Post Mortem: Rookie Blue Boss Talks Andy's Romantic Future (With?!), Chloe's Secret & More

Rookie Blue Season 5 SpoilersWARNING: The following contains spoilers for Thursday’s season finale of Rookie Blue. If you have yet to watch, avert your eyes now. Everyone else, you may proceed…

Rookie Blue concluded its dramatic two-part Season 4 finale on Thursday night with a flurry of bullets.

With Sam shot, Andy immediately went to her ex-boyfriend’s side and spilled the secrets of her heart. But that doesn’t necessarily mean she and Nick are done, reveals executive producer Tassie Cameron.

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Read on for more scoop about the love triangle’s future, Gail’s coming out and Chloe’s surprise husband.

TVLINE | Years of TV watching tell me that Sam’s probably not dead.
Well, you know. [Laughs] He’s not dead at the end of the episode, so that’s good. There’s much more to be said and done with Sam. No, he’s not dead.

TVLINE | Did Andy definitively choose between Sam and Nick?
Andy was speaking from her heart [in the ambulance], and she was thinking of it as a choice at that moment. She’s always been a very intuitive character, and she’s acting on her intuition. It’s really clear to us and to Nick, even if it’s not clear to her yet, that there’s a lot of unfinished business with that relationship [with Sam].

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TVLINE | It seemed like Nick was giving her permission and letting her go. Like in a way, he was almost breaking up with her.
We love the character of Nick Collins, and we wanted him to be noble. He’s a smart guy, and if he has a chance with Andy, it’s got to be with all the cards on the table. He wants her to do what’s right for her, because he’s a good person. So we were trying to construct an episode where both men want the best for her. Sam doesn’t exactly take a bullet for Nick, but they both make big sacrifices in this episode.

Rookie Blue Season 4 SpoilersTVLINE | So is the love triangle not finished? Is it going to be explored more next season?
We don’t know yet. I haven’t decided. Are love triangles ever really finished? I’m not sure yet how we’re going to structure it.

TVLINE | I think I interpreted the ending a little differently than I was supposed to.
I wonder if the ending is going to be a bit of a Rorschach test. People will see what they want to see. It will be really interesting to see the response, because I think that the Sam-and-Andy lovers will see it as definitive, and the Nick Collins lovers will see there’s still a door open, which is kind of what we wanted.

TVLINE | The Sam/Andy fans are really passionate, but there’s also viewers who, like Andy, were unexpectedly charmed by Nick. Going into the finale, how difficult was it for you to decide where you were going to leave Andy romantically?
We always knew that this is where we were heading this season. As I said, there is unfinished business between Sam and Andy. There is an incredibly strong, passionate primal thing between them. We were going to get there, at least emotionally, by the end of this season. That was by design.

It was really difficult, even though we knew where we were headed. It’s not just the audience. The writing room is divided. Half of us are passionate Sam-and-Andy lovers, half of us loved Nick and Andy. It’s quite interesting, and we really did set ourselves the goal this season of trying to build a viable, interesting alternative to the Sam-and-Andy relationship… We were exploring, as writers, whether it’s true: Can you have loved somebody like Sam and then fall in love with a different kind of person? Is that possible? If so, what does it look like?

TVLINE | One of the things Andy really values in Nick is his openness, whereas with Sam, there were a lot of issues that they did not talk about. Is there going to be a conversation next season addressing all of that?
Yeah. I think there needs to be. Again, a lot of our own theories on love, honesty, openness and relationships are getting played out in these episodes. But while the secret and mysterious love affair is a very, very passionate one, and a very sexy one, it has to go to the next level. She learns that from her situation with Nick. If anything with Sam is going to work, they’re going to have to get a little more open and a little more honest with each other.

Rookie Blue Season 5 SpoilersTVLINE | That moment when Gail introduced Holly to Chris and her brother, was that her way of coming out to them?
I think so. There’s probably lots more to be done on that. I don’t think just introducing somebody is enough. There’s probably a lot more challenges ahead of her on that. But yes, we were trying to explore the idea, in this episode, that in times of great chaos and stress, the truth is sometimes revealed to people about themselves or about their relationships, about their heart and souls.

