Big Brother 15 Finale Recap: [Spoiler] Wins!

big-brother-15-finaleAfter a super-sized, 90-day season, Big Brother has finally crowned its Season 15 champ. Professor Andy Herren is the winner of $500,000, topping runner-up GinaMarie Zimmerman in a 7-2 jury vote.

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It was a victorious evening from start to finish for Andy, who also won the final Head of Household competition of the season before opting to evict Spencer Clawson and take GinaMarie with him to the Final Two.

Season 15 was not only the longest, but arguably the most controversial ever for the CBS reality show, after some of the houseguests’ racist and homophobic comments drew serious backlash from viewers throughout the summer.

But Big Brother‘s finale episode is traditionally nothing if not a celebration of catfights and backstabbing, and Wednesday’s episode was no different. Among the highlights: Season 2 winner Dr. Will Kirby grilling the jurors; Amanda learning that it was America, not any of her housemates, who used the MVP power to nominate her twice; and some of the evicted houseguests commenting (diplomatically) on this season’s racist comments.

As runner-up, GinaMarie will walk away with $50,000. Elissa Slater was voted America’s Favorite Houseguest, earning her $25,000.

What do you think of Andy’s win — and the season overall? Hit the comments!

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  1. alistaircrane says:

    Did Julie tell Aryan and GinaMarie that they were fired?? Oh man, that would make for good television!!!

    • lariet50 says:

      I don’t even watch this show, but that was the same question I had! Haha. I wonder if they know yet?

      • G.M. says:

        CBS News interviewed Aaryn after she was informed she was let go of her agency. She didn’t care, because she said she already has interest from six other bigger agencies! UGH! This pissed me off that she’s being rewarded by her behavior! I truly hope that whatever agency picks her up gets boycotted because of it!!! Disgusting.

        • DoctorWhoFanatic! says:

          Well, I felt that way at first, but she seemed very sincere in her apologies and her desire to change, and perhaps, at her age, she still has time to grow up.

        • Alex says:

          I think she might actually feel bad about the stuff she said in the house. The fact that she became good friends with Candice in the jury house speaks well for her, and I just hope it was sincere on her part. Sometimes people do bad things and regret them and change. Aaryn might be one of them.

          • Celeste says:

            Aaryn faked this! You don’t change that quickly. Anyone who think she is sincere, has to be the most gullible person there is.

          • Someone says:

            ya i agree with u!

          • Nancee says:

            I’d like to hear Candice say they were good friends. I think when Aaryn got “booed” on her exit, then had Julie point out her transgressions, things started to click that maybe most people don’t think her attitude is funny or amusing. I’d also like to see who exactly made her the offers. Smells funny to me that her mom hired a publicist to help her image if she had all these offers.

        • DWats says:

          I am a live-feeder since season 1… love the show…. Aaryn is a complete spoiled rotten racist bitty…who is REALLY into herself… That ‘friendship’ with Candy is just a smokescreen… Don’t you believe it…. Life will have to slap her down hard in order for her to ‘get it’…..She’s a total BRAT!

          • CountryQueen says:

            Except the feeds don’t include the jury house so you really have no way of knowing if her apology is sincere or not. I hope it is. People have every right to learn and grow and change.

          • BabyFirefly says:

            I’d like to think she is sincere, it would be nice if at least one of these people truly learned from this, and changed their ways. Unfortunately I think most of them will only change their behavior in public. I think many people have learned from this season – it caused a frank discussion between me and a friend on how using any ethnicity in reference to a deodorant shower is racist. It took her a few minutes to accept that it was racist to say, since it was a phrase around since she could remember.

    • Karen MT says:

      No, she didn’t. They’ll find out during the after party tonight, I’m sure. If not, then during interviews tomorrow.

    • chrisjroof says:

      They were all notified of the firings from the media interviews immediately following the finale. Aaryn walked in with 2 publicists and talked about meetings in LA lined up already. GM claimed to fully support the pageant company in their decision as well. Not sure about Spencer.

  2. Dick Whitman says:

    ugh, no.

  3. Season 15 of Big Brother by far the worst I’ve ever seen since its inception. Hope the same thing is going to happen when Season 16 begins in Summer 2014.

