Post Mortem: Suits Boss on Harvey's Emotional Declaration, Louis' Surprise Discovery and More

Suits Season 3 SpoilersWARNING: The following contains spoilers for Tuesday’s midseason finale of Suits. If you have yet to watch, avert your eyes now. Everyone else, you may proceed…

Trouble continued to follow Mike on Tuesday’s Suits, as Louis discovered that the young associate did not have a file at Harvard. But is he really onto Mike’s secret?

Meanwhile, Rachel made a deal with Jessica, but was she playing from her heart or her brain? And holy crap, did Harvey actually get real and confessional with Scottie?

TVLine went to executive producer Aaron Korsh for answers to those questions and much more.

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TVLINE | Louis stumbled onto something pretty big there in the end. How much does he really know? Is he going to find out the truth?
I’ll say the totality of what Louis knows is that Mike doesn’t have a file there and that Sheila is super competent and likely would not lose a file. But also what Louis knows is that Sheila told him not to look in those files, and if he tells her that he looked in those files, she’s going to go ballistic. So Louis is in a little bit of a quandary, a conundrum. Also, as we’ve seen, Louis can spin out of control over the least little bit of something, so the fact that Mike’s file is not there is going to bore a hole in Louis’ crazy mind. I wouldn’t call it necessarily a cliffhanger, but we will definitely pursue that as Louis pursues what is going on with Mike. And it will have ramifications on many different people.

TVLINE | We didn’t actually see Jessica or Rachel agree to anything. Was that on purpose or are we to assume that Jessica said, “OK, I’ll make this exception,” and Rachel signed that affidavit?
Sometimes I think we’ve made things clear, and then it turns out we haven’t. And sometimes I think we’ve made them unclear, and it turns out we were clearer than I thought. … But the scene where Rachel comes in and tells Mike she’s staying, that’s meant to be the [definitive] answer to that – yes, Jessica did agree and Rachel did sign the agreement.

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TVLINE | What’s driving Rachel’s decision: Her desire to be a lawyer at the firm even though she didn’t go to Harvard or to stay with Mike?  
That’s a great question. That’s something I wish we were more clear on.  I think she would have chosen to stay at Columbia and stay with Mike no matter what. But it’s possible that she might have chosen Stanford had Jessica not stuck her finger in. But when someone says to you, “I’m forcing you to break up with your boyfriend,” or, “I’m forcing you to go to Stanford,” it really made Rachel realize, “Oh, my God. I love Mike. I don’t want to go to Stanford. I don’t care. I want to say here. I want to be with Mike.” Rachel’s decision is completely being driven by her feelings towards Mike. She used it all to get it all. She’s turning the challenge that Jessica’s thrown her way into an opportunity, and it shows Rachel’s growth as a lawyer. Jessica seeing that Rachel was smart enough to do that, she’s impressed by it. She’s like, “Yeah, I’ll waive the rule for you.”

Suits Season 3 SpoilersTVLINE | And how open is Rachel going to be with Mike about this agreement that she made with Jessica?
I don’t even think we cover it. We just assume, of course, she’s done that. We didn’t write a scene where she tells Mike that. I just assume they’re in love, that she shared that with him.

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TVLINE | The other big growth moment was Harvey telling Scottie he wants her in his life. What does that mean for him as a character going forward?
You think that was a big growth moment? No. I’m just kidding. [Laughs] Huge. … It has a huge impact on Scottie, and he’s offered her a job at the firm because he wants them to be in each other’s lives. But the small wrinkle is that Harvey didn’t necessarily run it by Jessica when he offered Scottie the job. So that’s going to be picked up in the new season. It’s not going to cause a major conflict because we felt like we’ve seen enough major conflict between Harvey and Jessica. But what it will do is prompt the opportunity for Harvey and Jessica to figure out how are they going to run this firm together. When they disagree on something, how are they going to work it out? That’s going to be the story of [Episode] 311, and I don’t want to say what the resolution of that is going to be, but it will have an impact on what their power structure is moving forward. And Harvey, regardless of the outcome of whether Scottie’s going to be at the firm or not, has declared he wants her in his life, so either way he’s going to pursue a relationship with her.

