Siberia Finale Recap: Nyet Worth

Siberia Finale RecapLet’s be honest: For those of us who stuck with Siberia — NBC’s scripted series about a Survivor-esque competition gone horribly wrong — to the 11th and final episode, expectations were barely perceptible.

I mean, the show’s scripts seemed like they’d been written on damp cocktail napkins. Various cast members (the Evenki translator in particular) seemed like they’d been selected based on their ability to work for nothing more than a bagel and a cup of coffee. And heading into the final hour, we still didn’t have any real answers about whether the weird roaring noises, flashing green lights and numerous contestant injuries/deaths were caused by inbred mountain freaks, aliens, nuclear bears, angry woodland spirits or, perhaps, a hoax on the part of the game-show producers.

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Even so, the Season 1 series finale was a jarring disappointment, with too many loose ends, not enough genuine thrills, and a final scene that should be streaming in perpetuity at So with that in mind, I’m going to keep this final Siberia recap to a lean, mean 10 bullet points, then turn it over to you to continue with the ranting and the asking of burning questions. Without further ado…

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* Just as the Evenki “prisoners” arrive at the Russian science lab to reuinite with Johnny, Joyce, Daniel and Sam, danger-prone Irene is all, “Um, guys, I think I stepped on a land mine.” And Daniel — ignoring the opinion of Israeli army vet Sabina — is all, “I’m pretty sure it’s a dud, so step off, girl! I promise you’ll be fine!” And Irene steps off and there’s no explosion. UGH. Way to miss an opportunity for some nifty gore, producers!

* Sam tells the reunited gang about his near-death experience, and how he dreamed he saw Natalie at the fishing river. Everyone is all, “Natalie died, yo!” and Annie runs into the other room with a case of the sads. And even though Annie only had a one-week crush on Natalie, Sam compares her loss to his experience of losing his wife.

* An army truck of military types arrives, and while the contestants greet them as rescuers, it soon becomes clear these ominous Russian dudes are here to execute them. (My favorite moment of randomness: Esther arriving late on the scene because she’d been in the loo.) Joyce gets brave and gets tied to a truck for her troubles; the land mines begin to spontaneously explode; and in the confusion, Johnny and Daniel (who’d been out back working) free Joyce, team up with the others, and drive away in the truck. Except for Annie, who gets shot when — taking a page from the audience — everyone temporarily forgets she exists.

* Annie crosses the Rainbow Bridge.

* The truck gets stuck in a snowbank, and everyone pushes while Esther hits the gas pedal. And then, in the only moment of genuine intentional hilarity from Siberia‘s limited life, Esther keeps on driving, while her comrades react with a mixture of shock, rage, confusion and disbelief. Miljan reveals that somehow, Esther had been concealing a giant sack containing $500,000 for the last several days. “The game might be over, but she won it anyway.”

* The remaining contestants — Johnny, Joyce, Sam, Daniel, Sabina (my personal fave), Neeko, Miljan, and Irene — walk to a clearly deserted town and ask questions like, “Why are all the lights off?” and “Where is everyone?” Sam finds Esther’s truck (sans Esther and sans money), and then everyone decides to camp out in the one apartment in town that has its lights on, its fridge stocked, but no one at home.

* Johnny cooks dinner and makes goo-goo eyes at Joyce. Neeko takes a nap. Sabina strings together some beads. Miljan steals a gun from the closet.

* “It’s like nothing’s real,” says Irene. “The way I feel about you is real,” replies Daniel. And then they kiss. [Insert nausea emoticon here.]

* Joyce locates a video from the day she and Johnny went missing. The group plays back the footage, and we see a glimpse of a werewolf-looking ghoulie descending on Johnny and Jocye and Joyce’s exposed midriff, and then a flash of the green lights in the sky (which have a decidedly alien appearance).

* The soldier types show up at the apartment, and as the contestants brace for impact, the game-show host from the pilot pops his head inside: “You’re not supposed to be here,” he cries.

The end.