  4. Jen says:

    I think Andy’s game play was okay, including his backstabbing. He probably played the best game of the three finalists. But I just can’t get over the vile things he said (especially towards Elissa) on the live feeds/BBAD. Just horrible.

    • Sam says:

      I agree. Even though GM said some awful things I found her less offensive than Spencer or Andy. They’re both just so gross.

    • Lynda Smith says:

      I completely agree with you. ALL of them had such vile things to say about not only Elissa, but her entire family to include her son. i.E. Amanda referring to all them as A_ _ holes. Inexcusable no matter how any of them felt about Elissa, they should have had the intelligence to know you do not insult a family, especially children. What makes any of them think they are any better? Worst season yet.

  5. BigBrother15Blows says:

    Worst. Season. Ever.

  6. Mike R. says:

    I personally did not want any of them to win, but if somebody had to, I’m glad it was Andy, he was the best of the worst in the final 3. I am however glad that Elissa won AFP, if only to see all the other contestants reactions since the majority of them were dreading the idea that America actually liked Elissa. Andy, himself said on several occasions that he would kill himself if Elissa won AFP. I’m pretty sure it was an empty threat given he just won 500K.

    • rio says:

      I’m someone who couldn’t stand Elissa–or understand why people liked her so much. I kept getting the impression she was auditioning for a new Real Housewives show. She’s got a rich, successful older gusband, and she’s already way too fond of plastic surgery. I never heard her talk passionately about anything besides diet and yoga.

      • barbls says:

        The hate talk lives on! You really have the same mentality as the rest in the houseguests and definitely were not watching this season. Elissa was the most real, likeable one on the worst season ever. Where do you get plastic surgery from, marrying for money or Real Housewives? How catty and she was the only one who talked passionately against the the racism spewed by these loathsome houseguests! You totally bought into the trashing and not what was real!

        • rio says:

          Did you hear what sweet Elissa had to say about Amanda’s pregnancies? She was no better than the rest–although she thought she was. The plastic surgery was obvious.

        • wrstlgirl says:

          Elissa is no innocent. She thinks she’s so entitled and above everybody else. Does she have an education or did she just marry rich? Really I’d like to know. Granted she didn’t spew any racial hate but she made some awful comments to the other house guests as well. And let’s be honest here, the only reason why she’s so popular is because of her sister.

          • Bigbrotherking says:

            Actually Elissa or Candice should have won the 500k. If you watched the live feeds, you would know Elissa was the victim to a lot of hate for absolutely no reason. She also was very entertaining and took care of herself like a normal human being. Elissa also owns business and worked hard for her own money. She maybe Rachel’s sister but she played her own game and didn’t go with the crowd.

          • sunshine says:

            she has degrees in nutrition and other degrees. she doesn’t need her husbands money as she is successful in her own right.. she could support her son without her husband but she seems to be in a happy marriage.. she chose not to talk about them on tv… she respected their privacy which is admirable…

  7. Wrstlgirl says:

    That was hardly a grilling by Will, pretty tame actually, especially after all the hype for it. I didn’t really want any of them to win but I am very glad it wasn’t GM. BB is really missing an opportunity not having an after BB show. The fans really deserve one after all this controversy.

    • abz says:

      THIS! Like I mentioned in a comment below, the part where she was supposed to get the thoughts from the first 5 evicted houseguests was so disappointing. I would love to see an after BB show and see the HGs react after having watched the entire season and seeing all the media and the controversy they caused.

    • rio says:

      Agree. I’d especially like to have Nick’s reaction to Ginamarie’s obsession with him. (He didn’t kiss her.) And I’d like to have seen them learn that they’ve lost their jobs.

  8. theschnauzers says:

    I called Andy as winning several weeks back because it was becoming very apparent that he had the best social game since Hayden Moss, and you can get away with backstabbing if you don’t overdo it, and people see it was gameplay and nothing more; something Dr. Will proved all those seasons ago. (And how ironic that the producers brought back Dr. Will to take to the first eight members of the jury for tonight’s finale.)

