Exclusive NCIS First Look: Gah-th! Abby, McGee... and [Spoiler] Makes Three

When CBS’ NCIS opens Season 11 on Sept. 24, it won’t just be the viewers of TV’s most watched drama laying their eyes on McGee’s new girlfriend for the first time.

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As first scooped by TVLine, Big Bang Theory alum Margo Harshman is playing the aforementioned Delilah, a smart and eccentric computer specialist in the cyber division at the Department of Defense. In this first look photo from the season opener, Abby — gloriously in full-on Goth mode — goes to meet up with her still-badgeless colleague, only to find him canoodling with his new (and traditionally attired) sweetie.

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“There is some terrific triangle stuff that goes on with Abby,” show boss Gary Glasberg previously told TVLine, as part of our Fall Preview Spoiler Spectacular. “It’s a lot of fun, and we’ll see what comes of it.”

Until then, however, I invite you all to… “Caption This!”

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Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

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  1. The Rookie says:

    Yes! A spoiler that is not TIVA related, how refreshing. Wishing Maria Jose the best but ready to move on to new stories. I hope NCIS can go back to some of the things that made it interesting in the first few years and even revisit JAG (try to get Catherine Bell for an ep!)

    • Badpenny says:

      You are aware that NCIS didn’t even break into a top 10 series until Season 6? And last year was the first year that it was TV’s #1 program.
      While you might have loved all the things from the first few years it was all this later stuff, including TIVA, that made it the big deal that it is today.

      • Dee says:

        Maybe it had something to do with the fact that syndication might have kicked in and USA Network became the NCIS Network?

        And of course, they were showing the first few seasons of the show. People liked what they saw and tuned in to newer episodes.

        • Judy Murphy says:

          I hadn’t watched NCIS until 2009. Then I DVR’D marathon after marathon recording the original air dates so I wouldn’t start watching a ‘repeat’ to me. I loved! how the original theme was kept but the tempo sped up in what? the first or second year? And I’m glad Gerald, Ducky’s first assistant, was dumped; as I was bored to tears getting more of a kick out of the cadavers that from his ‘acting’ and script delivery.

          I’m just left with 2 questions that I’d love to have the answers to:

          1) Why aren’t all the episodes included in the Marathon? I actually enjoyed watching the re-runs a few times over. Now, though, I’d like to know if I must rent each Season to see what I haven’t seen OR if USA is ever going to incorporate any more ‘new’ old ones into the Marathon.

          2) Who determines whose hands are given the computer-use close-ups….and I’m mostly referring to McGee’s hands? I do a lot of ‘slo-moing’ through shows in general and I caught a long time ago that McGee bit his fingernails really short. Yet, when typing was shown, different hands’ fingers with unbitten nails made cameo appearances for McGee’s hands. Yes, I did see that in the last year or so, McGee’s nails grew and the cuticles healed. So, I’ll be watching now to see if he still ditched the bad habit.

      • The Rookie says:

        Actually, non stop syndication made audiences aware of the show and helped with ratings.

        Ziva’s fans need to decide if they are NCIS fans too, as many people say they will leave with S11 ep #2. If they do, thanks for watching for the last 8 years and I hope they enjoy other shows.

    • Judy Murphy says:

      I loved Catherine Bell’s work in JAG. However, I simply can’t get passed focusing on her facial plastic surgery that, apparently, she thought/thinks was/is an improvement from her original look. I can’t disagree more. Therefore, I do not want her ‘guesting’ or becoming a regular….it distracts me from the content of any scene she’s in.

      A better choice would be Olivia Munn…..was totally glam and sharply funny in her axed comedy. I think she could be a nice blend of Kate and Ziva…..if you give her the dark side of Bridget Fonda in Nikita.

    • Charlene Patterson says:

      I sincerely hope the writers will calm down some of Tony’s bullying this season. That was part of the reason the Tiva didn’t work for me.

    • walmart sucks says:

      stfu jerk we will mention ziva 24/7/365 if we o choose

  2. Jim says:

    McLucy, you got some ‘splainin to do!

  3. grayton says:

    ‘Yeah, Abby DOES need a fashion intervention….. wanna help?’

    • Lyn says:

      If only they would let Pauley P. (age 45!) out of those stupid freakin’ pigtails!

