Did Brooklyn Nine-Nine Cop Your Interest?

Brooklyn Nine Nine PremiereBrooklyn Nine-Nine raced to the scene of Fox’s Tuesday comedy lineup tonight, but the question remains whether you’re willing to handcuff yourself to it all season long.

The ensemble comedy from Parks and Recreation‘s Dan Goor and Michael Schur focuses on the wacky (but  competent) detective squad of the titular precinct — which has just come under the watch of an eager new captain (played by Emmy-winner Andre Braugher). While much of the tension is derived from hotshot Det. Jake Peralta (Saturday Night Live vet Andy Samberg) flaunting Capt. Holt’s rule-abiding ways — and getting repeatedly caught mocking ’em — every member of the supporting cast (especially Chelsea Peretti as Gina, a civilian administrator with no edit function) manages to score a laugh in the pilot. Better still, several story arcs find the writers zagging where you’d expect them to zig — especially the possible romantic connection between Stephanie Beatriz and Joe Lo Truglio’s polar-opposite characters, and even moreso, Gina turning out to be right about Capt. Holt pinging her gaydar.

Other recurring themes for the season set up in the pilot: Jake’s bet with rival hotshot Det. Santiago to see who can close more cases (he’ll score a date with her if she wins; she’ll get his car if he doesn’t); the plight of Terry Crews’ burly cop, who’s become terrified of the field since becoming a dad; and Jake’s quest to shirk Holt’s requests that he wear a tie to work.

But enough about what we thought: What was your take on Brooklyn Nine-Nine? Grade the episode via the poll below, then hit the comments to back up your choice!

Comments are monitored, so don’t go off topic, don’t frakkin’ curse and don’t bore us with how much your coworker’s sister-in-law makes per hour. Talk smart about TV!

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  1. Yes!!! That was hilarious! I think I may have found my new favorite comedy of the Fall. Can’t wait to see more of Brooklyn Nine-Nine!

    • Keith says:

      What were the funny moments?

      • Mike R. says:

        Sense of humor is different for everyone, we get it, you didn’t like it, you don’t have to reiterate it on multiple comments.

      • CJ says:

        Even now when I think back on the show last night, the funniest thing – and I laugh out loud – was when the guy (not sure of his name) shoots the dummy. That just sealed the deal for me to keep tuning in.

        • Alan says:

          that was hilarious if you know the type of characters terry crews always plays, with him basically playing a parody of those roles its more than enough to keep me coming back. the rest of the cast were pretty decent too, not one of them failed to make me laugh so im definitely happy to come back for more.

    • Kim R says:

      Agreed. I laughed several times…and yes…out loud! :) When Fred Armistan opened the apartement door the first thing I thought was I wish I could see the outtakes. It is now on my must see list.

    • Mary K says:

      You must be easy to please. That show STINKS and is not funny at all.

  2. Eric says:

    An excellent palate-cleanser after watching Dads. This show’s cast didn’t have a weak link in the bunch, and it’s brand of humour kept me smiling. I’ll be tuning in on a regular basis, and am quite excited to learn to love these characters.

  3. Tabitha says:

    Loved it! Glad to have Andy Samberg back on my tv every week!

  4. Mike R. says:

    I loved it, not that surprising considering I have a thing for single cam workplce comedies like this. I’m still not a huge fan of Samberg, but the ensemble makes up for Samberg, and even Samberg wasn’t bad. I’ll be watching more for sure.

  5. TV God says:

    I wasn’t a huge fan. It really did nothing for me. I can’t wait for Sean Saves The World though. Sean Hayes is a treasure, and SSTW will be my favorite new show of the season.

  6. Pati says:

    I didn’t think it was funny at all. I don’t get what was so hilarious

  7. Kwapple says:

    I liked it…I’ll be watching next week

  8. Keith says:

    I didn’t think it was funny .A tie around the waist is funny ? Manscaping jokes?

  9. Tsuki says:

    It’s amazing how quickly “Dads” was crucified but this unfunny show is getting loads of good reviews. I won’t be back for this one.

    • S. says:

      “Dads” was crucified for being both terrible and racist. Not “All in the Family,” Archie Bunker, making fun of the character who feels that way racist. Just straight up unfunny and awful. How anyone could like it and hate “Brooklyn Nine Nine” is beyond me. You don’t need to give up comedy. There are shows and films out there that would appeal to you and call themselves comedies and you could enjoy them happily. You could go through life having your comedic needs met so keep on keepin’ on, guys. Just maybe don’t pretend to be able to judge shows like this properly. It’s like asking a tone deaf person whether they enjoyed the music you both just listened to, or a colorblind person how they like your red or green dress. They don’t have to try to appeal to everybody, not everybody’s gonna like their style of comedy. You don’t get this, it’s probably not in you to get it, that’s okay because you don’t have to like it, and don’t try the ‘I have right to have an opinion’ thing because nobody is saying you shouldn’t. You’re just not the intended audience. Tsuki is walking away and that’s fine to figure that out, although a little head scratch worthy. Keith seems to take this personally.

