Fall TV Preview

Spoiler Alert! Is Back With Breaking Bad Finale Predictions, Best/Worst New Show Picks, Revenge Preview, Dream Emmy Wins and More!

blog_spoiler2_9.19.13Did you miss us?!

TVLine’s scoop and commentary-drenched web series Spoiler Alert! is back with its third season, and there is lots to discuss (hence the presence of both Matt Mitovich and Kim Roots).

PHOTOS | Fall TV Spoiler Spectacular: Exclusive Pics and Scoops on 45 Returning Favorites

First up, we deconstruct last Sunday’s Breaking Bad (an episode so intense it made Mitovich physically ill), before sharing our bold predictions for the final two episodes.

We then turn or attention to the new fall season, offering our picks for the returning series we’re most looking forward to, as well as our choices for best — and worst — new show.

Finally, we wrap things up with a review of Revenge‘s Season 3 reboot (we’ve seen the premiere and we have some issues), as well as a preview of this Sunday’s Emmy Awards (specifically, we reveal the one performer or show we are most rooting for.)

Without further ado, we invite you to scroll down, push PLAY, and consume Sp’lert Season 3. And, of course, comments are both welcome and appreciated!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Happy to see SPOILER ALERT back from a long Summer hiatus. :-)

  2. JB says:

    I think you mean “without further ado” not “adieu”

  3. J says:

    I would totally read it, but I’m not watching a video.

  4. Mr. White says:

    I agree with Matt about the Breaking Bad ending. I thought the ricin would’ve been for Jesse, but that doesn’t make sense to me. I’m sad to hear that Revenge hasn’t really improved…if from what I just heard is correct. Oh, well. I have 22 other shows I’ll be watching during the week. LOL I’m so excited for AHS: Coven!!! Looks awesome. Great video, you guys! Love that Spoiler Alert is back!

    • iMember says:

      Well, they didn’t say the Revenge premiere was bad at all, a lot of people who already saw it actually REALLY like it and say it has improved a lot from Season 2 and has gone back to its ways of Season 1, they just have some things to work out which are EASY fixes. I’m still VERY excited about it.

    • maxisatroll123 says:

      if u read other sources about revenge premiere they all said that it was really good

  5. Mike R. says:

    Great Spoiler Alert, sad to hear the Revenge premiere wasn’t that great. I still wish Amy Poelher would win the Emmy.

  6. Alice says:

    I don’t think Veep is that funny. How is JLD winning over Amy Poehler?

  7. Scotty says:

    JLD is winning because sad to say people still think Seinfeld was the 2nd coming of TV comedy, instead of the brainless drivel it actually was. A show about nothing, I think the nothingness was what was floating between people ears at the time… Take out your brains kids, it’s time for Seinfeld!

  8. Eddie says:

    Blerg. Ausiello I liked you before this!! How can you root for JLD over Amy Poehler? It should be Amy going for her 4th Emmy, not JLD!!

  9. Boiler says:

    I found your comments on “must flee” interesting as they replace shows that would have done well either from last year or 2 years ago. It also is not a coincidence to me that ABC tops your flee list both new and old. As many shows as I like on ABC they also have cancelled many that should not be…see Body of Proof. They certainly could have found advertisers that match the demo of the show.

  10. johnhelvete says:

    How many minutes do I skip at the start? I am still catching up on Breaking Bad but I would like to watch the rest of the video. Thanks.

  11. aciel says:

    even though hear they say that the revenge premiere wasn’t that great most of the sources that i read about the premiere said that it was good

  12. How come Michael, Matt nor Kim didn’t mention THE BLACKLIST as a must-see new show? I’m totally hooked on watching the James Spader led series.

    • wordsmith says:

      It seems like the show that will be everybody’s choice for second-favorite freshman of the fall. It’s on the list, but one or two other things will top it, depending on your preferences.

    • Tahonia says:

      I agree. I’m looking forward to Spader—I liked him on Boston legal, by he’s a delicious villain also. I hope it works.

  13. On the next edition of SPOILER ALERT, the guys should weigh in on the series finale of Dexter and what’s going to happen for Dex, Deb and the rest of the characters.