    • Alex says:

      Andy had a smelly social game! The main reason he won was because GinaMarie, while she tried hard at everything, had an even crappier social game and seemed very unprepared for the jury questions plus she offended most of the jurors. As for Spencer, he was inept across the board. Andy was the least terrible of three awful choices. His social game stank.

      • Norm says:

        I’m sure if all the ladies on the jury knew that he was calling most of the them the “C” word he never would have won. I’m sure where he works as an “educator” will view him for the vile, fouled mouth snake he really is.

    • Kevin says:

      Will actually didn’t backstab anyone in the season he won. He got carried by the power duo and won because the Jury was bitter against the half of the power duo he was sitting with in the final two.

  9. zabawa says:

    Spencer deserved to win

  10. Worst season ever says:

    Congrats to Andy for winning first off even though I think it’s despicable that he had to prostitute himself to such a low level to win. None of the final three nor any of the jurors should of made it this far. In my opinion he didn’t deserve it and this was the worse season by far ever. Apparently lying, manipulating, and using vitriol language towards other houseguests and people is the way to win the game and big brother is promoting this method of “Playing the Game”, whether they believe it or not. For once I would like someone who was honest to win the game, who didn’t speak ill of other houseguest, and who didn’t backstab and betray everyone to get ahead. In fact I believe they should enact penalties in the future on players who do betray and backstab or who make nasty comments about other players, they could even have a vote or some other method to do this. I don’t know if I’ll be watching season 16 especially if it’s going to be a repeat of the previous seasons.

    • James S says:

      Well for one point there was one person who one without any of that Jordan and secondly Big brother is all about who can lie cheat and steal their way to the end if you don’t like watching that then obviously you shouldn’t be watching big brother. Out of the three the only one that did not deserve to be there in any way shape or form was Spencer because he didn’t do anything. At least Gina Marie won several competitions while there was still some competition there. Granted her racist comments were intolerable. Spencer on the other hands homophobic comments were equally intolerable but at least she did something in the game more than just sit around and soak up air.

  11. joe says:

    I don’t know why everyone likes Elissa. With all her surgery, she looks like the joker when she laughs!

    • C. Hallberg says:

      What do looks have to do with with liking. That’s pretty shallow thinking.

    • Valerie Look says:

      Gee maybe it is because she was a good person, who did not make racist, nasty comments about BB house guests. She is very attractive, and your remarks about her looks and laughs do NOT make you any better then some of the BB house guests. Think about it!

    • barbls says:

      “with all her surgery.” Please clue us in as to where you are getting your facts or have you been brainwashed by the other houseguests bashing of Elissa. Please give us facts not your fiction!

      • rio says:

        Unless she was born with lips like a duck, she’s had plastic surgery. She came across to me as a self-absorbed snob. If you were looking for a role model on the show–God forbid–Helen came the closest.

        • wrstlgirl says:

          LOL….it’s so obvious. Her snobby rich attitude w/some sense of entitlement, ugh. And what’s with the baby talk……do women really think that’s cute.

    • jenny says:

      i think that any surgery has nothing to do with likes do you really

    • Richard says:

      I like Elyssa because she is the only one in the house with courage to tell racists they are wrong to say such things …and the rest all followed the party line or kept quiet… Candace was another that stood up to them …Helen and Howard should have said something Like .”I dont appreciate that kind of talk. ” Andy the great professor “didnt realize he was being made fun of. Didnt realize that His laughing at the gay “JOKES” set gay rights back…. You dont stand by and say nothing … You dont have to fight but You dont let it go unnoticed .

  12. DavidSask says:

    Did anyone want any of them to win? As for so called most participation by audience ever is all for negative reasons, way to be proud CBS! If this show doesn’t make new rules for the contestants like the world wide ones that racism and other such bad behaviour is not tolerated and gets you kicked off show instantly, then we should all boycott the show! The people who cast show need to be fired as well and the show should not be allowed to have ringers this is how the cast happened this year, not from recorded tapes sent it which is unfair and wrong for so called reality shows!

  13. Jacqi says:

    I did not like GinaMarie at the beginning but she deserved the money out of the final 3. This is by far the worst season ever! Only good thing about this season was Elissa and her winning America’s favorite.