      • June says:

        Yeah, gays think that their little 2 percent of the population is actually a “race,” so any jokes about them, no matter how funny, is only hate by bigoted haters who hate through their hateful hate-filled bigotry…. as exploring each others rectum’s should be smiled upon and cheered….never, ever mocked…. and NEVER called perverse.

  10. Jen says:

    Andy was the only funny person on the show. He made the show. Rest of the ppl need work

  11. Mark says:

    The ditzy girl was the funniest part of the show. Santiago is awful but I imagine that’ll change similar to how Elliot was such a B at the start of Scrubs. It wasn’t like omg hysterical but I enjoyed it.

  12. Abcsux says:

    Not super funny…actually, I can’t really remember a laugh out loud moment. I love AB, so I will try to remember to tune in…not a fan of the lead detective…way too obnoxious, but the rest of the cast is cool.

  13. Esta says:

    Now we all know how Keith feels. What else matters? #sirspamalot

  14. Andy Samberg is destined to be ready for prime time and Fox has high hopes for Brooklyn Nine-Nine and it could be on the verge as one of the top contenders for one of the new shows of the Fall TV season to get a full season pick up. For years they never a workplace police sitcom in years dating back from the heydays of Barney Miller and this one is destined to be a breakout hit.

  15. analog says:

    I think this will end up like P&R. Unfunny in the 1st season but amazing starting S2. Well assuming it doesn’t get cancelled.

  16. Ron says:

    I actually really enjoyed it. I’ll be tuning in next week. I liked that it was a police procedural that was actually a comedy instead of a drama. Was I falling out of my seat laughing hysterically? No. But I got in a few good laughs. Enough for me to come back next week. I feel sorry the show, though, because its lead-in is that horrible “Dads.” Brenda Song is too good for that show. I didn’t even so much as chuckle (or grin) at anything in that episode. As a matter of fact, I caught myself cringing twice–and it had nothing to do with the offensiveness of the “jokes” because I don’t care about that. But every “joke” was so cliche and my cringing was once for the fact of the triteness and the second for the people involved as I actually felt embarrassed for a couple of them. I hope the dreadfulness, and what one can only assume to be the extremely low ratings in the coming weeks, for “Dads” doesn’t horribly impact B9-9, a show that is showing legitimate potential.

    • Saabgirlatx says:

      Totally agree here. This was just the pilot, so hopefully the chemistry of the cast will rev up. Dads was just not funny. I found myself cringeing as well and deleted it halfway through. Someone in a different blog post claimed Dads was so brilliant because it was parodying racists but it just made me uncomfortable. Hopefully Brooklyn 99 will not suffer.

  17. TaMara says:

    I really liked it and I’m pretty picky on comedy shows – not that my taste is excellent or anything, I just don’t find most sitcoms funny…I’m peculiar that way. ;-) I really want to like shows like Community, Parks and Rec or Arrested Development, but I don’t. I love Big Bang Theory. Suburgatory and Modern Family are hit or miss for me, but make me laugh enough to come back each week. But that’s about it for me, sitcom-wise. This felt a lot like Big Bang Theory, where chemistry is great between the cast, just absurd enough but with heart to keep me there. YMMV.

  18. Leah says:

    I thought it was just absolutely awful. I hated every aspect of it and will never watch it again. I didn’t laugh a single time.

  19. Annette says:

    Loved it love Andy Samberg miss him on SNL but will be setting the DVR every week.

    • Bob says:

      I’m just curious. Everyone says they’ll set their DVR for almost every show. Are you that busy in life? When do you watch them all? On the weekends? How boring of a weekend.

      • EB says:

        I can’t speak for others, but I set my DVR to record all of the shows I watch regularly, on the off-chance that I won’t be around that evening, or if I tune in late because I was watching something else. I just delete the recording later.

      • Francine says:

        Lots of reasons. Some people work evenings and/or shift work and aren’t around to watch any shows at night (that’s me). Some people have kids that have a lot of activities in the evening and by the time they’re wound down, they just want to go to bed. Some may already watch another show during the same timeslot. That’s just a few reasons why people may DVR most shows. It may sound boring to you to watch them all on weekends, but its not to me. My husband and I dont have a lot of money so when we’re stuck at home all weekend, it gives us something to look forward to. No need to come across as judgmental.