Yep, that’s the end. I cahhhhhn’t. And since I cahhhhn’t, I’ll turn it over to you. What did you think of the Siberia finale? What do you think was the cause of all the foolery and danger? (My theory is nuclear aliens.) If there was a Season 2, would you be insane enough to watch it? Take our poll below, then expand on your thoughts in the comments!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Dave says:

    Excellent, hope to see more :)

  2. jonathon says:

    this show was one of the most original ideas I’ve seen in a long while. perfect summer show to lose yourself to. Really wish we could get one more season out of it because summer ratings aren’t really dominating anywhere on nbc but I fear they will cancel it but it won’t forget this season, i’d recommend it to anyone and I had no idea how sucked in I would get from the first two eps till the end. wow

  3. Tim Devaney says:

    Siberia was the fantasy plot that the real “Survivor” never had the creativity to produce. We used to laugh about how lame “Survivor” was, and imagined that the only plot we would like to see would be the one in which the contestants lost their minds and murdered Jeff Prost and the entire camera crew. PS: the best player ever on “Survivor” was Johnny Fairplay who succeeded in playing everyone including the show’s host. No wonder he was barred from a return engagement. “Survivor” couldn’t tolerate being “outplayed, outwitted” by its best contestant.

  4. Kawa says:

    i stayed with it, I actually thought the first show was a real reality show, and was kind of stumped. So, I looked on line and saw it was a spoof, then I actually enjoyed it. The ending was kind of strange.

  5. Angie_Overrated says:

    The writing is horrendous beyond belief. The actors are a joke. And yet it’s one of the highlights of my week to watch this show. It’s terrible. TERRIBLE, I say! And that’s why it’s wonderful. Nothing makes sense and no one in the writing, production, editing, or acting teams seems to care. The moment when Esther drove off with the truck was pure genius. So many similar moments throughout the series, including random strangling of injured Irene by Evil Eastern European man, random sexual assault of Esther by Evil Eastern European man, random lesbian showmance between two women no one cares about, and the list goes on. Am I the only one who was laughing hysterically when Irene had the trap fall on top of her? And then again when she stepped on a landmine? Oh, Irene. You card!

    You have to be lacking the humor chip to not find this the funniest thing you’ve ever seen. It’s a serialized version of Showgirls. I am there if there’s a season 2 and anything beyond.

    • Leishalynn says:

      I was laughing with you, Angie_O, from go! So many in-jokes, like the geek (not the pretty girl) falls & twists his ankle immediately only to be saved by — not the jock, not the cowboy, but the hippy dude with a heart of gold everyone instantly falls in love with. Mushroom hunting? Yeah, dude. Then, boom, he’s dead, and the viewer has this mish-mash of unlikeable leftovers to try and relate to. Whenever things calm down for a minute, something else crazy happens. I could not stop watching, I could not stop laughing, I’m in love with Matthew Arnold and everything he does. Give us Season 2!

    • Frobozz says:

      LOL! A bad TV aficionado like myself! I do not understand my compulsion to watch a collection of people do something so badly, nor does my family. For me, this show was like stubbing my toe on purpose every week, just for the sublime feeling when the pain begins to ebb…

  6. Erik says:

    I liked the show. I thought they introduced an interesting cast of characters – some I rooted for, others I love to hate. It was brave of them to kill certain characters and let ones we didn’t necessarily like, live. I also thought there were enough interesting plot twists to keep me coming back for more. I certainly want to know whats going to happen next…and I guess thats the ultimate test. Shame it sounds as if there will be no sequel…..

  7. Mark says:

    If you guys look on IMDB, it says there is one more episode on 9/23

  8. John says:

    It was a nice distraction from other summer drivel going on. I may watch the first few episodes of the (highly unlikely) second season, if only to get some answers or to see the gang torture the host, which would have made for a somewhat more satisfying finale.

  9. jim says:

    This fake reality show is worthless. They are dropped off in the middle of nowhere land with just their clothes, so where did they get heavy duty winter gear, that just happens to fit every one of them???????

  10. Krystal Bella says:

    NBC – You DARE not bring this back for a 2nd Season. I didn’t mind watching such a buncha bologna fake “reality show”, but I certainly abhorred the “miracle healings” of Sam & Irena’s feet, sudden supplies of fairly matching Parkas, snow plowed roads in the middle of nowhere, and the totally ridiculous ending.

    • Angie_Overrated says:

      All the points you bring up are sheer comedy. If you take a step back and realize how ridiculous it all is, it’s pretty damn funny! I for one will be there with front row seats if there’s miraculously a season 2. This is the best-worst show I have ever seen.

      • Angie_Underrated/HTGR says:

        hah, maybe my mistake was trying to take the pilot episode seriously
        the concept, the writing, the acting…. maybe it was all supposed to be one big in joke

  11. Joe says:

    I found the show intriguing at the start, and despite it’s rapid descent into silliness and implausability, still enjoyed watching it every week! Very disappointed in the ending. There are ways to “resolve” things while still leaving plenty of openings to continue the story for a second season, should there be one.

