace his own need to kill others. “Dexter dies slowly for his own sins” kinda thing. But, somehow, I doubt it. Did Dexter really go from psychopath to hannah-puppy love and then to true mourning and remorse? I can buy that Dexter cut himself off from others like a necessary equation: The final tabulation of The Code. But I’m not sure where that measures up as far a remorse and mourning. You and I feel that tragedy and sadness, and we need to, and we all need to feel that Dexter was more human than psychopath. And yet, was Deb really that much in his blood? As much as he loved her, throughout the years it certainly didn’t seem that anything could do that kind of damage to him. And maybe that’s the point of his calculated decision to punish himself – it’s calculated – and yet it’s calculated based on an emotional wound. I know Dexter is complex, but there’s so much guilt in his final emotions and self-sentence; it makes you feel like had to be a moral killer all along, even though we were told that he was disconnected and merely operating by the code. But more importantly, his relationship with Deb was so sober all along. Did he really have a full catharsis, and could he sustain his isolation, given how quickly he used to bounce back from killings or fake trauma. I don’t think people change that much.
            I don’t just want to drop the “it’s only a tv show,” cause I think that there are fascinating character development angles that are cool to explore, I just think that it’s very tricky to buy any conclusion for Dexter. For it to hold much water. Was he a machine? a moralist? a lover? a fully emotionally capable father? An emotionally complete brother? I just watched the finale 20 minutes ago so I gotta sit on it; but my first reaction is that the series was terrific in the earlier seasons as a comic book style auto-biography, as far as the relationship that Dexter had with us, in his dark(passenger) voice overs, but then the writers came against lotsa struggle when Dexter became someone we were watching, rather than someone who shared his secrets with us, as we watch the world secretly together with him. I remember they/hannah even had to belittle the dark passenger in order to humanize dexter. One thing I can say: the show really hooked us in for being so unapologetic towards something pathological, but then his hard angle emotional changes made it into a “normal” drama kind of experience. It was a tricky jam for the writers to get out of: 1. Make Dexter human and likeable over the years, and 2. Not make Dexter human and not-Dexter.

            Comment by Andrew L – September 24, 2013 04:57 PM PDT  
          • I thought of a simpler way of saying what I’m saying:
            Dexter needs Hannah or he needs to kill. If he is not killing anymore in logging country, then he is finally “human,” and if he is human he is no longer a threat to “everyone he loves.” So which is it?
            Feels like he’s just going through some guilt that will pass. I’m not buying the terminal nature of his decision. How come no one is commenting on this stuff? Please share your thoughts.

            Comment by Andrew L – September 25, 2013 02:41 AM PDT  
          • Andrew L – I don’t think Dexter needs Hannah in order to not kill. I think Dexter had this idea of who he was, a loner, unable to love, etc. because that idea was sort of forced on him by Harry. And we saw him struggle with this with Deb, Rita and with Lumen; you could almost see him thinking, “Hey I’m not supposed to be feeling anything, but I am so what’s going on?” And then when Dr. Vogel came into the picture and tried to impress on him again who he was SUPPOSED to be, he had enough insight to realize she and Harry were wrong. He could feel. He could love. And I think the Dark Passenger went away then, although it was never really focused on. His kills this season were not just merely for release – you didn’t see him struggling to suppress that urge that made him look like his head was about to pop off. His kills were for revenge and to protect his “family”, including Dr. Vogel and, weirdly, Zach. They were for love. I think Dexter is now truly alone – no Deb, no Hannah, no Harrison… and no Dark Passenger.

            Comment by MLO – September 26, 2013 12:12 PM PDT  
          • Accidentally posted before I finished…I think that’s why his self-imposed exile is fitting. If he were the psychopath Harry and Dr. Vogel thought he was, then he wouldn’t care about Hannah and Harrison and wouldn’t give a crap if he hurt them. I think the fact that he’s staying away, even though he many now be ‘Human’ is because he needs to figure out who the hell he is and whether or not he can live with the things that have happened as a result of his previous actions. I do think he’ll eventually hook up with them later, but for now he needs to be alone.

            Comment by MLO – September 26, 2013 12:19 PM PDT  
          • That’s a great point about dex realizing his ability to love but he also realized that who he was or has been is the killer, rather than the dark passenger possessing him to do the killing. I’m not sure whether being able to own your true nature is grounds to give up your true nature. However I do think he did soften as he realized things; I just don’t think those realizations would resolve the emptiness inside that made him wanna kill. The liberating realization could easily have had the opposite effect. – more empowered killing. But then there’s the love with hannah. Was that a real antidote to his pathology?
            But more importantly, he isolated himself to protect hannah and Harrison. If he has been so humanized, then he doesn’t really need to protect them from any more killing urges or lies etc etc. so I agree, it’s just a momentary guilt and reflection phase for him. I thought it was an appropriate choice by the writers – as a step along the way. But it’s not really an ending.

            Comment by Andrew L – September 26, 2013 08:28 PM PDT  
          • Oops, just posting again cause I forgot to add the notify me of future posts check box.

            Comment by Andrew L – September 26, 2013 08:30 PM PDT  
          • yeah very well put Roscoe

            Comment by marcia – October 3, 2013 11:18 PM PDT  
        • In the alternative ending, Dexter is sitting in an electric chair about to be executed and we see that the 8 seasons were Dexter reflecting on his life leading him to that moment. Showtime decided not to allow the writers to kill Dexter off so we got Dexter going into exile instead.

          Comment by Dexter – January 16, 2014 06:03 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
      • I ABSOLUTELY wanted him to get caught and i wanted to see how all of the people dealt with it. I wanted to see Angel have to sit him down and interrogate him and the emotional struggle that would be for him. I wanted too see Masuka lose his hero. I wanted to see them struggle with wondering if Deb had any knowledge of it and see how Dex protected her even from his prison cell. I wanted to see Dexter drop his cloak in front of them and have them see how terrifying he can be. (Well until he was neutered by the Hannah storyline anyway.)

