Emmys 2013: Who Will and Who Should Win

Emmy weekend is upon us! And while the No. 1 question among many media outlets is sure to be “Who are you wearing?” we here at TVLine are much more focused on who’ll be taking home statuettes once the telecast begins Sunday at 8/7c on CBS.

To that end, we’ve put together a gallery predicting who will win, lobbying for who should win and recounting the results of TVLine reader polls on Emmy’s most deserving in 12 key categories.

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So click through the pictures below for the answers to all those queries, then hit the comments and share your thoughts on the 2013 Emmys races. And don’t forget to stay glued to TVLine Sunday night for our up-to-the-minute winners’ list, a rundown of the telecast’s best and worst moments, news and scoop from the red carpet and backstage and more!

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Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Diogo says:

    Jane Krakowski must win! Julie Bowen wasn’t funny in this season of modern family. Krakowski was always funny for 7 years.

  2. Waage says:

    The Big Bang Theory should win? Haha… Alright. Have fun with your fartjokes ..

  3. Babybop says:

    Amy Poehler deserves that Emmy, damn it!

  4. Breaking Bad and Homeland are two shows I’m rooting for but it all comes down to which series gets the top honor for Outstanding Drama Series. WILL WIN: Breaking Bad. SHOULD WIN: Homeland. May the best drama series win.

  5. Drew says:

    Best Drama – Breaking Bad
    Best Actress in a Drama – Claire Danes or Kerry Washington
    Best Actor in a Drama – Bryan Cranston

  6. joterri says:


  7. Eric says:

    I really think that Kerry Washington will pull out the win for Scandal. Her performance is rock solid, the show is having a moment and she would be the first African American woman to win the Emmy in this category. Emmy voters may not be able to resist all that.

  8. Morgan says:

    Amy Poehler definitely deserves to win. It’s ridiculous she still hasn’t won once yet.

  9. martina says:

    Is really Breaking Bad a contender? I know that if Emmy voters saw the last batch of episodes it would win by a mile, but they only saw the first three episodes so I’m dubious. I believe either Homeland or House of Cards will take the statuette.

  10. abz says:

    If anyone from Modern Family wins a single award this year, I’m gonna be mad! I’m so over the Modern Famemmy Show.

  11. Josh says:

    Parks and Rec should have won best comedy….

  12. prish says:

    All we watch is Big Bang Theory from the above list. Modern Family is good, but I’ve only had time to watch a few episodes. I plan to catch the reruns. Ted Danson, Mark Harmon, Linda Hunt, Tom Selleck, Person of Interest and Neighbors casts, also all deserve emmys, imho. The projected winners listed above are not to my family’s taste, I guess, so we won’t be watching the Emmys. It’s kind of funny that Emmys is underlined in red as a misspelled word, this site being TV emphasis, just a fyi.

    • vighorois says:

      If you didn’t bring out Neighbors and Modern Family, I almost thought you can only receive the CBS signal in your area. LOL

  13. scb says:

    I wish/hope Vera Farmiga wins the Emmy for Bates Motel, but either Claire Danes or Kerry Washington will win the Emmy.

  14. Cherry says:

    The acting in AHS was amazing. But the writing was poor, the series was all over the place. Ryan Murphy peaks after the first season, then tries to tackle more and more thereafter.

  15. flutiefan says:

    honest question…. is Homeland really that great?

    • Rita says:

      Yes indeed it is a good show the acting and the writing is top notch!!!!!

      • flutiefan says:

        i just ask because i don’t have Showtime, but after the 1st season, the cable company gave us the 1st 3 episodes for free. i found them interesting, and i really wanted to know if he was “turned” and how they’d deal with that. then i hear Carrie starts sleeping with him and all sorts of other soap opera storylines, and it made me lose all interest.

        i guess just wondering if the brilliance of those first few episodes are carrying them further in people’s minds than they should, based on the rest of the series.

        • the danger says:

          1st season was fantastic. 2nd season was terrible, mostly due to the writing, not the acting. characters made illogical choices for no reason. plot became ridiculous. the big event in the finale was so impractical it was ridiculous.

          It felt like the bad plot lines of 24 done worse. I kept watching due to how high quality season 1 was, but i will not be back for season 3.