      • Eric says:

        Thank you! Between those ridiculously immature pigtails and her way overdone so-called goth style (that is so over the top and shoved in our face, yet at the same time such a generic stereotype like what a Forever 21 catologue would consider “goth” to look like), she has become more of an eyesore than anything. I enjoy the work she does and what she contributes, but they put waaay too much effort into trying to make her seem unique and edgy. Examples: generic stick-on spider web neck tattoo, six inch munster shoes with stripey stockings, a black lace umbrella, and last but not least, the fact that she has to let everyone know that she supposedly SLEEPS IN A COFFIN!!! Come on man.

  4. I’m trying to get excited about post-Ziva NCIS. I really am, but so far it’s just not working. *sigh* And the love triangle thing has been done TO DEATH, especially on this show, so these kind of stories aren’t really going to entice me back.

  5. Anita says:

    Seriously doubt I can watch NCIS after Ziva is gone.And McAbby ? Phhh…Plain and lame shadow of Tiva.
    Actually I think Tim deserves a cute normal girl.The one who will love him more then puppies and won’t embarrass with hideous outfit.

    • John says:

      Ever since that episode where the team picked him up at home and after he left a really cute girl in a Princeton? Stanford?, anyway an impressive school and not Tim’s alma mater , T-shirt and socks came out of the back and took over at his online game I’ve just assumed Tim had normal girls in his offscreen private life much like his writing…

      • Meg says:

        The girl who came out in a t-shirt was Tim’s sister (and Sean’s stepsister in real life).

        • John says:

          Ah, thanks. But the premise stands. He’s always had a life outside the cube farm.

        • esther says:

          actually, that’s a different episode (“Twisted Sister”); there *is* an episode where Tony and Kate pick McGee up, make fun of his apartment, and after they leave, a woman walks out, wearing Tim’s t-shirt, although i can’t remember the title. :-)

      • paula says:

        That was his sister Sarah.

        • Judy Murphy says:

          Another little piece of nepotism: Gibbs’ redheaded woman is McGee’s mother in real life and she is the wife of producer, Donald Bellasario …. per the NCIS site I happened to scroll through one time a few years back.

          • John says:

            Yes and there was another apparently great offscreen relationship. He always had this huge smile as he hit in whatever exotic car she pulled up in.

    • Lori says:

      McAbby existed on the show before Tiva–before Ziva, even, so technically Tiva would be in McAbby’s shadow. Abby and McGee were actually briefly a couple. However, I’d rather not see McAbby on the show, either, though. I don’t want to see *any* onscreen romances between the characters on the show. I’m tired of the soap opera stuff and hope they’ll go back to episodes with the team solving crimes.

    • dmac says:

      Really, you need to get over it. She is the one who wanted to leave the show, apparently you cared more about her character than she did. If you don’t want to watch than don’t, but I am getting totally sick of all Ziva fans assuming the show is going to go downhill without her. It was popular before she came on and will be popular after she leaves. Some of us even watch it for the whole cast not just Ziva *gasp* Enough of the whining Ziva fans, it is done she is gone time to move on…

    • Raisa says:

      cant believe cote de pablo is leaving ncis.. :(
      the show just wont be the same without ziva.
      After 7 years of build up to a tiva relationship, such a disapointment,, Hopefully the show keeps up its standard..

  6. John says:

    Gagging on the “triangle”. Old, time worn and stale.

    • Lori says:

      Yeah, I’m hoping for military crime-centered cases involving the whole team, not episode after episode of characters staring moony-eyed at each other across the squad room and acting like jealous kids.

  7. magreeda says:

    I love McGee but I’m sad that they’re pulling him into this triangle stuff with Abby — again. Abby is so very often dismissive of McGee and she’s made it plain again and again that she doesn’t want him…unless he’s trying to be happy somewhere else. I hope Delilah (or anyone) sticks around and saves McGee from the horror that would be a retry of McAbby.

    • D says:

      Actually, Abby played with McGee’s feeling. She was interested in him but not seriously. McGee seemed more of a traditional guy who wants a steady relationship but he is too weak to actually say what he wants. Abby has acted a bit selfish for leading him on and when he meets someone, she gets jealous. I think they should stop with this soap opera nonsense and lay McAbby to rest. they are better off as colleagues and/or close friends.

  8. song4ten says:

    I guess I’m in the minority, but I just about jumped for joy when it was announced that Cote was leaving. I have disliked her character from day one; so I’ll be glad for some new TIVA-free stories. The romantic chemistry was so contrived anyway.

    As for the picture above, I wouldn’t exactly call that canoodling, but it will be interesting to see how this story plays out. Bring on Season 11!

