Post Mortem: Rookie Blue Boss Talks Andy's Romantic Future (With?!), Chloe's Secret & More

Rookie Blue Season 5 SpoilersWARNING: The following contains spoilers for Thursday’s season finale of Rookie Blue. If you have yet to watch, avert your eyes now. Everyone else, you may proceed…

Rookie Blue concluded its dramatic two-part Season 4 finale on Thursday night with a flurry of bullets.

With Sam shot, Andy immediately went to her ex-boyfriend’s side and spilled the secrets of her heart. But that doesn’t necessarily mean she and Nick are done, reveals executive producer Tassie Cameron.

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Read on for more scoop about the love triangle’s future, Gail’s coming out and Chloe’s surprise husband.

TVLINE | Years of TV watching tell me that Sam’s probably not dead.
Well, you know. [Laughs] He’s not dead at the end of the episode, so that’s good. There’s much more to be said and done with Sam. No, he’s not dead.

TVLINE | Did Andy definitively choose between Sam and Nick?
Andy was speaking from her heart [in the ambulance], and she was thinking of it as a choice at that moment. She’s always been a very intuitive character, and she’s acting on her intuition. It’s really clear to us and to Nick, even if it’s not clear to her yet, that there’s a lot of unfinished business with that relationship [with Sam].

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TVLINE | It seemed like Nick was giving her permission and letting her go. Like in a way, he was almost breaking up with her.
We love the character of Nick Collins, and we wanted him to be noble. He’s a smart guy, and if he has a chance with Andy, it’s got to be with all the cards on the table. He wants her to do what’s right for her, because he’s a good person. So we were trying to construct an episode where both men want the best for her. Sam doesn’t exactly take a bullet for Nick, but they both make big sacrifices in this episode.

Rookie Blue Season 4 SpoilersTVLINE | So is the love triangle not finished? Is it going to be explored more next season?
We don’t know yet. I haven’t decided. Are love triangles ever really finished? I’m not sure yet how we’re going to structure it.

TVLINE | I think I interpreted the ending a little differently than I was supposed to.
I wonder if the ending is going to be a bit of a Rorschach test. People will see what they want to see. It will be really interesting to see the response, because I think that the Sam-and-Andy lovers will see it as definitive, and the Nick Collins lovers will see there’s still a door open, which is kind of what we wanted.

TVLINE | The Sam/Andy fans are really passionate, but there’s also viewers who, like Andy, were unexpectedly charmed by Nick. Going into the finale, how difficult was it for you to decide where you were going to leave Andy romantically?
We always knew that this is where we were heading this season. As I said, there is unfinished business between Sam and Andy. There is an incredibly strong, passionate primal thing between them. We were going to get there, at least emotionally, by the end of this season. That was by design.

It was really difficult, even though we knew where we were headed. It’s not just the audience. The writing room is divided. Half of us are passionate Sam-and-Andy lovers, half of us loved Nick and Andy. It’s quite interesting, and we really did set ourselves the goal this season of trying to build a viable, interesting alternative to the Sam-and-Andy relationship… We were exploring, as writers, whether it’s true: Can you have loved somebody like Sam and then fall in love with a different kind of person? Is that possible? If so, what does it look like?

TVLINE | One of the things Andy really values in Nick is his openness, whereas with Sam, there were a lot of issues that they did not talk about. Is there going to be a conversation next season addressing all of that?
Yeah. I think there needs to be. Again, a lot of our own theories on love, honesty, openness and relationships are getting played out in these episodes. But while the secret and mysterious love affair is a very, very passionate one, and a very sexy one, it has to go to the next level. She learns that from her situation with Nick. If anything with Sam is going to work, they’re going to have to get a little more open and a little more honest with each other.

Rookie Blue Season 5 SpoilersTVLINE | That moment when Gail introduced Holly to Chris and her brother, was that her way of coming out to them?
I think so. There’s probably lots more to be done on that. I don’t think just introducing somebody is enough. There’s probably a lot more challenges ahead of her on that. But yes, we were trying to explore the idea, in this episode, that in times of great chaos and stress, the truth is sometimes revealed to people about themselves or about their relationships, about their heart and souls.

TVLINE | The other big surprise in the episode was Chloe’s husband showing up. Is there a reason why he and Chloe never got divorced?
Chloe seems like the kind of person who might just start to forget about it. I don’t know yet. What interested us about that was that we always knew from the beginning with Chloe that she was going to present herself as an open book, but she was going to have something really, really big under the surface that she hasn’t told Dov. That was really fun for us to write that character, who [is like], “I’m an open book. It’s my brand,” [and] to know that they had a big secret coming up that was going to be revealed and make Dov look at this woman and say, “Do I even know you?”

Rookie Blue fans, stay tuned to TVLine for more scoop about Season 5!

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  1. ATM says:


  2. Gha. They’ve had two chances now to finally kill off Sam and chickened out both times! Why can’t they just get rid of him and end this whole awful Samdy thing once and for all?! I am so sick of those two together and don’t want it to ever happen. I liked Andy with Luke (until they randomly made him a dbag) and then her with Nick. I wish they’d give up on that awful pairing (and get rid of Sam completely).

    • gerry says:

      If you have watched show from the beginning, Sam was the best guy out there, and stood by Andy every minute, and had her back, plus loved her beyond belief, Most people who like Nick have only seen the way the writers have written Sam up this season, nothing like the real guy.

    • Gerry says:

      Sam has her heart and soul, and she has his, no way, anyone can compare to that love relationship, no matter what happens.

  3. Natalia says:

    LOL its really funny to see all the nick and Andy comments on here. Sam and Andy are the heart of the show lol, but keep on trucking if you think you have a chance ;)

    • Carrie says:

      Love McCollins! And personally I’m glad there are all of these Nick and Andy together ones on here cause who knows if there enough of us who are sick to death of watching the Sam and Andy melodramatic crap they’ve got us watching and realize most of us are sick of them to the point of walking they might change the end game.