TVLINE | The other big surprise in the episode was Chloe’s husband showing up. Is there a reason why he and Chloe never got divorced?
Chloe seems like the kind of person who might just start to forget about it. I don’t know yet. What interested us about that was that we always knew from the beginning with Chloe that she was going to present herself as an open book, but she was going to have something really, really big under the surface that she hasn’t told Dov. That was really fun for us to write that character, who [is like], “I’m an open book. It’s my brand,” [and] to know that they had a big secret coming up that was going to be revealed and make Dov look at this woman and say, “Do I even know you?”

Rookie Blue fans, stay tuned to TVLine for more scoop about Season 5!

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  1. Miranda says:

    I love andy and sam together… i love how everytime she get hurt sam is always with her and makes the whole episode better!!

    • Joanne says:

      I have been reading how almost everyone loves Andy and Sam together. But Sam jeopardized Andy’s jobe by asking her to help Marlo (even though he knows how much Andy loves her job) He was all over Marlo when she said she needed space and then turned to Andy when he saw she was with Nick. Even though the chemistry is great between Andy and Sam it doesn’t mean they should be together. Andy and Nick all the way.

    • pauli117 says:

      yeeeess sam fall in love to Andy an Andy fall in love to Sam and they have to be together

  2. Steph says:

    First of all, people please stop calling Andy a whore!! She’s slept with THREE people, not the whole of 15 Division, and it’s not like she was cheating on anyone! And I don’t understand how you can think Nick/Andy is incestuous. Do you even understand what incest is? It’s when two people are related! Andy and Nick are not.

    Anyway, here are my thoughts: I originally did like Andy and Sam together, but after seeing her and Nick, I’m totally rooting for them instead. Yes, Andy and Sam have great chemistry and passion and all that but passion does fade, whereas friendship, honesty and trust does not. Nick would never ask Andy to go against her beliefs to cover for someone and potentially lose her job if she was find out – Sam seemed incredibly inconsiderate this season when he asked her to do that, especially after she was suspended for being with him in season…2? I can’t quite remember when, but you’d think that after that he would think about her a little more, but clearly not.

    The Sam/Andy relationship is just getting kind of old now. It’s always back and forth, back and forth and is driving me nuts. It reminds me of the relationships I had in my teenage years, whereas the Nick/Andy relationship is more grown up and mature; they don’t keep secrets from each other. And don’t forget that Sam hasn’t changed, when he found out that Andy told Nick about Marlo, he seemed annoyed. “You told him?!” That to me signifies that he is still not willing to be open and honest or let anyone in.

    As for Gail being gay…I don’t buy it. I’m still hoping for a Chris/Gail reunion (or Peckstein, because they were super adorable together and I don’t think they really got the screen time they deserved. Plus I never really liked Chloe and Dov together – and I honestly think she might die if she doesn’t get the surgery – speaking as someone who had a bleed on the brain; surgery saved my life).

    Also as a last note, I really hope they bring Luke back into it full time. He’s still the best cop there (especially since Jerry died) and he brings a lot to the show!

    • Nik says:

      This is the best comment, seriously. Andy and Nick are the couple to watch for, for exactly those reasons. Dysfunction is fun to watch maybe for one season, but a whole freaking FOUR SEASONS of it? Yeah, it’s time to get out. Andy/Nick was such a breath of fresh air for this show.

      And yes…I’m also still holding out hope for some Peckstein hehe.

    • newwave89 says:

      Oh and congrats on surviving your brain surgery!!

  3. Darren says:

    Do u ppl hear yourselves?!?! It is sad the way u waste ur time obsessing over a TV SHOW! This is NOT reality! Wow

  4. Steph says:

    Why are you even here reading the comments then if it’s such a waste of time?

  5. Linzi says:

    McSwarek all the way!!! They must be together he is her story!! C’mon people this programme from the start was based in their love story and and still is.
    When Sam left Andy and they both tried to move on I was devastated I was like no…no….no it’s Andy and Sam!!
    Who cares who did what to who there passion and drama kept us gripped! Then Nick came along and yeah it was good to see Andy grow and become happier bt I think it’s something she would have done with or without nick. Nicks a nice guy but he’s not the one for Andy, Sam is! The whole story line has been Andy and Sam from The 1st episode and that’s what has kept us gripped!
    I don’t think her relationship with nick as a bad thing but more a necessary thing to enable McSwarek to come together again!
    Team McSwarek!! <3

  6. Linzi says:

    I defo think McSwarek should finally get together and have a good adult relationship in s5 and allow other characters to take the lime light, like dov and Gail and Chris!
    Gail is amazing she is my fav female character with her sarcasm and bitchiness! If they bring her into s5 as all fluffy and in love it will ruin her character!

