Fall TV Preview

Arrow Premiere Sneak Peek: Shiny Summer Glau, 'Olicity' in Action and More

There is at least one thing that was not lost to Arrow‘s season-ending earthquake: the pretty.

PHOTO | First Look: Arrow‘s Stephen Amell Is ‘Coming Back Strong’ in New Poster

In the first major salvo of photos from the CW drama’s sophomore season, you’ve got your first peek at geek goddess Summer Glau, playing businesswoman Isabel Rochev. “She and Oliver and going to become partners in running Queen Consolidated,” show boss Andrew Kreisberg shared during TVLine’s Fall Preview. That arrangement will present “a different side of Oliver than we’ve seen — him really trying to be the responsible businessman.”

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Also on display in the slideshow below: Felicity, Diggle, Roy and Thea, Quentin Lance and islanders Slade and Shado. Arrow returns Wednesday, Oct. 9.

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  1. Joey says:

    Good photos from the season premiere. I can’t wait to see it next month.

  2. MonicaF says:

    Where is Laurel?!!’

  3. ggny says:

    Notice anyone missing? Wouldnt be surprised to see Laurel no longer a regular in season 3

    • eddie says:

      my guess is they drop her in season 3 and have her come back later as the black whatever. oh and im not saying “whatever” because I cant remember the name, im saying whatever because I really don’t care about her character.

      • Marc says:

        Good idea, although I have to admit that I’d rather not see her come back at all. Maybe they could write where they found out that LL was switched at birth and the real Laurel is out there somewhere and this the current one who is as subtle as a sledgehammer gets killed and the real Laurel comes to Star City.

  4. So did Paul Blackthorne’s ‘Detective Lance’ get demoted to ‘Officer’ or ‘Patrolman’?

  5. olicity the best couple! <3

  6. Patrick says:

    Am I the only one that doesn’t like the Roy character? I liked Thea with Tommy as a long term couple. The Roy/Speedy character is very bland so far.

    • FatherOctavian says:

      Thea’s too tall for Roy. I also like the end game of Thea ending up as Oliver’s sidekick rather than Roy. It’s more personal, because it keeps it in the family.

    • Marc says:

      Nope, you’re not the only one and my dislike for him is more than just his awful name. As a couple, Thea and Roy just don’t seem believable and Roy, like Laurel, does not impress me on screen, forget the terrible acting, but as part of the main cast of characters, there is nothing interesting about them. It’s like it’s all out there for us to see and what you see is what you get which is annoying and bland.

  7. OMG, Olicity, I look forward to this premiere!

  8. #Olicity still!!!!! OMG!!! I need October now!!!!

  9. Jared says:

    I’m confused..is Laurel not part of the main cast this season?? Not a single photo and I’ve heard nothing about her character so far.

  10. GildedRose says:

    I am so flipping excited about Arrow’s second season I can’t believe it. Haven’t been this hooked on a show in years. I love the action and the stunts and I can’t wait to see what we learn about all these characters now. But scrolling through those pictures (thank you TV Line!) i’m super excited about Oliver working at Queen Consolidated and in what looks like close companionship with Felicity Smoak and, of course, Diggle. The pictures of Oliver and Felicity look amazing! I love them together and that action shot of them running? So curious! Thanks for putting me on the edge of my seat for Season 2 to start!

  11. carrionne says:

    Just wondering what pic 12 is about. Felicity is in regular clothes. Like, not in her regular just-back-from-work-and-stopped-by-the-arrowcave outfit.

  12. vallee says:

    I’m so excited for the return of the show, looking at these pics or the promos, I’m sure the season is gonna be a great one. Also, can’t wait to see Team Arrow and Oliver/Felicity back on my screen. Missed you lol

  13. Spoiler Junkie says:

    Why the short stick to Laurel? I hope the show runners develop her character and not sideline her because of fan hate. I for one, like her character and would be disappointed if she is shunted aside.

    • Ella says:

      Agreed. I think they wrote her badly last season but I personally love Oliver/Laurel and think Katie Cassidy plays badass characters (see Supernatural, Melrose Place) much better than earnest damsels. Give her the right material and she’s kick ass.

      • cas says:

        I agree. It’s kind of BS what they are doing. I love Felicity too but I kind of hope they kill her off just so the fans will shut the hell up.