    • Fick says:

      I so agree Gerry. McSwarek is the reason why I watch the show, they make people believe in true love again. It will prevail. Nick approached Andy when she was vulnerable and she gave in but not because she has feelings for him other than friendship. Please please give McSwarek a real chance in season 5

  4. Nicole says:

    UGH! Tassie cameron why do you do this? Sam and Andy all the way! I am sick of these love triangles. Its obvious sam and andy are end game. They both love each other. Cant we have a season where they work on their problems and get back together instead of adding more people into the mix, I love Peter Mooney and i love the character of Nick but i like him better with Gail. i think Nick is Andys rebound. She adores nick but i do not think she is in love with him. No way! you cant convince me Tassie sorry! Sam and andy all the way!

  5. Meredith says:

    If only Andy were saying those things to try and keep Sam’s spirits high going into surgery. I really, really like Andy and Nick together. Sam does not respect Andy enough for them to last. When they were together he was always second-guessing her police work and this season he played to her remaining feelings for him and asked her to bankrupt her morals. He only started missing Andy after he realized she may be moving on, before that he was gung-ho Marlo. And talk about selfish, if you truly want to let someone move on and be happy then let them do so w/o advertising that that’s what you want and how much you’re sacrificing to make it so!

  6. gerry says:

    Tassie and the rest of the writers, you have put Sam in such bad light, how is he going to get out of it. Nick is nothing compared to him, he thought he loved Gail, and did he really, after standing her up, then dumping her. Sam did see Marlo, but it was new, only a short time before Andy came back from her assignment, then he was the protector as he is with everyone. He is scared of the whole heart thing, and I think truly is afraid to love Andy as much as he does, everyone has been torn away from him all his life, and that is a tough lesson, his openness with Oliver explains him. Please let him change and become the person he needs to be for the only person he really loves, he told the counselor this, and Andy also told he, she really loves Sam. Please don’t make this love so difficult.

  7. Anon says:

    Read most of the comments above and I’m going to throw my two cents worth in.
    To the people that say Sam was to controlling. Well at work he has seniority as a police officer and later as a lead detective.
    To the people that say Sam and Andy broke up a lot. They broke up once that I recall. Sam was devastated when his close friend Jerry was killed and he pushed Andy away and she went on her 6 month undercover operation. Sam asked her not to go and when she did most people would think she doesn’t want anything more to do with me. IMO that’s why he started dating Marlo, not because he didn’t love Andy but because he thought Andy was finished with him. Next Andy comes back and wants to pick up where things left off but Marlo now clouds the picture. What was Sam supposed to do just kick Marlo to the curb, what would you think about him then? I think Sam very much wanted to be with Andy but stayed with Marlo because of loyalty not because he was committed to her.
    To those who say Sam doesn’t communicate well.
    A lot of men have trouble opening up about their feelings, do you expect him to be a cross between Bruce Wayne (Batman) and Dr. Phil? Just because a person doesn’t communicate their emotions very well doesn’t mean they aren’t capable of loving passionately. Nothing against Nick but he pretty much had a pass this season regarding the writers throwing mud at him.
    Next issue was Sam taking the limelight from Andy and Nick when he finally opened up and told her how he really felt.
    Weren’t a lot of you just complaining because he never showed his emotions? I though what he did was very noble. He did something very difficult for him, he opened up and told Andy he screwed up (yes he took total responsibility) and that he loved her. He then made the ultimate sacrifice, telling her that her happiness was all he wanted. Who can fault him for not wanting to stay around for that. If you’re reading this put yourself in his shoes. Ladies what if you loved someone but there was another woman involved also, would you want to relive everyday how you messed up and lost your only real love? So don’t be so hard on him for that.
    What I saw from Nick at the end was that he was aware of the feelings Andy still has for Sam but she couldn’t act on them before because of Marlo. Now put yourself in Nick’s shoes, would you want to be second choice?
    Going forward I do hope the writers will stop this back and forth of who is Andy going steady with now. Adult couples have problems, let them work through them as a couple instead of behaving like they’re in an episode of “Saved By The Bell” with Zach, Kelly, and Slater.

    • Nanna says:

      My thoughts exactly. Couldn’t have said it any better. Sam has issues he hasn’t really confronted yet (because he never had to before) and I think that Andy has made him aware of these issues. It confuses him but he’s learning. He has opened up to Andy twice, first before Andy went UC and that kinda blew back in his face. No he did it again despite what happened last time and decided to let go. A very manly thing to do IMO.
      As for the controlling behaviour. He’s very protective towards all the rookies and very loyal to his colleagues and friends. But then again, Andy pointed this out and I think he was beginning to let go of this behaviour. That’s what we call growing and changing.

    • Nicole says:

      Perfectly said! Thank you! Now lets hope the writers listen!

    • gerry says:

      Thank you Anon, you said things beautifully.

    • Yang says:

      I do agree with some what you’ve mentioned . On andy going away, i think it was a good decision by her, because he hurt her, saying in previous episodes during season 3, sayin he will not give up on her easily n without a fight,but he did! trouble came his way when his friend pass away n wat he do,he blamed he n pushed her away. although he tried to give it another chance but if Sam can do that to Andy pushing her away n blaming her once, what makes a you think he can again. I for one would not like a man who would blame others than taking it on his own. That is a cowardly attitude.

      As for he being with Marlo while Andy was back n still having strong feelings for her. Don’t you think it was wrong for him to do that – misleading Marlo like that, she is also deeply in love with him n it is not fair to her. Thus he was not honest with her about Andy. If u can treat someone like that what kind of person does that make you. Don’t need to cover up by saying commitment, loyalty. Those attributes come with honesty n openness. Thus, oliver already warned Sam about treating Marlo like that! It’s not right n it would hurt more for Marlo because she opened herself to trust, love n be vulnerable with him. If he wanted to be with Andy he should come clean with Marlo instead of dragging it. I feel that is dishonest n a person not trustable!

      You also mentioned him making the ultimate sacrifice by opening up to her n saying all he wanted was her happiness n not wanting to be there anymore! But what about Andy? Didn’t she put but with him n Marlo? N ultimate sacrifice really? Now nick he did make the ultimate sacrifice. Sacrifice of his love n happiness for another, which is Andy!

      Nick always makes her smile in the episodes they have together. That should be the way with the one who loves you n the one you love. Going through hardships n difficult situation. Sharing them together. That’s real relationship n love! Love is not entirely bout feelings but the action of love we show. Like the way nick was willing to wait knowing that Andy still had a thing for Sam as well as willingness to sacrifice his love for her, to make he happy n feel better. That is a great example of true n faithful, honest love!