  7. hisbeauty says:

    I first off do not like the lesbian crap in this series, it is for the birds.. I know many will and have dropped this series because the sexual perversion it advertises, Myself included. It would be nice if just one producers appeal to those who do not want the crap that other networks are selling.

  8. name 1 says:

    I think that Gail and Holly are great together. Becouse if she can’t fully love a man and keep him and she never really love love a man the what do that tell you she’s. My favorite too
    so I don’t agree whit all of you that says that she should whit a man so I like Holly she what she needs and besize in real life aver body is not straight and the most unexpected person can be gay or lesbian

  9. name 1 says:

    I think no body have a right to say that gay and lesbian should not be apart of this show. I think you guys don’t Have the right to limited Gail character for yell selfish ways. Who says that gays and staight shouldn’t have a place on TV

  10. JINX says:

    PECKSTEIN DAMMIT!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. T says:

    I believe if you have watched the show like I have from the beginning then you would much rather see Sam and Andy together. They have had great chemistry from the very first episode and now we need to see them have a real relationship instead of this back and forth. We need to see them grow as a couple without any interruptions kind of like we did with Nash and Jerry until the tragedy. I like Nick but not with Andy. The chemistry is not there. They look more like friends when they are together. Sam and Andy all the way!!

  12. castalia says:

    too many romance story in season 4…bring back Luke in the next season (full episode please!!!)…he makes the story not boring….

  13. Caaren says:

    OMG. i just fall in love with mccollins and haven’t seen the last episode yet and saw your comments and it breaks my heart that mcnally choose sam over nick. nick is the best, i really like him. sam is move on to another women while andy still want him back even though they’re separated for 6 months and when she backs, sam told marlo that he moved on, andy was his past. And finally Nick fall in love with andy and andy seems so happy and glowing ( like some of her friends said ) and he brings out the best for andy. And then finally in the end they break up and leaving nick broken heart. i feel so depressed right now. Why?????? WHY???? BOTH Of them choosed to move on!!!!!! Andy please you’ve already broken heart from luke and sam. choose nick!! he’s the best, i think both of you will be fine and please stop the drama about love. it breaks my heart. gonna cry, I hate it!! i hope andy isnt over with nick! they are perfect for each other!!! Sam you choosed marlo so please leave andy with nick.

    • Joanne says:

      What is Sam going to do about Marlo since her illness has been discovered – is he going to dump her because ‘s not perfect. It seems Sam runs when he has to deal with anything. Andy stay with Nick he has more guts than Sam could ever have.

  14. Lisa gray says:

    Sam an andy bored ov it!!!! Luv nic an andy its sumat new. Fed up ov boring sam an andy saga its wel ran its corse let it go!!!!

  15. Lisa gray says:

    If sam an andy get bak 2gether then mite aswel finish the show cos its all it revolves bout lately giv us sumat new! Team nick al the way:-)

  16. bristow3269 says:

    .I’m sorry but for the love of god, no more Andy & Nick that needs to be over. I would like to see a definitive end to that relationship in season five. Yes, Tassie love triangles do eventually have to come to an end. You and the rest of the Rookie Blue writing team spent all of this season racking us poor mcswarek shippers over the coals. It is time for you and the writers to make good on what you have said in your twitter postings and interviews. We stuck around for this season, and we had faith even though we were hanging on by our finger nails bring Sam & Andy back together to let Nick find a new love interest the sooner the better.

    • Pam D says:

      Eloquently put. I agree that the fans have held on for all of Season 4… no more Andy & Nick that needs to be over. After watching the whole season, I was finally satisfied that the writers were delivering what they had promised from the beginning of the show in Season 1. It has to be Andy and Sam and it needs to happen in Season 5.

  17. Hungarian fans says:

    Nick and Andy forever!

  18. Gerry says:

    There is not other end to this but Sam and Andy, the looks, the touches, the smiles, nothing matches that. Nick was a diversion, just as Marlo was, Andy knew it all along, and if Nick were honest, he knew it too.