TVLINE | We haven’t seen Harvey in a serious romantic relationship so far, so what kind of new sides of him are we going to see?
We’re going to see Harvey navigating, probably for the first time in his life, what it means to be in a relationship, and he’s going to make some mistakes, and he’s going to have to learn from them. At the same time, he’s going to have to deal with his professional life while being in this situation. It’s going to have an opportunity for conflict, growth and tenderness, I would say.

TVLINE | You did a season-long, one-client case this season. Is that going to continue? Is Ava and Darby going to spill over into the back half of the season?
The Ava/Darby situation is finished in the back half of the season. The ramifications of it are Harvey asking Scottie to join the firm. That’s the thread that continues from that situation. As far as the legal casework of the last six, it’s not one case that they’re going to pursue for the last six. There will be a little bit more stand-alone stuff from the case perspective. As far as Season 4 goes, we have yet to determine what that will be. But in my mind, the serialization, to some degree, will continue, but not from a case perspective in the last six.

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  1. Michael says:

    The winter season or to a certain point the season finale should at the very least have Louis finding out that Mike never went to harvard law school because Louis is such an incredible idiot.

    • Ryan Harris says:

      I have predicted the story as it happened 90% of the time. IMO, he’ll most likely get his name on the door, causing some internal dispute. You also remember the girl who knew everyone at Harvard a few seasons back? She didn’t get employed in the end as Louis’s associate..? Don’t forget about her, I reckon she’ll be brought in soon as a rival and knowing Mike is also a fraud be it for the firm, or competitions. PS Mike will sleep with Katrina soon, something will happen where the situation arises that he’ll sleep with her. Love this show, best program on TV by far. So interesting and the characters are in depth and very deep. You just got Litt up.

  2. Sparky says:

    Well the synopsis for episode 311 was already released so we know that Scottie does join the firm and signs Michael Phelps as a client. Am excited to FINALLY see Harvey in a relationship (obviously in the loosest form of that word – it is Harvey after all). One question that I’d love Aaron to answer at this point – everyone pretty much knows Mike’s not really a secret anymore can we resolve this storyline and just move past it at this point?

  3. Sharie says:

    Vlada love ya but nary a question on Harvey/Donna? Umm that’s who Harvey should be pursuing!

    • Vlada Gelman says:

      Stay tuned.

    • Dmac says:

      Not Donna…they are friends and trusted confidants and need to stay that way.

      • Alex says:

        I found Harvey and Scottie’s relationship absolutely bizarre and contradictory to his character: the man who doesn’t talk to his mother because the woman cheated on his father is now in a relationship with a woman who cheated: really? Completely out of character (or maybe he was high) Also, where did it come from? Harvey and Scottie have the unhealthiest of all relationships. Hopefully, I’ll get to see good drama (not soap opera-ish) coming from it…though at this point I’m keeping my expectations low. This entire season felt like a soap opera.

        I have to agree with people pointing out that Donna is better woman for Harvey; seriously what
        better than having someone his side for 10+ years; anticipating his needs before he can even think about them. A relationship is build on trust; and these two share a deep level of trust… I’m sure Harvey doesn’t shares w/any other woman. The way they supressed their feelings years ago thinking ‘the feelings would go away’ is quite interesting.

        • BettyBoo says:

          Exactly, it makes more sense. I don’t get Scottie either. He went against his morals and I get that Harvey had to open up and show his emotional side for character development but it was with the wrong person. Even if they had brought the other woman back..sorry forgot her name…Gabriels wife character, that would have been way better than Scotty. They can have Harvey and Donna together and still have the same dynamic as always. It just has to be done right.

        • Ryan Harris says:

          Remember, he was in a relationship with her at Harvard. First love and all that. She ain’t just “any” girl. Do get where you’re coming from though.

          • neha says:

            I don’t think that they were ever in a relationship, just two competitors who had sex with each other.

          • BettyBoo says:

            ah ya. you are right but we didn’t see it. That is the problem. I don’t have any investment in her at all.