    • CountryQueen says:

      Why did GM deserve the money? She couldn’t even articulate that to the jury – her inability to string together a coherent sentence pretty much lost her the money. For a pageant contestant and winner, she had no composure. Andy did a great job pointing out why he should win.

  14. abz says:

    The part where they talked to the first few evicted houseguests was so disappointing. She didn’t even give the other three the chance to talk and give their thought about the season. It was wasted on friggin Jeremy talking about Helen’s tears. WTF? They could have made that section of the finale so entertaining for the viewers but instead we have to wait forever for GM to come up with a sentence and hearing her say the same thing like 50 times. I mean really, there was no point of them being there even though that’s the part of BB finales that I look forward to the most.

    • rio says:

      Ginamarie’s answer to Amanda’s question was hilarious. She went around in circles. Perfect beauty pageant answer.

      • Valerie Look says:

        Could not have said it better. It was so obvious she blew it!

        • BBFAN says:

          It was shocking how unprepared GM was, and how she totally dodged Amanda’s question… if I am in the running for $500,000, I would have brought my “A” game….she was AWFUL!

          • GM deserved to win because she payed her guts out physically. I have have never seen a contestant get so beat up and play as hard with those injuries. Yes, in the beginning, she made some really harsh and racial remarks. But, I believe that she grew and realized she was wrong. She was funny , honest to a fault (which worked against her). I am at least glad she won something for all of her pain and suffering. Also, I wish people would stop bashing her for her conversational skills. She is not very articulate, but there are plenty of people in this world that can’t speak very eloquently. She speaks from the art — nothing wrong with that.

          • rio says:

            It’s not just that she”s inarticulate–which she certainly is. She’s also a terrible listener. Remember when Helen was relating her family history? GM said that was “something I was kinda interested in somewhat a little bit.” And that “from my heart” excuse got old fast.

          • I meant she speaks from the heart. My typing can’t keep up with the my thoughts.

          • abz says:

            @Elizabeth I too for a brief moment during the week of Elissa’s HOH thought she may have grown a bit but if you watch the live feeds or even read the transcripts/summaries of live feeds, there really was no real growth. She continued with her despicable, vile remarks about people and her stupid vendetta against Candace and badmouthing her till the day she left. Everything she said during her interrogation about loving all of them, etc., was all fake. She continued to despise Candace throughout her entire time in the house. I don’t think any of these houseguests have grown. Maybe once they see themselves after and see the repercussions of some of their actions, who knows. Definitely don’t want to see any of them in all-stars. Although I’d love to see Rachel vs. Amanda in all-stars. Even though I’m sick of both of them, that would definitely be somewhat entertaining

  15. Jo says:

    That finale failed on every conceivable level.

  16. James S says:

    It always blows my mind how people Janridge the people that play the game of big brother the bass the way that it’s been played for years as being unworthy. Even when Rachel Riley one her season people were giving her crap for it but at least she thought to the nail from day one to win hers and I give her props for winning. Out of every season of big brother there is only been one who played an honest decent respectable game and won Jordan so anyone going to hissy fit because their favorite liar cheater or thief didn’t win the game needs to get over it. Just as I said with Rachel and her season and he deserves it he may not of played the same type of game as Rachel did or Jordan or is Hayden but his gameplay one for reason he made it to the end for a reason. Sorry if that sounded rude but I just get so tired of hearing people whine and complain about people lying in big brother. WAY TO GO ANDY CONGRATZ ON A GAME WELL PLAYED FROM START TO FINISH.

    • barbls says:

      It is not his little rat way of his playing the game that makes me mad that he won, but for the disgusting, personal bashing along the way that makes it unacceptable. This became not a game, but a season of watching and listening to such vile people and Andy was one of the worst. To be rewarded for such behavior is so wrong.

    • Bob Smith says:

      While Rachel didn’t deserve a win in her first season, she worked for it in her 2nd season. No one did that, save Gina Marie (for one week) this season. No one deserved ANY money. Glad this crap is over.