  19. pauli117 says:

    se tieene q quedar con sam toda la temporada y casi toda se conocen desde el prier capitulo hay tension y solo estan unos capituos juntos vaaa hombree!! SAAM FOREVER

  20. jamie says:

    LOVE TEAM ANDY AND NICK!!!! I was all about sam and andy but for some reason I fell in love with andy and nick on season 4 I hope she ends up with him sam can just have marlo shes pretty but boring!!!!!!…..

  21. Deb says:

    Nick is the best man for Andy. They are equals, trust each other, are open, have fun together, and have a relationship based on friendship. Whenever Andy is with Sam she becomes “That Girl”, which is just a shadow of who she could be. I hope the writers take a chance in S5 and let Andy get over Sam once and for all. Then we will be able to see Andy become her own person and learn to have faith in herself and her abilities w.o. having to constantly prove herself to Sam. That has gotten really old after so many seasons.

  22. maria fk says:

    i think if andy and sam are coming together for ever it´ll be boring ´cause sam and andys “relationship” or not “relationship” is the mittle of rookie blue ofcourse they should be together but not so early i think it should go on a bit like now sam/andy nick/andy. maybe she and luke have a change to talk what were going on in the past and maybe they have a change it should be a thing of sam/andy nick/andy and luke/andy and at the end sam and andy come togther that would be very awesome



  23. My Email says:

    Put Sam and Andy together and keep them that way. Nick is wrong for Andy. Please move him along to someone else.

  24. NORARO says:

    Bonjour, je suis de la Nouvelle Calédonie, une petite ile dans le Pacifique. Bref, voilà pour vous dire que je suis de tout coeur avec Nick et Andy, un couple parfait. Eh voudrais retrouver dans la saison 5, Andy et Nick sans pour autant que Sam doit quitter l’unité 15. Merci et espère que mon petit commentaire fera objet de la suite de la saison Rockie Blue YEahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

  25. alex says:

    I like this show and i like see the episodes in english because in italy we have only the two season not in pay tv and for me waiting the italian tv that transmitted the episodes was t errible.but for the character,i like the couple luke andy and luke for me is the best cop in the story,sam is a very complicated man but with andy is ever indefined he would her he didnt would so if you would stay with her be serious.i hope than in the next season sam and andy or stay defintevely or they break out definetevely and andy stay with nick not so bad their relationship bu nick needs more space in the story,i dont understand why luke stay in second plane and i hope stay in first plane next season.finally clhoe e dov story it‘s a caos i hope she stay fine and explain the real situation.gail lesbian it is strange but it can be functionally because chris for me had other objetive and the last nash stay with peck brother and leave the 15 division i think his character is done and in the story she hadn t no more to do

  26. Sera says:

    I love Andy and Nick, I personally think that belong together because they have these connection. They are just right for each other when they went under cover and how they have connected with each other and Nick had this crazy crush on Andy that he knew in his heart that she was the one for him. Deep down in Andy’s heart, she also knew that Nick was the one for her. So it is time that Sam is out picture and her life because she seen to be happy with Nick.

    • Joanne says:

      I agree Nick understands how much Andy’s job means to her and what makes her happy Sam decided after he knew Andy was with Nick how much he cared but he still let her put her job in jeparody.

  27. Pamela says:

    Nick and Andy forever!!!!!!!!!

  28. Lady TD says:

    I think Sam is an arrogant, selfish S.O.B. He does not deserve Andy, Andy belongs with Nick. They such a good fit, both are extremely amazing and caring people. And Sam was the retard that let her go, cause he was selfish. Sam moved on with his life, I despise him, and ladies think about it, would you like to be with a guy that think the sun shines out his but? Sam and Marlo suite each other, They are compatible, and as for Andy and Nick, the most perfect couple!

  29. lantabella says:

    honestly, i thought Nick and Andy where amazing together. When she was with Sam i was like “oh my goodness they are amazing together, sam and andy 4 life” and what not what not. But when i see Andy and Nick, it seems to me that theres something more. I love Sam you know, but its life………… I think they are amazing together. Stacey and Steve!!! Oh my gosh i could just die – they are just too amazing together. I dont mind Holly and Gail together – its watevZ. Celery and Oliver are too cute:D im excited to see whats gonna happen in S5, i hope its good. Oh yeah!!! Chloe and this husband business i dont even know what to think about that, i can say that i prefer Dov though………

    • Joanne says:

      I agree 100% with all of your comments – I watched from the beginning and loved Andy and Sam but there is nothing better than a relationship with a good friend and someone that watches your back – Nick does that for Andy. Sam has gotten her into all kinds of trouble – even though he knows how much being a cop means to her. He was even willing for her to get into trouble to save Marlo.