        • so112 says:

          i actually hate the character of scottie! i just don’t think she’s a good person and harvey being with her makes no sense because of his values so wtf?? hope she gets harvey used to relationships so that he can be with the real woman he belongs with : DONNA

      • BettyBoo says:

        Couldn’t disagree more. Those two are perfect for each other. ” all the best relationships start out as friendships”

    • BettyBoo says:

      Absolutely !!!!

  4. Alichat says:

    Gotta say I’d have preferred that Mike’s secret not spill over to Louis yet. We’ve already thrown it around every season. Integrating Rachel was this season. Can’t we just leave it for a little while before mixing someone else into the soup?

  5. Jordan says:

    Seriously? scottie?? Donna is ten times better than her, and makes much more sense being with Harvey than Scottie does. Harvey and Donna are an OTP, Scottie is just Harvey’s fling.

    • Eric says:

      The fact that you would even suggest that Harvey and Donna get together shows you don’t know their relationship at all. I think it is smart that the writers have chosen not to do that and I hope they don’t. They don’t belong together as a couple. That is not the kind of relationship they have.

      • Jesp. E says:

        Donnas life basically revolves around Harvey, if it were to stay that way while Harvey lives his life it would just be sad. With this season it has been quite obvious that they’re leading up to something there and between a professional break-up (which Harvey couldn’t deal with) or a romance I’d take the latter.

        • BettyBoo says:

          I actually thought when Donna was talking to Stephen and he told her that that is what lawyers do, they get their hands dirty, that she was going to leave. So maybe she does. I don’t see where they are going with Donna. I doubt she will trust again for a while so what is going to happen to her from now on.Hopefully they will get together. She really didn’t get enough screen time in the midfinale

      • so112 says:

        haha i think you don’t understand harvey and donna at all. every hint on every season the writers have given us suggest that they did have something and that they still have. but they are scared to try! harvey is the only man donna i scared to love and she has said it before. especially now after stephen! it’a all about the details and little hints with them and the fact that you haven’t noticed that means you don’t know them! its called good writing what the writers are doing

    • Dmac says:

      I hope not, I am so sick of writers putting the main characters together romantically when they clearly work better as friends. The show starts getting insane shippers who meld their names together and declare they will wont watch the show amymore if they don’t get them together it or analysis every glance or their dialog **shudder** Lets just leave this show alone and not mess with the chemistry of the main group.

      • Darlene says:

        I agree! I love Harvey and Donna’s relationship. They’ve been so cool together since the first episode when Donna’s got Harvey’s back during the intern interviews. So great to see them working as partners who totally get each other – but are not in a romantic relationship. That this show can navigate those waters so expertly without the OTP silliness is one of the things I enjoy about Suits.
        Here’s hoping the show simply ignores any fan desires for Darvey. Shudder the thought!

  6. steve says:

    We are 10 episodes in now & no mention/distrust from rachel towards mike’s lack of law degree & not going to harvard aaron pre season said it was going to be like a marriage where if someone had cheated they would never fully be able to trust them. Where is that aspect to it???

    Also i no he is an important part of show so cant do anything serious with him but whenever
    someone finds out mike’s secret he seems to get everything he wants. Whats the point in having a secret if there is no consequences to people finding it out??

    Whats going to happen when Louis finds out is Louis going to hand him over the undergrades to him & let him mentor them.

    • A.B. says:

      It would be crappy writing if they just make Louis ok with Mike not graduating from Harvard or that he’s not a lawyer. With the way Louis has been written he seems like he would be pissed and the only way I see Jessica keeping him from putting it all out in the open would be to either putting his name on the door or threatening him to keep quite. Katrina would be the one to watch out for.

  7. Cindy says:

    Am I the only one who can’t stand Mike and Rachel together? I’m also not too impressed with this season, way too many cop outs.

    • steve says:

      Nope not only one & agree i used to love suits but starting to feel like its going stale

    • Eric says:

      I like them together, but the writers are ruining it. If they are going to be together, then make them be together. Every episode they throw something in to screw up their relationship and then it gets resolved. Relationships have bumps in the road and they are never smooth sailing, but all of this back and forth with them is driving me nuts. You can put drama in their relationship, but it doesn’t need to be every episode. Have them be a happy couple for a little while and then throw something in there. Stop with the back and forth. Hopefully they stick together as a happy couple for a little bit. Not interested in seeing anymore of the Rachel/Mike shenanigans every single episode that is left in this season.