    They could have ended up re-uniting with the prducers and flying off into the sunset “rescued”, while the camera’s showing something about the rescue that seems decidedly “off”. So the viewer ends up wondering – are they really rescued, or are they just being taken to some new and stranger place? FAIL!

  12. W. J. says:

    I stuck with this show — despite everyone thinking I was crazy to do so — because I was intrigued, and really wanted to know how it would end.

    Tomorrow, I’m officially changing my name to Stupid Gullible Fool.

  13. Maryann says:

    I absolutely loved Siberia and watched every episode. If NBC disrespects the viewers so much that it cuts off a series before the last episode, NBC will get relegated to the “watch on Netflix when the season is complete” bin. All I ask is that they let us watch the real final episode (#12) online.

  14. Karen says:

    Itwas a mock reality show. Obvious in first episode. Not to mention when sam had “severe frostbite” on his foot! If it had been actual frostbite it would have become infected & sam would have bcome septic. But miraculosy he is able to walk at sme point? HA I think not. WORST show ive ever seen!! Netwrk was scrapen the bottom of the barrel on this one!!!!

  15. Ralph Williams says:

    Worst show in the history of television!!! People responsible for this should be choppered to Siberia for good!

  16. Erika says:

    I started watching Siberia since it aired and I liked how it was so intense, cliff hanger, and a mystery, but I didn’t like how it ended because if there isn’t another season it was just a waste. I hope theres another season so it can explain what Johnathan Buckley meant and why Miljan had the gun and what the creature in the forest was. Please bring it back.

  17. cathy renzulli says:

    I loved Tommy on the first episode! Should have kept him on the show!!

  18. Kiki says:

    Jeebus! They couldn’t bother to answer any questions and then just leave us with the most ridiculous and random ending ever. Thanks for wasting my time, NBC and everyone involved with this show.

  19. HTGR says:

    saw about two-thirds of the first episode, concept was ridiculous, acting was mostly at the level you see in a college intro to acting class for the first few weeks or maybe even days in some cases.

    I didn’t get it and it sounds like there was nothing to get.

    Maybe things got better later on, although skimming the comments it sounds like not enough and some say it actually got worse.

    • This is the second time I’ve seen this comment!!! I bet you didn’t even watch more than one episode! You douche bag why comment on something you clearly know nothing about. The show ended up getting a heap better. BRING ON SEASON 2 PLEASE!!!!!!

    • Frobozz says:

      Nope, it did not get better, despite SEASONs unwarranted insult. (Why, exactly, is it considered and insult to call someone a feminine hygiene device, especially one whose use is usually unnecessary?) It turned into a mishmash of ideas and events that attempted a LOST-style spookiness, but never really worked…and I wanted all the characters dead…I think you’re generally supposed to root for them.

  20. Julie says:

    My 10 year old daughter and I loved it! It is one of the few shows that we can sit down and watch together. We knew it wasn’t a true reality show, but we loved pretending that it was. Please bring back a Season 2.

  21. davleestev says:

    I am SO SO SO ashamed of myself for having been pulled into this silly mess of a t.v. show. I am a viewer who invests in what I choose to watch. I don’t appreciate being pulled into the land of stupidity just because the network brass fell for a fantastic pitch without script to first to rely on. “oh’s totally’s like reality on crack.” I wish I could have been in that pitch meeting. I guess i’ll have to wait on their book Pitching series for dummies (to dummies)in stores soon. The obviously bad take on Lost, all the noise and red herrings, it was just a sad laugh a minute. The finale was nothing but gunfire sounds, lights flashing erratically, a howling something and more nonsense than you could shake a nonsense stick at. Russian soldiers show up wielding assault rifles and someone goes BACK on the scanner that called them there to talk more Russian..HUH??? Some character was killed in a black background as the truck was pulling away in it’s great escape and you didn’t know who it was and it seemed like no one was missing. When a major character is killed and you still think all the characters are on the canvas summin ain’t right. Once they got to that deserted town I swear I thought the writers hit the brakes did a complete 360 and were about to riff on The Walking Dead..which for this crap may have been a good idea. Go from a take on Lost to a take on The Walking Dead to an eventual rip off of Falling Skies. Anything but the pot of mess they stewed up. The screaming alien hybrid and the mother ship glowing green..which apparently controls the weather? AH who knows who cares…NBC stood behind Friday Night Lights no matter the ratings and now ParentHood. No every show can’t and WON’T be a critical success but my sneaking suspicion is that the people at SYFY who are behind all those hilariously bad they’re so good Saturday night original movies thought it would work for a regulars series. IT DOESN’T. This show was sooo bad it was JUST bad.