    • Michelle says:

      You are not in the minority. I totally agree with you. I can’t believe people are going to stop watching NCIS, because Cote is leaving. For those who are going to stop, did you watch NCIS before Cote was on?

      • Lila says:

        I am one of those people and no, not regularly. My leaving has as much to do with Gibbs now as Ziva though. She was just the last thing on the show that I liked enough not to change the channel on him.

    • Lori says:

      You’re not in the minority. I was happy she left, too. I have nothing against the actress, but I feel they had written her character into a corner and they couldn’t seem to write her out of it without changing (for the worse) all the other characters in their attempts to reconcile all of Ziva’s conflicting story lines. I, too, am excited about Season 11. I just hope they don’t spend too much time on the McAbby/Whoever love triangle schtick. McGee and Abby, like Tony and the other characters, are due for some further character development now that everyone’s not locked into the Tiva box and the writers are free to explore other options for all the characters.

      • JCK says:

        I think the problem is the the NCIS writers can’t write women. Sasha Alexander is wonderful on R&I, but she was colorless on NCIS. Lauren Holly came off as brittle and a ball buster, and Ziva was always a dark personality [combative and secretive]. Only Abby retains an attractive personality.

    • Whatevah says:


    • Margie says:

      You are not in the minority. I was hoping Ziva would have left a couple of seasons ago and thrilled she will be gone very soon.

    • tejasjulia says:

      You’re no where near the minority. Can’t wait for episode 3 of S11.

    • Luvmygreys says:

      Yes I agree. I liked Kate. I stayed withNCIS because of the cast. Ziva was ok, but her character just wasn’t my favorite. I wish her the best. Now lets start the fall season I have to know what’s going on with Bones, Castle, Mentalist and White Collar plus look at some of the new stuff.

  9. Dee says:

    OMG! This picture only emphasizes the fact that Abby (and Paulie) are too old for these kinds of get-ups and looks absolutely ridiculous.

    Really, like side-show freak-ridiculous.

    As for a triangle? Again with forced romantic entanglements? Yuck.

    • Hera says:

      Those shoes are just beyond words, make that the whole outfit. The handbag is the only acceptable part of the outfit that is remotely appropriate

      • I disagree. As a whole her outfit is in the same style. Kinda gothic lolita theme. Kind of.

        I personally would only want to own the dress, and the parasol, and mix them with something else. And I would not wear these items myself, but I like that they’ve kept her style not changed that much. If she’d start to wear the usual clothes – dress like Ziva, or Delilah, or some regular person from an office job, the character would not be the same anymore. I believe her looks is very much part of her character. And they need to evolve her emotionally – make her not to be afraid of the things she’s afraid of, and have the feelings she’s experienced in the past (deaths in team, explosions, being adopted story line) get a resolution, as they never let the change they started with her, continue, There’s no need to change her looks to get her to “evolve”.

        PS. The subject of Abby’s clothing choices, and it not being the “correct office wear” has been mentioned, and dealt with on the show – many seasons ago. Casual wear (and “goth” wear) is okay in the fictional NCIS, so none of us should have a problem with Abby’s wardrobe choices.

  10. Devo says:

    I liked Abby a lot better before they started forcing her to act like a teenaged girl all the time. Now she is overwrought and annoying, which is a shame because I think Pauley is a decent actress.
    I hope this ‘love triangle’ dies a quick death.

  11. Jane says:

    Abby was a character I once loved and now can’t stand. She once was edgy. Now she is just pathetic. Please writers, give Abby some character development and let her grow up. At least get rid of the stupid pig tails.

    • Julia says:

      I also prefer early Abby; if you watch seasons one and two she was a completely different character. Even her voice is different in the first season – very low and slow and mellow. I guess that was before they decided to have her mainlining CafPows.

  12. Megan says:

    Nothing! Nothing will come of it! The writers never put our favorite people together!

    • Maria says:

      Not only that, but nothing ever happens on a personal level to anyone on this show. I mean, Palmer got married, and he and his wife are pursuing adoption. That’s it. Everybody else is pretty much the same since the pilot episode when it comes to relationships or big changes in their lives. Any personal story that starts developing (McGee got back in touch with his dad, Abby met her brother) get dropped very quickly.

  13. Bran says:

    Don’t care. Move along TPTB.

  14. Kate says:

    What’s with all the Abby outfit hate? It’s not my cup of tea, but I like that she doesn’t look like everyone else. I think I would be pretty disappointed if they changed her style after all these years.