        Comment by Ruby – September 22, 2013 11:12 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
        • Well said. I too would have liked him to be caught to see how it played out for all the characters. I’ve never rooted against Dexter or wanted his end to be behind bars but I think that would have been a really interesting way to go. Was pretty disappointed in the finale and the last season in general. Seemed like such a waste for the most part.

          Comment by tripoli – September 23, 2013 01:22 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
          • There should be real life dexters going around ‘dexterising’ badass people…

            Comment by Dexteriser – September 23, 2013 08:26 AM PDT  
        • I did not want Dexter to get caught…I wanted him to get away and then, afterward, have something happen that threw suspicion his way, leaving the whole team to wonder forever just who Dexter really was. And for that to happen, Deb either had to die or go with him because she’s the only thing that would have ever drawn him back to Miami.

          Comment by MLO – September 26, 2013 11:57 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
          • @MLO although I like the idea of suspicion/or not knowingwho he was, that would’ve cast doubt on Deb aswell and she needed to be seen as good even if she did commit murder. She was the good to his bad, especially this season with Dexter sort of being good and her being bad, if you get my drift.

            Comment by Freezie – September 29, 2013 03:51 PM PDT  
    • I guess he couldn’t live a normal life knowing deb died? Why couldn’t they have all gone to Argentina and have deb and her cop husband visit? Too predictable that way I guess. I’m depressed now that ending broke my heart.

      Comment by Jess – September 22, 2013 11:27 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
      • Yeah, I’m depressed as well… damn, got to deal with it. It’s gonna take me few hours or so to get over it :/ :)
        I like happy endings. Life is sad enough.

        Comment by Eddie O'Hare – September 23, 2013 04:20 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
      • Sad ending. Wish they would have taken another route to close this one out.

        Comment by MainstreamMedia – September 23, 2013 08:25 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
      • That would have really ruined the entire series. How could Dexter have a happy ending? That would have been terrible

        Comment by Spencer – September 23, 2013 08:25 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
        • Well judging from the episodes leading to the ending, Dexter is going for the happy life. Atleast they showed the viewers that you can’t have both.

          Comment by fanboy and chumchum – September 23, 2013 08:27 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
      • it seems that without deb he is incomplete right? sad :’(

        Comment by lisa – September 24, 2013 01:06 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
      • Omg, I wanna hug you jess. So adorable. I also feel the sadness of the sad ending. Can’t everyone be happy!!?? But I think it’s more complicated. And I don’t think there is a fair conclusion for Dexter any way you slice it. Maybe have a look at my comment reply to Roscoe above. Sorry you’re sad : (

        Comment by Andrew L – September 24, 2013 05:06 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • I didn’t mind the ending it made me sad and all with Deb, but I am a little cheesed off they didn’t resolve it with everyone finding out the truth about who he was. It was an assumption from the start of the series that he would eventually be found out they did not necessarily have to kill him or have him caught but that at least somebody in Miami Metro would figure it out Angel looked suspicious after watching the footage of him stabbing Oliver, could have at least added him discovering the truth after he disappeared. The entire 8 series suspense was built around him almost being caught and found out dodging everyone, even getting himself noticed and named as the Bay Harbour Butcher, LaGuerta cottoning on, Harry killing himself over it. They solved the emotional dilemma of the psychopath great but its like they missed out half the show and forgot to end it.

      Comment by Sassbre – September 23, 2013 04:39 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
      • Three people from Miami Metro found out and they all died for it. That was the reason that Dexter took off. If this was the Dexter from season one he would have went to be with Harrison and Hannah because that would have given him the story that he needed to keep on doing what he was doing. But, because he grew to develop and understand having feelings he looked back on all the destruction that knowing who he truly was had caused and he decided that they only way to save the people that he cared about was to bail on them.

        Comment by Tookie Clothespin – September 23, 2013 09:29 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
        • I mean of Miami Metro that doesn’t die, after they think Dexter is dead would have been a good time to spill the beans that he was the killer this whole time and like some of the other comments say see Miami Metro’s reaction. And yes I get the bloody concept and symbolism of him being responsible for the deaths and feeling emotions. But I still think they missed half the show.

          Comment by Sassbre – September 25, 2013 01:43 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • Most serial killers never get caught so the very ending was correct.

      Comment by MArion O'HAre – September 23, 2013 08:02 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • The ending was pathetic. Deb should of lived. The last seen should of been Harrison coming out of a hotel room (shared by him and Hannah) with blood all over him and holding a knife.

      Comment by Maria Z – September 23, 2013 09:13 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
      • Deb’s death was Dexter’s ultimate price to pay for becoming human. I expected Hannah to be Dexter’s downfall and she was – by helping Dexter find his human emotions and turning him into someone who didn’t need to kill. This led ultimately to Deb’s death. The whole series was about the painfully high price Dexter had to pay to become a feeling human being, and the price we all pay for love and connection with others. This was made clear by the ending. Harrison with a knife would just be another horror story.

        Comment by carol simpson – September 24, 2013 08:32 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
        • Oh snap Carol Simpson! That’s what’s up.

          Comment by Anna – September 30, 2013 07:36 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
        • That’s a fantastic way of looking at it. Thanks!

          Comment by Khlorophyll – October 5, 2013 09:44 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • wasnt to awful if you watched it for 8 years lol

      Comment by Angelena Maheux – September 23, 2013 05:34 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • no one expected him to be caught. well, a series like this one couldn’t have ended well but jail imo wasn’t an option.

      Comment by lisa – September 24, 2013 01:02 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • Yes, I also have watched Dexterfrom the beginning.
      Was there ever going to be an ending that everyone would like ? NEVER.
      I did like the title as Deb’s memory of her brother protecting her from all the shadow monsters was truly a declaration of love and memories.
      Guess it is fitting that once Dexter had human feelings of love and sorrow, the ultimate loner would be alone forever.
      I was surprised that the ending was a whimper rather than a shout but I would not have watched
      every Sunday and loved the show.

