Exclusive Video: Bones Stars Preview Dark Times, Big Pelant Confrontation and Wedding Episode

Are you ready to see Booth and Brennan’s take down Pelant? Then you’ll definitely want to tune in to Episode 4 of Bones‘ upcoming ninth season (premiering Sept. 16 at 8/7c), stars Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz reveal in the following exclusive first look.

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The hour finds the dynamic duo coming face-to-face with their tormenter, who throws the couple into quite a dark place in the premiere.

“I feel the intense feelings of romantic love are fading from our relationship,” Brennan confesses to Cam. Gulp!

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But never fear, there’s also fun to be had — the partners try on their old Tony and Roxy personas in the preview. Plus, Deschanel looks ahead to Booth and Brennan’s nuptials — find out how she envisions the non-traditional bride’s Big Day.

Press PLAY to watch the sneak peek, and then hit the comments with your thoughts.

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  1. Mrs. Peele says:

    i will be happy to be rid of pelant. i almost don’t want to watch any episodes involving this character who is so able to hack into anything w/o any one being able to stop him. threatening booth if he and bones marry…i mean i’m tired of this. let’s move on.

    and how brennen’s ego will permit a priest is beyond me. her concept of marriage which we have seen in every season, has really taken an about face. i would like to see a softer and not so superior bones this season. her brother is nothing like her….it’s like she was raised by robots.

    • JCK says:

      ITA. I watch Bones in spite of Temperance rather then for her. She’s worse than a robot, she’s an egomaniac robot. Happily, the rest of the cast eclipses her. As for Pelant, that story line is as off putting as Red John on the Mentalist. JMO

      • Mar says:

        I repeat…what?

        • frankie707 says:

          LOL, yeah Mar. I’m not sure how anyone can actually watch and pay attention to what’s happening onscreen and think Brennan is cold and robotic. They’ve demonstrated so many times that she does care, and is willing to do so much to make those she loves happy.

          So we either get people making comments about her being cold, egotistical and robotic, or we get people complaining that she’s changed too much. That she’s not as strong as she used to be and has become something else to be with Booth.

          It gives me a headache.

          • 206episodesofBones says:

            LOL!!!! Yeah she has either changed too much because of a guy or she hasn’t changed at all!!! Who knew :)

          • JCK says:

            She does have some compassion and is generous to those she cares about, except when her superiority is in question. Think about how she reacted when the day care reported that Christine bit another child. “What? No! Not MY child”. She always wants to kick and punch her way to the front of the line and the spotlight. Yuck.

          • Linda says:

            I totally agree. I think one major appeal of this series. at least for me, is how such two different people at the outset can be drawn into a loving, committed relationship that has seen both of them “change” over time because of their genuine regard for the other. Brennan’s evolution has made her a more complete personality. In the beginning she was ruled by “facts” alone and now has learned that emotion has a place in her life. I believe any changes in Brennan are the result of that evolution. Some of my favorite scenes in past episodes are when Brennan shows her “human” nature: In “Shot in the Dark” her resolution to return to her daughter; in “Twist in the Plot” we see her recognition of the kind of man Booth is, and her appreciation for him, after overhearing his video will. This is not a cold, robotic scientist; this is a well-rounded personality, who is still evolving.

          • Jackie/Max Strange says:

            Get oveer it!

      • Mrs. Peele says:

        i agree with you…i stopped watching the mentalist because i grew tired of red john…and also jane’s consistent disrespect for rules and authority of any kind. he just likes to do as he pleases.

        i enjoy the characters of ‘bones’ and watch it because the stories for the most part are intriguing. until temperance’s perspective and her ego get in the way. i think it would be very tiring for everyone involved to constantly have to let her comments just slide by.

        • MommaShae says:

          How very boring. I watch tv to escape reality. Not watching the mentalist because Jane disregards rules and authority is like not watching Superman because he disregards the laws of gravity.
          ….just saying

      • Jackie/Max Strange says:

        If you can’t see that Brennan started as a robot but slowly began to become a very real person, then don’t watch it. the measure of her changing through the years signifies her acting ability. She is also one of the most beautiful women in the usa.Now its Booth’s time to grow — he has many issues, not the least of which is Hannah. Booth betrayed her and chose her oveer brennan while She chose booth over sully. please — give the woman and the character she portrays a rose. her fans love her. get a life!

