Under the Dome Recap: Guilty? Please.

Under the Dome Recap Barbie CaughtThis week, in the penultimate Season 1 episode of CBS’ Under the Dome, Big Jim pinned yet another murder on Barbie as the manhunt continued, while the kids played “Hide the Egg.”

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As the search for Barbie got underway, Big Jim, by way of some rousing speechifying, coaxed the townspeople — who apparently can fit at least a quorum into a single room — into allowing house sweeps. Dodee meanwhile hears the military chatter again state how “essential” it is to find Barbie, as he is the only one with the “necessary expertise” to deal with The Egg.

Over at the barn, Norrie’s living mom has (finally) emerged to question the kids about what they’re hiding there — and readily accepts that this extraterrestrial-seeming object is “the Dome’s heart.” Well, of course it is. Later, as Junior alerts his dad that (coming off his “vision” at the Dome wall) someone will try to kill him, Angie is sneaked up on by Barbie, who easily convinces her of Big Jim’s litany of lies — and she agrees to help him get comatose Julia out of the clinic.

At the radio station, Dodee fills in Big Jim on the latest chatter regarding Barbie and the “Egg” that the military is searching for — which she suspects powers the Dome. But rather than simply use Dodee to help track down the Egg, Jim blurts out his fascist desire to keep the Dome in place. Amazingly, Dodee is “OK” with his way of thinking until she overhears the radio chatter conveniently mention (maybe on the station W-XPOSITION?) that Jim killed the reverend. Jim can’t let her hold onto the secret, so he puts a couple bullets into her and the radio equipment and then torches the place.

While Joe and Nor hide the Mini-Dome at Ben’s house, Angie dons her candy striper garb to lure Junior away from his guard post at Julia’s bedside, so that Barbie can move her. Alas, Angie’s conspicuously ill-timed cigarette break makes Junior smell a rat, leading to a donneybrook with Barbie out in the parking lot, while Angie revs up the ambulance with Julia inside. On Barbie’s orders, Angie speeds away while he surrenders to Linda.

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Ultimately, Joe and Nor are locked up as well, and the latter even takes a clumsy stab at Big Jim, believing the Dome’s intimation that he’s gotta die. Jim shrugs it off, changes his shirt and then makes a deal with Barbie: confess to all that I’ve pinned on you and I’ll let the kids go and not bother Julia. Later, Julia finally awakens (in the basement of the clinic, where she is now hidden) and reports to Angie that some strange woman, and not Barbie, shot her.

As the episode closes, Ben reveals to the rest of the gang how loud and angry the Mini-Dome has gotten, as Barbie is about to “stand trial” in the public square. But when Big Jim cues him to plead his guilt to the community, Barbie instead declares himself, “Not guilty” — not the two words Big Jim wanted to hear.


* Didn’t the Mini-Dome look like E.T., wrapped up in a blanket and pulled along in a wagon?

* Didn’t the radio station burn down in record speed? (And I don’t mean 33 1/3 rpm! Sorry, turntable humor.)

* Any Once Upon a Time fans out there think that Barbie was going to wake Julia with “true love’s kiss”?

* Good thing Angie stole an ambulance with unlimited gas, eh? It’s not like an emergency vehicle would have been driving all over town for the past two weeks straight. In this emergency situation.

* Did Linda really not question Jim about where he got this “lead” about the Dome’s power source?!

And the biggest Q: What do you think will happen next Monday, during the freshman finale — knowing that a Season 2 is coming?

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  1. Dillon says:

    I’m done with the show. They killed Dodee. She was a favorite. And then, as said, everything burned down quickly. This episode pushed the limits of the limitations already set just to make things work.

    • The Beach says:

      Same here. I really liked the show’s pilot and some of the early episodes but it’s starting to jump the shark. I guess I’ll stick around for the final episode but doubt I will be back for next season.

      • It’s already been renewed

        • klown says:

          The Beach didn’t say that they doubt “it”will be back. They said “I” as in they doubt that they will continue to watch.

          I personally find the show to be pretty corny, yet still enjoy it so I expect to continue watching. I can see why people are annoyed with it though

          • Snsetblaze says:

            This show is like The Following to me. There are so many holes and really stupid moves. But I can’t help watching it. I guess the holes are much more noticeable because of the really good shows like Breaking Bad on tv. I’m not saying that BB is perfect but that the quality of that show makes the lameness or stupidity or bad plot development much easier to notice.

