Siberia Finale Recap: Nyet Worth

Siberia Finale RecapLet’s be honest: For those of us who stuck with Siberia — NBC’s scripted series about a Survivor-esque competition gone horribly wrong — to the 11th and final episode, expectations were barely perceptible.

I mean, the show’s scripts seemed like they’d been written on damp cocktail napkins. Various cast members (the Evenki translator in particular) seemed like they’d been selected based on their ability to work for nothing more than a bagel and a cup of coffee. And heading into the final hour, we still didn’t have any real answers about whether the weird roaring noises, flashing green lights and numerous contestant injuries/deaths were caused by inbred mountain freaks, aliens, nuclear bears, angry woodland spirits or, perhaps, a hoax on the part of the game-show producers.

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Even so, the Season 1 series finale was a jarring disappointment, with too many loose ends, not enough genuine thrills, and a final scene that should be streaming in perpetuity at So with that in mind, I’m going to keep this final Siberia recap to a lean, mean 10 bullet points, then turn it over to you to continue with the ranting and the asking of burning questions. Without further ado…

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* Just as the Evenki “prisoners” arrive at the Russian science lab to reuinite with Johnny, Joyce, Daniel and Sam, danger-prone Irene is all, “Um, guys, I think I stepped on a land mine.” And Daniel — ignoring the opinion of Israeli army vet Sabina — is all, “I’m pretty sure it’s a dud, so step off, girl! I promise you’ll be fine!” And Irene steps off and there’s no explosion. UGH. Way to miss an opportunity for some nifty gore, producers!

* Sam tells the reunited gang about his near-death experience, and how he dreamed he saw Natalie at the fishing river. Everyone is all, “Natalie died, yo!” and Annie runs into the other room with a case of the sads. And even though Annie only had a one-week crush on Natalie, Sam compares her loss to his experience of losing his wife.

* An army truck of military types arrives, and while the contestants greet them as rescuers, it soon becomes clear these ominous Russian dudes are here to execute them. (My favorite moment of randomness: Esther arriving late on the scene because she’d been in the loo.) Joyce gets brave and gets tied to a truck for her troubles; the land mines begin to spontaneously explode; and in the confusion, Johnny and Daniel (who’d been out back working) free Joyce, team up with the others, and drive away in the truck. Except for Annie, who gets shot when — taking a page from the audience — everyone temporarily forgets she exists.

* Annie crosses the Rainbow Bridge.

* The truck gets stuck in a snowbank, and everyone pushes while Esther hits the gas pedal. And then, in the only moment of genuine intentional hilarity from Siberia‘s limited life, Esther keeps on driving, while her comrades react with a mixture of shock, rage, confusion and disbelief. Miljan reveals that somehow, Esther had been concealing a giant sack containing $500,000 for the last several days. “The game might be over, but she won it anyway.”

* The remaining contestants — Johnny, Joyce, Sam, Daniel, Sabina (my personal fave), Neeko, Miljan, and Irene — walk to a clearly deserted town and ask questions like, “Why are all the lights off?” and “Where is everyone?” Sam finds Esther’s truck (sans Esther and sans money), and then everyone decides to camp out in the one apartment in town that has its lights on, its fridge stocked, but no one at home.

* Johnny cooks dinner and makes goo-goo eyes at Joyce. Neeko takes a nap. Sabina strings together some beads. Miljan steals a gun from the closet.

* “It’s like nothing’s real,” says Irene. “The way I feel about you is real,” replies Daniel. And then they kiss. [Insert nausea emoticon here.]

* Joyce locates a video from the day she and Johnny went missing. The group plays back the footage, and we see a glimpse of a werewolf-looking ghoulie descending on Johnny and Jocye and Joyce’s exposed midriff, and then a flash of the green lights in the sky (which have a decidedly alien appearance).

* The soldier types show up at the apartment, and as the contestants brace for impact, the game-show host from the pilot pops his head inside: “You’re not supposed to be here,” he cries.

The end.