      This is my opinion putting myself in their shoes. Thanks for allowing people to feedback their response!

      • Nanna says:

        I think he might have ended his relationship with Marlo if this whole her going crazy didn’t happen. But before, maybe he really wanted to move forward and he really liked Marlo. Like Marlo said, they kept an emotional distance and that made things simple for them. Maybe he wanted simple. I don’t think he intentonally wanted to hurt anyone or lead them on or be dishonest.

    • bjanes says:

      So very well said – it is time to explore the adult side of Sam and Andy – get nick out of the way and let Sam and Andy deal with their feelings, communicate and move forward while working as police officers – people do it everyday!!!

    • Fick says:

      So agree Anon. You’ve hit the nail on the head. The writers must listen to their viewers

  8. Sarah says:

    Why would anyone woman want Sam when you have Nick who loves & treats her the way she deserves? Yeah go back to the douch who dumped you and hooked up with another woman

    • Nanna says:

      I would. If I knew my heart belonged to him after everything, I would still want to give it a shot. Because If there was even a slight chance it could be really amazing, i wouldn’t want to miss that.

    • Carrie says:

      Totally agree with you Sarah! Seriously no self respecting woman would visit that again! I don’t get it! And not only that but the jerk tells her when he dumps her that he can’t be a cop and be with her. Well what was Marlo then a mirage? Lol

  9. Tina B. says:

    To the EP’s of Rookie Blue, I do not like Andy and Nick, I like Nick, I like Andy but them together no, it’s more brother/sister, there is NO passion between them, it’s awkward to watch, please stop. Maybe it could be that Andy tried with someone else but it made Sam open his eyes and see what kind of man Andy wanted him to be and now he is opening up and they can be together. It would be very cruel for you to have such a beautiful finale of McSwarek of Andy telling Sam that “he’s her story” and then rip it away from us just because you write it that way. Why not just let Andy & Sam be together and experience relationship challenges of being together, and focus on other characters? Dov? Chris? Oliver & Celery are cute & Oliver is a fan favourite, and Steve & Tracy. Please stop with this yoyo of Sam & Andy, just let us see them happy for a bit, this isn’t a soap opera, it’s a comedic drama.

  10. Evelyn says:

    Honestly I see no redeeming Nick Collins qualities. He has never distinguished himself as a cop. He has done nothing but fail in relationships and proved that his style with Gail was to leave her at the alter, no explaination, no nothing. He comes back from UC, jumps right back into it with her while he has feelings for another women. Another form of betrayal. With Andy he has done nothing this season (until the finale at least) but hear her concerns about them being together and then tell her he doesn’t care and wants her anyway. He has proven that he doesn’t care of Gail’s feelings or Andy’s feelings when she was upset about Gail’s reaction.. just smiled in that scene and let Andy kiss him. No concern shown for her because he was more interested in getting laid. They have zero passion. To me, they look like brother and sister.. I’ll show ou mine if you show me yours. Its pretty clear that these two, or at least from Andy’s perspective she wanted someone who wanted her, something easy and light and she got that with Nick.. until she realized that wasn’t going to cut it. This whole story was a journey to get Sam and Andy to see things differently. Personally Nick Collins has been shown and was brought on this show, by Tassie’s own admittance as a Boyfriend for two other characters. Other than that he has served no purpose. For me, that means its time for him to go.

    • Eli says:

      Um. Sam jumped into it with Marlo while he had feelings for Andy. Was he showing concern for Andy’s feelings? And let’s not forget all of crap Sam has pulled not only with Andy but then dragging a fragile Marlo into the situation. Where’s the concern for Marlo’s feelings? It’s okay to just drop her once he sees Andy with Nick.

      • Nanna says:

        Um, you leave someone wthout even a message after they decleare their love for you and after 6 months you still expect you can pick up where you left? For me that kinda screams “I don’t want to be with you”. He didn’t know when she would be coming back, how long should he have waited? Maybe he desided to cross that bridge when he got there. He tried to move on. Failed, but tried. And so did Andy.
        I think there’s something worth exploring between those too. So much chemistry that they deserve a second chance. Wth Nick she probably would be happy and stable but I think Sam would totally make her shine.

        • Eli says:

          Hey, she had a great job opportunity. If he loved her so much he shouldn’t have tried to make her choose. Anyway, my point was mainly about Sam being with Marlo while he still had feelings for Andy. So, if people are going to bag on Nick for being with Gail while having feelings for Andy, then you gotta call Sam out for the same thing.

          • Nanna says:

            I think Nick is a good guy. Nick was willing to stay wth Gail and see if his feelings towards Andy would go away. Gail made her choice.
            But I also think Sam’s a good guy too. Maybe not better, but different.

          • Kathryn says:

            Oh, please. Taking the UC is one thing. But she couldn’t scribble a note before she left? There was plenty of reason for Sam to think she was done with him and TRY to get his life back on track.

          • Carrie says:

            Geez seriously? He broke her heart and for weeks she tried to talk to him and he totally crushed her. The poor girl needed a freakin break up buddy for crying out loud. I wouldn’t of left him a note either. He didn’t deserve one. If he truly loved her and was serious in winning her back he knew she was working he would’ve waited til she came back. Instead it was more like ok she left whatever its over and enter Marlo.

          • Marie says:

            Now that I think about it. Andy never told Sam about going undercover. She just left. After Andy talked to Sam at the end of the season 3 finale, Luke talked to her about the undercover op. She never told Sam anything!!!! Just left

    • Allison says:

      Nick did distinguish himself. Jumped off a pier and caught a child molester. The same guy who put a grenade in Andy’s hand so Sam could declare his love. Oh but WAIT! Sam took it back by laughing it off.

      Nick took the UC job when his girlfriend planned and open ended trip to Europe. Andy took the job to clear her head. They worked together as partners and brought down the drug dealers. They remained friends after.

      Their relationship developed from co workers to partners and finally to a dating relationship. Neither were perfect but they were far more enjoyable than the abrasive Sam and Andy. Sam and Andy aren’t fun to watch not are they professional. Their personal relationship screws up their police work all the time

      It is old and recycled.