    • abz says:

      I agree and its more so because I just really don’t seem to like the Rachel character. She’s annoying, whiny, snobby and so full of herself and the writers seem to just be working overtime at creating constant drama in their relationship. Tired of the same usual episodes between them: drama at the beginning and everything resolved at the end of the episode. It’s getting old.

  8. Tanya K. says:

    Not here for Harvey / Scottie romance, so tiresome. Actually, Suits became tiresome in a whole. Probably should skip the rest of the season and read recaps instead. To see if Harvey / Donna ever gonna happen.

    • Dmac says:

      No, no, no They are never going to happen, they are friends, trusted co-workers because they don’t work as a couple. If you are only watching it to ship Harvey and Donna than clearly you have missed the best parts of this show. Not every show needs the main characters in a romantic relationship to make it interesting, or God forbid their viewers to call them a stupid nickname. It changes the dynamic of the show and viewers become obsessed with their chemistry blah, blah, blah.

      • Viviane says:

        Excuse me, I won’t say you’re wrong but… how do you know they are never going to happen? What I see here is two people fiercely protective of each other, loyal and who can’t stand being apart from each other lives. They’re not a couple because they never tried to be a couple. They had sex once and then Donna demanded forget about it in order to work with Harvey. He’s not a relationships man and clearly at the time he prefered having her in his life than in his bed. But feelings grow every day. How do we know they’re feeling the same and no more? Donna wouldn’t say it, because she knows Harvey fears commintment. And Harvey wouldn’t say it because Donna cut him off in the first place. I’m just thinking aloud, maybe they stay in the biggest friendship ever seen. But I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t.

    • BetsyDB says:

      I’m completely tired about the Scottie/Harvey relationship. It’s never going to work: a)she’s a cheater b)the man has supressed feelings for Donna and same with Donna). Donna is a better woman for Harvey than Scottie. the latest is a baggage of trouble.

  9. Anasazi says:

    Suits used to be so sharply written. Not anymore. Reading Aaron Korsh saying things like he just “assumed” Rachel told Mike and his comments about how clear/unclear the writing is, says it all. I don’t need everything spelled out and sometime ambiguity can be a good thing for the story but at least have some coherence and consistency to the writing and the characters. Now it’s clear they KNOW how sloppy some of the writing is but they’ll carry on regardless. Too bad for them because the end result is Suits slipping off my must-see tv list and suspect for others as well.

    • BettyBoo says:

      I prefer they don’t spell everything out for us. We aren’t dumb. We all knew that her going to Jessica worked out well because she wouldn’t have said she was staying otherwise AND it’s going to be obvious that Rachel told Mike when we get back because they will refer to it. We don’t need to see everything on TV to get the point. I hate those shows that do that when they don’t need to point everything out

  10. HAP says:

    I never miss the show. Love all the characters. Would like to see more time given to Sarah Rafferty, as she is a terrific actress. Doesn’t necessarily have to involve a relationship with Harvey.

    That said, I continually chuckle when I see Rachel Zane, paralegal, occupying a huge office with a view and her name on the door. It does not happen in the real world.

  11. Mary says:

    OK Scotty and Harvey no sense! Harvey Donna hella lot of sense! They shouldn’t have gone there at all if they aren’t going to go there. So my guess is they will eventually. I do want to see more build up though. More of the relationship they have and their friendship!

  12. Sparky says:

    The writing was very sloppy this season and I love Suits. But prosecuting a non US citizen for a crime that wasn’t committed in this country made no sense to me. Correct me if I’m wrong on this but Stephen Huntley again non US pleading the fifth on the stand – is that even accurate either. There were a lot more but I was disappointed by the writing this season. Hopefully the back 6 episodes Aaron can redeem himself and the shows ratings.

