Supernatural DVD Exclusive: Relive Sam and Dean's Season 8 Journey Back to Brotherly Love

There’s nothing like a confused teen prophet and and a demon tablet to bring the Winchesters back together.

In the following exclusive video from Supernatural‘s Season 8 DVD/Blu-ray (out this Tuesday, Sept. 10), the show’s writers/executive producers break down Dean and Sam’s arc in the past year, which started with the brothers “very far apart” as the elder Winchester battled it out in purgatory and Sammy navigated a relationship. But in the end, the Supe team notes, that struggle allowed the guys to “grow and change.”

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Also in the featurette: The EPs and co-star Osric Chau reflect on Kevin Tran’s Star Wars/Indiana Jones-like hero’s journey and the role he played in getting Dean and Sam back on the same page.

Press PLAY to watch the sneak peek, then hit the comments with your thoughts.

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  1. TV God says:

    I have a feeling that either season 9 or 10 will be the last season.

    • Elena says:

      Season 9 won’t be the last season 99 %.The boys are signed for a 10nth season as well,Jeremy Carver has an arc that reaches season 10 and can go on for more years after that and also the numbers of viewership are so high Supernatural is one of the top 3 shows of the CW.Pedowitz is a fan of the show and wants it to go on.Season 10 might be the last but I can really see more seasons coming.

      • I agree with Elena’s post . Believe in season ten but need fans to make sure we get more seasons after that.

      • Team Free Will says:

        I agree with Elena and can add that many fans, like myself, see our first episode on TNT. I was hooked and had to catch up with the rest of the seasons. This show, because of it’s mythic, and religious elements and the family dynamic pull you in and never let you go. The viewership will grow because of TNT, Twitter, Youtube. and the incomparable J2.

    • Hunter Dany says:

      I love you and your feeling. :)
      I hope the same. Let’s go beyond season 10. :)

  2. Stacey says:

    It’s quite possible that season 10 could be the last season. I get the feeling that at least one of the guys is ready to move on.

  3. Mickey says:

    That struggle did not allow them to “grow and change.” All it did was make Sam and Dean act like out-of-character dicks for the first half of the season. They can try and spin that all they want, but there’s no way Sam didn’t even look for Dean or give Benny a chance, and there’s no way Dean didn’t even try to get Cas out of Purgatory when he knew Cas was still alive when he got out (instead intimating that Cas was dead while berating Sam for not trying to get him out when Dean was doing the exact same thing to Cas), or turned his back on Benny or twisted the knife in Sam’s most traumatic wounds by making him believe his girlfriend was about to be skewered and flambéed on the ceiling again.

    And seeing as I can’t only buy the second half of the season, I’m going to wait until the DVDs are on sale at half price off. And then I’m going to trash eps. 8×01 to 8×10. (I will even copy the third disc and delete the first two episodes.)

    (Yep, still having a hard time getting past the first half of season 8. Seeing one comment from the showrunners just pisses me off all over again. All that OOC crap broke the spell and I’m having a really hard time loving the show again, even though I finally watched eps 8×11-8×23 this summer and liked them. Thanks, Mr. Carver, for the stain that just won’t come out in the wash.)

    • angel64 says:

      I disagree about Dean screwing over Cas. Yes he could have tried to find a way to get him out, but then how was he even supposed to do that without an eclipse and the blood of a virgin and a Purgatory native? It’s also true that Sam couldn’t have accomplished this either but at least Dean was guilt wracked and heartbroken about it. Sam on the other hand, didn’t act like he cared at all about Dean being gone and acted resentful of his very existance during the first half of the season.
      I do agree that there was no growth for either of them. Both of them were written as unlikable and OOC. There was absolutely no reason why the SPN writers had to create this seeming hatred between them. I also disagree with some other posters who feel that Sam and Dean’s relationship was toxic and unloving before season 8. I feel it was a very close loving relationship despite some hard times between them, most specifically in season 4. But even that wasn’t as bad as the beginning of season 8. There were maybe 3 or 4 episodes that were decent. I did like the finale and after Sam’s heartfelt speech I was able to forgive him a lot, even though it did sound like he was kind of blaming Dean because Dean had trust issues with him when it was his own actions that caused that. But still, I couldn’t help but feel for him so, I can give him the benefit of the doubt.
      I just hope season 9 has good, important, meaty stories for ALL three of them, and not just Sam and Cas like the last few seasons.

  4. Wilson says:

    Sam and Dean’s scene in the church in the season finale was incredible. I’m looking forward to this hopefully meaning a stronger Winchester brother dynamic next season.

    • henninggirl says:

      I stopped after season 5. The show went from being character and story driven to entirely manpain driven. Getting that far was difficult enough with the rampant misogyny that took over.

  5. Sarah says:

    Sam not looking for Dean and the church scene in the finale has ruined this show for me. The relationship between Dean and Sam is toxic and no longer enjoyable to watch. Sam is no longer a likeable character, just a plot point. And the overall quality of the show has really declined these last few seasons. I truly hope that the writers prove me wrong in season 9, but I’m not holding my breath.

  6. Drew says:

    Season 7 was way off track, but season 8 really pulled things back together. I think that the characters started out in really interesting places (physically and emotionally) and it was interesting to see them work through years of issues. I even appreciated the Amelia storyline.

    I was hoping to see the gates of Hell closed and the angels go back to being so rare that a lot of people don’t believe in them, but I have to admit that I’m intrigued by where the season left things.

  7. Karen says:

    While the first half of the season was all over the place, I really enjoyed the second half. And the finale was great. Looking forward to season 9.

  8. Sara says:

    Wow. This just convinced me for good to skip buying the S8 DVD AND it left me with very little desire to tune into S9 at all. I mean from this, it seems as if Kevin Tran is their new “Chosen One” and going by everything that came out of Comic Con, will likely join Sam in taking on that role while Dean will continue to worry and angst and wring his hands and be nursemaid to yet another character on this show, all while never being allowed a genuinely central role in the myth-arc that doesn’t involve strictly being supportive of someone else. This is so insulting to Jensen Ackles as a lead actor. These jerks should be ashamed of themselves for the way they wrote Dean in the second half of S8. Purgatory and Dean and Benny’s awesome friendship was wasted and then sacrificed on the altar of a bond that hasn’t been there for many of us since Fallen Idols; and this supposed reunion was so poorly executed yet again, that both brothers instead of having grown(as these nimrods claim here), have instead done just the opposite and have now been regressed in their dysfunctional relationship to a place that is practically unwatchable for at least half of their fandom-and ten times worse and more decidedly unbalanced as regards loving and caring about “each other” than it ever and/or originally was-and it’s anything BUT entertaining and awwwwwwww-inducing-especially if you’re a fan who has been waiting for four seasons for it to grow into something more and better than the YAWN-inducing NursemaidDean and SpoiledandInfantileSam that we were left with at the end of S8. I don’t know what these EPs are on, but the difference between their “show” and “tell” in their storytelling is mind-boggling to say the least.They should go back to school and take a refresher course in Writing 101 what with the mess they made of things(and not just regarding characterizations) with the second half of this season.