  11. Sarah says:

    Love Nick and Andy… they are everything that I wished McSwarek was, but never were. I hope to GOD that McCollins isn’t over. They sparkle together and bring amazing things out in one another. Do something new…let Andy become all she can be with a partner that will grow with her, support her, love her and communicate with her. That perfect partner is Nick!

  12. Emily says:

    I just want nick to pack his bags and leave. One of the most pointless characters. Never liked him. I rolled my eyes when he looked like he was about to cry. I cringe at the thought of nick and Andy. Loved Luke and Andy. Love Sam and Andy. I just don’t see nick and Andy attraction at all.

  13. I love SAM, love him, but he’s the bad boy and he will always break her heart. Nick – I love Nick. He’s her friend, he wouldn’t hurt her, he loves her and he’s the one she should be with. That being said – everyone loves a bad-boy. Passion vs Love is a hard choice.

    NO WHERE DOES IT SAY THAT SAM WILL JUMP ON THAT. I think somewhere he knows he’s not the best one for her.

  14. Stacey says:

    Sam and Andy are all I want to see in S5. Nick was never viable, never authentic, never noble, never a good person. He dumped Gail TWICE – once at the alter, the second time after emotional cheating on her and then making her out to the be the bad guy. Then he moves onto Andy, who everyone knows is still in love with Sam. Having listened to her talk about Sam for 6 months undercover, he then uses it against her – taking what he knows she needs to hear about being wanted and goes after her. He tells he he’ll wait, yet continues to pressure her and pressure her until she gives. Then they become bed buddies. That is all they were. Their relationship never went further than that. Then he didn’t even care when her friendship with Gail was screwed up because of what they were doing. He did not care at all, and continues not to care about her. Not to mention Andy and Nick lack any chemistry at all – they are so bland and flat together, I can’t stand ANY scenes where they’re interacting together. Actually, any with Nick period. He has no friendships with any other character (other than being bed buddies with Andy).

    Sam is just perfection. Yes, he was a little messed up this season because she left for the undercover, but he struggled with it all season and finally realized how much he screwed up. Andy and Sam will never love anyone or be loved by anyone more than each other. Sam and Andy have so much chemistry and passion and love just screams out of my tv when the two of them are in a room together.

  15. Anu says:

    absolutely LOVED the finale. I have been a McSwarek fan since the moment Andy tackled Sam in that alley. LOVE every little thing about them. They have been here from the beginning of the show and they will be there at the series finale. These temporary characters are going to come & go but Sam & Andy will always be there with each other!!
    The ambulance scene was pure perfection. Sam is Andy’s story <3

    There is no comparison AT ALL. Sam is not perfect and neither is Andy BUT they are perfect for each other. They have hurt each other in the past but at the end of the day, they still only need each other. This finale proved it once again.

    The writers tried SO HARD to make Nick/Andy thing believable. but everything about them was forced. They alienated Andy from all her friends to just to make them work, They made Gail cheat on Nick, they wanted to create a picture like Nick is some knight who is there to save Andy from big bad Sam (they failed). It was all just so unrealistic.
    I started watching this show for McSwarek and I still watch the show for them. I have no interest in seeing this forced Nick/Andy thing. Sam & Andy are the main leads of the show & heart of the show.
    McSwarek hands down

    • za says:

      Well, it’s the same writers who made Luke cheat so Sam would look like the knight. Look, all the characters on the show have their flaws but at the end of the day I think Sam and Andy were pretty terrible together. I think of all the guys, Sam is the biggest douche. Sam and Andy are the pairing that I see better as close friends. Like an older guy and his kid sister that he can pick on & boss around but also helps out if needed.

  16. SV says:

    First of all the writers of this show are great! And I’m sure I’ll enjoy whatever way they decide to take this story. My vote is for NICK though!! I always wanted Sam and Andy from the beginning. They have great chemistry when they aren’t together. Once together I didn’t like them as much as I thought I would :/. Coming into season 4 I still really wanted them back together but not now. I love the Andy/Nick relationship. It’s so refreshing and so realistic. Please please give Nick and Andy a chance!! I would love to see her in a stable long term relationship and that relationship should be with NICK. I know shows need drama, but there are plenty of other couples to create some drama with. Let Andy settle down she’s been hurt enough. Great season!!

    • Anilas says:

      They are so not realistic. She doesn’t love Nick. She will never love him the way she does Sam.

      • nameless says:

        They are way more realistic. Romantic feelings will not always be with you at every moment of everyday. When Andy and Sam’s “passion” dies down, what do they have left? Nick and Andy actually have a friendship. They have a firm base for their relationship. How realistic is it for couples like Sam and Andy to stay together forever?

      • Carrie says:

        Nick and Andy are way way way more realistic! in the real world Sam and Andy would never make it! All they would do is help with the divorce rate!

    • Amy says:

      Well said SV. I feel the same. I wanted her with Sam for so long but once they were together …hmmm not so much. I love her with Nick and I did not really think I would once I saw where it was going but was surprised to find they go so good together. I really hope the writers/producers give a long hard think about this. I mean she was upset Sam had been shot but that is not unexpected.

  17. angellight says:

    I never liked Sam & Andy. For me the chemistry is not there as it is with her & Andy — too caring & open people who belong together. Sam needs someone hard & sassy. I may not watch if they pair Sam & Andy again. I had stopped watching before because of them & started watching again when she got with Nick.

    • nameless says:

      I agree with you. I didn’t think about it until you said it, but Sam is so rough he needs someone who will put him in his place, like Gail. I don’t want him and Gail together, but someone wth her personality would work better with him. Andy is too soft. I feel like she is more likely to let Sam walk all over her.

  18. Shawn says:

    McSwarek fan here all the way. Never a doubt they were endgame. Nick and Andy were too much alike and too perfect to work. There has to be a spark and they didn’t have the kind that progresses a fictional tv couple. There HAS to be drama and conflict, and Nick/Andy lacked both and had great acting chemistry, but not great romantic chemistry. Cute works for a while, but there needs to be that fire and passion, and i’m sorry NOTHING about Nick/Andy came close to that first love scene between Sam/Andy or the passion the two of them display when they are bickering and bantering. Nick was way too easy and that can become boring at times. I liked him better with Gail and as a friend to Andy. Sam/Andy are more adult like, whereas being with Nick was like and finally hooking up with your first crush. Eventually the novelty wears off and you have to grow up and face the real world. The real world is full of curve balls and challenges, but that’s how you grow and learn and become a woman or a man. Loved the finale and McSwarek reunion.