  30. Elisabeth says:

    If you’ve watched Rookie Blue from the first episode on, you’ve like developed a love for McSwarek and aren’t thrilled about the mcCollins relationship. If you’ve watched the characters develop and understand the background of Sam and how much he has grown and evolved since being tackled in that alley by McNally, you must realize how good they are together. Healthy relationships aren’t based on zero conflict, zero drama, puppy dogs and buttercups. They are built on growing and maturing together, pushing each other to be more, and respecting whatever that more is. Sam was willing to leave 15 to let Andy do all of that without him in the way. The place he’s spent his entire career and she’s barely begun. Things with Collins are too easy. Too little drama, too little spark, and I predict eventually that it won’t be enough for Andy. She will head straight back to where she always does when she’s searching for her ‘more.’
    Incidentally, I think the chemistry between Gail and Luke would be amazing. They both have the same strong willed, stubborn, assanine at times personalities and I think that would be explosive.
    But for the love of Gid could we please put Chris with someone deserving of him?

    • karabo zungu says:

      Hey I have watched the show from its inception and was never a fan of McSwarek as you call it. But more than anything I just want the writers to come to a decision either make them a couple or let’s move on. I don’t think I would be watching much of the show if they become a couple. I just find them absolutely annoying together and their so called growth is too predictable and boring (i.e. Swarek getting shot, the ambulance scene what a cliché been done to death). Their relationship feels too much like a high school teenage angst. But then again I was always for team Luke. No Luke and Gail don’t and would not work. Whereas in a twisted sort of Freudian way Nick and Gail did. He is the only guy who actually made Gail want to try to be “nice”.

  31. Elisabeth says:

    Apologies for my typos…I did not mean to use the valley girl form of like…that was supposed to be likely…and spell check corrected my use of the Lord’s name in vain. Sorry about that. :( also, don’t know where the last comments about Chris, Gail and Luke came from after my clear half page rant about McSwarek. I’m clearly going nuts during the hiatus!

  32. pat says:

    Is Suits and Rookie Blue coming back and when?

  33. aymee says:

    Sam et Andy sont fait l’un pour l’autre oui il n’est pas parfait mais personne ne l’est. elle s’ai mise avec Nick mais il sont des amis pas plus il se sont mis d’accord la dessus et qu’elle reparte avec Sam est pas la meilleur chose car il la laissée plusieurs fois mais il la fait pour la protéger

  34. karabo zungu says:

    Finale just played on Monday in SA. Of all the seasons this was the most disappointing one not just the finale but some episodes felt like fillers rather than episodes that advanced the storyline. Since I was always for team Luke. I don’t want Andy and Swarek to be a couple, but also because I’m just sick and tired of the back and forth drama between them.

    Dear writers of Rookie Blue its been four seasons stop playing chicken either make them a couple or let’s move on (personally I prefer that we move on from the McSwarek melodrama). Decide already.

    But I can’t wait for the next season just to see the Dov love triangle and hopefully this time we get a proper resolution and not another Crystal Marks (can’t remember the girl’s name) debacle. Traci and Steve Peck relationship (Traci does deserve some joy after the Jerry tragedy)and hopefully the writers will come to their senses in regards to this lesbian thing with Gail. That’s just darn irritating especially if Nick might be single.

    How annoying was Nick’s gallant attitude giving Andy his “blessing” to be with Swarek. Serves him right, although for dumping Gail for Andy. Friends don’t do that. PERIOD

    One good thing about this season was the similarities between the Peck siblings. Good writing there.

  35. Cam says:

    I am a bit lost when people say that the Gail and Holly relationship is ridiculous or such other negative comments. If people paid close attention to the character Gail there were lots of clues as to what was/is going on with her:

    1) Had it ever occurred that there was a deeper reason as to why she has chewed up and spat out every guy she has dated and not just the obvious ones either (Nick and Chris). Her ‘series’ of blind dates (although one was shown on screen, the others were spoken of in dialogue between Gail and Tracy) she wasn’t feeling it at all with them. One of the most stark references to this is said to Holly in the Episode ‘Friday the 13th’. “Holly, I’m like a cat, I’m very good at climbing trees and the minute I get up there, I have no idea what to do. I want to get down but I have no idea how to do that. So, I create an emergency situation to get out of it”….’ of relationships’. And that was before Holly said she was gay!

