Post Mortem: Rookie Blue Boss Talks Andy's Romantic Future (With?!), Chloe's Secret & More

Rookie Blue Season 5 SpoilersWARNING: The following contains spoilers for Thursday’s season finale of Rookie Blue. If you have yet to watch, avert your eyes now. Everyone else, you may proceed…

Rookie Blue concluded its dramatic two-part Season 4 finale on Thursday night with a flurry of bullets.

With Sam shot, Andy immediately went to her ex-boyfriend’s side and spilled the secrets of her heart. But that doesn’t necessarily mean she and Nick are done, reveals executive producer Tassie Cameron.

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Read on for more scoop about the love triangle’s future, Gail’s coming out and Chloe’s surprise husband.

TVLINE | Years of TV watching tell me that Sam’s probably not dead.
Well, you know. [Laughs] He’s not dead at the end of the episode, so that’s good. There’s much more to be said and done with Sam. No, he’s not dead.

TVLINE | Did Andy definitively choose between Sam and Nick?
Andy was speaking from her heart [in the ambulance], and she was thinking of it as a choice at that moment. She’s always been a very intuitive character, and she’s acting on her intuition. It’s really clear to us and to Nick, even if it’s not clear to her yet, that there’s a lot of unfinished business with that relationship [with Sam].

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TVLINE | It seemed like Nick was giving her permission and letting her go. Like in a way, he was almost breaking up with her.
We love the character of Nick Collins, and we wanted him to be noble. He’s a smart guy, and if he has a chance with Andy, it’s got to be with all the cards on the table. He wants her to do what’s right for her, because he’s a good person. So we were trying to construct an episode where both men want the best for her. Sam doesn’t exactly take a bullet for Nick, but they both make big sacrifices in this episode.

Rookie Blue Season 4 SpoilersTVLINE | So is the love triangle not finished? Is it going to be explored more next season?
We don’t know yet. I haven’t decided. Are love triangles ever really finished? I’m not sure yet how we’re going to structure it.

TVLINE | I think I interpreted the ending a little differently than I was supposed to.
I wonder if the ending is going to be a bit of a Rorschach test. People will see what they want to see. It will be really interesting to see the response, because I think that the Sam-and-Andy lovers will see it as definitive, and the Nick Collins lovers will see there’s still a door open, which is kind of what we wanted.

TVLINE | The Sam/Andy fans are really passionate, but there’s also viewers who, like Andy, were unexpectedly charmed by Nick. Going into the finale, how difficult was it for you to decide where you were going to leave Andy romantically?
We always knew that this is where we were heading this season. As I said, there is unfinished business between Sam and Andy. There is an incredibly strong, passionate primal thing between them. We were going to get there, at least emotionally, by the end of this season. That was by design.

It was really difficult, even though we knew where we were headed. It’s not just the audience. The writing room is divided. Half of us are passionate Sam-and-Andy lovers, half of us loved Nick and Andy. It’s quite interesting, and we really did set ourselves the goal this season of trying to build a viable, interesting alternative to the Sam-and-Andy relationship… We were exploring, as writers, whether it’s true: Can you have loved somebody like Sam and then fall in love with a different kind of person? Is that possible? If so, what does it look like?

TVLINE | One of the things Andy really values in Nick is his openness, whereas with Sam, there were a lot of issues that they did not talk about. Is there going to be a conversation next season addressing all of that?
Yeah. I think there needs to be. Again, a lot of our own theories on love, honesty, openness and relationships are getting played out in these episodes. But while the secret and mysterious love affair is a very, very passionate one, and a very sexy one, it has to go to the next level. She learns that from her situation with Nick. If anything with Sam is going to work, they’re going to have to get a little more open and a little more honest with each other.

Rookie Blue Season 5 SpoilersTVLINE | That moment when Gail introduced Holly to Chris and her brother, was that her way of coming out to them?
I think so. There’s probably lots more to be done on that. I don’t think just introducing somebody is enough. There’s probably a lot more challenges ahead of her on that. But yes, we were trying to explore the idea, in this episode, that in times of great chaos and stress, the truth is sometimes revealed to people about themselves or about their relationships, about their heart and souls.