        • Debbie says:

          I’m just wondering how much more they can make out of this book to make a season 2. When would season 2 start airing? Both my hubby and I enjoyed this show at first but we have grown very tired of the plot and we have been ready for it to wrap up already. Of course, it’s like watching a train wreck. You just can’t stop watching it happen. LOL!

      • Paul says:

        This must be said, and I hope everyone’s listening: “Jump the Shark” is the most overused cliche in television history.

  2. TVPeong says:

    I don’t like how they are playing Linda like Big Jim’s patsy. Hopefully she wises up soon. I’m really beginning to like Angie and Junior.

    I think that Julia Shumway is the monarch not Barbie. The storm started when she was shot and ended when Barbie saved her life. She also touched the egg and saw a vision.

    • Clarie says:

      I think Angie is actually the Monarch, because she has the Monarch butterfly tattoo on her back and they emphasized on her tattoo at the end of one of the episodes. So no it’s not Julia.

    • Amanda says:

      I think it’s Barbie, but I think Julia is suppose to be his “Co-Monarch”. Like they both need to be around in order for the dome to be happy. It’s somewhat similiar to the book, but they drifted way off course. In the book, there was no question of Barbie being the leader from page 1.
      Linda, I’m just done with, did she ever question how Barbie got from the radio station to the hospital in record speed or the fact that he supposedly shot Julia and then took her to the hospital to be treated? Or the fact that he was at the fight club thing at the EXACT time Big Jim was killing the mother? I’m ready for Big Jim to take Linda out next!
      I think Junior is going to be the savior and kill Big Jim cause they are slowly redeeming him from the craziness he was at the beginning of the season.

      • elr says:

        I agree with you about Linda. She never questions anything that Big Jim says to her. And she is always three steps behind everyone else in any situation. She is the worst example of a law enforcement officer on television.

        I also believe that the Dome wants both Barbie and Julia around, so messing with either one of them is going to be trouble.

      • Armand Broxton says:

        I’m with ya on that.

    • Hailee says:

      Read the book and you won’t like Junior. I have a feeling they are saving some of his true craziness for next season…

    • Agree on Linda acting totally unreasonable.
      After finding out about his deal with Max, Linda should be way more skeptical about Jim’s behavior.

      Yet she does not question anything at all! Lock up kids in jail, for no reason at all, Linda does not care. Jim nearly going ugly on a little girl, Linda does not care. Neither Joe nor the Nurse even think about telling people how Barbie saved Julia’s life, to exonerate Barbie.

      It also makes no sense at all to pin Agatha’s murder to Barbie. The townsfolk wouldn’t even know her and nobody besides Max ever found her body. So why should the townsfolk care or even know about her?

      But the worst offender gotta be Barbie’s behavior in front of the cement factory, when Jim shot Max and the other guy. He totally could have given himself up to Linda and told her: “Check Jim’s gun, he’s got missing bullets while mine is still full!” or any number of other actions that wouldn’t instantly paint him as “guilty”.

      Instead he just goes full out Rambo, escalating the situation further, that’s completely out of Character!

  3. WaitingOnScandal says:

    I figured the out what the plot is on this show….Big Jim will kill everyone one-by-one until no one is left. This is very disappointing, it had potential to be a great show. They have chosen the stupid way out.

  4. Yukoner says:

    Simply amazing, this show has got me hooked and wanting more! As soon as Barbie said not guilty my jaw dropped. There are so many possibilities for what will happen next and I’m counting down the seconds until the final episode aires!

  5. Robin Baizel says:

    I hate this show and I hate myself for watching it. The dialogue is hackneyed and it is just one plot device that requires a person to be either incredibly stupid or evil, after another. The thing is so poorly written I am embarrassed for CBS.

    • Plum says:

      See, that’s the stuff I find most hilarious about the show. There’s that one truck driver who knocked over the water tower and was never seen again; where the heck was he driving to? Everything was closed! The show to me is hilariously cheesy fun. I don’t take much of it serious. I will say it was sad when the Norie’s mom died, but the whole craziness of it is what’s fun to watch (while throwing popcorn at your TV at the silly plot twists). The kids are fun to watch as are Big Jim and Barbie.

