Graceland Finale Recap: The Key to the Truth

Graceland Season 1 FinaleBriggs’ shady behavior was exposed, making things a lot more complicated for the residents of Graceland, on Thursday night’s season finale. Let’s review the action, which involved one creepy torture scene, a lip-lock and a jangling keychain:

The suspect FBI agent calls upon Dale to help him disappear and to keep an eye on Charlie in his absence. But instead of getting out of dodge, Briggs gives away his new identity, his burner phone and his spot on a South American-bound ship to someone else.

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Meanwhile, Graceland is under investigation. With Briggs missing for eight days, the FBI questions each of the roommates and tears apart their rooms, in the process revealing that Mike was actually at the house to investigate his superior. He gets labeled “a rat” by some of his roomies, but there are much bigger secrets brewing, like why Briggs went to Dale – the two go way back, the customs agent explains to Johnny – and the fact that the G-man is still hanging around town.

Briggs’ inability to leave proves handy when Dale tells him that Charlie is working with a federale named Cortez. Suspecting that the mystery man is Jangles, he follows him to his rented beach house and plants Juan Badillo’s key on Jangles’ chain. The two then get into a fight, which is interrupted by an impromptu visit from Charlie, who begs Briggs to let the federale go. He does and gets knocked out for it. Upon seeing Cortez’s bandaged wound, Charlie finally wises up to the fact that her friend from south of the border isn’t such a good guy, but it’s too late. Jangles takes them both captive, and he plans to make Briggs watch as he tortures Charlie. Things look really ugly — seriously, I got the bad kind of goosebumps as he cut into her — until Mike, who’s been tracing Briggs’ new burner phone, busts in and shoots Jangles.

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With Juan’s key found on Jangles’ “trophy” ring and an Odin connection traced to a South American phone number, Briggs is cleared and let go. (It appears the whole plot, including the MIA recording, was orchestrated by Briggs and Dale.) But he still has some confessing to do. He reveals to Mike that when Jangles was getting him hooked on heroin, he kept asking about the cartel’s mole. When the withdrawal symptoms became too much, he gave up the name of his training officer. He was the one responsible for leading the killer to the safe house and his love, Lisa.

“He knew that living with what I’d done would be worse than death,” says Briggs. “And he was right.”

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And he’s far from out of the mess he’s created. As the episode ends, a pair of teenagers find the missing recording from Juan’s car in a store. Meanwhile, Briggs calls Mike, who’s now working in D.C. as a special assistant to the deputy director.

“Have you thought about taking a vacation?” he asks ominously. “I need a little help.”

On the romance front, Mike and Paige finally kiss, but she breaks it off. “Not like this,” she explains. “Because that wasn’t about me. You’re lost, Mike, and I’m not the answer.”

Graceland fans, what do you think Briggs is up to now? Before you head to the comments with your thoughts/theories, grade the finale below.

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  1. Becky says:

    Oh sweet Jesus next summer cannot come fast enough. I need new Graceland right now. What is it that Mikey is being let in on? And what about that tape the kids stole? I NEED MORE GRACELAND.

  2. Beth says:

    Really enjoyed it. Mike will be back at the house by five minutes in, next season. I know they pinned Odin on someone else so there is that hanging out there. Really hope they develop the relationship more with Paige and mike next season.

  3. Justin Burnell says:

    Reblogged this on thehiltonburnellfiles and commented:
    I enjoyed of watching the finale because it’s the best show of the summer.

  4. sladewilson says:

    That tape is popping up on YouTube or something… LOL.. I wonder what got Briggs so spooked he needs Mike’s help? And we definitely need more Mike and Paige… Yeah, Graceland can’t come back fast enough – best new summer series of the year….

  5. AymieJoi says:

    I’m sorry, but Paige and Mike are like brother and sister at this point. Any romance between them would just be gross. And yes, I agree, Mike will be back posthaste!

    • Alichat says:

      Interesting. I never got the brother and sister vibe from Mike and Paige. I always assumed it was going this way, especially when he told her about his secret.