    But am I the only one loving Steve and Traci this season? I loved Jerry and wanted him and Nash happy together, but his death put an end to that. I feel Steve gives us a bit of a reminder of Jerry and brings something new to the table with Traci.

    I can’t wait to see how next season plays out. This is a great show.

  19. maria says:

    sam and andy all the way!!!!!!

  20. Amandos22 says:

    Sam and andy

  21. sehli says:

    omg i really want andy and sam to be together!!! and i want marlow to kind of go away for ever.. idk she just doesnt fit the show.. like nick blended right in when he first came but it wasnt the same with marrow.. anyway sam and andy should really get together and this time make it official!! like how awesome would that be??!!

  22. Steph says:

    I really hope we get a chance to see more of Nick and Andy next season, even though she said she loves Sam. I feel like we didn’t get a chance to see more of Andy in a happy relationship with someone who isn’t afraid of expressing himself. I also really wanted to see Gail and Diaz reunite, I really loved seeing them together in season 1-2.

  23. christine says:

    I hope after all this time they don’t take Sam and Andy away from the mcswarek fans after the end of s4 that would be to cruel they said they would be end game thats whats kept us going,Andy and Nick do NOT have what MCSWAREK have please keep them together always,MCSWAREK,,,,M-C-S-W-A-R-E-K FOR EVER PLEASE

  24. Amie says:

    What can you say ….Sam and Nick are Andy’s ying and yang! But of course that’s how life works. I really enjoyed that Tracy found someone. Lol but Gail s brother! That is great dinamics.
    Tess and her team did a great job on everyday life Issues.
    mixed relationship’s
    love triangle / ying and Yang
    Oliver finally finds someone who cares
    Mental/medical issues
    Duv finally sleeps with someone from15 division! Lmao
    Wasn’t a Marlo fan. Not because of Sam..just didn’t fit.
    But to love her.
    I want season 5 NOW! !

  25. Samantha says:

    Sam & Andy all the way!!!!

  26. V says:

    I was so sad watching part 2 of the finale. I was a HUGE Andy and Sam fan, but watching Andy with Nick totally bowled me over. Nick and Andy are the real deal. Sam is great, but he is not for Andy. Nick is so great and they just ooze awesomeness. Please please please consider them as a couple. LOL!!! You’d think this were real life! TEAM NICK!

  27. Jenn says:

    Hottie Nick and Andy all the way!!! Put Sam with Celery or add another character to be with Sam-maybe her name could be carrot!

  28. 3M says:

    I am a former Andy/Sam fan. Over the past few seasons (even before Jerry died) Sam has continuously undermined Andy as a cop and person. When they are not together they share incredible chemisty, but when they are together, it felt forced. The real end for me was when he pressured her to change the log book for Marlo. If he really loved her he would not ask her to do something so against her beliefs. Then the fact that she went back and told Nick the truth about her day showed that she and Nick were more equals and she wanted to have an open relationship with him. Sam putting himself in danger by leaving the station was just selfish. I know he hated watching Nick and Andy together but he couldn’t wait a few more hours? I actually liked Andy with Luke. And why is Luke always so pissed at Andy, he cheated on her and gave her a used engagement ring. No Gail and Luke. I like her better with Holly. Really like the whole cast and would be happy if the writers focused on the others more.

    • anakl says:

      I believe that Luke’s always pissed at Andy because he’s still in love with her after all this time & he sees how weak Sam’s makes her and doesn’t like it…she has no spine while with Sam…

    • karabo zungu says:

      As I recall Andy found the ring while snooping around Luke’s things. People do stupid things when they have experience trauma. He made a mistake. In any event in all honest Andy was looking for a way to be with Swarek and an opportunity presented itself (was not the best writing but effective I guess). Luke is right to always be pissed with her, because she turns into this pathetic spineless toad whenever she is around Swarek.

  29. Tina says:

    Man I’m so lost I just started watching this show and man it’s good! Now I just have to go watch season one, two, and three and catch up on my new found show.

  30. Samantha says:

    There’s unresolved issues between Andy and Sam but its time to give it a rest. Andy and Sam had a passionate, roller coaster like relationship, and that was interesting for a while but Nick and Andy are much better. For season 5, Andy and Sam should resolve whatever is left of their relationship and she should ultimately end up with Nick. Nick and Andy’s relationship is light, open but most importantly, it’s stable and that’s what the show needs. They’re great together and I’d love to see a Rookie wedding in later seasons between the two. The show should take the attention off of Andy’s love triangle and create a new one with Gail, Holly and Luke! Now that would be interesting. Nick+Andy <3

  31. Amy says:

    I agree with so many post here. I am so over Sam and Andy together. I was a huge Sam and Andy fan… back in seasons 2/3 but he just comes off as an selfish buttocks now to me. I know it is a drama but really can’t we just have police drama for Andy for a while. It is supposed to be an ensemble case but seems Missy P. gets the big storyline all the time. I LOVE Andy with Nick. Last season him as her break up buddy and friend they seemed to really click and trust one another just as friends/colleagues. They both deserve loving, caring, honest relationships. He had to deal with Gail and her wack ways. Andy had enough baggage from childhood to last a lifetime and yet she still is an optimist.. People change but they don’t really change. You can not change you entire personality just little things. Sam is just too much closed off, selfish and work. I mean he did not even tell her he loved her when they were together. Unrelated Side note: I loved the Steve and Tracey storyline. The actors have great chemistry and he is so cute with her.