      Comment by sHERRI – September 24, 2013 09:07 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • HE SHOULD HAVE DIED! For all his sins, for Harrys sins, for basically killing Rita and Deb.

      Serial Killers do not get Happy endings.

      The only reason the writers didn’t kill him is because their not done milking this CASH COW!

      Comment by cradau1 – September 25, 2013 10:50 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • If it was so awful and stupid, why did you spend eight years dedicated to it as you so eloquently state.

      Comment by Josh – January 27, 2014 08:42 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • That would be so predictable if he had gotten caught. This way it also allows us to think/hope for more Dexter in the future….is anyone listening??? More Dexter please!!!

      Comment by Linda Lou – February 20, 2014 11:30 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
      • More Dexter?

        Maybe Dexter could join Harrison and Hannah in Argentina, where he and Hannah could continue their “Life Style”. After all, productions costs would most likely be a lot lower, and obviously the writing quality no longer matters to us true ‘die hard’ Dexter fans…

        Comment by didjaeverwonder – February 21, 2014 02:55 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • booooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    Comment by the danger – September 22, 2013 07:05 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • Total fail. On all counts.

    Comment by Spoiler Junkie – September 22, 2013 07:08 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • How on earth can the producers think that was the natural way to end things??? They are insane idiots

    Comment by Steve – September 22, 2013 07:10 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • Agreed. I expected Deb to die but not like that. One of the worst finales ever.

      Comment by Amanda – September 22, 2013 07:19 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
      • I was expecting so much more than this ending. Just a few days before I watched the Breaking Bad finale and found it to be satisfying, self completing and yet left enough open at the end to be sad and yet let me feel complete and thorough regarding other story scenarios. The Dexter ending felt like the writers just wanted to get the heck out of the story and move their careers on to something else. The hurricane graphics we horrible, … animation was never used in Dexter before this episode. I could not believe that the water was so calm while Dexter was releasing Deb into the ocean and as he drove into the storm. It looked like a cartoon. All of the other story lines seem to have been dumped and not given a second thought. Sorry, but now I would love to see a writer come up with an alternate ending episode and put it into print. Something which would do justice to the quality writing of the prior seasons.

        Comment by Kevin Braunschweiger – November 5, 2013 10:50 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • Season Five was the worst since the aftermath of Rita’s death when Chip Johannessen took over as showrunner for Clyde Phillips and then he left to join the writing staff of Homeland (another Showtime series) as he pass the torch to Scott Buck in the show’s last three seasons. All and all, Dexter really saved the best for last and it all came to a bloody end for the series. Thanks to Showtime and Dexter for eight “bloody” seasons and all 96 episodes.

    Comment by Flacco Kaepernick – September 22, 2013 07:10 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • He dropped Deb where he would dump all his scumbags, REALLY!!!! I know it’s not the same exact place but she deserved so much more! In my opinion it should of been Deb living and her dropping him off the side of that boat. Than she and Joey raising Harrison. S

    Comment by Beth – September 22, 2013 07:11 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • I totally agree! Why wouldn’t he give her a resting place, and what do the rest of Miami Metro think happened to her? The hospital lost her?

      Comment by Jen – September 22, 2013 07:23 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • Of all things I didn’t like in this finale, this was the one that disappointed me the most.

      Comment by Olivia – September 22, 2013 07:52 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • Agreed!!!!!

      Comment by Searra – September 22, 2013 08:25 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • That would have been a better ending, I think.

      Comment by Brenda – September 22, 2013 08:43 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • I agree. In my mind that is how it ended LOL. Dexter dying, Deb and Quinn raising Harrison — who may or may not have Dexter’s tendencies. And Hannah could have been caught, killed or on the run…I couldn’t care less about her. But I loved Deb and hated how her story ended.

      Comment by Elisa – September 22, 2013 09:21 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • The way I understood it, he wanted the world, including Hannah and Harrison, to think he was dead. Hence the staged boatwreck. Maybe he thought when Deb’s body was found but not his that the authorities would conclude that he spared Deb her agony, then in his grief, went out to sea with Deb’s remains to commit suicide, but his body never surfaced, or got eaten by sharks or something. I loved this series although I thought it went downhill after season 4.

      Comment by Chicago7 – September 22, 2013 09:28 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • Deb was one of his victims.

      Comment by Jb – September 22, 2013 10:09 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
      • Exactly. That is why he dumped her…it was symbolic of the fact that ultimately she ended up being one of his victims, and he laid her to rest the same way he laid all his victims to rest.

        Comment by Ashley – September 23, 2013 09:54 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
      • I was upset about that too. Given Dexter’s science background, it really shocked me when he unplugged her like less than a day after the stroke and the coma. First I tried to comfort myself thinking that Dexter was planning to die with her in the sea. But then he lives and turns into wolverine???
        I think perhaps they are trying to convey the idea that Dexter “destroys everyone he loves”, that no matter how glorified – if I may say so – he might have been portrayed before, he is still, a monster, and does not deserve a happy ending.
        Personally I like Dexter, at least part of him. But among the several bad choices he’s made, the last one with Deb and himself was particularly twisted!

        Comment by Sophie – September 24, 2013 07:42 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • Thats all i could think of during that scene. “you’re gonna dump her down there with all of the rapists and murderers?” She deserved far better. Like not dying at all.

      Comment by Ruby – September 22, 2013 11:15 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
      • ugh!! SHE WAS ONE OF HIS VICTIMS HENCE HE THREW HER IN THE OCEAN! Believe it or not it was supposed to be poetic. I’m not thrilled about the ending but you guys need a little more imagination. Seriously!

