Post Mortem: Rookie Blue Boss Talks Andy's Romantic Future (With?!), Chloe's Secret & More

Rookie Blue Season 5 SpoilersWARNING: The following contains spoilers for Thursday’s season finale of Rookie Blue. If you have yet to watch, avert your eyes now. Everyone else, you may proceed…

Rookie Blue concluded its dramatic two-part Season 4 finale on Thursday night with a flurry of bullets.

With Sam shot, Andy immediately went to her ex-boyfriend’s side and spilled the secrets of her heart. But that doesn’t necessarily mean she and Nick are done, reveals executive producer Tassie Cameron.

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Read on for more scoop about the love triangle’s future, Gail’s coming out and Chloe’s surprise husband.

TVLINE | Years of TV watching tell me that Sam’s probably not dead.
Well, you know. [Laughs] He’s not dead at the end of the episode, so that’s good. There’s much more to be said and done with Sam. No, he’s not dead.

TVLINE | Did Andy definitively choose between Sam and Nick?
Andy was speaking from her heart [in the ambulance], and she was thinking of it as a choice at that moment. She’s always been a very intuitive character, and she’s acting on her intuition. It’s really clear to us and to Nick, even if it’s not clear to her yet, that there’s a lot of unfinished business with that relationship [with Sam].

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TVLINE | It seemed like Nick was giving her permission and letting her go. Like in a way, he was almost breaking up with her.
We love the character of Nick Collins, and we wanted him to be noble. He’s a smart guy, and if he has a chance with Andy, it’s got to be with all the cards on the table. He wants her to do what’s right for her, because he’s a good person. So we were trying to construct an episode where both men want the best for her. Sam doesn’t exactly take a bullet for Nick, but they both make big sacrifices in this episode.

Rookie Blue Season 4 SpoilersTVLINE | So is the love triangle not finished? Is it going to be explored more next season?
We don’t know yet. I haven’t decided. Are love triangles ever really finished? I’m not sure yet how we’re going to structure it.

TVLINE | I think I interpreted the ending a little differently than I was supposed to.
I wonder if the ending is going to be a bit of a Rorschach test. People will see what they want to see. It will be really interesting to see the response, because I think that the Sam-and-Andy lovers will see it as definitive, and the Nick Collins lovers will see there’s still a door open, which is kind of what we wanted.

TVLINE | The Sam/Andy fans are really passionate, but there’s also viewers who, like Andy, were unexpectedly charmed by Nick. Going into the finale, how difficult was it for you to decide where you were going to leave Andy romantically?
We always knew that this is where we were heading this season. As I said, there is unfinished business between Sam and Andy. There is an incredibly strong, passionate primal thing between them. We were going to get there, at least emotionally, by the end of this season. That was by design.

It was really difficult, even though we knew where we were headed. It’s not just the audience. The writing room is divided. Half of us are passionate Sam-and-Andy lovers, half of us loved Nick and Andy. It’s quite interesting, and we really did set ourselves the goal this season of trying to build a viable, interesting alternative to the Sam-and-Andy relationship… We were exploring, as writers, whether it’s true: Can you have loved somebody like Sam and then fall in love with a different kind of person? Is that possible? If so, what does it look like?

TVLINE | One of the things Andy really values in Nick is his openness, whereas with Sam, there were a lot of issues that they did not talk about. Is there going to be a conversation next season addressing all of that?
Yeah. I think there needs to be. Again, a lot of our own theories on love, honesty, openness and relationships are getting played out in these episodes. But while the secret and mysterious love affair is a very, very passionate one, and a very sexy one, it has to go to the next level. She learns that from her situation with Nick. If anything with Sam is going to work, they’re going to have to get a little more open and a little more honest with each other.

Rookie Blue Season 5 SpoilersTVLINE | That moment when Gail introduced Holly to Chris and her brother, was that her way of coming out to them?
I think so. There’s probably lots more to be done on that. I don’t think just introducing somebody is enough. There’s probably a lot more challenges ahead of her on that. But yes, we were trying to explore the idea, in this episode, that in times of great chaos and stress, the truth is sometimes revealed to people about themselves or about their relationships, about their heart and souls.

TVLINE | The other big surprise in the episode was Chloe’s husband showing up. Is there a reason why he and Chloe never got divorced?
Chloe seems like the kind of person who might just start to forget about it. I don’t know yet. What interested us about that was that we always knew from the beginning with Chloe that she was going to present herself as an open book, but she was going to have something really, really big under the surface that she hasn’t told Dov. That was really fun for us to write that character, who [is like], “I’m an open book. It’s my brand,” [and] to know that they had a big secret coming up that was going to be revealed and make Dov look at this woman and say, “Do I even know you?”

Rookie Blue fans, stay tuned to TVLine for more scoop about Season 5!

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  1. Ari says:

    I was convinced Nick was going to get shot at the end of the episode when he took his vest off. I was so sure it was coming. I was pleasantly surprised when it didn’t happen. I really like Nick but I liked him better with Gail.

    • Bennington says:

      Nick and Gail were horrible together. He did not like her. She does not like herself. Maybe her problem has always been that she was unhappy because she was always gay and now finally she found herself and can be happy.

      • Gaby says:

        I agree with you. She never seemed happy with any of the guys she dated. Maybe that will change next season with Holly.

        • Cassia says:

          I feel like she was happiest with Chris.

          • she loooves Chris more than anyone I guess but only as a friend

          • bubbles says:

            This gay thing with Gail, is ridiculous, she has such a cool character that was totally ruined with this nonsense. She and Chris were great together. I have watched and loved this show from the very, very first episode but if this is where they take Gail’s character I will no longer watch or be a fan of the show…

      • paleblueeyes24 says:

        Gail opened up to Holly the first day they met so I think that showed a good connection (remember the cat up a tree story). C. Sullivan (Gail) said she likes where they are taking her character. I’m sure it help ratings as well because they finally renewed it for another season.

        • Markus O Negative (R.I.P. Peter Steele) says:

          @bubbles- why is it ‘nonsense’ for two people to meet, be attracted to one another, and if it turns out they fall in love, live happily ever after? Two humans being there for one another…isn’t that what we all want in our lives?
          I am a Atheist, and my point of view is that NO ONE has the right to tell anyone what they should do in their lives. I’m I homosexual? No. I base my preferences to logic, not by religion, which is simple- in order for the human race to continue, men and women must have sex, A man cannot give birth, and a woman cannot become pregnant without the help of a man….simple fact.

          The fact is this- there are no gods, just religious humans that preach a belief that is not only out-dated, but divided into dozens of denominations that follow the same King James Bible that in turn is translated and re-translated dozens of times, not to mention the add-ons to the bible like the Book Of Mormon, a book that claims ‘Jesus’ came to America to visit the lost tribe of Israel (as in, the Native American Indians). It is that backward thinking that stir hateful, judgmental and even violent behavior towards someone that chooses, OF THEIR OWN FREE WILL, to love someone that just so happens to be the same gender. There IS NO God or Jesus, no Zeus or Hercules, and no Odin or Thor….all those names are names of myths created my religious, judgmental humans, and since those myths do not exist, the laws that represent those myths are useless.

          The story is awesome because it is different and bold, and it stands against the true ‘nonsense’ that keeps us- as a human race- in moving forward.

          • hanamarie says:

            Who are you to have a go at some one for trashing a homosexual couple when you sit there and trash an entire religion. I’m a christian, i believe in god and i believe in Jesus Christ our savior and lord. Do you want to know what else i believe in? Equality. Galatians 3:28 There is neither jew nor Gentile, neither slave nor free, nor is there male and female, for you are all one in Christ Jesus. Honestly i don’t care that you don’t believe in God, you were given free will and can choose to do whatever you want with it. But please don’t be a hypocrite and please refrain from ridiculing my religion.
            much love hanamarie xx

          • uranuneducateduranumus says:

            Fact: There IS Jesus. Proven over and over and over…. Read and study History of the Roman Empire before you say that there being No Jesus is a FACT. You also cannot say for FACT that there is NO GOD, you weren’t there. None of us were. There are Religious beliefs and Non-Religious beliefs, neither are FACTS. Educate yourself before you pretend to be educated it just makes you sound ignorant.

    • Bella says:

      I did too, disappointed they paired Nick with Andy and Gail with Holly. If we can’t have Nick/Gail why not Gail & Luke…..

      • Ari says:

        Oh Luke, he was looking so fine with that beard early in the season. I wish they’d bring him back full time. I wasn’t opposed to Andy/Nick but it just felt kind of rushed and like they were specifically doing it to create drama. I guess they were but it felt way too forced.

        • Cath says:

          The beard was the best! Also, why did they never even mention Andy and Luke’s history? They were engaged and then he slept with Jo and she slept with Sam but there was no way you would have known that from their (Andy, Luke, Sam – even Nick) interactions with each other this season.

          • Paula says:

            Look, I love watching this tv series! I love the fact that Sam and Andy are together! I love the suggestions on Nick and Andy BUT I really want SAM and ANDY together!!! PLEASE! I do not miss 1 series I have even bought the 1st and 2nd Series, just waiting for the 3rd, 4th and 5th! So please let Sam and Andy be together!! Thanks for a wicked series!!

      • Danielle says:

        YES!!! Gail and Luke!! I’m on that SHIP ALREADY!! :)

      • Jess says:

        I like Holly and Gail, but damn Luke and Gail would be so hot and interesting. Would love to see that.

        • paleblueeyes24 says:

          They look like they could be related. With Gail’s great one-liner’s and the way Holly plays back will make for good TV. Gail is my favorite character because of her personality!!!

        • Sofia Catarino says:

          I love this serie, i want that Sam stays alive and continue his love affair with Andy. And Gail, she’s my favourite, it ‘ll be great to see a romance beteween her and Luke.

      • JACKSON says:


      • Cheryl says:

        I am so terribly disappointed that Andy paired up with Nick. She belongs to Sam and Sam belongs to her. Nick is a smart guy – but he should be with someone else NOT ANDY. Dont like the fact that Andy hops into bed with her co-workers (this being the 3rd).Andy has broken Sam’s heart more than once, but they Love one another. Dont think I will watch again if Andy and Sam dont reconcile.

      • Jennelle says:

        Andy & Sam all the way I hope some way they always find each other love them together ❤😊

      • Nathalie says:

        That’s stupid. Don’t be against Gail’s sexually. I like her as a lesbian. She was NOT happy with any men not even Chris which is why she kiss Epstein. If she truly loved Chris. She wouldn’t of done what she did.. Even with Nick she cheated on him for some older icky dude.

        • Kristy (Greece) says:

          Hi! I’m with you!

