Exclusive Supernatural Video: Dean Goes on a Life-or-Death Head Trip to Rescue Sam

It’s no secret that the Supernatural brothers will do anything for each other. But Dean’s got a really long, super strange trip ahead of him if he wants to save Sam, as you’ll see in the following exclusive trailer for Season 9 (which bows Oct. 8).  

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“You died, Sam,” the elder Winchester says, breaking the big news to his bro. So exactly how are they talking in the Impala? “We’re inside your head.” Whoa.

Dean’s determined to find a way to stop Sammy’s demise — if his broken, “There ain’t no me if there ain’t no you,” doesn’t choke you up, I don’t know what will — but Sam isn’t so sure there’s anything left to fight for.

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Also spotted in the preview: Bobby imparting some wisdom, Abaddon raising hell, Crowley being his usual unhelpful self and Castiel offering aid to an uninterested party.

Press PLAY to watch the sneak peek, then hit the comments with your thoughts.

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  1. rachel says:

    That line from Dean is just sad, sad, sad. I used to love this show and the brothers’ relationship. Now it’s just turned into one big wincest fanfic, complete with emotionally immature teenage girls squealing about all the ‘feels’. Too bad Carver doesn’t care about writing for adult audiences who actually want characters to grow, not regress into pathologic codependency.

  2. Maknatuna says:

    Writers, please! Mother hen Dean, sick Sam, it’s getting really boring. You are holding an ace in your hands that is called developing Dean and Castiel’s relationship and what you do is is give us more codependency and taking Cas away from Winchesters? I do not dislike Sam or any other characters, geez I love even demons, but PLEASE enough of this caretaker Dean. Sam is not a 3 year old baby. Thanks God, Cas and Crowley + Abaddon are in the show or I would fall asleep midway.

    • BigTimeFan says:

      Sam might not be 3 but he was coughing blood and fainting from fever and things, he needed help.

    • maermae says:

      Please be upfront about your motives and own it rather than go on and on about how terrible it is that the brothers are codependent when really you just want excuse for Dean & Cas’ relationship to be explored more. Posts like these are completely see through. I bet (which you will deny) if Dean and Cas had the co-dependent relationship that Dean & Sam do, you would not be complaining about “disturbing co-dependency!”

      Why aren’t you yelling for Sam to become less co-dependent on Dean and explore the Sam-Cas relationship more? That is a relationship that really needs exploring. So much there.

      The relationship (as crazy, tangled up and messed up as it is) between the brothers is the backbone of the show. The writers, producers, creator, actors and crew will tell you that. Taking away the co-dependence between the brothers, takes away a fundamental part of SPN.

      • Maknatuna says:

        So, you like unhealthy relationship between the brothers, that’s what you’re saying, right? I am sorry but I don’t and I am sick of it. Just stating my point which I have a right for.

        • naran says:

          You are seeing it as unhealthy,don’t put that on us.Just because you see it as unhealthy does not mean it is.Just see the comments before your comments .
          It seems it is a “wincest fanfiction”.WOW just wow.So now there is incest in the show because that commenter said that.

  3. Mo says:

    Very excited for S9 – I love this show!

    The fandom (at least the part that comments on seemingly every article) not so much. Seriously, must every comment section devolve into fandom wars between Sam and Dean (and Cas) fans? It’s always “The writers keep ruining my favorite, while that other guy can do no wrong!” *cue teeth gnashing & wailing* And that’s not even counting the shippers.

    • Sara says:

      The writers want this. They think of this as stimulating discourse and discussion. It used to be intelligent and stimulating discourse and discussion and there used to be a lot more of it before the end of S5 when the writing was better and before they started pandering to the tweens and the middle-aged fans with tween mentalities. Holding professional writers to the idea that they should provide us with decent writing, as this show used to do, and holding them to the idea that canon is not something you toss away on a whim and that core characterizations for your main characters should be respected is something that an intelligent fanbase will always do. The bobblehead name came from the segment of fandom who flood the comment section of every article on the show with variations of “This show is great! This show is great! This show is great!” or “Go away haters! Go away Haters!” Go away haters!” or “Oh, the FEELS! Oh, the FEELS! Oh, the FEELS!” And this is who the writers are catering to at the moment, Just go on twitter or tumblr after any episode and you’ll find show producers and writers themselves all waiting for their outpourings of praise no matter what they write. And the sycophants provide it happily. And if some refuse to, they get blocked. And thus the writers can claim they are pleasing the masses. Tumblr and twitter are Godsends to the writers and producers of this show. Their perfect little audience. Any real feedback is still on the boards, there is just a whole lot less of it now because intelligent discourse is being discouraged in favor of what you’re getting both here now and all over tumblr and twitter. The fandom has changed immensely since the early days when the show was written for a more adult audience. Now, thanks to the writers pandering to predominantly either wincest and destiel, depending on their mood, Supernatural has become one of “those” CW shows that get snickered at by anyone who knows good television and good writing and storytelling. And can you guess what the present masses answer to this post would be? let me supply it-“We don’t care what you say. This show is great! This show is great! This show is great!…”

      • Kit says:

        Oh the worst thing is to realize how little you matter in the world. Don’t worry Sara maybe the writers will see the light and you will lead them into a new dawn a new and better SPN. If only they knew you existed. Someone has very inflated sense of importance. While I amused by the bobble head analogy what should we call a grown adult with so much time on her hands that she spends it making the same negative point over and over again – how about irrelevant.

        • Sara says:

          I’m glad I amused you with my analogy, kit. And it’s always been my belief that nothing and no one is irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. There’s a little positive tidbit for you today..