TVLINE | The other big surprise in the episode was Chloe’s husband showing up. Is there a reason why he and Chloe never got divorced?
Chloe seems like the kind of person who might just start to forget about it. I don’t know yet. What interested us about that was that we always knew from the beginning with Chloe that she was going to present herself as an open book, but she was going to have something really, really big under the surface that she hasn’t told Dov. That was really fun for us to write that character, who [is like], “I’m an open book. It’s my brand,” [and] to know that they had a big secret coming up that was going to be revealed and make Dov look at this woman and say, “Do I even know you?”

Rookie Blue fans, stay tuned to TVLine for more scoop about Season 5!

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  1. Amy says:

    This episode broke my heart. As much as I love Sam & Andy, there was something about Nick and Andy that really went well together. I think it was because they were friends before lovers. It really got to me when Nick said to Andy in the last episode that she needed to go see Sam; this was like his way of letting her go, but I hope this isn’t the case because it broke my heart to see him upset when he’s such a genuine character. But at least Andy didnt go behind his back like Gail did. NICK AND ANDY ALL THE WAY! They were so adorable together.

  2. Katy says:

    Sam and Andy have such an intense and deep bond. I loved seeing that again in the season finale after we were starved almost throughout the whole season of any meaningful exchange between the two.
    To me the most intruiging and loveable character on the show is Sam Swarek. He’s such a selfless, good and guilt-ridden man. Jerry’s words to him “The best man. No truer words were ever spoken.” always resonated with me: he has everyone’s back and would lay down his life for the people he cares about. He’s flawed but has a truly good heart. And Ben Bass is just amazing at bringing Sam alive to us.
    I think Sam has been put through a lot this season and has grown very much through it. He knows now how important it is to be open with your partner and he wants to be known by someone, or rather by Andy.
    I loved how the theme of being and feeling known came back in the ambulance scene when Andy told Sam “in that moment I knew I’d never feel more loved or known.” Just beautiful. Considering also that Sam never felt worthy or deserving of Andy’s love…

    Those two know each other best and love each other best. They belong together! They are “the great love story of the century”, as Tassie once described them. I hope they still are to her because they certainly are to me.

  3. sue says:

    I am still not to sure how I feel about this episode, I was once all for Sam and Andy until the start of Season 3 then their relation just went down hill for me. Personally I did not expect to feel quite so drawn to Nick’s relationship to Andy but the way Nick was with Andy completely bowled me over and I was hooked. The speech by Andy on the way the hospital didn’t work for me It made feel really awkward as if time to do that its was to contrived.
    Nick’s selfless act at this hospital just killed me and so like the character of the guy.
    I have read a interview today done by Tassie I believe, Season 5 will appears to start in the hours that follow on from the carnage at 15, that is why they will start production in January Timeline. And also there was a hint that Andy and Nick have a way to go! we shall see no doubt. Whatever happens I’m for Team Nick in season 5 all the way, hope he will still be there!!
    Have really enjoyed reading some of the other comments .

    • Carrie says:

      I agree Nick and Andy all the way. To be honest the Sam and Andy thing totally wore me out. I’ve watched and loved this show since season 1 and have no clue how some people can still say there love was epic. Truthfully it was exhausting and I’m so over them. Hopefully in season 5 the writers will go in the Andy Nick direction. Cause honestly if they keep dragging this tired Sam and Andy thing on I’m switching the channel.

  4. Lena says:

    Sam and Andy all the way! Who can resist such a powerful love story?
    I’m sure that if they get a real chance to continue growing together instead of apart in S5 they will be truly magical.
    I’m a sucker for deep and intense love stories and I just love Sam and Andy too much to ever give up on them.

  5. Carly says:

    For me it’s Sam and Andy as well.
    Because Sam is Andy’s good candy, because no one looks at Andy the way Sam does, because she instinctively trusted him before she really knew him, because they know each others’ moves, because he always had faith in her, because she learned to trust her gut from him, because he’s there for her when it matters, because he wants the real life with her, because they’re each others’ partner, because they’re each others’ story.

    The list could go on forever. The gist of the matter is, they love each other, for real. I want to see that love get a real chance next season.