Yep, that’s the end. I cahhhhhn’t. And since I cahhhhn’t, I’ll turn it over to you. What did you think of the Siberia finale? What do you think was the cause of all the foolery and danger? (My theory is nuclear aliens.) If there was a Season 2, would you be insane enough to watch it? Take our poll below, then expand on your thoughts in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. siberia fan says:

    I loved Siberia, but it was stupid how they left us hanging! i understand if they need us not to know the end for Season 2 but i mean come on!!!!! What if season 2 ends like that!

  2. Bummer says:

    If NBC wants to keep viewers they should at least give us a final episode to wrap it up! How dare they make us best so much for nada? Really irritated right now since I didn’t even realize that was the finale! Arggggghhhh!

    • Terri says:

      Same here and that was a very dirty of NBC to end the series with all those unanswered questions knowing it wasn’t going to be renewed. Why didn’t they cut it off sooner if
      that was their plan instead of letting everyone get invested and then letting us all down wondering what happens. WTF NBC

  3. bt says:

    I don’t know about you but the questions were answered, the goul werewolf things are the valleymen or the natives to that land other than the tribe of people the people at base camp ran into… the valleymen were coming across the mines (hencethe explosions and the soldiers shooting), and i followed this series like a hawk.. i hope theres a season 2… if theres not i’ll be very disappointed

  4. Michelle says:

    I want more! MORE Please!!! How does it end? I want to see how everyone makes it back home! Why did they show the host guy Buckely?

  5. Lenny (a would-be writer) says:

    A cursory explanation, Finale
    1. The reality show was simply a pretext for placing the participants in harm’s way. Evidence:
    a. The escape/quit button was never hooked up. Natalie is found dead.
    b. The lab contains several horn blowing goody boxes labeled used by past participants.
    c. The host shows up simultaneously with the soldiers, yet he is not killed nor captured.
    d. The host exclaims, “You shouldn’t be here.” Obviously, he expected them to end up as dead as the previous contestant/victims.
    2. A giant meteor, comet or space craft crashed into Earth, creating the black, barren area.
    3. Somehow, the elements/radiation brought about from #2 caused the genetic mutations.
    a. The Valley Men and the vicious tiger killing wolf-like animal are the resulting mutants.
    b. Both the Valley Men and the tiger-killer have become gigantic in size and develop certain odd characteristics such as the oddly shaped foot or the Valley Men. These type of mutations have occurred at Chernobyl. (They have also been caused by inbreeding, drug side effects, and other causes.)
    c. At the lab there are examples of other mutant animals.
    4. Esther is probably another foil like Joyce (except privy to information that Joyce does not have).
    a.Time and again Esther does things that greatly upset the participant, culminating in her truck heist.
    b. Esther, like the “producer” and the hit men have little regard for the lives and well-being of the others.
    c. Moreover, we discover the truck parked in the abandoned town. There is no sign of struggle, and Esther’s bag is gone. A large diesel truck pulling into town would not go unnoticed. She should have been killed or captured immediately.
    5. The fire in the sky may be a residual phenomenon from the meteor crash. Perhaps this is what caused Joyce and Johnny to become disoriented. It may also have had an effect of the wolf-beast in that it spared their lives.
    6. The hit squad was a fail safe. Their job was to execute survivors, to tie up loose ends. They probably executed the lab technicians for the same reason.
    a. The goody boxes found at the lab were all the result of past experiments.
    b. The lab was cut off from the internet. the lab gathered data, but it could not share the data.
    c. It stands to reason that the lab was gathering samples and data for the host and whoever he works for. Once sufficient data was collected, The technicians were not only expendable, they were dangerous in that they could communicate their findings to the world.
    I haven’t resolved everything, but this should help answer some questions.

    • John says:

      Damn. Good work, Lenny. Seriously. Sure as hell that none of this was actually made clear in the script and execution thereof. Still feel colossally ripped off by the whole viewing experience. This COULD have been pretty special.

  6. sasilik says:

    Siberia wasn’t interesting and I really don’t care if it gets second season or not. I “watched” it. That means I spent maybe 10-15 minutes per episode and skipped most of the episode just to get the main things that happened there. And that was enough. I don’t understand where were suspension and interesting characters and all good stuff that some people found there. I really don’t….