      I really hope that all the dead are going to come back as alien zombies, otherwise I don’t get why they killed off half the cast.

    • John Moshier says:

      as bad as it is its still better then revalution

  6. Jules says:

    I don’t care how bad everybody says it is, and I’m not contradicting it, but I simply enjoy it, and nobody can take that from me.

    Also, hell yes did the blanket-wrapped Egg remind me of E.T. Gave me a good laugh, so thanks, Under the Dome.

    • Elyse says:

      I’m LOVING under the dome! such an awesome show. i know not everyone can have the same opinion but i’m really surprised at how much hate it gets for how good the ratings are!

      • Paul says:

        The hate only comes from TV snobs who think every show needs to be vying for an Emmy. I thoroughly enjoyed last night’s show, and any “plot holes” that existed didn’t take away from my enjoyment.

        • T says:

          I agree. I enjoy it. I was almost not going to watch it. I read the book and enjoyed it to the very end until they revealed the “who” placed the dome. Without being a spoiler it went too sci-fi for me at that point. I like his books better that it really isn’t explained or more super-natural so to speak… like his best work ever The Stand. However without much else on in the summer I decided to watch it and I really have enjoyed it. I do think they have killed off too many people for not very good reasons like Dodee but I will continue to watch. Mostly I want to see the part where the good wins over the evil part and to see Barbie’s pretty face!

  7. DeWitt Gravink says:

    I don’t care what happens anymore…

  8. Shireen says:

    So they killed another cool, sassy character, had us suffer through yet another hour of stupidity by the sheriff with the least authority ever, and they’re letting Big Jim get away yet again. He’s not even a good big bad, just really annoying.

    • Jamie says:

      The sheriff must have an IQ of around 65 to do some of the things she’s been doing. Kill her off, please.

      • Lori says:

        Exactly. She is so mediocre. She believes anything Big Jim tells her. Last night, she’s saying you can’t search people’s houses, then okay, go ahead. She’s not overseeing any of the detainees, and let’s Big Jim do whatever he wants.

  9. Lori says:

    I think it’s hysterical that this whole season is taking place over two weeks. So, Big Jim just started massacring people IMMEDIATELY. Next week,one of the scenes was Barbie standing at a gallows. How quickly did they build that? What was it a ten minute trial, then out to the gallows? The whole town INSTANTLY went nuts, riots, water hoarding, killing. It’s very amusing.

    • dan says:

      From the beginning, the producers said that each episode will represent one day in the dome. I believe CBS ordered 12 or 13 episodes, so that is why it has been about two weeks since the dome came down. I can’t believe how stupid Linda has become; at the beginning she seemed to be relatively savvy to what was going on and now she seems hypnotized by Big Jim. By the way, Dean Norris deserves an Emmy nod for “best villian” (too bad there is no such category). And I’m beginning to like Junior; I think he has Big Jim all figured out. Sorry to see Dodee die. How are they going to populate Chester’s Mill for season 2 if they’ve killed off so many characters this season? They can’t exactly have new people move into town.

    • Hailee says:

      Lori, in the book it took even less time for Big Jim to start massacring people and controlling the town. I don’t remember the exact timeline, but I don’t think the book covered a time period of more than 2 or 3 weeks. And in the book there were riots, murders, suicides, etc. all within a couple days of the dome coming down.

  10. Elyse says:

    they barely showed Dodee the entire season. i definitely won’t miss her.

  11. Overthinking says:

    Linda, Linda, Linda!….oh man! what police academy did you graduate from? It has to be the same police academy as those cops from The Following.

    • If you could like comments here, yours would be top comment.

    • B says:

      HA! Exactly. She’s a terrible sheriff, played by a terrible actress.

      Or, actually…let’s be fair to her, give her the benefit of the doubt. Maybe it’s more the writing and direction that are to blame for most of her horrible acting. I mean, even Dean Norris has been lacking, and anyone who has watched him on Breaking Bad knows he’s capable of greatness.

    • Marlowe28 says:

      That’s been my problem with both shows. Cops just aren’t that dumb. Big Jim declared himself the dictator in the first episode and the Linda has never put her foot down and treated him like a citizen even though he’s gotten weirder day by day (or episode by episode.)