  17. Valerie Look says:

    I could be glad he won because he played the game, even though I do NOT like the way he played it. But, his nasty remarks about ALL the players made me not want him to win. He is a disgusting person. I really didn’t care who won, because neither one of them deserved to win. Andy did the better job of answering the jury questions.He was always saying he loved all of them is so phony because he was always saying he hated so and so, especially Elissa. His campaigning live to not give her Am. Favorite Player was stupid and then even dumber to say he would kill himself if she did win. I hope he looks at the whole show and then himself.

  18. Christine says:

    Who cares about the winner .. the only cast member that will be remembered is AMANDA … love or hate her .. 90% of all action revolved around her. She will be back if theres another All Stars !

    • Alex says:

      Elissa will be remembered and could easily be back on All Stars.

    • rio says:

      I agree. She was my favorite all season, and the way she handled her post-eviction interviews made me like her even more. She’s perceptive and quick witted, and she was the first houseguest to challenge Princess Aaryn on her racism. She’s a large woman, and that made her “bullying” seem more threatening than I think it actually was. You may disagree–but then you probably thought Elissa was a model of good behavior.

      • Bob Smith says:

        A model of good behavior, yet that has NOTHING to do with the game of Big Brother. Anyone coming into the house expecting to play with their morals or manners has another think coming. Elissa didn’t play the game one time. The only time she made a move was because her buddy, Helen, had just been voted out and she used her HOH for heartfelt revenge. If she had been playing the game, she would have put up McRae and Amanda. She didn’t and she subsequently went home.

        I find it hilarious people watch this show expecting people to be “nice,” when this show exemplifies the worst in people. Always has.

  19. kashmir says:

    andy didn’t take spencer to the end b/c he knew that spencer would walk away w/ the $$. again, he lied, when he wanted everyone to believe that he spoke the truth to GM about taking her to the end. andy certainly has the knack of “talkling the talk”. still, i found this to be one of the best seasons in a long time. i look forward to every new season and go through a slight case of depression when it comes to an end! (an after party BB would be a REAL reality check!)

    • Alex says:

      Spencer would not have won against Andy. He had ZERO game, and most of the jurors based their votes on who had the best strategy. Spencer did virtually nothing in the game except say horrible things about others. I cannot picture Helen, Elissa, Aaryn, Amanda, Jessie, or GinaMarie (assuming she was on jury) voting for Spencer ever, and most likely he wouldn’t get the votes of the others either.

  20. Bob Smith says:

    BB15 was by far the worst season ever, not because some of the houseguests made ugly comments of other houseguests (Evel Dick did the same in his season), but because no one really played the game. Showmances topped most minds from the very beginning, and if not that, they wanted to lay low and not have blood on their hands.

    One additional thing: I love how some of you abhor some of the houseguests for their comments, but you turn around and say you are glad they are fired from their jobs? Sad.

  21. Yo yo says:

    G.M. Should’ve won BB!

  22. Elyse says:

    please please please let next year be an allstars season!!!!

    • Mr. Smith says:

      Oh, hell no! Please no more returning houseguests or their relatives!

      • wrstlgirl says:

        I don’t have a problem with houseguests returning for a second time but that’s it. Bringing them back again and again and again is to much. They’ve been on the air for how many years now, surely they should have enough of a crop to stop bringing back the same one’s over and over.

  23. Moe says:

    That was a great big farce, Gina Marie should have won, hands down. Elissa favourite houseguest, you’ve got to be kidding. She was just a Diva and din’t deserve to win anything. The network controls this whole show, so obvious. Definately my last time

  24. Taylor says:

    Everyone saying this was the worst season ever clearly didn’t watch BB9.

  25. Juan says:

    I was amazed that some of the houseguests came into the season WANTING a showmance. GinaMarie and Jessie specifically, came in looking for one.

  26. Lauren says:

    I have more to say than room to say it and pretty much everyone has already covered the bashing. There are a couple of things I would like to see for the next season. Get the after dark back on Showtime. Although I’m not a fan of vulgar language, the censoring did make it difficult to get the full context of the conversations. Also, what about a senior citizen Big Brother. We’ve all seen how the younger generation can deal. I wonder how the other end of the spectrum would handle this competition. It would probably mean less physical comps, but it would level off the playing field with mental challenges. And yes, I am a senior who has been watching since the first season. Big Brother is my favorite show and I look forward to season 16.