  32. Allison says:

    I thought this season was great every episode… the finale just left me with the wth moment. So easily andy jumped back to sams side when just the episode before it was all genuine with her and nick. She will always have a place for sam in her heart (like any girl with their first True love) but do u risk it all again… again. He has left her high and dry before…. their love/passion/respect for each other is undeniable… but like any other story has it run its course…. u always want what u can’t have. The lingering glances, the comments only the two of them get… knowing each others move…. sam admitting he wasn’t ok with her and nick (loved it) but is it because he knows she may be finally happy with someone else

  33. Yang says:

    I support McCollins! Andy and Nick make better sense than Sam n Andy. I used to believe that Sam was a better man but if you look back from the beginning til this season, I’ve come to realize that all Sam is all about himself – doing as he pleases n feels. He doesn’t think of the others around hm. If he is able to blame Andy for detective barbers death n clouding his ability to do his job . Then that already makes u a jerk. If u love someone will u blame them! Instead we seek refuge n comfort in our love ones. Like Andy did with Nick after the incident with Marlo – covering up her mistakes. Sam always wants to b right n in control. But in love, should we compromise n work together with the ones we love. In a relationship is about 2 not just 1! Andy tolerated Sam n Marlo, but when Sam can’t deal with it, he makes a big deal about it! Making it about him again! The thing he said about wanting Andy to be happy is rubbish! If u want her to be happy which she is with nick, then you would not make a deal out of it! Unlike Nick, he told Andy that he would wait n he was going to but Andy made the first move, so was he supposed to reject her!! He is noble, honest, truthful, faithful n humble. He was honest with Gail about crushing on Andy n deal with Gail’s cheating like a real man. He showed humility at the end of this season, by letting her go n be with Sam – the ones we love r the ones who will really b willing to sacrifice anything for our happiness! Nick did that eventhough it was painful, unlike Sam would had to act like a baby – wanting to run away from the problem, rather than sticking up like a real man. Nick is a real man that comes by very rarely and if the writers makes Andy go with Sam then sorry to say, it makes her character look weak n contradicting as she said she is more focus n will do everything by the books! Im sorry to all swarek fans i was too but after how the writers made his character like that i really do not a man who blames others for things they r going through, yes admitting his mistakes shows he is not proud to admit wrong but doesnt give him the right to make things sour for others. andy was moving on n happier than ever. they should let andy n nick because it was a fresh start, it would make more sense in reality, who would want a guy who can blame others for circumstances hey r facing! i believe nick’s character is the ultimate choice! He reality he would win hands down!

    • Sandra Bennett says:

      Could not disagree more! He told her he didn’t blame her for Jerry’s death that h was just struggling to cope. People grieve differently and many people lash out at the ones they love the most thats what makes it real! Sam was just going home it was Andy that kept pushing it and waning o know why he was leaving so he did the exact same thing as Nick! It’s not all about what Sam wanted he told Andy at end of S3 he would do anything to show her how much he loves her. Sam has always been there for her like when he helped her prove her dads innocence and when Luke got shot nothing in it for him then!

      • Nanna says:

        “He told her he didn’t blame her for Jerry’s death that h was just struggling to cope” EXACTLY! Thank you for pointing that out. I think he has been very supportive for her as a friend and as a cop. Not undermining her. Several times he has said that he trusts her instincts and her capabilty to be a cop. I’m wondering if I have been watching the same show as the others…

  34. Jules says:

    AWESOME, AWESOME finale! Oh my goodness so well done! I was completely engrossed at all times! Everything about it I loved. I had a feeling the brother was the child abuser!

    LOVE Sam/Andy, so I really enjoyed watching both of their confessions to each other. And Nick! What a great guy for basically standing aside and letting Andy be happy with someone else. Love him. Just not with Andy! And Marlo! Oh my gosh I cried when she started crying at the picture of her and Sam. She deserves to be happy with someone new!

    Also really love Steve/Tracy! Can’t get over their cuteness, and same with Gail/Holly! Gail needs to be happy for a change. Glad Oliver didn’t die, he needs to be on this show. And Dov :( . I have always loved Gregory Smith since Everwood, haha.

  35. Chris says:

    Nick and Andy!!!!!

  36. thi86 says:

    Very intense finale, and i think Rookie Blue had a great season!

    I must say, i feel bad for Marlo. And omg, Nick’s crying was so heartbreaking. Well, to be honest, i liked the developing of the relationship with him and Andy, but he was more into the relationship than her.

    and i knew that with Sam being shot would just bring Sam/Andy more closer in this finale, and open for a future reunion for them, and now everything is up in the air for S5.

    Oh, Gail and Holly is just too cute. The hug in the end! <3 I'm glad they will explore more about this history next season!

    Damn, nine months is a long time, and i miss this show already.

  37. Fickie says:

    Sam is Andys first true love and vice versa. The chemistry between them is for all to see. Nick and Andy look fake and she started a relationship with nick because he forced her when she was most vulnerable. Go McSwarek 4ever

  38. beejoe says:

    Andy is too cheap! How many man would she date in that tired of andy’ part,pls give us more of traci’ and others.

  39. Anastasia says:

    For me it’s always been Sam and Andy. They are each others’ story.
    If two people are put through all of this pain, trials and what not that S4 had in store for them, and they still come out of it with their love for each other as strong as ever? That’s true love. The kind that never fails. They’ve touched each others’ hearts and souls in a way that nobody else ever will.

    All they need is a chance to work things out together. What would be the point of all their growth in S4, if they didn’t get that chance? So, I really hope S5 will allow them to continue on that journey of becoming everything only those two can be for each other.

    Please, Tassie? Our investment is a direct result of the powerful love story you conveyed to us. If something is that intense and deep, there’s just no going back from it.

    • jan says:

      Nicely done, Anastasia! Sam and Andy are the real deal!! You can’t have that kind love and passion without the pain and trials of life! Life is messy and complicated. It’s not easy and simple like it is shown with the Andy/Nick pairing. That kind of passionless relationship will not last! I would love to see Sam and Andy continue their journey together and work through their unfinished issues together to become even stronger than they already are. They are clearly very much in love with each other and S5 needs to be about their love story! So much story to be told! The writers could have so much fun with this!!

  40. Veronica says:

    Sam and Andy were right there in the story of Rookie Blue from the get-go.
    This S4 did a lot to tear them apart but they still came together in the end.

    Not rooting for them to make it is just impossible for me. They’ve touched my heart too deeply for that.
    I hope they get the real chance they deserve in S5 because Sam wants the real life with Andy and only Andy and because Sam is Andy’s story.