    • Thank you! THIS is exactly my thoughts!

      I like her style on her, even if it’s not my style really. But her looks (the outfits, and ponytails) make her Abby.

      Also, some people seem to confuse the actress (age 44) with the character (age in early 30s).

    • Lori says:

      I love Abby. Next to Tony, she’s my favorite character. However, I have to admit that she seems to be regressing. She used to dress more Goth. Now her clothing is more “real life anime character” than Goth. Prior to season 5, she was Goth and and very individualistic yet she was edgier and not childish. I don’t want her to lose her individuality–she’s such a cool character–but less childish would be nice. This is another aspect of the show that seemed to change (and not for the better) when Shane Brennan took over from Bellisario.

  15. tejasjulia says:

    Much as I’m looking forward to S11, I am NOT looking forward to yet another crappy forced romance. Give it a rest people! Abby and McGee were a couple but then decided they were better as friends. KEEP THEM THAT WAY. Maybe trying telling stories that fit the genre of the series. Out of place romance crap does not equal character development.

  16. Judy Murphy says:

    Pauly’s portrayal of Abby is Emmy worthy every single year!

    The scripts she has to learn and spew out as fast as she does…..the nuances she throws in with Abby’s hang-ups and the handling of the lab equipment and evidence displays……her facial expressions and the way she either plods or streaks around in her lab and races through Gibbs’ office….the way she owns her appearance as scripted…..her varying behavior required as she interacts with her castmates and the revolving guests to her lab…..

    C,mon you bashers…… get real….most of us would have a hard time holding the microphone right as we sing karoake in half-empty bar with a buzz on. Pauly has made it look real and easy to be Abby… to the point where you no longer appreciate her acting skills. When I read comments posted that say she’s too repetitive and should be growing her character / behavior because she’s been too much that way on NCIS for 10 years….

    I say this: Most every job that is held for years and years is loaded with repetitive actions and duties. And, work wear?…. Yeah, Abby’s written as goth and goofy, which can be interpretted as helping to keep her sane as she breaks down the evidence and details of murders every single workday. If that isn’t kept in mind by viewers, it explains to me how your comments get so critical. Also, most jobs don’t allow the workers to change the daily workload just because they’ve done it too many days or times in a row. It’s what the job incorporates and that’s that.

    Re: clothing…. Many jobs require a uniform every day of every year forever…whether you like the style or not, whatever age you are. Jobs where clothing varies, like dress up jobs or casual wear jobs…well, we wear the clothes in our closets for years barring weight change … and we are writing our own scripts so to speak.

    So…..it will be interesting to see if, how, or when the writers choose to change Abby. Pauly’s acting out each show’s script, in my opinion, keeps Abby interesting and entertaining. I always still wait for her scenes in each episode to see what corny thing she’s wearing or what’s tripping her trigger for those minutes she’s highlighted.

    Pauly’s portrayal of Abby is Emmy worthy every single year! If you don’t recognize that, you’re really not looking.

  17. kitcatlady says:


  18. kim says:

    In that pic Abby looks seven feet tall, not a good look, and i think they could re write-Abby’s routine a little, some times she just sounds stupid.

  19. Julia says:

    I didn’t start watching NCIS until most of the way through Season 2, but I’ve caught up on the early stuff thanks to reruns on USA. As far as the female agents go, I liked Kate and I like Ziva..for different reasons because they were different characters and they fit into the group differently. I also liked Cassidy, Michelle Lee, and the germophobe (Nikki??), for that matter. The only ones I didn’t like and was glad to see the last of were Tony’s ex (can’t remember her name) and, above all, Jenny – these two gave female bosses a very bad name.

    I’m sure the new female agent they bring in will be good, because for the most part the show has a good record when it comes to casting; it’s the writing – specifically where they first sell the team as a family and then bring in one biological family member after another to ruin the analogy where they need to work. That and give Gibbs a personality back – the past few seasons unless he’s talking to Furnell he hasn’t done much more than grunt and/or grimace his way through the episodes, and it’s getting really old.

