Once Upon a Time Exclusive First Look: Dark Neverland Sets Stage for Season 3 Cast Photo

There be dark times ahead on ABC’s Once Upon a Time, as Season 3 sets course for Neverland — and TVLine has your exclusive first look at the mood-setting cast photo.

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Surveying the fantastical drama’s coming adventure — and the assorted interpersonal dynamics it promises to explore, as Emma, her parents Mary Margaret and David, Regina, Rumplestiltskin and Hook face off with Peter Pan — series cocreator Eddy Kitsis told TVLine, “We’re really excited about all of it. One of the things we love most is just having the group be together. It’s fun seeing this trek with all of them.”

VIDEO | Hot Promo: Once Upon a Time’s Emma Is Ready for a Fight — With Regina?

Scoring a spot in the Season 3 cast photo — CLICK TO ZOOM — are Emilie de Ravin, Robert Carlyle, Josh Dallas, new series regular Michael Raymond-James, Ginnifer Goodwin, Jared S. Gilmore, Jennifer Morrison, Lana Parrilla and Colin O’Donoghue.

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  1. bluefairy says:

    loool emma as a pink barbie doll :)) that is so NOT her :))

    that guy between snow and charming, is he supposed to be neal ? doesn’t really look like him.

  2. DB says:

    The group shot is okay. Not a fan of the individual ones.

  3. Christina says:

    Laughed out loud on the Emma pic.

  4. Alice says:

    What LOST would have looked like if Oceanic 815 had been a bunch of people on the way to RenFair…

  5. iMember says:

    The Season Two photos were much better. On the other hand, I LOVE the new cast and group photos for Revenge!!

  6. A says:

    Wow the individual pictures are terrible, particularly Emma. Belle is the only one with a decent shot.

  7. Alice says:

    Can we talk about the fact that Neal appears sans scarf!! What have those savage Neverland fiends done to him???

  8. SJ says:

    Wow, Lana looks almost unrecognizable in that group photo.

  9. Joey says:

    Overdid it a bit with the blur on Hook’s individual portrait. And Emma’s dress is really screaming bad prom dress.

  10. omg, these are so horrible… They should hire fans to do the promos. I can’t believe this.

  11. stacy says:

    Henry’s bright red kicks stick out. Wonder if that’s for a reason.

  12. courts says:

    At least they’re admitting they’re stealing from Lost with that group photo? But WOW, the individuals are SPECTACULARLY bad. WOW.

  13. Ljcari says:

    The promo pics of the past season were amazing, This are looking very poorly, and unprofesional. Emma is wearing Snow’s dress of the past promotional pics? Really?.

  14. Just one thing says:

    Okay… Can we get whoever was in charge of Scandal and Revenge’s photoshoots to handle Castle and OUAT’s photoshoots next time? That’d be swell.

    • iMember says:

      This! Hahaha

    • Jonathan says:

      What if I told you they are all the work of the same photographer (Bob D’Amico)?

      • Just one thing says:

        Yeah, I know it’s the same photographer. But I’m assuming he works with someone or someones to determine style, tone and overall look of the photoshoots. And I’m assuming he’s also not the one to do post work on the photos. (Though I could totally be wrong on that.)
        Regardless of the photographer, there’s a clear distinction in quality between Scandal/Revenge and Castle/OUAT. And while I feel really, really badly for whichever individuals worked on the images (particularly the ones who’ve been reamed over the internet over OUAT), it seriously looks like the network/studio spent more money, time and expertise on the Scandal and Revenge photos than they did on Castle and OUAT.
        It could have been due to schedule constraints or lack of vision, but either way, the end result is the same. Compare these photos to CBS’ owned shows or shows on Fox and even NBC, and there’s a vastly different look.

  15. Kara says:

    The group shot is good…but those individual photos look like they were done by someone who’s still learning Photoshop. When I first saw them, I thought they were fanart…I kind of wish they were…

  16. Brandy says:

    Doesn’t it feel like several people are missing? I don’t even know who, it just does…

  17. Kwapple says:

    It could be worse…FOX used the same Bones photo shoot 3 seasons in a row. At least a half-a***d effort was made (insert gold star here)

  18. allison s says:

    Ummm… has anyone noticed that Emma is in the EXACT same dress that Snow was wearing in the Season 2 cast photos?

    • Lysh says:

      It’s like every year they want Emma to wear something of her parents’. At least last year’s was appropriately badass, unless Emma is going to accept the princess side of her this year.

  19. Finally the main cast promoted equally.
    Thanks for the pics!

  20. Dizzle says:

    Looking at this is giving me acid flashbacks to Lost. I don’t see a way in which any part of this upcoming season won’t remind me of it! Looking forward to it even more now.