    • lockley says:

      Go back to THAB, Aeryn. Stop repeating yourself.

      • Not a Bobblehead says:

        Nice to see how well-known the anti-Dean fan bias is at TWoP.

        So is the fact that CW PR flacks pimp Sam over there regularly and have been haranguing TWoP to censor criticism of Sam and the show’s abysmal writing.

        When a character is allowed to hide behind a moderator’s skirts, it doesn’t say much for the success of the character and makes a mockery out that site’s claim to “spare the snark, spoil the networks.”

        That place has become such a joke since it was bought out by Bravo.

      • Angeline says:

        How about you go back where you came from and ride that dying site into the ground? Hope whatever perks you get to schill for the network are worth it because everyone knows that’s exactly what that place has become, it’s a joke now.

        Just because you’re trying to kill discussion there doesn’t mean you get to kill it everywhere else, no matter how much Chico wants it. Complain about the writing, complain about the sucky characterization and suddenly twenty special rules no one else on the entire site are held to are pulled out of the wood work to keep people from criticizing anything at all(except Dean apparently it’s OK to criticize him, and only him). You guys should just shut the SPN board down, there’s barely any traffic and half of them(and half is about 4 people lol) seem to be PR plants who find ways to defend pretty much everything the show does. So many special rules no one can talk about anything unless it’s to praise or make asinine excuses for the terrible writing on the show for ALL the characters, which kind of goes against the idea of the site to begin with.

        • Sara says:

          This. Thank you. And I’m not Aeryn, but wish I was because i’ve read her posts over there. Not sure what IS actually going on over there, but TWOP seems likes it’s selling out to the CW and their shills to me, too.

        • lockley says:

          Dear me, did you get banned for inability to follow simple rules which apply to all fans across the board? Like I said, go back to THAB where fans can sing the same song over and over again.

          But at TWOP, people are tired of the same 4 people bashing the same dead horse for the umpteenth time. It gets boring fast.

        • lockley says:

          Just who are the people criticizing Dean at TWOP? Give me some names.

        • Sara says:

          The only one posting over there lately is the show shill that they’re allowing to-oh, and those who agree with her. TWOP must be looking to become another home for the Bobbleheads-just like it is here.

  9. Brittney says:

    Ugh it makes me sick when they say that Sam and Dean grew and changed. No they didn’t. Dean had to kill a very good friend for Sam. That’s not growth! And then you have sam berating and guiltripping Dean. Once again not growth! Dean was basically a stagnant character for the last few episodes. He was a caretaker only, below a sidekick. Dean’s growth stemmed from purgatory, trusting a vampire, doing more things for himself… But by the end of the season that personal growth that Dean showed earlier in the season was lost.

    • shamangrrl says:

      I agree, Brittney. But apparently, Dean is the only one who needs to change, who needs to learn something, who must learn to love Sam unconditionally.

      The brother-bond is the biggest myth on the show. It only goes one way.

      • The brother bond does not go only one way… sam does love dean so hush. i hate it when people always say that only dean cares for sam and not the other way around. apparently you havent been watcing the other season because your wrong.

        • Sara says:

          You mean this last season when Sam couldn’t be bothered looking for a missing Dean(not anywhere’s near a DeadDean)-I mean he’s supposed to be The Smart One and The College Boy, right?-The one who The MOL was made for. And he just assumed Dean was dead with no body? Pffffffttttttt! -unless Sam actually wanted to believe Dean was dead. And he apologized to Kevin for leaving him blowing in the wind, but not Dean? And he acted like Dean being back was just raining on his “Normal Parade”.

          Sam couldn’t be bothered with anyone but Sam in S8 and it all got swept under the carpet by the writers, yet again, just as it was in S4. I’d hate to be related to any of these writers if they think the brother bond flows BOTH ways at this point.

  10. Mikael says:

    I like how Jensen said he wants Supernatural to go 11 seasons so he can tell Tom Welling to suck it hahaha.

    • Angeline says:

      Not anymore he doesn’t, that was obvious at this year’s Comic Con, that man is ready to move on and for good reason. I bet he regrets signing for these last two seasons because they bait and switched him again with promises of a storyline only to snatch it away after he’s signed on the dotted ine.

  11. cassie says:

    wow what a title to boost a dvd, where exactly did you see the brotherly love i wonder, in sam not looking for dean? in sam’s bitch*** & insistance on kill benny in spite the fact that he saved his brother? in sam’s insistance to take over the trials for only to start whining imidiately after that he can’t make it even if dean worn him abt it? or in sam’s speech in the finale where he lay all his cr*** on dean blaming him for his own cr**** desisions/actions/lies/backstabs & cherry on the cake abandonment in purgatory? or to the fact that he blamed dean that he preffered to trust others for help (cas, benny) instead of him when he is completely unreliable & always let’s dean down? some brotherly bond/love…

    dean on the other hand no matter what cr*** sam lay on him is always there to save his hive, he did it when sam went after benny protecting both, he did it again in the finale leaving cas alone & we all know how that end up, & of course based on spoilers god only knows what he did in s9 to save sam’s hive once again. that’s one sided brotherly love from dean’s part, cause sam could’nt care less, & he proved it various times with his behaviour/actions/desisions. sam plays nice to dean only when he wants/needs something from him, the rest of the time treats him like cr** either bitch**** either whining, & aint forgeting that he almost kill dean because he did’nt get what he wanted, either that he abandon him to rot in purgatory because he had no use of him. yes it’s only a show but if you had to deal with similar situations in real life would you stick around?

  12. P says:

    I’m confused. When exactly did Dean and Sam choose each other or get on the same page? Or, more to the point, when did Sam ever choose Dean? He didn’t care if Dean was alive or dead when Dean was in Purgatory, didn’t apologize for not caring at all or being a narcissistic douchebag about the guy who dared save his brother. And then at the end in the church he pissed and moaned about Dean having the audacity to have friends, and Dean had to promise never to have friends again so he could play Sam’s #1 sidelined cheerleader. So where’s the growth or that page they’re supposed to be on? At Comic Con Jensen Ackles himself said that all Dean did the second half of the season was play “guilty cheerleader” (i.e., “I was sidelined”), and had nothing to do in the finale (“third wheel”). Apparently Ackles didn’t get the memo about the duplicitous song and dance they were supposed to be playing to sell the mess that was season eight.

    • f_m says:

      Sam didn’t choose Dean. He never does. He just manipulates Dean into making sure that Dean’s attention is always focused on him. Sam never even apologized for not searching for Dean. All he did was make Dean feel guilty for daring trust someone who hadn’t abandoned him and chosen his own wants over Dean’s well-being.