  27. Denise says:

    They should have declared this season a failure and donated the money (like to Colorado flood victims) instead of awarding a winner, all of these people were so vile they don’t deserve it!!!

  28. Ken Klow says:

    BB WAS my favorite TV show for the past 14 years until THIS year. I hated the fact that the After Dark show became censored by leaving Show Time. I would gladly pay the fee to see the uncensored version, because it was so hard to follow the conversations being censored and the 3 to 4 minute commercials every 10 minutes this season. The After Dark show went from 3 hours to 2 and with all the commercials actually only 80 minutes of the show Vrs. 40 minutes of commercials. I wish next year either un-censor the show or at least give the viewer the option to watch an un-censored version on Show Time again and keep the censored version on the TV guide channel if need be. I’m sure this comment will fall on deaf ears, but this years show was by far the worst season and I just wish they’d STOP trying to change the original format.

  29. who says:

    Andy sucked ass!!!!!

  30. donna valentine says:

    I have watched bb since the start. This yr. was not as good as in past. Everything seemed rehearsed and all the yelling by Amanda at elisa and the way her and boy toy acted I hope they do not have them back on any season really do not want any of them back

  31. Lynda says:

    Favorite quote from last night’s finale was when Julie addressed the jury about the backlash they should expect after this season’s houseguests “bashing” other houseguests – and she was looking directly at Spencer – and Spencer said “Julie, did I say anything?” and she answered “Spencer, there’s not enough time!” hahaha

  32. yikes says:

    Sad that Amanda wasn’t in the running – she was the most entertaining and was playing the best game up until her tirade against baby-talk duckie (hereon known as BTD).
    BTD winning “america’s fav” was the most predictable outcome of the season: this girl was propped up by producers from the get-go. That is the main reason why I disliked this season more than any other.
    MVP? Wow, such a shocker that the only person going into the game with ANY name recognition gets the vote EVERY time.
    “America’s Choice MVP?” Lovely that producers thought of a way to sway the game in BTD’s favor by duping idiots at home into thinking their vote mattered. Did CBS have any way of tracking the voting or hire another company to ensure no foul play, like many other shows do to prevent fraud? If they did, my bad, I retract this point, but pretty sure they did not.
    And who can forget that “ah-ha” moment BTD had when she figured out that nominating Amanda was the best game move for her – oh wait, that happened after a visit to the diary room/chat with producers. There was no explanation offered by BTD for this change of heart, Amanda wasn’t on her radar at all, it was all about getting her b*tchy-girl-revenge against Aaryn – who sucked as a person, but whose game was better than BTD’s. Her only explanation was something along the lines of, “wouldn’t it be funny if I nominated Amanda?” or something ridiculous like that. BS, BB producers, BS.
    GM was painful to watch; low-class and uneducated to the max. This is why she was cast, of course, so America could enjoy making fun of her.
    Spencer was a good pawn but was terrible at the whole “game” part…
    Andy was the best of the worst. Smart, great at putting on a fake smile and blowing smoke. If he had taken his HOH in the middle of the season and DONE something with it (nominating Helen or Amanda) then I would have been in the guy’s corner. But he did not. At least he had the decency to call himself on being a coward in the jury’s questioning. That softened the blow of his ultimate win a bit.
    Amanda must return. Best game this season along with Helen.

    • rio says:

      Most perceptive comments here. The manipulation this season in favor of Elissa was non-stop. And I couldn’t figure out why. I’m also with you on Amanda and GM. Amanda was the smartest, funniest one there. Elissa seemed to have the IQ of a dustmop–which no one ever used, by the way, and kept bragging about the thimgs she owned. GM was very pretty–until the first time she opened her mouth and brayed. I have no problem with Andy winning, but I’d rather it had been Amanda.
      IIt’s also odd that they got rid of the good-looking men first.

