Fall TV Preview

First Look: Nashville Flashes Back to Rayna and Deacon's Dreamy Past -- Plus: Angry Outburst!

ABC’s Nashville will flash back to Deacon and Rayna’s much happier days in its Season 2 opener (airing next Wednesday), then juxtapose that with the guitar player’s much darker present-day situation.

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In the first season premiere clip below, the country-fried drama revisits the soft-focused day Deacon that sprung a big ol’ surprise on his first-time CMA-nominated honey.

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Alas, who could have imagined back then that the two would wind up in a violent, season-ending car crash precipitated in part by Deacon’s hard tumble off the wagon. Cue this second clip, in which his niece Scarlett pays him a jailhouse visit, only to receive a fierce verbal beat-down.

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  1. the girl says:

    DAAAAAMN Deak. Scarlett didn’t do nothin to you!!

  2. Miranda says:

    ‘How you doin’? What’s new gurl?’
    Haha Deacon’s TV’s best drunk.

  3. Lily says:

    I hate how they make Deacon the bad guy in the situation only for us to forget the HUGE betrayal of Rayna (because she’s the leading lady of course, so everyone need to love her). I’m sorry but I didn’t forget and the fact the writers did this to his character makes me hate Rayna even more.

    • bee says:

      lol what on earth? what a big and random reach. deacon is an alcoholic who fell off the wagon and all this is the aftermath of the accident.

    • Brandy says:

      Lily, you’re kidding right?Deacon distracted Rayna while she was driving resulting in a horrific car crash that almost kills her.Rayna said in one of the last episodes that Deacon broke all the furniture in apartment once years ago.Shes also said it took him five times in rehab to get and stay sober.I understand Deacon being mad she didn’t tell him about Maddie a long time ago but Rayna was right not to tell him.I believe he said there was another accident he was responsible for that killed his friend years ago too.Drunks, drug addicts don’t belong around kids.In the last episode, he beat somebody up and tore up his apartment ,scaring the heck out of Scarlett.
      I personally love Rayna and get all the hate.

      • Maizy says:

        Rayna had the option of taking Deacon’s keys and telling him to call a cab, or calling one herself. She had the option of pulling over and not driving while they argued. No doubt, she’d been thru it before. She saw how angry and hurt he was, she knew he was in no place to talk rationally. I can understand Rayna feeling Deacon was unable to be a Father all those years ago, but, she built a life on a lie. I never got the feeling she was ever, really, In Love with Teddy. Although Deacon wasn’t stable enough to be a Father, she kept him closely in her life, and yes, carried on an emotional affair with him, throughout her marriage; she eventually resumed a romantic and physical relationship with him, knowing she wasn’t going to tell him that they had a child together. I don’t think it ever, for a second, occurred to Deacon that Rayna would do something like that. Yes, Deacon reacted out of pain and it went horribly wrong and yes, he is partly responsible for the accident. But, if you build your life on a lie, at some point, it’s going to come crashing down and hurt a of people. If Rayna was going to be with Teddy, all those years ago, the best option would probably have been to tell Deacon the truth and also tell him that he could be in his Daughter’s life, but, the first time they had any reason to believe he wasn’t sober, they’d do whatever it took to be sure he was out of her life permanently.

        • Brandy says:

          She did take his keys and drive him rather than let him drive drunk and upset/emotional.I agree that lies and secrets always come out.I think she should’ve told told him once he been sober a while but my point was he was violent and dangerous and I agree with Rayna not telling him while he was a alcoholic .But I d agree with you.

        • Tahonia says:

          Thank you Maizy. Very eloquently stated. I don’t know why Rayna was driving that fast or where she thought she was going. Yes Deacon was drunk, I’m not sure who wouldn’t have fallen off after that piece of information was dropped on him by a person that Deacon had trusted and been so emotionally attached to for 20 years and who ended up having lied so egregiously every day for 14 years. Okay, I can see her doing that at first after all the rehab visits. But to continue that lie for so long when obviously she’s kept him stringing after her professionally and I think she knew he was still in love with her. The more I write the madder I am at Rayna. And Scarlet asks how deacon’s hand is…. He’s going to be in a lot of trouble isn’t he. And this storyline better not last all season. The only reason I watch is for Deacon…being a good guy.