      And the cops on The Following allowed half the town into the community hall without searching them? Seriously??? Every law enforcement person on that show would be fired if I were in charge.

  12. Omer says:

    Dodee was one of those characters that had to be killed off. She wasn’t shown much, but her death REALLY caused me to hate Big Jim because unlike other characters he killed, she was innocent and sweet. I think that’s the point. Now that it’s nearing the end, I’m pretty sure everyone watching wants Big Jim to die. I don’t care who kills him. I want him dead now. Norrie is awesome for standing up to him. She is my favorite character.

    I agree with the comments about Linda too. I guess we’re supposed to be rooting for her, but she should be asking more hard-hitting questions. I can’t believe she just let Big Jim spew what he knew without asking where he got his information. While Phil is naive, Linda simply isn’t doing her job well.

  13. sladewilson says:

    Okay, I’m not happy at all about Dodee getting killed because she actually owned at least half a brain. I don’t know why, but I think Phil knows WAY more than he’s saying and he’s thick as thieves with Big Jim. Here’s my hopes for the finale:

    1) Linda falls, hits her head and wakes up thinking her name is Case and where the hell is Frank(enstein)…

    2) That either Ben, Julia, Barbie or Angie is the monarch. I would really love it if it was Norrie’s mom, but that’s too far fetched even for this train wreck of a show.

    3) Big Jim on the run

    Okay, I’ll be good with that…

  14. RUCookie says:

    Killing Doddee, the idiot sherief Linda, the insuffereble Big Bad Jim… why do I like this show? I really don’t know, but I do… and as much as Killing Doddee sucked, it was the torching of the radio station that go me. That was the only (known) equiptment in town. So much for any plans of communicating with the outside world.

  15. Meredith says:

    Dean Norris does such a good job vilifying Big Jim, if I happened upon Dean on the street he might get a patented Barbie punch in the throat from a lack of being able to separate the two.

    • The Beach says:

      Disagree. Dean Norris is amazingly good on Breaking Bad and deserves every accolade thrown his way. Here his is just too over the top. You can almost see him twirling his mustache.

  16. Plum says:

    Linda is such a useless cop. Instead of arresting BIg Jim for drug trafficking she instead lets him run wild shooting people.

    Big Jim is having all the fun on the show. We need more of Barbie and Shy Junior flying at each other like Wolverine and Sabretooth; were they on wires?

    Poor Dodee, so geeky, so wise but so damn dumb about BIg Jim until the very end. And Barbie just go so much hotter with that little “not guilty” smirk. I mean, have the pillaging villagers seen Barbie? He’s got the best genes under the dome. They should be lining up to have Barbie’s babies instead of fighting over milk. Same goes for the Cute But Clueless DJ who also showed up out of nowhere this week. Theyve got no jobs, no blls, no cares really; why should be making love and skinny dipping instead of all that killing and fighting.

    • tp says:

      I said the same thing. Why are they fighting over everything. No bills should equal no worries. They should be figuring out how to farm some stuff and what to do about water. Other than that…chill all day.

    • sean says:

      the show not about this !!!
      u brought shame to the tv show and the idea behind it , try to watch a different tv show

  17. Alichat says:

    When Barbie made that deal with Big Jim, all I could say was “every character on this show is stupid.” And after Barbie said ‘not guilty’ I amended that to “ok, Barbie is stupid most of the time.” The ridiculousness of this episode was overwhelming. Why didn’t Dodee run? Why stand there with your mouth agape, and let Big Jim see you there? Where is Linda’s brain? She is pathetic. ‘I am not turning our town into a police state just because you say so Big Jim. Oh wait, these people you’ve worked up into a panic want a police state?…..uh…ok then. Let’s go ransack people’s homes, and murder Barbie.’ Ugh!

    • sean says:

      i think so linda is stupid.i think dodee didn;t run because she knew if she tried to run he will kill her
      i guess she want to play a long until she leave the radio station, u can see fear on her eyes.

  18. Anita says:

    Linda is so stupid! Probably what’s most infuriating for me

  19. cs says:

    I think that CBS should change the name of the show – I read the massive book and this show bears almost no resemblance to the book at all. Characters are alive who should be dead, characters are being redeemed who should be having sex with corpses and dying of a brain tumor, characters are totally not who they were in the book….I could go on and on about the plot and the dome and the ‘egg’ being totally different than the book. It’s ridiculous, I can’t believe Stephen King is involved in this thing.