  41. Carly says:

    I just find Nick to be incredibly boring and Nick Nd Andy painful to watch. Sam and Andy all the way. Sam has grown and Andy learned a lot as well. They will be better together now. The bottom line here is, Andy loves Sam. She may care deeply for Nick, but she loves Sam. It’s a once in a lifetime type of love. She should be er settle. The best things in life are worth the fight. I think it’s something special when the writers did everything they could to make nick and Andy work and essentially kept Sam and Andy apart and didn’t let them share scenes but Sam/Andy fans are still extremely strong. Season 5 should bring a better Sam and Andy together. More open and honest.

    • bjanes says:

      Completetly agree that Nick and Andy are painful to watch and extremely boring it is just not there and the writers need to realize that – bring on Sam and Andy, let them deal with grown up issues, their true feelings for each other and learn to work it out

  42. ALB says:

    Love, love, love Nick & Andy!! Love how open, respectful and fun they are together. I was a big Sam & Andy fan who simply lost some excitement for them over tbe back & forth of their relationship. I thoroughly enjoy everything about Nick & Andy and hope they give them a chance still.

  43. Anon says:

    I saw things a little differently than some of the other posters and tell me if I’m barking up the wrong tree.
    Andy is head over heals in love with Sam. Sam is head over heals in love with Andy and granted he doesn’t communicate that point very well.
    In a quick version here how I saw things unfold.
    Sam thinks Andy is through with him because she went UC and didn’t show up to talk with him at the Penny. Sam’s thought process is I’ve lost Andy and need to move on – Marlo enters.
    Andy returns from UC and goes to Sam but now he is with Marlo. Andy’s thought process is I’ve lost Sam and need to move on – Nick enters.
    They both still have very strong feelings for the other but are afraid those feelings are in vain so they keep them to themselves.
    In the finale Sam finally starts opening up to Andy. First of all taking the blame for what he did. He wants her to be happy but doesn’t want to be around to see it so decides to leave. If any of you were in that position would you want to stay around and witness that?
    Sam is shot and in the ambulance Andy tells Sam her true feeling for him.
    True love has to be a two way street, both people need to have those feelings. Just because some viewers think Andy and Nick make a cute couple if both Andy and Nick don’t have those passionate feelings for the other it doesn’t matter how cute a couple the viewers think they are.
    A hope they (writers) don’t steer this down a triangle path. IMO triangles last an extremely short period of time because no person that I know of wants to share their true love with someone else. How creepy would that be?
    If Andy and Sam choose each other be happy for them and hopefully the writers will let them deal with adult issues as a couple. A good start would be to explore Sam’s past and have him open up a lot more to Andy like he finally started to in the finale

  44. Kacey says:

    I am so rooting for Andy and Nick!! He has always appreciated her for who she is. Before Nick, I did like her with Sam but now I definitely would rather see Nick with her. The first time they kissed under cover, I was like wow so wrong. I was hoping Sam would be getting back with her. I have total chaned my mind after seeing Nick tell Andy how crazy he was for her and seeing their relationship play out. He is very open and honest and brings out the best in her. He was always fighting for Gail’s affection and appreciation. She was to negative for Nick. Andy is his match. The way he looks at her, just shows the love he has. Nick is willing to do anything to be with Andy. He is so much more deserving of her. Sam seems to get moody and blame Andy for alot of things. He can be sarcastic and pushes her away. It is a constant battle. There is no communicating with Sam and getting anywhere. She was really happen with Nick before Sam decided to confess he still had feelings for her after being shot. What man is so inlove with someone and let them walk (no push them) out of his life, especially for so long without realizing he made a huge mistake. I feel bad for Nick, the fact that he told her to go into Sam’s room in the hospital just shows how much he wants whatever is best for her even if it isn’t what he wants. The fact that Sam expected Andy to go into the files and break the rules and put her job at jeopardy shows his personality. I don’t want to see Sam unhappy but he was getting by just fine without Andy. If they get back together, it will be the same old problems. Pick Nick!! The nice guy should not always finish last and Nick should not be the guy Andy was just using to get over Sam.

    • Cheryl says:

      Could not agree more I hope Nick is picked

    • Anon says:

      Sam didn’t confess how he felt to Andy after he was shot, it was before. He told her he just wanted her to be happy and that he was leaving. She followed him out and that’s when they discovered Oliver’s squad car that the bad guy, Ford came to the precinct in.
      You also mentioned he pushed her out of his life for so long a time. She was UC and he had no way of contacting her. If you remember at the end of season 3 he wanted to talk to her then but she went UC.
      You also mentioned when Nick told Andy to go into Sam’s room because he wanted what was best for her. Sam did the same thing before he was shot. Also, if I was dating someone and then I saw that they loved someone else I don’t think I’d want to play second fiddle, would you?

    • Carrie says:

      Me 2! Love Nick and Andy!!!!!!

  45. G17est says:

    I’m really exhausted bc of this show…,I’m exhausted and I feel cheated.