        • caroline says:

          Totally agree with you, Maizy. I have a friend, who, actually was in a somewhat similar situation. Her boyfriend was an alcoholic, who, couldn’t seem to stay sober. She found out, after they’d split, for good, that she was pregnant. He was in rehab, after he came out, he moved across the State. She didn’t tell him till their baby was almost a year old and he was doing well; by then, she had started to date someone else. She made it clear he could be in their little girl’s life, but only if he stayed sober. That was twelve years ago. They’re both married to other’s and doing well, and he’s a great Dad, he’s lived back here, since their Daughter was 3 years old. I LOVE Rayna and Deacon together, but, they’ve got a ton of stuff to work thru. Who has seen spoiler #3, where he gets them out of the car? Wednesday is going to be so drama filled, lots of emotion.

  4. Jen says:

    Oh Deacon. He’s gonna keep on breaking my heart this season, I can tell already!

  5. Katherine215 says:

    Am I forgetting what Deacon would be in jail for? I thought Rayna was driving, so it’s not a DUI.

    • Shannon says:

      Pretty sure Deacon’s going to act like he’s the one responsible for the accident…Rayna appears to be in a coma or something so can’t speak up and tell the real story.

    • Tahonia says:

      That’s what I was wondering. And both were wearing seatbelts and the car was upside down and Deacon was pretty drunk so I’m not seeing exactly how Deacon coud switch places with Rayna to take the blame. But then continuity has not ever been a strong suit of the show runner here on Nahville. History gets changed around to please each story.

  6. Elle says:

    Lily – those types of violent drunken outbursts are exactly WHY Rayna had to make the decision to keep their child from him in the first place. If he’s that vicious towards his niece, what was he like with Rayna all those years?! It’s not that they’re trying to paint her as little miss perfect – she’s far more interesting for not being perfect – it’s that they’re giving us a glimpse of the place they were both in that led her to having to keep that secret for the sake of all involved – Deacon included.

  7. Katya Glen says:

    As sad and tough to watch as it is, I don’t think they’re making Deacon the bad guy; I think they’re giving us a pretty realistic portrayal of an addict who relapsed, and with horrible consequences. He’s lashing out, because he’s overwhelmed with guilt and self loathing, and the fear that his behavior played a huge part, in, possibly killing the only woman he’s ever loved. He doesn’t think he deserves anyone’s love and support, and his lashing out is his way to be sure he doesn’t get it. He’s obviously in tremendous emotional pain and if the writers are up to the challenge, it should be fascinating to watch him work through that. Charles Esten does a great job with this character, all aspects of him. I so want to see the Deacon that we knew from last season, come back and I want he and Rayna to find their way back together, but, it’s not going to happen anytime soon.

    • Amie says:

      I’m with you. I don’t think they’re painting Deacon as the bad guy or Rayna as Miss Perfect. They both made mistakes, they are both terribly flawed, and that’s why they’re interesting. And I’m rooting for Deacon more than anyone on the show.

    • Carla Krae says:

      Yes. Look at the tears in his eyes while he’s yelling at Scarlett. 1) He thinks he deserves the punishment of prison and 2) he wants Scarlett to go away so he can’t hurt her, like he’s going to want to push everyone away because of the guilt and self-loathing.

  8. Maizy says:

    Totally agree with Katya. Deacon received the shock of his life; it’s easy to imagine how betrayed he felt, by the love of his life, but, he also has to know, inside, what contributed to her choices. I think he had always put Rayna on a pedestal, always felt like he wasn’t quite good enough, then the Maddie reveal, and I imagine he would feel that Rayna felt the same way, that he wasn’t good enough. Then the relapse, the accident, and now Rayna might die. He’s hating himself so much, that he doesn’t think he deserves to have anyone. He adores his Niece, but, he’s in so much pain and feels like he’s not worthy. I hope the show moves past this and has Deacon working thru the aftermath and coming to terms with not just his relapse, but with his paternity. Good people can have bad problems. He does, but, at his core, I see him as a good and decent Man. And yeah, love R&D. How adorable are they in the happy clip!