      • angel64 says:

        I wouldn’t agree that Sam NEVER focused on Dean. He did try to save him from his demon deal.
        He DID try to save his life when he got electrocuted in season 1 and tried to find a way to save him in in the first episode of season 2. It’s not like Sam has NEVER loved his big brother. They just made Sam a selfish, unloving jerk in season 4, but a lot of that I attribute to the demon blood, it went to his head just as the souls did to Cas in season 6&7. What I hated about season 8 was that there was no excuse at all for why Sam seemed so uncaring and downright resentful of Dean, no demon blood, he had his soul, so for me, that made it all the more harder to swallow. Sam might have abandoned Dean a few times in the past, even stabbed him in the back in season 4, but even THEN, underneath, even after the hotel room strangulation and beatdown, it was shown that Sam still loved him despite it all. The Sam in season 8 was NOT Sam, that was the main problem. It was as if Jared was playing some other character,one that was selfish and self centered, cared about nobody but himself and his married girlfriend,and didn’t seem happy at all to find his beloved big brother, who supposedly he thought was dead for a year, alive. His response to finding Dean alive in that cabin was pleasantly lukewarm at best. The Sam I know would have been overjoyed. Many Sam fans felt his character had been ravaged and I have to agree with them. It made his speech in the finale, though tearful and moving, a bit hard for some to feel. I don’t blame Jared, he could only play what was written for him. I blame Caver, Singer, and Co. for nearly running SPN into the ground. I really hope they course correct for season 9.

        • hat says:

          Let’s hope they do right by Sam. I notice they always take such care to make sure Dean is the victim who is always right and good but Sam, they thrash his character without a thought.

          • Sara says:

            They whitewash every dark action of Sam’s-even blaming Dean for most of them, while also giving “lessons” to Dean on how awesome SpecialSam is. If anyone gets the “always the victim” treatment it’s Sam. Just compare the “apologies” and all the groveling over the seasons.

  13. Drew says:

    The thing that I find really interesting is that the people who complain about Dean never getting a good storyline are the people who seem to understand the character the least. They complain and complain because they want him to become central to one of these arcs, but that’s not who Dean is. Dean is a warrior, protecting people. He is the guy who takes care of his family. He is the guy who responds to the crap that the world throws at us. He is not going to be drinking demon blood. He is not going to turn out to be some weird messiah figure. He’s not going to be phychic or magical. He is the humanity on the show. If he ever became anything other than that, it would be time to kill him off. They came close, with the Michael sword thing… dangerously close. But ultimately, even that wasn’t who Dean was, so Adam took on that role.

    People see it as ignoring the character or treating Jensen poorly. Those people just don’t seem to get that Dean is the most important character on the show. He’s the glue that holds it all together.

    And people complain that the characters didn’t grow or change last year. Again, it’s like they’re not watching. The season started with versions of the characters that were very similar to their season 1 selves, and quickly showed us how different they’ve become. I kinda feel sorry for the people who are missing the point on some of these arcs, because they were pretty well played. And I’m the guy who totally lost faith in this show in season 7, when they had the characters doing some seriously stupid things in an attempt to make the Leviathans look smarter than they really were. I wasn’t even expecting to like season 8 after that!

    • shamangrrl says:

      The problem with that scenario, Drew, is that Dean is supposedly one of two leads on the show. You are describing a side character. Also, nothing in your post dictates Dean being unable to support a storyline of his own. He doesn’t need to be “magical” or “psychic” to have a storyline – Bobby had more story than Dean, and I don’t recall him becoming supernatural to support that storyline. And yes, they were different at the beginning of the season – but that was quickly scrapped and the characters went back to the same-old-same-old of Sam being a poor put-upon victim who talks a good game but never follows through, and Dean relegated to literally cooking, cleaning and mopping Sam’s fevered brow.

      • Drew says:

        The problem with your scenario, shamangrrl, is that Dean is the Atlas of this series, carrying the whole thing on his shoulders. He’s not a side character. He’s a thankless character, perhaps, but that’s not the same thing. The notion that Bobby ever had more story than Dean is just nonsense.

        It seems to me that the problem here isn’t that Dean doesn’t have stories, it’s that Dean doesn’t have the stories that you want him to have. So explain to me exactly what you would do with Dean if given the chance. I don’t understand what you want. The perception that Dean is a background character who cooks and cleans is ridiculous. Sorry to sound so insulting about it, but it’s just not true unless you edit out entire chunks of the show. There’s a difference between someone not having a story and that person not having the story that you want them to have. I just need this vague idea of what Dean is supposed to be to stop being so vague. What specifically is missing from that character? What specifically did he do that is out of character? What specifically needs to happen in order to fix that problem? (and “Give Dean more story!” isn’t really specific)

        • lisa says:

          The thing with Dean is even going back to what Kripke said. Dean do hold the emotional part of the show and Sam always have the unknown happen to him. That pretty much kept that premise till we hit season 5 with the vessel thing. I for one don’t want dean to have powers but I do wan’t him to have his bad ass hunter status back.

        • Silver says:

          He’s a thankless character who is given nothing to do but drive Sam to all his destinies, has nothing to do but make sure Sam is safe, warm and dry, and is given no chance to be anything other than Sam’s butler.

          No matter how much some fans dress up Dean’s role, the show is making it clear that Sam is the only one that the show cares about and that Dean is there to make sure the audience notices Sam, Sam and only Sam.

          All the condescending words about how special Dean is because he’s defined by nothing else than being Sam’s brother is an insult to Dean and his fans. Sam doesn’t need to be defined by Dena, why is Dean constantly being defined by Sam?

          Dean deserves his own story, his own destiny and a hell of a better brother than the self-centered egotist he has right now.

          The story we Dean fans want for Dean is a story that has nothing to do with Sam and everything to do with Dean. It’s not brain surgery, unless, of course, we are dealing with writers who are incapable of writing for the simplest character in the show, and that would be Sam.

          Maybe if Sam wasn’t so totally self-absorbed, the show could give Dean something that is his own, and keep it, instead of giving it to Sam, like the hell story, like the purgatory story, like every story Dean has ever had that’s been dropped just to resurrect as Sam’s.

          For those who only care about Dean’s role being only Sam’s big brother, I guess they don’t see a problem. But there are plenty of Dean fans who want to see Dean become more than Sam’s sidekick/nursemaid.

          Unfortunately, from the sounds of it, it won’t happen in season 9 either, since once again, Sam has his own story, Cas has his own story, Crowley has his own story, Kevin has his own story, hell even Charlie and Garth get more consideration for a story.

          Dean? He gets to play sidekick to everyone. He’s the only one without a story that doesn’t involve everyone else. It sucks but it won’t change. Not in the hands of this unimaginative show runner.

          • Radha says:

            What I constantly hate, coming onto these comment boards regarding Supernatural is the crap that spews out of everyone’s mouths regarding “I love Dean!” and “I love Sam!” Well you know what? I LOVE BOTH DEAN AND SAM and I am tired of seeing the fandom pick sides against two characters we’re supposed to love. If you only like one character, then why the heck are you watching this show? Whine, whine, whine about Sam getting more storylines–which I don’t agree with at all. Whine, whine, whine that Dean isn’t getting enough. As far as I’m concerned, a lot of bad stuff would have happened to mankind on the show if Dean hadn’t been there from the start, doing what he does. Which is just trucking on. As Drew said: “Being the glue that holds everything together.” So I suppose everyone who claims they are only “Dean fans” want what? Dean to have done the trials? So then you’re saying that you wanted Dean to be the one who the trials would have ended up killing, right? Because that is what started happening to Sam at the end. So it would all have been okay, right, if Dean had been the one dying from the inside out?