        Comment by dexterface – September 23, 2013 09:46 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
        • I agree that Deb’s body should have been placed anywhere except the ocean with all of his other victims. When Dex killed his brother, I believe he did not throw him in the ocean because he said “You’re the only one I wanted to set free…..but you need to be put down” maybe giving Brain some dignity. Leaving the cops to believe Brian committed suicide. You would think that Dex would have done something more dignified for a person he loved.

          Loved the ending. Thought it was great until the Lumberjack scene. That ruined it.

          Comment by John – September 23, 2013 02:24 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • The symbolism is pretty obvious here. He murdered her, and what does Dexter do with his victims? Hedid however wrap her in white instead of a garbage bag because she was an innocent and didn’t fit the code. Him tossing her on the water from his boat was simply him admitting that she was another victim of his sociopathic dark passenger lifestyle.

      Comment by brittain – September 23, 2013 12:13 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • look deeper…all his other victims were dropped in garbage bags; black, darkness. Deb, who would be his final ‘kill’ was wrapped in a white sheet. Looking angelic as she was dropped. I think that’s the message to take away.

      Comment by Wes – September 23, 2013 06:49 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
      • exactly!

        Comment by Kay Fry – September 23, 2013 09:25 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
      • With him living and being somewhere else I highly doubt Deb was his ‘last’ kill. That is why is was so bad, it would have been more symbolic had he put her anywhere else but there. The entire series he had reserved that place for the lowest of the low or close to it (Zach) so why would he want Deb to be with the people he had to rid the world of? Sorry not buying into that idea.

        Comment by Beth – September 23, 2013 10:43 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
      • I agree about Deb being drop in the sea, wrapped in white, is symbolic. Plus, her body is likely to be found, as bacteria start causing decomposition and the gases arising from it bring the body afloat, as happenn to drowning victims. Remember, that’s why Dexter put rocks inside the plastic bags, so that they go to the bottom of the ocean and do not surface in a few days.

        Comment by Luis – September 23, 2013 03:53 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • Yes, it was lame to dump her in the water, since he planned to fake his death,he didn’t need to hide the body or anything because no one would be looking for any Morgans. The cops would probably assume Dexter mercy killed her, than killed himself (and probably Harrison with him since they would not find him either). They did this scene for dramatic effect only, but I think it backfires. If Dexter had really killed himself it would have made more sense that Deb goes in the water with him, which is what I thought he was doing.

      Comment by Dwayne Wayne – September 23, 2013 03:59 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • I totally agree. That would have been the perfect ending. Deb and Quinn finally made it back to admit they still loved each other and they kill off Deb. It sucks. I hated the ending too. I wish you had been the writer of the finale. Endings are supposed to make you sad…but not angry. What a waste of possibilities. I have to agree with the others as well. Hanna couldn’t wear a disguise??? That was pretty lame.

      Comment by Sherry953 – September 24, 2013 12:43 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • That…..really sucked.

    Comment by Lisa – September 22, 2013 07:12 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • I’m very disappointed. Its sad to see such an amazing show go out like this :( I didn’t want Deb to die. I also can’t believe Dexter would just leave Harrison like that and with Hannah of all people? why not send him to his grandparents and siblings instead?

    Comment by s – September 22, 2013 07:12 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • They left these things unanswered for Miami Metro: Where is Debra? Did Dexter commit suicide and take his son with him (after Deb’s death)? Also, how about Ellway? He knows Harrison is with Hannah! He would tell the authorities and even think Dexter faked their deaths to leave with her. I’m so dissapointed!!! Grrrr!

      Comment by nanivinta – September 23, 2013 02:50 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • Just read how clyde phillips would of ended it SOO MUCH BETTER THAN THIS POOR EXCUSE OF A FINALE

    Comment by Steve – September 22, 2013 07:14 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • Where did you read that? I’d be curious to read how he’d have ended it.

      Comment by alistaircrane – September 22, 2013 07:19 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
      • It’s on EOnline.

        Comment by Caitlin – September 22, 2013 07:24 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
        • Interesting. Clyde Phillips had exactly the same idea for the Dexter finale that I had.

          Comment by alistaircrane – September 22, 2013 07:40 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
          • Don’t worry, you’re not the only one.

            Comment by Olivia – September 22, 2013 08:25 PM PDT  
    • Nope. Disagree. No way did I want Dexter to get caught or punished by the law. The reason we’ve all watched Dexter these many years is because we like the guy. And on some level we’re OK with him cleaning up the scum of the earth. We probably all know a few people we would have liked to point Dexter’s way. I’ve always wanted him to get away scott-free but I would have liked to see the rest of the squad become aware of his actions after he was long gone. I would have liked to have seen flashbacks from all of them where they revisit past conversations/actions, etc. and have that WTF moment when they put everything together. I also would have liked for Doakes to have his MF name cleared. But, all in all, I’m good with how it wrapped up.

      Comment by MLO – September 26, 2013 12:59 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • It is funny that no one would have ever suspected Dex as a killer in his old life, but now he’s the perfect stereotype of one. Quiet, loner, lived alone in a sparse cabin in the woods…

    Comment by Amy – September 22, 2013 07:14 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • Decent finale at the end of a HORRIBLE SEASON. Seriously with the writing this season and all the extra awful characters and Saxon was a lackluster Big Bad.

    I’ve seen worse endings to shows so I won’t complain about the end. Although I was really hoping Hannah died. I guess Dexter was a horrible parent anyways so it’s probably better that Hannah ended up with Harrison.

    Comment by kates2424 – September 22, 2013 07:16 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • And the last four seasons of the show hasn’t shown any of you that the show should have ended after the 4th season? Maybe a 5th season to tie it up but the show was longly dragged out without any clue where they were going, so it’s nott a shock that the finale is horrible.

    Comment by David4 – September 22, 2013 07:16 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • Yea I dunno. I think that lumberjack dude was Harrison all grown up He looks like dexter but if you re watch that scene u might see what I mean. It’s Harrison the lumber jack !!!!