  7. John says:

    Honest to God, I did not realize AT ALL that that was the final episode on 9/16. What the HELL? Disappointed? Used like flushed TOILET PAPER is more like it. This damn show didn’t provide ANY answers. Reality TV is exploitative, Lowest Common Denominator twaddle. We already got that YEARS ago! Deep, DEEP shame on you NBC. Unforgivable.

    • june0314 says:

      Ha I was the same…totally thought my DVR was just not catching the show to record:) they better bring it back . in all its korni-ness it was addictive and left us hanging.

      • John says:

        It did, for sure. I’ve actually emailed NBC Programming asking what the deal could have POSSIBLY been? Clearly to us all this was not the intended ending. Seriously doubt I’ll be getting a response-but also KNOW that I wasn’t the only similar email they got crushed with for this fiasco!

  8. Sancho says:

    This show felt a lot like Lost. They made all of this weird stuff happen, then the more they tried to explain it, the dumber it got. It showed that there was no plan from the beginning. Well, at least Lost tried to make an explanation, This show didn’t attempt to explain anything, And why end one show with the dramatic image of the grey, devastated land, only to carry on with the next episode like that was never shown, That annoyed the hell out of me.

  9. Kristin says:

    Another disappointment by NBC, give your fans closure. Make it available at least online or by Netflix’s so the viewer’s know what this was all about. Pay attention to your postings by your viewers, not just a focus group.

    Sad in Colorado


    I didn’t get to see the end of this finale. My grandson asked me who the guy was at the end who came in with the electricity. Can anybody give me a clue so I can tell him? Thanks

  11. Happy Its Over says:

    I knew after 3 or 4 episodes that this show was not a “reality TV” show. Still, I stuck with that d… show to see where they would take it (i.e., I knew I was wasting my time). The only reason that I came to this site was because I thought I forgot to watch it this week, and when I went to NBC’s site, I found out that there was no episode on 9/23/2013, so I wanted to know if the 9/16/2013 episode was the last one, thereby stumbling here, finding out that it was the last one of the season and that there may be another season next year??? What the …??? I wasted my time the whole summer to have no conclusion??? Are these people delirious enough to think that anyone will waste more of their time next year??? Are they kidding me? Sorry folks. I did not read much of your comments, and I will not bother coming back here to see any other feedback… enough wasted time with this show… I just wanted to vent out my frustration in the vacuum of the internet… time to move on.

  12. Caryl says:

    I caught on it wasn’t a true reality show, they forgot about camera angles, weather conditions, and battery life of expensive cameras in cold conditions. So I went on wth the spoff as it as high adventure. The ending was the pits. Very disappointed.

    • John says:

      Right Caryl-the apparent premise was that the Reality Show camera persons were shooting all the video footage
      that we saw-quite obviously that was impossible on any number of levels and they simply were not.

  13. Antarica says:

    I liked it. Finally today I googled the show to find out if that was the last episode. I thought it was, but the ending made me wonder if it wasn’t. Thank you for confirmation. It wasn’t until the soldiers came at the end and let the camera operators continue, that I finally concluded for real that this was not really a realty show. It was a suspenseful show with lots red herrings to make you wonder.

  14. Valerie Goodloe says:

    i thought that this was the show before the finale and have been waiting for the ending. i don’t understand when you have a pretty decent show that the finale does not go out with a wow. this is one of many good shows that seem to make a decision at the end to not put any effort in it. to me it is disrespectful to all of the viewers that put in all of the hours to watch a show. it was the most horrible ending I have ever seen.

  15. dan a says:

    I kept checking on demand to see when the finale was going to be. Duh, don’t i feel stupid – that WAS the god-awful-waste-my-time-finale.

    Totally disappointing.

  16. Norma Musclow says:

    Come on – people actually thought this was REAL?! It was like a soap in so many ways, good guy one minute, bad the next. Bad girl one minute, good the next. Love interests. Oooooo, mysterious animal/thing in the woods. Oh, and let’s not forget – hot as you know what one day and then snows at least a foot overnight? Oh, oh, oh, and yeah, the ground even froze overnight! The indigenous people are wearing current clothing. The seemingly amazing recoveries. The list goes on and on……

    I DID, however stupid some stuff was, like the show and HATED the ending! hahaha It better come back!!