  22. davleestev says:

    Michael Aussiello Rocks. Thank God critics like you allow us armchair critics to spout off every now and then when something stirs us up.

  23. fu says:

    Siberia is the best show in recent TV history!! Season 2 or death!

  24. Molly says:

    I think it was all time travel. When Daniel found the atomic clocks in the lab and noticed they were wrong, it tipped me off and I got to thinking; they found multiple “reward machines” just like the one at camp, labeled as belonging to different test groups, right? And they also found multiple atomic clocks, each with different times, right? Plus Sabina finding that skeleton with her locket on it. Ergo, 1 + 1 = they’re re-living the same scenarios over and over again, while the producers manipulate their environment in order to study their reactions, and use the information to gauge just how far the competitive nature of human beings can be taken. But that’s just my personal theory.
    Also, I thought this show was pretty good. It made me think after every episode, trying to figure out the mysteries. I really do hope for a second season. And as some people said before; use a little suspension of disbelief and enjoy something that was intended to be completely fictional. I’m sorry not every show can live up to your ridiculous standards, and if you don’t like something just change the channel. Have a nice day, friends.

    • John Stanton says:

      Correct. They travelled to 1908. They saw the aftermath of the Tunguska Event. The time travel was based on the logic presented in Lost. The reason there was the un-naturally quick healing was because it was an element from Lost. There were at least 50 plot points in common with Lost and that was intentional. The rules from Lost were an input to the virtual reality of Siberia. Remember the computer game Syberia? I think that might have also been a set of rules for the simulation as well. I guess a TV show similar to Inception does not work with viewers these days.

  25. Jared says:

    I don’t seem the harm in doing a season 2, last season 5 episodes or something. That should be enough to end the show. The problem is, i don’t they could just pick up right where it left off, and I mean, the batteries on the camera had to die at some point, they had to run out of film at some point, hate to say it, the fact it ends on a cliffhanger is painful, but realistic if this was real. Still, it would pick up somewhere later, maybe the camera was off a few days, but I feel that 1.5 million deserve an ending. I liked the Event, but both the Event and Flashforward needed a whole season at least, this show only needs a few episodes to end it

  26. This show was awesome! Granted the first three or so episodes were a bit weak and not much happening, but I truly think the show picked it self up. Sabina finding that skeleton in the ground with the same necklace as the one she was wearing and it had her sons photo in it as well was more than enough of a reason to keep watching. I mean think about that; WTF!!! I need answers and there had better be a season 2 to give me those answers. PLEASE.

  27. New Summer Programming says:

    The only thing I liked was to new Summer Programming. It was not the best but it was enough to get me to watch. The ending was awful. They should have wrapped it up. NBC needs to look at TNT’s Falling Sky’s as an example of how to do Summer programming. Yeah, you have to wait a year but I watch every episode. Keep bringing new programming for the summer!

  28. Andrew McFerran says:

    There should have been a final show telling how won and or how the money was divided .
    Also how everyone end up back home DEAD or alive. I can’t believe they let contestents get killed.

  29. ASDF JKL says:

    Amongst other things, I find the money part stupid!
    In the first episode the host said it’s a new kind of reality show, and the last person wins! It may be a week, or months. But they find the money in the preprogrammed machine??? What’s the point?

    • Frobozz says:

      We will never know, but we only think that Esther’s got the money because Miljian said she had it. And wasn’t Miljian tied up or strangling someone when Esther was supposedly pilfering the box? We never saw her take it. It could be something else… Perhaps, in episode 12, we would have learned that Esther’s been lugging around…an Aerobed.

  30. Sandy says:

    Person of Interest was better, but left us disappointed. This… well, I wanted more, but I was denied.
    For a REALLY good short summer show, try Harper’s Island. It’s available on Netflix. Awesome horror/mystery show that was on a few summers ago. One of my favorite summer shows.

  31. Laura says:

    Best.worst show.ever!

  32. Terry says:

    I just want one of the batteries that the cameramen were using….They NEVER needed to be charged!

