Post Mortem: Rookie Blue Boss Talks Andy's Romantic Future (With?!), Chloe's Secret & More

Rookie Blue Season 5 SpoilersWARNING: The following contains spoilers for Thursday’s season finale of Rookie Blue. If you have yet to watch, avert your eyes now. Everyone else, you may proceed…

Rookie Blue concluded its dramatic two-part Season 4 finale on Thursday night with a flurry of bullets.

With Sam shot, Andy immediately went to her ex-boyfriend’s side and spilled the secrets of her heart. But that doesn’t necessarily mean she and Nick are done, reveals executive producer Tassie Cameron.

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Read on for more scoop about the love triangle’s future, Gail’s coming out and Chloe’s surprise husband.

TVLINE | Years of TV watching tell me that Sam’s probably not dead.
Well, you know. [Laughs] He’s not dead at the end of the episode, so that’s good. There’s much more to be said and done with Sam. No, he’s not dead.

TVLINE | Did Andy definitively choose between Sam and Nick?
Andy was speaking from her heart [in the ambulance], and she was thinking of it as a choice at that moment. She’s always been a very intuitive character, and she’s acting on her intuition. It’s really clear to us and to Nick, even if it’s not clear to her yet, that there’s a lot of unfinished business with that relationship [with Sam].

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TVLINE | It seemed like Nick was giving her permission and letting her go. Like in a way, he was almost breaking up with her.
We love the character of Nick Collins, and we wanted him to be noble. He’s a smart guy, and if he has a chance with Andy, it’s got to be with all the cards on the table. He wants her to do what’s right for her, because he’s a good person. So we were trying to construct an episode where both men want the best for her. Sam doesn’t exactly take a bullet for Nick, but they both make big sacrifices in this episode.

Rookie Blue Season 4 SpoilersTVLINE | So is the love triangle not finished? Is it going to be explored more next season?
We don’t know yet. I haven’t decided. Are love triangles ever really finished? I’m not sure yet how we’re going to structure it.

TVLINE | I think I interpreted the ending a little differently than I was supposed to.
I wonder if the ending is going to be a bit of a Rorschach test. People will see what they want to see. It will be really interesting to see the response, because I think that the Sam-and-Andy lovers will see it as definitive, and the Nick Collins lovers will see there’s still a door open, which is kind of what we wanted.

TVLINE | The Sam/Andy fans are really passionate, but there’s also viewers who, like Andy, were unexpectedly charmed by Nick. Going into the finale, how difficult was it for you to decide where you were going to leave Andy romantically?
We always knew that this is where we were heading this season. As I said, there is unfinished business between Sam and Andy. There is an incredibly strong, passionate primal thing between them. We were going to get there, at least emotionally, by the end of this season. That was by design.

It was really difficult, even though we knew where we were headed. It’s not just the audience. The writing room is divided. Half of us are passionate Sam-and-Andy lovers, half of us loved Nick and Andy. It’s quite interesting, and we really did set ourselves the goal this season of trying to build a viable, interesting alternative to the Sam-and-Andy relationship… We were exploring, as writers, whether it’s true: Can you have loved somebody like Sam and then fall in love with a different kind of person? Is that possible? If so, what does it look like?

TVLINE | One of the things Andy really values in Nick is his openness, whereas with Sam, there were a lot of issues that they did not talk about. Is there going to be a conversation next season addressing all of that?
Yeah. I think there needs to be. Again, a lot of our own theories on love, honesty, openness and relationships are getting played out in these episodes. But while the secret and mysterious love affair is a very, very passionate one, and a very sexy one, it has to go to the next level. She learns that from her situation with Nick. If anything with Sam is going to work, they’re going to have to get a little more open and a little more honest with each other.

Rookie Blue Season 5 SpoilersTVLINE | That moment when Gail introduced Holly to Chris and her brother, was that her way of coming out to them?
I think so. There’s probably lots more to be done on that. I don’t think just introducing somebody is enough. There’s probably a lot more challenges ahead of her on that. But yes, we were trying to explore the idea, in this episode, that in times of great chaos and stress, the truth is sometimes revealed to people about themselves or about their relationships, about their heart and souls.

TVLINE | The other big surprise in the episode was Chloe’s husband showing up. Is there a reason why he and Chloe never got divorced?
Chloe seems like the kind of person who might just start to forget about it. I don’t know yet. What interested us about that was that we always knew from the beginning with Chloe that she was going to present herself as an open book, but she was going to have something really, really big under the surface that she hasn’t told Dov. That was really fun for us to write that character, who [is like], “I’m an open book. It’s my brand,” [and] to know that they had a big secret coming up that was going to be revealed and make Dov look at this woman and say, “Do I even know you?”