    My really late post is because I just watched the whole season on hulu this past week.

    • SavvyCat says:

      I couldn’t bring myself to read past the first person who thought it was real. See my post below yours about the “duh” issue of camera power.

  17. SavvyCat says:

    I’m all about suspension of disbelief, and can convince myself to enjoy even the most asinine of set-ups. But as addicted as I was to this like a nun to bad meth, it suffered from Blair Witch syndrome. What’s that? Well, for those of you who was scared that the movie was real, or knew someone who was, you just have to ask yourself how much footage was actually shot over the time period the movie spans, and ask yourself how big of a wagon of fully charged camcorder batteries she had to be pulling behind her everywhere she went.

    That was my problem with Siberia. I can get past the “I’m trying to ACT natural, but I’m obviously acting” performances, and the fact that Sam’s foot cannot recover from the severity of the frost bite the hack effects artist gave him, and so on. What I can’t forgive is the endless supply of power these Russian men had for their cameras, and why, for the love of all that’s good and holy did they never put the cameras DOWN and help? Even translate the few times it came up.

    It was clear early on that there was no more show, and I get that if they put the cameras down there is no more Siberia, but please at least try to take a page from Perfect Storm, and put up a crawl or something that the following is conjecture. Don’t insult your audience like this.

    Unless the larger number of viewers who stuck it out were Blair Witchers who are still having nightmares.

  18. Mike bachand says:

    Well, the show was accually based off the Tunguska event of 1906
    ( I believe that was the year) when an ” alien spacecraft ” crashed in Tunguska. the inhabitants, named the Xalieans ( or something like that ) later to be named ” the vallymen” got along with the Russians until they stole some things from them, while helping them to rebuild their ship. Then, over 100 years later, the contestants went onto the show. This
    Explains what was shown in the video at the end, where the werewolf thing was a vallymen, and the green light was an illusion out on by them. Hope this helps :)

  19. Mike Hunt says:

    Mushrooms that were eaten at begining of the show had perminate side affects. None of this actually happend, turns out to be a 11 episode long “The more you know” NBC drug commercial

  20. FRANK LUIZ says:

    the ending was so stupid andcrazy I kept looking for another series or ending the host

    comes in and says what are you doing here .some show


  21. Diane says:

    Probably one of the stupid TV programs ever on TV but I couldn’t stop watching it! LOL If they don’t bring it back I’ll be okay with it!

  22. Ben Dover says:

    I did not know that episode 11 was the end. Kept checking Hulu for another episode. Wow did the end suck. I liked the show for the most part, but wow what a let down on the ending. Do not think I would watch season 2.

  23. Sue P. says:

    I liked the show, but it reminded me of “The Blair Witch Project,” which, by the way, was more realistic.

  24. Patricia says:

    Actually I rather enjoyed the series.. I think it played out in real time.. Characters were believable…. ( how would you react in same situation?).I hope it has a season 2..
    You don’t need tons of action or effects to tell a story..

  25. Lightwalker says:

    Yes the series had more plot holes than Swiss cheese, grade three acting, 10min of try and keep awake segments, the wtf land mine indecent, people and their clothing never getting dirty, zero realism for a so called “REAL” reality show………….
    Yet after saying all that and the fact that the show was as cheesy as the first star trek series in the 70s………it had a quirkiness that drew us all in(be honest now) coz we are all suckers for a story that keeps us guessing no matter how flawed it is…………hence ALL these comments!!!!!!!
    award for the worst ending of all time…….HELL yeah… all of us who hung in there to the END……… anyone got Jerry Bruckheimer’s number……..
    sucker r us Lol ;)

  26. june0314 says:

    I enjoyed the random craziness of it…although it was obviously fake on all levels it was fun to see what they would pull next in the weird department. I was shocked and saddened to see it end soooo quickly! I was not prepared for it to be over at 11 episides…seriously?!? I did like the Johnnie and Joyce concept, korny-cute:) The Mr. and I are excited to see what happens next. Even if it is a bad story-line overall, its wayyyy better than these supposedly “real” reality shows of dumb-A ppl trying to ‘find their way in life’ etc etc. Come on….Give me my weekly korny reality fix!