            I watch this show for both guys, both brothers, both actors. I do not pick sides because I love them both dearly. But all I see is constant b***hing about this and that and “My guy never gets enough love!” Then don’t watch. Stop watching. I don’t get coming onto an online site to gripe over and over about the fact that Dean doesn’t get to do anything. And yet….the show still keeps getting picked for People’s Choice. It still has a cult following. So obviously not everyone shares you and the other Sam haters opinion.

          • angel64 says:

            RadHa, ahh, there we go again with the accusation of hating Sam simply because some of us are tired of Him getting EVERY MAJOR storyline while Dean gets thrown to the sidelines . Again. Yeah somehow wanting EQUAL treatment of the characters somehow means we hate Sam and want everything for Dean. No. Just for your info, I DO LOVE BOTH BROTHERS! I never claimed to be a ‘Dean only’ fan. And no, NOBODY wants it all to suddenly be only about Dean or Dean getting all the main stories. The complaint is that he gets NONE. Being the glue that holds everything together is a personality trait, much like Sam being super book smart. It is NOT a story arc.
            This is an opinion site. People are allowed to express their opinions whether you like them or want to read them or not. And instead of telling us to stop watching SPN, why don’t YOU stop reading our comments? Skip over them if they bother you so much. As to your last insulting comment, I guess you are a ‘Sam only’ fan so of course you can’t see a problem with him getting all the juicy story arcs but those of us who like BOTH characters want Dean to finally get his due.

          • angel64 says:

            And did it ever occur to you Radha, that if the SPN writers simply showed that they equally valued BOTH leads, nobody would be bitching? I’ll tell you what; let’s give Dean EVERY major story arc, almost all talk from Carver and Singer, and make Sam the ‘glue that holds everything together” with important story arcs of his own save to support Dean and Cas. Sure, Sam will have a few more interactions with guest stars where THEY’LL be the main focus of the episode, but Sam will be the ‘heart’. Great important arc that, no?
            No, you would be complaining every bit as much as us ‘whiny’ Dean fans and you know what? You’d be right! But of course that would automatically mean you’re a Dean hater, right?
            So please dispense with the same tired and wrong accusation of hating Sam.

          • angel64 says:

            I meant to say’ give Sam NO important story arcs save to support Dean and Cas.

          • Drew says:

            The interesting this is, the complaint never changed with the showrunners. First Kripke hated Dean and loved Sam so much that he gave Sam all of the storylines. Then the complain became that Sera Gamble was obsessed with Sam and never loved Dean, so Sam got all of the storylines. Then she left and now it’s the complaint that Jeremy Carver only loves Sam and never gives Dean good storylines.

            First of all, this isn’t how writing really works. You don’t just pick one character that you love and then one that you hate and then deliberately destroy the character that you hate. If a character isn’t working for the writer, they get rid of the character. If they were out to get Dean, Dean would be gotten. There is no conspiracy against Dean. Writers love their character like their children. Different but equal. Odds are, they love Crowley just as much as they love Sam and Dean.

            Second, what are the odds that three different show runners would have the same strange obsession with Sam? Even if one writer favored Sam stories, the odds of all three showrunners being Samgirls is pretty slim.

            Most of the people I know who watch this show, online and in person, never notice Sam getting all of the love and the writers hating Dean. A lot of these people are the types who discuss the writing and production elements, and nobody sees what you Deangirls are seeing. Pretty much everyone I know outside of sites like this think that Dean is a well written character with plenty of story. But then, most of the people I know are watching the entire show and not just counting the number of lines that Dean gets per episode and comparing them to Sam’s.

          • angel64 says:

            Hey Drew, nobody is counting the number of lines! But when it is SO blatant that one character gets just about EVERY major story, while the other one gets NOTHING and only is there to support the other one while getting told by EVERY other character how much he doesn’t matter and ONLY the other one matters then yeah, sorry. What’s with the insults about not watching the whole show? In order to notice the blatant imbalance we’d pretty much HAVE to watch the whole show wouldn’t we? Deangirl wank? Really? I thought you were above that.
            And yeah sorry too, but it really DOES seem to many of us that all of the showrunners strongly favor Sam. Eric Kripke gave Sam the most importance in season 1, 2, and 4 with only 3 and 5 being more balanced. Sera Gamble came right out and admitted her bias publicly.And as for Carver, I can only go by the fact that in his first season as showrunner he talked endlessly about Sam and his journey, his arc, his redemption,and then even when specifically asked about what Dean’s arc was he not only refused to even mention Dean’s name, but he just turned around and talked about Sam more. In fact, he has even had more to say about Charlie That coupled with the fact that this season Dean had one story, Purgatory, which was more about Cas, had no lasting impact at all on Dean, and was over after a couple of episodes. Sam had the Amelia story front and center, then was the only one who could kill the hellhound, then the trials, then the illness, and now in season 9, this big, important special secret. All this tells me loud and clear who Carver thinks is the most important character. I wish I could say I didn’t see it that way but I do. And this is NOT Sam hate before that wrongful accusation gets thrown again.
            You have every right to your own opinion, but I resent the insults and the Sam hate accusations just because a lot of us see it differently.

          • angel64 says:

            Counter pointing Drew,
            Season 1 was all about Sam losing his girlfriend and making up with his father who clearly favored him over Dean.
            Season 2 was all about Sam having special powers and being the chosen one. Dean had no importance until the end after he sold his soul and kill YED.
            Season 4 was MUCH more about Sam drinking demon blood and screwing Ruby than Dean’s angel connection. Even Chuck told Sam it was all on his shoulders and told Dean he was no longer relevant to the story.
            Season 5 had more balance until the end when Dean’s arc of stopping Lucifer was taken from him and given to Sam. The colt didn’t work when he went to kill Lucifer,making him look weak and foolish. Even Death told him only Sam, not Dean, could stop Lucifer and the Apocalypse and he should stop standing in his way. So only Sam was important in the end.
            Season 6- Where do you get that any of that season was about Dean? He had a couple of episodes about Lisa but almost everything was about Sam being souless which again gave Jared a juicy acting showcase. Meanwhile Dean’s own grandfather made him feel like an outsider and useless. Dean’s only purpose was trying to get Sam’s soul back. He had one moment where he killed Eve. Big deal. The rest of the season was about Cas.
            Season 7 was equally crappy for both of them as it featured Bobby and guest stars like Charlie, Krissy, and Garth, and later Cas, more than either Sam or Dean, with both of them getting a couple of one-off feature episodes but no real arc. And Sam was admittedly screwed out of his Lucifer mental breakdown story when they gave it to Cas.
            Season 8, ALL about Sam with a side of Cas.
            So, in 8 seasons, as far as I can see, only TWO, 3 and 7, were balanced between the two leads, one, 3 being a good season for both and one, 7 being a crappy season for both. I wish someone would explain to me how being the character who supports and reacts to what’s happening to all the other characters while getting no important storyline of their own that shows other shades and sides of their character is such a meaty, coveted acting opportunity.
            You can disagree with me all you want. You have every right to see things your own way, and unlike many of you, I WON’T insult you or accuse you of not watching SPN objectively or of hating Dean. After all, it just a for God’s sake TV show. But it’s one of the few pleasures I get in this life so yeah, I wish It had more balance and that BOTH leads got equal respect and equally fgood writing from Carver, Singer, and Co.