  6. bristow3269 says:

    I have been a McSwarek shipper since their first meeting in season one. I have invested four seasons into Sam & Andy’s relationship. I have seen Sam pine for Andy from afar when she was with Luke helping her pick up the pieces after she, and Luke broke up then coming together during Sam’s undercover op.Watching the heartbreak and the anguish of their break-up in season three. They did not end their relationship because they fell out of love, love was never their problem. They broke up because Jerry died, and Sam didn’t know how to channel his grief, and he pushed Andy away in the process. Something for which I believe he regrets.
    Yes, I know there are people who enjoy McCollins I’m sorry, but I am not one of them; I preferred them as friends I also did not agree with Andy sacrificing her friendship with Gail in order to be with Nick. That always bothered me. Sam is not perfect I know, but neither is Nick. Even so, Sam is none the less perfect for Andy those two just scream right in a way that Nick & Andy do not the writers can debate among themselves all they want they need to get Sam & Andy back together pronto. Especially after all their twitter postings telling McSwarek fans to have faith well now it time for that faith and investment to pay off.

  7. Joey van Heerden says:

    Please PLEASE whatever you do, DON’T split Andy and Sam again, I live to see them together in Rookie Blue and have waited a long time for them to get back together or to get news on them getting back together. That is what makes Rookie Blue worth to watch and not miss it for ANYTHING!!!! If they are not a couple, what’s left watching, prince charming always protective and saving her day lol. Please they are beautiful characters together. Don’t spoil it for us.

  8. Abby says:

    I don’t get how anyone can think Nick/Andy are “epic” they’ve been f***ing for 3 weeks. The writers have shown them as a lite couple no conflict. That’s boring. And Nick is not a prince or mr. Perfect. I find him to be incredibly boring. I hate how Gail had to take all responsibility for the breakup. Lets forget that Nick’s heart wasn’t in it and he strung her along. Nick is worse than a piece a gum on the bottom of my shoe. Sam is not perfect. Far from it but at least he owns it and faces consequences. He’s not white washed by the writers.

  9. Anon says:

    I agree with a lot of you about Sam and Andy are the best couple and am sick and tired of the putting her with so many different men. In real life this scenario wouldn’t even be close to reality. Whichever guy she chose there would be hard feelings from the other, that’s just human nature. If Andy and Nick are together Sam was going to leave. Now all of a sudden he’s going to stay and constantly be reminded of his biggest mistake. And why would Nick want to be with Andy when he knows she loves someone else.
    This next comment is directed at the writers. Don’t you as a group have enough imagination to create a storyline about a couple that is head over heels in love with each other? There should be plenty of issues they could deal with as a couple.
    It’s been this way for 4 seasons now and enough is enough. If the writers can’t come up with anything better than Andy going back and forth between guys they need some new writers. I’ve had enough, if they just keep stringing this along and don’t get this straightened out pretty quickly I’ll find something else to watch. This is getting old and predictable in a hurry.

    • bjanes says:

      Thank you – exactly what I have said – if Season 5 does not resolve the Sam/Andy relationship and let them grow and move their relationship forward and stop wti the whole Nick and Andy (very boring) thing, I am one viewer who will no longer be watching

  10. Anonymous says:

    McSwarek, all the way!
    I got into watching just before S4 started and I really liked it. But the reason why I started loving it, with a passion, and got so invested is Sam and Andy. They are the heart and soul of the show. Their story is just so deep and intense, it got under my skin and went directly to my heart.
    Please give them back to us, for good!

  11. Eli says:

    McSwarek all the way!
    I just got into watching Rookie Blue before S4 started and I liked the concept. But the reason I started loving the show and got so invested in it is Sam and Andy. They are the heart and soul of the show. Their story is so deep and intense it really went under my skin and straight to my heart.
    True love never fails and theirs is a true and deep love. Please give them back to us, for good!!