  27. audrey says:

    i liked the ending. it gave you something to hold onto until season 2 comes on? (even though nobody knows when that is going to be) i LOVED the series!

  28. Maryann says:

    I just want to see the rest of season 1. And if that is the way the season was supposed to end, then I am pretty fed up with NBC. Obviously enough people were drawn in and intrigued for it to be a travesty to keep us permanently hanging . How long would a publisher of mystery novels last if he put out books that drew people in then had the ending missing?

  29. Shackquanique Watermelona says:

    So, here’s the thing. I love the cliffhanger endings of this show, but it is downright disappointing to end the entire season like this. I agree with everyone’s comments. What happened to certain people hating each other? What was the point of Miljan stealing a gun when they were completely fine with Sabina having one? What was the green light? What happened to the valleymen? Who were the russian soulja bois? AND WHY ARE THEY NOT SUPPOSED TO BE THERE? There are too many questions to be answered to have us waiting for possibly months for season 2. I honestly can’t stand it and I think 11 episodes isn’t enough anyway. Also, about three of those episodes had nothing happening except Miljan being crazy, and everyone freezing to death. I enjoyed this show, but I expected more than this.
    P.S. All of the fatalaties were my favorite characters. Tommy, Natalie, and Annie died…..
    Why couldn’t Sam die? Why couldn’t the host die? Why couldn’t crazy indian lady die? It had to be Tommy, Natalie, and Annie didn’t it?

  30. Q. Tarantino says:

    The show was wrapped up, Esther won. The announcer guy cliff hanger lets you decide the ending. The unseen/unknown is classic Blair Witch. Use your mind and make it your own.
    Otherwise, we’re just a bunch of confused people in the wilderness, waiting for the NBC revealer to open it’s door and give us some juicy morsel to gnaw on.
    Decide how you want it to end and move on. You liked it, you hated it, get over it! It was a tv show.

    • John says:

      Sadly, you’re likely right. Still, it does not diminish the fact that NBC fed us partisans a half-baked, half-assed inexplicably fizzled out massive disappointment.

  31. Ryan says:

    NBC bought 13 episodes from the producers and for whatever reason NBC decided to pull the plug on the last two episodes. Why? More than likely they felt the series was not worthy of being completed and I have to agree. The first few episodes were decent and I stuck with the show through some pretty lame episodes in the middle and suffered through many very sub-par scenes in the last few episodes. So you can’t blame the show’s producers for the odd ending that many here feel was odd… because it wasn’t the ending… it was episode 11 of 13.

  32. I knew that “Siberia” was a poorly written and acted show in the first scene, even before the first commercial. At least it wasn’t one of those “two and a half idiots” or “big stupid bang” shows with nothing but sexual innuendo and canned laughter. “Siberia” was just simply bad.
    Br Ba

  33. Bobbie Jackson says:

    I Loved Siberia Fisrt My Little Brother And M Mom Watched It Then Well I Thought Maybe Its Cool. and I watched the show would come hone afyer school just to watch siberia . I wounder ehat happen to that blonde headed girl that left them in the army truck . You guys should really make a season 2 i adore siberia im actually 14 im turning 15 In december by then i would hope to
    watch siberia
    You guys left me
    wit so many questions and thoughts it was crazy.

  34. Jordan says:

    NBC take this comment, think about what the world needs and then agree with me: You brought on a BEAUTIFUL performance made out of mystery, and romance. But if you don’t do 2nd season or final episode you might be sued not by me of course but just by people. If you do do 2nd season or final episode people will either say: “let’s watch Siberia! Yay! I love it!” Or they will say: “oh, Siberia maybe ill watch something else… Or read a book. Wait, maybe ill watch it to figure out this mess of that last episode.” Either way it will make a fortune. I promise. And I will watch EVERY episode. I promise. Please, and don’t make more then TV 14 cause then I can’t watch it. But please. Now look at the comment think about it and do this: make a 2nd season or a last episode.