      Comment by Ronnie – September 23, 2013 12:15 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • All these people that are booing and failing the season finale, what in the world did you think would happen? Deb lives, Dexter goes to Argentina? Yea, there sure was a hope for that, but that kind of stuff doesn’t happen in Dexters world. There is a reason they had the flashbacks to them in the nursery. Dexter explains it all. Why he took her off the ventilator, why he let Harrison and Hannah go, it’s all there. What are you expecting seriously?? It was well thought out, everything tied together, and it was horribly sad. Just as Dexter is.

    Comment by sweetpjess – September 22, 2013 07:16 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • I agree they tied everything up. Wasn’t my favorite season and it was really sad to see Deb die. It wasn’t my ideal ending, but it wrapped it up well.

      Comment by Jen – September 22, 2013 07:26 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • I agree but Dexter was so selfish by living. If they left it at him going towards the storm I would have thought it was much better. Finding out he was alive proves he didn’t mean any of that and that is why I am so annoyed.

      Comment by Beth – September 22, 2013 07:27 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
      • killing himself would have been the easy way out & that would’ve been the more selfish thing to do. instead he has to live with what he did and knowledge of all the lives he destroyed as well as him being unable to see Hannah or Harrison ever again.

        Comment by Jerri – September 23, 2013 03:28 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • Totally agreed. Nicely said.

      Comment by Bored Now – September 22, 2013 07:29 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • Thank you!! I don’t get people!! Did they honestly think there would be a happy ending? Dexter dying would have been predictable. I think it did bring everything to a close. Dexter made the ultimate sacrifice in the end for the ones he loves. And then for those who thought Dexter would get caught? Seriously? In the Series Finale? If they wanted Dexter to get caught, they would have done it weeks ago! There’s no way you can make that sort of reveal in the last episode and expect to have time to show all the backlash that would have resulted!

      Comment by Dee – September 22, 2013 07:31 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • Well sweetpjess, that’s not why they’re booing the season finale. They’re booing it because it was easily one of the worst seasons of television of any show, ever, especially considering Dexter was once one of the better shows on TV.

      Most fans had a hard time swallowing:
      1) After a few episodes of Deb being depressed and falling apart and just one episode after trying to kill Dexter and herself, one session with a (very terrible) psychiatrist and she’s suddenly ok with brother Dexter again.
      2) The shoe-horning of new unintersting characters who had plots that went absolutely nowhere (that annoying kid Dexter attempted to mentor, Masuka’s daughter, that black lady that showed up to win sergeant over Quinn and then was never heard from again, Vogel and her son, etc)
      3) The return of Hannah Mckay, and the forced love connection between her and Dexter after she tried poisoning Deb in season 7, after he turned her into the police, after they tried killing eachother on a couple occasions.
      4) The fact that Deb was somehow suddenly ok with Hannah living with her after hating

      Comment by Ali Baba – September 22, 2013 07:55 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
      • Do you not know how to read between the lines? Debts loves Dexter unconditionally and that is what Vogel helped her come to turns with, knowing she had to accept it because she would never not love or need Dexter. Dexter didn’t kill himself because he still is a sociopath and has a cause, however he also gates himself too much to get off easily with suicide. He will continue to be what he hates and practice it everyday as a constant punishment, knowing that what he ks and his dark passenger have stolen any opportunity to be happy. He doesn’t feel he deserves love and he will never allow himself a chance at happiness because he is a monster and the code does not allow monsters to live. Dexter is dead.

        Comment by brittain – September 23, 2013 12:23 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
      • Ali Baba,

        I agree wholeheartedly with #2. This show had a great ensemble of characters and they should have been the focus. I found the Masuka storyline most irritating of them all, A final season – especially of 12 episodes is not the time to drop random supporting characters into a show.

        Comment by Becky – September 23, 2013 10:15 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • Don’t know if the series finale of Dexter was even worse than the series finale of The Sopranos.

    Comment by Flacco Kaepernick – September 22, 2013 07:20 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • I hated the ending. I think that it is a horrible way to treat fans who stuck by the show all these years.

    Comment by Laurie Emerson – September 22, 2013 07:22 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • A better ending is deb living, dexter going to jail but nobody finds out the deb had known anything deb gets Harrison. Just my opinion.

    Comment by hehateme – September 22, 2013 07:23 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • How’d Ausiello’s crew get this ahead of everyone else – they even embargoed it from Seppinwall.

    Comment by Steve Kettering – September 22, 2013 07:25 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • “I just wanted to say I love you one last time, UNTIL i see you again” Key word UNTIL, read into the dialogue people, he’s not abandoning hannah and harrison forever, just till he gets his mind straight.

    Comment by Eli Skinner – September 22, 2013 07:27 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • We will never know.

      Comment by Beth – September 22, 2013 07:33 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • Show, don’t tell.

      Comment by Olivia – September 22, 2013 08:31 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • “Until i see you again” implies that they will see each other again IN HEAVEN…

      Comment by Jonas – September 23, 2013 12:31 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
      • I certainly wouldn’t assume he meant “in heaven” because I don’t recall any instances of him showing any religious beliefs whatsoever. And even if he did, I don’t think Dexter would assume he would wind up in “heaven”. The fact that he is still alive in the end, further indicates he didn’t mean “in heaven”. The only other explanation for him saying it would be for him to make Harry feel better about being abandoned by him but I think he meant he would eventually see him again.

        Comment by Y – September 24, 2013 03:39 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • I thought the season was very good and the finale was the perfect ending to the series, any other ending wouldn’t have worked as well.

    Comment by Dexter – September 22, 2013 07:28 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • I think back to all the times when I couldn’t wait for the next episode, the next season, and it makes me sadder than anything they did in this last episode. Every week this season I cared less and less about the characters as the convolution of this maudlin morality play developed; every week I wished more that it would just be over with.

    What a sad, messed-up way to end what was, for six years, an E-ticket ride. American television repulses me more every day with its pronation to middle-American morality, needing every bad act to have a cost, when we all know that it doesn’t work that way in real life at all. We’re watching ‘Breaking Bad’ succumb to the same inane bulls*** right now, too.