          • lockley says:

            So your complaints have nothing to do with Sam? Well then, stop bashing him. Cas has the same storyline as Sam and a big mytharc role but Dean fans just love him.

          • Angeline says:

            Rhadha YES it would have been perfectly fine with me if Dean had been the one who was in the position to be killed. If it’s OK for Sam, why not for Dean? And Dean was doing it for a better reason, he was pragmatic(despite the claims if his being suicidal by Sam all I saw was pragmatism, he’s always accepted it’s a dangerous job and it’s the job he wants to do). In the end Sam ended up in a worse more suicidal mindset than Dean ever would have been because’s Sam’s mind set going in was all wrong, this wasn’t about proving a point to anyone and yet that’s what he made it about.

            And even if not, yes I can safely say many of us would have been perfectly fine with Dean being in that position, being the one who the trials would have killed. Are you saying that Sam didn’t love Dean enough to save him the way Dean did Sam? In which case you’d just be proving the point about the uneven quality of their relationship, where Dean gives and gives and Sam takes but rarely goes the other direction.

        • angel64 says:

          Your’e right Drew, that Dean is the humanity, the glue as it were. But when is he ever important to anything major that is going on? Him being the backbone and the reliable one is not any important storyline that gives Jensen a chance to stretch his acting muscles or show different shades of the character. Jared on the other hand, and also Misha, have both had storylines written for them that really gave them both a chance to be totally different and showcase their skills. Is it so much to want the same things once in a while for Jensen?,You asked what kind of storyline we would want for Dean. Well I’ll tell you; one that gets as much importance as Jared and Misha’s arcs do, and one that gives Jensen a chance to show other facets of Dean than just Sammy’s rock and Ca’s confidant, one that makes DEAN important for once,and one that gives Jensen a chance to shine for a change. Jared and Misha have already gotten these things for years. This in no way would take anything away from Jared or Misha. And before somebody starts, I DO LOVE both those guys.

          • Drew says:

            Season 2, Dean saves Sam and then kills Yellow-eyes.
            Season 3, the entire season revolved around Dean trying to find a way to live. Ultimately he sacrificed his life to save Sam.
            Season 4, Dean is brought back to life and becomes the center of the entire angel storyline.
            Season 5, Dean’s humanity and his being the glue that holds everything together saved the entire world from Lucifer and Michael.
            Season 6, was pretty much told from Dean’s point of view as he tries to figure out what’s going on.
            Season 7… I’ve actually kinda blocked out season 7 for the most part. I hated the Leviathans.
            Season 8 had strong arcs for both brothers, in my opinion.

            See, to you, the strong storylines are the ones where someone’s eyes glow or they develop psychic powers. It seems like your opinion of flexing one’s acting muscles is yelling a lot on screen. The funny thing is, Jensen’s strength is playing the subtle moments that the writers give him. You guys talk like when Jensen makes a quiet scene work, it’s because he’s working around the bad writing, but that’s just not the case. He allows the writers to give Dean those moments because he doesn’t need to yell or glow in order to make a scene powerful.

            Being subtle and layered, and speaking pages of dialogue with nothing more than the look in his eye *is* flexing his acting muscles. Dean is the most layered, nuanced character on the entire show. Which is why most of the people I know think of Dean as the standout character on the show.

          • angel64 says:

            As per your assumption that this is the only site where many fans see the Sam bias, I beg to differ. Many fans on other sites see it too. And they DON’T hate Sam. They just want Dean to have equal consideration as a character. You still insist that Dean has plenty of story. I wish I knew where. Being a reliable, solid rock for the other characters is a character trait, NOT a story arc. He does get one off episodes every now and then, but these NEVER have anything to do with the main arcs of the season. Sam and Cas both get one-off feature episodes AND season long, major arcs.
            We will just have to agree to disagree and have done with it.

          • shamangrrl says:

            Season 1
            Sam and his quest for revenge, with a little growing up thrown in.

            Season 2, Dean saves Sam and then kills Yellow-eyes.
            Well, that took about five minutes in one show. How about the rest of the season?

            Season 3, the entire season revolved around Dean trying to find a way to live. Ultimately he sacrificed his life to save Sam.
            Sorry, I can’t agree with that one. The entire season revolved around Dean being in denial and Sam complaining that Dean didn’t trust Sam to save him. Yes, Dean died at the end, but that was, once again, a few minutes in one show. Also, Sam started his slow descent into the idiocy of trusting a demon over his brother. That was pretty important in S3. (Although personally, I agree with an earlier poster who said that S3 was bi-bro).

            Season 4, Dean is brought back to life and becomes the center of the entire angel storyline.
            Really? So, Sam didn’t have a storyline with Ruby? Because that felt pretty front and center to me. It also felt like that was the point of the season, what with the ending and with Sam’s misplaced trust being the setup for the next season. (Again, I think S4 was pretty bi-bro, with a strong Dean-arc, for a change).

            Season 5, Dean’s humanity and his being the glue that holds everything together saved the entire world from Lucifer and Michael.
            When did that happen? When Michael decided to fight Lucy in his Adam!Suit? When Samifer beat the pulp out of Dean? When Sam beating the crap out of Dean wasn’t enough to snap him out of it, but the the view of his own toy soldier was?

            Season 6, was pretty much told from Dean’s point of view as he tries to figure out what’s going on.
            Sorry, the showrunner admitted the whole point of this season was about Sam and his soullessness. Until it didn’t work out and it became out killing off Cas… Which also didn’t work out…

            Season 7… I’ve actually kinda blocked out season 7 for the most part. Bi-bro with heavy s*ck for both of them.

            Season 8 had strong arcs for both brothers, in my opinion.
            All about the guest characters, with the guys dangling in the background.

        • f_m says:

          What needs to happen is for the few stories that start out with Dean at the center, need to stop being handed off to Sam. They did that with apocalypse. They did it with purgatory and they did it with the trials. Just once, Dean needs to be the one that everyone else revolves around instead of Sam.

          Also, if Dean represents humanity, then the show needs to actually appreciate that once in a while instead of treating “human” dean like he has absolutely no importance other than being the brother of the chosen one.

          • Drew says:

            Actually, that’s not what needs to happen. The show needs to continue giving both characters material to work with. Which is the way it’s always been. There are two stars on this show. That means that both of them are going to have to work with whatever storyline is going on.