      I’m really curious as to what Jakes did that Briggs fixed or knew about. After Briggs is let go, he and Jakes are talking in the kitchen and Jakes asks ‘so we’re even?’ I’m really curious to know what that is about. And I was disappointed that Charlie had no idea Cortez was Jangles. I had really hoped she was playing him. I have a feeling that tape may be used as a ‘get out of jail free’ card, gets back to the FBI, and that’s what keeps Mike around in Graceland.

    • abz says:

      I get the brother/sister vibe from Mike and Charlie more so than Mike and Paige.

      • AymieJoi says:

        Them too. I guess it’s the whole “living in the same house” thing for me. It was the scene when Paige, Johnny and Mike were playing football on the beach that sealed the nature of their relationships for me. Such an adorable scene, and not in a sappy, romantic way.

  6. yo says:

    i need paige & mike together next season like i need air to breathe!!! also, i dont think briggs dumped the recorder on purpose at all. Anyway, overall liked the ep alot. Cant wait until next summer already

  7. Phil says:

    I thought it was great, and agree. one of the best shows of the summer, I have to mention the Bridge on FX as one also.
    I was left wondering why Briggs was no longer suspected of being Odin Rossi. Did I miss something, or was the key that Briggs put on Jangles key chain the link to nobody still believing Briggs is Odin? Can someone explain why Briggs was exhonorated? He still did a number of shady things that make him very suspicious in my eyes. I thought the perview for season 2 showing Briggs calling Mike about a vacation is Briggs attempt of luring Mike back to Graceland so Briggs can clean up loose ends linking him to being Odin. Mike is the biggest liability for Briggs.

    • LeSo says:

      Briggs gave his burner phone, the one that he used as Odin, to Quinn (the drug dealer that Charlie got into the fight with previously) and sent him to Ecuador with a new identity because he was running away from Jangles. The FBI traced the burner phone and believed that Quinn was Odin all along. Near the end of the episode, the FBI guy said that they were looking for Quinn in Ecuador.

  8. Eli says:

    Am I the only one who would much rather see Mike with Charlie than with Paige?
    More on topic, solid finale, although a few things were wrapped up a little too neatly, but you can tell they didn’t want to assume they’d get a second season. Hopefully now that the show has turned out to be a solid hit they will be able to give themselves more freedom when plotting the next season.

  9. Nicole says:

    I thought it was funny during the questions of the roommates Charlie and Johnny had no idea what was going on. Johnny’s why is Briggs on a boat, my brain in not comprehending this right now lol. Jangles just messing with Briggs when he was in the hotel room dancing and jingling the keys. I don’t see Mike and Paige as romantic couple but more as best friends who bounce stuff off each other. Mike trusted Paige enough to tell only her that he was investigating Briggs.

  10. John says:

    This shows writing makes no sense. None of the things that happen are even a little bit plausible.

  11. Rusty says:

    I am done with this show. What a crappy ending. Briggs get away with everything. The guys a murderer, a drug dealer, all around bad guy. The other guy, Jakes now looks to be just as much a bad guy as Briggs if he’s willing to cover up a fellow agents murder and he’s pretty sure Briggs is Odin. Nope not worth my time to waste next year. I am sure there will be something better on, like reruns of Gilligan’s Island or My Mother the Car.

    • NE says:

      While I love Gilligan’s Island as much as the next guy, Briggs getting away with everything is what made the episode so excellent to me. I really liked how they “cleared everything up” for Briggs to continue in the house, yet left us all knowing that he really was the bad guy. I like his character enough to not want him to go away but I was worried they would some how explain it all away and make him out to be a hero. Cudos to the writers for honoring what they showed us instead of doing the “oh, here is what you didn’t see that makes everything he did okay” thing that so many other shows do. I will certainly be back.

      • Patrick says:

        Briggs didn’t get away with everything. The Odin guy he pinned all this on is hiding from Jangles. The news of Jangles’s death will be huge, huge news. You know that guy has someone back in LA keeping an ear out for knowledge of Jangles. You think that guy will be eager to slum in some SA backwater when LA is now super safe for him? Nope. And he can pin everything on Briggs. And Mike knows that Briggs was lying about lots of that stuff.