          • Sunflower says:

            I agree this is a good medium to show teenagers that are scared of their sexuality that they will be accepted in society. I agree Gail was having a hard time with men maybe Holly will help her discover herself.

        • kailey says:

          She might not be gay, she could be bisexual. Just because she has romantic feelings towards Holly, doesn’t nullify all of her previous relationships.

    • khadijah says:

      I root for NICK AND ANDY ALL THE WAY! They have chemistry and I love their relationship.i hope they work out sorry to Sam and Andy fans. Nick is amazing. I was smiling like crazy watching them care so much for each other in the second last episode after what happened to Chloe. I honestly mainly watch rookie blue for Nick and Andy.NICK AND ANDY FTW!! I hope season 5 will be great and I hope it goes well for Dov too. Sam could just stick with Marlo. This is better no one is left hurt.

      • Sandra Bennett says:

        Love Sam and Andy and the scenes they had together were so touching! Nick and Andy cannot compare to what they have. They are both growing and will grow together! Would love to see Andy meet his family in S5 and a proposal!

        • Antonio says:

          I love Andy and Sam i’m with u on this

        • Pam D says:

          I agree, Andy and Sam all the way. Frankly, I watch the show and am now addicted to it even watching reruns to see their relationship build from the beginning. I will stop watching though if Andy and Sam don’t end up together in Season 5. Andy has had too many relationships now, Nick is not the romantic one for her….only Sam, it has always been Sam for Andy and Andy for Sam. Let her bring out the best in him.

          • Anna says:

            You and I must be the same person I have been doing the same thing watching all episodes, Andy and Sam all the way there is so many story lines they can use with these two. Not sure if ill be able to watch if Sam and Andy don’t end up together forever…

          • Dawn says:

            I absolutely agree after all he has told her that he loves her too and she pledges her undying love at the end of series 4 and it would be a farce to carry on like this! I won’t whatch if she has ANOTHER serious relationship and it is not Sam! They are so right for each other. Make something happen to Andy which makes Sam realize he cant live without her. There is so much the writers can do with that and a pending engagement and wedding. Nick is so plain and ordinary so find him someone else.

          • Carlos Mauricio Soareslongo says:

            Nao deixa-los juntos vai contra tudo que a serie mostrou desde o 1 cap. Quando Andy deu a dura em San disfarçado, o olhar dele para ela foi quimica dos grandes relacionamentos.Talvez os caras mostrarao isso casualmente. Tiro no pe!

          • Cheryl says:

            I agree – SAM AND ANDY BELONG! Andy has had too many relationships within the Precint it is degrading her character. NICK needs to go off and fight a war somewhere. Sam and Andy have something that is just soooo perfect for one another. I agree Sam for Andy and Andy for Sam.

        • Pam D says:

          That is a great idea! I would love to see Andy meet Sam’s family and for them to get engaged. Their relationship seems so real when they look at each other and the way they worry about each other. Sam always shows he cares in that way.

        • sunshine says:

          I also love Andy and Sam, I hope, that the writers will let they be a couple in season 5 again. There is a chemestrie between them which no other couple is able to create. It would be great if Sams wishes for him and Andy with kids on sundays in the park will get real. I cann´t wait for season 5.

          • feather says:

            I love this show and do enjoy the Sam/Andy relationship. I think he has let her know how he feels by the way he treats her. Nick is too young for Andy. Dont you love the Steve Peck/Tracy relationship beginning. And Oliver, isnt he the best. I love his wit.

        • Dawn says:

          It would really be worth 4 series of WAITING!

        • Jancie says:

          Love Sam and Andy together

        • Glenda says:

          Sam and Andy-that is chemistry! NIck? Well, he`s a nice guy, but Andy should be with Sam-that`s for sure! They both realized that they love each other. That what counts

        • Dawn says:

          I totally agree. We have been watching four series now. Andy saying I love you, then Sam, then Andy and after the last episode to have her end up with Nick would be a joke. It’s like Andy saying to Sam ‘hey I was only joking’, really! They are made for each other and Sam even admitted it when chatting to Oliver. Enough already! I would like to see Sam open up and start sharing and take things to the next level, it’s a time now. I couldn’t watch ANOTHER series of them oggeling each other out. I also would like to see more of Oliver. He is such a character and is always in the wings. It’s always about Gail and Dov, he needs some limelight.

        • ICEDEVIL says:

          It better be Sam and Andy in an ever lasting way lol or I’m giving up Rookie blue! And that’s a promise!!! :-)

        • JESSICA KING says:


        • Otilia Tesedan says:

          Love Sam and Andy… I hope they stick together!!!

      • Sandra Bennett says:

        I don’t know how you can say that someone who emotionally cheated on his girlfriend and who waited for her to do something wrong so he can end it is amazing! Like Gail said how long would he have waited! Nick and Andy are break up buddies it is bordering on incestuous them being in a relationship together. He doesn’t know or love her like Sam does and even Andy said that. Sam has grown so much this and is learning to be more open and I think he showed that when he held a bomb for her. I think nick has serious commitment issues and I think he is a in e bloke but cannot compare to the relationship Andy and Sam have! How can nick stay with Andy after she just left him at the station without a second thought. You could tell by his face he knows where her heart belongs. He would look weak and spineless taking her back and how could she say all that and get back with Nick!

        • Nathalie says:

          I totally 100% agree with You.
          Sam and Andy all the way. Nick and Andy are more like friends with benefits if anything and I think
          they had more of a chemistry as friends and they should stay as friends or screw buddies then anything and we all know she’ll end up with Sam. It’s obvious he’s her story. the love of her life. The one who may her feel loved or known.They both look good with her either way but I totally agree with You.

          • Joanne says:

            I was all for Andy and Sam when season 4 began. But after I saw her relationship with Nick I couldn’t help but feel this was the right thing for her. He wants the same relationship she had been looking for and what better lover than a true friend first.

        • Gerry says:

          So right on.

      • Sylvie says:

        No No No !!! Sam and Andy all the way… Nick is a real nice guy, but Sam and Andy belong together. The way they know each other without saying a word is so adorable.
        I really hope they’ll end up together

      • Linnea Peros says:

        Sam seems to be the hot guy that gets what he wants, then doesn’t want it anymore – but he doesn’t want anyone else to have it. His relationship with Andy is bordering on abusive, no physical scars, just the kind never seen. “I’ve screwed this up over and over and over.” he tells her. Andy has become a stronger women. Andy has seen Sam’s flaws this season, why go back to him? Sam has broken her heart more than once, chances are he will do it again. Nick has all the qualities lacking in Sam – integrity, sense of duty, loyalty, honesty, etc. Nick is Andy’s best friend. Who better to be with than the one person with whom you can share everything. When Andy told Nick the two reasons why they should not see each other, I love Sam was not one of them. Andy is honest and caring, if she did still love Sam, it would have been reason number 1.

        • Sue says:

          Have you watched all 4 seasons? Andy is no angel and has broken his heart many times. Sam and Andy are meant to be. Sam is the trustworthy one, not Nick. Nick has left Gail at the altar, then left her after he had feelings for Andy and blamed Gail for the breakup.

          • Joanne says:

            I don’t think Nick really loved Gail and that’s why he had trouble forming a real relationship with her. After being with Andy for six months he had a taste of what life would be with her. I like Nick he’s always watching her back – Sam is always getting her in trouble.

      • nishi says:

        I’m a fan of Nick and Andy my self, hope that they really get back together. Sam is nice but Andy is happy with Nick.

        • bjanes says:

          Andy and Nick are very very boring. They lack passion, flame, and are not really fun to watch – this is one viewer who will not continue to watch if Nick and Andy continue to be an item – Sam and Andy all the way!!!

      • Joanne says:

        I too like Andy and Nick together. It started out at the beginning of the season I wasn’t really happy with the thought of them together, but it actually worked out. I really want to know what Nick wrote in his vest. Will we ever know?

      • Gerry says:

        No chemistry between Andy and Nick, seems to be like kissing your good friend, instead of the man who is your heart and soul.

        • Glenda says:

          Exactly! I don`t get it! Why Nick is sooo interesting for so many people in here. I mean-he`s nice, but – is that enough???? He actually set up Gail twice! And he didn`t even have a courage to TELL HER it`s over! He finished their relationship with her hands! Hoping for what? That she`s so strong that she`ll manage for a second time? Sam is MUCH BETER choice for Andy! HE`s honest-even if he has some problems with expressing his feelings-so?Some people are not just open book to read so easily! But he learns-from Andy too! They SO should be together… I wish! I wish to see that in 5th season!

      • Rose says:

        I totally agree. I love Nick and Andy and do not want to see her go back with Sam.

      • dude says:

        I love both. Both pairing have great chemistry but while I feel like Andy should ultimately end up with Sam, I really wanted them to explore her and Nick more.

        • Joanne says:

          I too think Andy and Nick should be together. Sam only makes his move when he knows Andy is with Nick. Nick and Andy have a fun, open relationship besides they are really true friends which always makes a great relationship.

      • Anna says:

        Yes yes, I also root foe Nick and Andy. The way Sam asked her to lie and cheat ‘for him’ was just way off the charts of what partners and lovers should expect of each other. It was too much. Right up to that point I was on the fence on which one to pair her with. But that tipped the scales.

        Common the world is screwed up enough!

        • Joanne says:

          I agree 100% Sam was well aware of how Andy feels about her job she’s proven it at least twice to him. But he didn’t even care if she gets fired just so he could save Marlo’s career. I haven’t seen Sam give anything in return for what Andy gives him – but I do see it with Nick – I think they are made for one another.

    • zara says:

      Mee2 love gail and nic together

    • salvador says:

      your write

    • Erin Lloyd says:

      I agree because who takes their vest off when their is someone with a gun out to get you?! Love Nick though.. But want Andy/Sam together and Nick/Gail perfect couples!!!!

    • karabo zungu says:

      Nick getting shot would have made for a better finale than Swarek getting shot which was predictable and boring. I agree that he makes a better fit for Gail in a twisted sort of way, but that is out of the window now with this lesbian thing. I hate how the Rookie Blue writers always play relationship chicken. I wish they could be bold and daring with their choices instead of playing it safe all the time. Dov’s love triangle was a step in the right direction, hopefully they keep it up.

  2. Bob Loblaw says:

    I would have enjoyed this episode more if all of the previews hadn’t given away that Sam gets shot. I don’t know who thought giving that away was merely a “teaser”

    • christeeny says:

      Totally with you! The episode would’ve been so much more intense to watch if I hadn’t known going in that the Oliver kidnapping was a fake-out and that Ford was actually going to the station. And if the promo hadn’t shown Ford turning his gun on Nick and then shooting Sam, I would’ve been so much more nervous watching the whole segment in the station at the end, worrying about who Ford would shoot. I still loved the episode, but it took away so much of the drama by having that spoiled beforehand.