  33. Sabrina says:

    THATW AS THE FINALE? OMG there better be a season 2!!!

  34. anonymous89 says:

    Please spare us from Season 2.

  35. I think they should at least have a reunion show just like they do at the end of Survivor. This way we could get answers to all the questions that were left unanswered and find out what really did go on with each other. It sure would be better than to have left us hanging like they did!! It made no sense to leave things the way they did, whether there is a season 2 or not. Come on NBC, give us some kind of closure.

  36. Normal Bloke says:

    Don’t get what you lot are on about, I was on the edge of my seat. Yes there were a couple of ‘convenient’ parts of the storyline, but I loved it, some of you are just bell ends who hate everything except ‘Friends’ and ‘Glee’..

  37. wazsupkev says:

    This show is obviously written for multiple seasons, hence the non conclusions of story lines from the season finale. I thought the acting got stronger as the season progressed and felt that the characters portrayed a connection with each other through the adversities of each season . At times there was far too much intensity within dramatic situations, but it left me on the edge of my seat wondering what other crazy absurdness will come next. All in all, these no name actors grew into their characters and became far more comfortable on screen. That alone wants me to see at least another season.

  38. David says:

    Strange how the camera men always had power and tapes for their cameras. Did they not suffer the cold weather as well. And surprise, people know English in “Siberia”. Johnny’s tape wrapped finger, the tape never comes off. A lot of faculties in the show. I really liked it for the first half, till the snow came. I was suckered too. I watched every episode and would watch more. I liked it. Better than under the dome which has way more implausible things going on.

  39. James says:


    The producers /writers are smoking crack
    There will be a second season
    They planned for second season and didn’t get one
    This was the biggest hoax perpetrated on commercial tv…ever!

    Needless to say, I felt used at the end. To say I was POed would be an understatement.

  40. debbie says:

    I think the show was interesting but the ending was terrible whats wrong with you people making a terrible show. What was the point of this show crapy.

  41. Hollice says:

    Started watching for fun and to see what it was all about–stayed with it until the finale just to see how it would end–terrible writing, bad acting, total fluff and so silly watching the multiple crisis’ yet cameramen were unaffected. I would not tune in for a season 2.

  42. Lawrence of Gibsonia says:

    By far one of the worst TV shows, if you want to call it that, I have ever watched. There is now way I would even think of watching another season. NBC should be ashamed to put such a bad show on in prime time.

  43. Josh says:

    I thought the show was fantastic. I really enjoyed the characters for the most part. The idea was fun. Horrible, horrible ending. Pretty mad at NBC right now.

  44. Emily says:

    THERE HAS TO BE A SEASON 2! IF THERE IS NOT A SEASON 2 I WILL DIE!! Like really, that would just be cruel to cancel my show.

  45. Abbe Busoni says:

    I liked the show. It had enough “Whaaaaaaaa?” moments in it to keep me interested, and Episode 9 when everyone is running around in the dark with stuff clanking in the background and the torches getting snuffed out was one of the better episodes in TV history. The more I saw of Sabina the more I liked her. If there is a second season I will watch it. When the DVD comes out if they release episode 12 (dang those British and their royal babies!) I’ll definitely rent it. If not, I guess the powers that be decided that tey would only be pissing off 1.5 million people, not enough to matter! I would love to see Esther get her come uppance though!

  46. ellen russell says:

    i loved Siberia it was suspense action and kept you guessing but the final episode was horrible left so many unanswered question too bad it ruined the show. i was sorry iwasted my time watching the whole series shame on you

  47. billbo says:

    I love the show but the ending was some BS and if there will be a season two they need to sdo it fast and explain the monsters the alian BS and gimmee more thanks

  48. Bob says:

    This show reminds me of Gandi’s secret on happiness, “To be truly happy you need to

  49. jarsue97 says:

    I went to IMDB just to watch the “finale” that didn’t make it on NBC. They have the twelfth episode listed but I can’t watch it.

  50. wildhorse says:

    when I start a show, I stick with it. i’m sorry I did on this one. this one needs some special awards for the worst acting, the worst video, the worst audio, the worst story line & the worst conclusion EVER in the history of tv. what a fool this show made out of all of us, as this network suckered us in to watch every week, hoping it would somehow, miraculously, improve. it never did. the finale was every bit as awful as the premiere. will I watch season 2? not unless I’m tied to a chair & forced to watch it as some kind of cruel punishment!