  9. Katya Glen says:

    Yup, to me, the betrayal is not even, so much, the not telling him, as it is, the not telling him and yet, keeping him in her life, all those years, as a best friend, a confidante, a musical partner, and Uncle Deacon. Can you really imagine how overwhelmed you would feel, how devastated, to learn that someone who had loved and trusted, all those years, had kept a secret of that magnitude? To me, you either tell him, and make it clear that it’s up to him, whether or not he is going to be a part of his Daughter’s life, or, if you feel he’s too unstable, and you don’t tell him, then, certainly, you cut contact with him, he’s not a part of your life, either

    • Tahonia says:

      Good comment Katya. Thanks for saying this so clearly.

    • Carla Krae says:

      Absolutely. Keeping him that close was cruel. Secrets get out. If Rayna couldn’t let him go, she should’ve given him the choice of being in his daughter’s life as a responsible person, or get. She complicated it by making the promise/deal with Teddy that he’d always be the father. What a messed up situation it is!

      • ShiraG says:

        I agree with waht you are all saying about why Deacon feels betrayed and the fact that maybe the right time to tell him was years back, but at the same time i kinda understand why Rayna didn’t and don’t see it as a betrayl but more as a means for survival. I think she was so emotionally drained and so exhausted and traumatized from living with an addict that when she got pregnant she decided to use it as an opportunity for a fresh start and decided to burry it all in the past and start anew (as much as she could) with the marriage and the new baby. This is why I think that over the years she burried it so deep that she even started to believe her own lie. We see throughout the entire first season that both of them-Rayna and Deacon ,did the same: they both tried to burry the past cause it was too painfull, and everytime something, even the smallest thing, spilled out (like when they sang at the bluebird or when she tried to fire him) they just couldn’t handle the feeling because as much as they love each other-opening that door even for a little brings at first wayyy too much pain. So instead they kept for years a “safe” distance” hoping that the past is the past…it’s not healthy but a very realistic post trauma behavior. this is also why I think why they eventually had to crush an burn. Now they need to stop denying the pain, open the past and face it in order to finally heal and hopefully find a way to be together again.

  10. Tahonia says:

    I’m looking forward to a flashback scene. Bu I’m more interested in the origins of Deacon and Rayna. Watty must have put them together. Where did Deacon come from? Is he a transplant to Nashville? Anyhow, I am looking forward to next Wednesday!

    • cee cee says:

      I totally agree about more back
      Remember in epi 1, Deacon talking about his Sister, Scarlett’s Mom?

      If ever there was a time for his Sister!!

      Love Deacon. Hes a good guy sith a terriblle illness.

  11. sara l. says:

    And there is this: What about Teddy? I don’t doubt he loves the girls, he’s apparently been a really good Dad. BUT, in all those years, did he never have any qualms of guilt, about what he was stealing from another Man? When Rayna gave birth to their Daphne, did he never for a second, feel a tiny bit bad, for the man, who would not get to know his own child? He knew, that Deacon was stable and sober, doing great. Had he always been so insecure that he demanded that agreement from Rayna and never relented? Early in the series, might have even been the 1st episode, I remember Teddy saying his Dad was an alcoholic; maybe that was a part of why he acted as he did, besides knowing that Rayna always wanted Deacon. I still can’t stand the guy!

    • daniella says:

      I don’t think Teddy felt guilty; i think he saw himself as the better man. And, of course, he was always so insecure, because he knew he was the “second choice”. I’m betting he’ll dig his heels in to keep Deacon away from Maddie. Hopefully, we’ll see Deacon pull himself together and fight for a chance to have a family. But, first, he’s going to have to find a way to deal with all of it.