    • Then you don’t understand her at all. She could never be like her brother. They were separated and raised in foster care system when Brennen was pretty young. He was older by at least 4-5 years so her memories of their childhood were different from his. For a long time Brennen thought he gave up on their relationship. When they separated there was an argument so communication was sparse then it became non-existent until their reunion. She had also felt that her father abandoned her and her mother died when she was 6 or 7 so she didn’t have very good memories of her childhood which she suppressed as most people do when something is painful.

      She grew up awkward and alone, always bearing the brunt of gossip for being the odd one in school. But she was smart, so she buried her interests in science. That’s why she acts the way she does. When this happens IRL its a life long issue as well. Its always something that has to be worked on with the help of counseling, friends and family. In the first 2-3 seasons we learn that Angela was among the few that was able to look past Brennen’s issues and win her trust to become BFF. Booth was another one who understood enough to handle her albeit always teasing her – yet remained loyal and caring.

      Her ego is merely a protective tool she has always used to keep the self doubt demons at bay. She loves Booth and of course she knows how important his faith is to him. What you are already seeing is a softer not so superior Brennen. I think Emily does a great job at portraying her character.

      • I agree with most of your post the only thing incorrect was that her mother died when she was young. Her mother was alive when her parents left her behind. Her mother died because of a blow to the head which caused some swelling in her brain that eventually killed her. Most of the people that think Brennan is too robotic feel that way because her character is very unevenly written. Its like one step forward two steps back. She tells Jared and Padme that she believes in love, but then a little later when Booth asks her to take a chance on them, she claims she can’t change enough to keep him happy. She fears abandonment and rejection and can’t stand it if Booth leaves her. Unfortunately, she laid the foundation at that point for the Booth and Hannah relationship. He was terribly lonely in Afghanistan and fell for someone who could cheer him up and at least temporarily make him happy. He needed to feel loved, and that someone could see he was worth taking a chance on. He overlooked Hannah’s true nature of being a gypsy possibly because she followed him all the way back to D.C., something she said she would never do, but she did it for Booth. Booth has been emotionally confused ever since the brain tumor after which he felt he couldn’t trust his own emotions or his ability to read other people, which before that point had been his greatest strength.

      • Jackie/Max Strange says:

        I love your understanding. Thanks. now write back and tell me if Booth loved Hannah except in a relationship of lust. Booth was her boy toy as he was with Tess, Rebecca, Hannah and that he knew she wouldn’t marry him. Brennan has grown to love Booth at the highest level of love: agape — unselfish unconditional. She also has philos ( soul mate.deep friendship and eros — sexual, but not real love. Brennan’s mother died when she was 15. be sure to see ‘A Shot in the Dark’ season 8. you will find her hangups to have started when she was a stubbord, unattractive child unaccepted by her peers but her real abandment came with her mother and Russ.

  2. Catherine says:

    Yes, I am more than ready for Pelant to be taken down but still not sure I’m tuning in Monday, I don’t enjoy seeing B&B in total misery, I can wait one more week to return to Bones. Ya, I know, I’m a wimp, but it’s just not my thing. I dont enjoy my guts being ripped out, for those who do, hope you enjoy the ep and I’m not being sarcastic.

  3. 1mars says:

    I see this as the evolution of Brennan, there was a time also when she went on national television and said she would never have children too but what annoys me the most is how the team turned on Booth. See, there’s a reason why companies discourage romance between workers, because peeps are adult enough to leave the personal stuff at home. Make no mistake, nobody cares about Booth and how he’s feeling, he’s only the one that wanted marriage since forever……instead, we get a pity party for Brennan. Let’s just get on to ep 2.

  4. 206episodesofBones says:

    Wow we are basically being given more or less everything anyone has b*****d and moaned about wanting and STILL people aren’t happy LOL!!!!!

    People who only want constant rainbows and unicorns have to realise that the show would not have lasted more than 3 years. Drama and angst make for good emotional storytelling and is something that David and Emily both excel at. Third party angst I can live without but watching two people in love fighting to stay together against the odds is manner from heaven for people like me. Can’t wait for the new season.