      • amanda didnt win a flipping thing on her own …talk about propping up HOW amazing she won the veto when she needed to…how did that happen…PRODUCTION HAPPENED> and when all the controversy hit the social media they had to cut her loose…she is a joke a sad sad joke. She is a cruel big mouthed moron. with a loud set of vocal chords…All the other sheep were scared of her…where did they find these people …Honestly would anyone on this blog be afraid of her …she had nothing physically she had nothing mentally …all she had was a big mouth…i would have tried to vote her out 2nd or third week …it would have been all i could take of her mouth…

  33. Kate'shomesick says:

    It was the longest season so far? How long was it then…didn’t seem too long to me. I don’t watch it at all but I saw the posts about it…

    Edit: It was only 90 days? Here in Germany they shortest (i think) was 99 days and the longest 365…everything else was mostly 100+ or 200+…

  34. sunshine says:

    hey , I am a 56 year young woman who had implants at age 48 because I wanted them. Not porn boobs, but nice ones,, I’m healthy and in shape and would love to be on one of the seasons… You would never know my boobs are not real and that would not be a topic of conversation. I would play just as well or better than most of the houseguests they had this season…. but would probably even though I am educated and love to joke and laugh,,, I wonder if they would accept me in the house? Been through everything they all have been I would be relatable,, would not be on the MOM squad,,, as I was my childrens mom,, and was always referred to as hey your so and so’s mom,, now I would just play the strong woman I am game….. what do you think?

  35. nine says:

    I hope the cast mates in BB16 aren’t allowed to degrade the person or their families. More fun stuff. Diving in goop for food signs. No more have nots. Bringing in a celebrity or having a contest to see a movie or go off the BB house to a play or concert. Congrats to Julie and hubby on upcoming baby addition

  36. John says:

    Worst season? No, absolutely not. It was outrageously entertaining froim day , I loved every second of it. However, if the question was – was this the worst cast/group of people ever assembled, then then heck yes. These people, mostly, were disgusting displays of humans – and I blame that on CBS casting (and obviously themselves for being awful people.) With that being said, I loved CANDICE!!!

  37. okay says:

    Elissa may not have made racist comments but she did send mental health back to the dark ages and so did GM. People that take medication should not be subjected to prejudice anymore than an ethnic group should. A perfect example of why people with mental health issues don’t seek help – because of the stigma. It looks like bashing them is acceptable since I’ve seen little reaction to them making such derogatory remarks about other houseguests who had to take meds.

  38. CJ says:

    BB Canada was 1,000 times better then BB 15. It was played as a game, competitive, penalties were given when contestants were out of lineand removed from competitions The only controversy was with 4 players remaing they brought back a contestant which was unfair to others. (it was a viewers popularity vote not a competition)  As for the winner Andy, he’ll need the winnings to cover his legal cost, for the slandering comments  he made towards Ellisa  and her son. It was after dark and he stated that she gave him a BJ.  There is game play but this was taking it things to far. As stated previously he was misogynistic, hurtful and rude. As soon as those comments where made he should have been pulled. CBS made a big issue about the racism, but the child pornography, and the misogynistic comments were okay. What real would have given CBS ratings would have been pulling him out. In fact it would real make news if CBS took back the prize money from him and disqualified him. Now that would be news and CBS would save face. It is like testing for dropping, if you break the rules you lose the prize. I’m sure CBS has some rules to this effect.

  39. In the backyard interviews it was obvious that Jeff was to ask one question “Do you regret anything you did this season ?”….Answer obviously written by lawyers …” I might have said somethings and if i offended anyone im sorry. DONE! are you kidding me …the dont remember doing half the things they did …please…

  40. connie says:

    in today’s society where we are trying to get our youth to understand that bulling is not okay we have this seasons Big Brother where the more someone bullied the further they got. I know in the past Big Brother has removed contestants for being physically abusive but this season when they were verbally abusive they did nothing. wow! what does that say to our youth. Big Brother, you better wake up! I think I will stop watching I just can not be part of such things. racial comments, hate full comments! heck if I saw that the person that was trying to sell me a house was A

  41. Sarah Sager says:

    I have watched every show and this one was awful not family oriented;more like porno.made me sick

  42. K.K says:

    I think THIS Season #16 is the WORST EVER!! I stopped watching after the Brittany eviction and I’ve been a loyal BB Fan since the first year. This years group is the Most UNINTERESTING Group EVER!! I’ll try it again next season, but I hope they find a better group of people next year. This season crashed and burned for BB…!