  20. CountryQueen says:

    I don’t think Barbie is the Monarch. Monarch butterflies are orange, so I am gravitating toward our gingers – Julia or even Norri. Perhaps Barbie is a strawberry blond? I’m surprised no one has said Norri. She is in town only as a drive thru (which put a hole in her mom not letting anyone in the barn – she didn’t own the barn – she couldn’t keep them out), and the Dome seems to like her.

    That mini-dome obviously doesn’t weigh much – I was laughing pretty good when they were trucking it around in the wagon – I thought it might float away it looked so light.

    Why couldn’t Linda have overheard that radio transmission? Man, I have never wanted a character to bite it like I do her. Duke would be so disappointed in you as a sheriff.

    Last nights town meeting was more like it. Things went nutso fast in the book (it was only a week, and most everyone ended up dead!). That’s one of the things I liked so much about it, how everything devolved so fast. But this Dome is different as it does give them wind and rain – which is a big deal – I won’t give a book spoiler – but air flow is very important). I want to see people flip their lids about the Dome – that’s much more realistic than what is going on. It would take awhile before everyone got their act together enough to collect garbage.

    When I read Under the Dome I was constantly thinking “what if?” I was uneasy driving for a bit even.

    This show does not have me wondering “what if.” I am quite mad that they decided to make this train wreck go another season (and to hear how much Stephen likes it – really Stephen? REALLY?). I’m just hoping we get a decent ending next week since the concept was created before the renewal. It’s going to have to be a helluva cliffhanger to get me to come back next year.

  21. duckie says:

    Gave up the show. No logic involved in watching. Check your intelligence at the door and don’t remember details from past episodes.

    Big Jim goes after the only working well in town when the town’s water supply is threatened. Big shootout. Jim and his crew wins. Couple of episodes later Big Jim is on a lake so large he needs a powerboat to cross it, Woe be unto the towns folks they have to walk to the lake to fill their water buckets.

    One minute the town folks are rioting and looting the grocery stores when they realize they have a limited supply of food and the next all is forgiven when they remember they live in farm country. And the one working well is going to supply all the farmers with their water needs.

    In trying to build suspense and keep up the questions CBS is going overboard in trying to top each episode with questions that won’t be answered. They started with a script that was going to have a limited episode run and changed it in the middle to an indefinite run and lost all sense of continuity in the storyline.

    • Jeremy Moody says:

      The water in the lake was saturated with methane so unless you want to drink toxic flammable water I don’t think they can fill buckets with drinking water from the lake. Remember the dome cut through methane pockets. The looting was largely due to lack of drinkable water check your facts.

      • I believe that’s been a different lake? Even if all the lakes are polluted with methane, wouldn’t it be a mighty stupid idea to use an powerboat to drive across it? I’m not an expert on this, but wouldn’t a single spark (like from the ignition of the engine) be enough to set that whole lake on fire?

  22. Whoknowswhat'sgoingon says:

    How was it that the fire early on nearly destroyed the town, and now the fire at the radio station apparently died so fast that it was a non-issue? I realize they don’t want to have repeat disasters on the show, but why did they even include a fire in the first place? I agree this show is silly but I keep watching it too. Nothing else that great happening on Monday nights.

  23. Nero theTVFiddler, Mr Zero TV and the gang at the office says:

    They did it again! They had to do it! They kill off the engineer … every darn time, throw the engineer or computer science programmer overboard… come on writers!
    We’re enjoying the show, and it has become the water-cooler chatter here at our Silicon Valley office all summer. However, (spoiler alert, although probably a bit late, having read the comments up-thread), killing off engineer DoDee was *VERY* disappointing. She was fast becoming a great role model for STEM enthusiasts of all ages and genders. DoDee was our favorite character on the show amongst many possibilities [Julia, you rock!]. RIP DoDee. Poor Linda – ‘the scarecrow’ to Big Jim’s ‘tin man’.
    Maybe Joe [future STEM candidate?] and Barbie can build one of those DIY Arduino/rPi software radio receivers to pick up those radio signals again outside the dome. Hopefully, there is a Radio Shack in town for the guys to visit. :) Maybe that will be a season-2 plot theme. We can only hope – as a poster [ruCookie] noted up-thread, they need to capture those radio frequency signals inside the dome – they need to know what’s going on outside the dome in season 2 – assume ‘the dome’ [if that indeed is really what it is] is still there in season 2.
    BTW – great job with the recap Matt! Bring on the finale next Monday!