  13. abz says:

    I liked the start of the season, but clearly this case serialization thing doesn’t work for this show. They just dragged it out on and on for 10 episodes. It would’ve been better if they had let it die down and then have it resurface to allow some more genuine interactions between the characters but they didn’t. It was constantly Eva Hessington this, Darby that, etc.
    Also, all of the dialogue seems to be recycled and everything Harvey says or does is almost like a rehash of previous seasons. No real character growth this season IMO aside from this Scottie thing now which isn’t really an all that great pairing to begin with (I prefer Harvey/Donna more and seriously would like to finally know what the can opener thing is all about.)
    Plus, they’re starting to completely ruin Louis for me. He used to be this lovable character that you sometimes didn’t like but understood who he was. He was like a puppy who just wanted to be loved. This season was just awful with fighting over granola bars or whatever with that Brit guy, to a ridiculous cat custody trial. It was all so silly and poorly written.
    Hope this show can get better in 3B!

  14. Andreea says:

    Love doesn’t always make sense, but against all odds, sometimes it happens, even if there is no logical reason. So yes, if we put on a list the things that are logic in a Harvey/Scottie relationship and the things that are not, probably the second column would be longer. But then again, I think that’s what makes them so interesting, the fact that after all these years and after all the bad things they did to one another, they’re still rooting for each other. And I think it will be interesting to watch how they will both struggle to make it work.

  15. MED says:

    It was the best season ever, love the Mike and Rachel, and i think Harvey needs Scottie because he needs to forget her mother, and be free to love woman, not only use them, and for me its the only reason they are in a relationship, but i think is not for long.

  16. BettyBoo says:

    There really isn’t enough spoilers on suits!

  17. Karmy30 says:

    I’m so sick of Mike/Rachel’s love stuff…and now Harvey and Scottie??? Seriously??? Harvey is like the James Bond of lawyers, he can have all the girls he want but never a serious relationship!!!…especially with Scotty. After all the s..t whe know she did to Harvey we had to believe that everything he did was…because he was in love with him??? I don’t like neither the actress nor the character, I think there is no chemistry between Harvey and her, she was fine as a friend with benefits and as a recurrent character, but if the writers planned a love affair to Harvey, in my opinion, they could have kept Zoe Lawford,..I think Gabriel and Jacinda have a huge chemistry working together. But what I’d really like to see is Harvey & Mike working and having fun together as they used to do on season one…Where is Mike’s eidetic memory and when the writers will give to Mike a real law degree as a gift? He doesn’t need go to school, he can just take the exams…I’m sure Jessica as a renowned lawyer has powerful contacts and all the degree stuff could be done without anyone knowing, but at this rate, I think all the firm will know it at the end of this season ;>)). Ummm…I forgot Donna…by the way…where is she? She’s just been the British Harvey’s lover…and for once we see she has a life beyond the firm and Harvey…she’s involved with a murderer!…and Louis is still the most funny character of the show in the middle of tones of drama, but I think the mock trial for the custody of Mikado was too much, especially when the entire firm was working on The Big Ava Hessintong’s Case -I hope is true that the case is closed!-.The only thing that intrigues me is to know how Louis will react with the information he has now about Mike…At the begging, he might be angry and furious with Mike and Harvey and even more if he learns that Jessica already knew, anyway, I think he really likes Mike and cares, I hope he helps him eventually. Somebody told above that this season was like a soap opera…I’m starting to think the same LOL

    • fad says:

      I also think mike should get a real law degree. I mean why not, he’s smart enough and he actually did pass the harward exam in the past.
      you mentioned jessica pulling the strings to let him take the exam but what if actually louis was the one pulling the strings? now that he’s in a relationship with sheila – the one responsible in harward – wouldn’t she be able to find a way to have mike graduate? I’m pretty sure sheila, louis and mike working something out should be possible since they’d have the contacts (sheila) the wit (lous) and the brains (mike) to pull it off.
      and quite honestly I want to see more mike/louis interaction. when louis sincerely tried to get mike as his associate only for harvey to come in between in the last second it was heartbreaking. louis standing there all glowing eyes and with a cake, you could see his heart breaking. that wasn’t nice from mike and harvey – they can be really dicks at times.
      I have great expectations for the second part of season 3 but I this “mike is a fraud and nobody can know” storyline with everyone finding out anyway gets a bit tiresome.

