Bones Wedding Photo: Here Comes the Bride!

Is it bad luck for the Internet to see the bride in her dress before the wedding…?

On the heels of Bones star David Boreanaz sharing with fans-slash-wedding guests a sneak peek at his own duds for B&B’s big day, now he has revealed a first look at his TV bride, Emily Deschanel.

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The catch: The wedding cake, which features an appropriately ghoulish topper, is safeguarding against revealing too many sartorial spoilers.

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Is Temp’s hair up? Down? Sweetheart neckline or off-the shoulder? (Vlada Gelman helped me with the lingo.) If you cannot wait for the wedding to air, here’s your first visual clue:

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  1. English says:

    I’m interested to see who talked Brennan into wearing a white dress. Angela maybe?

    • says:

      i bet she did it for booth

    • Jackie/Max Strange says:

      I hope brennans wedding is the event of the year. She is too beautiful to wear a mumu. Addedees should give her standup applause. They should write their own vows — a must. No carnival stuff, please. fOR ONE TRY TO BE TRADITIONAL. hAVE THE MOST BEAUTIFUL DRESS IN THE WORLD.

    • Paloma says:

      Bones is always talking about how different cultures do this or that, so I would have been surprised if she didn’t wear a white dress.

  2. says:

    hair is up and sweetheart neckline

  3. Thayná P. says:

    Emily looks so beautiful… as usual, right? *0*

  4. tali says:

    OMG <33333

  5. Leslie says:

    So i assume Booth called in his “favor” from his CIA buddy to help take out Pelant? Or this wedding wouldn’t be happening. . . :) tired of the Pelant story, it’s been dragging on wayyyy too long

    • acter says:

      I agree! I hate shows and movies where the bad guy just *can’t* be killed, or imprisoned effectively. Isn’t there enough of that in real life?

    • Kill Pilant says:

      I agree 120%. I want to see them slowly feed that crazy killer into a wood chipper an inch at a time, then get mean.

      • Jerica santillo says:

        I agree I live the show I know everything about it from the beginning bones is the I etch when I’m mad and I bed a get relaxed

  6. frankie707 says:

    Every bit we get for the upcoming episodes makes me more and more excited about this season. The premiere was awesome, and it really looks like things keep rolling from there. :) Booth and Brennan are getting married people. Did we ever expect that to happen, and happen before the end of the series? Wonderful!

  7. Kwapple says:

    I’ve spent the last hour wigging out…IT’S HAPPENING!!!

  8. Lois says:

    I love it!!
    Like the cake topper, I hope Brennan has some non-white accents on the dress!

    I can’t wait. :))

  9. Huskygrl says:

    I adore the cake topper! So very B&B! I’m also glad they are doing at least some traditions for Booth’s sake, I’m sure Tempe will have some unusual twists to add from some tribe she studied somewhere!

  10. c-mo says:

    Is is strange that I like how the fondant on the cake is “cracked” to resemble a skull? I also love the topper just cheesy enough without being ghoulish. And Brennan is beautiful!

  11. Pat says:

    Cannot wait for their wedding to happen. Love the cake toppers and how they reflect Temperance’s nickname, Bones and also, her occupation. I hope that this will not be the last season because I really enjoy this show.

  12. well we all need to be remember that they are playing a married couple in the next episode, so it might not be a real wedding, as much as I would like to see them get married, I’m not sure we will be seeing that next week

  13. Marie says:

    I just love the cake!! That’s all!!

  14. Bay says:

    The wedding is 10/21? so does that mean no baseball this year? whoopie!! This should be a fun and emotional ep so us long term fans. Bring it on!

  15. lynne says:

    this is too good! i love this pair! love this show! still great entertainment!

  16. Isa says:

    I’ve seen those figures in David Tutera’s show. He was horrified xDD

  17. Shar says:

    As long as she’s not wearing those awful knee-high boots she favours – yuck.

  18. KaitlynK says:

    Is it just me or do the skulls on the cake topper actually look like them? or am I just picturing that in my head because I know it’s their wedding

  19. Kieran says:

    I feel I’ve been waiting for this episode since the beginning

  20. Would someone be nice and explain to me why????? Bones the series has not received TV awards????? GREAT SHOW!!!!!

  21. Jackie James says:

    I agree, awards should go to the writers and actors of BONES! As far as the show this season, I love the way things are moving along. No more dragging feet on killing off Pelant and putting off the wedding!

  22. trutherator says:

    No awards. She’s the atheist and Hollywood idea of their version of an “Uncle Tom” because she’s too nice to the Catholic, even though she frequently insults his faith (for the screenwriter of course) and he always protests without any logic.

    He’s still a typical Hollywood “good-guy” Christian (Catholic of course, they don’t do any other kind except the bad guys) who has no problem with her blasphemy, or preachers turning into trannies, and other stuff.

    But the most likely reason they haven’t gotten awards is, (1) there’s too much heroic science stuff going on, at a time when they’re supposed to feed us stuff like “Idiotocracy”, (2) too much serious substance.

    It’s not because she’s totally irrational in matters like God and spiritual things and the design of the completely symbolic digitized language of DNA and its epigenetics. (it’s an epidemic among the smart guys that get grants).

    They are a bunch of smarties, and half of Hollywood gets antsy and itchy with anything smarter than they are. I’ll bet you they feel insulted a lot in her condescending remarks. Hit dog howls. (Not that I like smarter-than-thou fictional characters, especially when they are.)

    What can you expect from a crowd that congratulates itself for Seinfeld, deep-sixes Nowhere Man after only one season? This is a world where a guy gets a Nobel Peace Prize for nothing except getting elected president, and where Climategate didn’t even get them to bat an eyelash.

    It’s not so intellectually enthralling that it gets kicked off the air (like the first Fugitive series), but it’s so good they can’t give it an award. Can you figure out how that works? (Hint: Madison Avenue)