          • I think the danger is guilty of sort of the collective knee jerk reaction to some of the happenings in season 2. Yes, some things can be leaps or illogical or may require you to suspend your disbelief, but to me, the show was still excellent in spite of what I consider minor flaws. It’s less about who is dating who and more about the layers of trust between several people and their complex emotions. In short, form your own opinion, don’t listen to me or anyone else.

          • SR says:

            Agreed with the danger, there’s very little good I can say about Homeland season 2 compared to season 1 which was very good. I suppose I could give the actors some credit for making something out of the rubbish they were being given to work with, but that’s about it.

        • flutiefan says:

          thanks everyone!

  16. Katrina says:

    Game of Thrones should win!

  17. Parker says:

    Amy Poehler finally deserves the Emmy!

    It’s a shame Parks and Rec isn’t even nominated!

  18. Payton says:

    I’m mostly rooting for Bill Hader…but I really would like Jane Krakowski and Amy Poehler to win as well. They’re all incredible.

  19. Ryan says:

    I’d vote for Homeland if it wasn’t for the daughter/ VP’s son storyline. Being titled best show means you cant have a weak story line that isn’t widely liked and doesn’t have a major impact on the overall story.

  20. Sally says:

    Breaking Bad for everything.

  21. John DeMayo says:

    I’ve asked it before, and I’ll ask it again: did I watch the same season of The Big Bang Theory that TVLINE and it’s readers didd? Because I am honestly BAFFLED. Yes, Season 6 was a slight improvement over Season 5, but it just pales in comparison to the first four seasons. Honestly, there were maybe three episodes total, last season that lived up to the excellence of the earlier seasons. Seriously, can any of you actually tell me how this season was somehow the *best* one, and the one deserving of an Emmy? Because from where I stand (as one of it’s absolute biggest fans), it’s a shell of the show it once was. Yes, it’s still funny, but it is no longer non-stop spit-out-your-drink funny. The writing, which used to be witty, intelligent, and referential to modern geekdom, has declined to “Two and a Half Men” quality sex jokes. It was once a show that celebrated everything geek. Now it merely stereotypes them. It’s almost as if the more viewers it gains, the more they try to “dumb it down” for mass audiences. Don’t get me wrong… it’s still a good show. It’s just no longer the masterful show it was in its first four seasons. It just seems like the writers don’t know what to do any more. The talent is there… but the writers just haven’t given them the great material they’ve deserved over the past two years. I love The Big Bang Theory, but it is in no way deserving of a win for this specific season. Where were the nominations three or four years ago? I’m sure a lot of people disagree with me… but I would LOVE to hear why. Does anyone honestly think that the show is actually getting *better* with age?

    • abz says:

      I’ve come to accept that as the beloved shows I watch age, they never are the same as when they first started. A good example would be Grey’s. It’s going on 10 years and while I still enjoy it very much, it’ll never be like it was when it first started. Too many great characters gone, too many boring characters brought in. It’s a harsh reality of television. Things rarely stay as good as they were when they first started.
      I watch very few half-hour comedy shows so with Big Bang Theory, I still think of it as must-watch television. It still makes me laugh. Sure its changed a bit with the addition of the women on the show, but it wasn’t necessarily a bad change all the time. If it went on for 6 seasons with just Penny being the only woman on the show and the similar nerd stories people might complain that they need to change it up a bit. I feel like the addition of the women to the show was a nice change although they do need to cut back on Amy’s infatuation with everything Penny because its getting old. I definitely feel like this was a good season in terms of character growth. From the evolution of Howard/Bernadette’s relationship, to Raj finally having a romantic interest and overcoming his selective mutism, to Penny finally confessing her love to Leonard, and lastly even the snail’s pace progression of the Shamy relationship was significant. I laughed so much during the episode where Sheldon took care of Amy while she was sick and the scene in another episode when Penny interrogated Sheldon about when he will finally sleep with Amy. Her facial expressions were hilarious. Overall, it was a decent and consistent season for me.