      • Mike is already listed in Harvard’s student database as a law graduate. The Robin of Loxley (Robin Hood) thief who was stealing from her father during the first season hacked into Harvard’s database and created an electronic file for him.

        To uncover the secret, Louis must sift through a lot of information:

        1) The Harvard trivia game in which Mike “forgot” about Pinocchio’s Pizza;

        2) The polygraph test at which Mike hesitated to answer the question “where did you attend law school?” before craftily answering that he was “proud to say that he ‘has a diploma’. Of course, Mike really does have a diploma from Harvard Law and is listed as an honors graduate in Harvard Law’s database, but he did not actually earn it!;

        3) The sudden order to rescind the offer to the Harvard Law grad (the female Mike Ross) in favor of Katrina, and finally;

        4) The missing hard file on Mike.

        Even then, Louis is likely to chalk it all up to “coincidence”.

        The missing file proves only that Mike’s file is missing. Once Louis does a background check he will discover that Mike is really listed as a graduate. He is also likely to find what Jessica didn’t: another manufactured file at Mike’s undergraduate institution (the one from which he was expelled months before he was to transfer to Harvard as an undergrad) showing that he is a graduate.

        The last frontier will be the state bar itself. Here’s where being a real world law student comes in handy. We know that New York is one of a handful of states that actually allows people to sit for the bar without actually having a law degree of any kind. You must apprentice under a licensed attorney for a period of time and complete certain reading and performance requirements. Then you are allowed to sit for the bar.

        My guess is that Mike’s real world law experience under Harvey and Co. far exceeds the NY bar requirements! And, as Mike stated in his impromptu interview with Harvey, he actually passed the NY bar to win a bet with a “d*ckhead who said he couldn’t do it…presumably Trevor.

        Whether or not Louis actually figures things out, he is not going to blow things up. But Katrina or Daniel Hardman will! My guess is that Katrina is the next person to figure things out, and blackmails Mike into having an affair with her and assisting her with all of her cases so that she can rise through the ranks.

        Once Daniel Hardman finds out, that’s when things are going to go crazy. His daughter probably hates him for cheating on her mother. Louis threatened to kill him (on an elevator), do you think Daniel Hardman didn’t record that threat with a Dictaphone?

        Mike ‘s life could be ruined by him if he knows the secret, as can Jessica’s, Harveys, Donna’s, Louis’s, and even Rachael’s…maybe even Robert Zane’s. They would all have a motive to kill Hardman if he learned of Mike’s secret, because he could ruin all of them.

        By season 6 or so this could turn into a great whodunit!

        And if you cant see that all of this is headed for a “Who shot JR?” style culmination in Daniel Hardman’s death, you are all missing the point of the secret.

        Louis will keep Mike’s secret – if he ever learns of it – but Daniel Hardman is another story! All of this is eventually going to come back around to him.

  18. Mary says:

    Don’t care for Scottie as a love interest for Harvey. No Chemistry. Take her out please.
    And I am curious why Mike can’t get a law degree? Or take the bar exam?
    We want more Donna. Love her.
    Harvey needs to stay Harvey till a real woman comes along. Someone that Harvey will want to chase and not the poor pitiful “I am in love with you” Scottie…. Can I puke now?
    Mike and Rachel, fine they are together with please enough of the mushy crap.
    Love Luis…
    Give Harvey his balls back please….

  19. Scott says:

    I did not care much for this season’s storyline. Steven Hundly storyline, even though it at least got Donna some well deserved screen time was just stupid. The cat custody was stupid. And I agree with most posters here that Scottie is wrong for Harvey in so many levels. Like the Luis/Katrina team. But Luis loosing his mind over the cat letters, please….
    Enough love crap with Mike and Rachel. And Jessica is starting to bore me.
    If Harvey gets mushy, I am done with this show.

  20. Awdrey says:

    Take it easy guys. It is just a show, no reason to complaim so much. I don’t agree or like with a lot of things at the show nether. But it is the creator decision on what to do. If you don’ t like it so much, don’t what it. But if you dislike and still want to suffer whating, it’s your decision. Just don’t anoy everybody arowd becase it.