      • Kathryn says:

        I agree with both of you. That was pretty much promotional malpractice to take so much of the fantastic tension out of the episode by revealing the Sam shooting.

  3. Lea says:

    Can Holly please go away?! I miss Chris and Gail so much!

    • abbyoftroy says:

      Gail hasn’t been this happy in ages! If it takes a girl to make her feel that way, then god for her! She deserves it.

      • Evan says:

        Gail doesn’t know how to be happy. That’s her problem. She only knows how to be sarcastic and depressed. She’ll drag this girl down like she’s dragged every ex down and do something stupid cause she doesn’t know how to actually talk to anyone about her feelings.

        • Beckstle says:

          Gail has been unhappy her whole life because of she was unaware of what she wanted. She couldn’t talk about what she didn’t know. I suspect she’ll be far less depressed now. The sarcasm though, is part of her charm – Holly seems to really like it. :D

        • paleblueeyes24 says:

          Gail has definitely changed since meeting Holly (who I still call Lunchbox). You can tell she’s happy and someone has her best interest at heart. I was convinced at the wedding when they sat there and giggled before the bride came down the aisle and of course the softball scene was ADORABLE!!!!

      • morgan says:

        i agree with you if it takes a girl to make you happy……then be happy

    • Leigh says:

      OMG, I love Gail with Holly. She’s finally *happy* with someone!

    • Tatyana says:

      I have to agree! … I was really hoping that Chris and Gail resume after the whole he aint the baby daddy and Nick and Gail broke up… I feel like its a trend that every show on TV is doing right now… If there’s no guy at the moment for the girl, they set her up with a female… I’m not opposing it, its just I think there’s no need to go in that direction

      • beckstle says:

        Actually, the actress thought the character was gay since day one and the writers went with it. It wasn’t a whim to have her be with a woman. It’s been in the works for a while It’s a story of woman who’s been trying to be something she’s not, until she realizes who she actually is.

        • Tatyana says:

          Yes, I read about that also, and I’m sorry but I just don’t see it. In all the seasons I never even thought Gail could be gay…. but then again, I’m not on the show…. regardless, I love Chris and Gail together =)

          • Cindy says:

            I actually disagree with this. In the first season, I thought her being “angry” all the time was because she was in the closet. When they actually made her come out I was like I KNEW IT.

  4. abbyoftroy says:

    I was actually upset there wasn’t more of Gail in this episode. There should have been. I just love her. She’s the most complex character in the show.

    Also, and this is for Vlada (?), why no questions about Marlo? I want to know what’s going to be of her next season!!!!

    • Ari says:

      I’d bet Marlo goes to offscreenlandia next season. I wish there was more Gail too. I love Gail! I feel like Gail really got the background treatment this season.

      • Kathryn says:

        Really? I was irritated that Gail was set up to be the bad guy with the revenge sex just so Nick could look less bad & girl code was minimized for Andy. But other than that, I though Gail got the meatiest story lines of everyone this season. The Perik confrontation, her jealousy struggles with Nick, and then really evolving as a person and opening up to new possibilities with Holly. Plus, she had fabulous scenes with Oliver and when she made Andy squirm. This was the best season yet for Gail.

    • Vlada Gelman says:

      Rookie Blue fans, stay tuned to TVLine for more scoop about Season 5! :)

    • paleblueeyes24 says:

      I couldn’t agree with you more. I love her personality. The great one-liners and CS plays her so well. She is definitely under rated in the group and needs more face time. I also like her partnered up with Oliver.

  5. Mary says:

    I love Nick and Andy together. Best decision they made IMO. I love their spark/chemistry so I hope they continue on with them next season.

  6. Sparky says:

    There are the McSwarek fans and then there are the McCollins. The relationship with Nick is open and honest and everything that could make her happy. But in the end Sam has her heart and like she said she never felt more loved and known than when she was with him.

  7. Steph says:

    I actually love nick and andy together! I’m sad that she chose Sam

    • Carrie says:

      I know me to! I loved Andy and Nick together! I’m so over the Sam and Andy thing there’s always way too much drama with those two it’s actually really annoying to watch. I really hope there’s still a chance for McCollins in season 5.

    • Kim R says:

      I loved Andy and Sam. When they broke them up I was disappointed. But as the interview says…I was completely charmed by Nick. I love his character and I really liked he and Andy together. I’m kind of mad at Sam. He did screw it all up and for me, he is just too much work. He needs to grow up. My heart broke for Nick last night as he let Andy go. He’s a white hat. :)

      • Sandra Bennett says:

        Him and Andy both needed to grow up to make the relationship work and they have this season to give them a fighting chance! Nick and Andy are more like brother and sister than anything else. Rookie blue is at its best when Sam and Andy are together. I love their connection and banter. Why would you leave someone who has made you feel so loved and known!

    • Amy says:

      me too…. It was nice to see a adult relationship. Which Andy is actually good at but Sam WILL never be. That is hard for me to say as I was so for them being together in first two seasons. Goes to show you what good writers and great actors can accomplish. I vote NICK!

      • Sandra Bennett says:

        The whole point of them breaking up was to grow so they can have the kind of relationship that will work. They both had issues they needed to address and now they can be together in a healthy relationship. I think Sam has proved he has grown and can make it work. It will only be Sam for Andy and nick should have stayed a break up buddy!

        • Carrie says:

          Not true they never really addressed any of there issues. Sam told her he couldn’t be with her and be a cop last season when he broke up with her in the parking lot. Then this season after she saw him in a relationship with Marlo she told her friend all broken hearted that if he can be with Marlo like that in a relationship then what he meant was he couldn’t be a cop and be with her. Which again is why that finale ending made absolutely no sense! They figured out nothing cause they are heading right back where they started drama drama drama! They are not good for each other at all because they can’t be together and be themselves. Corny as this sounds I’m rooting for Andy and Nick next season I loved watching them!

    • Kit says:

      i know me too!!! i like sam and I like andy, but together for me they don’t work. Nick is just the absolute best, so open and honest. Exactly what andy needs and it killed me when he teared up at the end and just let her go :( i hope they give andy and nick another look at, if not nick better end up with someone amazing as himself.

  8. Kristina says:

    Was anyone else amused that Dov called his father, a DOCTOR, for a second opinion? The great Dr. Brown, perhaps?!

  9. Betsy says:

    argh. I certainly hope there’s a door open for Nick – I was glad to read that because I didn’t see it that way at all. I can’t believe Andy chose Sam again after he’s done nothing but chew her up and spit her out. He made it clear last season he *couldn’t choose her and now he has throw down the drama with “I want you to be happy and can’t be in the station with you and him…”

    I didn’t see him yelling Ford’s name to get him to turn away from Collins as “taking a bullet” at all, but another example of Sam needing to be in charge and the center of attention. I started this show a Sam/Andy fan but have really given up on them. I like Andy so much better when she’s with Nick. She’s a better person, and a better cop (not like that bar was set very high, but still…)

    Of course, this could all just be the ramblings of a girl who hasn’t yet recovered from the Burn Notice finale, so take with a grain of salt…

    • Kira says:

      I think Sam would have yelled at Ford no matter who he was pointing the gun at. It just happened to be Nick. Sam would never want to see a fellow cop hurt or killed no matter how he felt about them in their personal life. They all would have made that choice.

    • Sarah says:

      Amen! I’m a little confused how Tassie thought people who enjoy McNally and Collins as a couple would view this episode as anything other than the demise of their relationship. I hope that isn’t the case.

      They have written Sam in a way this season that makes me actively root for McNally to move on with anyone. But in addition to Swarek treating her poorly, they wrote a alternative beau who is both charming and kind. Yet in the season finale they have her cast him aside so she can reunite with her “true love”? Not thanks, show.

      • sue says:

        I agree can’t see it either, I really thought the writer had got I right this season with Andy and Nick,
        Especially as Nick got through her break up with Sam last season. I truly am bored with the Sam?andy thing. Hope they sort this mess out next time. Just loved Nick Collins I’d pick one of him any time.

    • Bennington says:

      Well said about Rookie Blue and the triangle. It echoed my exact sentiments that I wrote last week. By the way. you can be in love with 2 people at the same time but who is better for you. I never doubted that Andy still loved Sam but that does not mean they belong together or that she does not also love Nick. She and Nick are new with wonderful possibilities. Personally, I am tired of Andy and Sam…been there…done that…does not work for the long haul.
      PS I am still missing Maddie.

      • morgan says:

        Yes this is so true. Being the better man should count for something! Nick and Andy’s relationship was so much healthier! I don’t get this ‘you love who you love’ business. If Andy were one of your actual friends you would tell her to NOT get back with the guy who has hurt her over and over (Sam) regardless of the depth of their backstory/chemistry.
        But I get that this is a TV show and relationships have to be dark and twisty. Whatever. Just give Nick a happy ending somehow. Perhaps he’s called up to go to AFG again and comes back with a new perspective- so we don’t have to see him in agony anymore! I can’t take it! There’s got to be a doctor/lawyer type love interest they can bring in because cops interact with so many different professional fields it would be easy. That’s just one idea, i’m still hoping for a McCollins future too. As in, I want to know what he wrote in his vest! I was so unbelievably moved to see him break down and take off his vest, as if he was letting her go. That was just terrific writing and acting. And it was mirrored by Marlow’s delayed reaction to losing Sam/him getting shot. That was also very moving. Both responses were very consistent with each character.
        As far as Nick not actually being that nice, the first time he left Gail was under difficult circumstances. I’m an army wife and relationships implode near/around deployment cycles all the time. So that’s not that shocking to me. And the second time she CHEATED on him! C’mon, he was a total gentleman about the whole thing. He didn’t go blabbing telling everyone she cheated and Gail is obviously doing just fine.
        If Andy and Sam are going to be a thing next season, okay fine. Just make them keep it together and focus on some other characters because if they can’t make it work after this I’m going to find myself wondering how much I’m supposed to care about these two? How much collateral damage is their relationship worth?

        • Amy says:

          well said. I am an military wife myself for nearly 17 years.. I also do not believe in that you love who you love. People choose who they spend their life with. Relationships are hard enough without love, honesty and genuine friendship. Sam is just doom and gloom. Andy with Nick was sweet and positive.

        • Kathryn says:

          I always had the impression Nick enlisted after he ditched Gail at the alter as a way to get away from a relationship he was getting cold feet about.

    • Memi says:

      No girl I’m with you

    • Anilas says:

      Nick’s not the greatest guy either. He left Gail..twice. Once at the altar and then tried pursuing her again only to say he’s fallen for Andy. Sorry, that’s crap. Sam and Andy have an amazing chemistry. Nick and Andy are just friends with benefits. Nick had to have known Andy would not be getting over Sam that quick. Nick will be fine and Sam and Andy will be together.