    Also on this note. You don’t spill a very large portion of your soul to someone you have just met without having a connection.

    2) I have never seen in any episode or season whereby Gail is ‘doubled over’ with laughter with any guy. Sure, she has laughed but not like in the episode ‘What I lost’ in the batting cage with Holly. Gail is genuinely comfortable and genuinely happy.

    3) Gail also makes statement to Chloe “You’re not afraid to be yourself”….I understand why Gail feels like you ‘can’t be herself’ – she comes from a prestigious line of police men/women. Being a ‘Peck’ and gay….wow what would mother think!!!? lol. Something no doubt Gail will have to deal with in the coming seasons.

    4) Holly actually gets Gail effortlessly. Throughout the seasons it seems that all of the guys she has dated just don’t get her sense of humour/sarcasm. They either react in one of two ways. a) Silence – no comeback b) offence taken – and feel that they have to ‘big themselves up’ in a ‘manly’ way to compensate. Holly, just rolls with it and comes right back at gail sometimes, and finds it somewhat amusing. I think Holly actually truly gets Gail with minimal effort. No having to overly explain what is going on inside.

    It is interesting that some people have commented that if the character Gail ‘goes down the Gay road’ they will stop watching. Really? Charlotte Sullivan herself said from day one she thought her character was gay. It has taken four seasons for the character for the ‘penny to drop’ about things.

    Relationships are about what is good/right/comfortable for the soul. A good and healthy relationship be it straight/gay should feel like a shoe. Comfortable. Gail seems comfortable….dare I say…HAPPY. Roll on Season 5.

  36. pat says:

    I haven’t even read the other post, but if you are going with a lesbian story line I won’t be watching this series. I know I’m only on person but why is it that this society feels it necessary to throw this immoral behavior at the tv audience. There are young impressionable people watching these shows. We started watching Chicago Fire and they had to throw that out there too.

  37. Non.everything says:

    i love it how almost every tv show creates two “team.” swarek and andy or nick and andy here. to be perfectly honest i never liked swarek period. although i can see the appeal, i don’t feel it. and from episode 1, i knew swarek and andy are going to be a thing. for a while. which it has been. four seasons and counting they have dragged this relationship around. why does (almost every) tv show find it necessary to focus soo much on the relationships (although important), which necessarily requires there to be drama so that it doesn’t get boring. if they focused a bit (not totally) more on the actual police work they could relax with the drama. although it creates these ships and a lot of talk, it cannot last that long. series like Criminal Minds, the mentalist, house,white collar, flash point, psych, leverage and so on, last that long because they can focus on something else and don’t need to rely on love triangles to keep the story going. as much as i like to ship a couple and love to see the back and forth and the tension when they are almost, but not quite, together is great (like Damon and Elena- TVD, Zoe and Wade – Hart of Dixie, Nick and Jess – New Girl). if they eventually get together, i like to see them stay together without the writers introducing more drama that pulls them apart again. love triangles only work so long and it doesn’t mean that if a couple has been together for some time that they have to break up to make it interesting. what was all that drama for then? sometimes i get it, but other times it’s like “give me a break”.