Rookie Blue fans, stay tuned to TVLine for more scoop about Season 5!

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  1. lady_f says:

    I totally agree that Nick/Andy lacks passion. They are good friends but very terrible lovers….am with Sam and Andy all the way…I hope S5 show their relationship evolving and a romantic proposal :)

  2. Danielle and Sheree says:

    The writers and producers would be so stupid to not put Andy and Sam together, as me and my sister have watched seasons 1-4 in a week, we are completely obsessed, the chemistry and love has only grown stronger between andy and sam throughout the series, they are meant to be & the writers hopefully know that, Mcswarek for life! Andy and Sam are perfect for each other! They need to grow as a couple in season 5 and maybe meet Sam’s family a proposal or a baby boy named Jerry… For Andy and Sam to not end up together would be a huge disappointment and I think Rookie blue would lose alot of support and viewers. They couldn’t be with anyone else it just wouldn’t work! Hope we get to see them together forever!

  3. Kristy (Greece) says:

    Hello there! I came across this tv series last weekend! I like that there is a more human approach to the characters than in other detective series.
    Now about the gay theme, ulikely to some other comments, I think that this a positive touch. There aren’t only straight people and this is extremely helpful for teenegers and young people who are discovering their sexuality, to realise that being gay is not wrong.

  4. I am a loyal fan i have been there from Season 1, i just about stopped watching season four when you put Andy and Nick together, but you gave me hope that the two Sam and Andy will go back together they belong together seriously Rookie Blue is them from Season 1 when she arrested him, please don’t separate them. This is real love he comes to her side the minute anything happens, if for any reason she is hurt or stuck in a burning fire, or holding a bomb he is ready and willing to die for her. Maybe the man has always been hurt by woman he has hard time to commit to a relationship because he doesn’t now where to start come on there are some woman out there that are doing to men what they have done to woman. Please give them the chance they are so good together. I started watching this show with my spouse who had cancer unfortunately he died so i am still watching as for i love the show and all the characters but i have had enough death in my family, so please don’t kill there love TOO. Anxiously awaiting the new season .

  5. amyohio says:

    All the way from Nigeria I’m rooting for Andy and Sam. Please don’t disappoint me in S5!

  6. Hativka Alkaim Martins says:

    Considering that Sam does not open up much to Andy, thats one If his personalities that needs a change. Coz they are good together and can be seen there is feelings involved. Nick is a wonderful guy, but Nick and Gail are great together.

  7. Pinkie Oosthuizen says:

    When do the next season start

  8. Nur Aziera says:

    Gail and Dov MUST BE TOGETHER…!!!

  9. bradleyspeck says:

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  10. vanessa says:

    I was completely obsessed with Sam & Andy, I hated when they broke up…and then comes sweet Nick, holy molly did I underestimate him, he completely won me over!!!Him & Andy wereso freakin sweet together!!! All of a sudden Sam’s love didn’t seem good enough anymore!!!

    • Pam D says:

      I agree that Nick and Andy were sweet together but there is only one person for Andy and that is Sam. They both love each other and there is a true spark between them from day one. Sam has always looked out for her and no matter what he cares about Andy more than he does about himself. It has to be Sam and Andy, Andy and Sam, Sam and Andy!!! We have been waiting for them to be happy as a couple since the first season. Let’s get to it early in Season 5 and let the blossom and try to be “normal”. Sam has never stopped loving Andy. It’s time for them both to be together, they deserve it.

  11. Deea says:

    I really like RB! I started to watch this show from season 1 because I love this characters. Nice show, with nice people. I like Sam and Andy’s story. They have passion, they love each other. They have some difficulties but that happens in every relationship. I also like Gail, so sarcastic and troubled girl. Kinda felt wrong to ruin a frienship and make Nick and Andy lovers. They look more like brothers to me.
    So, can’t wait to see season 5, I’m totally rooting for Sam&Andy
    Greeting from Europe

  12. brittney says:

    Nick and Andy are best for eachother, sam and andy got annoying and nick was actually supportive, and actually liked her and didn’t seem just to get board with her!