        • JC says:

          If they killed Felicity off, the shipper fans would just latch on to the next cute female in Oliver’s vicinity. Laurel fans keep trying to blame Felicity, but this isn’t about Felicity – it’s about the fact that the Laurel character has completely failed to connect with the audience. I was seeing complaints about Laurel/Katie Cassidy before Felicity even showed up.

      • Marc says:

        Personally speaking, it’s not the character of LL that I have a problem with it’s the portrayal and the way she was written. I had so many issues with her character abd the way Katie Cassidy played her that I found myself fast forwarding her scenes as the season progressed. The actress does not do subtle in any of her scenes, there is no nuance to her facial expressions. She is either acting as if she is angry, grrrrrrr/ judgmental or sad. Zero chemistry with Oliver and even less sense of humor. l found LL to be bland, preachy, wishy-washy, a complete hypocrite and quite silly at times (see season 1 finale as she went to the law office despite her father, the cop and Oliver asking her not to because something was going down. There she was randomly grabbing files while the building was crumbling around her, leading Tommy to save her. She probably thought that she was being a badass by sticking around, but to me it was plain dumb).

        I’m not determined to hate her but the writers and the actress do need to do better to win over viewers.

        • Gil says:

          I will certainly agree that LL was one of the weakest characters among the main cast, I’m not giving up hope on her yet. If they do it right, her reaction to Tommy’s death, and other events as the show progresses could really show a strong shift in her character towards what we’d expect. Imagine if ‘the island’ wasn’t done in flashbacks and all we got this season was first 6 episode useless Oliver (comparable screen time to LL all season), you’d hate on him too, but instead we get a “final product” Oliver, with flashbacks to show how he became this way. Hopefully they’ll do Canary justice by building up the character in reaction to her circumstances so that we understand and love the final product far more than the original.

          • andrea says:

            Remember lana from smallville? She have this journey from doe eyed girl to become a super hero, I don’t like her as doe eye girl, I don’t like her journey and I don’t like her as super hero
            Right now laurel really close at being the second lana, but I like katie (outside arrow) and I respect her so I still give her a chance, season 2 is her turning point….or downfall, all I can say is good luck

        • Wren says:

          The writing in this show sucks, the only ones they pretend to know how to write is Diggle and Felicity. Diggle being such an Alfred Pennyworthy clone, the job is already done for them and Felicity is a walking, every geek girl cliche from Pepper Potts, Willow Rosenberg,Chloe Sullivan and other countless great characters they are ripping off from. Yet she is still a shallow character with no character development. Half her funny dialogue is ripped off from Buffy and Angel. And people go gaga over her thinking her writing is the best thing ever since slice bread.

          Where is the originality seriously,this is its like they are just doing a kitchen sink, its like the show has no idea what it want to be, a Batman clone, Iron man clone or Angel clone etc or you know its own best creation. They are just ticking boxes from its rip off manual with zero originality, thats why they can’t write most characters so well, they either rip off from the worst of characters or they cant find anything to imitate from their rip off manual.

          • andrea says:

            Whoa angry much, wait do you like the show? If you don’t why you’re here? If you do, why so much hate for something you like?

          • Alan says:

            how exactly is diggle an alfred clone? i dont think ive ever seen alfred go into the field dressed as the batman and completely destroy anyone who attacks him just like the real guy in the suit would.

      • Itgal says:

        Face the facts, no more excuses Katie Cassidy was out-witted and out-acted by Emily Bett Rickards. She never played strong women just whiny, manipulative brats with a bad attitude.

    • Alan says:

      considering the fan reaction to her royal blandness they would have been crazy to promote the fact that she still exists, it would probably stop people from coming back.

  14. andrea says:

    I’m so excited!!!! Team arrow look amazing! And look at felicity, look at her shoes! I want to steal her wardrobe, everything is olicity and olicity is love.

    • Ross says:

      More like “team olicity” and the third wheel what’s his name. Its not even a team let alone a family, its all about Oliver/Felicity and that guy who is there to smirk and pimp their interactions. And don’t we just love him for it.