    I’m so confused with the direction the writers went in with this story line. Why in the world would they want to split the fandom like this? Not to mention going back on what they said about Sam/Andy being end game. I feel cheated as a mcswarek fan since season 1. This show has painfully short seasons so I’ve been waiting and waiting for mcswareks epic moment for years. Sam and Andy had something special from the very beginning. they both did things to mess it up and they both were hesitant about being together because they knew it’d be intense, but they had this connection and they waited and so did we as an audience.
    People say they made Luke cheat to make Sam look like the good guy, that’s not true at all. Sam was already there for her in way more ways than Luke. Callaghan was a horrible boy friend to her and I’m disappointed they made him cheat because I always wanted Andy to leave him because of her feelings for Sam. I always hated that she continued to be with him knowing full well she had some intense unresolved feelings for Sam; it was unfair to everyone in the situation and everyone would have come across better if they would have just made her leave him instead of have hm cheat. It was already obvious their relationship wasn’t strong and the Jo thing was just overkill.
    Then they finally it together at the end of season 2 and we were all eagerly awaiting this wonderful relationship that we envisioned because they were so in love and because of the great stuff we saw in 2×11-2×13, but when s3 came along they showed Sam with one foot out the door the entire time and Andy came across pushy. I understand they did this for character development- their backstories and whatever- but still it was a let down after the anticipation I had for 3 years. So I told myself they did this so that when mcswarek reunited it would seem that much better. We would see all of the scenes we’d been waiting for when they had their new healthier/stronger relationship. They held a bunch of stuff back because they wanted it to be that much more obvious.
    Then we wait another 9 months and we come back expecting them to work out their issues and eventually wrk towards something near the end of the season, since the theme was change or die. And yes, I will admit heave grown this season, but it was annoying that they had to do it apart. I wish they could have worked on their issues together. None the less that’s what the writers chose to do. So they told us, “this season is about growing and changing to win back the loves of your lives” and we saw them grow and change and in the end Sam and Andy admitted their love for each other in a matter of word. And at the end of the episode I was left ecstatic that they finally were open with each other and they were gunna finally work things out and we were gunna get what we’ve been waiting for for 4 years.
    Then. Read this and learn that they’re questioning who she should be with… After all this time… ARE U KIDDING ME. That’s so upsetting to me. I’ve stuck t out fr years waiting for our time and now I learn that it might not even happen. That’s not even cool. I’ll be so dissapointed and done to be honest. There is a lot I love about this show, Gail/ Oliver the friendships the new and improved Luke, but seriously if I wait another 9 months… Which makes 5 years and I find out they’re going to explore this Andy/nick thing further, I’m over it. If this show had the normal amount of episodes it’d be a different story, but it’s just not worth t at that point.

    All of that is just my disappointment regarding decisions not even did I mention how it jus wouldnt even make sense in terms of story for her to go back to nick.
    Andy would come across as fickle
    First she was all indecisive about Luke/Sam, which was fine bc she hadn’t actually been with Sam and she was trying to do that right thing- the safe thing- since she was convinced she always chose the wrong guys.
    But to be unable to make a decision again is jus ridiculous especially after admitting her LOVE for Sam and saying he was her story. Why go back to Nick? How is that fair to anyone?
    and Nick would come across kind of pathetic. Why would he want to be with someone who’s in love with someone else. He’s better than that. I’d like to see him in a relationship with someone else. Someone who Loves him as much as he loves her. He’d seem so weak and sad to stay with her. He might feel strongly for her, but what’s even the point? I deffinately wouldn’t put myself through that.

    • Anonymous says:

      I feel your pain, G17est! I feel it so well. If all this buildup between Sam and Andy from the very first episode of Rookie Blue will prove to have been for nothing, my heart just won’t take it.

      I’ve never been this invested in a TV couple because I’ve never encountered such a well-crafted love story before. Except in the great classics. Sam and Andy are it. Why would they promise us, through their writing over many seasons, that Sam and Andy are each others’ true loves only to trivialize them and have Andy end up with a “friend”?
      It doesn’t make any sense to me. I truly hope Tassie still has her vision for Sam and Andy and won’t deviate from it.

  46. May says:

    Sam is the one who made decision to break up with Andy even not her fault. More over, he’s going with Mario while Andy still working in Division 15. But Nick is a very nice and good guy. He’s sincere and good with Andy all the time. He’s broke up with Gail just because, she’s not honest with him. The man like Sam doesn’t worth with women like Andy at all. How does she know that he will not do it again in the future!!! But Nick is definitely worth for Andy. I do hope that , finally Nick & Andy will go together.

  47. Ana says:

    I’ve missed Sam and Andy so much this S4! Especially their partnership which was always the most amazing part of the show to me. Hardly seeing them together on screen killed me.

    Why would the writers want to create a “viable” love interest for Andy when they’ve created the most powerful love story on TV right now between Sam and Andy?

    Hearing Sam say “We work together and we’ll find him, cause that’s what we do.”? My heart skipped a beat. It was like for a second we got them back – Sam and Andy, together.

    And when Sam told her he wasnted her to be happy more than anything he could ever want for himself, I shed tears for the man who’s always put Andy’s happiness ahead of his own. Of course he is her story. Of course she’s never felt more loved or known as lying in his arms. Those two just belong together.

    Please give them a fair chance to be together in S5! Don’t let one of the most epic love stories ever told on television go to waste.

    • Lynsey says:

      McSwarek all the way!!!! Why ruin the story line with another viable love interest for Andy! I love the fact that Sam can say a thousand words with a facial expression and although he let Andy down at times she let him down too and everyone forgets this fact! The storyline is about there romance and it is there story. I say let them finally b together and focus on other actors in the show getting some screen time. Dove, Chris and Gail are halarious and out newcomer Chloe especially. I think some really good stories can come forward from these characters and N’cSwareck should now be allowed to live in piece lol

  48. poppy says:

    McSwarek always and forever, because “True love isn’t easy but it must be fought for. Because once you find it, it can never be replaced.”

  49. Niki says:

    Yes! I’ve missed Sam and Andy, too. They’ve always been the heart and soul of Rookie Blue. And Ben Bass is probably one of the most talented actors on television right now. I’m always floored at how he manages to convey to us and makes us feel all of Sam’s emotions, often without saying a single word. I’m really impressed. If the writers know what they’re doing, they will give him as much screen time as they can. It’s such a shame they allowed for all the chemsitry that Ben Bass and Missy Peregrym have to got to waste this season. When those two are together, my screen just explodes.
    I think the writers owe it not to us – the fans who have been there from the very beginning and have watched the show with lots of care and investment trying to read between the lines and analyze the infamous Rookie Blue subtext – but to themselves to see this story between Sam and Andy through: they are each others’ story. And really, they have become our story. Please have the courage and integrity to stay true to that story by giving Sam and Andy a real chance to work things out together!

  50. Andy says:

    Andy and Sam are the only sensible conclusion IMO. At least if you adhere to the logic of the story presented to the audience. Putting Andy with anyone else than Sam just doesn’t make any sense.
    They have this really, deep meaningful connection and there’s no doubt on my mind that they truly, deeply only love each other. So give them a real shot, I say. I think it would be really fun and worthwhile to watch a show that is courageous enough to give its main couple the chance to actually be in a relationship together and work through their issues, really be together, and not merely put them together in the very last Episode of the series avoiding the challenging stuff that would give their audience the real payoff they deserve if they’ve stuck with it since season one.