  12. Lin says:

    Why would Tassie think that we wouldn’t be fine watching Sam with another woman – which we clearly weren’t – but we’d be okay watching Andy with another man?
    Sam and Andy are the loves of each others’ lives – the season finale (thankfully!!) successfully reminded us of that.
    Why create a “viable” love interest for Andy when she’s already met “the one”? Why? Sam can’t love anyone else but Andy, why should Andy be able to? This double standard saddend me because Sam and Andy were set up tp be epic. Andy’s heart, her whole heart, should belong to Sam, just like Sam’s belongs to Andy and Andy alone.
    IMO, season 4 trivialized Sam and Andy’s love too much. I can see why they had to grow but seeing Andy this intimate with somebody else but Sam just felt wrong. And didn’t do McSwarek justice at all.
    So, I’m really hoping season 5 will bring back the magic because if anything is clear it’s that Sam and Andy belong together. Give us plenty of scenes with them, together, and utilize the amazing chemistry between Ben and Missy. Scenes like the one Andy described to Sam in her story. We believe in their story!! And personally, I will never stop believing in it. It’s just too special and beautiful to ever give up.

  13. Amanda says:

    If the writers really abandoned the major storyline of Rookie Blue, namely Sam and Andy, it would be a sad, sad day for me.
    Most people I talk to who watch Rookie Blue are in favor of Sam and Andy, in fact, they mostly watch for Sam and Andy. This season has been very tough on all McSwarek fans but apparently, for some reason I don’t get, the writers set out to split the fanbase. Frankly, I’m so surprised at the amount of people who “ship” Nick and Andy. I just don’t see anything deep or meaningful there.
    Would the writers really change the premise of the whole show, which they build up over seasons from the very beginning of Rookie Blue, in favor of a storyline developed over just a few episodes? And one that can’t rival in the slightest Sam and Andy’s story? Seems like very bad storytelling to me.

  14. litsa says:

    It’s Sam and Andy for me, because they are at their best when they are together. And that’s when you know it’s real.
    “You know it’s real when she makes you better.”
    Plus, the show was so much more fun to watch when Sam and Andy were together, not just as a couple, but working together. This season was just too depressing. And there was something very, very wrong about the whole Nick and Andy thing. I felt like they were shoving it down our throats for some reason I can’t understand. It felt very contrived and anything but real.
    I really hope that that’s over and we won’t have another season in which Sammy is pining for Andy while she’s torn between two men. And please no more “she has feelings for both” crap. A true heart is true to one love, not to several. Sam is Andy’s love. Sam is her story. Please show us that story on our screens now.

  15. popi says:

    So, is Tassie telling us that there is a possibility that all the buildup for Andy and Sam since the first episode of Rookie Blue, even including this fourth season as heartbreaking as it was, might have been for nothing? That Andy could actually wanna be with anyone but Sam? Even after she told him that she loves him and that he is her story? Really?

    With TV as in books I like to go where the story takes me. It took me straight to Andy and Sam. The only thing that makes sense, according to that story, is those two together. If the story ceases to make sense, I’m out.

  16. Chris83 says:

    Haha :) So, there are people who want Andy and Nick to end up together? Really? I’m not much on the social media, so I don’t know what people are saying “on the net” but I’m really surprised by some of the comments on this interview.
    We were just talking about it the other day with my family and my big sis was like: “Well, of course Nick and Andy were just another road block to Sam and Andy. But I’m really glad that’s finally over and we can get back to the real story.” I’m paraphrasing here, but it seems as clear as day light to me – and my family and other friends – that Sam and Andy are the real story of Rookie Blue.
    The people who support Nick and Andy must be fans who’ve just watched this season or haven’t watched very carefully – no offense – because otherwise I’m seriously doubting whether we’re all watching the same show. Of course, Tassie Cameron’s statements would encourage those fans, so I’m quite flabbergasted. This is still Rookie Blue right?
    Where Andy chased Sam down and tackled him when they first met? Where Sam found in Andy something he could love even more than his job? And where they both went on to build an amazing partnership where he taught her everything he knows, how to trust her gut, and they complemented each other perfectly? I mean, I know S3 sjowed that they still had a lot to learn and to mature in order to be able to be in a successful relationship but I thought that was the whole point of season 4!? There was never a doubt that those two love each other and belong tohgether.

    • Nanna says:

      My thoughts exactly!