      • andrea says:

        Oh, c’mon don’t say that about dig! I love olicity but it’s not just about them, the chemistry between team arrow is the reason this show receive so much love, they balance each other, oliver too dark, felicity too optimist and diggle is the one with clear mind, I read the producers love them as team AND family (yes they use that word)

        • Ross says:

          Diggle had to split his role with felicity until she started taking over his role and pushing Digs in the fringes. Felicity now gets all the credit for believing and making the hero, standing up to him and inspiring Oliver, Digs who?. Oh that guy relegated to smirking and nodding at the olicity action. Team arrow or team whatever is a myth, its just team olicity 2.0, 3.0, … sprinkled with a little flavour to sell it more.

  15. Omar says:

    Felicity is the HOTTEST character on tv!

  16. Cherry says:

    So it looks like they’re turning Felicity into a sexed up character and replacing Laurel with her. It’s outrageous.

    • andrea says:

      They’re not ‘sexed’ her up, I think she become oliver’s assistant, as CEO assistant she have to wear more elegant clothes (remember pepper from iron man?)

      As for laurel, she still on the show, she still black canary, but she need to step up, not many people like her and even if they did, mostly because they’re katie cassidy’s fan or black canary’s fan, it’s not enough

      arrow have to compete with Agent of SHIELD, so I don’t blame the producers to highlight fan favorite characters to attract viewers, It’s not personal, it’s business

      • JC says:

        Agree with most of what you’re saying here (and I hadn’t thought about Felicity becoming Oliver’s “Pepper”), but how are they competing with Agents of SHIELD? Agents of SHIELD is on Tuesday nights, Arrow is on Wednesday.

      • K says:

        Does it matter the reason she is sexed up, the fact remains she is sexed up. They are changing the character so she can be Oliver’s love interest.

        • andrea says:

          Since season 1 every girl in the show is oliver’s love interest, except for thea and moira, and yes she’s different, now I think she’s more confidence with herself, she’s not just an IT girl anymore, it’s called progress, you know, character development, her life is changing so why not her clothes and make up?

  17. Alexis says:

    Yay for more screentime for Felicity! She and Oliver have so much more chemistry than he does with Laurel; hopefully the writers don’t force the “Laurel is meant to be with Oliver” issue.
    Also, I see what you did there with the “shiny” reference :)

  18. Alice says:

    That shot of shattered glass all over those lovely bagel sandwiches made me sad. I should probably eat something.

  19. Great to see so many constructive comments about the poor writing & acting of LL.
    Personally I loved Katie in Supernatural, but here….no dice.

    Didn’t I read somewhere that we will be getting Black Canary in season 2, but it won’t be Laurel?

    Still annoys me that they killed off Tommy – thought he was one of the best characters in the show, but at the same time his death was extremely poignant.

    Any chance they’ll come to their senses & get rid of Colton Haynes soon?
    It’s like having a 2×4 with spiked hair cluttering up the place. He’s just as bad here as he was in Teen Wolf.

  20. Cora says:

    Its official folks, its now the Olicity show. At least now they wont have to blame nor hide behind Katie Cassidy when their ratings continue to free fall. I’m sure 10 million plus viewers will tune in to see the amazing Emily Bett strutting her stuff.

    • jane says:

      well at least with less laurel the review about this show will be more positive, just look at how many critics said she was bad, heck I even I read she’s the worst character in the show, people actually like emily, she just receive award nomination for best newcomer, arrow’s stuntmen also receive nomination, congratulation!

  21. I’m bummed that there aren’t any Laurel pictures (I LOVE HER and can’t wait to see her storyline), but I am happy to see Felicity getting more involved in the other parts of Oliver’s life. I’m really excited to see her character grow and develop in season 2 (and yes, I hope she and Oliver continue on the road to a romance). I’m also really excited for the potential partnership between Team Arrow and Det. Lance (another favorite character). I’m not yet really invested in Roy’s storyline, but I’m excited to see what they do with it and what part Thea plays. AND DIGGLE. I can’t forget Digg. I just love the entire cast of characters. I’m so happy with the ensemble (except that Tommy isn’t there; forever sad over Tommy).

  22. chrisdvanne says:

    it seems Isabel and Oliver will be partners and not the deadly adversaries we though they would be. And Emily Bett Rickards revealed that Felicity will play a role in it. Yet Kreisberg was mum on whether Isabel and Oliver will partner in, ahem, other ways.

    It looks like there is plenty to get excited for next season.

  23. Hopefulolicityfan#1 says:

    Olicity Forever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Someone give Oliver a smack to the face. Open your eyes, look at the signs.