  21. Kalee says:

    Um, are these final?

    Because these are some bad Photoshops.

  22. lee says:

    lol this is soooooooooo baaaaaaaaad. I hope abc fire whoever made these and demand thier money back

  23. Kevin H. says:

    I’m having horrible flashbacks to the S2 poster of Emma in Storybrooke. Death by bad Photoshop job.

  24. Harriet says:

    They’re letting the interns photoshop the promo pics again. It can only mean one thing: they blew the budget on the smoke monster.

  25. Brandy says:

    I lke Emma and Snos pics especially but like them all,though the blurry thing is bad.

  26. Aly says:

    I like the group photo, but the individual ones look like some very poor photoshopping went on…

    Sadly, the group photo also highlights the amount of males suddenly in the main cast. S1 was unusual because this was a show focused mainly on its female leads. And yet now there are more men that women in the main cast. Disappointing.

    • Alice says:

      Huh? There are 4 men and 4 women in the photo. And Henry. Season 1’s promo photo had…3 men and 3 women. And Henry. What are you talking about?

      • Aly says:

        The season 1 promo pic with them in the forest had 5 women (Snow, Regina, Emma, Ruby, Belle) and 2 men (Charming, Rumple). Occasionally there was a pic with Henry and sometimes Archie. The season 2 pic had 5 women (Snow, Regina, Emma, Belle, Ruby) and three ‘males’ (Charming, Henry and Rumple). Now there are 5 males (inc. Henry…it isn’t like he’s Henrietta now, is it) and 4 women, meaning more males than females. A regular female character (Ruby) was lost and two male regulars gained (Neal and Hook). Plus s1 and even s2 had a very clear focus on Snow’s storyline, with Regina and Emma. Neverland by the sounds of it will have a focus on male characters (rescuing Henry, who is apparently a ‘super special child’, Peter Pan, the Lost Boys, Hook having ties to Neverland, Robin Hood, *vague spoiler!* someone’s dad…) as opposed to females (so far Tinkerbell and Ariel…although we also have an Eric to go with Ariel).

        • That season 1 promo pic you’re talking about is a season 2 promo pic. Ruby and Belle were not series regular in S1, while Archie was, so he would have been in the poster. You’re thinking of a season 2 Comic Con poster.

  27. Len84 says:

    These Neverland pics could of been so good… but i dont know

    But glad to see Hook in the red vest :D

  28. Kim says:

    I enlarged the group photo and that REALLY doesn’t look like Regina to me. And where are the individual photos? I didn’t see a link.

  29. Meghan says:

    I also can’t see the individual photos. Where’d they go?

  30. Jeff says:

    What happened to the individual pictures? I looked earlier at them on my phone and came back to see bigger and they’re mysteriously gone?

  31. Alice says:

    I want to know what witchery moon in Neverland so clearly illuminates their faces AND casts shadows that fall in front of them.

  32. Jennifer says:

    There be dark times ahead for whoever green-lit those photos.

  33. Elena says:

    I watched almost the entire season of OUAT, but it just got too complicated for me to follow. I enjoyed all the actors, just couldn’t get into it for about the last three episodes.

  34. Hera says:

    What happens to the individual shots? I saw them on my mobile and now they are gone when got on my desktop. Are they really so awful that ABC yank them already?

  35. Chris says:

    Oh man, at first I was confused (Emma’s not wearing a dress?) but I had to google the individual shots and they’re awful! The obvious backdrop makes it look like they’re getting their picture taken for a school yearbook. Most of them look blurry and unfocused (poor Hook got beaten to death with the blur tool). They need to burn these.

  36. ines says:

    Is it me or is Snow White missing a leg on this group photo?

  37. Michie M says:

    These are the worst promo photos I’ve ever seen for any tv show. Is that Lana Parrilla? Is she dressed as the EQ or Ursula?! I just don’t know. It actually looks like a bad, really bad, prom photo. I’m glad ABC yanked them, hopefully we will get a do-over. Something deserving of the show, the actors and fans.Tumblr people have already improved on many of them, talk about a talent pool. These are HORRID!

  38. Marko says:

    Oh, wow. After exquisite S1, plotlines, character development and general quality of writing was horrid last year – but at least promo shots were great. So what can we expect this year now, after these amateur, blurry shots – that look like someone’s been pinching pennies on budget?

  39. Sophonisbe says:

    The bad photoshoping is hurting my eyes.

  40. ggny says:

    ABC pulled the individual ones because of how bad they where. lolol

  41. KJ says:

    No RED, no me

    hate neverland too

  42. In the first season they heavily promoted it with Jennifer Morrison as the lead actor. Now it seems the focus has shifted to the other cast members, especially towards Ginnifer.