          • Not a Bobblehead says:

            Yes there are two stars on the show, yet only one of them ever gets the big mytharc storylines. But if he’s your favorite, they of course you don’t give a crap. And please don’t bother protesting your love for both brothers. We can spot you faux-bros a mile away.

          • Angeline says:

            I agree F_M. If Dean’s got such a great part to play let someone else play it for once and let Dean be the one everyone is revolving around and worrying about and who has some deed or quest. It worked out wonderfully well in Season 4 and it’s WHY we even have Castiel in the first place. That character was brought in because they finally decided to give Dean his OWN mytharc.

            There is no reason whatsoever that Dean, as humanity’s agent, can’t be at the center of a his own storyline that begins and ends with HIM. That isn’t handed off to Sam or Castiel or just dropped completely. Something supernatural, not something soap opera. Dean needs to be allowed to do something different. It’s utterly ridiculous that every time the character starts to go someplace they pull him even further back than he was before in the most non-sensical ways possible.

        • Angeline says:

          No he doesn’t HAVE a storyline. I know the difference between having a storyline I don’t like and not having a storylline and he doesn’t have a storyline, he’s a side character in other character’s storylines with NOTHING of his own. He isn’t being written as the lead character he is. Lead characters are protagonists of their own storylines. Dean’s had nothing like that since they took the Michael’s one true vessal storyline away from him in Season 5.

          Jensen’s a professional and he’s low key about it but even he said Dean was nothing but a guilty cheerleader in the back half of Season 8 and he should know, he plays the character and he’s smart, he knows his way around stories, sometimes it seems like he knows it more than the writers do.

      • Sara says:

        This. Exactly. They need to write a sl and arc for Dean AND Jensen in which his character is shown to us as having importance in more than just a supportive-of-others way-as Sam and even recurring characters on this show have been written. Strictly and only supporting other characters is what SUPPORTING characters were created for-not lead actors who are playing a main character in a piece. Whether Dean gets or is given powers or not isn’t the point at all-except in that these writers can’t seem to write a sl that highlights Dean’s humanity as being able to overcome the Big Bads of the myth-arc w/o a super-powered up Sam or Cas or someone else stepping in at the last key or pivotal moment to handle the big heroics. And all the character ever gets from those who purportedly love and respect him is lip-service to the supposedly awesome hunter that he is. Lip service that usually signals up-coming episodes in which they attempt to dumb him down or emasculate him or relegate him to a side character again through the awful writing. Barring the Purgatory sl, the only one who has truly kept Dean an altogether badass and formidable hunter in the last 3 seasons is Jensen. But he’s constantly had to fight against the writing in that time. I bet the second half of S8 did him in-especially after what he(and we, his fans) thought he might get after the first half. I will admit that Sam’s story was awful in the first half, but they tried to fix it by again getting rid of something great for Dean and Jensen;just as they did with the demon-blood fiasco and the Apocalypse at the end of S5. Jensen should have gotten to play Michael even if it had been in an AU or a Dream sequence or something. That was the last arc Dean had and it had a very unsatisfactory ending at that for many of his fans.
        Fans of Dean as a character in his own right have pretty much deserted the show after this second half fiasco. And IDK, but it seems like Carver and Singer and the writers are perfectly fine with that. We know from Comic Con and the VanCon M&G that Jensen was not thrilled with the second half writing of his character. The logical thing for him to do is to not re-sign unless that changes. I got the feeling from this DVD extra that it’s not going to change. Much can change in an actor’s viewpoint of his role from one season to the next and from one interview to the next. Jensen at Comic Con seemed poised to move on in throwing his hat into the ring for the Batman role and in auditioning for Guardians of the Galaxy-and this after letting the fandom know some time ago that he’d then told his agent not to come to him with roles that he couldn’t do.

        *Fingers crossed* that he will move on after S10 no matter the verbal promises or offers he might get from the PTBs if they want to keep Supernatural going. After all, it now seems apparent that before the ink is dry on those new contracts they’re back to planning how to keep Dean(and Jensen) in his little and all too restrictive acting box of being everyone else’s support player/cheerleader again where it concerns the big story.

        • Sara says:

          “This. Exactly.” was in reference to Shamangirl’s post.

        • Drew says:

          I must me watching a completely different show, because from where I’m standing, Dean had a lot of material to work with last season. In my opinion, Dean’s stories have always been the most compelling because they’re the ones that I can relate to the most. He has always been the compass of the show, pointing others in the right direction. It’s not that he’s been relegated to being a supporting character. He’s always been the true hunter. The warrior. He is the hero of this piece. I think that what you want is more drama with him. You want him to fall down more, the way Sam has in the past… I don’t want that at all.

          I saw this past season from a completely different angle than you did, I guess. I saw both characters with strong storylines and both actors with a lot of material to play. Jensen stands out because his arcs and storylines aren’t as clean cut as a lot of Jared’s. Dean is generally given more layered, human stories, which I’m a big fan of. He’s grown and changed a lot, and it surprises me that so many people don’t see that.

          I’m starting to think that there are Jensen fans who just don’t like the Dean character very much. Because a lot of these complaints are about the core of who that character is.

          • Sara says:

            Yeah, he was the true hunter and warrior when he was begging Sam to let him feed him or mop poor Sam’s brow or giving him an ice bath or telling other characters how strong and wonderful Sam is while other characters tell Dean that he’s lucky to have such a wonderful brother and should be grateful to just be his guardian/watch dog even though said brother acted like Dean coming back from Purgatory was just a pain in the butt and little else and it rained all over poor Sammy’s normal parade. Pfffffffttttttt. If that was so great why don’t they write half a season of Sam doing nothing other than appreciating the wonderfulness of Dean, too. Oh wait, it’s because poor victim Sam will be “changing” into something again, and this time, there will be no getting around whose fault it is, but wait again… cue “guilty cheerleader” Dean again…

            *I* think the “core” of Dean is much more than just that and apparently more than what these writers think it is also. I see character assassination and destruction of the first magnitude coming Dean’s way in S9. They already did it to Sam, but instead of fixing that, their as usual and well used solution will now be to just do it to Dean, too-only he won’t get the whitewash they always keep on hand for Sam.

          • angel64 says:

            Not to be offensive Drew, but where did you see any layers? And what human stories besides first being(rightfully I think) hurt by Sam not even grieving for him and then his usual worrying about Sam and Cas? Layers? I saw nothing different from business as usual except for the first couple of episodes out of Purgatory where he seemed to be suffering a form of PTSD, which was quickly dropped and forgotten. Same too with the fact that he had befriended a vampire. It was OCC of him to send Sam that faux text and yes, that indeed was a douchebag move. But very quickly, Dean reverted to being obsessively devoted to Sam, and believing he was worth nothing while Sam was worth everything. I did appreciate Sam’s words to him in ‘Trial and Error’ but very next two episodes, Dean was written as a moron, not a skilled, creative, clever hunter who had been doing this all his life.Sort of cancelled out Sam’s words about Dean being a ‘genius’ hunter.
            Did Dean fall in love? Did Dean take a risk that had big consequences? No. He simply went back to the role that by now Jensen can do in his sleep; existing only for Sam and missing Cas, while both Sam and Cas, and heck even Crowley, had actual meaningful story arcs. I am glad yoiu enjoy the character in this limited capacity but you must understand that many others of us are not.