    • frankie707 says:

      I’ve come the realization that there seems to be a really large portion of humanity who seem to seek out things to complain about.

    • PEL says:

      As for myself I don’t complain about the angst itself, but about what is the angst, namely here, using Pelant for creating a barrier to their relationship. This seems forced and only there to create artificial barrier for the evolution of the relationship. I was very happy when the challenge and difficulties came from issues with Booth&Brennan, their doubts, problems , when it was two people that tried, and sometime fail, to love each other, to have a relationships.

    • Robin says:

      I agree–this proves the old adage that you can’t please everyone. No matter what Hart does, somebody is unhappy with the results! I love this show and I have enjoyed it all, even the Hannah episodes, because I saw that it was moving B&B forward to love and commitment. Pelant is a little over the top, true, but you almost have to have that in order to outfox B&B for any length of time. This new “big bad” sounds intriguing. And I, for one, plan to enjoy every episode this season, particularly if it ends up being the final season! I savor them all.

  5. aguachica35 says:

    Had Brennan not grown as much as she has, there wouldn’t even be any angst because she would have just picked up and left without looking back.

    From this clip it appears that things are already going to be back on track by the undercover (2nd) episode since they are being flirty and cute with each other in the kitchen when talking about Tony & Roxie.

  6. Lois says:

    In the last scene…..at the bar when everyone is happy. I wonder why Brennan is toasting with what looks like water? What does that mean?

  7. dolour says:

    I really am very happy that BONES is at season 9, the cast and crew do a wonderful job , looking forward to all episodes ; of course the Wedding will be a favorite. I do hope that there will be a 10;best wishes to all the BONES crew, past and present, great job :)

  8. MommaShae says:

    To JCK (way at the beginning): it doesn’t take ego to respond to the daycare saying your child bit some other child- the way she did. I’m a daycare provider and most patents naturally respond that same way. Lol

  9. Rita Sioros says:

    Wow, some great comments. I am really into Bones. I watch the reruns just to see what I have missed. This is a great show, cast, crew, writers(most of the time) and I can not wait until the wedding. The worst part is that they go off for Baseball and we have to wait again.
    That is the part I get tired of. Emily & David do a wonderful job with the parts they are given.
    Personally, I like more romance but I will take what I can get. To me that is the only let down since it took them so long lusting for one another that it seams to be no big deal to them.

  10. Pauline Baker says:

    I am quite blown away by all your vast knowledge on Bones and Booth. I must add that a great love story does not just happen, it builds over the year. We could tell from season 1 that B&B would end up together.
    Part of the reason we find these two characters so intriguing is the chemistry that David and Emily shares. They seems to care about each other and it come through on the show.
    I agree that the writing do not always do them justice, but no matter what, the ending of each episode always find then looking and longing. They say the eyes is a window to the soul, so I think Booth knew how he felt about Brennan, but was always afraid if he made his feeling known to her she would run away. Brennan on the other hand cared for Booth, but was unaware of the depth of those feeling until she felt like Booth was getting too serious with Hannah.
    We saw her naked reaction, in the Woman in the Cave, in the episode she admitted that she has dreams about being with Booth. And the end scene in the same episode after Booth and Hannah left her in the bar she seem so sad.
    I love where they two people are in the relationship; they have changed but not a lot. Brennan still sees things in a scientific sort of way. Matters of the heart still confuse her, but the one underlying thing in her life that has stayed true over 8 seasons is Booth unconditional love and respect for her.
    I too would like to see a little more affection between the two, (Hart if you read these post) however we must remember this is not a show about falling in love it’s still about solving murders.
    We have not seen Christine so far this season; I hope she will be part of her parents wedding. Also it would be fun to see Angela and Hodgins son again, I hope he is not still lock away in the filing cabinet.
    The wedding episode will take place on Canada’s Thanksgiving Monday. The invitation has been sent out and the champagne has been purchase, we are ready for the wedding celebration to begin. To B&B…Cheers…

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  12. Kathleen Roos says:

    I have taken care to read all these comments, and I have enjoyed reading them everyone has a different point of view but in many way they agree. This is one of the best series that has ever come to TV I have collected every episode other than series 9 and that is not out in South Africa. I hope this carries on to at least 12… we shall see

  13. Sam says:

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