    • Eliza says:

      Sorry, I just don’t see the “epic” love between Andy and Sam. More like 2 people who do not know when or how to move on from a relationship that just doesn’t work the way they want it to. Just because you love someone does not make them completely right for you. And first love isn’t always last love. If I was Andy, Sam would have been kicked to the curb right along with Luke and I would have moved on. Considering Sam made Andy go against her beliefs and compromise her career for his girlfriend…um, no. That will come back and bite their relationship down the line. Nick will be hurting but I think he will keep it classy and when Andy needs a friend to lean on because of the next douche-like thing Sam does…Nick will support her.

  17. Hungarian fans says:

    My first love is not always the last one! Andy found a better one, Nick is given a chance. Nick does not disappoint him! Hope 5 season to continue their relationship. The writers of the series, Nick was not taken lightly. Andy does not have to go back to Sam, just because they liked him in the beginning!
    There’s no set in stone that the two main characters are always a few!

  18. susi says:

    Sam and Andy!!! They’re each others’ story.

  19. charly says:

    Wait! You mean there’s a chance Sam and Andy won’t end up together? Nooooo!
    True love always has to prevail!! That ambulance scene in the finale was such a beautiful summary of Sam and Andy’s relationship up to this point. Andy loves him, truly deeply loves him. And we already knew Sam never stopped loving her.
    They just have to work out! What would have been the point of all the hard lessons they learned this season if they didn’t get the chance to apply all of that in a relationship, together.

  20. Deb says:

    If Andy were my daughter, I would have this advice for her. People do not change – they are who they are – and you have to decide if you love Sam exactly the way he is. You need to decide what qualities are really important to you and what you would be willing to fudge on.
    1. Sam is quite a bit older than you and set in his ways. Will he compromise?
    2. Sam thinks he is always right. Do you want your opinion to be valued?
    3. Sam doesn’t open up or communicate, even though you know each other well. Will it
    bother you to never know what is going on in his head?
    4. Sam only tells you that he loves you under dire emergencies. Is that enough for you
    or do you want to hear it more often?
    5. Sam bends the rules on the job to suit his needs. Is that the type of cop you want to
    6. Sam is stubborn. Is it okay if he never gives in? Never compromises?

    I understand that you have a passionate relationship, but passion fades. You have a history
    but was it filled with positive and happy memories? Would you be better off starting a history with someone else – possibly someone who suits you better? If you really, really love him, then I will support you, but I want you to really think about your future – who you want to share it with and what you want it to look like.

    • Hungarian fans says:

      Deb, you’re absolutely right! Summarized very nicely to what you need to think Andy!

    • Nanna says:

      I think it’s sad to think that ppl don’t change. Because that would mean that they don’t learn from their mistakes and would repeat the same behaviour over and over again.

      • Joanne says:

        I agree people don’t change and the fact that he jeopardized her job to protect Marlo should have been a sign. He only showed her feelings when he saw her with Nick. Nick is the type of person she should be with.

    • Sammie Hursts says:

      MY POINT EXACTLY. Sam will never change. NICk and Andy

  21. za says:

    Eh, I am over Andy and Sam for various reasons. I get that Sam has issues from his past but everyone has a past, some more difficult than others, but that shouldn’t excuse every little thing a person does to someone they’re in a relationship with. Being flawed/having issues doesn’t mean you have a full license to be a jerk. There are just a lot of instances where I have felt Andy has been treated poorly by Sam. Both Andy and Nick have miles of maturity on Sam and he’s what? 10 years old than them! I am curious of Sam’s history but I don’t think it’s going make me all of a sudden forget the things about his character that I just do not like. He’s NO Seeley Booth (Bones) who had an abusive father and a mother who abandoned him but, dang, he’s never treated Brennan like Sam has treated Andy. I don’t think Sam is some horrible person but he’s not right for Andy.

    • Elisa says:

      Have to say, I love Seeley Booth <333. Such a good man, flaws & all; and they way he loves Bones — sigh. Best life ruiner! LOL. Sam Swarek = meh. He has never made my heart sing. Nope.

      • Britt says:

        And Booth actually LIED TO Brennan. Broke her heart and called off the engagement. But he had his reasons. As did Sam when he needed it. At least Sam’s reasons weren’t as messed up and foolish as Booth’s. but that might just be Hart Hanson’s terrible writing. I understand Sam. Now more since 4.7. The way he loves Andy is unlike anyone ever will. Just like Andy said!