      • Jessica says:

        I totally agree! Sam and Andy are great. When they’re together, the whole show gets better. Their love is passionate and deep. I feel like her and Nick are just bed buddies and are trying to get through the breakups, I also get the brother/sister vibe as others were saying. Not to mention Sam totally showed us this season how much he truly loves her, and I feel like he’s ready to make it work because he wants the kids, the marriage, the whole package. When they were together at the end…that made the whole season for me. Can’t wait til the next. Thanks for great tv guys!

    • Sandra Bennett says:

      How did he not choose her last season he held a bomb with her, told her he loved her, told her he would do anything to make it work. He wanted to get a dog and take it home and call it Boo Radley! For the first time he was open and honest and really fought for her. Sam has always been there for Andy and gave her time when she needed it to get over Luke! All he ever did was love her. He has been hurt again and again by her like when she went to his house and they hooked up and next day when he bought her coffee etc she was still with Luke! He put his heart on the line and she left I don’t think Sam should get all the blame they both had issues!

      • s says:

        This is so true. Sam has been Andy’s protector since season 1. Andy kept him at bay until she kissed him and then she couldn’t keep him out of her mind. When they were walking down the hall in 4.13, and she was chasing him to stay, wow you could see the sparks that Ben Bass gives off when they are in a scene together. Nick and Andy are so bland.

  10. Kelly says:

    Nick and Andy were a bit of a snoozefest. Hope they’re not back in season 5

  11. Kira says:

    Just like in real life you love who you love. Even with all his flaws Andy still loves Sam and she always will. Nick may appear more perfect for her on paper but IMO Sam is her person.

  12. Natasha says:

    Sam and Andy all the way!

  13. Tiera says:

    I’m an Andy and Sam shipper, but I DO like Nick. But I think I like their relationship as friends just a bit more than them as a couple. I mean isn’t this group incestous enough lol. I just like they dynamic of Andy having a platonic male friend, since her screen time with Doc or Chris was limited. I do love when she’s riding with Oliver though, he’s hilarious.

  14. Ryan says:

    I am a total McSwarek person but I do like Collins. That being said, I had issue with Andy and Nick because of how it’s been written. I don’t question at all that they are close friends, but I felt like the writing rushed the pairing and (much like Sam and Andy season 3) left the relationship off screen. It’s not entirely the writers fault because they only have so many episodes to work with, but if they want something to feel organic and they want to discuss this “awesome” relationship, show more. I knew where it was going from episode one, but I think that the turnover between the end of Gail and the “I’ve been in love with Andy for a while” was too quick to be entirely noble on Nick’s part. Also, I feel like Andy and Nick have more of a brother/sister chemistry than a lover chemistry (but again, JMO).
    I don’t know if anything I just said made sense but I just felt like the story was a bit off/forced.
    Marlo also really soured me this season because I never cared for her like I think I was supposed to. I hope we’re done there.

    • Denise says:

      EVERYTHING you said made complete sense and basically summed up my feelings almost exactly.

      I really liked Nick when he and Andy were simply friends. He’s losing a little lustre with me now but that’s probably because I feel it’s more a brother/sister chemistry as well. I’m pretty sure they left the S3 Sam/Andy relationship off screen so that we would be more affected by Sam’s PDA with Marlo. I’m just thankful we didn’t see anymore of Nick/Andy than we did.

      And with Marlo, I could not agree more. I never grew to care for her either. The only thing I could think of during her scenes was how does this affect Sam and Andy when I think I was supposed to be feeling empathy for her and her situation. But I didn’t; her emotional distance worked on me too.

    • karabo zungu says:

      Its because the writers love to play relationship chicken which is why the transition of the relationship between Andy and Nick felt forced. Was I the only one who thought it creepy and somewhat tasteless that Sam’s new girlfriend had such alarmingly similar features to McNally. Relationship chicken from the writers’ point of view. I believe that the writers had enough time to make Andy and Nick’s relationship seem genuine, but had 2 -3 episodes that were more like fillers rather than episodes which advanced the storyline.

  15. Tiera says:

    Plus the way Missy delivered that line “You are my story” how could you not love Andy and Swarek. I just love them together so much. They very ying and yang; they balance each other out.

    • Kira says:

      I turned into a pile of McSwarek mush when she said that lol

      • Janis Martinez says:

        Remember the writer’s job is to keep the audience coming back for more. I saw some clues to Season 5. In the ambulance, Andy opened up to Sam about her feelings and showed she loved him. However, Sam, who does not know if he will live or die, did not, even at that incredible moment, respond in kind. Could the writers be setting the stage for next season? Are they hinting that Sam might die & leave Andy an emotional wreck because Sam not only died but did not declare his love for her in his final moments? And how about Nick? He is so pale and anemic looking any way. Taking off his vest is a perfect way to get him shot & killed and off the show.
        Maybe the writers are looking for new blood in the 5th season to keep the show alive so they can stay employed as writers. Many of the comments here were about being tired of McSwarek and others about being tired of McCollins. Time for new blood. Maybe the characters don’t even know that they might get dumped for season 5. Again, the view of some expressed here was that some people may not watch season 5. It sounds like people are getting bored.
        Also, not only is Marlo’s job on the line for her unprofessional conduct but so are Swarek’s and McNally’s for their unethical & probably illegal actions on duty in covering up for Marlo. McNallly mentioned her fear of what might happen because of their wrong behavior. She is afraid it might cost them their jobs. I think the writers are looking ahead to making the show as interesting as possible to keep viewers coming back for more. If they lose some of the old characters & keep some of the more interesting characters like Gail and Oliver to work with a new crop of rookies, they might have a winning 5th season. If it is the same old, same old dumb love triangles, it would be just too boring to watch.

    • Memi says:

      Stories change

    • Allison says:

      Because it was the crappiest thing the writers could come up with. It barely made sense and was acted horribly! I felt like we should have seen Sam hallucinating. Would have made that scene a bit better.

  16. Diane says:

    Don’t care about Nick or Chloe. I miss the focus on the original core.

  17. G17est says:

    How could she possibly go back to nick after that? That would be kind of ridiculous. She’d seem too indecisive and I would lose respect for her. If she has unfinished business with Sam then she should finish it. People always end up thinking negative thoughts towards the person in the middle of love triangles if they last too long. If they were going to continue with Nick then they shouldn’t have had this episode play out like that. She’s going to come across flaky now.

  18. Gina says:

    My Sam and Andy heart is beating again!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh. Terrible season but great finale. I hope they don’t drag the tirangel out much longer, if at all. I LOVE sam/andy but how many Nick fans want him with Andy after that? Her heart is clearly tied to Sam still. LOVE IT. And Oliver and Celery are ADORABLE!

  19. Eliza says:

    Welp. I might be in the minority but I love Andy with NICK. He is a great guy, solid support, openly communicates and isn’t too shabby to look at. Plus, he is the same age as Andy so she’s able to be her young (still learning) self more freely with someone who is going through it too. Sam is like a grouchy old man who always wants to be in control. Of course, he spoke up and acted like a baby once he saw Andy happy with Nick. Before that Andy had to endure working with him and his girlfriend, Marlo. But, no, when it’s his turn, he just had to speak up to mess with her head (and heart) again. Oh, Andy….I understand being emotionally pulled in because Sam was shot but don’t blow it for good with Nick.

  20. mysterious says:

    Nick and Andy had so much better chemistry, the finale pissed me off.

    I never felt Andy and Sam had that much chemistry, I think her and Callahan had better chemistry than Sam.

    They make them look so happy and Chloe mentions both looked happier than they ever been and glowing.

    I felt misled, and I’m very happy, pretty sure I won’t be watching next season.

  21. Lori Collins says:

    totally bummed about Nick and Andy I can’t believe she picked Sam. Even with everything he stands beside her and she still walks away…urgh. it’s interesting when Sam is dating someone and she goes to him he turned her down and then when she finds somebody and is happy Sam suddenly can’t live without her. Honestly not sure I will be a viewer next season. Nick has my vote

  22. Nobody says:

    They storyline for Sam and Andy should be DONE! Of course it would make great love triangle drama for next season as long as she ends up with Nick. It was obvious the finale would end with this love triangle. Sam is a jerk and the only reason he wants her back is because she’s not paying him any attention like he used to get from her. Andy finally realized what it’s like to be in a healthy real relationship where she is treated the way she should be. I think she will end up going back to Sam but she will realize that she doesn’t feel the same anymore because she knows what it’s like to have something better (NICK). So they better end up together, nick is not boring I’m sure they will think of some kind of drama to keep things interesting but if she really does go back to Sam for good then she should get punched. :D oh yeah did I mention I ❤Nick 😍😍😍

    • Marie says:

      I love how Nick and Andy fans blame everything on Sam….. It’s a shame really. This is the first season finale that Andy choose Sam. Season 1 she choose Luke, season 2 she left him after the suspension, season 3 she left him to go undercover. All I’m saying is FINALLY!!!!!

      • Bennington says:

        Sam getting shot was such a manipulative Finale set up for Andy running to Sam’s side. But do not be too sure she is there to stay.

        • Marie says:

          True, but how can she go back to Nick after she poured her heart out to Sam? It will be too flakey for me. I would never believe that. I hate Love triangles, that’s why I stop watching vampire diaries. If they wanted to keep this stupid triangle going on, then they should not have made Andy say all that stuff. If she’s goes back to Nick, it would be too fake.

        • Gina says:

          And everything they did to get Nick/Andy together was manipulation! They were only “viable” because Gail HAD to cheat and they had to make Sam a jerk for a bit and keep Sam/Andy completely out of each other’s orbit…

      • CoccoRocco says:

        Thank you sister … totally agree with you!

      • CoccoRocco says:

        Well said … good points. Sam and Andy to the end! Their chemistry is complicated and awesome!

    • Eli says:

      If I was Andy’s older sister I would be smacking the crap out of her. Nick is a better catch IMHO. With Sam, in 10-15 years she will still be running around doing everything to make him happy. People do not change the core of who are they are. Sam will always have his mood swings, will always have to be in control…etc., etc.. His issues will forever be something Andy deals with. I just do not find him extremely appealing for a girl like Andy. But I am sure the writers will have something up their sleeve. And I know they will have to make Nick do something ‘jerk like’ as they did with Luke just so Sam looks better. Ugh.

      • Danielle says:

        Kinda like how the writers had to tear Sam down so far in order to make Nick a viable love interest and for people to jump ship? You think people don’t change their core so Nick is better for Andy, until he leaves her at the alter. Nick’s MO.

        • Eli says:

          Nah. Sam has always been an ass.

