Exclusive Covert Affairs Finale Video: Auggie Seeks a Frenemy's Help for Annie's Sake

On Tuesday’s midseason finale of Covert Affairs (USA Network, 9/8c), Annie will need help from an unlikely source to complete her off-book mission, and Auggie will try to get it for her.

In the following exclusive clip from the episode, Annie’s ex begs the contentious Calder to give the spy gal some time before going into the field to haul her home. But when the bossman presses for details, Auggie stays mum.

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“You’re asking for trust, but not offering anything in return,” counters Calder.

Press PLAY to watch the sneak peek, then hit the comments with your thoughts.

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  1. Mary says:

    I still think Calder is in cahoots with Henry. I am hoping that after the half season wraps up the show will focus more on the international spy missions and not the internal struggles going on in the CIA. Thanks for the clip. Can’t wait for Tues. :-)

  2. Kacie says:

    I wonder if Henry help Calder get the job and its one of those you owe me and Henry calls on Calder to kill Annie but they fake her death. Don’t think Calder new how ruthless Henry could be including killing 6 people for no reason.

  3. Olivia says:

    I have been so disappointed with this season that i have probably only watch 4 full episodes. I am honestly not interested in Henry Wilcox.

    • Alichat says:

      I have to agree with you on Henry Wilcox, and I feel the same way about Calder. I’m sure I’ve probably said this already on this site, but last week’s ep ended predictably, and was disappointing. A big part of the disappointment is because I’m fed up with the Henry Wilcox story. I was bored with him in previous seasons. To wrap an entire season around him is ridiculous. My biggest issue is him constantly having the upper hand. If the good guys don’t beat the bad guys once in awhile, it’s frustrating and boring as hell. It’s called ‘cat and mouse’ not ‘cat pounces on mouse and bats it around for 10-12 hours.’ And as for Calder, he’s so one-dimensional. I don’t find him compelling at all and don’t care if he’s a good guy. Even if he is, he’s still a complete jerk. If he hadn’t sprinted out of the starting gate as an arrogant tool, I might feel differently.

  4. Gwen says:

    Gregory Itzin is so good at playing bad that I just hate the character of Henry Wilcox! The way his tongue keeps flicking while he’s talking reminds me of a snake. But I’m ready for this story line to finish and for the show to return to the international missions which made it so interesting. Oh, and when is Eyal coming back? Soon, I hope!

    • Sam says:

      Loved Gregory Itzin on “24” and he is doing another excellent job here. A lot of 24 alumni have been on Covert Affairs these last couple of years, reprising simiilar roles to what they did on 24. It has made this show more interesting. Calder is a problem since he comes across as being argumentive with everyone around him. How can someone hold onto a position when they are aruging with their superiors and those that report to them? In reality, that bad combination never lasts for long.

  5. Amy says:

    TPTB have said that Eyal appears when we least expect it. I’m guessing it’s going to be tomorrow night (so that means I’m probably wrong). But after Calder and Annie team together to fake her death and throw off Henry Wilcox, she’s going to need a place to hide and a friend to help her out — enter Eyal!

  6. Eyal is coming back. Woot. I don’t particularly care for this season either. Too far away from where it started and I hate HENRY. HATE HIM.

  7. Jon says:

    As much as everyone wanted Annie and Auggie to get together as a couple, they have been extremely boring. She has much more onscreen chemistry with Oded Fehr and Noam Jenkins.

  8. i am enjoying the season, and tomorrow sound cool, and a good place for a month long break. but…’annie’s ex’? tell me that’s a typo! they broke off but then got together again–did they break off again?? please no! i love them both as spies together and as a couple, and each function highlights the other. and of course it will cause problems between them! no fun if it didn’t! i disagree about the lack of chemistry some viewers find. they come off [even in the breif breakup scene] as people so tenderly connected that they earn the old saw ‘made for each other.” i agree that it’s getting time to wind up the henry story, but only because it’s gone on long enough–not too much. and i am intrigued with calder: they’re clearly building up to something with him, and i look forward to finding out what that is….

    i do hope annie’s ‘death’ is something auggie is in on; knowing what happened with helen, letting auggie think annie’s dead would be a massive betrayal…..

    • Mia says:

      Yeah, did I miss something? I thought they were back together after that kiss and the talking about a vacation. Love them together! Hopefully, Auggie and Annie can find ways to see each other while she’s “dead” – and you’re right she better not pull a Helen on him.

      • good episode! glad they didn’t leave us hanging about her ‘death,’ given that she couldn’t die unless the show died. and the mysterious and dynamic reappearance of Eyal at the end. So does auggie know she’s ok? likely–he’d have been the one to know and contact Eyal. and she won’t just give up being ‘annie walker’–she’s there to get henry, and will. ah, i wish it weren’t a month away!

  9. Debbie Camelo says:

    I totally agree with the Annie and Auggie comments from Karen and Mia. I don’t want their relationship to go “off the grid” like Annie will have to. The whole series has been building up to their relationship, but when she said goodbye to him on the phone, it sounded like forever. I’m hoping there isn’t another repeat of the Helen story, just that her goodbye was a code word for “see you when this is all over and I love you with all my heart”! I don’t want her and Eyal together even though she said “with my life” to him as she did with Auggie. I totally ship Annie and Auggie and always will! I love Covert Affairs and if Joan and Arthur can weather this Henry takedown, then so can Annie and Auggie!

    • right, debbie! there seems to be confusion as to whether auggie knows the death will be a con. he must be in on it, if only b/c he’s a friend of eial. and certainly annie would nevernrepeat helen’s callousness right after learning about it and how hurtful it was to auggie. that doesnt make his ‘you dont have to do this’ cries any less sincere: he might mean i don’t want you going that far, its too risky. and her goodbye is maybe part of the ‘speech’ for the benefit of moles at the agency, but also an acknowledgement that this will be the most dangerous task she’s taken on in years, and she may die doing it.

      nor, presumably, will she be underground for the rest of the series. this isn’t ‘burn notice.’ though she’s now a ‘rogue spy,’ presumably if her plan works and she becomes the hero who bought this monster down, she can go back to her annie walker life. and when she and auggie first see each after it’s done, they’d better give us a good love scene!