      • Winnie says:

        Actually, besides setting the DVR for nights I won’t be home, have a timeslot conflict, or am enjoying a meal with friends or family with music or conversation (not t.v.) as the background, when I am home, I simply wait until 8 minutes in for a 30 minute show or 15 minutes in for an hour-long show, then I start watching so that I can fast-forward through the commercials. (Companies still have access to me when I watch online/via iPad apps, and through in-show product placement, so I’m not ad-free, plus, I’m not part of a “Nielsen family”).

        But I appreciate that you’re so concerned about everyone’s weekend, Bob. :)

  20. Zach says:

    This is the best comedy pilot on Fox since the 2005 season. Kudos all around. I can’t wait until next week.

  21. derek says:

    Enjoyed it. Felt similiar to Parks/Office (not surprising given the creators) and it seems to have a good ensemble attached.

    My only complaints are that there were a few too many locations in the episode, making every scene feel somewhat rushed.

    So for now, B99 gets a B, and look forward to what I can guarantee will be a full (20 something long) season.

  22. Pat says:

    Really enjoyed it. Will definitely keep watching.

  23. Christopher says:

    Awesome, this show was hilarious! Every cast member brought something to it and all the characters felt developed and unique. Awesome Show Great Job!

  24. neha says:

    I think that the extended promo gave away a lot of the good jokes, and it felt like a very typical “set-up” episode, but I still really liked it. Definitely among my favorites in the new shows.

  25. Babybop says:

    I actually really liked it! I wasn’t expecting to. The only reason I gave it a B is because I hated the Gina character. Too cartoonish for me.

  26. cjeffery7 says:

    i was more than likely to keep watching ANYWAY but the silliness that sealed the deal was at the end when andy samberg realized the significance of the uniform. totally ridiculous? yes. but i feel like that showed the shows weird little heart to me and what can i say? i’m into weird!

  27. scorpo says:

    I guess I watched a different show. I am not understanding what the critics liked about this. I really wanted to like this. I was disappointed.

  28. Drew says:

    It wasn’t the funniest show I’ve ever seen, but it was entertaining. I’ll be watching.
    Y’know, it would have gone really well with The Good Guys. They should bring that one back.

  29. Joey says:

    I like the first episode, it was good and funny. the cast did good. Happy Andy is back on tv every week. I can’t wait to see the next episode.

  30. murley says:

    I thought it was great. My husband and I both loved it. It was silly and weird and it had a great ensemble. The offbeat sense of humor reminded me of Parks and Rec, no surprise. Already on the dvr.

  31. Ram510 says:

    Great show!!! It was sort if like a Parks and Recreation where it was funny, off beat and had heart a recipet for an excellent comedy that’ll last for many years

  32. Paulo Alm says:

    Dads was better, but this was a really nice show too. I’ll be tuning in for both next week!

  33. John says:

    Funnier pilot than Parks, and I trust Mike Shur and can see a lot of the dimensionality being set up. I like the format, the flashbacks, the canvassing…these can all be good devices in the future.

    Also, impressed that Braugher’s character’s secret managed to stay a secret all the way up to airing.

    • JLK says:

      Non-secret as far as his character goes. :) I agree. I was surprised I hadn’t heard anything about that little twist.

    • Elibu says:

      Guess you didn’t read much about the show. The captain’s secret was revealed in several different reviews, so it was no surprise to me. Also, count me in the group who didn’t find the pilot particularly funny. Maybe it gets better in the second episode.

    • Alan says:

      the canvassing alone has the potential to be hilarious due to the odd balls they could meet and the potential for quick cameos.

  34. Jane says:

    This show was really bad. The only people worth watching were Braugher and Terry Crews. Andy was horrible . What was with that Civilian Assistant woman. Was she suppose to be drunk the whole show or something? I really don’t get what the critics liked about this juvenile show. Also, in my opinion, to compare it to Parks is a huge insult to Parks.

    • JLK says:

      To compare it to Parks now that it’s established its rhythm is perhaps an insult. But comparing it to the early episodes of Parks and Rec, which were incredibly hit or miss as the writers were finding the characters’ voices and the actors were developing their chemistry is pretty accurate.

  35. Erin says:

    I always give new shows two episodes since there is sometimes tweaking after the pilot. For me, this one earned a second episode. As someone else said, not hilarious, but decent. The cast is good.

  36. Philly In DC says:

    Very funny. For those who asked about the funny moments (for me and I laughed out loud literally, not LOLed)

    – Yo Yo killer
    – Herbert Love shooting the mannequin
    – The “gay” flashback
    – Chelsea Peretti
    – The $5,000 ham

    There were a lot of funny moments, especially after the train wreck of Dads, which I wanted to like, since I like all of those actors. Brenda Song was the best part of that premier and only because of eye candy

    • Alex says:

      You’re easily amused, then. I didn’t laugh at any of those things.