          • I don’t think he’s been an ass at all. Obviously you haven’t watched from the beginning. He’s rough around the edges but that’s who he is. He finally opened up to her in that episode and told her he put her happiness above everything. That tells me he has changed.

          • Eli says:

            Oh, but I have watched since the beginning. Thanks. Ass or rough around the edges. Potato, potaho, tomato, tomahto….

          • Carrie says:

            Totally agree Eli he’s an ass! Used to like Sam past tense! Ive watched since season 1 and It doesn’t matter if the Sam fans blame the writers for making him that way but they did and he is! They can try all they want to redeem him next year but its too late you can’t forget he dumped her in the parking lot then when she tried for weeks to talk to him he ignored her until he wanted his keys back and She cried her eyes out mostly to Nick by the way who was there for her he only tells her he loves her when she’s holding a bomb about to blow up! Not to mention right after that He cracks a joke about it afterwards soooo romantic! Not!!! Then she leaves for her job which I was proud of her for to come back only to have Sam shove Marlo down her throat! I can go on with the protect Marlo cover up thing he made her do which goes against everything she believes in btw. Then when she finally moved on to a healthy relationship with Nick who Oliver, Chloe and even Sam noticed made her happy Sam all of a sudden cant work with her and declares he’s leaving cause he can’t be around her when she’s happy with someone else! Please……… Give me a break! What about Marlo who is having a mental breakdown he didn’t think about her once he just had to stop Andy getting any closer to Nick! Completely selfish ass! In the normal world any self respecting woman with a brain would not revisit that relationship again! Sam and Andy are a train wreck im so over them. I was so happy this season with the way they were making her grow into her own and become a stronger person. Nick always has her back and is always there for her he makes her a better person by letting her be herself. The minute Sams around she’s always blindly following him around going against her own opinions. That’s not love at all. I’m disappointed with the way the finale went McCollins was a nice change to watch.

          • Nik says:

            Yes yes yes. I used to be a McSwarek fan too until the WRITERS made us hate him (and thus them) so much. I know they wanted to experiment and create a viable other romance for Andy, but they did it TOO well. Still holding out hope for McCollins :(

          • Nanna says:

            How has he been an ass (apart from this season)?

          • Carrie says:

            Sam’s been an ass for a season and a half! Longer than they were even a couple on the show. The measure of a good man is how they act when faced with any road block and when the road block hit the fan he was selfish, petty and just to put it plainly a complete ass! He’s not someone ild want to be with if there was any sort of traumatic event or problem. Look how he treated Marlo it was all great with them then suddenly she has a mental illness and Andy’s happy with someone else so solution dump the complicated relationship cause being with Marlo now isnt so simple anymore and now suddenly Andy’s looking good again and not so complicated?

          • Nanna says:

            There was a shooter with a hit list and one of their own was missing! I think he did what any other cop in a crisis situation would’ve done, put his own feelings aside and be objective.
            I think Marlo was the one who decided to keep her distance for a while. And Sam’s decicion to leave could’ve actually been a good one because that way Andy could get a real chance with Nick without having to see him everyday. So based on that, he’s still a good guy in my book.

          • Carrie says:

            There wouldn’t have been a hit list if Sam didn’t ask Andy to help Marlo with the Ford cover up! Which he was pompous enough to assume she did it for him. When he was trying to convince her she did the right thing protecting his girlfriend! Which btw I was proud of her for snapping back with ” what if i dont want to follow your rules Sam. what if i just want to follow the normal ones, to be straight forward and hard working and open”. He’s an ass! After she delivered that speech she went right to Nick and told him everything because she knew in that ep that he was the one she could be that with. Sam’s a manipulative person he proved that in that ep and many others because he knows Andy’s soft hearted. There’s no way that with the finale episode him telling her he was leaving his job there because of her was him being noble. He’s an ass and noble is not in his character description.

          • Carrie says:

            If he really wanted to be noble he would’ve left quietly and not told her why he was leaving he would’ve made an excuse up if she asked. By him telling her all that crap about leaving because of her was him manipulating her and hoping she would stop him. Again an ass if he truly was happy she was finally happy with someone he would’ve backed out and quietly left her alone. Now that would’ve been him being noble!

          • Nanna says:

            There wouldn’t have been a hit list if Marlo didn’t stalk Ford. What do you think would have happened if Andy (or Sam) had told about Marlo’s investigation? They would have apologized and everything would’ve been good again? No revenge? If you watched the finale, the last draw for Ford was the hit in the head which happened before Sam even knew about Marlo. If anyone could’ve stopped this from happening it would have been Andy by revealing Marlo’s mental illness in the first place. She made the choise to trust Marlo with the possibility that she might go off her meds and something like this might happen.

          • Carrie says:

            Exactly! You are just confirming how wrong Sam and Andy are for each other. They don’t balance each other out at all! One screws up then the other screws up and they both take each other down! It’s always been that way from the beginning! They are toxic to each other and theres only so much of that train wreck you can watch. Nick and Andy together showed what a healthy relationship should be and it was different than all the other dysfunctional couples you see on every other show. And I’m sorry I know you like Sam but he’s still an ass for all the references I listed above there’s no changing that. Andy might’ve messed up for not reporting Marlo in the beginning for being bipolar but Sam is a detective he knows better the minute Andy went to him about Marlo HE should’ve reported it and not covered it up or dragged Andy down even further into his girlfriends mess! If he truly loved Andy he would never have subjected her to that. But he’s selfish so he didn’t give a crap about her at all!

      • karabo zungu says:

        I’m sorry to bust the bubble of the McCollins team. Nick already acted like a jerk when he started dating his ex’s friend. I don’t care that Gail cheated (which was a little too convenient and sum up the POOR writing of this season). You just DON’T DO THAT PERIOD. As for McSwarek enough already with the teenage angst. My goodness its like I’m watching a freakin teenage movie from the 90’s.

  23. chantel says:

    Well. You can stick a fork in me I’m done. Saw it coming a mile away. I was never a McSwarek fan. Sam always came off as a jerk to me. But what I did like was McCollins. I liked they were friends first and gradually moved to something more. For the writer to say that we should see it as the door is still open for them is ridiculous. You clearly closed the door with the ambulance scene and Andy telling Nick she was sorry while bawling over Sam right next to him. They should have just brought in a new character to dangle in front of Sam all season instead if using Nick. I like Nick. He deserved better. After dealing with Gail everyone deserves better. Dragging out McCollins any longer will only piss fans off more. So I won’t be watching the Andy and Sam show next season. The writers wanted to split the viewers well they succeeded. But at the cost of losing how many?

    • Anilas says:

      There was no gradual moving on from friends. They were thrown together. Andy tell Nick she needs time and the next day they are in bed together? Yeah, that’s not gradual.

      • Allison says:

        You don’t recall sixty ha undercover as friends? I don’t think the feelings presented themselves at that point but they grew riots during those months. Nothing was rushed with them. Sam and Marlo would have been more rushed.

  24. Amy Leigh says:

    Ugh, I loathe McSwarek with a fiery passion. I can’t believe they light switched Andy’s feelings for Sam. What I saw Nick do for Andy was real, TRUE love. This isn’t the end for McCollins and I’m starting to see this ending as a good thing. Andy’s back with Sam next season but can’t shake what she had with Nick and realizes that while what she had with Sam will mean that she always has a piece of her heart, Nick is the one who makes her happy, makes her laugh, makes her feel truly loved b/c he would do ANYTHING for her, even break his own heart. I’m not giving up on McCollins, they’re the REAL love story. Andy just doesn’t realize it yet.

    • Bennington says:

      You go girl!

      • Marie says:

        All I saw with MCCollins was friends with benefits, probably all i’ll ever see although I almost shed a tear for Nick at the end

    • Danielle says:

      Ummm, those are all things she gets from Sam too. We just didn’t see them last season (although we heard about how much Sam makes her laugh and how she knows she will never feel more loved, in the ambulance) because the writers wanted to test us like Guinea pigs.

    • Carrie says:

      Totally agree with you! That ending made no sense! They were showing how much Andy had moved on from that train wreck relationship with Sam to a happier one with Nick to the point that in episode 11 she looked like she couldn’t even stand Sam anymore. That whole ending in the finale was crap! Hope you are right and the writers fix this mess they made and give us back McCollins!

  25. Mike R. says:

    Yay, McSwarek happened, I did not see that coming, they were clearly endgame from day 1, good for fans who ship them, frankly I liked McCollins, but I knew McSwarek was endgame and I accept that(I honestly don’t watch the show for Andy, but the other “rookies”), I am still turned off that Sam had Andy break rules for Marlo, who I hope returns in some capacity, but it is what it is. I loved most of this finale, even if I thought 15 was a bit cruel to Marlo because of her disorder, which she couldn’t help, but I understand why she had to go. Super mad that Chloe did not wake, she was my favorite character this season, so for her to stay asleep was disappointing, and I thought I somewhat liked her husband at the beginning, but the was he treated Dov at the end was depressing, but at least Gail and Holly are happy, never thought I’d like Gail and Holly, but she actually seems to make Gail happy, so I approve, congrats RB you won me over. I enjoyed the finale overall, even if I though McSwarek reunion was bit too soon, and wouldn’t have happen if it wasn’t for Sam being shot, hopefully they stay together this time, and don’t draw out the inevitable.

  26. CoccoRocco says:

    Sam and Andy all the way. They had the passion that makes this show. I really missed that this season. I have to admit that compared to the other seasons I really, really missed Sam’s passion for Andy. I loved the way he picked on her and I absolutely loved his devotion and care for her. I really really missed that this season. I like Nick a lot, but he’s love is nice and calm, not passionate and crazy. Andy did not seem to be 100% in her relationship with Nick. Something was missing in her live, and that something is Sam. Although Nick really cares for Andy, he did not seem to be absolutely crazy about her. They seemed to be really good friends with really good benefits. Given the choice, I’d go for passionate, dangerous and crazy – which is what Andy’s choosing by being with Sam. I hope that Sam will do a lot, a lot of hard work to make it up to Andy for all the time wasted and the hurt that he caused her. I hope that Nick and Andy part in friendly terms and that Andy and Sam end up together. I could watch this show for a long time, but they need to do a better job with the script. This season did not have a lot of spice. It felt rushed at times and not so well put together as in the past. I love the characters – create more passion in their love lives. And please keep this show going … for a long, long time.