    I feel bad for Jen Carpenter, who put everything into her performances and ended up sinking it into the black hole this show became by the end.

    Comment by Cheo – September 22, 2013 07:29 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • Hi. I’m American. I don’t know why you hate me, but please don’t. You would be much happier if you didn’t. The idea that actions of have consequences wasn’t originated in America. See: Shakespeare, The Bible, Tolstoy, Dickens, every story ever written outside this country before and after 1776. And if you aren’t enjoying this final season of Breaking Bad, well, I pity you. I honestly, truly feel sorry for you.
      As for Dexter, it wasn’t consequences or lackthereof that made this final season unsatisfying. It lacked suspense. The stakes were too low, they wasted too much time on boring and pointless sidestories and Dexter’s growth as a character wasn’t really earned and eventually became meaningless. The entire last quarter of the season or so was just, “We’re gonna go to Argentina but I have to deal with Saxon.” Four hours of that and Saxon barely amounted to more than a typical blood slide. It was tedious.

      Comment by TigerNightmare – September 23, 2013 02:08 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • Well said. I concur. This season was a travesty. Especially compared with the way Breaking Bad is going out (now, that’s how you end a series)

      Comment by Jason Bohannon – September 23, 2013 08:08 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • I thought it was tragic and sad and just the right ending. the entire series was about dexter trying to fit in, trying to find normal…in the end he decided it wasn’t possible for him so he chose a life of isolation and loneliness…..I feel like Dexter’s last look into the camera was one of pain and acceptance….I thought it was incredibly sad.

    Comment by Tara – September 22, 2013 07:29 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • Totally agree!! A lot of people just missed this all together! They are so caught up in what they wanted to happen!

      Comment by Dee – September 22, 2013 07:33 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
      • I LOVE that you wrote this “caught up in what they WANTED to happen” instead of just taking it in. Seeing all of the ties from the season. The flashbacks of what dex and deb were talking about in the nursery. It was all there. He made one of his only selfless acts by disappearing. Sad as it all was. Yes there were so many bumps throughout the last few seasons. Take it for its entertainment value. :D

        Comment by sweetpjess – September 22, 2013 08:04 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
        • What you seem to be missing is that many fans were not entertained by the last season as a whole and certainly not by the finale. You liked it, good for you. Many didn’t. I’m not bothered that it didn’t end the way I wanted,but I am bothered that what they gave us was not entertaining and didn’t wrap up the series in a way that I felt this show deserved.

          Comment by tripoli – September 23, 2013 01:31 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
        • Well put, I thought that the ending was perfect. I certainly didn’t see it coming and it left me with enough to think about that I felt the need to read about it at work the next day. You have to watch shows like this with the perspective that it has nothing to do with your own personal opinions/ideas and you are just someone standing on the sidelines observing. What ever happens happens.

          If I was as critical of everything as some of the people commenting here I would have a miserable life.

          Comment by Nate Emlen – September 23, 2013 08:27 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
          • Nate, your comment made my day! Thanks!!

            Comment by sweetpjess – September 23, 2013 05:47 PM PDT  
      • You’re assuming people “missed it” because they didn’t like the finale. I got it, I just thought it was stupid. This entire season was a huge waste.

        Comment by Ruby – September 23, 2013 07:30 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • In the end Dexter exiled himself in his own hell. Deb was so tormented by what she did, she was probably better off dead. She was truly suffering about what she did. There was no right ending or a wrong one. Just the END!

      Comment by Benington – September 22, 2013 07:56 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • Who here *believes* that Dexter would decide to become the Tooth Fairy?
      That’s exactly how they ended it. An atrocious and utterly unbelievable ending.

      Comment by They botched it – September 23, 2013 04:09 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • What about when Elway wakes up? Someone knows Harrison is still alive and out there with Hanna McKay. And why keep Dexter alive? He should have tossed himself over with Deb or respected Deb’s wish to go be happy.

    Comment by Beth – September 22, 2013 07:29 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • So Dexter thinks that his son losing both his parents (and not to mention his half-siblings/grandparents due to living on the lamb) and living with a serial killer is a great idea? None of Dex’s friends or family will wonder where Harrison is after his death?

    It reminds me of when Jin and Sun killed themselves on Lost, with nary a thought of their child.

    Comment by Big Mike – September 22, 2013 07:31 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • well said

      Comment by the danger – September 22, 2013 10:33 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • Absolutely right. Now the FBI and police can go on a manhunt for Harrison. And now she can be charged as a kidnapper.

      Comment by Linda – September 23, 2013 09:04 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • so you have a problem with hannah when dexter is already a serial killer himself? *sigh*, hannah loves the kid thats all that matters, even if there was a manhunt harrison would not be their target and she would not harm him

      Comment by lisa – September 24, 2013 01:17 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • I thought it was great. VERY emotional. Still crying. So sad to see Deb die, but wasn’t completely surprised. She was having a hard time dealing with her guilt, unlike Dexter. Maybe not satisfying, but thought it was a fitting end to Dexter and Deb’s story.
    Loved the short tribute at the beginning of the episode. Hard to believe it’s over.

    Comment by Mandy – September 22, 2013 07:32 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • I’m glad I stopped watching after Season Four. This sounds terrible. Now I feel sorry for my husband who kept watching.

    Comment by bamabunny – September 22, 2013 07:34 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • Epic epic epic failure

    Comment by KND – September 22, 2013 07:34 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • Deb deserved better than this. What a waste.

    Comment by michelle – September 22, 2013 07:34 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • This is what writers go for now… What can make the biggest “Wow”.. Not what makes any kind of sense… The past 8 years were spent exploring whether Dexter could really be normal, and so why would you wait until the last episode to kill off the one person that appeared to give him that connection to a normal life.. With no time for him to really feel it on screen…

    Comment by Andrew Frank (@mauifranko78) – September 22, 2013 07:36 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • Agreed. First they try to make it look like Dex decided to commit suicide, then they do the only thing that makes even less sense than that…. they have Dex decide to become the Tooth Fairy?