      • Jane says:

        Ugh I hate these comments. So you didn’t laugh at any of those moments? Good for you. It doesn’t mean someone else that did laugh is easily amused. Humor is subjective. Different people find different things funny.

  37. Nichole says:

    big fan of anything with Andre Braugher in is, glad to see him back this year again after Last Resort sunk so to speak lol!! really loved his dead pan delivery of lines and facial expressions opposite Andy Samberg. As long as they don’t over egg the Samberg character, this show has a lot of promise :)

  38. Peppy says:

    I laughed out loud several times. I’ll be watching next week.

  39. phamster says:

    I found it pretty amusing but do wish Andre Braugher was on more.

  40. cas says:

    I like how everyone has such different opinions in comedy.

  41. leah says:

    I didn’t laugh a whole lot, but I’d seen pretty much the whole episode already in the previews, so…I knew what was coming. I think I’ll love this show. I love Samberg and Terry Crews. I think this one will be good.

  42. Beth T says:

    I have been disappointed in most comedies for a lot of years, but wanted to give this a try because of Andre Braugher. I totally enjoyed this! Count me anong those who found several laugh out loud moments. It was going to be a catch-up online/on demand show because I am already DVRing two other shows in the time period, but I think that will change now. :D For me this is shaping up as a nice “must-see” bit of levity in my DVR line-up.

    And to reply to a comment and response above – I DVR virtually everything I watch, as I am seldom home in the evenings to view programs “live”. The zillion-repeat mode of my most-watched cable stations saves me since I would otherwise have more shows I want to record in each time slot every night than my DVR can handle. (If only there were a way to get my DVR to recognize the 12:05am “repeat” slot as a “series”!) D

  43. hmmm. says:

    I’d probably watch this is anyone BUT Andy Samberg was the lead. His comedy is completely sophomoric. Never found anything he did on SNL funny, was so happy when he left. But as everyone else is saying, humor is totally subjective. I don’t find fratboy humor funny and that’s all AS does, so I won’t be watching anymore of this show

  44. rowan77 says:

    I didn’t know if I’d like “Brooklyn Nine-Nine.” I love Andre Braugher, but I wasn’t sure if Andy Samburg was appealing enough as a personality to like him – but i LOVED the pilot. I laughed out loud and thought the writing was crisp. The actors were great and unless the show makes too many changes from pilot to series, I will be tuning in each week. It was just pure entertainment.

    Dads” was a big disappointment for me. I came into it hoping that the complaints about the show were just from overly-sensitive people and that the cast could transcend the material (I was already a fan of most of the cast members, so with Green, Reigert, Ribisi and Mull I expected a more). This was hackneyed and stilted from the word go. The actors gave it their best, but the material was just so obvious and belch. I know what they were going for and they missed it by a country mile. If the network is giving it a chance to find an audience, lets hope the writers find the funny because last night shows they don’t where where it is.

  45. ggny says:

    For all of the people that didnt like the pilot are you mad that there wasnt a laugh track telling you when to laugh? I mean what was your problem? I thought it was a really good solid show. You can tell it going for a 30 Rock vibe and it will get there just needs time to grow

  46. Maryann says:

    I liked it except for Andy Samburg. He was just plain annoying and unfunny. Everything else about it was great. I could sit through it, but it won’t be appointment viewing.

  47. n says:

    Love Andre Braugher.

    BTW, it’s flouting, not “flaunting Capt. Holt’s rule-abiding ways”

    • Bill Baldwin says:

      Thank you! Drives me nuts. He was flouting Capt. Holt’s ways, taunting him in the process. He was NOT flaunting those ways or even touting them.

    • Ben says:

      Agreed. I caught that too. It was a great monologue, but the use of flaunt instead of flout was jarring, given Holt’s character. It’s the sort of mistake that Capt. Holt should be calling other people on, not misusing himself.

      Honestly, it would be great if in a later episode, Capt. Holt sincerely apologized to Scully and Hitchcock for his misuse of the word, maybe explaining that he was under significant duress at the time, but it’s been gnawing at him for months.

  48. Sandra says:

    I liked it! It was a strong pilot and I feel the show has a lot of potential. The episode had me laughing even more than I was at New Girl’s (somewhat disappointing) return, which usually is one of my favorite shows. I’ll definitely keep watching the show!

  49. Megan says:

    I feel like I already saw the episode after watching the 2 1/2 minute trailer. Almost all of the funny moments were in that preview…. I’ll definitely stick around to see if it’s worth watching.