          • f_m says:

            Jensen stands out despite the crap writing and the obvious desire of TPTB to promote Padelecki over him. Jensen stands out because he rises above the writing and because he has more talent, charisma and screen presence. Something that Singer and Co. clearly resent given what they did to Dean last season.

            It’s not Jensen and Dean fans who dislike the characters but TPTB and Sam/JP fans with an obvious agenda which is maintain JP front and center in the hopes that some day, they will diminish Dean enough that Padelecki will finally not disappear into the wallpaper as they are so fond of saying.

          • shamangrrl says:

            Drew, you said ” He’s always been the true hunter. The warrior. He is the hero of this piece. I think that what you want is more drama with him. You want him to fall down more, the way Sam has in the past… I don’t want that at all.”

            Personally, I don’t want him to fall down more – he’s verbally and physically beaten to a pulp on a regular basis. Even guest characters usually get some kind of verbal kicks in before the end of show. What I want is for Dean to be recognized and respected *within the show*. I want him to be built up – not torn down. Instead of Dean getting every single idjit/you should appreciate your brother/you should make up with your brother/you should support your brother speech, I’d like someone to say “Yes. You are correct to be annoyed/hurt/whatever. Or yes, you were right”, with no “but…” attached. How about building up instead of tearing down? Why does Sam get the “Oh, you’ve grown and changed so much! You’re such a great hunter” speeches, but whenever Dean gets something slightly positive said about him, it means he’s about to get shivved? Seriously, why does Dean (or Sam, for that matter) always have to fall and fail? When was the last time they had an unequivocal success? When was the last time they saved a PIP?

          • angel64 says:

            FM, I don’t think that it’s Sam fans that are to blame for how the writers and showrunner diminish Dean. And I disagree with you that Jared is not a talented actor if indeed that what you were saying. I don’t blame or hold it against Jared or Misha for the way Jensen/Dean is sidelined. All three of these guys love eachother, I blame the showrunners and writers. It is they who have decided, for some reason, that they don’t think the character of Dean is as good or as important as the character of Sam. I am still hoping they correct this in season 9.
            I have also read a couple of posts that claim that Jared was always intended to be the main star and Sam the sole lead character on SPN. Of course I strongly disagree but I dare say, if this was indeed the intention, then that perception was completely destroyed by the end of the pilot. The majority of the viewers clearly believed they were watching a show that was about TWO brothers, not one being the star and the other being the sidekick, but BOTH of them being the stars equally. It was THIS, this core relationship of the brothers together, that the huge majority of the viewers responded to and what drew them to the show in the first place.

    • Annie says:

      Does that mean that Jensen himelf doesn’t get his own character. He refered to Dean as a guilty cheerlead and said he was glad he wasn’t playing that anymore. It doesn’t sound like he was all that thrilled with just being the “heart” Not to mention he also said he felt like a 3rd wheel in the finale?

      The problem with “the glue” “the heart” “the atlas” it doesn’t translate to much on screen other than Dean reacting to what’s going one. Thats all subtext. A good portion of SN’s fandom isn’t online to read in depth analysis about looking for hidden meanings and story lines. I have a friend who watches the show and she doesn’t go online or read message boards, but she stopped watching because she found the back half boring with Dean in the “support role.” She’s extremely intelligent so I don’t think its a matter of “not getting it”. She judges what she sees on screen. So I find the “you just don’t understand” argument extremely weak. Just because I don’t find being glue and heart exciting and think that more a character trait more than a storyline doesn’t mean I don’t understand Dean.

      If Dean’s a warrior than let him being one. Having something revolve around him doesn’t mean he’s going to stop being the heart. Sydney Crosby is the captain of the penguins. In the 7th game of the stanley cup you don’t assign him to the cheerleading squad. No you’d put him in the game to increase the chance of you winning. He’s doesn’t stop being the captain or the heart of the team. I dont get why Dean having a storyline revolves around him means he suddenly stops being all those things. Its not an either or situation.

      Being the “Atlas” and carrying everything on his shoulders usually just translates to Dean being blamed for everything. Not sure how thats exciting?

      As for humanity, that means nothing on this show. When was the last time humanity was celebrated? Its not just enemies that tell Dean he can’t help because he’s just a man. Cas did it, Sam accused Dean of being weak, Death called humanity an insignificant paramecium and told him the best way to help is to stay out of the way of the guy with powers. According to Kripke Dean’s arc was to learn to appreciate Sam’s cool powers. When Michael and Lucifer were fighting, where was humanity? Parking the car and sitting on the sidelines. Why am I supposed to celebrate Dean’s humanity when the show runner doesn’t seem to have any respect for it?

      • Drew says:

        I can’t respond to half quotes about what Jensen might have said at some point. If you have the video, I’d love to see it. Otherwise, I can’t talk about that.

        As for the rest… Where was Dean when Lucifer and Michael were fighting? Seriously? Did you not see the part where Dean saved the friggin’ world with his badass humanity?! When has humanity been celebrated on the show? It’s the theme of the show! Why do you think they fight? Why do you think Dean keeps getting back up every time he’s knocked down?

        I too know people who don’t go online to get into discussions and read reviews. You know what they think? They think that Dean is the star of the show!

        • tia says:

          yes Dean is the humanity of the show-however humanity should be celebrated as a hero not a whining overprotective idiot. Dean being in purgatory had such promise since he was human in a supernatural world. With supposedly every monster gunning for him. It would have been nice to spend some time with the Human Dean in the Supernatural Purgatory-alone fighting and seeing the relationship between Human Dean and Supernatural Benny, Instead all we got was a whining Dean _wheres the angel-wheres the angel. Gawd =what a disappointment that was.

        • angel64 says:

          Well, I think Dean keeps getting up because Jensen signed a contract.
          And Dean’s humanity didn’t do a darned thing to stop Lucifer-in Sam. Sam in Lucifer got of glimpse of the toy soldiers. So ok, Dean brought the car so I guess you could give him credit for that but it was Sam seeing the soldiers, not anything special about Dean, that saved the world.
          I do agree with you that Dean’s humanity should make him the strong character of the piece. But sorry to me, SPN hasn’t shown that. Just that Dean is only there to support the one who IS important. Everybody on SPN has told him that Sam is the one that matters,that Dean is a nobody
          whose only value is to support Sam or to get out of his way. Zach told him he was just a man and not much of one. Cas told him this. Michael told him this. Sam of course told him he was weak and held him back. John his own father told him that taking care of Sam was his most important priority. Chuck told Sam that everything was on HIS shoulders and told Dean he was no longer a part of the story. Even Death told Dean how insignificant he was and that only Sam could save the world. So where did Dean’s humanity matter at ANY time in this series? I’m not giving you a hard time, you just don’t understand why we can’t see your point but we can’t understand how you can’t see ours.