        • Elisa says:

          You’re not going to compare Booth lying to Brennan due to that sociopath Pelant to Sam just being an idiot and a jerk to Andy? I am guessing you didn’t watch last night’s Bones episode? Booth is ten times the man Sam Swarek will ever be IMHO.

  22. Michelle says:

    I’ve always loved Sam. He’s always put others ahead of his own happiness, was always there for Andy when it mattered and proved over and over again that he has a huge and wonderful heart. This season only made me love him more because I understood him even better. He deserves to be loved the way he loves, and I was so happy to see that Andy loves him just as much.
    I don’t see how there’s a choice really. Love should always be our choice. Even if it’s tough sometimes – as it is in real life – deep-felt love that touches your very core is always, always worth it.
    Sam and Andy till the end of time!

  23. corinne says:

    He’s her story, people!!! How can anyone still doubt that Sam and Andy are endgame?

    • Erin says:

      Yes! Exactly! It’s incredible laughable that people actually still would want nick and Andy together. How can any self respecting Nick fan want him to be with Andy. Sam is her story. What are they hoping for? That Nick could be the backup story that comes out when she needs to scratch an itch?

      • corinne says:

        I don’t get that either. Andy confessed her deep love to Sam. She loves him. And he loves her. How exactly does that in any way leave a door open for Nick? And why would he even want that? Doesn’t he have any self-respect? Andy never stopped loving Sam. Those two are the love of each others’ lives. If you had that in your life, would you really ever choose to reject the love of your life in favor of a friend, even a close one? How can you ever be happy with anyone else but the one who you know is your story?

  24. Erin says:

    There’s only one story worth watching and that’s between Sam and Andy. They have the history and passion and the love. Nick and Andy are boring and act like frat brothers. They nowhere near compare to Sam and Andy.

  25. Sabine says:

    The finale made me and my best friend so happy – we were moved to tears by Sam and Andy. So glad we got them back! On to a season 5 where they can finally be together and we get to see what we’ve been waiting for since Andy chased Sam down and tackled him to the ground :) Sam and Andy in a committed relationship, dealing with life and happy they’re facing it together.
    Oh, and lots of 1×07, 2×11-2×13 scenes please!! They didn’t even share a kiss this season. Please make up for that in the upcoming season(s).

  26. anon says:

    Love Rookie Blue as much as I do because of Sam and Andy. They’re the show for me. I like the other characters, some more than others, but it’s Sam and Andy that I love.
    If the writers really decide to go into a completely different direction then they’re basically saying that whatever story they were telling pre-S4 wasn’t the real story of Rookie Blue and that the loyal fans who believed in their work since day one are fools.

  27. Tammy says:

    And here I thought the finale got Rookie Blue FINALLY back on track! Andy told Sam she loved him, that he’s her story and after this, after all the pain Sam had to endure this season, you’re telling me they might not finally get their chance to work through their issues and be happy together?
    That Andy might want to be with Nick after she beared her soul to Sam and told him she never stopped loving him? Okay. That doesn’t make any sense.

  28. cat says:

    Sam is Andy’s story. Andy is Sam’s story. And Sam and Andy are Rookie Blue’s story. And a most amazing, wonderful, deep and intense story at that.
    Congratulations to all involved in making that story so unbelievably real to us.

  29. Unknown says:

    Sam&Andy=❤ nick isn’t her true love

  30. Sylvia says:

    I’m so in love with McSwarek, it’s ridiculous. And what is more, I know for a fact that I’ll never fall out of love with them :) They’re just too epic and meant-to-be for that. True love should always, always win. If not in real life, at least in fiction!!

  31. Rachel says:

    Wow. That ambulance scene and the scene where Sam told Andy he wanted her to be happy more than anything he could ever want for himself were just beautiful!!
    They made my McSwarek heart beat again after it had been in suspended animation for far too long. Please, Mc Cameron, allow it to keep beating and be happy from season 5 onwards!

  32. jana says:

    please, let andy and nick be back together happy! they’re are the best couple ever! Let season 5 happen with that couple! It is so,so,so romantic to follow. Sam is an old news.