    • ElenaGreece says:

      I agree with you 100%! TBBT is not even the same show anymore. It has been dumbed down to the point of absolute stupidity. Of course, it’s just my opinion, but I think it’s not a comedy anymore. It’s a soap opera, and I feel it will never regain its earlier magic. For me, season 6 was the worst. The storylines became parodies, and the characters became complete caricatures. The writers turned poor Raj into an absolute loser, and Penny into a dumb, arrogant, and drunk blonde. I didn’t find this funny at all.. I know that many people will disagree with me, but season 6 was an absolute mess, and it made me decide to quit watching the show. Maybe it will win Emmys, because of its popularity with the viewers (I know it will), but I don’t care. I’m done watching it, because I know it will never get back to the old, witty format. Those days are simply over….

  22. Vicki says:

    Were the TV line votes recently? I found that “Breaking Bad” didn’t come on strong until now when it’s going to end. Then word of mouth got it going.

    • The polls have been coming out at regular intervals since the nominees were announced. And I don’t know what show you’ve been watching, but I have been enthralled with every frame of Breaking Bad this season. Only episodes from last year are eligible, but still. That train heist was a thing of beauty.

  23. G-Mom says:

    I so wish SYTYCD would win for the variety/competition show! I has been consistently great since the 1st season. The academy voters seem to decide on a show then, with no imagination whatsoever, keep voting for the same shows over and over (The Amazing Race)!!

    • Beanergirl says:

      I am a huge fan of both SYTYCD and Amazing Race. The Amazing Race wins consistently for its seamless production values and amazing editing. No other reality show is really close in that regard. I love both shows, but frankly I would have rather seen Cat Deeley win for best host (as lovely as Tim Gunn is..,Cat really was deserving) and am happy either way in terms of which show might win overall.

  24. Brian says:

    I don’t know if Breaking Bad should win. I didn’t think season 5A was great (other than the train robbery) and I thought a few of the other shows with full seasons were better. But it might win just because of how good season 5B is, which should be what next year’s emmys are judged on.

  25. Well, I love the Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series one…especially with the Should and the TV Reader’s Pick…because out of all the nominees Bill Hader really does deserve it because he went out with a BANG on his last season.

  26. meah says:

    I don’t watch breaking bad so I can’t really judge,I want homeland to win best drama..for best actress I want either kerry washington or claire danes to win.why wasn’t the councilman from house of cards nominated for best supporting actor?he was excellent..I hope kerry washington makes history tomorrow though!May the best man/woman win.

  27. jsswite says:

    Since Justified in not nominated for anything, I couldn’t possibly care less.

  28. kath says:

    Since Tatiana Maslowy didn’t even get a nomination for Best Actress, nor Justified for anything, nor Arrow for stunts, I’m not impressed by anything do to with the Emmys.

  29. Kerry Washington so deserves this Emmy! Her portrayal of Olivia Pope in Scandal is the reason why people keep tuning in. She has an endearing quality about her and that makes you want to know more. Kerry Washington for the win!!

  30. Julia says:

    Are you kidding me?! I like Damian Lewis and he did well this year, but the only person that should win is Bryan Cranston. Hopefully he will, since it’s the last season and people love those.
    I love Claire Danes, but enough. Kerry Washington is great, not sure if she should win though. Still angry about Tatiana not even being nominated.
    I hate Anna Gunn with all my heart. I really hope she won’t win. And people love Maggie Smith in Downton Abbey, so she might just aswell win again.

  31. María says:

    Should Win: ANNA TORV, FRINGE…. in EVERYTHING!!!!!!!

  32. Phil says:

    Sorry if it upsets a lot of people, but I am tired of Cable Shows winning!

    • SoWhat says:

      Phil I agree! There should be a separate show or categories for cable shows! They can do so much more than network shows so it really isn’t fair. Plus I don’t have HBO and the others so the shows I watch NEVER win.

  33. gaby6034 says:

    If you are likeable and you get on very well with the press, no matter if you’re a good actress, and your network pays to have your face on every magazine cover, you win. (Kerry)
    If you are a very good actress but you are not so likeable and you don’t get so well with the press you don’t have many chances. (Claire)
    Emmy is politic.

  34. Beth says:

    I really want Kerry Washington to win, she had a solid performance last season and I think you she is going to be even better this year.

  35. Eve says:

    Big Bang Theory SHOULD win? WHAT. GROSS. NO. All faith in humanity now gone.