    as for Andy and Nick. when he first came to the show i was like he is so cute, but Gail, really? i just didn’t see how they fit. gail is very moody (i love her character so don’t get me wrong), but it seems like she needs someone that calls her out on it. and Nick doesn’t seem like the type (not saying he is weak and can’t act against her, but just not the type that needs the drama and needs to constantly battle, even if friendly)
    i don’t know why he left her at the altar (or maybe they said it and i forgot), but when they did get back together, it was ok. not perfect fit, but good enough. and maybe because he went to Afghanistan he broke up with her because often those long distance relationships don’t work. no idea.
    with all that Swarek and andy drama, i got tired of it. even if i were a fan, i would have gotten tiered of it. when Nick helped Andy out after she just broke up with Swarek, i found those scenes great. i didn’t see hot burning love, but friendship. and when they went under cover for SIX MONTHS and together each day, is it that ridiculous to imagine that Nick developed feelings for her. it can be the case, that sometimes out of friendship, love (not platonic) appears. what a shocker, i know. but he didn’t make a move because he knew that she needed time to get over Swarek, if she ever would. he saw her with Swarek and knew that they had lots of unresolved issues. so he stayed with Gail, not his finest move i admit. although it seemed like Gail herself was not into the relationship as she thought she might be. i think after he left her at the altar they just grew apart and that could not go back the way it was, however it was, we don’t know. they still liked each other, but they were not there fully. maybe thats why Gail cheated. so Nick is not completely a victim, but that doesn’t make cheating ok. both could have broken up with each other, but they didn’t until that happened. Nick saw that he could not have Andy so he stayed with Gail, who he still liked. but compared to Andy, not so much.
    discussion has been over Nick going undercover. well Gail wanted to go to Paris for the summer alone and did not discuss it with Nick. if he took it as the perfect moment to also do something alone that would be true. and let’s not forget that being under cover is a job. he didn’t know, like Andy didn’t know if they would be chosen right away. and like andy’s mother said, stop adjusting your life to your partner’s and do something that you want. and how is it wrong that they want to excel in their career and not use this opportunity. officers know that if they would go under cover they could not say good bye. so that is a stupid reason to be mad about. partners have a right to be mad sure but that they didm;t say good bye is protocol and is not a personal insult. that they left in the first place would be. but andy wasn’t in a relationship at that time so she doesn’t owe an apology nor should she be guilty to take a step in her career. why do they act so unprofessional? because it is still a work place!
    wow this rant is longer than i expected. sorry.
    nick and andy are good. i loved how they looked happy with each other and how their relationship did not interfere with their professional life. i loved that they were open and how their relationship developed. for us it seems fast, but six months were skipped after all, so. and just because they don’t have drama doesn’t mean that they don’t have chemistry. they are mature, it’s not that teenage romance stuff, where you say i want to spend the rest of my life with you, only to realize that you have nothing in common once the honey moon phase is over. plus all that drama isn’t healthy and get’s old.
    and am i the only one to find Swarek to be too old for Andy and too set in his ways? not that she doesn’t have her flaws, but still.
    sorry for the typos, but i was in rant mood after reading literally all the comments on this page lol

    • Hungarian fan says:

      I think it is too big age gap between Andy and Swarek!!

    • Malyka says:

      I agree with everything you’ve said spot on. I have been thinking about Sam being too old for her but the main reason why I prefer Nick is because Sam is to set In his ways. But there is no one that can replace Andy for Sam (not yet), I’m settling myself up for disappointment by rooting for Nick and Andy. I guess well have to wait and see

  38. Ashley says:

    Sam and Andy all the way!!! After Andy said all that stuff to Sam, she can’t go back to Nick. I’ll lose respect for her. Nick and Andy were okay, but I did not feel anything. Why would Tassie tells us to hold out for Sam and Andy all season 4. We get a little piece in the last episode. And than in season 5, she goes a different route? That’s horrible. I mean in that case, what was the point of seasons 1 and 2? The person I understand the most in Rookie Blue is Sam. He’s my favorite character. I want to see Sam progress and evolve. I want to know more about his past. I want to meet his damn sister!!! His character grabs my attention. Ben Bass kills this role. I can’t wait til rookie blue comes back. No more love triangles. Writers need to get it right and finish what they put so much work in from the start. In the meantime, I’ll guess I read fanfiction. It’s crazy that only thing I see on fanfiction is mostly Sam/Andy and Holly/Gail. I like Holly and Gail. I can work with the relationship. Let’s go season 5! Don’t disappoint.

  39. Ferozah says:

    I agree with so many Andy/Sam comments. Nick is her break up buddie and they grew close when they were under cover. His the fun part that Sam isnt. However my heart still broker over the Luke & Andy saga. However I have to agree Andy having so many loves at the Precinct not cool. Maybe I’m old fashioned. Good luck to the writers I’m sure we in for some surprises and upset. Go Andy

  40. Jodie Ogle says:

    Love the show!! Just finished the 3rd season and I didn’t even know from watching season 4 on tv that Gail and Chris ever had a relationship. The episode where Jerry dies was so emotional I have never cried that much watching a tv show or movie and my twelve year old daughter watched and cried with me!! I just love the show it is my favorite, I hope they keep it on the air for years to come!!!!!!!!