  14. Whatever says:

    The Breaking Bad coming attractions for Sunday was Saul telling Walt that the Feds were going after Skylar because they have 2 officers missing, presumed dead with no one to arrest.
    The coming attractions were shown during Low Winter Sun.
    So Skylar is in some serious trouble which is what’s motivating Walt.
    So I can’t decide if Walt is just going to kill Todd’s Family or kill them and set them up as the Heisenberg gang who killed Gomez & Hank.
    I thought the Ricin was for Walt but I don’t know if his ego would allow him to commit suicide. Why bother now he put himself in witness protection with 11 million.

    Maybe he will slip the Ricin to Jesse for Todd…
    So Jesse would be the one to finally use the ricin cigarette.
    I just want Jesse to live !

    • Whitney says:

      I mostly agree with Matt, I believe Walt will either be dead or in prison by the end of Breaking Bad. I would like to think that he’s going to use the gun to bust Jesse out of Todd’s lab, but I really think he blames Jesse for Hank’s death so I think that is unlikely, unless Walt has had a change of heart during the flash forward. I think that Jesse may blow up Todd’s lab with a chemical concoction like Walt did to Tuco back in season 1. If that’s how he gets out, I see him either killing Walt or going into Witness Protection to testify against Walt.

    • AnnieM says:

      I’m getting more and more convinced that the FINAL scene of BB will reveal that the entire series was either a dream had by Walt or Jessie OR a ‘screenplay’ made up by Badger (ala his Star Trek story in the Season Premiere). My reasoning behind this is:

      A.) I have seen quotes from Vince Gilligan and most recently RJ Mitte that the series ‘ends on a high note’, and ‘it will be very dark before the dawn’ – now how in the ever lovin world can that possibly happen (especially after this past Sunday’s episode) if it _wasn’t_ all a bad dream or what-have-you? And…

      B.) It’s been a good long while since TV had a _satisfying_ ‘it was all a dream’ ending.

      No matter what camp you fall in (personally, I am pro-Jessie, anti-Walt if anyone cares), ask yourself if you’d feel cheated by an ending like that. I don’t believe I would. ::shrug::

      • JEst says:

        High note doesn’t have to mean overly happy or that things weren’t real and can mean that after all of the bad things that have happened things are looking like they will improve. For example Jesse being done with the downward spiral and being rid of Mr. White, the meth, and everything is a high note,

  15. abz says:

    Their conversation about the Revenge premiere was a real downer. I really hope that its still good and if it is like they said was, hopefully its just for the first episode or two and then it gets good.

    • maxisatroll123 says:

      well if u look at all the other sources that got to screen the premiere they said that it was really good. nonsense I guess I have to to watch the premiere before I make a judgment myself

  16. Sara says:

    Did I miss their first to be cancelled pool? Can’t seem to find it?

  17. meg says:

    I hope you guys would do more vidcasts like these where you discuss shows!

  18. Babybop says:

    So happy that this is back! I hope Amy will take the Emmy, but I’m with Michael, every source I’ve read has basically said JLD’s a lock to win.

  19. N says:

    The thing to remember though with Breaking Bad is Walt has no idea Jesse is still alive and at Todd and Uncle Jacks Compound, he was told Jesse would be killed, so Its more likely Walt shows up to avenge Hank or get his money back. Once he takes out Uncle Jacks group he is going to be shocked to discover Jesse alive and chained up in Todd’s lab. Walt may not be as angry with Jesse as he was in this last episode, but Jesse is going to be infuriated after everything Walt has said and done, especially after the Jane Reveal ( which wasn’t put in there for nothing). Jesse will play a huge role in determining Walt’s fate.

  20. Babygate says:

    Agree with the “flee from” selections and also agree that Betrayal will be the first to go. Love the way Mitt articulated his objection to this show. There is a trend recently in shows of romanticising unacceptable behavior that I find rather disturbing. Anywho, also looking forward to SHIELD and The Good Wife, loved Sleepy Hollow and for crying out loud, someone give Amy Poehler an Emmy already. Talk about an underrated performer!

  21. breaking window says:

    Big battle. Todd killed. Skyler killed. Walt shots himself. Jesse and Walt’s baby in the last scene.