  33. Lauren says:

    Andy and Sam all the way!

  34. Paula says:

    My heart will always belong to Sam and Andy. Once something so real and deep has touched you, you don’t give up on it just because of tough times. Everything worthwhile in life has to be fought for.
    I hope Sam and Andy get a chance to fight for each other in S5. They’re each others’ true love and once you find that, there’s no true happiness without it.

  35. Marina says:

    I want to see a love that is stronger than any obstacle that could possibly be thrown at it, a love that does not alter with the passage of time – and that love exists between Sam and Andy!
    I hope we get to see them in a relationship together next season, having come to realize that they’re only truly happy with each other and face the tough situations together.

  36. Jess says:

    Sam and Andy! All the way!!

  37. Claudia says:

    Wow. Ben and Missy are just amazing. Their chemistry is staggering…even after hardly working together this season, they blew me away in the finale.
    I love how committed they are to Sam and Andy – I appreciate their performance very much because Sam and Andy wouldn’t be as deep and intense without them.
    They are a wonderful creation of all involved. Hope they stay true to that creation. I sure will.

  38. Gerry says:

    Sam has shown his love for Andy so many ways, from the bomb holding her and it, telling her he loved her then, going in to the burned bldg. to find her, she is his heart and soul, and he loves her more than he has ever loved anything. Marlo was a diversion, and only came about shortly before Andy came back, as Traci told her it was new. Sam thought they were over, and he settled for Marlo, she resembled Andy in a way, nothing passionate, something distant as he thought he lost Andy. Andy doesn’t really want a diversion yet, until Nick pushes her into it, then he lets Andy tell Gail. I think he is gutless, left Gail at the altar, cheated on her, and left Andy handle the news. Sam is honest enough to take the responsibility. Who do you want, buddy, Nick, or the love of your life, Sam. Sam was made to be an SOB this year, but he still came through with his love for Andy.
    I have never been invested in a tv show, but their looks, touching, and scenes make this so, so real, it is hard not to be drawn into the romance. The writers and actors have done an amazing job.

  39. Sina says:

    I’m a McSwarek fan myself, as so many others. And a huge Sam Swarek fan. I’ve always loved his loyalty, the faith he showed in Andy, what an amazing pedagog he was to her, the nature of his love for her, his selflessness in stepping back because he believed Luke was the right choice for Andy since he was “stable”. The fact that he always has his friends’ backs, takes so much responsibility for the people he cares about and learns from his mistakes. He is flawed but has a wondeful heart. Thanks to Ben Bass, Sam becomes tangibly real to us and I can always relate to Sam and understand where he’s coming from.

    This season was very hard on Sam, painful even. I get that he had a few lessons to learn and it was great to see him try so hard and show real growth. I hope season 5 treats him more kindly and gives him his heart’s desire. Andy.
    Those two deeply love each other and it would be a crime to deny true love.

  40. jana says:

    please,please,please, let andy and nick be together. they’re the most romantic couple ever! sam swarek is so old news! season 4 is the best just because of andy and nick

    • Joanne says:

      I agree 100% he didn’t make a move until he saw Andy with Nick then he swooped in for the catch. Nick is such a gentleman and friend (which is the heart of any relationship) how could she even have a hard time deciding.

  41. sàm says:

    I liked andy and luke together!

  42. Lisa says:

    Yay for Sam and Andy! We finally got them back in the season finale. The only thing that makes sense for S5 is the two of them together, working things out, lots of talking, kissing and, you know, other stuff ;))

  43. Halfnotes says:

    Please stop writing McNally as the Division Jezebel, hooking up with everyone. She is the upstanding one, upbeat and positive… My preference is to see McSwarek work it out, and I know that I really don’t have a say, but whatever the writers choose, please write her again as the stand up woman that she is. I was very glad that they took time after her break up with Callahan before she and Sam officially got together. Sam gave her space, until the time was right…although, it was bad timing with regards to him being UC. And, although we only got glimpses of the tenderness that Sam showed her, because most of the scenes were work scenes, please allow us more time to see them communicate, care, laugh, and love each other when they are off duty. Ben and Missy have crazy chemistry onscreen and I love the way they look at each other, particularly when the other is not looking… That is the way you want the one you love to look at you! And yes, I do know that it’s just a show… :-)