      Comment by They botched it – September 23, 2013 04:20 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • There was a “wow” in this episode? Where, exactly? I haven’t said “wow” one this entire season.

      Comment by Ruby – September 23, 2013 07:32 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • I was ok with it with Hannah and Harrison walking away and assuming Dexter killed himself. That extra little ending totally ruined it.. what the heck

    Comment by Beth – September 22, 2013 07:37 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • Totally agree, That ending with Dexter living was very disappointing.

      Comment by Pat Mc. – September 22, 2013 07:59 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • sucked. F-

    Comment by sdm – September 22, 2013 07:42 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • I never bought Hannah as the great love of Dexter’s life. She is a pretty deplorable character. Ugh. Just ugh.

    Comment by alistaircrane – September 22, 2013 07:43 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • Like most of you, I have watched every episode of dexter and have to say, it kept me loyal after all of these years because of the complexity, sophistication and depth of each season. However, this entire last season and particularly tonight’s final episode felt tired, lazy and uncommitted to the ‘formula’ that makes this show so fascinating. If this last season was shown to someone who had never seen the first 7 seasons, I feel that they would rate this as an ‘average’ drama series and frankly, Dexter should be so much more than that!

    Comment by Chachi – September 22, 2013 07:44 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • I think the ending was exactly what it needed to be. The entire theme of this season (and many of the other seasons) was that Dexter was trying to straddle two entirely different worlds. He had to let one of those worlds go. So maybe Dexter didn’t die in that storm, but a part of him certainly did. And lets all be thankful that Dexter lives on to most likely continue his work *grins evilly*

    Comment by Katina – September 22, 2013 07:44 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • He is not working at the police office anymore.
      It’s gonna be difficult to find the bad guys without inside information and his lab.
      So, no killing for Dexter anymore, for now I surpose…

      After a while he will see Hanna and Harrison, cause he has to teach Harrison the Code…
      Harrison will when he grow up do the same lab work as Dexter used to do, so he can go after the bad guys..

      Story continues :)

      Comment by Kumar – September 23, 2013 04:15 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • OMG at this point I can’t do anything but laugh. At them. That was so disturbingly bad. Bunch of talentless flops, really.

    What a major fail… Since the article with Colleton saying fans will be divided and whatever, I wasn’t exactly expecting a minblowing series finale. But this? I mean… Lol seriously Colleton, look at your life, look at your choices!

    That’s it, from now on I won’t watch new shows until they go off air and I read what people think about it. I should know better by now, every show I fall in love with is giving the middle finger to the fans at the end (*cough*Chuck*cough*). Serving the narrative my butt.

    Comment by Olivia – September 22, 2013 07:45 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • “I’m a lumberjack and I’m OK, they spoiled my finale and I’ll make them pay.”

    Comment by Laura – September 22, 2013 07:49 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • Do you think it was really Dexter at the end….or could it have been Harrison? Maybe he was trying to save his son from an inevitable reality?

    Comment by Brittany – September 22, 2013 07:55 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • We totally talked about this at the office. A lady and I feel that Harrison was doomed to be in the same shoes as Dexter was. Like Dexter said at one time “born in blood, both of us”

      Comment by sweetpjess – September 22, 2013 08:11 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • I was sad that Deb died. Deb should have Harrison to raise. Since Hannah can’t ever come back to the USA, is Harrison stuck in Argentina forever? Dexter, whom I love, should have died!

    Comment by Pat Mc. – September 22, 2013 07:56 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • Ok, so Dexter allows Hannah and Harrison to be on their own in Argentina and he’s out of their picture. But what about the life-long Dark Passenger Dexter has dealt with? Is he alll of a sudden “cured” because he left his life behind? I don’t think so….once a psychopath, always a psychopath. What happens now? Does he just quit killing bad people for the rest of his life or does he carry on as he has, following “The Code”?

    The end of Deb was a bit banal–how could he so easily carry a ‘patient’ out of the hospital without ANYONE seeing anything? How do the rest of the Miami PD justify the disappearance of both Deb and Dexter? Do they just assume he took her out to sea to die together? As much I loved this show, the ending reminded me all to much of The Soprano’s ending–unsatisfying.

    Comment by Mark Wagner – September 22, 2013 08:04 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • I still can’t get over how easily he unplugged Deb, wheeled her out of the hospital, and carried the dead body onto a boat without ANYONE noticing, lol..

      Comment by Beth – September 22, 2013 08:16 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
      • ME TOO. I work in a hospital and the entire time all I could think is that there is no way that no one would come in and check on the patient when the ventilator was switched off OR when her heartbeat just plummeted to zero. There’s a monitor and alarms at the nursing station. I know there’s chaos but doctor’s and nurses definitely wouldn’t miss that.

        Additionally, I think it was really selfish of Dexter to leave Harrison with Hannah. That’s his kid and he already lost one parent because of you. He’s not better off without you. You’re just going to mess him up more when he gets older. For me, that’s what made it so unbelievable. Harrison is his everything and he just lets it go.

        Comment by lexi – September 22, 2013 08:30 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
        • I hate to say it but you are putting a bit too much trust in those nurses. They don’t react “immediately” like you see in movies and on TV. I have had 8 expereinces (personal and/or in the room with the patient) in extremely fragile and potentially fatal postitions and had the alarms go off and me or another family member had to go find a nurse because no one was coming. Expereinces at different hospitals, different times of day, etc. Although I don’t think it would be quite as easy as we saw, I mean he could have grabbed some scrubs or coat to make it appear more realistic but it’s definitely not impossible.

          Comment by Luna – September 23, 2013 01:47 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
      • Right! Especially after the nurse at the desk was so quick to address him when he walked in the door.