  20. Captions:

    1. “A woman enters a coffee shop…” (reference to ep 8×14 title A man walks into a bar)
    2. Abby [thinking] “Great. McGee’s with his honey. And in OUR coffee place!”
    3. McGee’s playing games on his phone, and get s a new high score, Delilah’s all unhappy about him not paying attention to him, and in that moment Abby enters the diner. (PS. This is not actually what happens in the scene)
    4. Abby [thinking] “So…this is Delilah, the person who “took away” Tim from us.”
    5. “THREE’S A CROWD.”
    6. “Who’s the third wheel in this scene?”
    7. “The past, the present, and the future of Timothy McGee’s life all (meet) in the same place.”

    …this is where I got tired thinking. Cause, really, she’s there for a
    “reason”, and I’ve got no good captions. But at least seems I’m the first, or one of the first ones to actually talk in the topic – the scene, and what’s ahead for McGee. (not about Ziva’s exit, or Abby’s style, or McAbby’s past)

    PS. McAbby has been a part of the show since season one. Episode 1×07, when McGee was introduced to the show. For most part it’s been in then background. And for those worried about the show possibly bringing the ship from the background, and continue the story, don’t worry. They didn’t focus much on the relationship on screen back in season 1, they won’t now in season 11 either. McAbby is not Tiva. If they continue either with McLilah or McAbby story, it won’t be the c enter of the show. Not as rare on screen as Jimmy & Breena, but not as “forced” (many scenes) as Tiva.

    PPS. For those who don’t think Abby “deserves” McGee, cause she’s treated him not right – I get you don’t like her, and it’s your right. But most likely the reason is the fans personal (I personally have trouble with Tony;s character a bit – cause I can’t stand chatty, and noisy people, so whenever I feel like they’ve “over-done” the character, I understand that it’s just my personal view based on my preferences. It says nothing about the character really.)
    I believe that many of those fans don’t understand the characters. Neither Abby and her motives and how she works, nor McGee (who is completely capable of standing up to himself if needed, so he’s been okay with her behaviour). And also don’t understand the idea of the episodes that they bring as examples of Abby’s unfair behavior – 5×13 Dog Tags being the #1 on that list. The whole point of that story was a dog being the “suspect” (even without/before attacking McGee) and someone taking the dogs side (Abby was a great choice, cause she’s been said to love dogs). The story needed someone to take the dogs side, it just happened to be Abby. But I know not everyone is even interested in the ideas behind what happens on screen (unlike me), but prefer to focus on what they see and hear and the feeling it creates in them.

  21. fan1 says:

    I agree that they have really made Abby into an immature version of a once very edgy character. But, Abby is not the only character that has become exaggerated-they all are. Gibbs has become more of a curmudgeonly grump that never seems to be happy with anyone. Tony has become ridiculous in his juvenile antics-I mean the whole shoving food in his mouth scene was amusing in season 3 when he was in his 30’s; it’s just plain irritating for a man in his 40’s. And really, the womanizing needs to end. Jimmy is always babbling now. At first I found it endearing; now it is just annoying and forced. McGee is always the incompetent one who never seems to have the confidence to do his job. I mean, come on, I understood that when he first joined the team but as someone who has been on the team for 10 years and is very intelligent, he should feel competent by now. I mean when they had him give away the fact that he noticed Bodnar’s tail that was following Gibbs and him at the end of season 10 I was like “Come on, he is not this green agent who has never been on a stake out before!” That was so unrealistic to me. And Ziva has been written for the last 6 years as this cold hearted b*tch who became more intolerant of everyone else as the seasons progressed. I love Ziva, but even I see her flaws. I found it very confusing that in “Berlin” she was very emotional and vulnerable with Tony to the point that she’s even making goo goo eyes at him while they danced and she let him hold her hand in the car and then in the very next episode, “Revenge”, she was shrieking at him and treating him like dirt. The only one who isn’t that exaggerated is Ducky. I feel that the writers know that we like certain aspects of these characters and they now try to force these moments instead of making them flow organically in a conversation. They just need to realize that the viewers aren’t expecting these traits to be apparent in every episode and that we would appreciate them more and enjoy them more if they occurred less frequently. However, I can’t imagine Abby dressing any other way. The clothes don’t bother me so much and I can even handle the pig tails to a certain extent. I just wish that she would reel in the overreacting to everything. I like that Abby is the one who feels everything and brings that emotion to the show but the writers can have her do that without having her whine and act like a wounded child all the time. I am really interested to see how the characters are portrayed this season and if the writers have truly received a jolt to their creative juices now that they will be forced to think outside the last 8 seasons of NCIS box and come up with some new and intriguing stories to tell. We shall see.