  44. Natalia says:

    Me encanta Andy y Sam, porque el por ella haria lo que fuera, Sam arriesgo mucho por Andy durante casi 3 años… Ya en el 1er dia de trabajo de Andy el no se enojo tantooo con ella cuando lo arresto, la acompaño en tod momento, la apoyo y desde ese dia a Sam le gusto Andy y de eso no hay duda. Deberian poner a Sam y Andy y juntos, el tiene muchos secretos, su hermana, su mama y la familia, el tiene mucho que contar, a el le da verguenza su vida, por eso creo yo que el nunca conto sobre su familia.. Me encanta Sam y Andy juntos y que el le ame asi me enamora.. Nick entiende a Andy pero no valora lo que ella hace por su papa, aguantarse a su mama que la abandono, el solo quiere que este bien y que no piense en eso, pero tiene que cerrar ese ciclo donde todo es complicado y Sam siempre la apoyo y le dio consejos hasta de como sacarse todo eso de encima.. Y ademas no se olviden qe Luke lastimo su corazon, al acostarse con su ex. Sam termino con ella porque hizo que Jery muriera, y Nick no la yuda en nada.. Todo desde mi punto de vista..

  45. Aline says:

    Gail being gay: ridiculous! I mean…really? It was so stupid! I think they’re pushing too hard! It feels the writers put all the characters names together inside a bag, pulled one out and said: “Gail’s the one being gay from now on!”
    I don’t believe for a second her character’s gay! It just doesn’t go with her! Some are saying “she was miserable. She was sad, and angry. And now she found herself”. Bitch, please!
    If they wanted a gay character (cause every show these days seems to “have to have one”), they should’ve bring a new rookie and then develop the storyline. It would be a lot better!
    Gail with Nick and Gail with Chris: They were great together! No way in real world she would be gay. At most, she would fall in love with Holly, but that wouldn’t necessarily mean she’s gay.

    • Pam D says:

      I agree Gail is not gay. She just needs someone to be close to so she can share her feelings. Gail should go back with Nick and treat him properly. I think she is afraid of being hurt again and has built up a shell and sabatoged their relationship so Nick didn’t reject her a second time in her eyes. Also, Nick is on a rebound now and is just with Andy because he truly likes her as a person through and through. I do not think he actually loves her romantically.

      • Hungarian fans says:

        No, no, no!
        Gail and Nick are not together!
        Gail adds little, but she wants it all. .Nick has always done more to stay together. No wonder you got sick of it. Nick has a big heart. Gail is not a kind word to anyone. And always poke fun, always gloating.
        Gail adds little, but a lot want to receive.

    • Tatyana says:

      I 100% agree! I don’t know if you saw my post (a bit earlier in the comments as a reply to someone) and I said the EXACT same thing.. Its way to out of nowhere and just because its a trend, doesn’t mean you have to follow it.. Or like you said, bring in a new character that would make more sense… I really want Gail to get back with Chris, I think they were great together!

  46. Mary says:

    Sam and Andy, no question!!
    I’d love it if after all the rooting we did for them and all the expectations that the writers created, we would actually get a proper payoff: Sam and Andy in a relationship, loving each other and facing real life together.
    True love should always be enough!

  47. rannie says:

    I want Andy with Nick or Luke trying to win her back like he said in the beginning that he would do what it took to get her back because he really loved her
    if not then Andy with Nick

  48. Cam says:

    “Love—real love— is invariably the story of two troubled people who understand and accept each other’s troubles, but choose to face them together.”
    That is the perfect description for the way Sam and Andy feel about each other. I sincerely hope they get the chance to face their troubles together from S5 onwards.

  49. Sammie Hursts says:

    NICK and Andy! He has been nothing but honest with her. His been an open book and doesnt deserve to have his heart broken. Sam moved on when he started with Marlo. sooooo why should he keep her?

  50. Fick says:

    Please settle Andy with Sam once and for all!!!! Stop making her the barn whore! She slept with her academy instructors and now the writers want her sleeping with the whole 15 division. Andy and Nick resemble incest