  27. Janet says:

    Love the show glued to my seat when it’s on! Absolutely love Andy and Sam and hope next season there is more concentrated on them even though I love all the other characters I commit to watch and see if they get back together again! Nick is a great distraction for Andy in this season was disappointed that I didn’t see more emotion from Sam when he truly loves Andy but you’d think there would of been more scenes with him being frustrated with Andy being with Nick… Not going to lie wasn’t really impressed with this season compared to the others but hope to be impressed with the next one coming up… Go ANDY AND SAM!! :)

    • bjanes says:

      I am a huge Andy and Sam fan – Nick and Andy put me to sleep lots of times and I agree with all that said they were friends with benefits – why not let the writers write a true adult relationship for Sam and Andy discussing their feelings, actually talking about marriage, and actually give viewers what they want instead of playing around with things – when you love someone like andy loves ssam and he loves her you can’t go back to boring Nick and Andy!!!

  28. Kelsey says:

    I love Sam and Andy, I’ve been on their side since the beginning four seasons ago. I’m so glad Tassie said in another interview that they were always “Endgame”, (but I love Nick too!). I can’t wait for the next season now!

    • CoccoRocco says:

      I love what they did with Oliver and Celery, and it’s good to see Gail finally falling for someone. I love Gail’s character – smart and sarcastic. GO RB!

  29. sil says:

    OMGosh Sam and Andy own me. I am so happy. Please, let this be the start of their new beginning. Nick was noble, but i still have issues with him and how he never took any blame for what happened with Gail. Speaking of Gail, I think her and Holly won me over. looking forward to seeing what season 5 brings.

  30. Chire Mae says:

    I think Andy’s reaction is a bit more of ‘heat of the moment’ and a reaction to Sam being shot. What would happen if it’s Nick that was shot? I have no doubt that she would run to him and tell not to die because she loves him. I think once the situation calms down we will see Andy begin to sort out her feelings as to wchich guy she wants to be with. Things with Nick is still new and she has a long history with Sam but that doesnt mean that she and Nick has the lesser love, I for one could see McCollins as the endgame. Andy has begin to grow and that Andy has more in common with Nick than Sam. So despite what seemly the end of Andy-Nick, I wont suprise me one bit if Nick-Andy endures. McNichols forever!

    • Marie says:

      I do not see McCollins as the end game nope… Their relationship is kind of boring to me. I feel as though Sam and Andy were boiling and boiling to actually have a real talk , but it never happen because they were both stubborn and it finally broke. They finally admitted their true feelings that they have been so desperately trying to hide.

    • Nik says:

      I really hope you’re right and that she does realize it was a “heat of the moment” thing. Even if their love is so “passionate” or whatever, it’ll die out and then what’s left? There’s no basis for a good relationship between them, I think he’s told Marlo more about his personal life than he has Andy, so that’s even weirder.

      • Marie says:

        I think if their “passionate love” was going to die out, it would have already. I mean they weren’t together this whole season.

    • E says:

      I’m hoping that is it (but my hopes aren’t high). I prefer Andy with Nick. He’s nicer, younger, hotter…the list goes on. Andy went to him about that horrible crap Sam had her do and he supported her without getting all huffy and judgmental. Nor does he talk to her like he’s her dad. Andy and Nick do not bore me (that prize goes to Andy and Sam).

  31. Scott says:

    How could you not like the ambulance seen with Andy. Andy and Sam all the way! Nick and Andy’s relationship seemed to be more like really close friends who slept together a couple of times And besides, Nick is not even part of the original mix.
    McSwarek ftw!!!

    • Amy Leigh says:

      Um, easy. It was a contrived moment and once again it took one of their lives being in danger for feelings to be admitted. Who cares if Nick’s not an “original” rookie. Nick is the better man than Sam, no matter what happens and if Andy doesn’t realize that Nick is the right guy for her then it’s her loss.

      • Marie says:

        The writers want you to believe that Nick is better then Sam. I wonder what people are going to say as soon as Nick messes something up. Cause apparently to everyone, he’s the golden boy and can’t do anything wrong.

        • Eli says:

          Of course the writers will mess up Nick (a la Luke) so Sam shines bright. I am already prepared for that nonsense. That’s their go-to bag of tricks to polish the turd. Regardless, I will forever prefer Nick, flaws and all, over Sam.

          • Marie says:

            Hey, Nick shined bright this season, I guess it’s Sam’s turn lol. I hope they explore Sam’s past more in depth. I want to know what the hell went on in his childhood to make him so emotionally closed

          • Eli says:

            Marie, I have a feeling they will definitely explore that next season.

  32. Anya says:

    Finally, Sam and Andy reunited! Nick was cute but boring. The writers had to demonize Gail and Sam so that people would like Nick and Andy together. Ultimate manipulation, but it worked. For those of us who are fans of Sam and Andy, we waited the whole season for this one little moment/revelation. Who knows what the writers will do to placate the Nick and Andy followers. I would have been happy if the series ended like that because the writers will betray us again and again.

    • Eli says:

      I have always thought Sam was an ass so the writers didn’t have to demonize him for me to like Andy and Nick. If anything, Luke was the one demonize in S2 so Sam would look like the better choice. To which I would still take Luke over Sam.

    • Marie says:

      I completely agree… So tired of love triangles

    • Amy Leigh says:

      “Demonize” Sam? LIke Eli said, Sam has always been an ass. This season Sam was just an even bigger ass that I guess was apparently driven by the feelings he was trying to hide for Andy… Whatever, McSwarek are terrible together and I hope they implode once again next season for good b/c it’s coming.

      • Marie says:

        Implode…… Wow someone’s bitter

      • Carrie says:

        Seriously that ambulance never felt more loved scene was such a joke! All I kept thinking about besides trying not to gag was the episode that Andy and Marlo had a possible case of anthrax contamination and the minute they were safe Sam hugs Marlo not even giving Andy a second glance. Where was his great love then? Oh that’s right he instantly remembered it when he realized Andy was happy with Nick! Please Sam is such an Ass!!! Can’t stand him if this was real life and she was my friend ild want to slap her upside the head for being so dumb in that finale.

  33. Karen says:

    I would love to see Nick and Andy together in the 5th season!

    • jc says:

      Me too! Hoping Collins continues to be open and honest about his feelings with Andy. No hesitations Nick! I want Andy to know what Nick wrote inside his vest and I want it to set the bar for the ending to Andy’s story! :)

  34. Jeanette Machuca says:

    I was a fan of Sam & Andy but seeing how Nick & Andy’s relationship developed into something beautiful, I want them to keep going. Nick is such a nice guy and would do anything for Andy. I hope she chooses Nick in season 5. I’ve grown tired of Sam & Andy’s drama. He will never open up to her like Nick does. It’s not a healthy relationship & never will be. He’s just not good for her.

    • Marie says:

      I have a feeling he is going to open up in season 5 cause he opened up in the finale and I can’t wait!!!!!

      • Marie says:

        And besides the show is based on drama, if there is no drama, there’s no show.

        • Bianca says:

          I wonder if that means: a) the writers are not able to make something different or b) they have the intention of keeping a show based on melodrama – which particularly is not for my taste. Is there some sort of statistics saying people crave to watch this kinda thing on TV? bleh!

          • Carrie says:

            I know right? I thought this was supposed to be a cop drama not a melodramatic soap opera! Can’t stand it either!

    • Eli says:

      “It’s not a healthy relationship and never will be” — Bingo. I have yet to be sold on this ‘amazing’ relationship Andy and Sam have. I thought they were awful together last season. And a leopard doesn’t change his spots. Nick or no Nick, Andy can do better.

      • Marie says:

        Well it’s a good thing Sam’s not a leopard and an actual human being who can have the ability to change. Whether he actually does it, is up to him. If he knew what was best for him, he’ll do it.

        • Eli says:

          It’s a saying about someone’s character and how people do not/rarely change aspects of their character. Sam is who he is. And more than likely he will always be that person. Plus, he isn’t a spring chicken and much more set in his ways. But this is TV so, of course, Sam could become a whole new person next season…but then it would come off as horribly fake. Fans usually do not take to major 180 changes like that.

          • Marie says:

            That’s what I’m saying its TV, they can bring somebody back to life if they wanted to lol

          • Anilas says:

            Major changes like how all of sudden Nick and Andy got together/

          • Eli says:

            Andy and Nick didn’t all of a sudden get together. But how quick did Sam jump to Marlo?!

          • Carrie says:

            I agree Eli Sams whole character is based on him being dark and broody stemming from a bad childhood. He’s never gonna change and be the better man nor become all of a sudden open with his feelings. If the writers did a complete 180 on his character it would be so fake and so not him. Seriously in the real world change takes time which is not gonna happen on a show with only 13 episodes if it did and Sam became more like Nick or Chris, Oliver would be asking Sam if he was feeling alright or if he was on something. Sam needs a woman that’s tougher and can deal with all his issues. Andy always turns into this weaker person around him she’s got no spine! Which makes them not the right people for each other at all!

  35. Maria says:

    Sam and Andy!!!!!!!! I’m so happy. I can’t stand Nick. Hated him from his very first episode in season 3. He’s boring. I hope they never revisit Nick and Andy. That was a dud as well. Gail and Holly are wonder. Traci and Steve are winning me over little by little. Dov needs to punch out Chole’s husband. I hate him.

  36. Katie B says:

    Ugh, so pissed off about the finale. To be honest Rookie Blue was always sort of a guilty pleasure summer show until this year. Then the writing got better all around, but mostly I got majorly interested in the show because of Nick and Andy. So many shows have the passionate on/off angle thing that’s behind McSwarek, but I’ve never really seen a relationship like Nick and Andy’s where the angle is being drama free. Even in this episode Nick let Andy go because he genuinely loves her and wants her to be happy without drama (and it caused him a lot of pain) whereas Sam put himself at risk and caused a crap load of drama when he was in the exact same position.

    It’s funny how most writers expect you to turn in each week because you want to see drama, but I kept turning each week this season because of how mature Andy and Nick’s relationship was. It was so refreshing to see them happy, facing their issues, and making each other grow. I could have just changed the channel if I wanted to see to see a dramatic couple, but I was really excited for Rookie Blue each week because they created a unique couple and I’m really frustrated that they ended it. I’m sure I won’t look forward to the show with the same enthusiasm next year.

    • Marie says:

      Sam let her go and told her she wanted her to be happy with Nick. Andy just decided to follow him. Her choice. Also if Sam did not get shot, Nick would have gotten shot. I don’t understand how Sam was causing drama. Sam was trying to stop the shooting.

      • Katie B says:

        Sam was causing drama because he decided to leave when they were supposed to be on lockdown at the station. He couldn’t bear being around her knowing she was happy with somebody else. But by leaving when Kevin Ford was still not caught and he was one of the people on the hit list he was putting himself in a position where there were life or death consequences. And if he was taken as hostage like Oliver that would put other officers at risk. Even if Andy just cared about him like a friend, let alone loved him how could that put her in a position where she would freak out and cause drama? Sam could could have sucked it until Ford was apprehended.