  13. May says:

    It’s just a story that some one writing up. So don’t imagine what you’re like too much and just think about fact. Sam has changed his mind and go to Marlo even it was not Andy fault. But Nick had broke up with Gail because of her fault. She had cheating on him. Nick is realized how Andy is and love her the way she is. So Nick & Andy are worth and matched to each other. Not Sam at all. Even I like Same a lot at the beginning. But he had shown how he is on the season 3 which unforgiving especially, when he asked Andy to help Marlo out of the situation on episode 11. I’m confirmed and insisting the writer just let Nick go with Andy at this season 5. Thanks.

  14. maria says:


    • Amie says:

      Well aren’t we being harsh! First, it’s a story. An excellent one, that we the viewers pick sides, love them, hate them and count the months for the next season. But at the end of the day, who are we to call anyone “sluts” or disagree about whom a person should be with. In some ways, women are always trying to prove themselves. If Sam, ex: was with a nurse(season 1) and always had a thing for Andy but never said a thing…that’s not her fault. Then not only does Luke chest but Sam always kept her at a distance. He likes control. But he screws it up over and over. But she finally finding herself on her own, her terms. So In comes Nick. The “break-up buddie) a friend first but also is man enough to say a/or show his feelings. So it does not make her a slut….it makes her human! Are you saying that you haven’t dated or been hurt or betrayed? Haven’t you ever wondered how guys can sleep with lots a women and he’s (The Man) but if a women does she is labeled? I love the dinamics of Andy and Sam. Just when you think it’s simple, it’s complicated! Plus in 4 seasons, what do we know about Sam? He lived in Scarborough. He stole but from a cop who cared, he changed and became a cop. He loves Andy but pushes her away. But he doesn’t want some else for her. Then there’s Nick. Opposite of Sam. Shows her, tells her and then breaking his own heart, a gentleman, let’s Andy go to be with Sam at the hospital. Wow so if this makes her a slut, where do I sign up?!

  15. Julia says:

    I agree that Andy and Sam should end up together. There always seems to be a genuine concern between each of them through out the show. Sam actually reminds me of my high school sweet heart, that ended up being an officer.

  16. Stephanie says:

    I live Sam and Andy! I think their relationship is true and very real, like most relationships in the real world! I beleive their love is so strong and thats why they are constantly drawn toward eachother is many if not all kinds of situations good or bad! I think he needs to propose to her already!!!! ;-)

  17. cuesee says:

    I’m bored with Andy-Sam, Andy-Nick. I used to like Andy but I’m bored now..dunno why. I stop staring at the TV when its their scene. sorry.

  18. Alex says:

    I can’t believe we are gonna replay andy and swarek, I loved them the first time round but swarek is an emotionally retarded, cliched unavailable man. He lost his chance on the oother hand Nick and Andy were by far my favorite couple on tv. Nick was everything Swarek could never be, for the love of god please dont make me sit through a rehash of swarek and Andy and their drama. Please please let Andy character not fall into the lame sterotypical trap so many real life women fall for, HE WILL NEVER CHANGE! no matter how much you love him! Andy and Nick all the way!!!!!!!

  19. please dont split andy and sam they are a lovley couple they knw how one another think and they realy have strong chemistry between them

  20. alyaly says:

    hi love sam and andy together to much when i see them back together that was the happys days came back .nick needs to see andy has a friend only because that what they where
    and northing more. marlos baby should be luke or nick they should be playing a game with marlo to get the one they love back and to break andy and sam up for good but the true comes out and i hope it dose not work sam and andy belong together always have and always will and ever and ever. they should get married it the season to so no one can break them up again. they all should go way together and sam and andy get married why they are away because there love this true and always will be.sam needs andy as much as she need him and i hope oliver help them out. with the wedding traci and steve need to make up so dose chloe and dov . oliver tell them they are all going away for a few days to see if he can get them back together with a lots of help from his girlfriend .please no more love trains with sam and andy there has bin to many now just put andy and sam together and keep them together i ready hope they get there happy ending together they are the best ones on the show and then you can more on to one of the other couples how have some good and bad new and keep sam and andy out of it. nick and andy where only friends and only friends but sam and andy where true love forever.and also nick needs to date someone he can tell his story to but not gail or andy or chloe and traci he needs some one new

  21. Jean m collins says:

    Does Sam die?

  22. Courtney says:

    Personally I love the way it has turned out for Gail. Somehow you could feel it would lead to this as her character has developed over time it is true that she hasn’t turned out well with guys she has dated. Like when we saw her with holly and they were playing baseball you can see her connected well with holly. Maybe she couldn’t connect as well with nick? Now we see a different side of gail.