    • John says:

      Jordan-GOOD CALL BUDDY!!! Go to and feedback to ’em like I did-they may or may not read it, and you can’t contact programming directly, but it’s worth a shot-these clowns are too un-classy to actually accept critical input about a series they so royally f’d up!!!

  35. Carole says:

    Surprise Surprise! I didn’t know that was the ending. I kept wondering why the show just stopped all of a sudden. The truth is I really enjoyed the show, wish it could have ended better so that all of that made sense.

  36. Adam says:

    I liked the show but that ending was terrible! I said, “That’s it?! What the hell?” I doubt there will be a 2nd Season unless the ratings were really good which they probably weren’t. I felt like it was a waste of time. The reason I came to this website is that I wanted to make sure that was the final ending & that I didn’t miss something.

  37. A. Smith says:

    I really enjoyed the season as a whole, but I do not like how it ended. It left us hanging and wanting a season 2 with the same contestants. I loved the suspense in every episode and then the last episode was probably the most suspenseful. I was at the edge of my seat the whole time and I would totally watch season 2 if they came out with one!!

  38. Alex Sievert says:

    This whole post is so off it’s no wonder you didn’t like it.

    The Siberia finale gave us so many answers… We saw the Valleyman for the first time, we found out what caused the green lights, etc etc. And just when it seemed like things were actually starting to make sense to the contestants, Johnathon (the host) shows up. That throws us right back into the conspiracy.

    You can’t just casually watch a heavily serialized show like Siberia and expect to get it.

    And don’t call it the ‘series’ finale… if it was cancelled, they would’ve done it by now, and everybody knows that NBC is still in talks about it.

  39. sasilik says:

    Heavily serialized? Big exaggeration in my opinion. You can skip most stuff in episodes spending 10 to 15 minutes your time per episode and even skip episode or two on your watching and you still get gist of the show.

  40. shelly creel says:

    I liked Siberia. I knew it wasn’t real after the first episode but it was entertaining!They can’t just leave me hanging like that. They gotta have a season 2!!

    • Chris H says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more!
      Great show!!!!
      As long as we get multiple seasons out of the deal, then why wouldn’t we want season 1 to end with a massive cliff hanger.
      LOVED IT

  41. Sangreaal says:

    Anybody remember the Blair Witch Project? This was the same thing with an even crappier ending. NBC, you suck.

  42. Denise b says:

    I loved this show !! It kept me hanging on each episode an cannot wait unil season 2!

  43. Daisha says:

    I knew it was fake when i read the “special thanks to the canada forest” or something and it said in small print “no one was harmed”. Sooooo is there going to be a season two??

  44. Robert says:

    I’d like to know if Siberia is coming back after leaving us hanging like they did. It was great. I watched every week. Good intertainment. Kept you guessing. If your not going to finish what you start just find something else to do. Rob.

  45. Alex Sievert says:

    Makes me sad that the episode got so much hate – it truly did answer a lot of questions. Maybe not as clearly as some people would’ve liked… but for the fans of the show, I thought it wrapped up a first season pretty well.

    The thing about it is, the final two episode were cut together at NBC’s command, which cut out about 40 minutes of footage. Another point to mention is that a thirteenth episode was cut out in production.

    I believe if the show had run as the creators intended, it would’ve gotten a lot more fans and a lot less hate.

  46. Penny Farmer says:

    I watched every episode. Disappointed in the ending. I was hoping for season 2 to answer all the questions. Did they actually die? was it a plot to make the players work more closely together? We need answers!!!! Please let us know something

  47. Disappointed Viewer says:

    This show’s plot bounced around more than Mexican jumping beans on a trampoline in an earthquake.
    The writers should be flogged (gently of course) for not having defined plot points to end each episode on, and a well defined direction that the show was to adhere to. Too much confusion with the introduction of new characters and not explaining how they fit into the story.

  48. Jael says:

    if you guys really paid attention then you would’ve know why the sky was green, why there was footsteps of a beast, etc.
    pay attention

  49. Sydney😉 says:

    You absolutely NEED to do season 2! This show for me has been a complete thriller! I would be super angry if this show didn’t continue.

  50. Donnie says:

    Where is season 2 ????