        As for Sam getting shot, the only reason he was shot was because he left his gun in his gun in his locker when he was leaving. If he had never left, he would have still had his gun and could have shot Ford instead of having to call out instead of having to try to distract him. I mean I guess they would have never seen Oliver’s squad car, but Sam only yelled out because he didn’t have a gun to shoot with-a result of him leaving.

        If you want to compare it to no drama, compare Sam leaving to Nick telling Andy to go be with Sam. Nick was already messed up from having shot Ford (a subject Rookie Blue has dealt with before-a justifiable shooting doesn’t mean you don’t feel not guilty). He’s clearly in love with Andy and it hurt like hell but he told the doctor that she was the one person that should be with Sam. She protested, but he told her it was ok. He did it because he loves her and doesn’t want to add to her pain by causing drama or guilt. And after she went to Sam, he was in a lot of emotional pain but he still stayed at the hospital-he didn’t run away. That says a lot.

        • Marie says:

          Think about this: if Sam did not ‘create drama’ and leave, you’re right they would have never found the car, but they also would have never known that the killer was in the building. Imagine how that could have turned out!!!! Thank you for ‘drama’. I think Sam could have gotten his gun, idk why he didn’t.

      • Nobody says:

        Sam is manipulating Andy once again, he knows that things could get more serious between Andy and Nick so he decides telling her how he feels, that he wants her to be happy but can’t stand seeing her with ‘him’ is being noble? PLEEEAAASe! Andy has had to suffer watching Malrow and Sam together the entire season and she was mature about it. Sam is messing with her mind once again being an ass because if he truly loved her he wouldn’t have to interfere in her relationship with nick, he should be confident in what they have and know she will come back to him. But he’s a loser and always controls everything. If Andy does end up with Sam well then they both deserve eachother, I am team nick all the way. He is a real man and I hope he ends up with someone better than Andy! Andy needs is a cop she needs to grow a pair and stop acting like a child and take control of her life for once with out having Sam manipulate all her choices. ❤Nick!

        • Nanna says:

          Oh c’mon! He’s not a mean person.He doesn’t play mind games for fun. Honesty was what Andy wanted and I think that’s what he was trying to be. His timing sucks most of the time, but he’s learning.

          Didn’t Andy tell him earlier that she was letting go? Why isn’t that manipulative?

      • Allison says:

        Sam couldn’t stand to watch Andy and Nick after he pranced Marlo in front of Andy all season.

        Sam is an ass! He’s a twisted narcissist who fails at all relationships. Why didn’t Marlo go to the hospital to check on him? Because she knew he was on his way out the door. Sam doesn’t have time for someone who needs more attention than he wants.

        Sam and Andy are solely educating too many viewers in how to keep circling an unhealthy relationship. Andy may care for him but that doesn’t mean she loves him or that they are good together.

    • Carrie says:

      I completely agree with you Katie! It was so nice finally watching a couple like Nick and Andy on TV. It was a nice change from watching other shows with the same dysfunctional couples like Sam and Andy which I gotta say is why I’m a McCollins fan. I’m so over Sam and Andy drama they are too toxic together. Nick and Andy remind me of Jules and Sam on Flashpoint. Loved that couple for the same reasons and its a shame that there aren’t enough loving, fun and healthy relationships on TV.

      • chloe says:

        I completely agree! Why does every show on television have to have a relationship that is so full of drama?

      • Allison says:

        Jules and Sam were awesome! They had difficulties but genuinely cared for each other and didn’t create emotional harm. They worked and existed together well.

      • s says:

        Wait until the writers turn Nick into an ass after you fall in love with him, like they did with Sam. I think Nick already is an ass because he treated Gail horribly. and Sam to me was and is always a hero and Andy’s protector.

    • Bianca says:

      “It’s funny how most writers expect you to turn in each week because you want to see drama.”
      I couldn’t agree more :D
      I’m starting to think they should read more, study more and try to get their creativity to surpass melodrama.

  37. Alaina says:

    McSwarek is finally back & hopefully here to stay! Huzzah! :D Heartbroken for Nick though because i generally liked him but McSwarek was always the endgame. I know McCollins fans will be less than pleased if McSwarek carries on to season 5 but let’s face it, at the beginning we were firmly McSwarek and the writers were creative enough in getting us to like Andy and Nick together so I can definitely see them dusting off Sam’s armor and making you fall back in love with him if he fell out of your good graces. It was easy to ship Nick because he really had no competition from Sam. Unlike when Andy was with Luke, Sam wasn’t underfoot this season and there wasn’t a lot of interaction between him and Andy. Sam wasn’t in your face ergo it made it easy to focus on Nick .I was ok with that though cause Sam’s focus was more on himself and trying to be a stable person & i really think they needed that time to focus on themselves and to change a bit before he and Andy had a chance at forever. This season Andy stepped out with a bang, she’s definitely stronger and more confident in herself and her abilities. And Sam,we got to see more vulnerable sides of him which i loved & we saw him realizing that he doesn’t really wanna be a lone wolf .Epiphany!! I think the time apart allowed him to think and reflect and I never felt he was more invested in Marlo than he was with Andy, on the contrary the few of the times he opened up to Marlo, we see that Andy was the impetus for it. I’d like to see season 5 with Andy and Sam actually working on being a couple. Their dynamic has changed a bit with Andy coming into her own and not being under Sam’s thumb, work wise. She definitely gained confidence and Sam i think, he finally worked out where he wants Andy in his life and what he wants with her. So i think they would be able to build a strong relationship now. Overall i think Sam and Andy fit and they’re the core characters! Their interaction was the focus from the beginning!
    Sam was always a tough jaded character & Andy was his counterpart. Nick and Andy’s relationship was all light moments, comfortable and easy & lacking in the heavy moments that existed in Sam and Andy’s dynamic that gave their relationship more substance. So while i liked Nick and Andy, when Sam jumped back in the game I dropped Nick like a hot potato. McSwarek FTW.

  38. Kali says:

    The finale was such a beautiful, perfect gift to all of us McSwarek fans who hang in there all this season and went through so much gut-wrenching heartache.
    Tassie Cameron writes Sam and Andy in a way that would have Charlotte Bronte turn green with envy. “More than anything I want you to be happy.” “You are my story.”
    I’m so touched, it still hurts. But in a good way.

    How can Tassie write them with so much depth and heart and say that they’re torn in the writer’s room?

    Of course we don’t know what’s going to happen in S5 but I can safely say that I have never been more touched by any fictional love story in my life, and I’m a Lit graduate. Only Jane Eyre and Rochester come close and that says a lot.

    So a big, heartfelt “thank you” to Tassie for writing Sam and Andy like that, for Ben Bass and Missy Peregrym for briniging them to life like they do and here’s to hoping that Rookie Blue will give us loyal McSwarek shippers the greatest gift of all: seeing Sam and Andy in a real relationship, living life together, figuring things out together, trusting each other and loving each other, being one while being true to themselves!

    • Suz says:

      Andy and Sam together again please!!! Let the fans see them have a chance at a real relationship. They both love each other so much. You can’t tease us like that in the finale and then keep Andy with Nick. It’s not fair to Nick. I like him too but he fell for the wrong girl…her heart will always belong to Sam. He’s “her story.”

      • Fick says:

        Well said Nelly. Writers, please please please pretty please I’ve us back McSwarek. They are the main reasons for tuning in each week in relation to the characters of Oliver, Gail, Nash and Steve. Sam wants to change and be the person Andy deserves, so give him that chance with her. Come on, Nick and Andy leave a bitter taste in my mouth. Gals and guys can be friends, so leave Nick and Andy in that category where they deserve to be and throw away the key

  39. K. says:

    I love Sam and Andy together also! I like Nick but not for Andy, also was really wanting Gail and Luke to get together I really thought they would make a great couple!

    • nelly says:

      I have watched rookie blue since the very begining and since the first episode when Andy tackled Sam, I just knew they would have something! Week after week I watched to see them get together cuz like many other fans I fell in love with what we call Mcswareck. They have been through a lot and have both walked away from each other but when they were together and even when they were apart I always have rooted for them. They really r the hit couple of the show, the couple we root for week after week. Sam has made his share of mistakes and is not the most open man but the way he loves Andy is like no other and Andy needs him! They have the kinda passion people only dream of and after watching the finale we can see why. Andys declaration to Sam was so sweet and music to my ears. Sure nick was a vialbe love interst for her but nothing more then a distraction. I hope Andy and Sams story continues in to season 5 and I hope we see Sam open up, I know he wants to be that guy for andy and he loves her more then anyone ever could. Andy has Sams heart and Sam has Andys noone can come close to having what they have! Please let us fans have the happy Sam and Andy reunion we have been so waiting for and let the story end with them together and maybe with McSwareck babies!

    • paleblueeyes24 says:

      Gail can’t get with Luke because that would break the rule that Andy did by being with Nick. Gail and Holly are fun together because Holly plays right along with Gail’s sarcasm.

  40. Rebecca Robitaille says:

    I am on team Sam/Andy, yes Nick and Andy were a bit boring. I am so excited to learn that
    Rookie Blue was picked up for season 5, have been a devoted fan since season 1. Too bad Rookie Blue couldn’t be a fill in show, can’t wait for the new season.

  41. Jessica says:

    In the beginning one of the main reasons I watched this show was to see how Sam and Andys relationship panned out, in my opinion Sam and Andys relationship is like many others out there, people just expect on screen relationships to be somewhat perfect. Nick and Andy are good together, I’m not going to lie, but I don’t know if its just me but something seems missing, it kinda boring. As for dov and Chloe, I hope it works out for them, they were perfect for eachother. Gail seems so much more happier just in general with Holly. Marlo is quite a cool character, though it is her fault for the whole ford thing, I think she would be a cool character for season 5, minus her and sams relationship. Oliver is the an amazing character one of my favourites, him and Celery are too cute. I really hope Sam and Andy end up happy together, nick aswel! Bring on season 5!

  42. amy says:

    I’m really disappointed with the finale. Finally we get to see an honest friendship develope between 2 ‘people’ that turned into something more and then it’s just ripped away from us. Sam has had so many chances and even though Andy was still in love with him, over the last few episodes there hasn’t been a moment where I doubted her feelings for Nick – she was so central to him and then bam, Sam gets shot and suddenly its over and we’re left feeling like this?

  43. Bw says:

    I never post on these things, but I am today because I REALLY want to see Nick and Andy together! Love them! I’m so over Andy and Sam and was very disappointed with the ending.

    • Pam says:

      I am with you. I ususally just browse, but I love Nick and Andy. It is a couple that is finally written honestly and normal. It’s refreshing to see a man tell a woman how he feels with out her having to drag it out of him. Sam will never be able to do that. It is not in him.