        I said in another thread that USA is emulating Breaking Bad. Briggs is the villain of the piece. Charlie and the rest of the house (Paige?) now think that Briggs is a good guy that can and has done no wrong. Mike knows better. Just like he knows Mike can’t prove anything.

        Briggs is a guy that will do bad things, ostensibly to achieve good ends. But he is obviously enjoying the LA lifestyle. He has a killer pad, no real oversight, freedom to hang out, But he is starting to age. The FBI won’t keep him there. Eventually it will move him to another assignment. The type where he has to wear a suit, kowtow to superiors, and live within his means. He has obviously already started to set up his retirement fund. Jake will be his willing partner.

        The rest of the series will be about Mike trying to take him down.

        • chris says:

          don’t ruin the wholestory for us man lol….clearly ur on point I cudnt agree more………yeh mike has the cop obsessed with justice….it really pissed me of that he was that stop every single crime dude(like almost blowing his cover over a dude stealing a bag of chips i mean how dumb) an funny how the bad guy briggs helps him put things into perspective as the season went on….briggs is my favorite character so am always cheering him on no matter what…..I really hope his role continues to grow as this double agent type bad ass

          • Phil says:

            Dude I dont know what the hell you are talking about, Briggs is Odin. T

            The irony of how the show started and developed made Briggs a very likeable guy who is like a god/mentor to all the younger agents. As the show progressed they slowly revealed that Briggs isn’t who everyone thought he is. As they revealed the shady things Briggs has done and
            continues to do, they also showed his vulnerability by
            revealing his is a recovering addict. This huge reveal certainly had a major impact on Mike, because he
            went back to his supervision and made an emphatic report that Briggs his on the up and up and Mike pleaded for the bureau to help Briggs with his addiction.

      • chris says:

        I know right idk what this dude is talkingbout….. THERE ALWAYS NEEDS TO BE A BAD GUY an briggs fills the role perfectly….an who says he got away with anything its called the last episode of first season people need patience cant everything have a happy ending how would that end up???

    • chris says:

      briggs is essentially to graceland what you talking bout….there always needs to be a bad guy, they caught jangles, got Quinn, if they got briggs it would be done pretty much….they got it right with briggs……..I think ull be missing out if u stop watching trust me briggs needs to be the bad guy…..

  12. Kim R says:

    Good lead in for the next season. I just don’t get why the tape was not distroyed. It is crazy that it was still in the recorder in a pawn shop. Other than that I really enjoyed the finale.

  13. I enjoyed season 1 and looking forward to season 2 so you can tie up the loose ends..Bella inside prison, the boys and the tape, Charlie..Johnny and how did Dale and Briggs meet..There was another girl and fellow before Mike..what happened to them..Wow..a lot of months to

  14. Joey says:

    The finale was great. I wonder who found Juan’s tape and sold it at a pawn shop that the kids found it. I can’t wait for season 2 next summer.

  15. brettboylen says:

    Anyone else notice that when Mike shot Jangles, he dropped the gun immediately, then it moved to a close up of him where he was still holding the gun after being shot? It then went back out and the gun was dropped again.

    I normally don’t notice things like that, but I pay attention when a bad guy gets shot in such a spectacular fashion as he did from Mike’s two shots fired him his hip, a double tap to the chest powerful enough to make Jangles drop his weapon immediately. But in the next shot Jangles was clearly still holding the gun…lol.

    Did this bug anyone else?

  16. chris says:

    I garantue what briggs ends up saying on the phone is nothing serious….I kind of like the whole briggs being a double agent bad guy an I hope they continue that increasing his evil role hopefully….hopefully johnny gets a bigger role I really like him…..Also, how will it play out if the kids turn in the recording to the police??? will mike come back to graceland….this show is seriously awesome an I hope they have more twists and turns in the coming season