  22. CCheng says:

    Bittersweet that Cote de Pablo is leaving (hoping she’ll return once in a while……like episode 250?) She brought life in to Ziva David. Looking forward to seeing how the writers will do in season 11. You never know. This business has a tendency to change on a dime. Ziva may return in season 12 or at the end of the series (whenever that is). The rest of the cast will continue to do what’s to be done to continue NCIS’ success. Good writing, good characters, always with heart and of course humor. You can’t take it too serious. That’s why it’s a good show. Best of luck Cote de Pablo. You have a lot of fans and I’m very sure you are wishing for continued success for your colleagues and the show….regardless of what happened behind the scenes in negotiations or the business of…..

  23. Judy Murphy says:

    I like all the mc-retorts Tony throws at McGee….because I like quick wit, which he has tons of. As a movie buff myself, I also love inside jokes Tony makes w/ movie references. I hope that stuff keeps getting written in the scripts.

    I liked the back and forth banter between Tony and Ziva and how McGee and Ziva had started ganging up on Tony. I hope the new hire jumps on that bandwagon.

    I love Ducky’s recollections as he autopsies and that they really can be informative and fun in their ‘oops I’m going off the path’ way. Then, I love that Gibbs gives him a rambling minute before he orders him back on point…after all, this isn’t Criminal Minds dark & dank.

    I’ve always felt that the writers were giving Jimmy his goofy, break-the-tension remarks at the crime scene and in autopsy with Ducky …as well as some pretty interesting and smart recountings himself…so that we viewers would have an easier transition to just Jimmy at the time when David McCallum calls it quits…WHICH I HOPE HIS REAL LIFE HEALTH DOESN’T EVER MAKE HIM DO AS LONG AS HE ENJOYS THE SHOW. I recognize he has less scenes recently….fine….but I still wait each show to share his behaviors. I know he’s up there in age….I loved him as Illiya Kyriakin (sp.) on Man From U.N.C.L.E. & I loved catching that reference by Gibbs in an NCIS show I saw on re-runs.

    I still love when Mike is written in for Gibbs’ counsel…because we all need that voice in our head when our thoughts get muddled. Jamie Lee Curtis — get her every chance you can…NCIS ratings must sky-rocket when she is shown in previews.

    Already known relatives of the cast were well selected and anytime they’ve had a storyline, it’s been interesting. You can go there w/ more story input in my opinion. And, you might add some annoying relatives for the cast to deal with because then I will cut my own relatives some slack when I see other person’s kin are worse to deal with than mine.

    Whoever’s put as Gibbs’ superior….I’ll probably keep waffling in my like or dislike of their leadership. At points I have liked their scripted role and, at other times, it’s like scram.
    Furnell — I’m glad he and Gibbs have each other to kick around and elevator talk; so, mention him occasionally so we viewers know he’s alive. And, when you choose to write him in, don’t kill him off unless you have another ‘hey, little buddy’ adult for Gibbs to play off of.

    Lastly, Gibbs and marriage and a common home life with a wife….no way do I want to see that. Now, come and go Jamie Lee or such….yeah. Good luck juggling those story lines, as you construct them.

  24. Betty says:

    I didn’t care for Jamie Lee Curtis. Glad when they wrote her out.

  25. cherry says:

    .I don’t really mind how Abby dresses they just have to watch, some of the outfits look to childish for her. As for the pigtails, maybe sometime they can let her hair down, like she does when Pauley is on a talk show, or put it in a ponytail. I like Jamie lee Curtis, you have to understand that this is how they wrote the part. I want to see colonel Mann to come back. The show where the girl came out in a t-shirt unless i missed something i don’t believe they said who that was. As for Tony’s insults to McGee, i liked to see McGee just belt Tony in the mouth sometime. Maybe that us what Tony wants McGee to

  26. Hey, you used to write magnificent, but the last several posts have been kinda boring I miss your great writings. Past several posts are just a little bit out of track! come on!

  27. cherry says:

    McGee girlfriend-she’s iffy. I need to see her again. From what i saw tonight, i was not impressed. There was just something about her i did not like.

  28. walmart sucks says:

    all you ncis haters need to go jump on law & order’s band wagon or csi criminal intent show and leave ncis alone cause some of you need to be belted in the mouth or told how to dress you wouldn’t like it either so leave off with bothering them, go bother some one else’s show you bunch of HATERS!!!!

  29. Fred Jones says:

    you’re really a nut case leaving now on the air shooter of America that’s been a nutcase get her to come ZBA come back