          • sam for the win says:

            Yes, please, if the writers are smart, they should get intelligent discourse from Sara and pander to her and the Sam haters instead.

        • Dmac says:

          Ah, but you see we are not shippers like Sara and as we don’t watch each episode over and over again with a Dean Sam score card to make sure Sam didn’t get one more line or a better arc in the episode. There are some of us who watch it for both brother’s codependency and all, who realize no it isn’t healthy but neither is fighting demons so whatever helps them make it through an episode… We also don’t judge an entire season by one small clip, nor do we make sweeping statements that Sara thinks make her sound intelligent but in reality does just the opposite. Most writers have the storyboards written before the first show airs, they may tweak it a bit but that is about it. They don’t cater to fandoms because though they may be vocal on blogs it hasn’t now nor has it ever translated into viewers. It is a small group of obsessed fans who have nothing and I nothing better to do than write on blogs under several different names hoping against hope that the writers will listen to them. News Flash, they won’t.

  4. Chuck says:


  5. Lauren says:

    YESSSSSSS.I love what I’ve seen so far for this season. I’m looking forward to the return of Death and I am so excited for whats in store for Cas and most of all the brothers.

    I cant believe people are complaining about this being the Sam and Dean show or about their relationship. Thats what this show has always been about. If you where hoping it would become the Cas show or the Destiel show this season, sorry…not really.

  6. CC says:

    Dean’s hair looks awesome, at least. And hell yes! Angel stuff! I want to see it on-screen this year instead of ‘Season Six: That Time We Heard About That Civil War in Heaven.’ I hope Cas gets a win this year, he’s due for some happiness.

  7. CasGirl says:

    Very excited to see Death again. I hope that the Dean risks his life to save Sam story has more of a twist to it to make it more interesting! I can’t wait to see Sam back on his feet and healthy, even though Jared does a great job with playing sick Sam (Seriously all the actors are so dang talented!) And I really hope that Dean someday can learn just how wonderful he is and that he’s valuable. I just hate that he never sees himself the way Sam and the way us fans do. I also really hope that Cas will be back with Dean and Sam soon. I love Cas lots but I’m not thrilled about seeing him away from the Winchesters for extended periods of time, nor trying to risk his life again to help his family (who are mostly a bunch of d**ks that don’t appreciate him). I’d like to see him with who I consider his real family, the Winchester brothers. Cause he is family and they need him and Dean needs him.

  8. Mrs. Peele says:

    boy, it’s hard to believe some of the comments the ‘fans’ have posted here. why the hell are watching the show? i personally enjoy it. some parts may not be the best, but the story is about the brothers and their love/conflict with each other as much as the ent re plot of all the seasons. i feel like i cannot believe we are all watching the same show. i anticipate another great season. and all of you who are tired’ of the same old thing – please stop watching and spare us your comments. no supernatural haters here.

  9. One says:


    Sam and Dean are the best and bro moments make this show awesome <3 Cannot wait!

  10. Maitreyee says:

    Phew ! Well , I expected something better n new in this season , but looks like we are not going to get it . Bad luck !
    I hope they give some good screen-space to Castiel this season , unlike the ( not so likable ) last season .
    N it is really funny that people actually thinks that if Castiel comes back into the bothers’ life or start bonding with Dean , it’ll distance Sam from Dean .
    I think it’d be just the opposite . We’ve seen before that Cas has brought the warring brothers closer in season 6 .
    N everyone know pretty well by now that Sam does not love ( never loved ) Dean half as much as Dean loves his younger bro . By now , we should learn to deal with this I guess . Personally I love both Dean N Sam to a fault n of course probably love Castiel even more than them .
    So what ever crap they produce in the story line I’m ok with it .

    • Donna says:

      “N everyone know pretty well by now that Sam does not love ( never loved ) Dean half as much as Dean loves his younger bro”
      Umm, no? That’s just what you want to believe but okay.

  11. Jennifer says:

    OK.Well heres a cool story i just thought up… & would most likely cause the 2 bros to perhaps part ways for life. (well, for the most part atleast…lol). Since Dean has been a vamp b4 he could go back 2 their nest & get bit. However, Sam’s no doubt got a past w/ the Lycans…he just needs The Bite. Allow ur imaginations to take over from here folks!! :-)

  12. Donna says:

    The amount of complaining in the comments here is ridiculous! So everyone just figured out the whole story of the season from the first episode? Wow, you guys are geniuses.

    I love the preview and can’t wait to see what happens to the Winchesters and Cas!

  13. Maitreyee says:

    Umm…yes ! But I’m not complaining , see ? I’m ok with that :-) I think it was always supposed to be like that .

  14. Alex says:

    It’s gonna be AWESOME season!I’m so excited!Cant wait!!!

  15. naran says:

    Absolutely loved the promo.Abbaddon is back.Loved the actress and the character.Why are there so many days before the season premiere.So unfair.

  16. iris says:

    Esta es la razón porque veo supernatural, es lamentable que muchas personas le fastidia estas escenas, pero no se dan cuenta lo importante que tiene este momento, un joven que cuida a su hermano pequeño, no se dan cuenta que esto es amor, Dean me hizo enamorarme de spn………

  17. asdfghjkl says:

    Season 9 looks so amazing.
    People should stop complaining about it getting old, I’ve been watching for years and i’m not sick of it and never will be!

  18. Lisa Ray says:

    Boo! :( no tahmoh penikett in that trailer. I wanna see him! I’m so excited that he will be on this show! Yay!

  19. I love Supernatural so much I will always love it and this teaser is fantastic and makes it hard to wait which is the purpose

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