        Comment by Nicole – September 23, 2013 10:22 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • An ending as good as any – Dexter is alone as he can-not find his proper place among the civilized . . . a sad look in his eyes as he forfeits all that he ever loved.
    Thanks for a great show, television at its best!

    Comment by Sk – September 22, 2013 08:12 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • … or not.

      Comment by Joey Quinn – September 22, 2013 08:40 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • All i know is Jennifer Carpenter did an outstanding job this season and definitely deserves a nod for an Emmy next year

    Comment by Philipsgma (@vipes711) – September 22, 2013 08:12 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • Wonderful final!!!!!!!! Better then him getting caught. He now has emotions and must live with them. He survived the storm and now must live out the rest of his life knowing what he has done and actually feeling what his dark passenger has cost him!!!!!!

    Rewatch the first few episodes this is a differnt man then what he was at the beginning. Well done Michael C. Hall!

    Comment by Tony – September 22, 2013 08:12 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • Guess Micheal C Hall finally got to punish his real life ex wife! This whole season as well as the finale was laughable. To think this is what has become of the series that gave us the Trinity Killer! Sad..Sad…Sad:(

    Comment by Susan Dennis – September 22, 2013 08:18 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • Right? Trinity was a hell of a baddie…

      Comment by Olivia – September 22, 2013 08:43 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • The fact remains, Jennifer Carpenter is a riveting, unique actress who elevates every scene she is in; and Michael Hall created an iconic character. If I’m disappointed in the last season, it’s a testament to how deeply I cared about them. Thank you, it was a very fun ride.

    Comment by Leslie – September 22, 2013 08:18 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • I love seeing all the apologists come out to praise the finale. Same thing happened when the Lost finale aired. Dexter is on par with Lost as having the worst series finales of all time.

    Comment by alistaircrane – September 22, 2013 08:20 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • OR, they just have a different opinion than we do. No need to shame them for it.

      Comment by Ruby – September 23, 2013 07:34 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • I enjoyed all 8 seasons of this odd, modern morality tale. The ending was perfect. Dexter was a monster who longed to be human. Fans wanted this too. Season 8 helped justify all the reasons we fans (his family, lovers & child) supported Dexter’s right to exist & followed his story. Dexter never deluded us. He always knew he’d never be what others “wanted to believe” he could be. He learned he’d only destroy the souls of all those who would love & try to protect him. He sentenced himself to life in solitary confinement (and Hell) to save humanity from himself, possibly proving that even Monsters might earn a place in heaven.

      Comment by Gem – September 23, 2013 08:52 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • Lost was the worst finale. I didn’t enjoy Dexter’s finale, but I appreciate it intellectually. I did enjoy the Lost finale, but I felt ripped off and insulted.

      Comment by tara17 – September 23, 2013 02:46 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • Yeah I didn’t care for this tie up. Was very unsatisfying. I’d have preferred Dexter either dying or getting caught and not killing off Deb. I felt this ending was a very lame “atonement”.

    Comment by JJ – September 22, 2013 08:25 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • The dark passenger prevails at the end, untethered to a normal life. Dexter’s one real connection to “normal” was deb. she dies. So does Dexter. That last look Into the camera was the dark passenger, in his purest form. Great ending. Stop with this “but I wanted him to get caught” stuff. Stop with the death penalty stuff. Yes the last few episodes were subpar for the series, but the last 30 seconds were incredible.

    Comment by A – September 22, 2013 08:35 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • The kid should have gone with his brother and sister! Totally lazy plot developments and resolutions. I kept watching after season 4 because I “knew” the characters. The only show that is ending with quality throughout its entire run is “Breaking Bad.”

    Comment by David J. Jones – September 22, 2013 08:36 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • As much as I loved each preceding season and it’s inevitable cliffhanger final episode for each season, I really was hoping for so much more from this last, announced final season.

    I mean, with us all KNOWING the series was ending, it was possible to suspend our belief system for much of these last episodes, but it did get a bit contrived. As someone else mentioned prior, how long would it take for Elway to alert authorities as to what happened and I *suppose* we can assume that Argentina would not use extradition laws to force Hanna (and Harrison) back to the U.S. for her to stand trial?

    I would have preferred a more “storybook” ending–ANY kind of storybook ending other than what we did get. All in all, I think Dexter could have ended after the 5th or 6th season–writing a finale for Dexter within those seasons vs. having him sort of fade off into another completely unidentified life.

    Still, I loved the series and I will leave now with the fond memories I have of it!

    Comment by Mark Wagner – September 22, 2013 08:38 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • Watched all of 6 feet under and all of Dexter. A joy to watch MCH act with such talented actors. I will miss them. That being said, it was well known Jennifer wanted to die in the final esisode, so not a surprise there. Brain surgeon kinda one dimensional and forgettable. But MCH showed us the Dexter of old, so for that I was glad. Would’ve loved to see it end with the boat taking him and Deb into the hurricane. The logging scene was confusing. Is he doing penance for what he’s done? Too afraid to off himself in the hurricane? Or why didn’t he honor Deb’s request and go find his life in Argentina? It’s like debs death counted for nothing.

    Comment by Donna – September 22, 2013 08:58 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
  • it felt as if the last episode was written by writers that didnt write the rest of the shows. it was a major let down. I was so disappointed. None of the other characters had a good farewell either. I was so let down about dex not going to his son and Hannah that it wasnt sad when Deb died. if i was wealthy i would re write the ending and pay the actors to give it a much better ending.

    Comment by wendy – September 22, 2013 09:11 PM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • I hear you. Born in blood and dies in grayness.

      Comment by CD – September 23, 2013 07:59 AM PDT  Reply To This Post
    • I agree. Writing was not the same and not nearly as intense except for the pen incident and Deb dying. Too many loose ends. A lumberjack – please!

      Comment by J Herring – September 23, 2013 12:32 PM PDT  Reply To This Post

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