  44. Sarah says:

    My heart broke last night watching the finale for many reasons. Hearing Andy tell Sam her story in the ambulance, I believe she loves him. BUT when people we love are in trouble, I’ll, etc, we say what we think will make them better. Andy knows she was loved by Sam and needs him to know she knows that. I don’t necessarily believe she was throwing Nick to the side…..she better not be.
    My heart was just mush when Nick sent her to see Sam ( and he’s in a trauma room so why was ANYONE allowed!?!? ). When he took off his vest, I really thought we would see the message he wrote…to Andy obviously…on the inside. Writers, McCollins was not a fling. Please keep them in Season 5 :-)

    • christeeny says:

      I completely agree! I was such a huge McSwarek fan in the first three seasons of the show. Seriously, a die-hard, fainting-when-they-exchange-a-glance fan of them, but starting at the end of S3, when Sam broke Andy’s heart and Nick became her “breakup buddy,” I started to see potential in a Nick/Andy pairing. I never thought the writers would go there, but I was so pleasantly surprised when they paid more attention to that friendship this season and then showed it develop into something more.
      Nick and Andy, in my opinion, are so much better for each other than Sam and Andy. Sam and Andy have that insane chemistry, but when they get together, it falls apart. Nick and Andy are a much more mature, healthy relationship built on trust, respect, and friendship. And I tried not to get my hopes up about them as a couple, since it seems like Andy and Sam are the endgame for the show, but the moment that sealed the deal for me was when Andy found Nick at the Penny and confessed to him about her day. The way the two of them respect and trust each other is so refreshing.
      And Nick is such a great guy–knowing that Andy has unresolved feelings about Sam and, instead of getting upset, accepting the fact that she needed to be with him right then. Such a mature response, and it only exemplifies just how much he loves Andy. Sam may have told her he wants her to be happy (in a way that, I felt, was a bit manipulative), but Nick showed that he puts her happiness above all else–even his own happiness–without having to say anything or make her feel guilty. So selfless, and so opposite of how Sam has been with Andy. Once again, coming from a former Sam/Andy fan.
      I really hope that if Andy and Sam are reunited next season, she’ll realize what their relationship lacks in comparison to her relationship with Nick. Give McCollins a fighting chance, writers!
      Also, I completely agree with you about the vest! When he was shown writing in his vest, I became so paranoid that he was going to be shot, because I was sure that the writers wouldn’t throw that in without reason. So as soon as he reached for the vest in the hospital, my head was screaming that we were going to see what he wrote to Andy and it would just shatter my heart into a million pieces! I was so surprised that the show didn’t do that.

      • Carrie says:

        I agree with everything you just said christeeny. The breakup up buddy episode was the day I completely fell in love with Nick and Andy 2. Really hope the writers give McCollins a chance in season 5.

      • newwave89 says:

        Hahaha! Are you secretly me?! That sums EVERYTHING up about my experience watching this episode. I too used to be a die-hard McSwarek fan and read tons of fanfics and everything about them, but now I can’t stand them. McCollins was definitely everything you said and SO refreshing to watch instead of this stupid and tired Sam and Andy drama. I really do hope we learn what he wrote in that vest, maybe it’s a good thing they didn’t show it in this episode. There’s still a door open for McCollins!!!

      • bjanes says:

        I am still a huge Sam and Andy fan and after watching the very boring episodes with Nick and Andy and becoming more and more bored with them, it is obvious why it is a not a good thing – Sam and Andy need to be together and that relationship truly explored – if the writers continue with the Nick and Andy thing this is one viewer who will no longer be watching the show

  45. Sue says:

    Sam and Andy are meant to be together, sorry McCollins fans!! Andy and Nick are great friends, but that’s it. They are more brother-sister like, and it’s not right seeing them together in a romantic way. Sam and Andy have the chemistry, passion, and love in their eyes and heart. Yes, Nick earned my respect on this finale. Yes it hurt him, but he knew that her heart belonged to Sam and always will, and he was only hoping that that he could get that kind of love from her. Why would anyone want to be with someone knowing that their heart belongs to someone else? Nick deserves to be happy, with someone who truly loves him with all her heart, and that is not Andy. It’s not fair to anyone of them (or us!!) to keep flip flopping. Is the Sam/Andy love affair what is getting most viewers to watch? No, I don’t think so. I think it’s the actual show that gets the attention. The cast is incredible, everyone is loved and we all know their stories and watch the show for that reason. Sam and Andy belong to each other, the actors have the chemistry perfect, so realistic. Don’t blow the show by keeping them apart!

  46. anakl says:

    She needs to be alone & sort it out for herself so she doesn’t hurt another one on the process…
    Nick loves her (I want to see what’s on that vest!), he’ll do everything for her, even hurting he was there right beside her supporting her…
    I agree with some of you when you say that if it was Nick who got shot she would be equally alarmed (maybe not so poetic) but from what I’ve seen…she’s in love with Nick as well as she loves Sam.
    She loves him but that doesn’t mean they’ll fit well together. They’re always fighting, always breaking up…
    Sam as been an ass to her (even more than usual) and I don’t think he can ever change that even if he wants to (it’s who he is and always has been).
    With Nick she started to have the life she envisioned for herself (I saw it when they were at the park with Christian)… She has become a better cop, a better woman, she’s not always whining…
    At first I was attracted to the idea of McSwarek, although I really liked Luke&Andy (and they ruined them by having Luke cheating on Andy w/Jo). In my opinion, even Luke’s still in love w/Andy.
    Now I fell in love w/ McCollins and I really hope they could be endgame but after all of that craziness how can they? Nick is heart broken & rightly so… Then how can they recover from that?
    If the writers wnat to give us McCollins they’re going to have to write a really compelling story that enables Nick moving forward w/ that relationship.

    • Marie says:

      I will believe Andy loves Nick when she actually says it… She’s not like Sam, she’s not afraid to talk about her feelings. She hasn’t said it yet sooo…..

      • Anilas says:

        I completely agree with you. I think she cared for Nick but was never in love with him.

      • Nathalie says:

        She doesn’t love Nick not the same way she loves Sam. It’s always going to be Sam. That’s why she told him (Sam) about the story… if she didn’t love (Sam) she wouldn’t of went in the ambulance and blew off Nick if she truly loves him. I meant.

  47. anakl says:

    As anyone created a McCollins Fan page on Facebook yet? I f not who’s interested in creating it w/ me as Admin?

  48. Rita Molnár says:

    Nick and Andy forever!!!

  49. sarah says:

    I do really like Nick! I wanted them to explore that relationship more. I do like Sam and Andy and do agree that Sam has to be more open and when he said he screwed up , he better mean it and not treat her badly again! When I watched it I too did not think she made a choice either way but Nick kind of made it for her! I need to be on next season as Nick’s love interest! :)

  50. Sarah says:

    Absolutely loved the finale!!! I’ve been a McSwarek fan from day one so for me the ambulance scene was perfection!!!! Yes Andy and Sam have had some bad times but I think they can get past it. Time for Sam to step up and lay it all on the line for her. Be completely open and honest. I know Sam can be rough around the edges but I feel like he was really thrown under the bus to pump up McCollins. I feel like once we find out what happened to Sam when he was younger we’ll understand him better. Its not easy for everybody to deal with their past but I think Sam is finally in a place where he wants to. He wants a future and a life with Andy. Hopefully season 5 brings lots of McSwarek love and feels :)

    • Marie says:

      I completely agree

    • Alaina says:

      I sooo agree!!! Everyone is so focused on Sam’s douche behavior of season 3 but did we all forget how he was in season 1,2 and the beginning of season 3?? I mean its why we fell in love with him. For Andy he cared, and he tried and he was always there for her. Looking at their ENTIRE relationship,are we gonna hate him for his mistake in season 3??? Come on one of his best friends just died and he was running scared so cut him some slack.

    • CoccoRocco says:

      Me, too. I really want to see the McSwarek develop into a deep and beautiful relationship. They’ve been through so much together … I just cannot see them with anyone else. They have the deep connection and the right chemistry. Anyone else for Andy or Sam would be just a passing ship in their life. The magnetism they have towards each other will always be there and no matter what, they will always be drawn to each other. Sam is a good man and he is the right one for Andy. He is finally open with Andy, which is what she wanted. McSwarek all the way! PLEASE!

      • Angelia Clay says:

        PLEASE bring Sam and Andy back together with Andy finding out more about his past and him opening up to her more. Of all the characters who date inner office, Andy and Sam are the ones who have had the short end of happiness. Bring Andy and Sam back together on cases, stakeouts under cover (just like with Collins) together so they can get to know each other more intimately. THEY DESERVE IT. Their love scene one and two was magical. Maybe Sam and Andy marry. ??? Nick was better with Gail. I would like to see SAM talk and kiss ANDY more. Maybe move Andy inside/investigator like Sam so they could team up there. Not fair everyone in the office has an open love relationship with holding, flowers, kissing, laughter -now it is Andy and Sam’s turn. Under every hard exterior is a teddy bear. Andy knows this.

        Here’s what I would like to happen with Andy and Sam…
        Sam to bring her flowers
        Andy to overhear how he has always loved her
        Sam to laugh more with Andy around
        Sam and Andy to jump in and hold each other after each rescue/scary event
        Sam to reassure he will always love her and be with her
        Sam leaving love notes around specifically for Andy.

        Love is precious. It is not easy. They are perfect for each other and I would like to see them always be a couple. Talk. Each other to bring gifts to each other.

        PLEASE BRING Andy and SAM back together for GOOD!! They can have real life struggles as a couple too without breaking up every time.

    • Anna says:

      Well said, I’m a big McSwarek fan have been also since day one, although they have had their ups and downs and missed chances, I do believe they have a chance to be together forever and have their children and park on sundays, because they are each others stories. I think its time for them to become one in season 5 as there are many, many story lines that can still be done with these two together trying to be “normal”. I love both characters probably more than I should but to me the show is centred around them as Greys Anatomy is centred around Meredith and Derek. Fingers crossed that season 5 will bring McSwarek together for good.

    • Headsy says:

      I agree. They are both great together, have been friends and really know each other over the past 4 seasons. Andy is much wiser than her age and definitely not for Nick, who we have to remember was in love with Gail for the past while. Don’t you love the relationship with Tracy and Steve that is beginning. They will be great together. I do hope they begin S5 with Andy taking care of Sam and not six months down the track as in previous seasons. And as I have read in previous emails, NO the Andy/Sam relationship does not have to become boring just because they are finally together. Looking forward to S5. Mind you S4 has not aired on paid tv here in Sydney Australia yet. I for one don’t know why. I have been able to watch it on the internet though and I too loved the last episode.