  41. Malyka says:

    Love love love Rookie Blue. I love Andy and Sam together, most people would but I have to say I love Nick and Andy together more. They goof around they are best friends. the build up to their romance and every moment they have together gives me goose bumps and even though I always thought Sam and Andy have to end up together I was secretly hoping that shed hook up with Nick right from the moment Nick showed up even though he was with Gail. Anyway I’m rooting for Nick and Andy. I’ll be sad no matter who she chooses (choose Nick) :P. I love the suspense but it’s getting to the point where I’m getting over the back and forth routine between Sam and Andy. The writers should throw a curve ball and not be predictable, Nick is the all round better man.

    Just thought I’d add I always slotted Canadians with Americans I never got why Canadians hate being identified as yanks. But I won’t make that mistake again. Not that I hate yanks or anything but most of them are pretty annoying. I don’t know why but because of this show I’ve become more interested in Canadians they are much more likeable and better sense of humour. Beautifully constructed show with all they right elements love it.
    Aussie fan signing out peace

  42. yemi says:

    oh please please, sam and andy. I so love a good love story, always on edge waiting for sam and andy to get back together.

  43. zoozy zooo...♥♥♥ says:

    I think Andy and Sam beautiful couple. really want to see just the two of them together in the season fifth Nick is a great guy but two of them are not right for each other … McSwarek ….: DDDD

  44. Corey says:

    I’m totally for Sam & Andy.Plus I hope there will be some way to have Chloe wake up then down the line divorce her husband so she & Dov can try to get back on track.I also hope this season is better than last season because for some reason,the spark that was in th previous seasons just wasn’t there last season

  45. Rebecca M says:

    I want Nick and Andy to be together, I know Sam and her were good but I just have to think of what would really be best for Andy and that seems to be Nick. I know same and her love each other but their relationship has just been I don’t know rocky and that could be a good thing in some cases but for Andy I really don’t think it is. I believe she needs to be with Nick and some of you may disagree but they just seem like thee best par. And they do go for each other. I always say your best friends makes the best boyfriend or girlfriend

  46. Sahar says:

    In my country, we’re just finished the season3 and I don’t know when they show season 4, but I read it in web. From the first season, I watched it because of Sam and Andy. I love them together and I can’t stand it if Sam die or Andy be with someone else, even Nick. I love ” McSwarek “. Please please please

  47. I just can’t take anymore of Andy and Swarek, I swear.
    First of all I loved Andy with Luke, but then he cheated on her.
    That broke my heart and I started to considering Andy and Sam, because they have all this sex tension…. but them he screw up. I don’t hate that like I felt with Luke, but I also don’t liked… Them comes Nick… all hot, noble and full of war historys, and I just thought “This is a guy for Andy”.
    So I hope Sam be for Andy like that love that show you how loves is, but is no realy the person that makes you happy.

  48. Vivian says:

    Sam & Andy are like twilight, that deep intense love but never quite being 100% open with each other. My chest literally burns fire (not heartburn!) when I see them together on rookie blue. Nick, Nick should really be with Gail (fated) but he doesn’t know it. It is great to see that at last on TV love can be really painful and tear at our souls – however at least one true love happiness is desperately needed – my fingers crossed for Sam and Andy..(sorry Gail, I love your character too!!!)

  49. Vivian says:

    can someone please confirm the release date for season 5??? please?????? I am sooo hooked!

    • Malyka says:

      Season 5 should start airing early May. Depends on where you live but if you’re downloading episodes off the net – may

  50. Sam&Andy Fan says:

    Nick and Andy? They were cute together, but when I look at their relationship they better off as friends. Andy and Sam had a connection from the beginning and id hate to see her end up with anyone but Sam. I was so sad when he broke up with her and have been waiting for them to make up ever since. Andy and Sam belong together there’s serious chemistry there. They way they look at one another, they way they feel bout each other, they way they look out for one another. If I had to be Andy and had to choose I’d most definitely choose Sam. When they make out or touch one another, it’s amazing. When him and Luke fought and he got serious I kinda digged that cause there he actually shows how into Andy he is. The fact that his not an open books is a plus cause he dont say how he feel but he definitely makes it clear how he feels. I wouldn’t mind having a Sam Swarek myself hehe!!