  14. MB says:

    Yea, no. Any growth or change the characters underwent during S8 was rendered null and void with that ridiculous final monologue in the church. The entire arc of S8 was shutting down Hell no matter what; and sacrificing countless victims for one person is NEVER the right choice. If you want me to believe that either of them are heroes or capable of truly heroic acts then self sacrifice as it was laid out was the way to go. Now all I see are tunnel visioned, whining, hypocritical man-children who cannot let go.

  15. tia says:

    I’m with the group that says its time for Jensen to move on. He stated in his meet and greet at vancon that he had to turn down a major movie role because of his supernatural commitment. He also stated because of having JJ. So its understandable he doesn’t want to shake the money boat just yet. He hasn’t been able to stretch his acting muscles for at least 3 seasons now. Jared has been able to at least. I too was sickened by the last scene in the last episode of s8. Whining boo hooing bunch of wimps is what the Winchesters have turned into per the writing. I can’t believe that Jensen nor Jared (who supposedly are very protective of their characters) have let the writers do to their characters what they have done. First with Sam not looking for Dean. That was never canon-they always did. Secondly making Sam and Deans powerful speeches to each other in Trial and Error totally obsolete. To the whining in the finale. and most disappointing -Dean being relegated to cheerleader yet again. And now in s9 he yet again is lying to Sam-not telling him everything. again. Not to mention the angel/demon story for me has been done since s6.

  16. GeeMa says:

    I watch Supernatural because I think it’s entertaining; i have from the beginning. I like some of the story lines better than others. If I don’t like a show, I don’t watch it. As simple as that. I don’t watch and then pick it apart. Sorry, just my opinion.

    • tia says:

      I think a lot of us are leaving this season. I will watch the season premiere because I want to know what big secret Dean is holding reguarding Sam. I know it is about how Dean fixed Sam. The season opener is supposed to start where s8 finale left off. So there is not much around Dean for him to fix Sam. so either he uses Crowleys Demon blood – or Dean does a summoning spell to get Death to help out or Dean is special in some way and uses his blood to cure Sam. But that is about all Dean has around him to fix Sam. After the premier. I will probably bow out totally or be very picky with which episodes I will watch. Dean centered being primary interest, Charlie, Benny being secondary interest.

      • angel64 says:

        Myself, all I want is for Sam and Dean to be on equal footing as far as importance and good stories. I certainly don’t want to watch a Dean only SPN. My complaint is that to me it is always an 85% Sam 15% Cas show with Dean only there to support them. Just even things out is all I ask.

        • tia says:

          I can go for an even 50-50 in importance between Sam and Dean-like it was in seasons 1-3. The episodes alternated between Sam centered and Dean centered. And both brothers were on equal footing. Now I think it is more 65% Sam- 25% Cas with Dean being in one off episodes making up the difference. And if they could give Dean his balls back instead of him being a whimpering idiot-that would be nice. The writers have totally ruined Dean in my eyes-the tough bad ass that he used to be -is now a nursemaid boo hooing about everything. Not an attractive character to me anylonger. And Sam is just a spoiled brat to me. And Cas-I could just do without period.

  17. angel64 says:

    Well, at least Dean will be getting featured in at least two one-off episodes that we know of.
    No, they won’t matter to the main season story arcs, but it’s nice to know at least he will get a couple features.

    • f_m says:

      If last season’s so-called Deancentric episodes are anything to go by, Dean will just be the cheerleader/supporting playerfor new one-off characters or someone like Charlie or Garth instead of Sam or Cas.

      • angel64 says:

        He gets one where he communicates with animals and then one where he comes across a teenaged crush from long ago. So at least they will be about HIM, hopefully anyway, but then again with this show you never know. For all we know this could be the woman that Cas has a fling with. We do know that Dean is supposed to have a brief sexual fling with somebody according to Jared, either this woman or the hot female hunter.
        Those episodes with Charlie and Garth equally featured Jared so I don’t consider them Dean-centric.

  18. Fer-Troni says:

    Someone watched the Sneak Peek of season 9? Dude is suc*s …..

  19. angel64 says:

    I just saw the sneak peek, and it looks like Dean might actually have an important storyline this time!

  20. lockley says:

    If Deangirls get what they want, then Samgirls should get what they want too. Sam the emotional heart of the show, the profound bonding, the heart to heart chats, the POV. Then and only then will I be willing to let go of the mytharc.

    • Angeline says:

      Seriously? You think that would bother most us lockley. Guess what? In Season 1 Sam was written as the POV character, he was supposed to be our hero and our eyes into this new world. It’s stated right out in the Season 1 dvd commentary.

      Guess what else? It didn’t stop Dean from being the “breakout” character(and he was, I was there) and people seeing through his eyes anyway. I trust that so long as they put the camera on Jensen and give him some halfway decent lines to say, I will have NO trouble whatsoever figuring out what Dean is thinking or feeling and that he’ll still create great chemistry with whoever he happens to interact with for as long as he interacts with them.

      It’s not like Sam doesn’t get to interact with other characters, he does, he just doesn’t seem to create the same chemistry with them and chemistry is generally what turns those characters into bigger recurring roles.

      So fine, go ahead and take it. I’ll be perfectly happy with Dean in the mytharc.

      • lockley says:

        I watch through Sam’s eyes. I identify with him. He is the breakout character for me. OK, satisfied? Don’t think you speak for all the fans out there.

  21. audriana says:

    Yeah, I see the same Sam-hating EDG’s are clogging up the comments again. They only ever want Dean to be the only badass character, the one who gets to kill all the baddies, to have all the shiny new relationships he can have, and to always be right about everything. They love it when Sam lies and betrays and makes all the bad choices–all the more reason to hate him and go on incessantly about it while exalting Dean’s godlike position on the show.

    • shamangrrl says:

      So the EDG’s are making Sam lie and betray and make bad choices? Funny, I thought that was the writers…

      And personally, I’d love it if Sam actually loved, cared for and respected Dean. I’d really like it if he followed through on all his high-horse ideals and diatribes. But after so many seasons, I’ve become inured to the fact that it ain’t gonna happen.

  22. audriana says:

    I don’t see you denying you want Dean to be the sole leader, killer of all evil, badass extraordinaire–Sam should get nothing. Whatever, shamangrrl, since I’ve seen you post elsewhere about how Sam is despicable and a coward and has chemistry with noone.

    • Not a Bobblehead says:

      Dean’s only role on the show is to be somewhat of a leader. But even that was given to Sam as Singer himself said when he talked about role reversals and Sam taking the lead. So Sam gets all the mytharc and to be the leader. What’s left for Dean then? If it was up to Sam girls like you, Dean would literally be walking 7 steps behind Sam and calling him sir while Sam.

      If you want to talk about who is never satisfied, how about you Sam fans who have had 8 full years of Sam getting all the story importance and the big world-saving sacrifices and still you whine because they dare write a couple of relationships for Dean that aren’t all about Sam. Relationships that they basically disavowed in the finale to justify Sam’s self-pitying self-absorption.