  24. Doctor Doolittle about discrepancies says:

    Since when has a Monarch been a good person. Big Jim is just about ruler, and popo gal is just upset at Barbie for killing her secret lover, not going along with BJ lies, but following what the town is thinks is right, like she is star fleet following the prime directive. Show is being rewritten as this conversation takes place.

  25. James Pruett says:

    I live in the San Antonio, TX area. Last night a 30 minute sitcom was on from 9 to 9:30 instead of Under the Dome The dome didn’t start until 9:30 so naturally my DVR only recorded half of the show. Did this happen elsewhere or only here? Is there some place I can see the whole show?

    • Mosttvsux says:

      Same thing for eastern & central time zones, US Open ran late. Watch it on CBS.com

    • Lona says:

      The spirit of the dead will come back and say he’s not guilty, Jim shot us,he’s been killing everyone. Well to see the show , don’t you know about Hulu .com its free and there is Hulu plus that you pay about $7.50 or more to watch other shows. Check it out!

  26. Sebastian.0315 says:

    Thought I have enjoyed the show I did ecpected it to be darker and more twisted, they tease us with the cannibalism thing and they didn’t do it this season. Most of the time the show is just bah ,is not good not bad.

  27. zulummar360 says:

    This is what happens when you take a short book and stretch it out to 2 seasons. When you compromise a story and add crap the author never intended you get this. As a big King fan I’m a little dissapointed, but this has some of the best acting and production value as any Steven King show throughout the decades. Remember the Langaoliers anyone? Also is it just me or has the sheriff become one of the dumbest characters on the show?

    • Hailee says:

      A 1350 page book is short? Ok… But I do agree with you that they probably shouldn’t be stretching it out to multiple seasons. When I first saw that Under the Dome was going to be made into a show, I was under the impression it was a miniseries. As a miniseries I think it would have done a better job with the plots and stuff.

  28. LOL says:

    I really liked the actress playing Linda on Detroit 187. It’s sad to see her playing Linda as such a dummy.

  29. Barney S. says:

    Linda a sherriff’s deputy in a podunk town. She is now the only cop left of the 4 that started. It’s not a stretch to think that she isn’t the brightest crayon in the box when it comes to detective work. Although she had her suspicions of Jim before and did nothing about them. However, Norrie said it in the episode about how evil wins when good people do nothing. Maybe the writers were trying to illustrate this point. As to Dodee; it’s a shame that she got killed off before her character did anything useful, but she is more useful to the current plot at inflaming the town’s rage. I went into this show expecting it to be nothing like the book and I do like how some of the characters progress, but I hope Big Jim bites it the same way him and Junior did in the book.

  30. St says:

    Is next week season finale? I abandoned this show few weeks ago but will watch last episode. To see how they will end it. And what they will try to do to bring viewers next summer.

  31. dan Madden says:

    The show started with a premise I found extremely interesting. I was looking forward to a satisfying ending, and expected that to occur in September 2013.

    It has degraded itself to “how many crimes can we unjustly accuse one guy of in one little town?” And instead of Barbie just asking the cop “Hey, if I shot those two people, why did you catch me choking the third?”, or when the cop asks Barbie in jail about killing the girl’s husband, he doesn’t say, oh, something like “it was self-defense”. He just stands there mute.

    The police officer is the worst possible cop she could be without being dirty. She never checks for bullets in bodies. She hasn’t searched the body in the radio station for foul play. She never checks for evidence of any kind.

    It is only the continued lack of any kind of reasonable actions, questions, or responses by pretty much everybody in the town that there’s still a show at all.

    This damned thing could be done without a dome.

  32. Ron says:

    Are they kidding with the ending, I only put up with it to see the ending. What a waste of time watching that trash.

  33. ron says:

    It was suppose to be 13 episodes. So I stuck with it. Now there is going to be a season two. CBS wants to play games. I can too. I hate games when it comes to people lives. I be decided to boycott that show and the sponsors. What a dumb series.